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  1. trainwreck says:

    watching that episode (Season 3 Finale) just reinfirces my beelief everytime that how much Cristina was/is/will be better off without Burke! he was not as nearly as a good teacher as Teddy was nor was he a man suitable to deal with Yang!

    • trainwreck says:

      reinforces my belief … ugh stupid keyboard!

    • jenna says:

      that final scene where cristina is in the apartment in her wedding dress is my all time favourite scene on greys and one of my favourite scenes in television. Can’t wait to see it again :)

    • B says:

      while I don’t think they should (or will) get back together I’d have to argue that there was a better teacher, burke taught her to be a confident surgeon who was both technically capable and willing to do difficult procedures as evident by callie’s surgery. The line that it was a procedure she had done with burke pretty much sealed it for me that HE was her best teacher.

  2. Drew says:

    Does this mean that Isaiah Washington’s probation period is over? Everyone seems to love him again.

    Remember when Grey’s Anatomy was fresh and new and people cared about what happened behind the scenes with all of the super dramatic people who made the show? Now it sounds like soccer moms and bake sales on that set.

    • jen says:

      …. it has been 7 years since all the drama happened, since then other actors have said much worse things and have been forgiven much quicker

      • regina says:

        Actors on a Shonda Show? I mean, yeah, lots of actors get away with crap on other shows, but Shonda seems to have clear rules about ethical behavior (see Scandal) … so I’m just wondering, who are these actors and what did they say? I’m expecting that it’s not a Shonda R show that you”re referring to.

  3. Denise says:

    The painting looks like Alan Alda.

  4. Oliver says:

    Nice to see them rolling out the red carpet for this homophobe… yet if the “difficult” actor happens to be gay or female, your character gets killed off / banned for life.

    • Dennis says:

      I’m so glad he’s back! I’m a big fan

    • Josh says:

      Yeah, your character quite literally gets thrown under a bus.

    • Jess says:

      Yup, that’s Hollywood in a nutshell. Just look at how many female actors who make one mistake have had their careers ruined while men can be dirtbags who continue to work until they die.

    • Sara says:

      Well, the “difficult” actors I assume you are talking about both spoke out against the writing of the show and the show runners while appearing on the show, and then both asked to be released from the show. And at least one bashed the show post-exit and then a few years after that tried to slink back when there is really no good reason story-wise to bring the character back. Maybe if Alex was the one leaving, they would (like with Burke) have a somewhat good reason to bring back Izzy for “closure.” Right now, there is no reason to her back. The show is overloaded right now.

    • Andrew Hass says:

      I have no problem with ABC rerunning the episode with Christina and Burke’s non wedding in it for newer fans who may not know that much about their relationship and how it ended.Plus i’m sure if Sandra Oh wasn’t leaving Burke wouldn’t be coming back.Plus whatever Isaiah Washington did in the past everyone deserves a second chance and he’ll probably never be on Grey’s Anatomy again.

    • Drew says:

      Dude, if using offensive language was the worst offense in Hollywood, the world would be a much happier place. But the industry is full of criminals, addicts, sex offenders and the like. I think that getting worked up by a guy simply being a d-bag (which doesn’t really narrow down the list in Hollywood either) is a waste of time. I promise you, there are few people in this world who will never say or do anything that you find offensive. Are you going to ban them all from everything for all time? That’s naive.
      Let’s focus on the true scum of Hollywood. The people who commit horrible crimes that are covered up by the Hollywood system and a well bribed police force.

  5. Abbie says:

    Are you sure Munch is coming back to SVU because that photo looks NOTHING like him.

  6. Tran says:

    Hate to wonder if SVU goes beyond a Season 16 and what does this mean for the future of the series not to mention Mariska Hargitay and Co.?

  7. Iakovos says:

    Of course, if ABC had a strong lineup it would not need to rerun GA’s Season 3 finale in the 8 PM slot.

    • Jess says:

      Funnily enough the only show that worked in the Thursday at 8 timeslot was on when that finale originally aired!

  8. ruth says:

    I know he broke her heart, but I can’t help it, I love Burktina ♥

    • sharialynn says:

      I think that Christina was more hurt when he didn’t thank her or even acknowledge her input when he got his Harper Avery than she was about the breakup.

  9. Tracey Lee says:

    Running a season 3 episode will just remind viewers of when the show was good and not about people running around looking for babysitters.

  10. Juan says:

    I love that episode and am happy Dr Burke will be back, not for them to get back together but to see what happens. And people really need to get over what happened 7 years ago. I mean it happened and he got punished for it. He was basically blacklist for as long and hopefully he learned his lesson. People do much worse and get forgiven so how about people just let it go and give a second chance to others.

  11. Very glad ABC will be airing the Season 3 finale of Grey’s again. It was an extremely well acted episode and I will enjoy seeing it again.

  12. N says:

    I get to see Izzy!

  13. Lydia says:

    I’m very much looking forward to Burkes return. I always felt he was the best match for Cristina. They both seemed to understand each other, and made a great team. That being said, I don’t think they’ll reunite romantically but rather as many have predicted, professionally. But boy, does it make me long for the old days of Grey’s. Here’s hoping someday Izzy may be able to make a return. (I know it’s super unlikely, but a gal can dream, right?) I always loved her and Alex together and miss having her character on the show. In season 6 Izzy was really written into the ground, it’d be nice to see some sort of redemptive arc.

  14. Britta Unfiltered says:

    Jake Webber, really? :) I’m all smiles. Love the Edvard Munch painting.

  15. joterri says:

    I like(d) Christina and Burke together since the beginning! He is the only one who truly understands her choices. Owen is not the guy. So I am hoping she leaves with a job and back with Burke romantically!

  16. Tiffany says:

    I love we’ll get to see Lexie, Mark, George and even Izzie again. Especially Lexie, I really miss her.

    • p says:

      Chyler was added during season 4, she won’t be in this episode.

      • Sara says:

        Wasn’t she very briefly at the end of the episode, hitting on Derek at the bar? And he told Meredith, hence the long look after announcing at the wedding that “its over.” ?