Game of Thrones Recap: The New Kingslayer Is...

Game of Thrones Season 4 RecapIf you’re among the 10 Game of Thrones fans who remained unspoiled for the series’ “Who killed Joffrey?” reveal, this week’s episode was eminently satisfying.

Even if you were sullied, there was plenty in which to revel. I’m talking about Daenerys taking Meereen like a boss, Brienne leaving on a surprise mission – with lovely parting gifts! – and Margaery laying the groundwork for Husband #3. Let’s get into what went on in “Oathkeeper.”

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HOUSE TARGARYEN | We open on Missandei giving Grey Worm the saddest English lesson ever. When she asks him about his life before he became a soldier, he replies with a flat, “Always Unsullied. Before Unsullied, nothing.” Aww, little Worm! They’re interrupted by Daenerys and Barristan Selmy, who says, “It’s time.”

Next we see, Grey Worm and a bunch of Dany’s soldiers slaves infiltrate the city, where they address a gathering of very apprehensive Meereenese slaves. Other revolts have ended badly, the native laborers say, and they have no formal combat training. Ergo, they have no shot of winning. Grey Worm points out that there are three slaves for every master within the city walls; if you want freedom, he asserts, “You must take it.”

So they do. After a bloody coup, Daenerys walks through the city as the grateful free toss their collars at her feet and cry “Mhysa!” (Side note: There may be a saturation point for sunlit tracking shots of Emilia Clarke looking gorgeous and beaming as she basks in an entire population’s adulation, but we’re certainly not there yet.) The Mother of Dragons wants the masters to pay for their past violence, but Barristan cautions, “Sometimes, it is better to answer injustice with mercy.” The khaleesi’s retort: “I will answer injustice with justice.” Masters strung up on the mileposts it is, then!

HOUSE LANNISTER: KINGSLAYER BROTHERS EDITION | During a sword lesson, Bronn literally beats Jaime with his fake hand (heh), then guilts him into visting Tyrion in jail by saying that the younger Lannister wanted Jaime to fight for him back at the Eyrie in Season 1.  “You gonna fight for him now?” the sellsword goads.

Cut to Tyrion’s cell, where Jaime tacitly confesses he’s Joffrey’s father (file under: Duh) and Tyrion outright confesses he did not kill the brat king. After Tyrion ascertains that Jaime is indeed not there to do Cersei’s bidding and kill him, he asks Jaime to free him.  When Jaime declines, Tyrion snarks, “Sorry. I’d hate for you to do something inappropriate.” (Ha!)

Jaime later asserts Tyrion’s innocence to their boozing sister – “He didn’t do it, Cersei” – but she’s got another vendetta on her mind: She wants him to find Sansa “and bring me her head.” When he won’t comply, she turns even colder and demands that he keep four guards on Tommen at all times. “That will be all, Lord Commander,” she dismisses him.

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HOUSE LANNISTER: GO WITH GOD EDITION | Jaime does end up sending a knight on a quest to find Tyrion’s missing wife, but not in the way that his sister hopes. He asks Brienne to find Sansa and bring her somewhere safe, to make good on his promise to Catelyn.

It’s an interesting moment for Jaime; regardless of how you read last week’s controversial scene between him and Cersei, it can’t be denied that he was far better man on the road (saving Brienne from rape, saving Brienne from a bear, confessing what really happened when he killed Aerys Targaryen) than he has been since returning to King’s Landing. Gwendoline Christie herself has said that Brienne wants Jaime to continue his journey away from his upbringing; by sending her away, no matter how pure the intent, is he setting himself up for the inevitable slide back into his old ways?

Before she leaves, Jaime gifts his former traveling traveling companion with his Valyrian sword (she names it “Oathkeeper”) a suit of armor made just for her, and Podrick as her squire. Jaime bids her goodbye, and though words fail the lady knight, her trembling chin speaks volumes before she and Pod turn and ride off on their mission.

HOUSE STARK | Tyrion’s request brings up a good question: Where is Sansa headed? On board Littlefinger’s ship, we learn that they’re bound for the Eyrie because he’s going to marry her aunt Lysa. Sansa has deduced that her captor savior was involved in killing Joffrey, but she wonders A) why he did it when the Lannisters have been relatively good to him and B) who helped him actually carry out the deed. “A man with no motive is a man no one suspects,” he says, all creepy-like, and shocks her by relating that the poison that killed Joff was contained in the necklace she wore that day. As for her latter query, Baelish says he has “new friends” who wanted the king killed. Who might those pals be?

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HOUSE TYRELL | It was totally the Tyrells, guys! Olenna Tyrell, to be specific, who spends some time in the garden reliving her heyday while Margaery listens, rapt. Grandma Tyrell tells the story of how Margaery’s grandfather was originally betrothed to Olenna’s sister… until Olenna worked ye olde feminine wiles upon him. “I was good. I was very, very good,” she purrs proudly. Oh Grandma, behave!

But back to the even bigger reveal: Yes, Olenna Tyrell and Petyr Baelish worked together to murder Joffrey – a confession that makes Margaery’s eyes go even wider than normal. Remember when she fussed with Sansa’s necklace during the feast? That’s when the magic started to happen. “You don’t think that I’d let you marry that beast, do you?” the older woman asks nonchalantly.  (Side note: If I weren’t already in love with the coolest woman in Westeros, that line would’ve pushed me right over the edge.)

Later, Marg takes her grandmother’s advice to heart and sneaks into Tommen’s room after dark. “Word has it that I’m to be your bride,” she whispers to Joffrey’s younger brother. (Word also has it that his chambermaids are going to have to change his sheets in the morning, if the stunned look on his face is any indication.) They have a little chat – interrupted by Ser Pounce the cat – before she kisses him on the head and reminds him that their evening visits should be “our little secret” from Cersei.

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THE MEN OF THE WALL | Jon Snow still wants to go to Craster’s Keep and neutralize Karl, who would be able to tell Mance Rayder exactly how undefended the Wall really is. Alliser acquiesces – mainly because he hopes Jon will die during the excursion, thus clearing his own path to replace Lord Commander Mormont. When Jon asks for volunteers to accompany him, Alliser isn’t pleased to see a bunch of men step up – including new arrival Locke, aka the man Roose Bolton sent to get rid of the surviving members of Ned Stark’s family. Locke lies about who he really is, and he and Jon hit it off.

Meanwhile, at Craster’s, Karl sloppily sips wine out of Mormont’s skull. I should be more grossed out by this, but it happens at roughly the same moment that I realize that he’s played by the same actor who played Revenge‘s Trask, and I get distracted as I briefly relive how ridiculous that whole Initiative storyline was. Karl’s Night’s Watch brethren are behaving deplorably (AKA like the thieves, rapists and general criminals they used to be), and all of the chaos is only briefly interrupted when an older woman brings in Craster’s last child, a boy who was just born.

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The rest of the daughter-wives start chanting “Give to the gods,” and after a lot of swearing and proclaiming, Karl orders the baby left out in the cold for the White Walkers. Its cries draw the attention of Bran, Hodor, Meera and Jojen, who come in nearer after Bran – warged out as Summer – gets caught in a trap but sees Jon’s wolf Ghost penned up near the house. The entire group gets captured, and Bran (maybe) buys them some time by revealing that he’s Jon’s brother and a Stark.

Wondering what happened to the infant? A White Walker carries it off on a thestral-y beast and brings the babe to some kind of White Walker leader, who touches the infant with its cold, dead hand… and the kid’s eyes turn icy blue. So that’s where White Walker babies come from!

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Anon says:

    Disappointed with how the show and Kimberly Roots/TVLine is dismissing the rape depiction in last week’s episode. “regardless of how you read last week’s controversial scene between him and Cersei” is a grossly irresponsible comment to the issue of sexual violence.

    • AdamJ says:

      Move along, please move along…that was last week deal with it!
      Also fkkk me this story will never end at this pace…..cant they make 90 minute episodes.

    • Joey says:

      I wasn’t aware we’re supposed to impose our real world morals on a show that…doesn’t take place in the real world.

      • Anon says:

        I hate to break it to you, but Game of Thrones is ONLY watched it the real world…it doesn’t “take place” in some other world, ’cause it doesn’t exist. Just so you know.

        Seeing a depiction of rape and reporting something irresponsible and careless like “regardless of how you read” it, as if somehow there was something ambiguous to be read in a clear incident of rape is disrespectful and promotes rape culture in the REAL world.

        Where this review is read.

        When Ned Stark was beheaded, I don’t recall TVLine somehow intimating that there was something ambiguous to be read in his murder. That’s why it is relevant.

        • Joey says:

          There was no reason to report Ned Stark’s beheading as ambiguous because there was nothing ambiguous about it. This scene in particular was ambiguous because of Cersei’s actions specifically during the scene. The scene in the book and the show actually do not differ that much except for one specific thing. In the book, when Cersei starts to reciprocate to Jaime, she says out loud that she wants him. In the show, she reciprocates non-verbally, which is what makes it such an ambiguous topic of discussion. I personally viewed the scene in both the book and the show as rape, since Jaime should have stopped as soon as she protested, but didn’t in either.

          • Anon says:

            Cersei pounded her fists on his chest and screamed “No” as he sexually violated her – RAPE. There is no ambiguity in that rape scene.

          • Joey says:

            @Anon: I believe you don’t remember anything that came after that specific moment, do you? Rewatch the episode, grow up a bit, and get back to me.

          • Anon says:

            -Joey the scene cuts away after that “specific” moment, so I don’t see what point you are trying to make.

          • Anon says:

            Also, I’m not really sure why you don’t see the signs in how Ned Stark might have “wanted” to be beheaded. He confessed to his crimes just before Joffrey beheaded him…AND he knelt down and everything. He probably just didn’t like the location because his daughter was there.

            See?, room for ambiguity.

          • Joey says:

            I guess my urging you to grow up a bit didn’t phase you at all, did it?

            Done responding to troll posts.

          • Anon says:

            Joey- I was only applying your OWN logic of finding “non-verbal” cues in a Game of Thrones scene.

            And yes, it’s easy to call anyone who doesn’t agree with you a troll, particularly when you have no points to make. In the mean time, please educate yourself on consent.

          • Joey says:

            Please, please, just go back to your social justice echo chamber on tumblr. I’m fully aware of what consent is, hence my second reply to you, but I guess you never noticed that when your antenna picked up the “ambiguous” in my post.

          • Anon says:

            Joey- Acknowledging it was rape, but then saying there was “ambiguity”, and then trying to point out there were signs AFTER she screamed and pounded her fists in his chest as he raped her?? Yes, you give the impression of being VERY confused about consent.

            I was responding to a comment in this review, and am done trying to discuss with you. Bye.

          • Joey says:

            As I said, back to the echo chamber where if you hear your own thoughts repeated back to you enough, you begin to believe it’s the only way to think.

          • Scott says:

            I don’t know what show this “Anon” idiot was watching but Cersei never said “no” and she never pounded her fists on his chest. But they were making out by the time they hit the floor. Stop making up stories to excuse your “outrage”.

          • Melanie says:

            Scott I believe you should rematch the scene. (Link below) She may not “no”, but she does repeat “Stop”. And in no way it becomes consensual in the show. You may mot consider her trying to push him away as fist against him, but she clearly tries until the scene cut. Are you considering her saying “it’S not right” implying that’s were consent started, because it didn’t. People who have read the books call it BS because this was not how it was in the book and therefore started seeing a consent somewhere there wasn’t, even if Cersei and Jaime’s relationship is complicated and incestuous, it does not justify it. The fact you’re married to someone does not oblige you to always have sex with them, and doesn’t take your consent away. Rape is rape.

            However, in the case of GoT, it has happened a lot. Those women in background pretty don’t want have sex with most barbaric dude grabbing them on a table. Somehow, that’s why I don’t make much big of a deal of the comment in that TVline section. However, I understand the controversy comes from Jaime Lannister who was in a repenting sequence, and now with Brienne away may not act as honorable anymore. That’s part of the character, no one is all black and white.

          • rawley says:

            Yeah, I actually just rewatched the scene in question. It’s unambiguous rape, and I never saw Cersei reciprocate. And that was after re-watching it with an open mind to see this so-called reciprocation that I some how missed the first time around. It’s not there.

        • Victor says:

          Get the hell over it and stop hijacking this episode with last week’s BS.

        • devonte says:

          anon is an idiot

    • Jillian says:

      It’s an HBO show. If you want to watch a show with morals turn on CBS.

      • Anon says:

        No one is expecting there not to be rape in the fictional world of Game of Thrones.

        What is unacceptable is viewing that rape in the real world and reporting is as something else – that is promoting rape culture in the real world.

        • Hmm says:

          How long do you expect everyone to carry on the conversation about this? Nothing will change it; it happened and we all have one of two options: either stop watching the show or move on. If you’re not going to listen to the directors’ & actors’ comments on WHAT the scene was, then we’re beating a dead horse here. Let the rest of us continue to watch the show in peace without feeling like we’re going to be beat over the head with criticism.

        • Jess says:

          For the record, Anon, I’m right there with you.

          I’m sorry you’re being ganged up on by a bunch of rape apologists.

      • Lisse says:

        Shut up. What’s wrong about that scene is that they took a consensual encounter, which was what it was in the books, and turned into yet another rape. Seemingly, that rape has no consequences for the story or for the characters and it’s just ish that happened. I do believe they made a huge mistake in how the scene was supposed to be (aka not rapey) and so ofc, there was no narrative value and no payoff for what happened. Your comment is so effing idiotic and disingenuous. Asking for more narrative coherency and consistency because otherwise it just looks like nihilism for nihilism’s sake is not about viewers being morally outraged. You are an idiot.

        • Anon says:

          “Asking for more narrative coherency and consistency because otherwise it just looks like nihilism for nihilism’s sake is not about viewers being morally outraged.”


      • rawley says:

        Says the person who completely misses the entire point. Thinks this show is just about blood and boobies. And has no concept of nuance, character development, story arcs or continuity.

    • Lisse says:

      I took that comment as meaning ‘the director seemed to want to portray -not rape- but they definitely portrayed rape.’ There was really no ambiguity about that scene and never ever trust anyone who says there was.

      • Anon says:

        Thank You Lisse. Very much.

        Sadly, Kimberly Roots has advocated on her Twitter account that Cersei wasn’t forced, so I took the comment as a further statement there was something “to be read” in the scene that was clearly rape.

        But your own comment relieves me greatly, thank you.

        • Victor says:

          Holy **** get a life. You literally respond to every post about the topic.

          • Anon says:

            The careless handling of how the rape scene in last week’s Game of Thrones has been reported is a topic I feel strongly about. I don’t feel apologetic about that.

            Also, you literally haven’t anything to add to the discussion of the review, this week’s or last week’s episode of Game of Thrones in a forum devoted to those topics – how is your 2 postings of insults and nothing else more appropriate?

    • We’re going to have move past this. While Jaime refused to stop after she said no and he should have if he’s supposed to be a good guy for us to root for, there is no disputing that there is some ambiguity in her feelings. She ended the scene saying, “It’s not right,” instead of with a “no” or a “stop”. In tonight’s episode, she does not behave as if that was a black and white rape. She treats Jaime as if to say, “You’re my bitch and if you want to keep being my bitch, do what I say and kill Tyrion.” The only thing she cares about is her bloodlust. If the character herself isn’t going to be angry about it, why should we? If you feel the need to chastise someone else’s interpretation or even the show itself, you can always stop reading these, stop watching the show, create a petition/boycott to have that scene re-edited to look more consensual, to create a social media shaming campaign, complete with hashtags like #TVLinelikesrape and #GeorgeRapeRapeMartin, whatever you want. But there clearly are the rest of us that tire of being accused of being immoral rape culture monsters for not expressing outrage over every single thing that happens in fiction.

      • Joey says:

        Wow, there is such a thing as people who make sense. One of the major things in that scene was the power dynamics between the two of them. Pretty fascinating stuff to watch, actually.

      • Anon says:

        Posting a comment that there is ambiguity in a clear depiction of a rape, IS participating in cape culture. If you are “tired’ of that being remarked on, I would suggest not making those statements.

        Her actions after the rape, does not somehow magically make it less a rape. Cersei could eat cake for day after or go sailing, it won’t effect the fact that the character was raped. I don’t know how you arrived at such a conclusion.

        I was commenting about about a statement in the review’s own commentary section, so there is nothing out of place about the discussion.

        • Phil says:

          I truly don’t understand how anyone who watches Game of Thrones and has seen Jaime and Cersei’s relationship can possibly think that that scene was rape. I can totally understand how if that was the only scene someone had ever seen in Game of Thrones, they would be certain it was rape. No one needs to provide any evidence that it wasn’t rape. If you have a brain and watch the show, it’s 100% clear. They were grieving together. If people insist on arguing, please go to some forum where that’s actually a topic and stop clogging up this comment board about an article that actually has nothing to do with said scene! I can’t believe I had to scroll past 80% of comments before I could actually read people commenting on this article. It’s ridiculous…

          • Anon says:

            Actually, I was responding directly to this article, specifically this comment “regardless of how you read last week’s controversial scene between him and Cersei”, and a discussion ensued. Disliking having to scroll is a personal issue of your own.

            Calling it anything but rape is shocking. I don’t understand how anyone can view a woman screaming no and pounding her fists against a man’s chest as he sexually violates her as anything but rape. Saying it was consensual because of their past relationship or rationalizing she said no because of the location is irresponsible.

            Benioff: “You see that Cersei is resisting this. She’s saying no, and he’s forcing himself on her”

          • Louie says:

            @anon Please stfu already. You’re ranting like a crazy homeless woman on the street and beating a deader horse than the white walker was riding on. You’re not changing anybody’s views on that scene no matter how many posts you put up. Move on already

          • Jess says:

            And I truly don’t understand how anyone who watches Game of Thrones and saw that scene (y’know… the one where she was saying “Stop it” and pushing against his chest and he said “I don’t care” and raped her anyway) could possibly NOT think it was rape.

            I said it last week, and I’ll say it this week… most of you people on this thread (who apparently have no idea what rape is) are terrifying the crap out of me!

            Guys… if a woman pushes against you and says “stop it” and you don’t? That’s rape. Full-on textbook rape. Even in she “seems” (in your eyes) to “want it.” Women who want to have sex do not push against the guy and say “stop it.” Geez. Anon (and Lisse) is the only sane one on here!

      • getoverit says:

        Well put. If someone is THAT offended by this show- stop f-ing watching it. Stop b*tching. I def was not outraged. I am a woman. Does that make me a bad person? It’s ‘entertainment.’ PLENTY of shows deal with rape, and while we’re on the subject- the scene at Craster’s “Rape them til they’re dead” was MUCH worse, if you want to get serious. Take the show for what it is. The showrunners and director all stated that it was meant to be seen as Cersei giving in, saying “it’s not right” because the corpse of their INCEST-born son was right there. Pick your battles people. I’m not downplaying rape or any victims, but if it is that traumatic to watch, perhaps it’s time to find a new show to watch.

    • Jack J. says:

      Since you’ve taken the time to post a reply to EVERY POST HERE… why hide behind the “Anon” tag?

      • Anon says:

        So what…will my viewpoints somehow become more or less validated if I post as Jack? What does my post name have to do with Game of Thrones or this week’s review?

    • Johnh says:

      You sound like the type of person that only has friends that just put up with them.

    • Michele says:

      It’s a TV program set in a fantasy world. They have dragons for Christ’s sake. They have no responsibility to issues of any kind much less rape. Turn the channel if you’re so bothered. Wtf!

  2. nate says:

    that ending was WTF

    • trainwreck says:

      when i saw the Mereen takeover at the start, i knew the end has to be even more badass than this! and they delivered! :D

  3. Joey says:

    Very, very good episode, no matter how it split from the books. The scene at the end with the Night’s King (!?!!?!??!!?!?! for the book readers), or at least that’s how HBO is referring to him was indeed especially chilling.

  4. Meredith says:

    We book readers all feel unsullied after tonight…

  5. Elena says:

    I would say only about 30 percent of this episode came from the books, which makes me excited for what’s to come later this season. As a book reader, I appreciate not being able to predict how every single storyline will play out. And I’m intrigued by the changes D&D have made so far. Also, I loved the Jaime/Brienne scene and will miss seeing those two together. Their friendship is one of my favorite things from the books/show.

  6. rachelle says:

    I missed where Grams Tyrell slipped the poison into Joffrey’s drink. Can anyone tell me when she did it?

    • Anon says:

      They didn’t air it…but they did show when she procured the poison.

      • rachelle says:

        Yeah, I went back and saw where she plucked the bead from the necklace. But I wonder how they knew she’d wear that necklace to the wedding! She could’ve just as easily worn another.

        • Anon says:

          Huh, I never thought of that, but that’s a good point. That guy did lay the sob story on her pretty thick, but she could have just disregarded the necklace later.

        • Sean C. says:

          That’s a plot hole created by the show omitting Sansa’s participation in the escape plot. In the book she was conspiring with Dontos to get away, and he told her to wear the necklace (though she didn’t know why). In the show he just gives her the necklace and she has no idea what’s going on.

          • Joey says:

            I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily a plothole. I’d say it’s a pretty well-known thing among the King’s Landing nobles that Sansa is thought of as a naive sap. Give her a sob story like what Dontos said about it being a family heirloom, and she’ll put it on before Littlefinger snaps his fingers.

          • Lucky says:

            Not to be obnoxious, but it was a hair net with purple stones that Dontos gave her that matched Sansa’s dress. He insisted that she must wear it to the wedding. Lady Olenna adjusted the hairnet and took one of the purple stones out. That’s the reason it’s called the Purple Wedding

    • Scott says:

      Margaery put the wine goblet down on the edge of the table nearest Grandmother when Joffrey had to cut the pie. I assume she did it then.

  7. Well says:

    Well, Sansa’s being brought to her aunt’s, and if I’m not mistaken, that is where the hound said he was bringing Arya, so at least if all goes well the two sisters will be reunited (Not to mention Jon’s about to stumble upon Bran). I do believe I see some Stark reunions in the future (which is pretty impressive, considering they are dying at an alarming rate). I still wish somebody would find Arya’s direwolf (the one the bitch queen regent didn’t have a chance to kill) that would totally make my week.

  8. DarkDefender says:

    Burn Gorman (who plays Karl) was also Owen in Torchwood.

  9. Apples says:

    Solid episode. Loads of great scenes- Jaime-Tyrion, Jaime-Brienne, Jaime-Bronn, Sansa-Baelish.
    Kinda sick of Dany’s white-savior schtick though.
    The north scenes were whoa, especially at the end. Craster has been contributing to the White Walkers like that all along? Crazy. Wonder if Jon will rescue his brother, or if Bran can warg out and create an escape that way before Jon’s raiding party gets there (complete with Locke on his assassination mission)

  10. Brian says:

    Oh man, I thought Karl was killed at the same time as Mormont – was hard to tell in all the confusion of that scene.

    Hoping he gets his just desserts soon, mostly as I’m not a fan of Burn Gorman at all.

  11. Liz says:

    It was a good episode. And we can see now (though it was pretty obvious that it would happen) Daenerys turning darker…. She is my favorite character, and it’s interesting to see her being changed by power… Let’s hope that after a while, she’ll get her mind straight and be more like the Dany from the beginning.

    I really loved the Jaimie & Brienne scenes (those two are made to be together), and Jamie’s scenes with Tyrion. The two brothers really love each other.

    As for THAT scene between Jamie & Cersei, like some others do, I too do not think it was rape. Yes, there was force involved, but Cersei’s complaint of “it’s not right” was more about the place, than the deed itself I thought. And she kissed him back, she put her legs around him etc… It’s a complex relationship, and most likely the beginning of the end of that relationship. There is an element of despair on Jaimie’s side, to cling to what once was.
    But he’s beginning to understand that he’s in fact much more like Brienne than Cersei. And he really wants to be more like Brienne, that’s why he gives her the sword and the quest to save Sansa. I hope we see those two together again.

    And Jon Snow, finally becoming a leader! Get rid of those rapist/murderers and save Bran!

    It was interesting though, both Jon & Dany spoke about Justice in that episode…

    • Anon Impersonator says:

      What? How can you not call the scene rape?! You are a horrible person, a clueless person…how dare you have an oppposing view to the obvious! Rape rape rape, nothing ambiguous, rape culture, rape culture, RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I’m going to reply to every post if they don’t have the same point of view as me. I’m going to harp on this every week because I’m obsessed with what I saw on a fictional show !!

      • TinLV says:

        Everyone who saw the scene is entitled to their own interpretation of events and no amount of harping is going to change anyone’s mind to your point of view. It’s obvious that those who have read the books will have their take on the scene colored by knowing how the scene was originally written, I didn’t read the books, but still did not see that scene as rape.. it was disgusting because of the time and location.. even Cersei felt it was wrong to be having sex next to her dead son’s body..but she didn’t really protest the act, just the place. No matter how anyone feels about it, the scene is done and over and its fiction, so let it go already and move on. There is so much more to this series than that one scene.

        • waterbug says:

          Totally agree! Cersi & Jaime sex scene is not the only one that is discussed by the reviewer…btw, great job recapping Kimberly.

        • Anon Impersonator says:

          My post was mocking the Anon poster who continues to reply to every comment in these threads harping on the subject. We all get Anon’s opinion. Apparently the humor was lost and the “impersonator” tag wasn’t noticed.

          • CountryQueen says:

            Or perhaps it was. I noticed, and thought that you should also get over it, and just ignore. Seems very childish to bother making up a name just to mock someone else’s posts.

            I’m just skipping over all the talk of the rape scene. We’ve discussed it to death, nothing is going to change, let’s talk about the amazing show!

          • Michele says:

            I noticed…lol

          • Jess says:

            That’s awesome! Rape is so hilarious! I wish people would just get that!

            Thanks for bringing some levity to this whole “rape” thing. So funny!

      • Rain388 says:

        Hahaha, you just made it totally worth it to have read through all the other “serious” posts like this up above. Love you!

  12. lmonie says:

    Seeing as everyone here seems to be focusing on the scene from last week between Jaime and Cersei, I felt they portrayed it quite differently to the books. Without the narrative of the characters it’s hard to capture the moment and I think it came across much worse in the show. Their relationship is so complicated and they are both struggling with the changes in themselves, each other and their dynamic together. Basically it seems Cersei is pissed that Jaime grew some decency on the road with Brienne.

    In the books Sansa gets a hair net with the stones as opposed to the necklace, and is specifically told to wear it at the wedding. She’s not cunning, and she trusts Ser Dontos so she doesn’t question.

    I realise I’m harping about the books, but there are times watching the show where I’ve felt I’d be completely lost without having read them. Now I’m completely lost anyway! So much has changed that I’m torn between excitement for how they’ve changed things and disappointment for the same reason. But I know it would never be possible to do the true book plot justice.

  13. tv2day says:

    It seems like those who have read the books cannot truly enjoy the show. They know what’s coming every week n they constantly compare the visuals to the book. Many book readers r very obnoxious online as well.

    • waterbug says:

      I was tempted to read the books, but decided against it until I watch the complete series to the end of its run.

      • Rain388 says:

        I actually bought the books after starting the series and then decided to hold off reading until the end as well. I feel like reading them now would just set me up to be disappointed when they change things on the show.

      • CountryQueen says:

        You can’t get thrills like the Red Wedding and The Purple Wedding and Jamie’s hand, (just to point out a few) often on TV – which is why I am holding off on obsessing about the books. :)

    • Summer says:

      How can you spell out the work obnoxious, but shorten “and” and “are”?

    • WarLin says:

      After watching the show for a while, I had to start reading the books-which I did. I love the TV show, and I love the books-although R.R. can meander quite a bit. The show has to cut a lot out-kudos to the script writers for that because, hey each book is about 900 pages. The TV show did definitely veer off from the book this last week in more ways than in the past. Which makes me wonder where they’re taking us. Love, love the series. Great piece of work from Martin. (And HBO). And, hey, obnoxious or not, I’m about to reread the books-and buy them this time, last time I got them from the library.

  14. Jag says:

    Since everybody is talking about last weeks twin encounter, let me add to this. Im not realy justifying the event for morality sake but it does remid us that no matter the actions are, there are always be two side of the coin. I think the concept of the Jamie and Cercei character or most of the GOT character is to throw audience in beliving that there is a clear good and evil and pulls it back to creat – arrow here pointing at comments above. If your speaking morality then it becomes subjective. What other people se as consensual might me rape for the others. And the argument goes on. The show at some level, has a moral obligation and for this typical show, it will not offen show you the good side. For me wether Cercei screamed no or yes at that point is quit irrelivant. The two characters have already established their relationship since the pilot. So why bother showing it? It is to continualy establish that while the characters grow, their core value is still the same.

    Seeing the 4th ep, it established that Jamie will be the old one when it comes to Cercei and with Brienne is the reason for Jamie’s alter ego.

  15. The plot to kill Joffrey had the sort of intrigue that would make the Avengers proud (no, not Marvel’s).

  16. Azerty says:

    After the episode I had a brief moment thinking “Great Arya and Sansa will find each other at the Eyrie and Jon an Bran will find each other at Craston’s” but then I remembered it’s Got, nothing good happens to the Stark kids. Anyway thanks for the recap I was wondering if it was a coincidence that the new brother of the Night’s Watch just look like so much the guy who chopped Jaime’s hand, now I know it’s not^^.

  17. CountryQueen says:

    Littlefinger is so creepy. He wanted Sansa’s mom, he’s now marrying her sister, but it looks like he’ll take Sansa if he can get her. ::shudder:: Speaking of – I cannot wait to get to the crazy sister. I’m sure Littlefinger has no idea just how bat guano she is! LOL

    I don’t trust these guys – they are setting us up for a Bran/Jon Aria/Sansa reunion, and I just bet none of it happens. Maybe The Hound and Aria will come across Littlefinger being thrown out of the sky hole, and then beat feet out of there when they realize how crazy she is (I am just hoping Littlefinger will be sent flying, I don’t think he actually will. It’s fun to imagine his face right before he is flung out that hole though, isn’t it?).

    Someone please same Hodor!

    After this weeks epi I really think Sam should have left Gilly at the wall – it seems all the guys he was worried about are back at Craster’s. Why is it that even though Karl was drinking from Craster’s skull, it wasn’t until Karl told his men to %$^& all the women to death, that I truly despised him?! I hope Bran is able to warg into a beast, and kill them. I don’t think Jon Snow and The Night’s Watch will ride to the rescue in time – or if they do, somehow Bran and his group will get away without knowing Jon was there. I also hope they don’t kill another wolf!

    I don’t blame Dany one bit for wanted to answer injustice with justice. Why the hell should those slave owners get away with what they did to children slaves? It seems to be a great way to create a loyal army.
    As I watched this scene play out last night, I began to think that it would be great to have Dany on the thrown with Aria as her hand! I know, crazy thought.

    Wow, Jamie and Brienne. When he said “goodbye” to her, it felt so final. And really, they have no idea if they will see each other again, so it had to be goodbye, and not see ya. Brienne’s face spoke volumes. Great acting. And I can’t wait to see the Adventures of Brienne and Podrick. Ooooo, Brienne and the Hound battling each other might be an interesting scene to see.

    So I wonder if Lady O is going to do anything to help Tyrion in his tough spot. It was just a matter of bad luck that Ty and Joffrey happened to get into it right before he was poisoned, thus putting the blame on Ty (and then Sansa fleeing doesn’t help how things look either). He’s the best Lanister, and she should try to keep him alive.

    Marg and Tommen – oh my – she is very, very good, isn’t she. That little boy doesn’t have a chance. And he is an animal lover (at least a bit), so we know he can’t be all bad. He has the ability to feel empathy – something Jof was incapable of.

    Enough blather for now. I enjoy reading what everyone thinks, so thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    • CountryQueen says:

      Someone please SAVE Hodor! Stupid typo.

    • waterbug says:

      cool thoughts CountryQueen…I was thinking the same thing on some issues–especially with Jamie and Brienne. Nice to read something other than last week’s….less I mention it…so i won’t! But we all know what I am talking about.

    • StupidPeopleShutUp says:

      Littlefinger has been in the Eyrie withysa for m

  18. SouthernBelle says:

    Just out of curiosity, what are the ages of Margaery and Tommen? I need to know how creeped out I’m supposed to be by the two of them, especially since they seem capable of making a good pair.

    • Joey says:

      Actors or characters? In the books, Margaery is…14 I believe at the time, and Tommen is meant to be 10.

    • Scott says:

      I’m not sure of the ages in the shows but I doubt that Tommen is yet old enough to “need his sheets changed” after the visit. I think that scene was intended as very creepy.

  19. canadian ninja says:

    Excellent recap, yet again K Roots. So many excellent scenes. Littlefinger keeps getting more and more interesting/scary.

  20. Liv says:

    So what happened to Bran’s direwolf?

  21. Olive says:

    Excellant recap and love GOT – always find the show too short maybe because I just want more to watch. I wish everyone would get over the “rape” scence and move on.the scene at Craster’s “Rape them til they’re dead” was MUCH worse
    Loved that look between Jamie and Brienne – classic
    All i am worried about is Tyrion – one of my favourite characters (and actor) Missed Ayra and the hound can’t wait too see where they land up next. Can’t wait for the next episode