Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Vampire Diaries, POI, Once, Arrow, The Mentalist, Big Bang and More

Vampire Diaries Stefan Caroline SpoilersWill a Vampire Diaries crush be acted upon? Which baddie is back for the S.H.I.E.L.D. finale? Will Arrow find himself in a father’s daze? Is “light and hope” ahead for Once Upon a Time‘s Rumbelle? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

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Any Stefan and Caroline scoop from The Vampire Diaries? – Mima
Mayyyybe…? Put on your tinfoil hat and decode this teaser from EP Caroline Dries: “Caroline’s got a little crush/feeling for someone that’s going to creep up to the surface and cause a potential rift between her and one of her friends. So she’s like, ‘I’m going to push that down.'” But moving into Season 6, Dries teases, “We’re going to see [Caroline] set her sights on [said crush] and try to make a move.”

Do you have anything juicy on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s season finale? –Andy
That absolutely depends on how you define “juicy.” Bill Paxton told us that in addition to getting insight into Garrett’s “weird, fatherly relationship” with Ward, he will “of course” resurface in the May 13 season finale.

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Is there more to Arrow’s “Oliver has a child” reveal, or is it something that will be addressed in Season 3? –Sam
As of now, the name of the baby momma glimpsed this week is not being specified (lest everyone crash the Connor Hawke Wiki page), but that thread will be picked up. Eventually. “That is something that will be paid off in Season 3,” EP Andrew Kreisberg told reporters at a recent screening.

Can we expect any more development between Once Upon a Time’s Hook and Emma? Or Regina and Robin Hood? –Charlee
On the Hook/Emma front — specifically, the matter of his damning next kiss — series cocreator Eddy Kitsis points out, “Right now, Emma doesn’t seem so interested in kissing him. So we’ll have to see if that changes.” As for the simmering “OutlawQueen,” he says, “You will see that the only thing standing in their way is Regina’s sister [Zelena], who will test whether or not she has really changed.” Reflecting on Regina’s long road to romance, Kitsis says, “It’s taken 60-some episodes to get to this moment of Regina opening her heart, so we’re gratified the audience came with us on that ride.”

Please tell me you have some good spoilers for Once Upon a Time’s Rumple/Belle fans? It would be nice to get something positive for once! –vab
I was valiant like a prince in trying to get you the goods, during my May Sweeps Q&A with the creators. So when Eddy Kitsis offered up the usual, “Fans should keep watching,” I pressed for more. Adam Horowitz responded, “Rumple and Belle are a relationship that has had many challenges, but what we love about them — and what the fans can look forward to — is that no matter the adversity, the light and hope and optimism at the core of Belle will continue to fight on. You’ll see that as the rest of the season plays out.” And if you relished as I did the overdue scene where Belle gave Regina guff for her long captivity, Kitsis promises “more stuff with Emilie [de Ravin] coming up that we think is some of her best work on the show.”

The photo you released of Once Upon a Time Episode 320 has a girl with what looks like the classic blue-and-white checkered Dorothy dress. Any chance you can give us more on her? –Jacquelyn
That’s Matreya Scarrwener playing Dorothy. You may know the ingenue from… hmm… a Season 3 episode of The Killing, maybe?

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Was Delilah’s move to Dubai due to Margo Harshman not wanting to stay on NCIS, or was it part of their storyline? Some fans think it could be a way McGee could leave the show if Sean Murray doesn’t [re-sign]. –Robert
File this one under “Wait and See.” Show boss Gary Glasberg says the McGee/Delilah story won’t be revisited over these last few episodes, “but it wouldn’t surprise me if it comes back up in the earlier part of Season 12.”

Do you have any scoop on the The Big Bang Theory finale? –Alek
Sources at Wednesday night’s taping indicate the May 15 episode will be the show’s most momentous season finale to date — for alllll kinds of reasons. (But in the meantime: Tonight, Penny takes Sheldon to a psychic, where they both seek out career advice.)

Give me anything you have on Person of Interest. –Bradley
How about Amy Acker teasing the season finale? Agreeing with the producers’ assessment that it’s “a f—king giant hot mess,” she goes on to say, “They’ve done huge episodes throughout the season that on any other show I’ve been on would’ve been a season finale, so they just had to make it even bigger than that. And I think they succeeded. It’s really exciting, everything that happens. I was like, ‘Can’t you just give us the script for next season?!'”

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Is Drew Roy not in Season 4 of Falling Skies? Didn’t see him at all in the trailer. –Peter
Worry not — Drew Roy is still a series regular, and I am assured he has some very juicy stuff coming up when the show returns on June 22.

Do you know if we’ll ever hear Kelly Clarkson’s cover of “Fade Into You” from Nashville? –Amy
“It would be great, but I don’t know that there are any firm plans,” ABC TV music SVP Dawn Soler tells us. “Whenever anybody cuts an album, they cut like 30 tracks and then it’s kind of down to [culling] those last minutes. I haven’t heard anything lately, but that doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen.”

I see things are getting awkward between Jane and Lisbon on The Mentalist. Is she going to tell Jane about Pike’s proposal to move to D.C.? –Diana
Oh yes. “It’s something they’re going to talk about and have several conversations about,” says EP Tom Szentgyorgyi, adding: “It’s a process of discovery for both of them, because these are things they haven’t talked about before now.” Well hurry and talk, yo, the season ends soon!

Real questions, real answers. If you need the Inside Line, email InsideLine@tvline.com! (With reporting by Vlada Gelman, Kim Roots and Scott Huver)

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  1. Babybop says:

    Looks like Penny and Leonard will the one of the couples getting engaged… Don’t know if I like that or not.

    • Andrew Murn says:

      Then they’d get married, and that would ruin the show for me – unless they break up again. Which is always on the cards.

      • Abbie says:

        How would that ruin the show? They’re practically married now. They don’t live together yet but they spend all their time together. I don’t see how it would change anything at all on the show. OK, Leonard will move across the hall into Penny’s apartment but you know they would spend all their time with Sheldon anyway.

      • LUNA says:

        married? THAT IS THE NEXT STEP!!! and the arguments that come with it! I am WAITING for either Bernie or Howard to mention BABIES! I see, if Penny & Leonard getting married… Leonard mentioning the B word.. and Penny going .. ‘WHAT ABOUT MY CAREER!???’

        AND do not forget about AMY! She is still there just WAITING! Waiting to just get SOMETHING! Her bio clock might be TICKING TICKING TICKING!!! A whole new turn in the show.. and you never would have to see the kids MUCH.. aka as in ‘Everyone Loves Raymond’.. the show is not about the kids!

  2. ScrubsGuy says:

    Hurray – a Person of Interest scoop! I guess all we can read from that is that Root makes it out alive at the end of season 3 – although not so sure about everybody else. =(

  3. Van says:

    Yays, something about The Mentalist! What would we do without you, Matt? Thank you! And “Well hurry and talk, yo, the season ends soon!”, amen hahaha!

  4. iiifrogs says:

    hahaha! Yes, Jane and Lisbon, Yo! Get to talking and figuring this thing out on The Mentalist!

  5. Erin says:

    The Mentalist cannot end. It just can’t. A brilliant show with excellen writing, and astounding acting. It cannot end.

  6. J. says:

    I DID love that scene with Regina and Belle. It was long overdue. Can’t wait to see what Belle’s up to next.

    Adam and Eddy still didn’t give us Rumbelle spoilers, but at least you tried! Thank you!

  7. Ana says:

    Oooh. Emma is not interested in kissing our Captain still? Poor Killian :( He’s been fighting so relentlessly and selflessly to win her heart…I was hoping she was starring to open her heart to him too. I’m so happy Regina opened her heart to Robin but that took like 5 episodes. I’ve been waiting on Emma to let Killian in ever since Tallahassee.
    Hook has been heartbroken for so long and loves Emma so unconditionally. I care about his character too much to be okay with him not ever being loved back…

    • Joey says:

      I wouldn’t call Hook selfless. By doing good deeds, he thinks he’s getting something out of it: Emma.

      • Anna says:

        Well, he’s just being a regular guy, isn’t he?:-)

      • L says:

        Hook may not be perfect and sure he wants Emma, but his love for her is real and it inspires him to be a better man. He has come along way from season 2. I think he does regret a lot of his actions, e.g. he clearly wanted to take back what he did to Eric (of which Emma knows nothing about, by the way so that conversation with ‘Ariel’ (which led to his current curse) wasn’t for her benefit or to ‘impress’ her). If Rumple and Regina can be redeemed – who’ve done 100x worse than Hook, I might add – so can he.

    • Gil says:

      Here’s hoping Emma opens up and how… she still needs to get to that point i guess and knowing how Emma works someone needs to push and external forces coming in ! And yes Hook as we saw in the lost year… he thought his ship would fill the void left by Emma, but being serparated from her, he regressed and we saw he couldnt go back to how he was… Emma inspired him to better because he loves her!
      Looking forward to what we get in these last few episodes

    • Lana says:

      I actually think their take on CS is much more beautiful. Regina and Robin Hood doesn’t know each other at all, they met..what? Three days prior? It’s a bit rushed. CS is more realistic: Emma is a closed off woman, she doesn’t open up or trust easily, and Hook has just become good now, he’s still changing and healing. They both need time, but while he’s aware of his feelings, Emma needs to go through the chaos inside. She just lost Neal, and she’s worried about Henry’s memories, not to mention Zelena. It’s realistic to go slow, I’m loving this slow burn. Plus for once, to see the guy actually doing all the work, instead of weak woman, is cool. Emma is her own self, she’s indipendent and doesn’t chase after anybody.


        • Iman says:

          Wel she wasnt IN love with Neal. And people need to realize that. She will always love him because he was her first but she has moved on from.

          • Louise says:

            Even if we were to assume that you’re right (and I really don’t think the show was as clear about that as you claim), it still doesn’t change the fact that the show didn’t give Emma any real time to mourn what was still a huge loss for her and her son. But the writing was clumsy there for many reason and Neal’s fake out death was story they really shouldn’t have done. Even more so in retrospect, when there were just a handful of episodes for him between that and his real death this season. Odd writing decisions there. Imo anyway.

          • Ugonna Wosu says:

            she told him she loved him when he first “died”. The writers got more interested in Hook/Emma, and stopped developing Neal/Emma,focused only on Hook/Emma, killed him (Neal) off eventually, bonded Hook to Henry immediately, then gave them the “obstacle” of the kiss-they-can’t-have, and then LIED to us that they didn’t kill Neal to make room for Hook/Emma as if we’re blind idiots.

          • Iman says:

            okay you must not have been paying attention to interviews before season 2 because Jennifer Morrison said her love interest would be a villain. And they planned on them being together way before she said she loved Neal. Like i said the point of the Emma and Neal relationship was to let go of her past and move on. I do remember her saying she loved him but you don’t understand that she wants to move on. Her past with him destroyed her. That is why she has those wall and she pulls away from people. And really? He didn’t even get much scenes with her and when he did it always led to a Hook and Emma thing.

    • rita says:

      I hope she changes her mind…hook is selfless and never gives up hope. I would be so disappointed if they steer emma away from hook. He is good with henry, good for Emma.. come onn Adam and Eddie!!!!

      • L says:

        I don’t think the writers are going to do that. They’ve made it obvious that they are very good together. Hook accepts her as she is, fights for her (something Bae never did and considering her history I think this is something she needs and wants – someone who doesn’t give up on her), encourages her to use her powers, etc. And Emma inspires and challenges him to be a better man. In short, they allow each other to be the best versions of themselves – and that is the very essence of real love. They’ve found their match in each other.

      • Iman says:

        They are just messing with us. They always do this. And if you have watched the last two epsiodes you could see she is moving on from her past. For example, she says “I’m tires of living in the past” and when she was all happy and opening herself up to Hook in the last epsiode, she was being the happy. go-lucky Emma we have all been waiting for. I love Emma and Hook. They make each other the best versions of themselves. I feel like their love story is going to be beautiful and I’m glad to watch it and watch more of it.

      • Sarah B. says:

        Selfless? In my opinion, everything Hook has ever done has been selfish. Even bonding with Henry after Neal’s death was to make Hook feel better about himself for not being the father figure that Bae needed.

        • Iman says:

          He was also trying to make Henry feel better after the loss of his father. And he is selfless because he has done some good things. For example go back to help the others and he did help save Henry in Neverland. Then he helped Charming (by saving his life) without wanting anything in return. He went back to save Emma when he got the note and memory potion again without anying in return. He has been helping them defeat the Wicked Witch. I’m not understanding how people think he is still selfless. And he was selfish at one point, but he is trying to change, that is part of his character arc. Its character development my friend.

    • L says:

      I think she will realise at some point before this season is over that she does return Hook/Killian’s feelings. It’s just that because of her history of abandonment and being hurt by Bae (and Walsh) that she’s scared to open herself up and be vulnerable.

      • Linda says:

        My thoughts…I think he’s going to have to shower and change clothes before Emma goes “there.” Come on, guys…everyone else ditched their fairy tale clothes.

  8. Joey says:

    Whenever a showrunner has no idea what they’re doing, or they’re planning on doing exactly what you don’t want: “Keep watching! You’ll love what’s coming up!”

  9. Lysh says:

    Baby Queen/Conner Hawke not coming up again until next season makes the flashback kind of half pointless now, except to show the lengths Moira will go for her son. I was expecting Slade to bring it up to Oliver. That narrows down my guesses on Slade’s possible last kill though.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Well, except Moira had to have the flashback before… well, while she could. If they wanted to establish it.

    • Ia says:

      I strongly dislike this baby storyline, but I’m not surprised Oliver knocked up some girl, given how much he fools around

      • John NYC says:

        He was a real loser in that far past wasn’t he?

        That’s very well written, and well played by Stephen…. they’ve established totally worthless very solidly! Fits with change being such a strong theme for the show.

  10. PMP says:

    Yah, Outlaw Queen has been “simmering” for 60 episodes…more like half baked at 3!

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Actually, the “60-some episodes” was referring to Regina opening her heart, to anyone.

      • PMP says:

        I feel the 60 episodes quote is just a reaction to some fan’s concerns that this ship is progressing ridiculously fast!

        • jus says:

          I will wait till the end of the season to judge the whole storyline, but I have to say, with each episode this romance is getting less and less exciting.

    • Louise says:

      You might want to read that sentence again. Because that’s not what Kitsis said.

    • Sophonisbe says:

      Exactly what I was going to say.
      And we didn’t “came with [them] on that ride”, we have been forced into the bandwagon.

      • Louise says:

        You’re forced to watch a show/story you’re no longer enjoying?

        • Sophonisbe says:

          I’m not forced to watch the show, I’m forced, while watching a show that has things I like, to watch my favourite character – and, actually, the main reason I’m watching – in a rushed storyline that I really don’t understand and that, to my opinion, is out of character.
          I know that some fans are happy with the Regina/Hood relationship, and I would probably have been too if it had been better brought. But I still disagree with the “It’s taken 60-some episodes to get to this moment of Regina opening her heart”, because no, it hasn’t.

    • jenferner8 says:

      I don’t know if this matters or not but viewers need to remember something OUAT characters don’t remember right now, and that’s that aside from Snow getting pregnant, these characters don’t know what happened that missing year. In watching (and loving) Regina and Robin in Storybrooke, I’m thinking they had something going on that missing year. I’m thinking/hoping they found each other, maybe got married (we don’t know the who/when of this wedding we’ve heard is supposed to happen). If it’s Regina and Robin then I’m all for watching them fall for each other (again?) BEFORE this new curse is broken.

      • Brandt says:

        We don’t know what happened in the lost year yet and guess what, neither do Storybrooke folks. The audience has only been shown a few interactions with Hood/Regina and maybe 5 mins total screentime so a lot of us do feel as if the storyline is rushed. You have to also remember, this is the most complex/dynamic character on the show. So forgive some of us for being a little upset over this rushed romance while CS over there has been goofing off for nearly 2 seasons, have shared just one kiss, and according to Kitsis, Emma isn’t even ready to kiss him again but somehow Regina is willing to trust someone with her literal heart and kiss him after a few minutes. See?

        • jenferner8 says:

          That’s exactly my point. In not knowing, yet, what happened we and they don’t know what transpired that lost year. If Regina and Robin did have something going on back then who’s to say we aren’t seeing a part of them that does remember what they had. I’m not talking soulmates necessarily but if you think of it in terms of muscle memory (for lack of better word) it would kind of make sense. And considering how long it takes to get through a plotline on this show I for one am glad the show went there. It doesn’t seem rushed to me considering the fine line between love and hate. Their butting heads in this case is like the little boy who pulled the little girl’s hair because it got her attention. I know viewers who use this analogy for Hook’s behavior toward Emma in the beginning.

        • M&M says:

          They don’t exactly remember the past year. But they DO feel something based on it. The show has hinted at that a few times.
          Regina and Robin feel drawn to each other and like they’ve met before, for example. To me it’s like David and Mary Margaret in Storybrooke in the first season. They didn’t remember they’re Snow White and Prince Charming and they had a relationship in fairytale land end. And in the end before the curse even got married and had a baby. But they still felt their connection and were drawn to each other in Storybrooke and couldn’t fight it although David was married to another.
          I think for Robin Hood and Regina it’s similar. They don’t remember, but they easily fell back into the routine of flirting with one another, wanting to be around the other, trusting each other, feeling comfortable around each other and so on and so on because they had it in fairytale land already and it’s just natural for them in Storybrooke too although they don’t exactly remember why. I like this story for them. I can’t wait for their reaction when they get their full memories back and to see more of their story in fairytale land in flashbacks. I think it’s a lovely story idea for Regina because it’s like she’s experiencing what Snow White went through in season 1 when Regina had cast the curse but she kept her memories herself.
          I also disagree with you that CS is slower. It’s really, really not. Hook was a villain who lied to Emma, used her while he was working with Cora, left her to die more than once and only came back when it was technically already to late in s2. That’s not buildup for a relationship. Then in s3 they changed his personality to make him a love interest. Then 5 episodes later they kissed. That’s not two seasons waiting. That’s not two seasons buildup. I’m very very glad the couples are not written like that and the characters I like were not changed and written like Hook.

          • Louise says:

            I agree with most of this and I still think the ‘end of the world’ scenario Zelena’s plan has created needs to be taken into consideration, too. Time and who much have of it has been “wasted”, how little of it they have left now was a recurring theme for Regina in episode 3.18.

          • Iman says:

            Well they wanted them to be together more in season 2 but the guy who played Hook broke his leg or something like that. And i wouldn’t say they changed his personality because he still stayed the same, now he is changing in this half of the season. And I think its moving fast because its about time to see Emma be happy for once, especially since the recent episode where she was giggling and smiling with Hook Like seriously have you ever seen her that happy with anyone else besides Henry her son.

        • Ugonna Wosu says:

          stop comparing. Its two different pairings and two different women involved. Besides, Neal was a factor in CS whether you CS fans want to acknowledge him or not.

  11. Is there going to be any Hal and Lourdes interaction in season 4? The creator hinted that he was going to pick up on some of that amazing chemistry that was between them in the season finale last summer!

  12. Leny1 says:

    Kelly Clarkson’s cover of “Fade Into You” from Nashville – i so need to hear that now!
    Looking forward to more development between Hook/Emma…. here’s hoping for a successful true love’s kiss! Hook loves her deeply…. he loves her… he true love loves her!
    I mean giving Hook a lip curse has to be a true love kiss will breaks the curse (and again ppl testing and taunting his love for Emma)

  13. Devin says:

    Now this was a perfect Matt’s Inside Line! Thanks Matt as always!

  14. Louise says:

    As always: Thanks for the OUAT spoilers. Much appreciated. I’m very curious about their take on Dorothy and the Oz story in 3.20.

  15. Thank you so much for the Mentalist scope. We can always count on you to give us something. Thank you once again.

  16. Andi says:

    Thank you so much for getting rumbelle scoop! They really keept us hanging this Season.

  17. Daniel says:

    again, the writers don’t know what to do with Caroline but to give her a love interest. As a fan of the actress and character I feel very sorry for her. Stefan would be her 4th love interest and that in just one season!!!
    Goodbye TVD, it was a fun ride, but its getting ugly and I am not willing to see my favorite characters get slaughtered by bad writing.

    • Josh says:

      Isn’t that TVD as a whole though? They don’t know how to write a female character except for them to exist in as some goal for a man to “be better”. They don’t have any goals or aspirations outside of making that man better.

      • jbj says:

        In what world would Caroline make Stephen a “better” man? If anything, Stephen helped Caroline become a better vampire and human. Hence, why people ship them. Personally, I’m just hoping for a little less Caroline next season

  18. sara says:

    I really hoped they wouldn’t go the Caroline/Stefan relationship route, but sadly it seems like they are! Boys and girls can be just friends! And I’m sorry I just don’t see Caroline doing that to Elena, she unlike Elena is actually a loyal friend, one who has continuously said that Elena and Stefan belong together, that they are soul mates, so why would she go after a guy she believes belongs with one of her best friends? Just not buying those actions from her!

    • sara says:

      Oops hit enter too soon! Plus Caroline deserves to be with a guy who does and only will ever love her, Stefan is always going to love Elena and that’s not fair to Caroline. Really hope they rethink this pairing.

      • Babybop says:


      • Candy says:

        Oh please, Stefan is always going to love Elena but as a very special friend in his life. Them together, as a couple, is never, ever, ever, going to happen again. That was one of the questions that got settled for good in the season finale. Elena and Damon will be endgame. Period. I am hoping Stefan is given a very nice character to fall in love with. That could be a beautiful story as Stefan is a beautiful man and I want him to be happy. Caroline and…idk…poor thing has been more handled than a stick shift. No offense meant, but these writers are obsessed with having her with someone different every couple of episodes. Give her a life without a man! Jeezzz.

    • sarah says:

      I too prefer Stefan and Caroline as friends.

    • Dani says:

      Could be she’s referring to Enzo. They were obviously setting up an attraction between them and he wouldn’t be the first TVD character to A) spoiler alert come back from the dead and B) flip the humanity switch back on for love.

      • MagicThings says:

        I doubt it’s Enzo. Caroline going after him wouldn’t threaten any relationship she has with her friends. Going after Enzo wouldn’t cause a rift with anyone. Besides I dislike Enzo with a burning passion and I would hate for Caroline to end up with him especially since she’s trying to get over two rocky “relationships”–Klaus and Tyler. I hope Enzo stays dead but considering the whole “let’s baby Damon (AGAIN), a centuries old fully ADULT vampire, for the sake of ‘plot'” route, Enzo will probably be back.

  19. Gil says:

    Thanks Matt for the spoilers… Captain Swan, Rumbelle and Outlaw Queen
    One can only hope Hook’s curse will be broken by true love kiss with Emma ;)
    Also judging by how many times Emma seems to shift her eyes at Hook’s lips in some of the scenes they share esp in their eye contact and close space with each other… i think a kiss is likely ;)

  20. An Irrelevant says:

    They better not kill off either Finch or Reese, but you never know with this show!

  21. Mark says:

    All this proves with the 60 episode reference is Once has more ship’s than the US Navy. They are starting to spoil the show.

  22. Amy says:

    Nice job trying to cover the majority of the bases for the OUAT fandom! ;0) I always appreciate all and any scoop on the show not matter that character. Can’t wait for the finale. I’m super curious as to who’s gonna put a ‘ring’ on it.

  23. suzi says:

    Did Edward Kitsis really use the shipper name for Robin and Regina? That’s cute. Thank you for asking about them. Out of all romance stories on OUAT they are easily my favorite. I hope they’ll overcome whatever challenges Zelena comes up with together.

  24. I’m thinking Raj on BBT turns out to be gay. They’ve been flirting with his ‘metrosexual’ side for a few seasons now. He’s not lucking out with the ladies, so the grass may be greener on the other side…

  25. Thanks for persevering with the Rumbelle question, Matt! :) I have to say that I don’t mind my favorite couple to go through some drama, but a bit more screen time would be nice in the future! Crossing my fingers! :)

  26. BelleRumpleFan says:

    Thank you for the ONCE scoop, Matt!

  27. Alisa Neely says:

    i HOPE tptb of NCIS has plans in place, in case sean does NOT sign….so that they DON’T run into the same problem they did when cote left at the 11th hour.

  28. fatalsin says:

    what happened to spoiler alert?

  29. Bianca says:

    Thanks for the Outlaw Queen scoop! I love what Eddy said, because he couldn’t be more right. Regina FINALLY took a chance, a risk….and I hope it pays off for her. I am enjoying this storyline so much.I know some folks that aren’t OQ fans think it’s too fast, but I assure you it happens: I married my husband 2 months after meeting him :)

  30. Ia says:

    Thank you for the spoilers, Matty scoop-scoop (I’m inspired by the dearly missed Katherine and her Matty blue-blue)! Well, if they are going for a Steroline romance, at least it is crystal clear that it will help Stelena getting back together eventually. Yay! Elena is gonna be so jealous lol

  31. Rose says:

    Thanks for endeavouring to get Rumbelle/Belle stuff, as always. It’s pretty clear to me there’s absolutely nothing of importance in store because they repeat that “keep watching!” nonsense. Ah, well. Appreciated anyway.

  32. J says:

    Thank you, Matt, for the Mentalist scoop! Loved the word “several”.

  33. VB says:

    Lots of great spoilers this week, Matt.
    -So Paxton’s gonna be in the finale too? Wow. It sounds like it’s gonna be big.
    -Re: BBT, momentous, huh? Looking forward to it. I have a few theories about what those momentous things might be.
    -Well, the POI spoiler sounds pretty vague but from what I’ve heard it sounds like the three groups are all on a collision course, so I expect big things.
    -Re: ‘The Mentalist’: “Well hurry and talk, yo, the season ends soon!” My thoughts exactly. It’s about time they’re actually talking. And multiple times too. Good for them. At least it’s progress. I’m hoping they get together by the finale. Surely she can’t pick Pike over Jane. It’s so obvious her and Jane love each other.
    -Thanks for the great spoilers, Matt! You’re my fave. entertainment journalist. :)

  34. I dοn’t lеave a great deal of remarks, but I lookeԁ at through a
    few comments on Vampirе Diaries Seasοn 6 Stefan/Caroline Spoilers – Once Upon а Tіme Arrow – TVLine.
    I actually do have 2 questions for you if it’s allright.
    Is it sіmply me or does it look like like some off the resρonses come across likе they
    are ωritten by brain dead folks? :-P And, if you are writing on other socіal sites,
    I would like to follow you. Could you list of the complete urls of all your social ѕites like your linkedin profile, Facebook page or twitter feed?

  35. maud says:

    POI tops itself every week. But…who’s taking care of Bear?

  36. Kinsey says:

    Really excited about the Stefan/Caroline arc! Hoping that Stefan can finally move on from Elena and find love with Caroline! <3

  37. Maddie says:

    Stefan and Caroline makes me nervous cause I don’t know if the writers are going to have Stefan really get over Elena…..hmm! Don’t break Caroline’s heart again writers!

  38. Ugonna Wosu says:

    lmao at people saying Regina/Robin is too fast, as if Hook and Emma have spent years building their story.

    • Iman says:

      True they haven’t built their romance for years but it has been a year and they still have their ups and down while Regina and Hood are already making out in the back at Granny’s, so yeah some people are going to be like “why cant Hook and Emma have that”. Besides each relationship is going to have their ups and downs look at Rumbelle for Gods sakes, poor things still aren’t together.

  39. LUNA says:

    PLEASE… for NCIS.. if anything .with Delilah.. have them BREAK UP! the 2 actors had absolutely NO CHEMISTRY TOGETHER! The character had more going with ‘Tony’ (Michael Weatherly).. and the writers had Abby and Tony BOTH knowing more of what was going on between the couple then MC GEE! Sad!

    As for Posters wanting Delilah to become an Agent (something I have seen on other sites).. She is PARALYZED! Yes, people who are bound to wheelchairs can do MANYJOBS..and TV shows can take MANY liberties (as in her Miraculous HEALING time.. Miraculous promotion after being back on the job ONE WEEK.. etc. etc.. ).. but, an NCIS AGENT. must be able to take care of themselves .. Someone would have to help her in and out of the wheelchair.. and as for the MANY CHASES.. that occur.. up steps..over fences. etc. her partner would be alone.. anD in DANGER! Agents are always on the go.. and the chair would simply SLOW HER DOWN!!! (notice, we NEVER SAW HER GET IN NOR OUT OF THE CAR.. she was simply IN THE CAR!)

  40. MAB says:

    I just re watched it and now I think it was Alex and Jena. It wasn’t Caleb, he was saying yes. Alex and Jena just looked guilty after Sam got eliminated. I agree with the no decision but it must not feel good to know you could have saved your friend.

  41. Alee says:

    I don’t want Caroline and Stefan love story! Is no friendship sacred??? In the end I’m afraid that the ending is gonna be the same as that of Caroline and Klaus.

  42. sandra says:

    i am really hoping too see damon came back from the ather side for season 6 and finaly all of can be with there love one’s