Once Upon a Time Sneak Peek: The Wicked Witch Warns Snow White, 'Your Baby Will Be Mine'

Well, this is a helluva prenatal check-up.

This week on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, in flashback we see The Wicked Witch reveal her endgame as it pertains to Snow White’s unborn baby — and TVLine has an exclusive sneak peek at the chilling encounter.

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In the episode “A Curious Thing” (airing Sunday at 8/7c), in The Fairy Tale Land That Was, Snow and Charming will go in search of Good Witch Glinda (played by Sunny Mabrey) to see if she can help them defeat Zelena — perhaps once they get wind of what goes down in the clip below.

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Elsewhere in the hour, the curse that will ultimately send the Fairy Tale characters back to Storybrooke is cast — but from an unlikely source — while in Storybroke, Zelena threatens to kill Henry if Hook doesn’t lay his lips on Emma, thus sapping the Savior of her magic.

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  1. Ana says:

    I thought I had issues with Pan but I realyl really HATE Zelena….between threatening the Charming baby and cursing our Captain’s lips (and tying him up !), I feel an uncontrollable urge to smack her from here to oblivion!!!
    I sincerely hope Emma will retain her magic and take care of this wicked annoyance. For good.

    • Jett says:

      “Your” captain sure knows about tying people up and smacking them around. What’s with the special snowflake treatment of him by ouat commenters lately? Sure he’s handsome but he’s not, nor will he ever be, the lead and he hasn’t been suffering nearly as much as the actual 5 leads have been. Bohoo he can’t kiss “some woman”(his words), he wasn’t actually allowed to kiss her before the CW type plot device curse.

      • Daniela says:

        REALLY? That’s the most stupid comment, I’ve ever read! He didn’t suffer? Come on! He did. And you know that Emma ist’n some woman to him. Even if he said is- he may had his reasons. And bohoo? Seriously…..

      • LOL says:

        Your hate is delicious, your bitterness can be felt from space. How did you manage to turn a comment about the current villain into a bashing session against Hook would be a skill, pathetic but still a skill. And this comes from somebody who isn’t particularly fond of Hook either. Bravo.

        • Jett says:

          Bitter about what exactly? I don’t stan for anyone else, maybe good storytelling. Adult storytelling. Compelling storytelling. Complex characters. You’re certainly right about hate tho, that character’s basically a replica of any teen show with the “bad boy but aw look he can lurve” character.

          And no I didn’t comment on the article about the villain, I commented on the comment that made it about hook yet again even tho the article has nothing to do with him.

      • Kerry says:

        I suppose it’s no different than the “special snowflake” treatment regarding any of the other show’s regular villains/anti-heroes. Last time I checked, neither Regina nor Rumple were innocent bystanders….and yet no one seems to get called out for complaining about Zelena making Rumple her puppet, or trying to destroy Regina. How about we just not start crap because we don’t like other people’s favorite characters? That’d be a nice change of pace for this fandom.

      • Ana says:

        I’m sorry you don’t like Killian Jones but why can’t you let other people disagree? Why respond to someone’s post who clearly likes him? Why post something that clearly does not agree with the canon that has been established on the show because you happen to not like him?
        I LOVE Killian Jones and I do that because of the wonderful way he has been written by Adam and Eddy. If you can’t feel for him after his very sincere declerations of love for Emma, after the whole Neverland arc where he selflessy helped not only save Henry, but save CHarming and Neal, after you know that he tried so hard to go back to his old pirate life BUT COULDN’T (do you even watch the episodes I wonder) because his love for Emma has reminded him of who he really is and it has been established that he is a man of honor, someone who crossed realms to get to Emma, someone who loves all of her and canonically helps her to embrace every aspect of herself, someone who STILL believes in love after having had his heart broken and having lived a lonely life for 300 years – then this is your choice. But it is my choice to love him for the complex and layered character that he is and to root for him with all my heart.

        • Thor652 says:

          Complex and layered? Hook? Dude’s one teenage girl fanfiction cliché after another for the fans of CW type of ‘bad boy romance’ and that’s coming from someone who liked him well enough in s2. Before he got a personality transplant to play into the romance dime novel fantasies of some female demo ABC wants. He’s a waste of space now. A pretty one, maybe. But more than clichéd puppy dog looks and trailing after Emma like some love sick puppy he adds nothing to the show. He just eats up screentime that other characters, real characters with real personality, could do so much better with.

          I’ve taken to ignore him. But I understand every viewer who’s fed up with having so much screentime wasted on this walking cliché while others on this show have to beg for every crumb and even then they hardly get anything anymore. Because the show needs to pander to the shippers. That’s what this once promising show has become. Another CW type of shipper fantasy. I’ll finish this season and then I’m out.

          • brisbydog says:

            Agree with all of this. Not just the Hook take over of the show, but that Rumple has been marginalized and we have to watch him in those scenes with Zelena where he is basically her slave (and after last week potential sex slave ugh). I loved Season One, but there is really nothing left for me now as I find the Charmings boring and I don’t care to see Regina, another mass murderer, find her happy ending

          • Joey says:

            You ever see Glee? I’ve taken to saying that the OUaT audience just got Blaine’d.

          • Kerry says:

            Why is it, when someone asks you to respect another person’s opinion, you go on the attack? I have SERIOUS issues with Rumple (and Belle), but you know what I don’t do? Comment on people’s posts to let them know how much I hate him. Why? Because it’s a dick move. You can dislike something without ruining other people’s enjoyment.

          • Lisa Benwitz says:

            Just curious, Thor652… other than Rumpelstiltskin, which characters do you consider to have “real personality”? They are pretty much *all* clichés – and I certainly don’t blame the actors. It’s all in the subpar writing. I admit to being disappointed that this show didn’t grow to have much emotional depth… every week I think to myself, “This could have such a great show” and sigh. However, being the fairytale lover that I am, and since there is nothing else like this show, I stick with it and try to accept it for what it is, so believe me, I feel your pain. When I want depth of character, I watch “Game of Thrones.” :-)

        • brisbydog says:

          I guess we all see it differently. I see Hook as a selfish opportunitist who never once apologized to Neal for running off with his mother, and I don’t feel is sorry at all for trying to kill Belle, or shooting her in the back just a year ago. I also in no way feel like Emma has any feelings for him. She looks irritated in most of her interactions

    • brisbydog says:

      Not ‘my’ Captain. Can’t stand him. And like the other poster Hook is an expert at tying up women and slapping them so good to see him get a taste of it.

      • Steve says:

        I’ve seen him slap women, but have never seen him tie one up….

        • brisbydog says:

          Sorry, locking them up to starve to death or cannibalize each other in a cell. Close enough

          • Oncerforlife says:

            OKay can we all jus say that he was a bad guy once, but now he isn’t as bad. Also can we all agree to disagree on weather or not hook is suffering and weather or not he should be with Emma. Now saying that I also think that everyone should be able express their opinion on the topic at hand. But there is no need to be bitter and nasty to people who disagree with you or share a different opinion. Thank YOU

          • SAy what? says:

            @Oncerforlife: That’s a pretty bad spell of weather[whether] you’re having. LOL

          • Oncerforlife says:

            Thank you for pointing that out to me. also I hope you got the point of the comment though.

          • Kerry says:

            True, that’s pretty bad. ALMOST as bad as sexually assaulting a man for 28 years, slitting the throat of an innocent woman, murdering a village, keeping a woman locked in a cell for (weeks, years), trying to kill a child, or making sure an entire realm is miserable for the rest of their lives because you’re pissed at one person. It’s right up there!

    • andy j says:

      Then the producers have succeeded. Zelena wasn’t brought on to be the good fairy that’s for sure. Having said that I am hoping they can find a way to make her less outright less evil but keep Rebecca Mader in the cast-maybe she could run against Regina for mayor of Storybrooke.

      • Kerry says:

        100% in agreement. I really enjoy having a villain again who is actually dangerous to the heroes. However, I don’t think she’s too far to come back. It may be the Rebecca Mader fan in me, but I’d love to see the writers keep her around and explore that story further. Plus, it would be nice to give Regina that familial element to play with in next season. I’d love to see a story about two sisters growing into a relationship. I like sassy Regina/Zelena as much as the next person, but it would be refreshing to see that transform into something more real.

  2. ninergrl6 says:

    I suspect Glinda or Regina (or someone else trying to help the Charmings) cast the curse in an attempt to thwart Zelena’s plans.

    • dthomas74 says:

      I would agree except that in the current Storybrooke, no one can remember the last year except Hook and Zelena and Rumple. So…….the questions still remain!!

  3. Erin says:

    Why is Belle just standing there? Kind of odd huh?

  4. Zelena is so deliciously wicked. Gosh to freeze REGINA, unbelievable!
    By the way, is there any way to find out how and why Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis came up with this particular *word* Zelena? This word means “green” in almost every Slavic language and it’s a feminine gender adjective. It can’t be a coincidence. I would really like them to address this. So far they haven’t, to my knowledge.

  5. don says:

    those costumes tho! :D i hope it wont go to waste.

  6. sladewilson says:

    I’m getting real tired of Zelena being five steps ahead and so immensely powerful that it’s just going to be so unbelievable when she finally loses. Be careful because you guys are thisclose to jumping that elusive shark…

    • I know exactly what you mean. When they started this Evil vs Wicked thing I thought Regina was going to be beating the WW ass all over Storybrooke. She has been making them all look like punks thus far. I really hope they flip the script and let Regina be the hero in this fight; not Emma as Zelena is Regina’s sister and of all people Regina has been getting it bad from Zelena the most; she even has her heart; and threw her butt through the clock tower in front of everyone.

      • Prince says:

        That is exactly what I have been saying.The Wicked vs Evil keeps looking like Wicked vs. Emma and that is just bad.

    • rita says:

      I know you feel this way, but that was the way it was with Regina in S1, she kept 5 paces ahead of everyone, until she wasnt

    • Kerry says:

      I get that, yeah. However, one of the most common flaws in villains (not just on this show, but in general) is that their arrogance causes them to underestimate the heroes in one specific regard. My guess is that she won’t see any value in love or relationships (like her mother and sister), and that will ultimately be what proves her undoing. So it’s not that magically everyone becomes stronger, but that SHE makes a miscalculation that leaves the door open. Then again, Emma’s supposed to be naturally powerful (like Zelena), so maybe she’s the ace in the hole.

  7. CK says:

    I’m really glad that there has been this turn around since the whole pan storyline. Don’t get me wrong. The actor playing Pan was fantastic and it did get interesting toward the end. This Oz thing has been great though imo.
    I’m going to miss Zelena next season tbh. There’s a sense of danger that she brings, since she seems pretty much willing to kill everyone. Plus, she might rid us of Henry, who I’ve just started to (gradually) like again after that whole giving his heart to Peter Pan mess.

  8. EL says:

    Zelena is a perfect villain! Love to hate her. Im excited to see the rest of the story unfold! I do hope, however, that Emma, Snow, Charming, Regina, Hook, Gold, Belle, Henry & the Charming baby are all okay by the end of this season. I understand that death moves plot-lines forward etc.. but Neal died, and in MY opinion, that was a HUGE loss to the overall story. So enough death of our core team, and lets see how they take on “Greenie”

  9. Pat says:

    OMG, as a Mother I cringe at the thought of Zelena getting her wicked hands on Snow’s baby. I hope that this will not happen but with all the power that she seems to have, more so then any of them put together, I am not sure how she can be stopped. CORA, maybe??? Just watching that promo made my stomach drop.

  10. gemma says:

    I like zelena she’s been through so much no wonder shes wicked xx she deserves a chance like Regina got xxx maby if people were nice to her she wouldn’t want to destroy them xx

  11. gemma says:

    I like zelena she’s been through so much ya know that’s enough to turn anyone wicked xx all im saying is she deserves a chance like Regina did xx maby if people were nice to her she wouldn’t be so wicked xxx

  12. Luis says:

    In The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy lives with her Aunt and Uncle and we don’t hear much about her parents. Are the Charmings going 0 for 2 in baby raising?

    • SAy what? says:

      Since neither of the Charmings have siblings, their child won’t have any aunts or uncles. But Henry will be the child’s nephew.

      • ShannonP says:

        If you think about it though, Regina is Snow’s step-mother and Henry’s mother, so Henry could be the child’s step-uncle…

        • Hannah says:

          She did grow up with Aunty Em and Uncle Henry, so it’s possible!

        • SAy what? says:

          There’s no such thing as step uncles. And the blood tie is real. Henry is the child’s nephew. Period.

          • Meredith says:

            Of course there are step-uncles/aunts. That would be the sibling of one’s stepmother or stepfather or the step-sibling of one’s mother or father. It wouldn’t apply in Henry’s case, but that doesn’t negate the fact that they’re a thing.

  13. ritabug30 says:

    So cool seeing them keep and strengthen the bonds they made in neverland….also, CaptainSWan!!!!

  14. ronnie says:

    I’m just hoping this all builds to something really big. I hope that it won’t be something so simple as the splashing Zelena with water to be rid of her, but no one has made that reference yet. I’m just thinking that we won’t get to see Regina get back to her most Evil until the 2 hour finale and that is frustrating!! But when she does, she’ll probably pull Emma and her powers into it as well turning her from the herione to a villian. Now wouldn’t that be a twist!

    • AnnieM says:

      Since everyone in Storybrooke seems familiar with the story of the Wizard of Oz, it seems odd to me that no one has taken a Super Soaker to Zelena yet, if only for the heck of it.

  15. jay says:

    I was just wondering if the writers forgot about Prince Phillip and Princess Aurora. Remember at the beginning of this story arc, Aurora was pregnant? I wonder if they will be seen again.

    • abz says:

      Aurora is gonna be in this Sunday’s episode based on the promo. Don’t know whether her pregnancy will be brought or not though

  16. Louise says:

    I hope they nip Zelena in the bud soon, she’s really starting to get on my nerves with all the irritating drawn out scenes. Get Emma in to zap her into oblivion.

  17. A.B. says:

    Sooo…the WW wants Snows baby, does that make the baby Toto.

  18. Caro says:

    Wish Hook would tell Emma the truth and pretend to kiss her so Zelena only thinks she’s lost her magic – then Emma could sucker punch her with her powers! Want more Hook and Emma, more Robin and Regina, more Rumple…really hating Zelena!

  19. I really don’t like Zelena, she seem underdeveloped and this super B**tch act is a little over the top for daddy issues. I don’t like that Rumple got shafted to give her screen time, I don’t like that she is so petty (I’m talking topping Angel in pettiness). I do like the story line here and the twist on why she’s green but the character is a terrible villian, more like a ‘mean girl’ I’m half expecting Lindsey Lohan to stop by for a visit.

  20. Gail says:

    Getting back to the story. Apparently Zelena did not cast the second curse but she retained her memories. I would guess that Glinda casts the curse as a way of protecting Snow’s baby by getting them away from the Enchanted Forrest. Zelena finds out and using the silver slippers goes to Storybrooke. Not sure why Zelena is not green in Storybrooke.

  21. Gail says:

    I would also say it is Glinda who sends the message and memory potion to Hook.

  22. Gail says:

    How come Belle is just standing around in the background during the clip. She is moving so she is not frozen like the others. Why doesn’t she do something?

  23. gemma says:

    Because bell is a more ill observe now and act later type of person xx

  24. Basicbtches says:

    Love this show, but JFC, some of you guys are wackos. This is a fictional fantasy show, not your whole frikken life. STOP SHIPPING!

  25. Bull says:

    Snows baby can’t be Dorothy because we already know the story of how Dorothy came to oz via tornado and defeated the www therefor she has already been born and can only appear in oz or Kansas flashbacks. Snows baby may represent a Dorothy “like” character. Also when www “melted” it must not have been her final undoing

  26. ingrid says:

    I loved the fact that it was Regina who broke the memory curse and not Emma. That was a twist. Love them both tho x

  27. Raymond says:

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