The Voice Top 10 Performance Recap: Murder by (Adam's Phone) Numbers [Updated]

the voice delvin choiceYes, The Voice is a singing competition, but it’s also a numbers game: How many votes you get each week. How many iTunes singles you sell. Whether you’re stuck performing first or get the coveted closing slot. And, this week, a new twist, with Blake Shelton sharing rival coach Adam Levine’s cell phone number with his 6.06 million Twitter followers.

Um, YIKES. Is “People’s Sexiest Man Alive” (If We’re Not Acknowledging Idris Elba) going to have to live out the lyrics to one of his songs and actually spend time at a pay phone? Carson Daly had better provide us with an update come Tuesday night.

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That’s almost as daunting a crisis as which three vocalists will be at risk after a Top 10 performance telecast with only a couple of genuine missteps, one of which may have been diffused (from a voting standpoint) by a probably-not-strategic-but-nevertheless-strategic crying jag from Bria Kelly. (Perhaps it was Shakira’s lugubrious word salad, full of positive words but conveying limp disappointment, that sent Usher’s teenage rocker over the edge.)

Whatever happens, somebody who’s really, really talented is probably going to need the “Voice Save” to avoid being dragged to the guillotine after just two weeks of public voting. Let’s jump to my letter grades and predictions:

The Voice - Season 6Kat Perkins: Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide” — Grade: B- | Aside from the opening couple lines — which were Rated R…for Rough — Kat hit most of her notes, and delivered ’em with plenty of emotion. The trouble was, though, she colored so carefully within the lines of Stevie Nicks’ original vocal that I couldn’t detect any reason her version needed to exist at all. I mean, imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but it’s also the most predictable form of karaoke. If the talented former nanny survives to top 8 week, here’s hoping Adam’s song selection process goes beyond, “Um, which existing artist do you sound the most like?”

Tess Boyer: Paramore’s “Ain’t It Fun” — Grade: B+ | The night’s most obvious choice for elimination? Tess’ heinous yellow dress — complete with peek-a-boo midriff and befuddling napkin-triangle skirt-front. And while I’m worried that Tess’ Bottom 3 showing last week — and the dreaded No. 2 performance slot — might lead to the contestant getting tossed out with the outfit, it would actually be a damn shame given the powerhouse pipes she showcased on “Ain’t It Fun.” OK, so maybe Tess didn’t totally get down with the git-down on the bubbly opening verses, but once she hit the a cappella breakdown, girlfriend got loose, and her layers of glory notes quickly stacked up like a magical ladder leading (hopefully) to the Top 8. I mean, like Blake said, find somebody who could find a single note that wasn’t perfectly in tune. Shouldn’t that buy the former cheerleader another week?

Audra McLaughlin: Reba McEntire’s “You Lie” — Grade: B | The coaches went gaga over Audra, and I wish I could’ve, too, seeing how “You Lie” ranks in my Top 5 country songs of all time — and seeing how Audra has a remarkably powerful instrument. Unfortunately, though, I heard too many troublesome little missteps to completely connect with what Blake’s country chanteuse was trying to communicate. She seemed to start the song a half a beat too late, then mumbled her way through the intr0. After that, there was the botched lyric on the first line of the second verse — it’s supposed to be “Desperate to talk/ Yearning to touch,” not “Yearning to touch/ Yearning to touch” (as Audra sang it). Even Audra’s choices for the big notes on the chorus struck me as slightly haphazard. Reba’s original builds the refrain to a climax — each repetition of the song title becoming more rueful and desperate. Audra hit the first “you lie” with such force, though, it was as though there was nowhere left to go. I know, I know, I’m being super nitpicky, but if Audra wants to take home the Season 6 crown, she needs more honest feedback than Adam’s “world class” nonsense. The Lady McLaughlin needs to get her nerves under control, get her lyrics committed to memory (she forgot ’em last week too), and then maybe we can have the finale talk, OK?

Josh Kaufman: Kenny Loggins’ “This Is It” — Grade: B+ | I thought after last week’s astonishingly good “Stay With Me” that Josh was already storing the Season 6 trophy in his dressing room. So, I can only wonder if Usher’s choice of a 1979 tune — and his failure to update said tune in any way for a 2014 audience — was a way to even out the playing field. (See also: That pink jacket!) Oh, sure, Josh’s vocals remained fascinatingly complex as ever — the way he melts his smoky lower tones into his growl into his full voice into his falsetto reminds me of a Top Chef contestant playing around with flavors — but there were some awkward transitions between verse and chorus tonight, as well as a handful of notes where Josh sounded (dare I say it) a tiny bit gaspy. Please, Usher, if you need song ideas for your front-runner, scroll to the gallery at the bottom of this recap!

Christina Grimmie: Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home” — Grade: A- | I haven’t downloaded too many tracks from The Voice this season, but I’m waving my $1.29 at Christina’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home” like a bachelorette party attendee at a Chippendale’s dancer. Christina breathed fresh life into the verse — delivering it with a conversational ease and a sweetness of tone that erased the audience SwayBots from my line of vision — and then, reached for a series of high notes that displayed a hummingbird-like delicacy and yet a cheetah-esque swagger. This was so sublime, I won’t even poke fun at Blake for declaring this the night Christina transitioned from a singer to an artist.

Jake Worthington: George Strait’s “Run” — Grade: B- |  Just like you can’t judge a book by its cover, Jake’s gonna have to hope America doesn’t judge his George Strait cover on an opening verse that was flatter than the surface of an iPhone. The Season 6 cowboy, though, picked up steam (vocally) as his old-school country performance rolled on, adding heart and a twinge of sorrow to this tale of a man missing his long-distance love. Granted, I could’ve lived without Blake and Jake’s post-performance, get-out-the-vote campaigns that were based less on musical talent and too much on the idea that his drawl and his cowboy hat make him the Apple Pie of The Voice smorgasbord, but whatever. If Blake’s gonna insist that Jake represents everyone who lives in between NYC and L.A. — insert eye roll here — and Jake’s gonna declare his intent to “do this for the little people,” they’d better both be careful: Someone’s gonna wind up with a crown and a sash by the time the interview portion of the pageant is complete!

Bria Kelly: Avril Lavigne’s “I’m With You” — Grade: D+ | I’m scared. I really am. Bria’s bleating pronunciation of the word “you” as “Yoo-wahh-ahh-ahh” tonight is probably going to be lodged in my brain’s Nightmare Centers forever — alongside the “old woman looking up from a Ouija Board” in The Others, the twins from The Shining and the entire second season of Hannibal. I’ll be even more frightened, though, if Bria’s tear-soaked visage at the end of the judges’ verrrry mild criticism results in a wave of sympathy votes that saves her in spite of a performance that was as pleasant as using a tinfoil-wrapped toothbrush.

Delvin Choice: Gary Clark Jr.’s “Bright Lights” — Grade: A- | Clearly, Delvin (not Adam) should be in charge of dictating Delvin’s own song choices — seeing how “Bright Lights” brought out Delvin’s booming lower register, his hip-swaying funkiness and his natural showmanship in a way that last week’s dated “Unchained Melody” never could. I let out a genuine guffaw when Carson Daly practically photo-bombed Delvin’s extra-dramatic finale, as the contestant rose up from the SwayBot pit, paused for several seconds for the band to end, then declared, “you’re gonna know my name by the end of the night!” Prophecy fulfilled, Mr. Choice!

Kristen Merlin: Passenger’s “Let Her Go” — Grade: A- | Kristen’s got one of those warm soothing voices that’s like melted caramel when she’s easing her way through an intimate verse, and yet when she opens up and belts, she’s got a surprising amount of power. “Let Her Go,” while tecnically outside Kristen’s country wheelhouse, fit her perfectly — especially since it was originated by a male vocalist, and therfore allowed her to easily move it out of the karaoke lane. I winced a little at Shakira’s awkward “you represent the minorities in this country” critique — oh Shaki, sometimes silence can be your greatest gift to your team! — but let’s just skip to agreeing with Blake: This was Kristen’s best performance on the show to date.

Sisaundra Lewis: Steve Perry’s “Oh Sherrie” — Grade: A | Three words: Miss. Sisaundra. Lewis. Three more: Beastmaster in effect! OK, and maybe a few more on top of that: I mean, the whole thing was as wickedly big and brassy in reality as it was inscrutable and incongruous on paper. Who’dve thunk we’d be hearing one of the biggest diva voices to ever hit the reality-competition world pairing up with a 1983 power rock ballad from the erstwhile lead singer of Journey? But that’s the beauty of Sisaundra: With an instrument so powerful-yet-controlled, she could probably do 90 seconds of Tuvan Throat Singing and still make the audience go wild. And oh DAY-UM, Sisaundra’s final glory note lasted longer than any of my 2014 diet plans (thus far)! Which is my way of saying, congrats, lady — and we’ll see you next week for Top 8!

SHOULD BE BOTTOM 3: Bria, Kat, Jake (Bria and Kat going home)
WILL BE BOTTOM 3: Bria, Kat, Tess (Bria and Tess going home)

What did you think of the Top 10? Who were your faves? Who’s in trouble? Take our poll below, then sound off in the comments! And for all my reality TV-related news, interviews and recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

The Voice: Advice and Dream Set Lists for the Season 6 Top 10 Contestants


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  1. Z says:

    I know I shouldn’t be comparing shows but I must admit I’m enjoying the Voice this season more than Idol. The performances are a class above – capable voices with range, control, intonation and stage presence. A pleasure to listen to and watch regardless of the usual knock against the show that the singers are often semi-pro. So what! I prefer singing ability before anything else. Look at the contrast between Kirsten on the Voice and MK on Idol. That’s the difference between the two shows this season in a nutshell.

    Tonight was an overall strong night but I think Jake, Tess, and Bria are the bottom 3. Kat, Audra, Delvin and Sisaundra were awesome. Christine, Kirsten, and Josh very close behind. Really a matter of taste among those seven.

    • Justin says:

      Or you could contrast Jena vs Bria and Rolling in The deep. Big difference!(Hint, Jena was better). Why would you compare Kristen and MK?? Just because they are both butch? The performances are NOT a class above, but nice try?

      Sigh, I wonder if we could ever go one week without somebody starting a post comparing the two shows. Idol is better this year for Jena, Caleb, and Jessica alone. Nobody from The Voice can touch them.

      • analythinker says:

        Comparison is inevitable and allowed, as far as I know. We compare things every day. And it’s all a matter of preference, dude. You like Idol better, fine with me. Someone else likes The Voice better, it’s okay. Both can coexist.

      • Z says:

        I don’t disagree with you about Jena or Caleb but collectively I think you’re overstating the Idol lot this year. For the record I’m a long time Idol fan but I think this season is simply weak. However I enjoy all singing competitions because I love singers. I don’t know why its so offensive to compare shows and singers.

        • Pan says:

          I’ve stopped watching The Voice because the judges are so annoying. I just catch up online and bypass the judges’ schtick.

          • Name This Tune says:

            So, you need to stop calling them judges. They’re coaches, which is quite a bit different. You want judges, then watch Idol.

          • Terry says:

            At least the cameras aren’t on the voice judges the entire time the contestants are singing! You want to talk about annoying!!!

          • MSJ4321 says:

            I find JLo too annoying to watch AI. The Voice judges talk way too much, but they are entertaining and truly talented.
            That said . . . man, have there been some whack song choices or what? Coaches either pick songs that are way too well-known (Landslide), too boring or old (This Is It, Oh Sherrie), or just not right for a singing competition (Ain’t It Fun, I’m With You). This is a great group on singers that will succeed in spite of, not because of, the coaches.

          • Marilee says:

            It is truly annoying when they keep cutting to the judges reactions(especially JLO!), but they do show the reactions of the coaches on the Voice all the time when they contestants are singing and it is equally annoying. So if you are going to call Idol out for that, you should call The Voice out too. Idol probably does it because The Voice does it and nobody complained about it.

      • Markus says:

        Jena’s Rolling in the Deep was also awful, Sorry, it needs to be said. lol

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          What’s funny is he’s comparing the best vocalist on Idol to the worst on The Voice. Fair, right? And yeah, agreed. Both versions of the Adele song were kind of bad, though I’ll freely admit Jena’s was better.

        • Marilee says:

          It was great and a million times better than Bria’s off key mess!

          • BriaFan101 says:

            She had to in order to do those long notes at the end. If she went higher, then she would “just have died; I would’ve just passed out.”

      • MORPHINE says:

        Lmao. Jessica is really NOT a good singer. He performance of ‘White Flag’ was mediocre at best. I doubt she would have made it this far on The Voice. Caleb is good. Jena is alright. Everyone else from idol is quite forgettable.

      • ElleKay says:

        The other part of the MK Nobilette comparison could be that MK also sang Let Her Go.

        I have a love/hate relationship with both shows and lately it does seem to go bad when one tries to imitate the other. I’m more invested in my faves on Idol this season so far, but the live shows on The Voice just started.

      • DL says:

        Christina, Josh, and Sisaundra are every bit as good as Caleb and Jena, in my opinion.

      • Meri says:

        Yet the Idol panel is trying to get Jessica out when she’s hands down the best one they have. At least The Voice panel knows what they’re hearing when they hear it. J-Lo’s bias against her is only proving that J-lo is a moron and should be fired. Jess would not be getting the same stupid critiques on this show. Jena is overrated. The one cover you use to praise her as well as her Joan Jett cover are the only songs she didn’t butcher if you have an ear. The Evanescence one was so bad you have no respect for Amy Lee if you liked it. Ditto for her Carrie Underwood one and Zedd one. Jena is a good entertainer. That’s what is helping her gain popularity. She’s a medicore actual singer. You’re mad if you think she’s better than someone like Christina Grimmie who has traces of a Celine-like voice. Just request for her to try a song that Grimmie, Kat or Sisaundra has done. I would bet my life she would do the inferior cover. BTW, if you’re going to use the “Rolling In The Deep” comparison to say which show is better, I could easily do the same with “Creep”. Jeff Gutt easily did a better cover than Jena, yet that doesn’t merit me saying “X Factor” was a better show. Also Carly Rose did an even better “Rolling In The Deep”. I don’t disagree with you that she’s better than Bria, but it’s a stretch to say Jena is better than all of The Voice girls because it’s absolutely not true. She knows how to entertain and has a personality. Her voice is mediocre. Caleb is great, but he sounds very similar to Shakira/Adam’s former contestant Patrick who was out in the playoffs. He also sounds like X Factor’s Josh Krajcick, who I in fact thought was better. The Voice only focuses on vocals and not so much on marketability. That is the sole reason the post-show success has been less. The technical voices are much better. That should be obvious if you know a good singing voice. Besides, Phillip is the only recent Idol that seems to be well known by name and artistry to people who didn’t or have never watched the show from my observations. I would credit that more to “Home” becoming the Olympic theme than to anything Idol did for him. Many people in that position have MAYBE heard of Scotty (and that’s only usually if they pay attention to country) by name and many have never yet heard of Candice. Idol’s huge success stories are from long ago seasons, so it’s more because the show had Simon and different PTB back then.

      • Luke says:

        You just compared them by saying “Nobody from the Voice can touch them”. Really? Caleb and jess are better than anyone on the Voice?! oy.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      My husband had a similar remark tonight. We watched Idol last week and he didn’t say much good or bad. Then tonight during Christina Grimmie’s performances he was like “it’s nice to hear good singers on these shows. Idol is so quaint compared to this.” Who knows. Maybe next year’s Idol will be awesome? Fingers crossed.

    • Barbara says:

      The only reason Bria Kelly’s performances aren’t good is because Usher always picks the wrong songs for her.My favorite performances from her are “Steamroller Blues” & “Riding Horses” (HER SONGS). He needs to start understanding the blues genre otherwise don’t be her coach. CeeLo had a much better result with Juliet Simms.

      • BriaFan101 says:

        AGREED! I’m such a big fan of hers, but if she’s going to be singing things that are out of her comfort zone, then she’s in trouble!!

    • Marilee says:

      I disagree. First of all, I don’t know why you compare MK to Kristen Merlin. They aren’t anything alike other than they are gay. So what’s the point? MK had an awesome voice, but she couldn’t perform live. Kristen is a country singer. They’ve got strong performers/singers on Idol this season, Caleb, Jena, Alex, Jess. But weak performers on the Voice too(Jake, Bria). And I think the Voice sorta cheats because the frontrunners(Christina, Sisaundra) are already nearly established professionals, who have had much experience in the music business. They’ve had years of practice, so of course they are going to be good. That is what they do for a living!

    • Bjudy Sewell says:

      Can not understand how Jake is still there. He’s like some kind of charity case and does not represent “everyone between New York and LA,” as Blake commented, unless everyone within those boundaries is totally talentless. Bria, although not fantastic, was certainly better than him.

      • Barbara Schneider says:

        I am a fan of Jake. He’s a real country boy

      • TEAM JAKE says:

        I am not saying it was his best but He sure put his heart and soul into this song and even putting a cover of a George Strait song out there was courageous everyone was just waiting to attack him.He is the only one that has not worked professionally at some point in their career. Keep up the awesome thing you have going Jake and those haters… as we say in Texas…BLESS YOUR HEART…A country boy will Survive!

      • Angel says:

        Bjudy Sewell, Jake still there cause he is a great singer.who didn’t come to the Voice having all of those yr’s experience in the music business yet.He’s fresh and trying his best with what being given to him.I feel Jake will go far with his career even if he don’t win the voice.

  2. Kareem says:

    Can we please just take a moment to ask ourselves how Bria is still in the competition

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      I’ve been asking that same question since the blind auditions. Go ahead and check the archives…

      • sheba says:

        Usher should have kept Stevie Jo over Bria.

      • bobsaccamanna says:

        wow she was beyond awful tonight Angie wasn’t she. And I wanted to ask you, were you nervous when you heard Christina was doing a Drake song. I know I was. I thought she was fantastic but I trust your opinion, what did you think?

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          I actually was expecting Christina to kill the Drake song, and she did. I remember when leopard girl did something similar with that LMFAO song and she also killed it. Good singers can pull that off.

    • polarvortex says:

      Well after her performance tonight I’m fairly certain she won’t be in the competition next week(my teenage daughter thought she sounded like a wookie : )

    • Guest says:

      She was popular beforehand and her blind audition was probably the best of the season. Unfortunately, she hasn’t come close to matching that performance since then.

      • Barbara says:

        You can blame her coach for that!

        • Emma says:

          Why? He wasn’t the one up there butchering Avril’s song. It’s not a bad song, in fact it’s the only Avril song that I don’t hate, Bria just got waaaaaay off track with it. Maybe she should have worn her guitar. heh

    • JM says:

      Hmmmm, am I the only one who thought this was her best performance since her audition? Which, granted, isn’t saying much, but I appreciated that she was restrained and didn’t over-growl for once.
      And I find it insulting that Michael gave her a D+ while Jake got a B-. Jake was terrible, IMO, (and this is from someone who really likes him). You know it’s bad when the coaches just keep saying he’s a nice guy and not ONE word about his singing. For Adam to be nice to Jake and then slam Bria for trying something different? What a jerk…

      • Cip says:

        agree 100%. I’m not a Bria fan by any stretch but felt last night’s performance was her best simply for the reason that she didn’t go over the top with the obnoxious growling. As much as I like Sisandra, I did not enjoy her performance of “Oh Sherrie”. I don’t get the “B” score for Audra when she was spot on last night. She, along with Delvin and Josh nailed it. I think I was watching a completely different show than Slezack

        • dot cassie says:

          Agree about Audra.. I think she has come the furthest in the competition of those still in the show.. Definitly should be up near the top. Maybe it is a personal music taste too; I am not as crazy about the pop vocalists, but do appreciate their talent..

      • BriaFan101 says:

        I 100% agree entirely. I am a huge fan of Maroon 5 and Bria Kelly…but for Adam to say positive comments to every other person and not Bria? He just slammed her down. Bria even said during an interview that she practically idolizes Adam.. and he just slams her down. I agree with you: what a jerk

  3. Quinn Carson says:

    Christina, Delvin, Sisaundra had mind blowing performances.

    • Adake says:

      Quinn, I completely agree. I would add Kat and Kristen to my top 5. It’s impossible to take the judges comments since they are almost never critical. One exception was Bria’s performance.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        As much as I hate to leave Kat out of my top 3, those look like the correct top 3. Then do what Adake did to make a top 5. Then add Audra and Josh leaving Jake, Tess, and Bria fighting it out at the bottom.

    • JM says:

      Yup, those are my top 3 for the night.

    • Jakay says:

      For me, it was Christina, Delvin and Kristen who owned the night. Sisaundra may like Journey, but I do not.

      • Tyler says:

        I don’t see what’s so great about Journey either. You may as well just sing REO Speedwagon, Styx, Foreigner or some other generic rock band from the 70s.

      • bfish says:

        I wholeheartedly agree with your top three as well as Tyler’s comment about the crappy bands of the 1970s. This was the first time I didn’t like Sisaundra’s performance and I’m putting a lot of the blame on the song selection.

        • Cip says:

          I’d listen to “the crappy bands of the 70’s” any day over the 80’s or 90’s

          • RobNJ says:

            CIp that saong Sisasundra did came out in the 80’s from the frontman of an 80’s band.

          • Tyler says:

            To each his own. I’d rather listen to 80s bands like The Cure, New Order, U2, REM, B-52s, Talking Heads, Jesus & Mary Chain, Echo & the Bunnymen, ABC, English Beat, et al over generic 70s bands like REO Speedwagon, Styx and Journey.

    • The Beach says:

      Good on Christina for coming to Adam with her own choice of song. Maybe after she saw what he stuck Delvin with last week she wasn’t taking chances.

      • AlyB says:

        She hit it out of the park with that song choice. I hope Adam gives her the freedom to choose for herself from here on out. The song was racing up the iTunes chart before the show even aired on the west coast. It’s already up in the top 10 tonight just after 10 pacific time. I downloaded it and it’s fantastic. She certainly seems to know what works for her.

        • SecrtSqurl says:

          After 8 billion YouTube uploads, you would think she knows what suits her. Her subscribers are the ideal demographic for sales.

    • RobNJ says:

      Sisaundra is the best singer but bottom line is I won’t buy her record. Just my personal taste.

  4. Evan says:

    Kat surprised me tonight with “Landslide,” thought she did a great job and even sounded like Stevie at times. Tess did herself no favors tonight with that song choice and I think she’ll be gone tomorrow. Audra broke through big tonight, reminding me of Amber Carrington from season four. Josh was good once again, but I’m not as sold on him as everyone was last week after “Stay With Me.” Christina’s reinvention of “Hold On, We’re Going Home” was great. To be honest, I find Jake incredibly boring. His personality is the only thing helping him here because I think he’s just an average singer. Bria…ouch. That was really rough. Delvin’s song was a lot of fun, especially the end. He’s creeping back up to that dark horse status he held before the lives. Kristen was really good, and I thought the song suited her, even outside the country realm. And Sisaundra proved once again she can switch it up and still sell it. Bottom three will be Bria, Tess, and either Jake or Kat, but the first two will be the goners.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      I LOVE Kat. LOVE!!! Probably my favorite in the competition. That being said, she needs to start practicing her songs with a metronome. She’s got an issue with falling off the beat or going ahead of the beat. Not good. Her pitch is excellent and her vocals are money, but her rhythm is killing her.

      • OhMy says:

        She also needs to work on those low notes — did her no favors tonight.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          I don’t think the low notes were an inability thing. I think the song was too low for her, similar to how Josh’s song was too high for him. Technically both could hit the notes, but no one’s gonna pay them to hit those particular notes.

          • JM says:

            Angie, I’m so glad you said that the song was too high for Josh. I LOVE Kenny Loggins and that song. At first I thought that was a brilliant song choice by Usher, but Josh’s voice sounded way too high. I’m not a musician, so was that a key issue, or just that his voice couldn’t do it?

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            The song sat too high for Josh. It’s not that he couldn’t hit the notes, but when a song sits in a register, the singer has to be comfortable with those notes. It’s much easier to nail one note up there and then come down, but his voice isn’t high enough to hang out up there. Same thing happened to Kat tonight on her lower register.

    • HTGR says:

      Tess actually sounded better than the original though (something ultra rare on these shows).

      • Jaszy says:

        are you serious?!?! Hayley Williams has an amazing voice on that song. Well…she has an amazing voice period! I though Tess’s voice was to thick to sing a song like that. I felt that she was dragging the song a little bit. Her voice was too heavy for that song, in my opinion. I thought is was a horrible song choice for her voice.

        • HTGR says:

          I am serious and I do like Hayley Williams but her version of that song is has a lot less to it. Again I didn’t hear Tess live, I don’t know what that was like, but her iTunes version (which is not the same as the live version) had more emotion to it and her voice was richer and more mellow on it.

        • MC says:

          I have to agree with you, although I Iiked it slightly more than you did. The original “Ain’t It Fun”
          is all about the proper phrasing and inflection…its not a test of who has the stronger pipes (Tess would win that battle). I feel that some big-voiced singers only bring me halfway to the destination because their inflection and phrasing is not quite right. The result, when it is a cover of a song, can be a somewhat generic imitation of the original. However, I will say that ninety second versions of songs can be difficult for anyone to get just right.

          • Jaszy says:

            Are you talking about who has the stronger pipes, Tess or Hayley Williams? Because if you think Tess is a stronger vocalist, then you obviously have never heard the majority of Paramore’s songs. Let me throw some out where Hayley kills it vocally : All I Wanted, Now, That’s What You Get, Misery Business, The Only Exception, Last Hope. Well, their most recent album is the best I’ve heard of Hayley’s voice and her voice on the previous albums is SICK….I mean, I like Tess, but her voice does not hold a candle to Hayley’s voice.

            P.s. (Though if you weren’t talking about that, just disregard every thing I’ve said.)

          • HTGR says:

            All I am saying is that on this particular song I liked the iTunes Tess version than Haley’s version. Tess has a richer, more mellow voice on this particular song, that brings more to this particular song IMO and Tess didn’t have such a simple, whatever reading to the song, more to it, in this particular case. I’m not talking about anything other than this one particular case. Haley just seemed a little dull on this song and Tess brought more to it. This particular song, these particular recordings.

          • MC says:

            @Jaszy – This might actually be two separate topics. Comparing the Tess and Hayley versions of “Ain’t It Fun” is one topic. The other, broader discussion is to compare them in overall ability. I agree that Hayley has a “light, airy tone.” Hayley is just so experienced. She’s been singing and writing songs for more than ten years professionally (started at 14). Hayley knows exactly what’s she’s doing with the cadence and the inflections of her voice. Hayley can vary her tone. She can go high or low, she can be playful or serious. Most importantly, her phrasing is sublime. In short, I share your enthusiasm for Hayley’s vocal prowess. Also, the experience of working in the “real” world is invaluable. Hayley decided to front a band and record pop punk rather than traditional pop music. The problem confronting young singers on tv shows is the shows are brands. These brands (AI and The Voice) are extremely focused on promoting traditional pop singers and they strongly encourage the “stacking” of glory notes. In that context, Tess did well with this song. However, I much prefer the original because of its playfulness, the variance in tone and Hayley’s great phrasing. I think both singers have strong pipes, but Hayley has the more versatile voice imo. Hayley has the ability to convey so much emotion in her voice whereas Tess is more focused on hitting that next glory note (probably because these tv shows place a priority on that type of singing).

          • HTGR says:

            @MC – I gotta disagree, in this one case, I didn’t think Haley’s phrasing was very interesting, it was playful to point of being a bit empty and Tess hit it with more emotion and her more mellow tone made it more interesting too. I’m not saying that I don’t like Haley Williams, though I do, and she often does great. In this case I stand by Tess doing the better job though. Again I’m not comparing what Tess did live either. I’m comparing studio recording to studio recording. I’m not saying who is better overall or anything other than Haley just seemed a bit boring on this song and her vocal tone didn’t help to make it more interesting, on this particular song and I actually thought Tess made it better (again, I don’t know what her live performance was like, comparing studio to studio and again not saying Hayley isn’t great overall).

          • MC says:

            @HTGR – Okay, that’s fine. I know you have a sincere opinion about this, but I’m not sure how a “mellow tone” is appropriate to a song entitled, “Ain’t It Fun.” Your definition of fun might be different than mine. I think Tess did play to her strengths and the richness of her tone is her best quality. However, I think she would (and does) use that tone on any and all songs. Tess wasn’t adapting to this song; she was just featuring the best part of her voice. I contend that Tess would do that on any song whereas Hayley has a much more adaptable voice and her variance in tone, inflection and phrasing is quite noticeable from song to song. In other words, Hayley sounds different on almost every song that she sings whereas Tess sings in the same comfort zone all of the time (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing).

        • MC says:

          @Jaszy – I can honestly say that Paramore’s “Ain’t It Fun” is one of my favorite jams right now.
          I grew up in an era where all the musicians had to make their own way in the business. There were no shortcuts to success. I therefore can really appreciate Hayley and Paramore. I am happy to give them my support. It’s difficult for me to get extremely excited about ninety second (or two minute) covers of songs. Viewers should get excited about the original material as composed and performed by the original artists, but instead they get fixated on covers by relatively unknown “artists” where every step of the staging is micromanaged by pros working for a tv show. I don’t want to be too negative because I am open to buying material from Carly Rose and/or Holly Henry. Holly recorded an EP of original material, which was recently released in cd format and I think it’s quite good. She is a true artist imo. I also like Josh and Christina from this season of The Voice. For pure pop pleasure, I love Fifth Harmony and especially Camilla from that group. Btw, I hear that Tess and Bria are good friends and I wish them the best going forward. I voice saved Tess last week, but had to go with Kat this week.

  5. Kaba says:

    Oh miss Brianna (Bria)…that was just not good at all.
    I felt really bad seeing her cry a bit though.
    Christina and Delvin were the only people I cared for tonight.
    Josh sounded good but the song is too dated.
    Kat was good vocally but her going first ruined it
    Tess is gone
    All of Team Blake….no thank you. Was not feeling Sisaundra tonight.
    It’s a shame about Bria, I have some friends who know her and a friend who auditioned for AGT with her and they legitimately tweeted “Where’s the girl I auditioned with?”
    Please, Angie_Overrated or someone. Can someone with a proper understanding of the voice give an accurate assessment of what the hell is going on? Seriously, it sounds like her voice is deteriorating. I’m practically convinced she growls her big notes because she genuinely can’t hit those notes otherwise.
    Someone strip her of her Blues title, slap her with nothing but acoustic, low range covers…PLEASE.
    If she survives tomorrow night. Which I believe she will thanks to the insta-save.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      I know I’ve bad mouthed Bria in the past, but I’m not gonna slam her right now. I legitimately felt terrible during and after her performance tonight. The problem is she’s simply not ready. She’s not untalented, but I know exactly what her problem is, and it’s the problem I pointed out during her blind audition: contrived. She’s trying to imitate a sound she’s heard other singers do. Good singing just happens, not because you’re trying to make a sound happen, but because it just comes out. You can’t micromanage the tone the way she’s doing it because this will be the result. I hope she works with a really good vocal instructor going forward (a teacher, not a coach) to go back to the drawing board, re-learn the basics, and hammer out her style once she’s regrounded herself. The current status quo is all wrong.

      • Adake says:

        Great analysis Angie. Hope she takes your advice because Bria is talented and young!

      • Kaba says:

        I’m so curious as to where this style of hers came from considering I looked at her youtube videos and her style is absolutely different from whatever she’s going for.
        I think she needs to forsake the Blues Rock and return to the folksy stuff she did on her youtube videos. I honestly feel like she is tearing her vocal cords now.
        I honestly think she’s good, but these are not the right songs for her. She needs to just not sing big songs for a while if she’s safe.
        It’s sad that she isn’t ready because I’d argue she fared better on her live performances on AGT than now.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          You can tell tonight and last week were soul crushing experiences for her. I don’t take joy in seeing a singer fail, and I hope for her sake that tonight was her last performance on this show. She’s got a future, but her time isn’t now.
          But can we talk about Jake for a minute? Jake was actually worse. How is he considered a front runner? That was HORRENDOUS!!!! Audra and Kristen both did really well. Can we at least have a country singer who can sing in tune if we’re gonna go down that genre road?

          • Kaba says:

            “I don’t take joy in seeing a singer fail” not even if it’s Kat…Robichaud? Hehe
            Okay…Jake was bad to the point where I didn’t want to talk about it. Sadly, every second that kid talks it a vote going straight to him. He’s got enough personality to propel him to the semi-finals.
            I’d rather hear Bria when she’s got her act together than him entirely.
            Back to Bria for a bit, I think she’s one of few singers that’s actively aware of how poor they’re doing when they’re giving a bad performance. I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad quality to possess, she just needs to learn how to hone her voice if she wants to last on this show sadly enough.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Oh boy. Robichaud. That was more a question of “WHY?!?!” It wasn’t that I wanted to see her fail. It was more, “why are you here?!”
            Agreed on Bria. But I think it also goes back to her trying to imitate. She knows she’s not imitating the way she wants to in her head. I think the point she needs to get to is just to open her mouth, support her breath, and let the magic happen. I have a feeling she’ll be really good when she gets to that point. And she probably only needs a solid 6-12 months to rework it.

          • Wendy says:

            Technically he did sing in tune..(sometimes). That is just not a good George Strait song. It drags, I’m a huge GS fan but have never liked that song. He did what he could do with it. It is his personality that has made folks fall in love with him. Audra flubbed her lyrics, her tone in the beginning was garbled. She picked it up in the end. Turned out nice, but this is 2 weeks in a row that she starts out weak and finishes strong. It’s a bad habit to get into.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Wendy, did you really think Jake was in tune? He was way sharp on all the low notes in the opening verse. Then when the song was building, he was going alternately flat and sharp throughout. It was a mess. And the song just kind of “sat” there. Not sure that last part was his fault. I don’t know the GS original, so I’ll take your word for it that it’s not a great song.

          • JM says:

            Thank you!!! I said the same thing about Jake in an earlier comment above.

          • The Beach says:

            I’m so glad you brought up Jake and yes, he was even worse than Bria. How Slezak could give him and Kat the same grade is beyond me. Although I’m tired of “Landslide” as a reality singing staple, she was far superior. Her timing might have been off but at least she hit her notes. something Jake didn’t do.

          • MSJ4321 says:

            I do not get all the “Jake and his great personality” talk. First, everyone up there has a great personality! Second, it’s BLAKE’s great personality that is rubbing off and making Jake look better. Jake may be a nice guy, but I just don’t see anything in his voice, his stage presence, his personality or – let’s be honest – his looks to vote for. (I do not vote based on looks; if anything, I’d give a sympathy vote for someone NOT good looking . . . I’m just saying, I don’t see what people are voting for with him.)

          • JLB says:

            Jake was absolutely terrible last night. Alternately sharp and flat, still tends to mumble his words. On a lighter note, which of the Three Stooges does Jake look like?

          • Kaba says:

            No, Jake’s got that genuine “I like the simple life and beer” country guy personality that’s just beaming. It help’s that Blake is his coach on top of that.

      • Barbara says:

        It’s either that or her coach is picking TERRIBLE songs for Bria because this is not the same Bria Kelly from the blind auditions.

        • Kaba says:

          To be fair I don’t think it’s a coach problem. I just think she’s a hard one to work with.

        • HTGR says:

          The songs themselves are not terrible, perhaps Adele’s and Avril’s best songs ever. Whether they fit her well I don’t know. But for sure it is a bit odd how she changed her singing style so much for this song and why Usher didn’t tell her to use a different style for some of those notes. I loved Bria at the start, but since it has gone live she has gone to a strange style for some notes, which for sure close mic and amped for the arena doesn’t work out well. I don’t know why either Usher isn’t getting her to change that and make different decisions or why he is pushing her into that, whatever the case may be.

      • Carla Krae says:

        Amen to that. Exactly what I would say. As a vocal performance major at college, every time I hear Bria sing anything but soft and low, it hurts. She’s going to do awful damage to her cords if she doesn’t go to a good teacher to unlearn her bad habits. There’s a great guy in L.A. that even works with rockers to be able to “scream” without damage, too, if that’s the genre she wants to stay in.

    • JM says:

      Wow, Kaba, we will have to agree to disagree. To me, that was Sisaundra’s best performance to date. So happy the guest coach told her to watch her vibrato. That was money advice. She followed it and sang her heart out. Loved it.

      And no way is ‘This is It’ by Kenny Loggins a dated song!!! One of my favorites so no slamming allowed! Kidding…But Josh’s rendition is charting…

      • Kaba says:

        I love me some Kenny Loggins, I just think the beat to the song made it dated. tbh.
        Idk I just wasn’t digging Sisaundra like I wanted to. Which isn’t to say I hated it. Just didn’t care.

        • AlyB says:

          I feel the same way. Sisaundra will vocally slay anything she’s given to sing. She’s that good. But why Blake is giving her 70’s classic rock songs is simply beyond me. While she has done a great job on them, they don’t play to the best parts of her voice. Tonight’s song wasn’t even a great choice from Journey. It feels like Blake is squandering opportunities to really let her shine in her element and I just can’t fathom why he’s doing that.

          • Tenney says:

            Oh Sherrie is not a 70’s classic rock song. It came out in the 80’s. I agree with you though, absolutely horrible song choice for her. I hated all 3 of Blake’s singer’s last night. .

  6. Ana says:

    Here’s my personal opinions of the contestants. I’ll post my rankings of the performances later.

    Bria- I don’t hate her voice like people here seem to, but I can see why she’s polarizing.
    Josh- Obviously the best male singer this season. I hope he goes far.
    Christina- She’s overrated in my opinion. She’s seems to do theatrics and vocal acrobatics just for the sake of it.
    Delvin- He’s a good singer, but previous song choices are killing his chances. I haven’t seen the performances tonight, but I hope he does well.
    Kat- She’s a good singer, but hasn’t really captured my attention. I’m interested to see how she does during the rest of the competition.
    Kristen- Despite every obstacle that has been put in her way, she has persevered and has proven to be a contender.
    Tess- Let me start off by saying that she’s actually one of my favorites. However, I still feel Dani Moz should have been saved instead of her. She’s been given too many second chances I’m starting to wonder if she deserved them.
    Audra- She’s a good country singer and puts emotion into her performaces, but at the end of the day she’s easily forgettable.
    Jake- He seems like a nice guy, but his charm will get him further than his actual talent.
    Sisaundra- Her style of singing isn’t really my cup of tea, but she’s got PIPES!

    • Scott says:

      I agree with pretty much every comment on her.

    • Chablis says:

      You should really watch then comment. I don’t mean that sarcastically. I changed my mind about several singers, Cristina, Kristin and Delvin were awesome,

    • MC says:

      I also think Dani should have been saved. Dani proved she can be effective in her lower and upper registers. Dani was really showing progress as an artist and a true professional. Tess has a good set of pipes, but the majority of her song interpretations have left me cold.

    • Ana says:

      How was Audra forgettable after THAT performance?

      • Klementine Gillies says:

        If you ever heard Reba’s original of Audra’s song, you would be very disappointed in Audra’s version. Forgettable.

        • Terry says:

          Agreed. Plus I can’t believe she forgot the lyrics when 99% of her song was just yelling “you lie” over and over again.

      • Ana Andrade says:

        Do you adding your last name? I see your comments and think their mine. Just to avoid any confusion.

  7. Tom says:

    Wait, Michael. You want KAT to go home BEFORE Jake?! Am I reading this correctly?

  8. USC says:

    Found tonight’s episode exceptionally slow moving and painful to get through. The commercials, fluff, and unnecessary word vomit seemed to be at an all time high tonight. Am I just impatient this evening, or do others feel similarly?

    • Justin says:

      Everybody here thinks the Voice could do no wrong and is the “best thing evah” so I don’t expect many to agree with you ;)

    • Wendy says:

      Agreed. I always DVR the show so I can skip all the talk and recaps. Tonight was definitely more wordy than usual

    • JM says:

      The performances tonight (with a couple of exceptions) were fantastic, IMO. One of the best nights ever. Having said that, Blake tweeting Adam’s phone number was so juvenile and time-consuming.

    • Name This Tune says:

      If you want to avoid the fluff, just wait until the show is over and head on over to YouTube. Every performance is there without any thing extra. It’s what I am doing right now, watching the perfornances. It’s the only way to go.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        Yes. Or do what we do and wait an hour before hitting play, FF through all the fluff and commercials, and then you’re live for the last two performances. Man is there a lot of fluff!

      • HTGR says:

        DVR is a better way to go. Most of the youtube uploads have awful sound quality and it can really alter what you think in some cases. I mean even broadcast audio is less than CD but most of the youtube uploads aren’t even old school poorly compressed 128 MP3 quality.

    • secrtsqurl says:

      DVR’s solve that problem. Start watching the show after the first hour is the solution to your agony. Once you fast forward the garbage, you finish watching at the same time the show ends. TV bliss!

  9. What a revelation Kristen has been! I want her in the finale.

  10. David H says:

    Okay. Why is Audra getting a pass here? She chewed her words during the first verse. I didn’t get into that performance until the last half.
    Also, why isn’t Delvin getting props from the voters? This was as good or better than his blind audition.
    My bottom three would be Bria, Jake, and Audra. I’d probably save Audra based on the last half of her song.

    • LB says:

      I loved Delvin. He’s been extremely low on my radar all season, but tonight he was awesome.

    • JM says:

      Delvin was outstanding tonight. Loved it. But I agree that I don’t understand what the audience isn’t seeing in him. So far, he hasn’t charted yet with this performance. Hopefully, that will change…

    • bfish says:

      Delvin is THE MAN! I would have been OK with losing him after last week’s less-than-stellar Righteous Brothers performance, but now I feel the oppostite. Adam and Delvin, please stick with the funk and the swagger; so much better than trying to style this exciting performer as a crooner.

    • Tenney says:

      Bria, Jake, and Audra would be in my bottom three also. Jake’s was just so bad that there is no words. Audra garbled the beginning of her song again, like she did last week, so badly that you can’t even understand what she is say. However, her voice is incredible. Bria… well.. that was just sad and she knew it too. She would have never of made it past the blind auditions with that performance.
      Favorites last night were Delvin and (I can’t believe I’m saying this) Christina. Delvin’s performance was so good I could watch 20 more times and not get tired of it. Adam needs to let him pick his own songs from now on.

  11. Jobless says:

    Don’t know what’s up with Bria but she went from frontrunner to “needs to home ASAP” in record time.

    • analythinker says:

      Haven’t watched, but did she really cry?

      • LB says:

        She didn’t bawl or anything, but she was pretty teary-eyed.

      • MC says:

        Yes, she did. I know she wasn’t satisfied with her performance tonight, but in the long run of her career (after she is eliminated) this will make her better. I hope Bria learns from what did not work and can succeed in her future endeavors. Bria seems like a great kid who sincerely loves music..

  12. OhMy says:

    Some really (really) odd song choices tonight — “Landslide,” “Ain’t it Fun,” “Let Her Go,” “This Is It,” “I’m With You,” and of course, the completely ridiculous “Oh Sherrie.” I sometimes think the coaches are just messing with the contestants. Or with us.

  13. Jobless says:

    Top 3 performances of the night:

    1. Sisaundra – she’s not really by cup of tea but this was easily the most I’ve ever liked her, absolutely fantastic song choice.

    2. Christina – Another great song choice, I like her most when she’s not trying to oversing. Her lower register and softer tones are really strong for the type of artist she is trying to be.

    3. Delvin – It was close but I’ll give it to Delvin tonight. He owned the stage, great vocals, and the ending was awesome.

    Bria and Jake should be the ones going home tomorrow, probably won’t happen though.

    • OhMy says:

      I’m curious about why you think Sherry was a good song choice, it has to be one of the worst 80’s songs ever and it’s cloying arrangement accents the problems with Sisaundra’s style.

      • Jobless says:

        I’m haven’t really been a fan of hers and I really don’t like the type of “over singing gospel-esque singer” category that she falls into. I just liked that they switched it up a bit tonight and I thought the song actually suited her voice really well.

      • bfish says:

        Big likes for your apt comment on this crappy song and the way it was presented.

    • Jobless says:

      Also forgot to mention that Shakira is completely screwing over Tess with bizarre song choices. If she goes home tomorrow Shakira has only herself to blame.

      • HTGR says:

        It’s not a bad song and on itunes, at least, she does really well with, sounds current and I live the version better than the original, BUT it is also true that it is just the sort of thing that reality tv voters (who are their own peculiar breed compared to general public overall or compared to specific genre lovers of the general public) will hate on and mix in that type of a pop song, female, last week the sort of song reality viewers hate even more than this, etc. sadly I fear it will make her a goner. A shame. I still put more of the blame on the viewers though.

        • Jason Hawes says:

          It’s really not a song that works well in a singing competition to begin with, imo. I don’t think there was a lot there in that song for Tess to show anything special other than she sang it without missing any notes. It didn’t help that from my perspective the band was way too loud on the song too.

    • tealeaves says:

      All this time, I thought Oh My and Hit The Ground Running were the same poster. Guess not.

  14. HTGR says:

    I missed the live performances of Kat and Tess, but I really liked Kat’s iTunes so I’m surprised she got a B- and a should be going home?? After great performances every week (other than perhaps just this once, and going by iTunes, I tend to think she actually had another great one this week)?????????????????????????????????????
    I actually think Tess’ iTunes version sounds a lot better than the Paramore original! Sadly it’s pop music though and she didn’t seem to get that early voting base and those two things plus being female means I super fear she is a goner :(. At least comparing Grimme live to Tess iTunes, I liked Tess more for sure. Grimme has a more piercing voice whenever she isn’t delicate or low and sometimes it goes off a bit. VOTE TESS!!!! Come on, a travesty if she can’t even make the top 8, come on!!!!
    In fact with all this talk about Tess going home perhaps and Kat should be, man I’m not liking that it all. I have a feeling I’m gonna hate how this season goes, at least until the near the very end (unless Sisaundra and Josh are already gone by then too, then….) and it’s looking like I might have the earliest exists ever of some of my favorites on any reality singing show :( (xfactor was pretty bad in that was last season too, but they overall contestants were not as good so).
    So I’m done commenting now. It’s a lost cause :(.
    Will just add that Sisaundra ending the night in fantastic fashion and there were a ton of really nice or fantastic performances tonight.
    Oh and I really, really hate the whole two at a time going home on The Voice thing, that’s the one thing that kills the show so badly compared to Idol. No chance to grow and if you don’t get the instant early fanbase forget it, even if you do, one stumble and forget it, gone before you even stayed.

    • JM says:

      Absolutely hate the two going home each week. Always have. Makes the show feel rushed, you don’t get a chance to get to know the artists. To me, THAT’S the reason AI winners do better, because they’ve had the time to build a following.

      • Meri says:

        Exactly! I think the fact that Idol runs almost two months longer helps a lot. The post-show success has to do with technical issues like that – the time to gain a following, the fact that Idol focuses on other things in the package aside from technical vocals. It’s definitely not the calibre of raw talent. As far as i’m concerned, Idol is usually only worth watching for 3 people at best. For me this year it’s Jessica, Alex (anyone who does good original work gets my attention) and Caleb I switch back and forth between it and Law and Order when anyone else performs. While The Voice I watch for most of the contestants, if not all of them. I don’t switch the channel at all. I’m glad to see it picking up some steam for the post-show at last. There have consistantly been at least 2 Team Blake alums on the country chart for nearly a year now if you count Blake’s duet with Gwen Sebastien. Danielle and Cass stayed on it for a while (I think Cass is still there, but dropping) and now Blake’s duet with Gwen is there and the Swon Brothers are climbing. I think if Christina wins, she might have enough of the whole package to push the show further provided she’s marketed in the right way. She’s the right age, has a great voice, has the look and can perform.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      It’s not looking good for your girl Tess. Too bad she’s too old for Idol cuz she could have won that this year.

      • Mafs95 says:

        Tess is 21 or 22, so she’s not too old. However, I think she would be “too pop” for the Idol audience. I like her, but I see no chances for her to be safe.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          Tess looks like she could be most of the Idol contestants’ mother this year. I didn’t realize she was that young. I would have guessed she was a hot late 20’s.

          • Jaszy says:

            Well, if that’s the case, then “late 20’s” Tess would have had to start her period around 7 years old to be a mother of any of the AI contestants.

    • The Beach says:

      I agree about two at a time getting the boot. It makes it feel like they can’t wait to finish the season so they can start up a new one. Slow Down!!

  15. danin says:

    Though Josh is my man I thought it was a dumb song choice for him and he didn’t sing it all that well.He gets a C and Usher went to the stink pile for Bria too, and sorry I like Bria.WHEN is Usher going to let her sing what she sings best?? She gets a B- for doing the best she could sith a stank song. DELVIN wins the night for execution and having the best song of the night.I love Gary Clark Jr. A for Delvin. That B whatever Michael gave to Jake was far too generous- dude gets a D from me. Everybody else gets a B- to B+ Audra was just about technique and later on Blake’s producer even reiterated my thought about emotion winning over technique. I don’t think the beast master slayed Cherie..of all the rock songs to give her tsk tsk.

  16. Jaszy says:

    I thought that Bria was awful. She would’ve been much better singing a Paramore song such as The Only Exception, Now, or the Paramore song Tess sang, Ain’t It Fun.
    Tess wasn’t much better. Her voice is too thick, deep, and rich for that song, unlike Haley’s voice. Haley’s voice is more suited to that song because her voice is more light and airy.
    That was not a good song choice on Shakira’s part.
    Tess and Bria, I’m 66% sure are the ones to go tomorrow.
    Unless, Jake leaves, which he deserves to go as well. That song was boring, his voice was wavering. It wasn’t that good.
    THE GREAT ONES WERE: CHRISTINA GRIMMIE. She rightfully deserved a standing ovation from her coach. She is soooo good. She’s so adorable too. She’s definitely in this thing for the long haul.
    Kat Perkins was also great. Love her voice and her personality. Though, I’m kind of getting sick and tired of hearing that song. It’s like ever since Lakoda Rayne performed this song on the X Factor, it blew up and it’s a song that’s pretty much been covered a lot since.
    Who else….Audra! Though I won’t vote for her because I don’t really dig her that much, this performance was stellar. She truly did an amazing job! I’ve never heard that song before, but she drew me in. She did great.
    Sisaundra’s always great. I never vote for her though because she is not the contestant that I want to win.

    FTW: Christina Grimmie. This girl is going to be tough to beat. Watch out Sisaundra. She might have the best voice, but Christina is more relevant in today’s market.

    • Barbara says:

      WOULD YOU PEOPLE STOP BLAMING BRIA FOR HER PERFORMANCES!!! It’s not her fault her coach keeps giving her terrible songs!!!

      • Jaszy says:

        I didn’t blame Bria. I simply said that she was awful. Though, you have to admit that part of the blame has to be put on her. She doesn’t have to go along with everything Usher tells her to do. She could’ve been persistent like Christina Grimmie, but she wasn’t. I do feel bad for her, especially after seeing her get a little upset onstage, but it’s not all Usher’s fault. In the end, she sang the song horribly. That’s that. The song is extremely beautiful, one of Avril Lavigne’s finest, but it didn’t work for Bria. Point. Blank. Period.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        Babs, she’s been pretty bad in every single performance. I don’t think we can blame that on her coach. She beat two superior singers in her battle rounds, her audition was pretty bad, and her attempt at Adele was sad.

      • Sara says:

        Umm, she’s the one singing the songs. Seriously? We shouldn’t blame her for being unable to produce a sound that is pleasing to the ear? At the end of the day, even with coach’s song choices, it is up to the artists to perform well. And she doesn’t.

      • annie says:

        I agree, poor Bria ended up with the wrong coach. Usher is clearly banking on Josh so he’s willing to waste a young singer who could really be something. She’s young, inexperienced and shy – she needs guidance – that’s what the coach is there for – to help her develop her talent and find the right direction. Usher is screwing her over. She would have done better with Blake. But that said, what is the fixation with these terrible 80s songs? Can’t they at least find something good from the era? Kenny Loggins? Stevie Nicks? Steve Perry? Yikes! You want to go classic – give Bria some Rickie Lee Jones, Delvin could rock some George Benson, how about some Laura Brannigan for Kat and Sisaundra – Aretha, Chaka Kahn, Tina Turner…


  17. skrable2 says:

    If they eliminated people based on performance at this stage, Bria would indeed be going home. But she won’t be leaving. The iTunes voting will save her, once again.

    I’m guessing Tess and in a shocker Delvin and Audra will be in the bottom 3. Again, nothing to do with the quality of their performances.

  18. AlyB says:

    I loved Christina tonight. Best of the night IMO. Kristen also delivered a terrific vocal on a great song choice. Sisaumdra and Josh came through but I didn’t like either of their songs. What is Blake thinking giving Sisaundra the songs he’s been choosing the last few weeks? Kat, Audra and Delvin were solid and deserve to be safe. That leaves Jake, Tess and Bria in the bottom 3. I’d prefer to see Bria and Jake go home but if Tess is bottom three again, I doubt Twitter will save her for the scone time. Bria has to go. That was just awful.

  19. sd says:

    I enjoyed Kristen. Audra had a nice tone but her not enunciating the lyrics was irritating. Kat had a good song choice which may save her but I thought she had some shaky moments in the lower register.

    Delvin sounded good even though I’d never buy that song. Josh was good but I kept wondering if he was having trouble with his mike. Sisaundra is always on pitch. I just can’t seem to warm up to her style though.

    I’m not a fan of apparent frontrunner Christina. She always starts off OK but somewhere in the middle of her songs I just start disliking the way she sounds. Tonight was no exception.

    My bottom three would be Bria, Tess plus any of the more average performers like Jake or kat. I expect Bria and Tess to go home.

    • Ana Andrade says:

      You pinpointed exactly why I don’t like Christina. Last week during Dark Horse I found her voice nasally and too high pitched.

  20. analythinker says:

    iTunes standing:
    #33 – Christina Grimmie
    #96 – Audra McLaughlin
    (#103 – Josh Kaufman – Stay With Me)
    #105 – Kristen Merlin
    #116 – Kat Perkins
    #119 – Josh Kaufman
    #124 – Jake Worthington
    #229 – Delvin Choice
    #231 – Sisaundra
    #410 – Bria Kelly
    #438 – Tess Boyer

    • analythinker says:

      Correction: #478 for Tess, not #438

    • Kaba says:

      Sisaundra and Tess are going home. Bria has a strong Twitter following.

    • HTGR says:

      criminal, voters stink, beyond criminal that Tess and Sisaundar are bottom three on iTunes. becoming ever more a joke. that whole list is all kinds of wrong.

      • dot cassie says:

        I tried to download ITUNES so I could vote for my favs, which include Audra, and it crashed my computer. I know I’m in the dark ages, but the ITunes voting leaves a lot of us out..

  21. Adam Fachry says:

    Someone on twitter responded to Slezak’s praise for Sisaundra by saying how (kinda) grossed out they were towards her “mommy can rock” edit because the producers didn’t do the same to Josh and I was like, wut?? The dady can rock edit has been done to death with Terry McDermott on season 3, not to mention The Voice’s strong adoration for dads in general, which happened almost every season (Jermaine Paul, Terry, Will Champlin, Josh). What a double standard!

    Anyway, moving on to the performances, here’s my top 3 this week:
    1. Christina: Say what you will about Adam but the way he mentored her has been spot on so far. I’d go as far as to say she’s got the best treatment out of all female contestants that have been on his team before. Although Tessanne won last season, I always found the way Adam handled her underwhelming, due to the fact that he always favored James over both her and Will. Love the dynamics in her vocal and how impressive her timing was when switching things up.

    2. Sisaundra: everything blew me away from the acapella opening to her interactions with the band. I would’ve loved to see her tackle something a bit harder, though, when it comes to classic rock (spoiler alert: Sisaunsra doing Led Zeppelin’s Black Dog would epitomize the word Transcendence).

    3. Delvin: there’s just so much put-a-stank-on-it attitude to his performance. The runs and ad-libs in the middle showed the kind of gritty Delvin I haven’t seen throughout this season. His staging ability could make him become a movement coach for Idol’s contestant this season. Sam Woolf should take notes on how to handle swaybots like he did this episode.

    4. Kristen
    5. Josh
    6. Tess
    7. Audra
    8. Jake
    9. Bria

    • Adam Fachry says:

      I missed Kat! Lol, sorry, but that Landslise performance was not memorable. She wentbfrom being my ultimate favorite to just..meh. But because she performed it well, I would place her 7th, therefore putting down Audra, Jake, and Bria’s respective ranks.

    • Jaszy says:

      you didn’t rank kat.
      Did you forget about her?
      Or did you not see her performance since she did sing first?

      • Adam Fachry says:

        Kind of a combination of both. I watched the performance videos separately because I didn’t get the chance to see the show live due to not living in the US. But even after watching it, I couldn’t remember anything about the performance. She still did well, though. Miles ahead of my personal bottom three (Audra, Jake, and Bria).

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          I read that music theory article on Slate about Teenage Dream that you recommended. Yeah, it was interesting. It was a fairly basic analysis, but it was fun to read that type of article about a popular piece of music. Now I’d like to see that same author tackle Beyonce. :) I’m not even sure I would be able to do that successfully. lol Some of her music goes right over my head, but in a good way.

          • Adam Fachry says:

            Beyonce is critically acclaimed for her latest album at the moment. It’s a mixture of experimental and traditional. Her delivery is a lot more at ease, though, as in some songs don’t necessarily highlight her vocals. But there are songs that would still make a vocalist aficionado like you yell “yaaasss” (e.g. Rocket and No Angel). I don’t think the author would do another piece like that again, though, since it was actually a one-time thing, and meant as nothing but a celebrated counterargument.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            It’s interesting because so much of Beyonce’s latest music isn’t a vocal showcase like what Mariah or Xtina do. She’s really playing with the form and the tonality to a point where it’s almost “art” as opposed to music. I haven’t put in the time to figure out exactly what she’s doing, but I love when singers do that. Lady Gaga occasionally does that as well, and it brings us back to the old days of David Bowie and Prince where they really are “artists.” All a very long-winded way of saying “I greatly approve.” lol

    • Lena says:

      I really want Sisaundra to tackle a Tina Turner song. I think “Simply the Best”.

  22. Rosie says:

    Josh is still the best singer this Season, I agree with Ana, Christina is overrated,her voice is just okay. Jake bored me to death & Bria ouch indeed. Kristen is growing on me, I liked her performance tonight.

  23. Sarah says:

    “Oh Sherry” is one of my favorite songs, and Sisaundra OWNED it! Watching the slow demise of Bria Kelly is not entertaining. I don’t care for her voice, but I also don’t want to watch the critiques break her either. She really could have benefited from a different style song.

  24. Genevieve says:

    christina is so over dramatic when she sings. she has no vocal contol what so ever.

  25. Jobless says:

    It’s ok if you don’t like her but to say she has no vocal control is flat out wrong. That song she sang tonight is ALL vocal control.

  26. Lindsay says:

    I think Audra’s performance is being MASSIVELY underrated here. I thought it was absolutely gorgeous and her range is outstanding. And am I the only one who cannot stand Christina’s upper register? To me it sounds so thin and shrill that I just find no enjoyment at all listening to it. Bria was awful and should go home but she probably won’t.

    • :) says:

      Oh. My. Gosh. SAME! I don’t see why people are in love with Christina. She is amazing singer, can sing circles around me, but I just do not find her voice appealing. It’s all my preference but I can’t stand how no one has anything negative to say about her ever when I really can’t stand parts of her voice.

      Audra, man did she KILL it tonight. She was definitely nervous last week and I believe she needs to step out of her comfort zone to go further in this competition and not do a country song next week but she moved me and amazed me! She had NO nerves at all and just went for it. The people saying she is bottom three have no taste in music or if that, can’t appreciate a good voice even if they don’t like the country yodel.

      • JLB says:

        So because YOU “really can’t stand parts of her voice” people should be saying negative things about her? That’s just weird. Ever think it might just be you who doesn’t recognize a great singer when you hear one? While Audra sang fairly well, she apparently did have some nerves because she flubbed the words. And we’re supposed to appreciate Audra’s “good voice” even if we don’t like her country yodel? Why? Her yodel is part of her singing voice but we’re just supposed to ignore it though we might find it trite and overused? It seems we suffer from the same affliction although in different ways. I don’t find Audra’s voice that appealing and you don’t find Christina’s that appealing.

    • Ana says:

      So true, Audra is incredible. Yes, she does have enunciation problem but her voice is so… I am at a loss for words it so perfect and angelic.

      • Cip says:

        Agree. I am not a country music fan and wasn’t familiar with the song Audra sang last night but felt she sang it beautifully. I heard a little Linda Ronstadt quality in her voice and Linda could sing like an angel in her day. Slezak gave her no credit while giving others (Sisaundra comes to mind) too much credit. I don’t get it

    • HTGR says:

      Yeah she does tend to sound shrill to me. And this coming from the person who never understood when everyone has been going on about how Jacquie or this, that and the other person is shrill. I thought they were fine. But Christina actually does sound a bit shrill and thin to me when she powers any high note at all.

  27. Honestly don’t get this Christina love, but thought she was decent this week. She’s definitely Top 3 this week. Thought Bria was decent last week, but this week was just bad.

  28. skrable2 says:

    Yeah, the Twitter vote will save Bria if she is in the bottom 3

  29. Misilin says:

    I think am the only one that love Bria Kelly tonight.

    • Lyss says:

      I loved that she stepped out of her comfort zone but I did not love her performance. I might buy her single to see what the studio version sounds like.

  30. Lyss says:

    Most overrated singer in this competition: Christina Grimmie.
    Most underrated: Audra McLaughlin

    My top 10:
    1. Audra
    2. Kristen
    (these two I think have given the most consistent performances the whole competition, they are growing/not faltering and Nashville is waiting for both of them even if neither wins the competition)
    3. Josh
    4. Sisaundra
    5. Christina
    6. Delvin
    7. Kat
    8. Jake
    9. Bria (twiter vote will save Bria)
    10. Tess

    • JLB says:

      Actually Josh has given consistent performances week after week. No love for him, huh? And Christina Grimmie is not the most overrated singer in the competition. That honor falls to Delvin who never heard a note he couldn’t vibrato to death.

      • Markus says:

        Audra’s high notes are full and powerful. Christina’s sound like a shrill prepubescent 7 year old child shrieking for mommy and daddy’s attention.

  31. Jimbo says:

    I think it’s time to go 12 minutes on The Voice and 3 minutes on Idol.

  32. Jake says:

    Mr. Slezak…come on now.,,seriously? You gave Audra a B on that performance? You need to watch it again IMHO

  33. Dani says:

    Usher gave Josh the most dated song ever. It was like sabotage considering his great performance last week. Like what the heck was that? None of the coaches even bothered to say anything about the song choice, and just blindly praise him.

  34. sardinando says:

    Man, what’s going on with the producers and Kristen? They don’t show her two battle rounds, then her mic turns off and today’s performance is the only one not available in my country! ;C

  35. Carola says:

    Josh was just meh tonight. I think he is overrated.

    The top 3 were Christina, Audra & Delvin. Cesaundra/Kat up there too.

    B3 should be: Tess, Bria & Josh.

    • JLB says:

      Delvin shouldn’t be in that top three IMO. Josh is an overall way better singer and not the least overrated. This was not the best song choice for him but he sang it very well. Delvin tends to vibrato everything to within and inch of its life.

  36. julia says:

    I don’t understand the obsession the judges seem to have with Jake. He’s alright, don’t get me wrong, but he is nowhere near the same league as everybody else. Yet for some reason all for judges seem to really think he could make it all the way… He sounded like a kid singing a decent karaoke George strait tonight. Audra can’t seem to stop mumbling her lyrics…both tonight & last week sounded like she was just singing sounds instead of actual words. And for that reason alone I can’t stand her. It might be different if she were singing songs that weren’t supposed to be enunciated, but I digress…how I feel they should be ranked tonight:
    1 Sisaundra (loved the more relevant song choice for her…she needs to go more modern though)
    2 Delvin (he did amazing tonight)
    3 Christina (I really enjoy how she changes the songs to make them different)
    4 Kristen (underrated in my opinion)
    5 Kat (I love her voice, but this song has been covered many times & her version fell short for me)
    6 Josh (he is actually my favorite but tonight’s song just didn’t do it for me)
    7 Tess (unmemorable to me)
    8 Audra (please learn to actually enunciate the words & maybe I will be able to not roll my eyes during her entire performance)
    9 Bria (I love her Janis Joplin sound, but terrible song choices for her in both weeks actually. It seems Usher would rather make bold decisions with songs, than give her songs that fit her range.)
    10 Jake (somebody told this kid he has the talent to make it now, so he left school to go after it…he might make it one dsy if he gets a vocal trainer but right now he sounds like a decent karaoke singer, not a potential star)

    Although because everybody loves Jake so much he will probably make it through & Tess would go to the bottom 3 (in that case Bria would most likely be saved).

    • Ana says:

      I’d like to see you try and sing perfectly live in front of millions of people. Listen to the studio version of Audra’s song and you can hear her perfectly. That is not reason enough to “not stand her” because she has a good voice and that is what this competition is about.

      • Sara says:

        If we were voting on the studio versions, they would play the studio versions in place of the performances. This is a live singing competition. Audra chose to enter it, and she needs to get over her nerves and learn to enunciate her lyrics. I vote on how they perform, not their highly produced studio versions. They live performance actually shows their vocal ability.

    • Francine says:

      In Jake’s case, I really don’t think its about his voice. The judges find him so likeable that I think they want him to succeed. I get that. He IS super sweet but I haven’t voted for him once because his voice just isn’t up to par with the others. I can’t speak badly of the kid though.

      • julia says:

        I’ve met Jake (I’m from La Porte) & he is such a sweet kid, but he doesn’t have the chops to be there in my opinion…but he is really nice & I was so glad he managed to get a chair turned this time…as for Audra, I don’t have to try to sing in front of millions to understand that is an extremely nerve wracking & difficult thing to do…but she is the one in the competition & the only one who can’t seem to enunciate any of her lyrics (if it were just once I could let it go but it is week after week.) Yes I do realize that the show is called the voice & that she does indeed have a nice voice… but there are other artists with voices just as good as hers who can actually sing the correct lyrics as well. It would be different if she were already singing her own songs but to sing somebody else’s songs incorrectly & ruin the lyrics is sub par & makes her seem more amateur than others in the competition. No need to get your panties in a bunch Ana… feel free to go vote for her 10 times to move her through if you feel so strongly, no need to be so touchy feely about a tv show though.

      • Angel says:

        I like Jake singing.I might not have liked the George S. song but I like the way Jake sings.He just needs the right songs for him and George S. songs aren’t for Jake.But to say he can’t sing is so wrong cause he does have a voice.

    • Sara says:

      I hate that people keep comparing Bria to Janis Joplin. She is a poor imitation of Janis. In fact, I don’t think she performed Janis well at all. She has way too much vibrato to do Janis any sort of justice.

      • JLB says:

        Couldn’t agree more, Sara. Bria at times gets that goat bleat sound to her voice which is just awful to my ears.

    • JLB says:

      While I like 3 of your top 4 I think that Josh has consistently performed better than Delvin and should be up there in that spot. Delvin is way too theatrical for my tastes and tends to bludgeon songs with way too much vibrato. Sisaundra, while I love her, can be guilty of the same thing at times. Couldn’t agree more with you about Jake. He seems sweet but he’s just not a good enough singer to be here at this stage of the game. By the way, which of the Three Stooges does Jake look like?

  37. sd says:

    14. Christine Grimmie
    51. Kristen Merlin
    56. Audra McLaughlin
    61. Kat Perkins
    71. Jake Worthington
    73. Josh kaufman
    127. Sisaundra Lewis
    135. Delvin Choice

    Bria and Tess aren’t in the top 200 as yet. Looks like they’re probably the bottom 2

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      Who the hell is paying good money to buy that song from Jake Worthington!??!?! Kristen and Audra I totally get, but Jake? WHY?!?!

      • Adam Fachry says:

        Jake Worthington’s performance: not worth so much.~

      • sd says:

        He’s selling on personality alone. Country music people support their artist and who knows, maybe he’ll have a future. I’ve been reading on music sites that The Swon Brothers from a couple seasons back are now hot up and coming artists and their debut single is about to become a huge country hit.

      • JM says:

        Yes, I have no clue how he could sell more than Sisaundra and Delvin who put on stellar performances tonight.

        • analythinker says:

          Two words: country. fans.

          • Meri says:

            Audra and Kristen are better country singers if the fans want to stick to their genre. It seems they’re gradually getting that though. Jake was the lowest charting of the three the last time I checked.

  38. Lani Dale says:

    CHRISTINA GRIMMIE nailed it! I Love her tonight. She’s really proving that she’s deserving to win. I’m loving her more as time goes by. From “dark horse” to “hold on, we’re going home”. Oh im so in love with her.

  39. Gayl says:

    Since I honestly do have a voice similar to Bria, I will weigh in on the discussion. It is a mixture of things. Being young is probably the biggest factor. Her voice probably still sounds cool live in person, but there is a splattering of notes tendency that a microphone just amplifies in all the wrong ways. I noticed Tess actually repeating the advice before their battle that Bria needs to do which is to drop the jaw and darken the tone when singing directly into a high quality mike in a recording setting. There are characteristics in her voice that she can get by with in a live setting, but need to be overly compensated for when singing into a sound system like the one on the show. She is not adjusting. She may be overly trusting what she hears with her ears instead of listening to how she sounds through a high quality mike. I am an old nobody, but I have the same issue that I have to be careful.

    The second problem is too much manipulation of the arrangements in an effort to showcase her style that it is backfiring on her, and it disrupts the natural flow of the song, which ironically makes it harder to sing too. Also song choice is hurting her. I agree that she should be singing Nikka Costa and Gin Wigmore ideally. I am probably realistically to old to start a career in music, but Bria is a cautionary tale for myself if I do decide to try out.

    • analythinker says:

      I like this post.

    • JLB says:

      Good advice. When the throat tightens and the jaw clenches up, all sorts of unpleasant sounds can emanate from one’s mouth. Opening the mouth wider helps produce a better sound. From another old nobody.

  40. linda hardge says:

    Sisuandra Lewis is the best singer in the top 10. America can vote Christine Gimme in to win but she and her records won’t last a year. She definitely cannot out sing Sisuandra. If America vote this hyped up medicore singer to win then it doesn’t know what a good singer is. Don’t worry Sisuandra will get a record deal and outshine America’s winner. Enough said!

    • Adam Fachry says:

      As much as I love Sisaundra, her making a record that could outshine Grimmie’s in terms of sales isn’t something I’d imagine would happen. Sisaundra is the much better singer, but Grimmie’s a lot more marketable.

    • BooBoo says:

      Christina Grimmie isn’t a Youtube star for nothing. She knows how to choose a song and change it up to make it uniquely her own. That’s what Grimmie did this week when she chose “Hold On We’re Going Home” by Drake. Grimmie currently #8 on itunes and Sisuandra is not even in the itunes top 100.

    • Meri says:

      I agree Sisaundra is better, but Christina isn’t mediocre. I’m not one to jump on the bandwagon of the most popular contestant when the credit isn’t due. I didn’t like Cassadee at all until I heard her original songs, so I never got the hype with her until I did more research. But Usher was accurate to make the Celine comparison. I’m not saying she’s as good. Not even close. But I could hear the elements in her voice that would cause them to make the comparison. She could be a force with more polishing.

    • JLB says:

      Apparently that’s not “enough said” based on the comments here! Christina is not a mediocre singer by any means and Sisaundra is not the greatest singer this season IMO. There is room for both of these singers in the music industry but I’m betting that Christina will sell more tunes because she’s more marketable and current. I’m betting a female will win this season (odds being what they are) but it won’t be either of these two. More likely another country singer will win.

  41. Electrode says:

    Delvin is absolutely terrible!! If he covered Tom Jones and Tom Jones only he would be genius! It’s almost like watching Mars Attacks while listening to him… head wants to explode!!

  42. Ana Andrade says:

    First I would like to clarify that I’m the Ana that posted the opinions about the contestants, not the one that thought Audra’s performance was great. These are my rankings of tonight’s performances.

    1. Sisaundra
    2. Kristen
    3. Josh
    4. Delvin
    5. Tess
    6. Christina
    7. Kat
    8. Audra
    9. Bria
    10. Jake

  43. NotAGoodImage says:

    Ah Bria, apparently thy name in latin means contrivance…go home, grow up, get some life experience, learn about music (it was clear she had no idea who graham nash was) and come back in a couple years.

  44. NotVirgin Mary says:

    I couldn’t figure out what words Audra was saying.
    I felt bad watching Bria. It’s not something she can fix in a short time. She needs some serious vocal rehab
    Kat was more of a B. She sounded almost exactly like Stevie at some parts. I loved it, thought I think she could of done without the long notes. It felt awkward, but other than that, I loved it. I’m flabbergasted that you want her to go home over Jake.
    Christina was great, but I don’t think it was that great. It felt like vocal gymnastics for the sake of vocal gymnastics. I want it to be organic, something that fits in the song. All of her performances haven’t had that organic fit. Maybe some Halestorm.
    Sisaundra needs to adapt her style to something more recent. I LOVED this performance, but look at the iTunes chart. She’s in the latter half. That’s bad for such a great performance. Hell, Audra is ahead of her.
    Josh was good, but it felt like the Key was too high. The song choice wasn’t too great.
    Tess is in trouble. Even Bria is ahead of her. Shakira really messed up with Tess. She had so much promise. I’m distraught.
    I wasn’t sure about the song choice before I heard it, but I saw how it fit her, and it was great. Kristen is just so lovable.
    Delvin finally got a halfway decent song choice. It was great. He was great. But I believe he’s capable of more. I thought he was gonna be a frontrunner but Adam’s gotta step up with song choices. Well, everyone needs to step up on song choices.
    Jake was terrible. Like pitchy throughout all of it. All of it. I want to believe he’s going home, but Tess is so low on the iTunes chart. Ugh.

    Tess and Bria, or Jake and Bria. I have hope that the latter happens.

  45. Terry says:

    I thought Josh had a rough night. Didn’t like that song. Hated the flood pants. And his vocals didn’t seem effortless like they usually do.

  46. analythinker says:

    iTunes update:
    #8 – Christina
    #38 – Kristen
    #45 – Audra
    #51 – Kat
    #56 – Josh
    #58 – Jake
    #104 – Sisaundra
    #112 – Delvin
    #175 – Bria
    #211 – Tess

  47. Eric Niewohner says:

    There is no doubt Christina should have been in the last spot for she had by far the best performance tonight. She worked that song from the beginning to the end, starting out softly and then using some sweet falsetto, then pushing the dynamics as she stepped up from the piano and owned the stage. She showed great emotion and just gave a master class on how to build a song. She was amazing tonight and I had no idea who she was until this show. I don’t understand why there are some of you that are ranking her fifth or sixth for the night that is pure crazy and judging how she has stormed up the Itunes charts she owned the night. She is in the top ten and will probably get into the top five.

    I love Susaundra and I love Steve Perry but never have been a fan of Oh Sherry and this song does not favor her style. Technically she was very good, as always, but didn’t really like the arrangement, the opening acapella sounded a bit like she was shouting and overall it just didn’t resonate with me. She needs blues, R&B and soul, not rock and if you are going with Journey for goodness sakes pick one of their best, not Oh Sherry, argh.

    Love Kristen’s tone and thought she did a really good job. Really like Josh but even though I am much older than most of you even I think that song choice was dated and there are so many soulful songs Usher could have picked for Josh that are more relevant right now.

    Audra can sing but her enunciation was terrible in that song and it was really hard to make out what she was saying. Jake was just boring and his voice struggled with the higher notes.

    I like Delvin but the coolest part of that song was the guitar in the beginning and I kept expecting him to blow me away but he never did, solid B performance not an A- Michael.

    Really like Kat but Landslide is so over sung on these shows and they had her start in too low a key so she could do that one high note towards the end of the song. Unfortunately it was really rough to begin with I don’t think this is her strength, she needs to sing Joan Jet, Pat Benetar or another rocker chick.

    Tess was okay and Bria was the worst of the night. Like a lot of you she was so awesome in her audition and since then she has struggled. When you try to force the rasp it can do bad things to her voice and you hear that when she sings wiithout rasp. Her voice sounds scratchy and she goes flat a lot.

    • Emma says:

      Re Audra – you couldn’t make our what she was saying because she didn’t know the words and was just mumbling gibberish. I don’t understand why she wasn’t called out on that. Not one coach said a single word about it. wtf.

    • JLB says:

      Very thoughtful post. Agree with most of it. Christina was terrific. I discovered her on youtube by accident when searching for Kurt Hugo Schneider, Sam Tsui and Max Schneider tunes. I was so surprised and delighted to see her on The Voice this season and thought she might do well. And Emma is correct, Audra forgot the words and started repeating herself. Not good. Delvin does nothing for me and poor Jake was a train wreck. Whenever I see him I think he looks like one of the Three Stooges. Sweet, nice young man. Just not good enough to be on the show IMO.

  48. Karen says:

    Before you say Audra slayed that song, listen to Reba. She did nothing to change it up, to make it her own. And she did not at least match the performance (ie Kat) of the original artist. Plus her smile right before the heart wrenching lyric about how she manipulates the man. I love that song by Reba and even heard the writer’s demo and liked her interpretation. Missing lyrics and missing an opportunity to hit a high note made the song mundane at best.
    My favs are still Josh, Delvin, Kristin and Sisaundra. Christina is good, but for some reason bugs me.

  49. Karen says:

    PS Best country singer is on Shakira’s team.

    • Meri says:

      Totally agree! Kristen is the dark horse!

    • Emma says:

      yep. poor Jake seems to be progressing in the wrong direction. Not sure what’s happening with him, I quite liked him in the begining but these last couple performances have not been strong.

      • Luke says:

        I think nerves are getting in Jake’s way. His early performances – pre-live – were so much better. I loved his voice enough to vote for him before.

  50. Kaba says:

    Honestly I can’t say I see Bria going home tomorrow. I see her as the insta-save.
    If she does make it through, I genuinely hope she and Usher sit down and really look at the kinks in her voice and see what they can do to either improve it, or work around it. Her and Trelawny Rose needs to do some work too, because I can’t honestly believe Trelawny is just sitting there letting this happen.
    I feel inclined to support her just cause I see her as an underdog oddly enough. Everyone see’s a front runner and ever since her 1st Battle I’ve seen an underdog. Hell, maybe she can break the insta-save curse. I want her to return to the style she used to sing…or at least do the songs she used to do. Hell, “Ain’t No Sunshine” is done beyond repair but she has a pretty nice cover of it on Youtube so she could start with that.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      Bria’s gone, dude. Even if she was my favorite, I think the kindest thing to do is to let her go. She’s not ready for any of this vocally or emotionally right now. The cry last night sealed her fate, but I view that as a good thing, not a bad thing. She’s got so much time to regroup and make a comeback. There are so many ways to become a successful artist, and she can do so without this show. I wish all these folks well. They chose a crazy tough industry.