Dancing With the Stars Week 7 Results: Did The Right Couple Go Home?

dancing-with-the-stars-recap-season-18-week-7The ballroom went absolutely loco during Week 7 of Dancing With the Stars — AKA Latin Night! — with our seven remaining celebs doing double duty by performing both individual and team dances in their ongoing pursuit of the coveted Mirrorball trophy.

But tonight’s consistently shirtless live show — was the mid-show Twitter vote resulting in Tony Dovolani doing a “take it off” tango with Nene Leakes really necessary? — also sizzled thanks to the sexy star power of guest judge Ricky Martin, whose dynamic show-opening performance of his 2014 World Cup theme “Vida” set the tone for a sex-sational (if injury plagued) evening.

As we cross our fingers for our wounded celebs – Danica McKellar is battling a fractured rib while Amy Purdy suffered bizarre, all-of-the-sudden post-dance back spasms, which prompted her to seek treatment and miss the live team dance — let’s high-kick right to the highlights:

DANCE OF THE NIGHT: James Maslow’s sexy, skin-tastic samba and Amy Purdy’s rhythmic rumba turned up the heat in the ballroom, but for my money, here’s the top dance of the night:

Meryl Davis & Maksim Chmerkovskiy: After a picture-perfect performance last week, Meryl’s sexy, sensational salsa seemed to solidify her front-runner status. Though she doubted Meryl’s ability to warm to the salsa, Carrie Ann was all praise (“girl you continually surprise me … you were so in your element!”) while Ricky reiterated the obvious (“It gets better and better and better”). While Len complained it was production-heavy and “a little hectic,” Bruno channeled his inner poet, calling Meryl the “leader of the gang…with plenty of bang!” and noted that Meryl more than held her own with the six pros also featured in the dance. The performance was one point shy (thanks to Len’s “9”) of perfection.

RUNNERS-UP: Team Loca (Amy Purdy, Danica McKellar, Meryl Davis and Candace Cameron Bure). Though Amy’s injury prevented a “live” performance (the judges scores were based on the dress rehearsal footage), Team Loca’s freestyle dance to the Ricky Martin classic (you knew it was coming at some point during the show, right?) “Livin’ La Vida Loca” wrapped up the night on a high note. Playing the spoiler yet again, Len (who gave them a “9”) said it was “fantastic” but noted “the pressure’s off a little bit” during a dress rehearsal, while Bruno called it a “show stopper” and hoped for a repeat performance. Len aside, the dance was nothing but 10s.

James Maslow & Peta Murgatroyd
Charlie White & Sharna Burgess
NeNe Leakes & Tony Dovolani

NeNe Leakes & Tony Dovolani
James Maslow & Peta Murgatroyd

NeNe Leakes & Tony Dovolani

“I’m so proud of myself, and I hope I have inspired women all over the world,” said a beaming Nene, who thanked her husband and children and even the judges before throwing herself one last empowerment-rich shout out. “I am proud of Nene Leakes!”

And with that, it’s your turn. Did the right couple go home tonight? Will Amy and Danica bounce back next week? Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. jjss13 says:

    meryl davis and charlie white shouldnt even be on this show.. they are dancers on skates and that means they dance without skates also professionally trained dancers.

    • Lynne says:

      You people are STILL going on about this?

      • Angela says:

        It happens every season, it seems. And I don’t know what they think those complaints are going to achieve. They may not think skaters, or hip hop/pop dancers, or people of that sort should be on the show, but the fact remains that those sorts of people are on there and will be on there each season. Either deal with it or…just don’t watch, I guess?

        • John Duchscherer says:

          You are right Angela, even if they are in fields where you dance. it’s much different than the dancing done on DWTS.. The fans are the ones that decide so you might say that what’s done is done.

      • They are Ice Skaters “NOT” Ballroom Dancers! Big Difference! NeNe Leaks was a former Top Less Dancer, so did you hold that against her?

        • m kane says:

          nene was let go. right choice she really cant dance .she went further than she should have.

          • AndyP says:

            NeNe went way further than she should have.

          • John Duchscherer says:

            Nene has gotten such a big head that this helps put her back in place. She really wasn’t that good but her partner was good, too bad he got her for a partner.

          • Nancy says:

            NeNe should have gone home the 2nd week. She could not dance at all. Poor Tony putting up with her attitude. Why would fans vote her to stay when she is so rude.

          • Maria says:

            NeNe is a self-centered “wanna be”! Not once did she thank TONY for being her teacher so she could brag that she is so proud! Granted, she showed up and danced to the best of her ability, slim as it is…but it was TONY who brought her along! And what was up with that face she was making! I was appalled! She makes me sick! She had another opportunity to thank Tony when she came to Good Morning America to THANK TONY and give him credit for being such a fantastic teacher, like every other contestant booted off the show does to their respective “pro”! I don’t know how he put up with her nonsense! She could have given a simple thank you to him, but her egotistical selfishness prevented her from doing so. She’s rude, abrupt and ignorant and needs to go back to her life as a so-called “reality” show! I’m glad she’s gone…she was on the show way way too long anyway and shouldn’t have even been a part of it!

          • I agreed 100%. Nene should have been gone.

    • TheFactsR says:

      stupid comment! then neither should Nicole or Gray or many others! Stupid comment!

      • TheFactsR says:


        Candace A
        Charlie A-
        Amy B+
        Danica B+
        Meryl C+
        James C-

        • TheFactsR says:

          Who leaves next
          Judges totals

          James 70
          Charlie 71
          Danica 72
          Candace 74
          Amy 75
          Meryl 78


          Amy (judges made sure of that by over scoring)

          Candace even though underscored again will be here by my thinking

          Putting at high risk


          votes votes votes will tell all this week

          • Jake says:

            Did you or anyone else notice what Carrie Ann said to Amy Purdy? “When you–when and if you win….” Sounds to me like maybe the results of this so-called competition have already been decided in favor of (once again!) the DWTS Golden Boy Derek Hough and the most insprational dancer (but not even close to being the best), Amy. I’m starting to wonder why anyone in her/his right mind would even consider being on a show that appears to be so blatantly fiixed and also why the other pros continue with the show.

          • TheFactsR says:

            Jake I did catch that, if Derek wins this season it will kill DWTS, people will drop from watching like flies

          • Jag says:

            I can’t believe that Candace is in the top 3! She can’t dance!!! She has been bad all season but she keeps getting the votes. I guess all she has to do is cry and people vote for her.

        • Newbie says:

          You obviously have no dance training what so ever. Candace is no where near an A.

    • Jan says:

      Charlie is not catching on to ballroom dancing at all. Meryl is dancing well and has a wonderful attitude.

      • Lynn Royden says:

        Charlie is doing just fine with the dancing, it’s the judging that comes to question. Personally, I think he has been a perfect gentleman about the whole slanted scoring.

        • TheFactsR says:

          Charlie is not as clean ballroom dancer as is Meryl, although Maks choreography this week was bad, bad, bad.

          • KD says:

            I didn’t enjoy Maks and Meryl’s dance this week. Being down and dirty as they say didn’t suit her. She is more of an elegant dancer, and I have to agree with Len it look more like a video production.

      • Carol says:

        I think Charlie White has a difficult partner to work with and the dances aren’t always his style. As a skater, he was lucky to always have Meryl at his side.

    • GeeMa says:

      Get over it. You didn’t even answer the question that was asked.

    • Sharon says:

      Yes, get the moose off!

    • kdg says:

      YES they finally got it right just a little late, she should have been gone weeks ago.

    • Mary says:

      I also read that Danica had been taking ballroom dance lessons long before the show; in other words, this ain’t her first time at the rodeo. But of course, I don’t see anyone complaining about her. And I say this as Team Danica over Team Candace, although, I find the whole fake TV-star rivalry thing lame.

      • sanchopanza says:

        If that’s even true, would she have been getting lessons in showboat dancing like this? I doubt it. Now that they’ve thrown in jazz and contemporary, the show is even less about ballroom dancing that ever. The “starts” have to develop a lot more than just steps.

    • Sue says:

      It is an entertainment show….why can’t people see that….I love to watch it and if Meryl puts on a good show..so be it….What a shame if we had to watch others like NENE and Billy Dee…Wouldn’t be much to watch

    • sam says:

      The name of the game is ratings. Charlie and Meryl just earned Gold in the Olympics,so DWTS figured they were ratings gold. Seems they were correct.

    • Dianne says:

      I agree. Next time a competion for the best football player of the year is between a dancer and a football player, I hope the dancer is ready to lose.

    • Eloise M says:

      Nene had a great run and it was a definite joy to watch her perform. It’s a competition and there is only one winner so the others will have to be eliminated anyway. Nene had fun. Will miss her.

      • ksl says:

        Ok, it’s great to be proud of what you feel you have accomplished; however, I have watched DWTS from day one, and Nene is the first and only who did not thank her partner, not even mention him at all in her closing remarks!! REALLY!!?? Not very classy. Tony is one of the best, sweet, caring and so talented! HUGE oversight!

      • Deb says:

        Really?!? Nene should have been gone earlier for her rude and condescending attitude with Tony. Poor Tony did not deserve her! I have never watched the housewives because I AM a real housewife and trust me – my life is nothing like the clips I’ve seen. What a farce! They apparently only hire witches who are 3rd rate actors for these “reality” shows. She was so full of herself! Tony is a class act – she had the opportunity to learn a LOT from him but she thought it was the other way around.

        • adele csepi says:

          NeNe is an ignorant big mouth. If you thought she was bad on DWTS you should have seen her on TheAPPRENTICE.

    • Luke Ravi says:

      Meryl and Maks are predetermined to win the show. So, judges pick on Charlie every week although his routines are way more complicated (He gets the same score as someone whose routine is simple) Meryl is technically good but her facial expressions are same in each and every dance. Good job Sharna!!! Every choreographer in the world can see your hard work (including Maks I am pretty sure) except for those commercialised, biased , indfluencial judges. Charlie is the winner because of sharna. But unfortunately they don’t have much drama, only good work

    • Julia Doskocil says:

      There a difference with ice skating and dancing. All the previous seasons had stars that had some back ground with dance steps….
      Stop complaining and enjoy the talents of the stars.

    • Wanda Vlodek says:

      When dancing on skates you can not put the styling, footwork and physical contact into your skating that ballroom dancing calls for. Both are doing a good job.

    • Lynn Royden says:

      Many seem to think that it’s unfair to have two gold medal skaters in this competition but what they fail to realize is that it’s not quite the same thing . What I also feel is that these nay sayers don’t seem to realize that the content of the dances given to these two skaters is MUCH more complex and difficult as well. Danica and Candice in no way have the same level of difficulty as either Charlie or Myrel. And now that we are on the subject of Charlie, am I the only one who feels he has been grossly underscored every week? Just saying.

    • Glenda says:

      Though I like the show, I no longer look at it as a fair, sensible show. I am sure they do not care much about the viewers opinion. However, I think it is absolutely unfair to allow guests who have previous dancing experience to contest against guests who have not had previous dance experience. It is also unfair to the professional dancers of whom have to work harder for the non-experienced. Thank you

    • Ellen Snow says:

      Ballroom dance studio owners in Marshfield Ma, won’t support Charlie and Meryl for very same reasons..

    • Carla says:

      Oh please, what about Donnie and Marie Osmond winning, Kristie Yamagucci, Jennifer Gray.
      to name a few. If Meryl and Charlie don’t belong there, neither do 80 per cent of the contestants since the show started.

    • Sofia says:

      I was thinking the same thing…. but than I took into account that Meryl and Charlie are doing so much outside of DWTS and getting less time to rehearse, kind of levels out the paying field, don’t you think?

    • Candy says:

      Meryl and Charlie were asked to be on the show by the producers of the show.

    • robert eddis says:

      Get a Life. Ice Dancing and Ballroom dancing are very different. Different equipment, different technique, different style and patterns, different surface. Can you even imagine this show without the dancing of Meryl and Maks? I wouldn’t bother to watch it and I don’t think a lot of other people would either. And it is very annoying that the Judges are holding her to a much higher standard than the other dancers. Meryl is only ahead by their scoring because she is more talented and athletic than the others, not because she is an Ice Dancer. She would have been much better than the others even if she had never put on a pair of ice skates. What’s really wrong with the show is the judging. And a typical viewer vote gives 4 points to Amy because she wears prosthetics, 4 points to Candace because she claims to be the most sanctified, 2 points to James because he is cute, and none to Meryl because she is only the best dancer and it’s not really a dance contest. I am so sick of the crying, fake injuries, and begging for sympathy votes every week. Shut UP about the Ice Dancing and watch Meryl and Maks dance. It’s one of the few things about DWTS that is not annoying.

  2. Emmy says:

    So first off I have to say that this is the first time where I genuinely like everyone that is left on the show. Candace is probably my least favorite but I still enjoy her dances. Second, I actually enjoyed Team Vida’s dance more than Team Loca… I though Team Loca was over scored. Third, I know he is an ice dancer and some people think it’s unfair that he is on the show but I honestly doing care about that, every season there are one or two people that people complain about because they have prior experience…that’s on the casting directors not them. I got off on a little tangent but what I want to say is that I think the judges are actually too harsh on Charlie. And my fourth and final observation is that while I love both of them, I think Amy and Meryl tend to get higher scores than they actually deserve.

    Oh and one final thing, I thought Danica killed it tonight. Having to do that dance with that injury is a tremendous accomplishment. And she is always such a gracious person that it’s hard not to love her.

    • Angela says:

      Yeah, I’m impressed with her pushing on despite her injury, too. I feel for both her and Amy with their injuries, and hope both of them get better very soon!
      I personally liked both team dances myself, but I will agree with you that Team Vida’s was particularly fun.
      I also agree with you on the “unfairness” complaints. I get what people are saying about that, but at the same time, while certain training and skills do help them in some respects when it comes to dancing, it’s still not the same thing, so they’re still learning a few things as well. It doesn’t hurt, no, but it’s not a sign they’ll automatically be perfect transitioning from one to the other, too.
      As for the specific dances tonight, I rather liked the tango Candace and Mark did together. I kinda liked the song, and I thought they did well with the quirky playfulness of the song. And Meryl and Maksim’s dance was quite strong and powerful, too.

      • TheFactsR says:

        I believe it was an OLD injury waiting on a clearer picture of the xray

      • TheFactsR says:

        just took a look at Danica’s xray of her rib, it appears to be a “Green” break, if it were to finish breaking it could puncture her lung or other tissues around it.

      • glenda says:

        I think that the skaters “edge’ if you will, is the fact that they are used to hard training periords. Where some of the other contestants are not.

        • Angela says:

          So are football players (who also tend to often do well on the show). And even then, they could be used to training for one job, but it’s still going to be different than the type of training they’d have here. Just because people can excel in one area doesn’t automatically mean they’ll have an easier time learning to do well in another.

    • Mary says:

      I disagree that Meryl gets higher scores than she deserves. Amy abso-freaking-lutely is overscored by all. Give me a break on some of her dances. It’s gotten a little better but before the partner switch up, all Derek was practically doing was throwing her all over the place and lifts everywhere. Amy is consistently overscored while Meryl is consistently underscored. It’s only been in the last couple of weeks they’ve been getting the scores they should have been getting all along.

      • Diana Watkins says:

        Thank God ssomeone else sees what I have been seeeing for several seasons! This show is totally biased toward Derek. After last year’s fiasco when Corbin Blu clearly should have won I said I was done with this. I relented because I wanted to see the Olympians but nothing has changed. The judges find a way to nitpick everyone else in favor of Derek and whoever his partner is. Why not just give them the trophy in Week 1 and save everyone else a lot of hard work. And now we’ve added Erin Andrews – this is definitely the last season for me!!!

        • April says:

          I stopped watching the show and voting the year Mel B. and Max did not win. They should have won hand down. Yes, Carrie Ann did let us know the Amy is the winner, which would not been a surprise with those judges and whoever counting the incoming votes.

      • Zaniffa Jan says:

        So true…Derek always get the person with the sympathy votes….I hope Max finally wins it all….

        • glenda says:

          yeah, i agree about Mak, I think he gets picked on too much. But I also like Derek.

        • Anna says:

          I’m so happy that there are others that see that this show is all about Derek. Why didn’t they give him NeNe if he is so good? He always gets someone who has good potential to learn the dances. I hope Meryl wins – she really is the best.

      • TheFactsR says:

        Meryl WAS over scored this week! Maks choreographed a horrible dance for her with all the clutter and such about, it was really “C” rate quality

        • Carla says:

          Meryl is by far the best dancer on the show. I think Charlie is being picked on by the judges.
          They always pick on Maks. Was shocked that he finally got a perfect score.

  3. Stacie says:

    Couple quick things. 1. The right person went home. Nene was good enough for leaving at this spot. 2. The guest judges thing is an absolute waste of time and isn’t right. There was a point when the actual judges gave 8s and Ricky is giving a 10. C’mon. That can skew the competition and that’s unfair. It’s not just him it’s all of the guest judges. It’s supposed to be a way to get viewers but all it is doing is upsetting loyal viewers that have been with the show. The guest judges, aren’t there week to week and can unfairly tip the balance. The 3 real judges are plenty. 3. I hope Amy is alright. As much as I think it’s probably the season that Derek won’t win I do hope she gets to go out on her own terms. 4. I don’t remember a time when the group dances were uneven? Why didn’t they do this when there were 4 members on each side. It seems odd that they did at 7 people left.

    • YES….. the right person went home. and I agree that the ”guest judges’ add nothing to the show. In fact it isn’t fair. I hope the producers will bring Brooke back next year.

      • Yes the right person went home,

      • annabell says:

        Am I the only one who loves Erin Andrews? She asks much better questions. I like Brooke Burke as an actress but her interviews were monotonous and boring. Erin is a much better person for the job.

        • Carla says:

          I like Erin Andrews and think that she does ask better questions and is not as boring as Brooke, but her voice is piercing to me

        • Lana says:

          @annabell, I too like Erin and what is soo funny are the complaints and haters that Brooke had every year and now its all about hating Erin and asking for Brooke back. That is funny. I also think Charlie is underscored in every dance he has done. The night he dropped the cane everyone came down on him, then Amy messes up on her dance and she scores 9’s and 10’s. This season the judging has not been fair to all and it hurts the judges credibility not the dancers or the show and they really need to get their act together again. Guest judges aren’t needed unless they know what they are talking about (though I did enjoy Cher, just because it was Cher!) otherwise they take up too much time.

      • SA says:

        Bring Brooke back? Are you serious??????????

    • claudia says:

      If Ricky gives a 10 to everyone, how are the results skewed? As for the uneven teams, it’s happened a lot. Team size really doesn’t make a difference – the problem is that Meryl’s team was the strongest. Charlie should have gotten Danica/Val which would have made it more balanced.

    • Carolyn Price says:

      I completely agree….don’t like guest judges…they don’t know what to look for in form and foot work. DO not like this band….bring back previous band

  4. Kate says:

    I rarely agree with Len but I do think some of the production gets out of hand. It’s hard to see how the couple dances when they have 4-6 background dancers. Other than the team dances, it should just be the couple.

    • Stacie says:

      Yea this season is getting out of hand with the backup dancers. I know that they are probably featured more because there is no results show so there aren’t as many opportunities for the backups. But, the backup dancers used to only come out during the freestyles in the finals, now it’s every episode. It’s just not special enough. It really started when they did those trios things a couple seasons back, now there are a ton of people everywhere. More is not better in this case.

      • nonparieldolls says:

        Agree with you about the back-up dancers. Guess they’re under contract and as you pointed out, no results show. So like everything about this jumbled-mess-of-a-show season, it’s way overdone. Why they are trying so hard to cut this show to the nub, when it’s a top-rated show — someone explain it to me, please. Even Bruno mentioned tonight about missing the Results show, when a stellar dance was performed again. Really miss it!

    • Jenny says:

      I agree with the over production part. But that has been going on the a long time. Between props, scenery and effects dancing has taken a back seat. But it was wrong to use it to rate a dance when EVERYONE else is just as guilty of it.

      • Kate says:

        I don’t think Meryl and Maks should have been deducted for it, because you’re right everyone does do it. I liked their dance which is why it bugged me that it was so hard to actually watch just them.

    • tyrone66 says:

      I agree, but I don’t think the contestant should be marked down for the choreography decisions. The contestants don’t design the routine. They just work with what they’re given.

    • Carla says:

      I agree that when the couple are being judged, it should be just them and not the backup dancers. It has to be hard to judge the couples with all the other dancers. Sometimes it is difficult to pick out the couple with everyone else dancing.

  5. Sara says:

    I’ve just about had it with the inconsistent judging. It just gets worse week after week and it’s becoming incredibly intolerable. I thought they were overly harsh on Danica. I realize the salsa does need for the body and the ribs to be open and maybe she wasn’t at full capacity but she was still incredibly open considering a broken rib. They killed that routine. Charlie isn’t my favourite although he’s still incredible, and I thought Len’s comment was uncalled for, and the 8 from Len was ridiculous. I think it’s dumb Carrie Ann decided to judge Amy more fairly this week instead of the previous couple weeks – probably getting a lot of heat on social media about it. I think Meryl & Maks should win – I don’t really give a crap about dance experience, I always want the best technical dancer to win and she’s it. No one can touch her in terms of technical dance. That said, I’m still convinced Amy & Derek will win, unless this injury hinders her.

    • TheFactsR says:

      The rules should be the rules the season long each and every week. BUT it is better later than not ever. Fair is fair. The judges are a big problem that DWTS has, they do NOT need the guest judges. It is to bring viewers but they are actually loosing viewers.

      Let us NOT forget who mapped out this season before being ahemmm, oh yeah stepped down.

      Conrad Green so just go with it for now until the new one can map his own season and hope and pray it is much much improved.

      • nonparieldolls says:

        Here’s hoping next season goes back to “normal” ’cause this season should be enough to kill this show!

    • Jake says:

      The inconsistent judging has always been there just as the “unfairness” of having contestants that appear to have an advantage due to some type of related previous experience. And I agree that the best dancer should win: and that’s Meryl on ALL levels, both performance and technique. I also agree with you that Derek and Amy will probably win because of sympathy votes for Amy (even more now with an injury) and votes for Derek by the fans who would vote for him if he were dancing with a stuffed alligator. I was watching the show in a restaurant with the sound so low that I couldn’t hear much of it, and I didn’t recognize Amy’s dance as a rumba, which i believe I would have had it been any other couple Yes, I recognize that she has a disability and has done very well in spite of that, but she is still too stiff most of the time and unable to do much of the footwork required for many of the dances. She has been, and I suppose will continue to be, overscored.

      • mark says:

        Maks and Meryl should win…like you daid they have been solid every week….so tired of derek boot his ass off

        • TheFactsR says:

          people on this commenting board usually do not curse or use bad language, please don’t insult the others that post here and read here to have to run upon your vulgar word usage!

      • Meryl may be technically a great dancer,but she’s got no soul,no heart in any dance she’a done.

        • Beth says:

          Disagree 1000% with this.

        • Mary says:

          Completely disagree with this in every possible way. Meryl and Maks have been a revelation together.

        • Sara says:

          I suppose that’s all a matter of subjectivity. I disagree wholeheartedly – when I watch, I can’t take my eyes off of her and Maks because there’s so much emotion and because she’s so good. And I guess that’s where shows like these get tricky because who you relate to isn’t going to be somebody everybody else relates to.

        • Danielle says:

          No heart? No soul? I must be watching a different DWTS.

        • TheFactsR says:

          to a certain degree I agree. Meryl is a little ummm too weird. She is almost spooky weird.

          • TheFactsR says:

            I think coming into DWTS, Meryl was on the rebound of being “hurt” by Charlie, there is more there than most are seeing. She and Charlie had been together since little children and I believe Meryl was hurt to find out Charlie and the choreographer from them were ahemmm sleeping together and behind Meryl’s back. Charlie and her did not come out about it until Feb 2014.

            DWTS I believe has helped Meryl come to grips with the betrayal issues she thought Charlie and the choreographer did to her.

            Meryl also does have some learning disabilities from childhood, she has struggled with those most of her life.

            Meryl has done much to overcome those issues and I commend her for that, she could have just laid down and died but she kept going strong.

          • Lana says:

            stupid comment

          • TheFactsR says:

            TRUE comment about Meryl and Charlie!!!!! but you wouldn’t know that because you are stupid when it comes to ahemmmm psychiatry!

      • Ruth says:

        Thank you for your remarks on Amy P. I have much respect for her and everything she is able to do. But in a dance competition where the judges make a note of all the other contestants footwork, why not Amy? And then to partner her up with Derek!! Definitely overscored.

      • Leah B. says:

        I’d rather see Derek dance with a stuffed alligator!

        • TheFactsR says:

          stupid comment! No need to compare any person to a stuffed alligator!

          • Lana says:

            @ TheFactsR, Meryl and Charlie have always had a platonic relationship, in fact they each have a relationship with someone else. I am first and foremost an ice skating freak and have followed ice skaters for years and so I learn all sorts of tidbits at the competitions, Olympics and others.

          • TheFactsR says:

            Lana, back OFF! what the H does your stupid comment have to do with a stuffed alligator!

          • TheFactsR says:

            Lana your comment is full of BS! Where is this boyfriend that Meryl has? AND why did she want to start a rumor of showmance at the beginning of this season and Maks had to tell her “ITS ALREADY BEEN DONE” in his own words! Because she is alone! And that is OK!

    • GeeMa says:

      Len will probably apologize to Charlie, on next week’s show, for the 8. But, it doesn’t help in this weeks scores. I also thought they really messed up on the scores for the team dances. Too low for one and too high for the other. Oh well, it’s all about the drama. I still enjoy watching.

    • Carla says:

      I think Len was ridiculous in his assessment of Charlie’s dance. I guess he is keeping it a reality show because the judging made no sense in this case

  6. Dakota says:

    I think right person went home this week, but love NeNe. She is cool, funny woman.

  7. Cindy says:

    Did anyone else notice that Nene’s final comments included patting herself on the back and thanking everyone in the world except Tony? She didn’t even mention his name. I thought that was very rude and I am glad she is gone. I hope everyone that is hurt recovers quickly. I like everyone who is remaining now that Nene is gone.

    • koko says:

      Double Ditto! I Love Tony, and not happy that he had to lose, but that Nene is a Low down dirty he/she with a wig on.

      • rio says:

        I watched the show only because Nene was on it. It’s such a silly show. So rigged. The “judges” are just clowns. Last week the show put Nene in yet another ugly, unflattering costume. It was obvious that the producers wanted her gone. Nene is a true original. Now there’s no reason to watch. I can see all the shirtless men I want on “Survivor.”

        • Cindy says:

          are you kidding? you think THEY put her in ugly costumes? she could not make ANYTHING look good. I think you have that one all wrong. no costume can make a her look good….the ugly comes from the inside so it extends to the outside. And if there is a clown on the show it is Nene……was, rather…..so glad she is done.

          • GoPacReady says:

            Cindy, RIGHT ON! You can put lipstick on an elephant, it’s STILL an elephant! LOTS of lipstick just looks like an ‘Elephant Ho’! NE-NE, with her lack of skill and elegance never deserved ANY number higher than a “7”! THAT’s being very generous! One “freak” guest judge, Redfoo, gave Ne-Ne a higher score than Candace Cameron Bure, that’s insane and totally bias!

          • rio says:

            The show itself is a joke. Nene is wonderful, but I knew she was just fodder. She’s a large woman and needed to be presented in a thoughtful way. I didn’t see her do anything on this ridiculous program that justified the verbal abuse that’s been posted here. Calling her a cow and a moose and “ghetto” says way more about the commenter than it ever does about the one and only Nene.

        • Flight Purser says:

          Goodbye cantankerous cow.

        • Joseph T Collins says:

          NeNe, was such a big egotistical big feeling hateful human being, She should have been gone week 2, now the show can go on !!

      • Juanita says:

        Thank GOD Nene Leaks is gone home. All she is a trouble maker that looks like a MOOSE She need to FIRED everywhere she/he goes. She should get a job at a ZOO as moose keeper

    • Jaclanetta Caldwell says:

      I agree/ thank goodness Nene’s bad attitude is off the show…

      • nonparieldolls says:

        I’ve renamed her “MeMe”, after her “gracious” speech at the end of the show. No, not one word for Tony. Too bad he can’t stay on and just dance by himself, huh? LOL!

    • Cookiekirk says:

      Cindy,u r so right. This the person Nene, is arrogant,self centered and she thinks everything is all about her. How downright rude of her not to credit TONY!! She lives in some fantasy world where she believes herself upper borne,royalty. This was a woman who was a stripper Dancing almost nude in VEGAS. All she did was show how ghetto and lowlife she is. She is not gracious or humble. I laughed so hard when she went down!!! Its about time. And to congratulate herself just reinforces her out of touchiness she is. Glad she’s gone!!!!

      • Lynda says:

        cookiekirk, so right you are. i actually stopped watching the show cos this nene character was on it. she is way too full of herself, and she sure as hell is no inspiration to me. i wonder what in her is an inspiration to any real woman who lives in the real world.
        Now i can go back to watching the show now that she is gone.

    • Leah B. says:

      They always seem to give Tony people that he has no chance of winning with. Why did they give him the tallest female when Maks and Val are both taller and would be a better combination. I would have love to have seen Maks and Nene go at each other! LOL

      • KD says:

        I thought with Maks coming back that they were going to pair him up with Nene also, but I certainly thing there would have actually been some physical fight going on if they had been partners.

    • Gale says:

      She follows in the tradition of the Kardashians – famous for being famous. Those veneers in her mouth are laughable!

  8. Name That Tune says:

    It was time for Nene to go.

  9. TheFactsR says:

    WORST dance ever choreographed by Maks! Yep Maks I am calling you OUT on phoning in tonight! Horrible

    DWTS night was a big disaster! DWTS should be ashamed to put a show on the air of that caliber!

    From the dances to Erin’s mouth just a horrible nightmare of a show.

    The only thing that went as it should was the elimination of NeNe

    • cathie says:

      I think maks and his brother along with Tony make this show.. Don’t care for Derek never have and don’t think ever will…….. karie ann gets on my nerves trying to act like she is still in her teens, they need to replace her or tell her to grow up…….

  10. TheFactsR says:

    I disagree Mitch, Candace was the dance of the night. Soooooo good! Proud of Candance tonight. Maks was horrible. Maks should be ashamed of his work tonight!

    • Cindy says:

      Yes, Candace really brought it tonight. I also think the judges are overly critical of her…she deserves better scores than the give her each week. I am glad she was not in jeopardy again this week, I think that might give her more confidence and help her continue to improve and shine like she did tonight

      • TheFactsR says:

        I agree it is difficult to keep improving when all you get from a judge is bad remarks.

        I gave all my votes to Candace (Candance) this week.

  11. TheFactsR says:

    I am not totally factual YET, I am waiting on clearer pictures of the xray, but I think that is an old healed fractured rib it looked as though it had knitted bone which is indicative of old healed fracture. That said, she could have scar tissue and adhesions that she heard pop or other such things.

  12. TheFactsR says:

    Candace will take a fall for Amy and it is NOT right! They underscore Candace every week. This week Candace was the dance of the NIGHT!

  13. Babybop says:

    I thought the judges were really harsh on Charlie. I thought he did really well! Same goes for Danica.

  14. Jan says:

    We vote for Candace every week. Tonight, she looked like a pro dancing.

  15. iamjsm says:

    I agree with a previous post, why did they do the group numbers when there is 7 couples there? Why have we’ve only seen one paso doble so far? I miss the days when each week only had two different style of dances like cha cha or quickstep, samba or rumba. It’s easier to compare dancers that way and makes it more fair instead of having someone do a contemporary which usually scores high. Lastly, can we bring back the old orchestra?? The new one keeps on making mistakes.

    • nonparieldolls says:

      Hope whoever is in charge this season (IS anyone in charge this season?) reads your comment. I couldn’t agree more. Monday and Tuesday night, no need to ask what I was watching. This season, I have to almost steel myself to sit and try to watch the travesty that was a top-rated show. Please, make it stop!!!!

  16. Nancy says:

    I, for one, am getting tired of the “shirtless” antics. Try to stay with the technique, style,
    and even personality. (the shirtless is becoming tiresome). I feel the last 3 seasons have become more “manly sex appeal” than the real dance. I’m becoming embarrassed by
    the tendency to give points to “hot appeal” rather than the dance. The focus has definitely changed since I began watching in season 2—-I think that is why the judges are “booed”
    no one is interested in the dance anymore. (only the bodies and sex appeal). Kind of becoming disgusting.

    • Yeah the shirtless thing is way overdone. The show is about dancing, not how many crunches you did this week. I’m team James because I’m a fan of his band and show (RIP) [and I’ve met him several times and he’s a nice guy.] but seriously are he and Peta going to be like naked next week or something? Too much! I actually admire Candace’s insistence to look sexy while being demure at the same time. This is my first season watching the show (and I don’t have tv so have to rely on the internet for videos) so sorry if this was a lame comment.

    • Mike says:

      I agree 100 percent with the shirt off show. They must think they are on the beach. It’s getting so they act like they can’t dance unless they take there shirt off. It’s supposed to be a dance contest not a strip off. They need to clean it up”

  17. V says:

    Thank. God nene big mama left. Her parting words were all abt “me, me and more me”. She did not say a word abt her partner, teacher tony. She did not thank him. How ungrateful is that? Tony was nice enough to say few nice things abt undeserving mini-nene. Grrrrrrr

  18. Bellybean says:

    So glad that awful person was eliminated tonight. She was so disrespectful to Tony. Poor guy. First he had to put up with Kate Gosselin and then that horrible, terrible person Nene. Hopefully she will learn she is not some queen and should be grateful for all of her opportunities. Tony is a saint for putting up with her. He should be paid just for dragging that moose during his dance. Who knew he was that strong.

  19. barbara says:

    glad nene is gone. she danced like a moose

  20. Debbie Dunn says:

    Its a show, its for entertainment. Enjoy the show. It is not a perfect science. Feelings are involved, feelings are not facts. It is still the most fun, happy, inspirational show going. I think the producers keep every season fresh and yes, it was NeNe’s turn to leave the ballroom.

  21. Dot says:

    Carrie Ann is the most inconsistent judge. She gushed about Team Loca on how together they danced but upon closer look, Candace was off a couple of times as was Amy. Of course, that WAS Derek’s team so whatever team he is on – ALWAYS gets the highest score, deserved or not. Team Vida was more fairly scored because NeNe couldn’t keep up. Tired of the bias from the judges, especially Carrie Ann. I really don’t like Candace that much and thought her going to talk to a professional was over the top. This isn’t an episode of Dr. Phil. She brought her “submissive” attitude towards a man to the dance floor and it doesn’t belong there. Just Dance, honey because you’re pretty good. I don’t believe for a second that James and Charlie were in the Bottom 3. My guess the producers put them there for drama. They never say who has the exact number of votes, but it was obvious NeNe did belong there. Charlie and James – NO way!!!

    • Cindy says:

      dont worry, they weren’t necessarily in the bottom. the only one in the bottom for sure is the one that leaves, the others are chose randomly. they say that on the show…..they say, one has the lowest score and the other is not necessarily in the bottom two.

  22. Yep the right one went home. Nene is consistently burning her bridges with the public from every show she has beeh on with her holier than thou attitude.

  23. Diane says:

    What does Charlie have to do to get a fair score? He gets busted down week after week while people who don’t dance as well get higher and higher marks. His combined score was second from last last night (I think I did the math right!) and he should have been in the top 3! that paso was great and he completely sold it. That being said, I think, and hope, Meryl and Maks take the trophy!

  24. Joni Moyer says:

    You are not right. Charlie and Meryl are PAIRS skaters, not ice dancers. There is a difference. Ice dancers are the ones that go out and perform like Torval and Dean. The pairs are scored on Music Interpretation, not dance interpretation. Ice Dancing is a totally different sport. Please read up on the difference, then judge Charles and Meryl.

  25. Aries says:

    Nene was the right person to send home. James and Peta, however, should go next. It’s getting a bit disturbing with those two.

  26. Bec says:

    1 – The right person went home last night strictly based on technical ability. All feelings about NeNe aside. 2 – I have been watching this show since season 2 and I do enjoy the one night show instead of 2 but I do think once they get down to final 8 it should be a 1 hour show and go to 2 nights. 3 – The backup dancers are extremely annoying when they are in the dance with the star & pro. 4 – I love Meryl and Maks; I really hope this is his year to win he deserves it. 5 – The guest judges are getting too much. Having 1 or 2 a year is one thing but having them every week is too much. 6 – I’m over Bruno and Carrie Ann, as much as I used to like them they are getting all over the place. I wish they would bring in 2 new judges.

  27. mr. E says:

    Glad NeNe is gone, she will find out that she is not all that when Hollywood stops calling(and that will be soon). People are getting tired of her attitude; so enjoy your last days 8n the lime light it will be over in about a year or two.

  28. diana says:

    Yes the right person went home, all she did was talk about herself like she did it all on her own.and yes it should be MeMe not Nene!

  29. sam says:

    Agree with Len about too many dancers. Maks and Meryl were torching that floor all by themselves..they didn’t need any help. Other than that I thought they were terrific.

    I’m really wondering about the judges and Charlie. I agree that he’s not the dancer off the ice that Meryl is, but he’s still good. Better than anyone left except Meryl. He must be the Ralph Macchio of this season. Len was very cross with him. :(

  30. Sheila says:

    Yes, the right person went home.

  31. Vizay says:

    Yes the right person went home. She was sooooooooooo humble being proud of herself.
    Let’s see how many times did she say that?

  32. Dee says:

    Oh Yeah the right person went home….She thought she could dance but I don’t know what kind of dancing she did…..Was not ballroom or latin that’s for sure…..Glad to see her gone but sorry Tony had to leave cause he is all class….Besides can’t stand someone that doesn’t listen to the prop cause they think they know more and in her case she DOESN”T know more… Candence needs to take a step back and loosen up or she is next….. Oh I sure hope Amy gets better soon

  33. Cynthia says:

    So so so glad Nene was eliminated! I feel for Tony having to work with such a disaster!! She didn’t even say “thank you” to him in her departure speech. What a clown she is.

  34. Laraine says:

    Did anyone notice that it’s always all about Nene? Even her exit speech was all about how proud she is of HERSELF and how she’s an inspiration to women all over the world. Really? That’s the example we want out there — self-centered, arrogant, low class? She thanked everyone but Tony. He worked so hard every week to make her look good and she still dissed him. She has no class at all!!

  35. JBC says:

    1.The right person went home. Nene could have thanked Tony.
    2. Ricky Martin was a good guest judge this week, BUT I don’t think the show needs ANY guest judges.
    3. Charlie keeps getting underscored. I like him and his cheery attitude. Judges could learn from him.
    4. Candace’s dancing was much improved this week. Judges told her her legwork was good, sharp and crisp and Carrie Ann still gave her an 8. She also gave Nene an 8 and imo this was Nene’s worst dance.
    5. I like Amy and she has done a good job but is not flawless. I think they overscore her.
    6. Erin is just not GOOD for a Ballroom dancing show. I hope she is not renewed if they have a next season. She seems obsessed with Max, and says inappropriate things to the dancers.
    7. All I can say is the Harold Wheeler Band is sorely missed!
    8. I think Danica did a good job despite her rib injury.
    9. I liked Meryl & Max’s dance but a few less background dancers would have been nicer.
    Question: Is DWTS make over this season meant to go to a raunchier place? Peta is a good dancer but a little more clothing would have been nice.. Hashtaging Tony to take his shirt off is ridiculous. Erin’s touching Tony’s abs is ridiculous, Judges talking about going to a filthy place is ridiculous. IMHO
    I like the classy elegant idea of ballroom dance. Maybe it is just me, but I watch for the dance, not sexy outfits, and drama behind the scenes, and constant focus on how “filthy” the dance can get.

    • Danielle says:

      Agree totally re: Peta… I think her obsession with skin is one of the major reasons Gille didn’t go further in the All Star season.

    • TheFactsR says:

      Hashtag about the shirt of Tony shows just where the show is headed, down the TOILET!
      Erin really should not be brought back to DWTS , down the TOILET!


  36. Danielle says:

    Correct elimination! Finally! Go M & M!

  37. Cindy says:

    Yes the right person went home. Nene- is arrogant, self centered and not appreciative of the work Tony went thru to get her as far as she went. Agree with Len- too many dancers when they are judging the couple.. makes it difficult to watch.. Charlie and James are getting scammed with their scores. Danica did a great job. loved Candace’s dance. Tired of all the extra drama. and absolutely hate the guest judges. get rid of them. Meryl is very good. tired of seeing the ones that do very little get better scores than the dancers that work their tails of and have lots of footwork and moves.

    • Cindy says:

      and they need the Harold Wheeler band returned. and Erin- gone- Brooke please return to DWTS!!! Brooke is surely missed!

      • Sue Flanner says:

        I don’t agree. Brooke was another one who was into herself. Her sickening smile “like look at me” was nauseating. At least Erin is down to earth. Hope she stays and Brooke can take her phony smile elsewhere.

      • Journeymimi says:

        I cannot stand Erin’s voice-and she has no class calling all the dancers “guys.” She doesn’t like to be quiet and talks way too much. I hope Brooke makes a speedy return. Also the musicians and singers this season are not Harold Wheeler and his singers. They were spectacular-the new people are horrible compared to Harold.

      • TheFactsR says:

        OHHHH GET over the wheeler band and brooke! They are GOOOONE! BUT Erin IS NOT the answer either!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Conrad mapped this season!!!!!!!!! He is GONNNE!!!!!

        Mr. Wade will take the ‘show runner’ job IF DWTS is picked up for another season!!!!!

        Could it be Mr. Wade will make the show worth watching again?????? That is yet to be seen!1!

  38. yes I am so glad that that moose is off the show

  39. Kim R says:

    I really enjoy DWTS. Funny enough, I just watch it for the dancing. :D I usually PVR it so I can zip through the filler. I will say that I am still confused about how the guest judges that are brought on to judge the dancing, aren’t actual professional dancers (save one) that know the proper technique of the various dances. Other than that, there is nothing that fastforwarding can’t cure. :D

  40. jewels says:

    I am glad Nene is finally out. She wont be missed, we need real and humble people and nene was def not it!!. She is so selfish and way too self centered.

  41. GS says:

    If DWTS finds a way to screw Maks and Meryl out of winning that trophy and giving it to Golden Boy again, I am done with this show regardless of who they manage to bring on. Amy is inspriational and all that but it’s becoming GLARINGLY obvious that she doesn’t move very much…Derek drags or moves her where he wants her. She in no way deserves to win a dancing show because of or in spite of her disability. I like everyone left and know they all work hard but Meryl is the clear winner and it doesn’t matter if she can ice skate either. She and Maks are the best partnership I’ve seen in all the seasons and I LOVE how she’s brought out this side of him. M & M for the win!

  42. ka mate says:

    1. gLAD MEME is gone. 2. The group dance Vida had only 2 male dancers together. Most of the time MEME was off to the side most;ly standing and wiggling her butt. It was called team dancing. Loca did dance as a group as a whole.
    3. The shirt off thing is way over done. 4. The pro dancers are overdone. 5. Glad the second night is gone 5. Derrick is one talented young man whether you like him or not he is a creative dancer.

  43. LL says:

    I too am glad that NeNe is off the show, because of her attitude and dancing ability. She really needs to re-examine herself as a person. She said that she was a role model for other women, but in order to be a role model for other women, she needs to first step back and look at herself, learn to be humble, and realize that we all make mistakes and no one is perfect. She also needs to realize that she would not have lasted as long as she did on the show without Tony. He has been very polite to her in-spite of throughout the entire season. She really should have left the 2nd night after Billy D. Instead of always being negative and looking for fault in others, NeNe really needs to learn to look at the good in others, focus on their positive qualities and realize that everyone has somthing to offer and it is not alway about her. If she does not realize how blessed she is and understand where her blessings come from, she will loose everything God has given her.

  44. Kathleen says:

    The right person went home (for once). She was entertaining but the fact that Cody was gone before her was a travesty of justice. I wish when she was thanking everyone she would have actually acknowledged or thanked Tony. He totally got the shaft in her goodbye speech. Most seasons Tony gets stuck with the worst dancers with the exception of the year he got Melissa. I guess he is used to it by now. The judges are and always will be biased to their golden boy Derek. I actually used to like Derek a lot until the judges started fawning over him to the point of nausea. I never knew who Charlie was and I cringe at his hair BUT the fact remains that he is by far one of the best on the show and probably should either win or come close to it. The judges are so ridiculously unfair to him that it only makes me want to vote for him more. We are big DJ Tanner fans but I have to admit she has unfortunately taken the negative road in all her clips. I had hoped that she would use the show to be positive bc she clearly has a strong faith. Instead of letting that light shine she seems to be overcome with self inflicted judgement and condemnation that she heaps on herself. I was hoping that she would use the show to exemplify the fact that Christians don’t need to be perfect or heap judgement on themselves. Instead she is coming off like the type of Christian that feels the need to reach perfection and the stress that clearly puts on her is showing in her breakdowns every week.

  45. Barry says:

    ” Did the right couple go home” ? My question is: Did the stupid idiot that writes this question each week get fired yet? I mean come on this is so pathetic.

    • Cindy says:

      if you think this is so pathetic, why would you even come on this site in the first place? you obviously googled this. we are all just fans of the show…..what’s your reason to be here?

    • TheFactsR says:

      stupid comment, his name is Mitch, and I appreciate him even though I disagree sometimes with his opinions I just tell him NICELY!

  46. Wanda Vlodek says:

    If it is a dancing show, Men, please keep your shirts on. A little more clothing on the women. This is not a fashion show. Give the show some dignity. They don’t need guest judges who don’t know anything about teaching dancing. It is one thing to dance, another to judge for technicalities. Carrie Ann and Len, I get the impression you judge on the person you like best. Some of your comments are weak. Judging facial expression on someone who has all they can do to remember their steps? Really?? This is not ballroom dancing that the average person would do but professional exhibition dancing. And that in itself is difficult.

    • Carla says:

      Carrie Ann and Len definitely have their favorites and judge them accordingly, not really by how they really dance.

  47. Diane says:

    Of course The right couple went home! she should have went home the first week! She shouldn’t have even been on to begin with!! ENOUGH SAID!!!

  48. Harry says:

    Yes…it was definitely Nene’s time to go! I’ll miss seeing Tony!

  49. MLT50 says:

    It doesn’t matter if Meryl and Charlie are skaters or someone took dance lessons when they were little. Ballroom dancing is not the same. These athletes just have discipline and concentration that others do not know how to utilize. People either have rhythm and timing or they don’t so don’t blame it on an athlete and how they shouldn’t be on the show. It was NeNe’s time to go and her saying she was up against athletes was in poor taste. She didn’t have IT and was rather awkward when she danced. She also said she never danced in her life which is not true as she was a stripper when she started out and they can dance and move better than some athletes. They all have to learn a routine, learn the steps and it is something none of them have ever done before. The right people end up at the end. So stop criticizing the show and enjoy it. It is a dance show.

  50. Gigi says:

    I watch this show to see good dancing. Old, slow, overweight, out-of-shape celebrities are just not going to perform as well as graceful, athletic, physically fit celebrities. Nene was ok, but her size worked against her. Tony had no business attempting to lift her. It is what it is. Would you really want to eliminate anyone who had no aptitude for dancing. I love all of the ones who are left. They are all good. Amy does well with her disability, but I cannot overlook that she can’t execute some of the requirements. Top three: Meryl, Charlie and James.

    • Gigi says:

      I meant elevate not eliminate!! I got distracted by a phone call. I was trying to convey that I don’t enjoy watching someone that can’t dance regardless of how much I like the person.