Orphan Black Recap: The Mysterious Mrs. S

Orphan Black Season 2 RecapOne of the biggest mysteries of Orphan Black‘s first season is coming undone.

Mrs. S. “was intentionally a bit of a sleeper” last year, co-creator Graeme Manson previously told TVLine. Well, not so anymore. In Saturday’s episode, Mrs. S gets to shoot a gun, stab someone and proves that she has more backchannel skills and secrets than we could ever have imagined.

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Sarah and Art, now officially a member of Clone Club, track Kira to a hotel where a trail of the little girl’s things leads Sarah to her kidnapper. The man stuffs Sarah in his trunk and drops her off at a remote location in the woods where she’s greeted by Mrs. S. Turns out the man, Benjamin, is just helping Mrs. S out. Sarah wants to know whose side her foster mom is on.

“Yours, love,” she replies. “It’s always been yours.”

S explains that she tossed her home to make the whole thing look like an abduction and then took off with Kira to keep her safe. They found refuge at a home in the woods, the same place she, Sarah and Felix first stayed when they left the U.K. Mrs. S’ old pals Brenda and Barry greet Mrs. S and Sarah. They’re part of the old network that once helped them disappear, but this is far from an idyllic hideaway.

Sarah confronts Mrs. S with the Project Leda photo, but the older woman claims she’s never seen it before. At dinner, Mrs. S’ escape plan to get her and Kira back to London to find answers starts to smell a little fishy. Barry mentions something about a delay with the transport car. Then Kira exhibits some of her weirdly spot-on instincts when Sarah suggests some of Mrs. S secrets may be good. “Maybe, but I don’t think so,” the little girl says. So Sarah hightails it out of there with her daughter, while Mrs. S confronts Brenda when she pulls a gun on her.

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“What the hell are you doing? For God’s sake, she’s just a little girl,” Mrs. S exclaims.

“We were all little girls once,” replies Brenda.

“Not like this one.” Unfortunately, we don’t get to find out what Mrs. S meant by that because then she stakes Brenda’s hands to the table with a knife and two-pronged fork! She also shoots Barry, allowing Sarah and Kira to drive off. Note to self: Don’t mess with Mrs. S. Brenda reveals that she found God, and he has pretty deep pockets, so she sold them to the Proletheans. “Who are these cursed children?” she wonders, to which Mrs. S answers, “They’re Project Leda.” So maybe she was involved in the clone trials, but had a falling out and is now truly trying to protect Sarah and Kira?

Elsewhere in Clone Club:

Orphan Black Season 2 RecapALISON | First, let’s take a moment to admire this lyric from the musical Alison is starring in: “We must heed the call, picking the brains off the wall.” OK, back to business. After seeing some damning texts on Donnie’s phone at Aynsley’s funeral, Alison is back to suspecting that her hubby is her monitor. Felix suggests that they set a trap to confirm it. “Got any ideas or you want to keep drinking?” he asks her. “I think I need to keep drinking for a while and then I’ll have an idea,” she replies. So much for Alison’s sobriety. An idea does eventually come to her. She lets Donnie overhear a fake conversation mentioning Sarah, and when he calls Dr. Leekie from the cemetery, where Alison is meeting with her musical theater friend Sarah, clueless Donnie proves he’s not quite the brilliantly evil monitor.

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COSIMA | Her new lab may seem like “Clone jail” at first, but Leekie and Delphine woo her over with promises of all the best equipment. But the real treat comes when she meets Rachel. “I’m Cosima. The real Cosima. Not the one who kicked your ass or whatever. Gotta love concealer,” she greets her. Rachel is not amused. “I hear you’re very clever,” she replies. Cosima does not take the glib remark lying down, boasting, “Yeah, I was clever when I was like six.” But for all the cut-it-with-a-knife tension, the two have something in common: Their DNA, of course. Rachel claims the virus that is making them sick does not stem from the original DNA, but from the cloning procedure. She then hands over Sarah’s genome and tasks Cosima with figuring out why Sarah can have children.

HELENA | The Proletheans are very interested in the killer clone. They break her out of the hospital and give her and Tomas shelter at their farm. But while Tomas sees Helena as an abomination, Pastor Henrik steered his faith through science at MIT and views her miraculous survival – the bullet missed her heart because her organs are all reversed! – as “God opening a whole new door.” He wonders if, like Sarah, she can reproduce. To Tomas, any child of hers would be a monster. How to solve this conflict of opinions? A screw to the naysayer’s head, naturally. “It’s a brand new day,” Henrik declares.

Orphan Black fans, what are your theories on Mrs. S? Do you trust her? Are you as creeped out by the Proletheans as I am? (That poor cow.) And how is it possible that Alison’s musical is getting even weirder?

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  1. JustJulie says:

    I think Mrs. S is going to tie into the cloning process somehow. I don’t think she’s the original donor, but she’s going to be connected in some way. And Alison? God I love that crazy basket case!

    • Sil says:

      And Fee with no pants again. This show is a must. Great episode. Lots of twists. Excellent writing. They keep me engaged and entertained. I cannot stop watching. I love Alison. Fee knew what the director was up to.

  2. Bill says:

    I just hope they let Art keep working on finding some answers that he and WE need.

    • abz says:

      I hope so too, but they seriously need to get rid of his partner because she’s annoying as hell. Honestly, I’m thinking she’s really into Art or something and has always been jealous that Beth was his partner and not her.

      • James says:

        I bet she won’t survive this season.

        • Alichat says:

          Maybe. Based on the promo for next week where she introduces herself to Alison, I’m seeing this go one of two ways. I’m thinking Angie will either get herself killed by getting too close to the truth about the clones, or Dyad will see her as an asset, frame her for something, then make her Alison’s monitor, and get rid of Donnie. Or keep Donnie around to keep Alison believing that he’s her monitor. Frankly, I hope they kill her off. I really hate her character.

  3. Frankie707 says:

    Every episode seems to leave me with more questions, more confused about what is actually going on; and I love it.

  4. theresa says:

    Love Allison & Felix. So curious about Mrs. S. She obviously knows more. Liking that Art is actually in on it and helping. Like someone said above more questions each week but so fun to watch. And what’s up with this musical Allison is in, lol

  5. Nicotine says:

    How is it that Alison is the hottest clone? I mean, they’re all played by the same lovely, beautiful, crazy-talented actress. Yet, somehow, Alison is so much hotter to me. Maybe it’s the crazy demeanor. Maybe it’s the ‘sexy housewife’ vibe. Maybe it’s the bangs. I don’t know.

  6. webly3 says:

    This show is amazing. It moves so quick in pace. I love the mystery of Mrs. S. I love Alison more and more every episode. I love Felix. I don’t think it can get better and then it does.

  7. K says:

    I don’t know why but I laughed so hard at Felix trying to placate Allison with the line “Aynsley wore a scarf in the kitchen.”

    • abz says:

      I was laughing so hard at that line. They really do give him the best lines. Although it feels like they’ve given him very little to do these past two episodes. Here’s to hoping for more Felix and more Felix/Alyson.

      • Cari says:

        The Felix/Alison scenes are the best part of the show. I read an interview of Jordan’s saying most of the lines between those two are ad libbed. Love it!!

    • Abbie says:

      Ha! OMG me too!!!

  8. DarkDefender says:

    I believe Mrs. S is involved in the original lab experiments, but when she found out why they wanted to clone the girls (which we do not know yet), she saved Sarah. She is totally badass, but regardless of Kira’s POV, I think ultimately she IS on Sarah’s side. I think the little doubts they are planting are red herrings.
    As for the musical. It is outstanding.. To think it was already an established piece and not specifically written for this show! That amazes me.

    I cannot wait until next week.

    • Abby says:

      I agree. I think that for all her secrets, she was telling the truth when she told Sarah she’d always been on her side. Now I’m more curious about Felix’s story. Why’d S take him, too?

    • cfm says:

      It’s a real musical?!

      • DarkDefender says:

        Yes, it’s a real musical. And the actors from the original production are actually playing the other actors in the play.

    • arianeb says:

      I think Mrs. S is indeed on Kira and Sarah’s side, but her knowledge of what is going on is coming from a stand point of ignorance. Mrs. S was genuinely surprised last season when she found out Sarah was a clone. In this episode she was surprised to learn that people she once trusted are no longer trustworthy.
      She probably does not know anything about Project Leda. If she was part of it at one time, she was in a low position unaware of its real aims. That is why she asked the lady nailed to the table about it. When she admitted not knowing anything, she killed her.
      The “Birdwatchers” had become “Prolethians”, and Mrs. S is probably responsible for the Prolethians becoming aware that Helena is Sarah’s bio twin, and that Sarah can have children.
      If Mrs. S cant trust her contacts anymore, then letting Sarah take Kira was the right thing to do, but Mrs. S and Sarah need to have a long talk, because they are both partially blind to whats going on, but each has info the other does not.

      Big unanswered question: What is special about Felix? What, if anything, is special about Kira’s dad? I suspect that there is a line of male clones out there, and they are either all going to look like Felix, or they are going to look like Kira’s dad. What if Felix is … eww, no.

      • Ally Oop says:

        I think Mrs. S is lying about everything but I still think she has the girls’ best interests at heart. I wonder myself whether Felix is a male clone. He has to be connected to this whole thing somehow.

      • Alichat says:

        I thought the Prolethians found out about Kira from Tomas. I figured he told them about Kira after Helena told him, and the same with being twins. I assumed she told him before she killed their birth mother, and he informed the Prolethians when they got Helena out of the hospital. The Prolethians….being led by a man of science….believe they are twins because of Helena’s organ placements. That’s my thinking.

    • Ally Oop says:

      I suspect that’s why she took Sarah but why does she have Felix too? Who was Felix that Mrs. S adopted him too?

  9. abz says:

    Seriously, is it becoming a trend with two-pronged forks? I started having flashbacks to Sons of Anarchy and just got sad :(
    Aside from that, great episode. I’m so interested in the Mrs. S storyline. I really love the character and can’t wait to find out what she’s hiding.

  10. leo21 says:

    I was worried that Mrs. S was Sarahs monitor or something. I just wish she would have really opened up about the past before now. I just pray that all Dyad isn’t a really blatant clue about Project Leda.

  11. abz says:

    I just had this thought. So, Mrs. S brought both Sarah and Felix to Brenda’s house. So when Brenda asked “who are these cursed childREN” and Mrs. S replied “THEY’RE Project Leda”, could that mean that Felix is involved somehow in all of this as well? So many questions!

  12. Gem says:

    Great episode. It was was quite emotional- Ms.S letting Sarah go with Kira,Alison’s life falling apart and she has no clue of what to do and omg Helena. Will they try to impregnate her? What the heck are they going to do to her!?That poor girl,please help her,somebody :'(

  13. Scott says:

    I loved Helena’s survival being a plot point and not a cheat after all. This show has to be one of the cleverest on television.

  14. qj201 says:

    If S was in Project Leda and ran away with Sarah, still raises the question as to why she took Felix too? (secretly hoping Felix is revealed as a clone in season 3!!0

  15. Csbd says:

    I teach Classics, and I am totally obsesses with the use of Leda. I feel like there has to be clues to be deciphered with the use of that specific mythological reference. Obviously, Leda laid an egg that produced twins, but her story and particularly her children’s stories are so tragic and amazing. I’m hoping there is more to the allusion than that.

    • Jim says:

      Didn’t Leda lay two eggs from which there were two sets of twins – Helen and Clytemnestra and also Castor and Pollux. Female AND male twins.

      • Csbd says:

        There are several versions of the myth tradition. In some versions, there were two eggs with either the male twins in one and the female twins in the other, or one of each in each egg.

        In other versions, Helen (who caused the Trojan war, just like Helena seems to be the catalyst of the prolethean conflict) and Clytemnestra were born separately.

        I definitely think the idea of there being male counterparts to the clones are being alluded to. Also, in many versions one female child (Helen) and one male child (Pollux or Polydeuces) are fathered by Zeus and the other two are completely mortal. I think this might be hinting that there is an “original” or “natural” one that is special.

        • Jim says:

          Zeus, in this case being ‘science’ I am presuming so that some of the twins are adjusted by scientific interference and some are not. It depends how closely the script writers are following the legend and which version of the legend. Also, the other clones are copies of these ‘originals’. At least, that’s my interpretation so far.

  16. Amanda says:

    My guess is that Mrs S. was in on the original experiments and then became Sarah’s monitor. I think she realized that Sarah was in danger and thats the reason she took the kids and ran.

  17. ea says:

    Mrs S was a key scientist in the project Leda experiment, but as Cosima says when she visits the lab at Dyad each scientist did not know what they were working on, she probably realized what was being done with her work and ran with Sarah in tow. Who’s Felix then ?

    • gdv says:

      Yes, I think the “compartmentalization” of the experiments is a big hint. Mrs. S must have accidentally found out what the experiment was and took Sarah (and Felix) and ran. Another question I have is about Rachel—how does she know that the illness comes from the cloning process and not the original dna? Is that a hint that she knows the original? Could she be the original? (I always thought Sarah was the original myself, hence her being able to have kids when no other clone can.)

  18. freddy says:

    I think Felix is a clone as well just one that happens to have an anomolie and is male

  19. Rich Abey says:

    – I still can’t trust Mrs. S, what with her quite detailed knowledge on Project Leda despite claiming otherwise to Sarah.
    – I’d say the pastor is the most sensible Prolethean in that farm community of his. Everybody else, especially his wife, is raving mad & creepy!
    – Allison’s musical is possibly the best musical ever.

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  21. I am pretty sure Tomas was dispatched with a bolt gun used for putting down livestock.