Post Mortem: Vampire Diaries Boss on [Spoiler]'s Next Move, Bonnie's Lies, Tyler's Fate and More

Vampire Diaries Enzo DiesSpoiler Alert! If you have yet to watch Thursday’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, read on…

The bromance is over.

On Thursday night’s The Vampire Diaries, Enzo discovered that his pal Damon killed the love of his life. Then he got his heart ripped out, literally, by Stefan.

Damon’s former bestie may be dead now, but “his story isn’t over,” assures executive producer Caroline Dries.

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Below, the EP and star Ian Somerhalder dish on Enzo’s revenge from the great beyond, Bonnie’s major dilemma, Tyler’s capture, “Delena” and more. Plus: Get ready to say farewell — for good, this time — to some beloved characters!

ENZO’S VENDETTA | “He is going to become this ghost villain going forward,” previews Dries. “We’ll see him all the way through towards the finale.” But just how much damage can Enzo inflict from his very far away location? “He can do a lot from the Other Side,” Dries says. “He’s determined to make Damon and Stefan’s [lives] a living hell. All the turmoil on the Other Side is giving him more liberties than other ghosts have had. So his story isn’t just about him being the villain, but it’s also about us getting a new set of eyes into the Other Side.”

However, that doesn’t mean Enzo is content to stay put. “He’s pissed that he’s dead, but that’s amplified by the fact that around him, people are being sucked out of the ether,” explains Dries. “You’ll see in the next episode, Damon’s going to promise Enzo, ‘I will help you get out of here.'” Not that he knows how to free the vamp. “Damon makes the promise under extreme duress. Damon has no idea what he’s talking about when he makes that promise, which just adds to the complication.”

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Vampire Diaries Enzo DiesDAMON’S FEELINGS | With everyone lying to him about Enzo’s death, Damon is, understandably, “definitely not very happy” when he finds out the truth, says Somerhalder. As for his feelings about a certain ex-girlfriend, Dries notes that they deliberately had Damon not look at Elena much in the hour until she had her eyes closed. But next Thursday’s episode will “purposefully throw them in a world together where they can’t help but literally be on top of each other — the cabin in the woods story,” previews the EP. “They can’t be away from each other, they can’t be close to each other. So we’re playing into the drama of this weird purgatory in their relationship. How will they act when they can’t escape each other?”

THE TRAVELERS’ AGENDA | “What we’re trying to do is give the Travelers the simplest goal in the world,” explains Dries. “They just want a place to call home. They’re not trying to be bad guys about it, but here’s what we have to do.” So while the doppelganger blood allows them to undo magic, reverting bloodsuckers to their dead state, they “care less about vampires and more about undoing the curse that was put on them.” Adds Somerhalder: “They’re determined. There are some really cool scenes coming up with lots of Travelers… You’re almost sympathetic for them.”

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Vampire Diaries Enzo DiesBONNIE’S LIES | The witch is keeping a big secret about her fate from her beau — and it’ll stay that way. “We decided – it’s a little bit of a spoiler – what if Jeremy doesn’t find out?” reveals Dries. “Is that a nicer gift for him to have since he’s gone through dealing with Bonnie almost dying or dying a couple times? She’s been through this before. So what if she changes it up and is like, ‘I’m living on borrowed time anyway. I’m not supposed to be back here. So why don’t I just treat every day like a gift and not be putting a burden on other people?’ You might say she’s like a martyr, but that’s just her way of coping.”

TYLER’S DILEMMA | After losing Caroline earlier this season, the writers looked for a storyline in which actor Michael Trevino could channel the hybrid’s angst that wasn’t purely relationship-based. “We were like, ‘Let’s have what happened to Katherine happen to Tyler and make the drama of that, oh, there’s no getting out,'” explains Dries. Yes, it’s bad news for passengered Tyler because “that [Traveler] knife is gone. So he’s stuck. We wanted to play that out and give it its due as a full arc.” As such, his situation won’t reach its climax until the season finale.

SAY GOODBYE | “We want it so that moving forward, when characters do die, it’s death. Dead is dead,” stresses Dries. As a result, as the Other Side continues to fall apart, we’ll see more familiar faces return — “It’s just basically like a storage facility for all of our friends,” laughs the EP — and there will be some permanent deaths. “I can think of three offhand,” reveals Dries.

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  1. Josh says:

    This show is just one big circle.
    1) Love triangle change up
    2) Bad guy dies but will probably come back because he’s cute
    3) Other bad guy will be disposed of quickly
    4) Bonnie is going to die/has died

    • Anna says:

      5) Doppelgänger blood is the key ingredient to do and undo magic (yawn)

    • Crystal. Bonner says:

      I hate how the finale has ended…… I have been a TRUE follower since day one, and I have the complete collection of all series and I live 30 minutes from the town its filmed in and would LOVE to be an extra 24-7….. But have yet to be lucky enough to even catch them when filming, either way if Damon STAYS dead…… I fear ratings are going to drop so bad it will be canceled …… So I guess we will wait and see. Not sure if I will follow it as much, but I’m sure I’ll check in from time to time. The Originals have became my favorite right now…….. And Klaus is so amazing as an actor even if he isn’t to gorgeous……. His attitude makes him AMAZINGLY Handsome hahahahaha

  2. H says:

    Well of course we know one of the deaths is Bonnie. I’m not being mean or nothing like that but they don’t give her storylines to last the season and they are always killing her or getting her close to death it is ridiculous. I’m sad she never got a real good story

    • kara says:

      Bonnie better not be one of the deaths. We already dealt with her “death”

      Funny how the most boring character on the show (Elena) has to be the lead. Id gladly take the return of Katherine over her. And at this point Damon can go to so I can be done with this “Delena” crap

    • alistaircrane says:

      I hope Bonnie dies. She and Caroline are the worst characters on the show. Vicky was a way better character.

  3. Ian says:

    I hope Kat Graham lands a great role on some other show, and has the last laugh when this show continues dying its slow humiliating death next season.

  4. Robert says:

    With all the Witches that have died since the other side was created, is the audience supposed to believe they do not have the combine power to stop the damage the Travelers have caused? I also fear that Bonnie has been written into a corner and will have a final death.

  5. Delena26 says:

    NOTHING can happen to Elena becuz she is the main character. This show is based off a book series called the vampire diaries. Main character in the book is Elena Gilbert. So there will be no Katherine coming back if you don’t like Elena don’t watch the show cuz Elena is never going to die becuz she is a character made by an author without that author there would be no vampire diaries. So I am sorry to say but I don’t think that Katherine will be coming back to be honest I think they ruined her character when they made her obsessed with getting Stefan back. I think as a vampire Elena has gotten stronger and can take care of her self so I like Elena I never disliked her she is awesome. That’s my opinion :)

    • @delena26 says:

      Not necessarily. JP said in her recent interview with Larry King that there was a reason they titled the show “The Vampire Diaries” and not “The Elena Show” so that she can die at any given moment if they feel inclined to do so. I’m not saying that they WILL kill her just that it’s not out of the realm of possibility for a show to kill a main character which is what JP was talking about. Again, I don’t think they will, at least not until the series finale if they ever decide to.

      • Delena26 says:

        I know they can kill her off big what I’m saying is the characters are based off of a book series called the vampire diaries that have Elena in the middle of a love triangle with two vampire brothers Stefan and Damon. With characters Caroline Tyler Bonnie Meredith and Alaric. While some of the storylines are the same they changed things and took out characters. Changed enemies to best friends changed the ways of how Stefan and Damon became vampires. But kept some of the storylines. So what I was basically saying is that without the amazing author L.J Smith there would be no vampire diaries. She created that whole world all the characters and all the storylines. Without the books there wouldn’t a show called vampire diaries at all. Elena in the books is actually an important part of the series. I wasn’t saying she couldn’t be killed off I am saying that they probably wouldn’t be able to unless they checked with the company who owns the books series and maybe the author. I think they could kill cuz of a storyline in the book that it match but I doubt they would follow it. So I do agree with you that she can die but I doubt they would do that. Without her there would be no show actually which is what I think. Without any of the main characters there would be no show. Like Bonnie Damon and Stefan and Meredith and Alaric are a big part of the book series oh and Matt. So I do agree with you.

        • Jessie says:

          Yeah that’s not how tv works. The CW purchased the tv rights to the vampire diaries they can literally do anything they want with the series. They don’t need permission from original author of the book series whom doesn’t even own the rights to the book series and didn’t even write all of the books. Nor do they need permission from the publishers whom own the book rights because they own the tv rights to the series which is a separate thing all together. They can kill Elena if they want, it’s their decision. I do agree with you that they probably will never kill off Elena because they have made the Elena/Salvator brothers love triangle and the role she plays in both brothers lives so central to the shows plot that it’s not really a viable option to cut her out of show. If they ever have Elena completely cemented in a relationship with Damon or Stefan and shift the focus of the show away from them as triangle then it could be a possibility to have her die since it wouldn’t take away from the show as much then. That’s totally not going to happen as long as people continue to invested enough in it to argue online about who they ship lol.

      • Nate says:

        There was a reason they called it The Vampire Diaries because the books were called Vampire Diaries so that makes no sense

      • anniem says:

        Maybe they’ll kill her and bring her back as an angel, like in the books. And yes, it is as silly as it sounds. :-p

        • Delena26 says:

          I wish they would bring in the other world I would really like to see that and for Damon and Bonnie to get closer like in the books. But I think he does care about her in the show I just hope they get closer like the books. In the books Damon is protective of Elena and Bonnie that’s all. She’s his little redbird and he is just very protective of her maybe more than Elena I would think. He doesn’t like Matt at all and he loves his brother and will do anything for him.i want Damon to be more like the books I think he is better in the books.

          • Dmav says:

            Umm, loves his brother?? He hates him most of the time in between the times he is not trying to steal his girl.

        • Baileigh says:

          Oh please no….
          That entire storyline in the books regarding Elena being a angel/guardian of Earth was so contrived that I could not take the rest of the books seriously after that. Lets not even mention how the books revealed how Elena and Katherine were related!

  6. alistaircrane says:

    What a horrible episode. Why do they think we care about Enzo or the Travellers? I was in love with this season, but the post-Katherine episodes have been downright dreadful.

  7. Elle says:

    This show just doesn’t know what to do with itself anymore.

    Damon and Elena’s ‘love you, hate you’ relationship is redundant and has ran its course (last season). Stefan being the understanding brother is boring and pacifies Elena and Damon’s reckless behavior.

    Bonnie is and always has been a plot device. She is the character with the most potential and they waste it to provide Caroline screen time to shack up with whomever and Elena to bounce between brothers. It’s unfathomable how the writers can believe the are doing a great job when the viewer can guess the plot from week to week: Elena, Stefan or Damon are going to need saving this week, can you guess which one? Oh, and Caroline or Elena are going to have dirty sex. Can you guess with who?

    There is not a cannon couple on this show that I support. That has never happened to me in my twenty-something years of television viewing.

    In short, the show is ridiculous.

  8. Jordanjanellejoy says:

    This is utterly laughable. Why bring Bonnie back just to continuously have her in pain and powerless. She should’ve stayed dead! And not telling anyone? How flipping stupid is that? Didn’t she just do that when she covered up her death after season 4? Then to add salt to the wound you bring in a new witch (even though the writers said Bonnie’s powers were taken away on purpose because she was always the magical fix) stronger with a better grasp on her magic and she actually gets respect.

    I’ve watched loads of sitcoms/series over the years and I have never come across a show that treated a character so horribly. I am dead serious when I say this. I know that without a doubt if Bonnie is killed (which it looks like she will die in the finale) I am unequivocally done with this show. May this show enjoy the success of incestuous relationships and ridiculously shallow and equally lame triangles.

    • Nate says:

      What the hell about this show is incestuous?

      • anniem says:

        Maybe it’s a reach, but it was Damon’s blood that turned Elena, so in traditional vampire mythology, one could say he’s her vampire ‘father’. Though on this show they’ve never really played it that way. Here they seem to treat it as more of a ‘master and minion’ kind of relationship between a vamp and one who is turned.

  9. Deion says:

    1st, were we supposed to care about Enzo? Now, his ghost? No thank you. I rarely criticize my shows. I choose to watch them. But this is getting silly. What are the travelers going to do? Throw Stefan and Elena’s blood all over Mystic Falls? As for Michael Trevino, I’m sure he’s glad to just be in consecutive episodes. Also, if Stefan wanted to keep Enzo’s death a secret, why would he tell Elena? Constantly conflicted Elena. I’m sure she’ll blurt it out next week in one of she and Damon’s weekly “We’re so in love, but so opposite. What will we do?” arguments.

    • Cris says:

      Actually for many, myself included Enzo was the best part ab this season. Loved his backstory and bromance with Damon…making him a villain now is stupid and dissapointing.

      • ChrisGa says:

        Yeah, he’s been the best thing about another, otherwise meh season of shows(he had great chemistry with Caroline too). Frankly, the last time this show was truly outstanding was Season 2; it’s been on a steady decline since.

      • Deion says:

        My only beef with Enzo is that he only went where Damon went. If Damon wanted to be murderous, he was there being murderous. If Damon was being good, he was being good. The character took no particular stand and there for I never had a chance to either root for him or hate him. I’m not sure what his death is meant to do for me. I’m not grieving, nor am I scared of what he’ll do. He wasn’t around long enough to generate Alaric level feelings, or any feelings, really. I agree on the chemistry with Caroline, though.

        • Cris says:

          Actually, you make a very good point, I haven’t thought of that before. I just really liked the character for some reason and wished he would have stuck around more.

      • Dani says:

        Agreed, He’s an interesting character and the actor has done a great job with everything they’ve given him. It just feels like they don’t know what they want him to be. Good guy or villain? I’m hoping they bring him back. He his flirtation with Caroline had a wickedness to it without getting all the no one loves me angst Klaus had. They need to find a way to keep him unpredictable though. That’s what makes him fun.

    • alistaircrane says:

      I hate Enzo too. So pointless. I preferred Aaron and Dr. Wes.

      • Deion says:

        Now Aaron had enough of a story for me to feel bad about his death. The kid never caught a break. He could have easily slipped into the group in a role like Matt’s. As he really should have if they were going to move the gang to college and leave Matt in Mystic Falls.

  10. M says:

    I am so sad that this show, like its characters, is churning painfully into its horrible death. Remember season 1 to 3, when Vampire Diaries was so full of drama and excitement, sprinkled with supernatural elements surrounding Mystic Falls and the town’s vampires? Every week when the show’s on, I would jump on the couch excitedly and glued my eyes to the screen to watch Katherine playing Elena, Damon killing innocent people, and Stefan doing damage control? And remember all those silly little events the show came up with just to make an excuse for a council’s meeting and an evil villain (Klaus or Katherine) doing badass things? Admit it, even when it’s the point of being cheezy, you still watch it.

    Do I see that now?

    Nope. Not anymore.

    The writers have used up all their creativity pool. In an attempt to freshen things up, they bring the characters to college and nooooo….they are still going back to dear ol’ Mystic Falls to solve their supernatural problems. Interesting, new characters like Wes Maxfield and Aaron Whitmore who has so much potential were killed off simply to make room for boring Traveler storyline (Seriously, Aaron could have stayed behind to be Elena’s friend). What happens to introducing new characters (eg Alaric,) and giving them stories for a few more seasons? At first I loved the Enzo and he seemed to be promoted for a series regular (dammit finally Damon has a friend) but noooo the writers has to kill him off because he has enough use and we probably won’t see him next season, because really, isn’t that what Vampire Diaries is about; the undying *yawn* romantic love triangle of Damon-Elena- Stefan, as they snog each other while leaving a glorious trail of supporting characters spanning five seasons?

    I am not attacking or defending the show. I am pointing the fact that Vampire Diaries has lost its usual sparkle.

    • Bronze says:

      If you don’t watch it why are you still complaining. There are people who still love the show and will keep watching it even if it falls off the rails because we all know that it will get back up again. TVD was a great show once and it still is. I’m sorry for being rude about it but I want to defend this show.

      • Dmav says:

        Your right to defend our right to criticize. I’m sorry but apparently we are not the only ones who feel like this show has turned into a farce. Have you seen the ratings, they should be in complete panic mode trying to fix this mess and yet we get more Dalena???

        • guest says:

          Amen! The ratings are horrible, but yet it is still more Delena?? Are the writers and producers crazy? Who is still watching this show besides teenage girls who believe that toxic lust filled relationships are better than loving balanced relationships? We used to get well balanced organized episodes and seasons where all characters were used and now every single episode is about Damon and Elena? WTH??

    • Paul says:

      “watch Katherine playing Elena, Damon killing innocent people, and Stefan doing damage control”
      That’s basically the summary of this season.

  11. W says:

    All I’ll say is season 1 was best. Can’t see how they can mess with the love triangle any more than they already have…

    • Jen says:

      I agree Season 1 was the best – I actually enjoyed Season 1-3, I watched it on netflix and couldn’t stop – I got through all 3 seasons in a very short time frame. I had a hard time getting through season 4 and i’m somewhat enjoying season 5 – I’m a Stelena fan though!! Stelena was True Love. Damon is just a “fun love”. I love this show, I miss Katherine. Nina Dobrev is an amazing actress!! I just hope it gets back to the way it was in Seasons 1-3, i was just so looking forward to the next episode, right now, I can wait the week until it’s on again.

      • ChrisGa says:

        Season 1 was very good, but I think Season 2 remains the show’s creative peak. Season 3 wasn’t bad but last season as well as this current season has been very spotty, although the current season’s problems start with not having any of the Michaelsons on the canvas(probably one reason why the Originals is head-and-shoulders superior to the mother ship right now).

  12. Candygirl says:

    Ok, I do think this show is terrible now! It has become the Delena Diaries, and notice how the ratings have tank. And their way of fixing that is to putStefan in Caroline’s bed so we can have more Delena Diaries! The was much better when the focus was on all of the characters. Matt’s relationship with his mother and sister, which they never resolved, silly/girly Bonnie, spoiled Tyler , and even Stefan /Damon’s relationship. This whole season Stefan and Damon had like two a scenes together and now Stefan is Damon’s hope, really? Well, if Damon really loved Stefan that much he wouldn’t be sleeping with the love of his life. I could care less if Enzo’s dead, what purpose did he serve except being another pretty boy. I think Elena is the worst character on TV, she exist to have sex with Damon on this show. Even the writers fan girl over Damon, I get it he is pretty but what else….. I think people complain about the show because it use to be really, really good. I use to hope that it would go back to its former glory but I have given up hope. From the look of it so has the writer’s they are content with parading Damon around naked and giving him wild sex scenes with Elena. I fear that TVD has lost its place among the great cult classics like BTVS, Supernatural and the Walking Dead. The sad part about it is I don’t think they care.

    • Jess says:

      I agree with this completely. I know there is supposed to be a love triangle and all that, but enough with the Delena storylines. They’re all the exact same anyway. They get together, have sex and they’re happy for about half an episode until some mythology/supernatural destiny gets in their way. Damon breaks up with Elena, despite her saying “I will fight for us”. Damon goes on a killing spree, Elena does…something. And then they find a way back to each other. Then it starts all over again. This has been going on two seasons. It was better in season 1, when the show wasn’t trying to hard with the couple’s ‘will they/won’t they’ moments.

      I’d say Stelena is better but honestly, I like Stefan away from Elena. He’s so much happier that way. I do prefer Stelena to Delena but I’d rather have neither and all of them find different love interests. At least give us half a season of that.

      Oh, and focus on the vampires again instead of these crappy Travellers. And focus on the other characters and treat them as characters instead of plot devices. It’s no wonder not many people like Tyler. They barely give him storylines and ship him off for a chunk of episodes at a time.

  13. Lillie says:

    TVD has completely run out of ideas
    it just doing the same storylines as before to different characters
    it time for it to end, as much as i would be sad it’s time has come, put it out of it misery before all the fans give up
    a slow death is worse than a fast one

  14. Liza says:

    What a hot mess! They are STILL VASTLY UNDERUSING series regular characters Tyler, Matt, and Jeremy! And Caroline wasn’t even in this episode. The Travelers make no sense whatsoever. But here is my big question, Damon and Enzo were in cells right next to each other for five years, approximately 1953-1958. How is possible that Damon and Maggie did not know each other?

    • alistaircrane says:

      A break from Caroline is always welcome! Only Elena, Damon and Stefan appear in every episode. Characters shouldn’t be shoe-horned into an episode just for the sake of an appearance.

  15. sarah says:

    So far we have 2 deaths! I am sure the other will be Bonnie. However it sounds like there may be more!

  16. rita says:

    i really think vampire diaries is going off track in the story. like honestly!!!
    i getting tired of the different story lines poppin up every episode, i remember the silas episode, katherine episode, klaus episode, michael’s episode and the different monsters. there are two many things happening in the serie.

  17. lauren says:

    nice try at attempting to make this look like it’s been an interesting season, and big things are to come. ha.

  18. Cas says:

    Am I the only one who was disappointed Enzo didn’t stick around and be like another “outside uninvited” member of the group? He was sort of entertaining and his chemistry with Caroline was good. He added a different new element to the group and I liked that.

    • Danna says:

      Of course you are not, I came back to TVD this season bc I liked the character, I totally forgot that all they do in this show is kill off compeling characters just to create drama for the boring protagonists.

  19. chrissypedoma says:

    this season is kinda..meh, but to be fair, every show has a season that is a least favorite. i love the vampire diaries, always have. im glad they’re trying to figure out a way when characters die, they stay dead. i miss Alaric. also, to all the Caroline “hate” comments i saw, shes important. i hope that when vampire diaries end, she goes over to the orginals and gets with klaus. BUT the most important thing, is anyone else still rooting for stefan and elena? like come on, i want them back together, asap.

  20. The Diva says:

    I just have to say that Stefan didn’t rip out Enzo’s heart. Stefan had his hand in Enzo’s chest (around his heart), but it was Enzo himself who pulled back & ripped out his own heart. I will also say that Enzo was the most entertaining part of the season for me.

  21. kendall says:

    i only care about stefan at this point, he’s the reason i watch this show and to be honest, i want him to pack his bags and LEAVE. he deserves so much better… damon is a crappy brother, who mostly only cares about elena ,.. and elena… well, she’s a horrible person since she became a vampire and they’re perfect for each other lbr. so yeah… hope the writers allow stefan to get over elena for good and just find his own path (or they can kill him so i can finally stop watching :D).

    • Otpliz says:

      Agreed..better to have Stefan leave town for good or get killed off rather than have him stay as Elenas soundboard for her toxic relationship with his backstabbing ingrate brother who he has to clean up after..So sad to see Stefan get punished for doing the right thing while his brother Damon does horrible things and no one holds him accountable. The injustice of this show is unbearable to watch. SEASON 1-3 were its glory days…I don’t know if it could ever get back to being the show it was

  22. aw says:

    … why would a smart dude like stefan think that it was a necessary risk NOT to tell his brother this very stupid and contrived lie about Enzo not committing suicide-by-Stefan?

    A lot of things on TVD appear stupid by now, but this super-stupid manufactured conflict just … bores me and makes me reluctant to watch any more episodes ever again…

  23. me29 says:

    Please bring Enso back.. I loved his bromance with Damon and would love to have had him get closer to Caroline. (-:
    Stefan and Elena. I like Damon A LOT but absolutely LOVE Stefan.

  24. Gilly says:

    This show used to be good but this is one of the worst seasons of ANY show. It makes no sense and had no solid direction this season at all, nothing was connected. Elena, Damon, Stefan, who cares anymore, I don’t see this show lasting any more that one or two more seasons if the writing continues like it has. My suggestion, move Caroline to New Orleans where she and Hailey can go at it and she can finish college there — maybe get herself a new best witch friend and just put Vampire Diaries out of it’s misery.

  25. felicity says:

    i love bonnie, i can’t believe that they going to kill bonnie, why are they treating her like this. why didn’t they give the bamon fans a chance. the show will have been nice if it was really base on LJ Smith, like damon loving bonnie and elena loving stafen.

  26. priya says:

    Talking about seeing some of the characters I really wonder where did aunt Jenna go. She did die a vampire. I dont understand this. I m e Stelena shipper. I really don’t see where this show this going. Hope to see some good changes in the finale and stop Stefan from his misery.

  27. KM says:


  28. robba says:

    I see I am.not the only one who is so tired of elana’s character. She cannot act and the noise she makes when she is suppose to be in pain sounds like finger nails on a chalk board. I can honestly say that I have never seen anyone play so many roles as she has. And the whole love triangle is soooo played out. I have watched this show since day one but I am no longer going to. For God sake do something new. And if Damien leaves the show I am positive you will lose a lot more viewers.

  29. robba says:

    O yea I forgot to add “the originals is a fantastic show!

  30. klaus love1 says:

    i seriously hope damon doesnt stay dead cuz tvd will suck without him and i do hope for katherine to come back and lets face it she is way more better than elena.She and stefan are the worst

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