NCIS First Look: Hey, Did You Hear the One About DiNozzo and the Admiral's Daughter...?

NCIS Special Agent Tony DiNozzo is on assignment in France in Season 11’s penultimate episode, and we’ve got a few photos from his mission abroad.

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In the May 6 episode of TV’s most watched drama, Vance tasks DiNozzo with escorting an Admiral’s daughter from the NCIS office in Marseilles, France, to the States — but Tony must turn to his NCIS team for help after he stumbles upon a controversial crime scene and things “get complicated,” says show boss Gary Glasberg.

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“The intention was to sort of throw Tony into this Three Days of the Condor scenario,” Glabserg adds, alluding to the 1975 Robert Redford thriller. “It turned out to be a lot of fun. We had a good time, Michael [Weatherly] had a good time, and we had a really terrific supporting cast of guest actors” — including Boardwalk Empire alum Meg Chambers Steedle as Tony’s charge.

Are you looking forward to DiNozzo’s French adventure?

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  1. Joni says:

    Thank you for the teaser, Matt. I’m looking forward to this Tony-centric episode, especially since I LOVED “Three Days of the Condor”.

  2. johnhelvete says:

    Cool location filming in France :)

    • LoriG says:

      Spoiler: They filmed it in LA. :)

    • Alan says:

      yeah there is no way this was filmed in france, they dont have the time or the budget to go over there just for one episode.

      • SandraM says:

        it was for sure filmed in LA from my information. :)

      • Titoveli says:

        they do have a budget/money to go anywhere they want … but they choose not to and save that money … i dont know about time

        • Alan says:

          if they had the budget to do it they would do it, for evidence the two parter set and filmed in new orleans.

          • Patricia says:

            Well the New Orleans episodes were ones that Mark Harmon and Gary Glasburg actually cared about. They care so much about Tony’s episode that they decided not to have it be the finale after all, but just another one and done. It’s obviously not important to them that they spoiled a Tony finale and his fans got excited since he hasn’t had a finale since season 4. As long as Harmon and Glasburg, want nothing more than to feature Gibbs in another angsty Gibbs story, that’s what we’ll get. So we are getting another heavily promoted Gibbs finale and no whining allowed since everyone is supposed to worship at the altar of Gibbs. No surprises there. They spend the money on location and promotion if it’s important to the executive producers.

  3. Mel says:

    Hell yeah, I’m looking forward to this ep! Hope Michael Weatherly gets a change to show his acting chops a bit. Thanks for the sneak peek, Matt.

  4. LoriG says:

    Glad to FINALLY see Tony get a good story this season. Really looking forward too it. Hopefully this one will be Bishop-light.

  5. as524 says:

    Definitely looking forward to Tony in France!!!

    NCIS Season 11 has been great and can’t wait for more in Season 12

    • LoriG says:

      Season 11 has been horrible, the worst season ever. Hello Anna Santana, famous on all fansites. Hater of Ziva for over 8 years.

      • Katrin says:

        No, Season 10 was the worst season ever.

        • TullaT says:

          and yet, highest rated season of all time. It totally sucked.

          • Patricia says:

            And that season 10 is highly rated, is a nod back to the earlier “never over estimate average intelligence” comment. Season 10 was absolutely awful. The second half was truly an insult to anyone with half a brain who actually cared to use it. As to why fans like me, who found Ziva an absolute nightmare of a television character writing, I must admit that I simply held out an obviously vein hope that someone in tptb would swoop in and fix things.

            While CdP’s abrupt departure gave me hope, there were suddenly new monsters to contend with. Gary Glasburg’s out of control focus on super Gibbs was one. Glasbury’s inability to follow through on anyone’s but Gibbs or the female character’s arcs is another. The other was subjecting the new character Ellie Bishop, who was bound to face fierce opposition from some over zealous Ziva.tiva fans, to contrived over exposure that went on for about 10 episodes and at the expense of other beloved characters, except of course, Gibbs.

            The exclusive use of Michael Weatherly’s talent for humiliating comic relief and the refusal to allow this potentially interesting character and gifted actor to be portrayed as anything but a joke, leads me to believe that this ship is being run by people who are not terribly smart, deep, or artistic. They seem more driven to promote the status quo. I have very little hope that the current executive producers value or care about the character of Tony except as they pay him handsomely to use his popularity to boost ratings They are too lazy to write him as intelligent, brave, or heroic, since it’s much simpler for these rather limited imaginations to give all the glory to wooden Gibbs.

    • John NYC says:

      They’ve upped the energy and freshened the humor. Looking forward to the next season for the great momentum to continue.

  6. SandraM says:

    Cool! I’ve REALLY missed competent agent Tony this whole season. I hope he FINALLY gets a chance to actually do his job instead of being comic relief as he has been most of the season.

    • Alan says:

      but tony has been competent all season while still being the comic relief like he is supposed to be and supporting tim after the terrorist attack, in my opinion its been a great season for tony.

      • Julia says:

        Sorry, why is Tony “supposed to be the comic relief”? I fell in love with the character of Tony DiNozzo during the early seasons of NCIS when he was very definitely not the comic relief. In fact it was McGee who described himself as such. Tony was the smart, ex cop, very competent, at times brave, even heroic, Gibbs’ Senior Field Agent, who at one point was offered his own team. He was often humorous but it was largely in a smart, witty “I’m covering up my angst, trying to lighten the mood” kind of a way. And as for supporting McGee after the explosion – offering to make him chops and casserole?! What?! Was this supposed to be the same man who offered support to Paula when her team was killed, McGee when he shot the cop or the man who sat at Dana Hutton’s bedside whilst she died?!

        If you like the lighter, more sit com version of Tony that’s your prerogative – but I personally find it very hard when you find a series you enjoy and a character you admire only for the writers to subsequently completely change that character’s personality – during season 11 almost a different character each week.

        • LoriG says:

          his transformation this season is pitiful. The REAL Tony is courageous and heroic. we saw him at his absolute best with Ziva. The instant she left, he turned into a joke.

          • Pat says:

            He was only at his best with Ziva in seasons 3 and 4, and Tony was at his very best in season 2, when he was still allowed to be written as an agent admired by all. After that Shane Brennan took over as show runner and seemed to hate Tony, thereby turning his formerly wonderful character into an incompetent screw up, and Ziva into a horrifyingly poorly written Mary Sue. Brennan pretty much ruined the show with his Ziva/Mary Sue obession. Yet I still watch for the tiny vestiges of D. P. Bellasario’s characters that occasionally show up as if by accident. Gary Glasburg has more difficulty telling a coherent story and has done very little to evolve Tony. The agenda seems ALWAYS to involve making sure Gibbs is flattered and complemented accordingly. Clever adult writing left with Bellasario.

          • LoriG says:

            Glasberg is in love with Gibbs. if he has it his way, everything is always about Gibbs. The REAL tony was devastated by Kate and Paula’s death. COmpletely WRECKED by Ziva’s rape in somalia. bring back REAL tony please. Ziva drew out the best of him by far.

          • Mars477 says:

            Ziva emasculated Tony. She treated him like crap, assaulted him, and constantly mocked, berated, and belittled him. What the hell are you smoking.

            At the very least Bishop and Tony act even marginally like coworkers who like each other.

          • Lori, my husband said the other night when he heard that the finale was also about Gibbs- “is whoever runs this show in love with Harmon?” Lol.

          • Alan says:

            no we saw him at his absolute worst for years due to being zivas metaphoric punching bag, tony finally being out from under the burden of having to look like an idiot around her has finally made him the great character he was back in the early years of the show before ziva showed up and ruined it.

          • TullaT says:

            Kate was meaner to Tony than Ziva ever was. But Gibbs is the one who carries Tony’s balls in his purse.

          • Alan says:

            hell no, kate treated him like an equal while ziva treated him like an annoyance, like something she would scrape off of her shoe.

          • SandraM says:

            have to ask why did you watch for 8 years if you hated them so much? and I do concur, Kate was MUCH meaner to Tony than Ziva ever was. She demeaned him at every opportunity.

          • You know what’s funny, this season Tony looks like a bigger idiot than he ever has.

        • Julia, right on target again. I think you read my mind!!! I don’t like what they have done to tony in dumbing him down, as if all he is there for is the jokes. I don’t like it.

          • MelS says:

            I’m sorry, what the hell is wrong with you? Mark Harmon is the star of NCIS–why wouldn’t there be major stories about him? It would pay you twits to remember that before making such horrendously stupid statements. Another thing, you might remember, Cote left on her own accord–so, please stop acting like it’s everyone else who is to blame. Instead of all your whining here, why aren’t you writing her and demanding to her that she returns? Afraid of the answer? Yeah, I thought so, lol on that for awhile…….

          • TullaT says:

            Natalie didn’t mention Gibbs at all. what in the hell is wrong with *you*?

          • Darlene says:

            You must be watching a different show…or are you talking about Seasons 7 thru 10? That was the height of the dumbed down Tony days. Even Michael Weatherly thinks so, saying he was tired of “playing the idiot in the corner.” Of Season 11, he says he’s glad those “idiot in the corner” days are gone. I think I’ll stick with Michael’s version of what has happened to his character in Season 11.

          • OlivaJ says:

            To TullaT, Natalie did indeed mention Gibbs, I suggest you read the comments above regarding Gibbs and the oh so amusing (eye roll) comment by her husband about Gibbs before jumping on other people. Goodness, reading comprehension is hard, isn’t it?

        • Alisa Neely says:

          i agree with you….i don’t mind tony joking, once in awhile….but, when he is the BUTT OF THE JOKE all the time….it’s NOT funny any more….tony WOULDN’T be part of gibbs team, if he couldn’t get the job DONE….but, even gibbs DOESN’T show tony the RESPECT he deserves……tony has put up with ALOT of DISRESPECT ….if it had been ME, i would have been GONE ALONG TIME AGO…..ziva was allowed to get away with MURDER more the ONCE…..tony IS supposed to be the team’s SFA, and HIS orders are to be FOLLOWED when gibbs is NOT around…..i DON’T like gibbs pitting his members against each other either.

        • LJ says:

          I also miss the smart, competent Tony of the early seasons. I began noticing the belittling of his character in seasons four and five, at which point I stopped watching. Now that I’m getting back into the show, I hope that side of Tony will reemerge. I do see hints of it which gives me hope.

          I also miss the Gibbs of those first seasons. Loved him with his redhead in the convertible. He had a nice mix of hardnosed Marine with a touch of a lighter, humorous side. It’s probably not a popular opinion, but I wish they never wrote in the dead wife and daughter.

      • SandraM says:

        what show do you watch? Tony is a smart, capable agent. I hate when he is a stupid clown.

        • Patricia says:

          While Mark Harmon has always gotten top billing, the show was much more interesting and fun when it had more of an ensemble cast feel to it. Now Tony is only paired with McGee. Gibbs is of course paired with everyone. If Gibbs isn’t your favorite (gasps of horror heard from tptb at such blasphemy) then the super Gibbs show has become pretty tedious. In the early seasons Tony’s character was much more significant in the stories of the investigations and he was even portrayed as THE clever or exceptionally brave agent. Now 95% of the danger scenes go to Gibbs. Used to be, we could see Michael Weatherly use his considerable acting chops when the character was written to become angry or serious. He didn’t even have to be supporting Ziva’s big dramas. Tony actually got entire episodes that were about him, and were used to flatter and feature his talents and virtues. Now we get bubble bath Tony as his feature moment. I’m tired of seeing Mark Harmon get all the juicy stories and dramatic moments. I’ve seen all his tricks. I hold out little hope though that tptb give a flying f— about what they’ve done to Tony. The executive producers are happy and that seems to be all that matters.

          • SandraM says:

            COMPLETELY agree! Tony is my favorite! he is the most courageous and ethical of them all. I HATE what they have done to him. They turned him into a fussy old man, a babysitter, a guy who frets about bath salts and his colon. And yet at the start of the season he was a KICKASS agent spending months in the middle east looking for Ziva. How does that work?

        • Alisa Neely says:

          i agree with you….while kate wasn’t always NICE…..she RARELY questioned HIS orders, when he gave them….ZIVA was 100% ABUSIVE….and OBESSED with him…..she with held VITAL information from him and even GIBBS….she didn’t know, HOW to FOLLOW ORDERS….she was NEVER a “team player.”……tony seemed to always be dumbed down, when he was paired with her out in the field…..she ALWAYS had to save the day…and then BELITTLED him….the reason some of us KEPT watching….was in HOPES of it getting better….or in HOPE, she’d LEAVE…..however, we STILL get ziva this and ziva that….she is GONE…’s time for Special Agent Tony DiNozzo to SHINE and be the AGENT we all KNOW he can be.

      • LoriG says:

        IMO this has been the worst season ever for Tony. He was an amazing, capable agent in the first two episodes. Since then he instantly turned into an old man like his father. Sometimes creepy like him as well.

      • Gabi says:

        Tony was often at his best when he was with Ziva. Who does not like the Tony of Truth or Consequences, Shiva or Past Present Future? When Ziva required a hero Tony stepped up and became that for her. He was a better man and agent when Ziva was around.
        Tony is humiliated because Glasberg worships at the altar of SuperAgent Gibbs and Mark Harmon. Glasberg will not allow anyone else to shine because he believes Gibbs should always be the hero.
        I also believed that Glasberg’s Gibbs worship led him to use Waite as an excuse to scrap the Tony finale just to make a Gibbs finale and continue with the Gibbs worship.

        • Alan says:

          i dont enjoy tony in any episode mary sue david is in because he is little more than a crutch for her storylines, he is finally getting to be his own person this season rather than a punchline and its great.

          • SandraM says:

            yes this website is infamous for being a nest of Ziva haters. Unlike any other fansite.

          • Alisa Neely says:

            AMEN….i agree with you…..he was NEVER treated well, by her….and she was able to PULL mcgee into her nasty ways…..i.e. TURNING OFF THE COMS…..when they were his BACKUP…because they were TIRED of listening to his voice…..they BOTH should have been WRITTEN UP….imo, they have written tony to be TOO SOFT as a SFA at times…..ziva was allowed to GET AWAY with TOO DAMN MUCH.

        • Jeremy 61 says:

          That Glasburg so obviously worships at the altar of Mark Harmon and super GIbbs makes me wonder if executive producer Mark Harmon hand picked him for precisely that reason.

          • OlivaJ says:

            Lets see, NCIS started starring Mark Harmon, he is the main star of the show. How utterly ridiculous to think the main storyline would revolve around the STAR of the show. Yeah, you sure ferreted out the main problem……….

        • AndrewS says:

          OMG, you are using the death of a great actor to accuse Glasberg of pandering to Gibbs? What is wrong with you? That is a horrible, stupid statement to make, and you should be ashamed of yourself. Honoring an actor like Ralph Waite with the finale is a way to honor what he meant to NCIS, yet, all you do is whine about Tony and Ziva–you are seriously one damaged person. Look up disgusting and vile in the dictionary and see if they got your picture right.

          • AndrewS says:

            My comment is directed right at “Gabi”, no one else.

          • mgf23 says:

            The RW tribute should have been an April episode.
            A finale is a finale and a tribute is a tribute. They should not be mixed and it makes me uncomfortable that they are not two separate episodes.

          • Alan says:

            so you would rather they rushed the episode and didnt do it justice? because this tony episode was mostly ready to go so shifting it forward to give them more time to put together the episode properly is the best thing they could have done.

      • TullaT says:

        He’s been made an idiot all season.

      • SandraM says:

        Wow, respectully disagree. IMO he has looked like a complete idiot, worse than in any seasons past. He instantly aged 20 years and became a nebbish old man. This is not the Tony I love.

        • Alan says:

          you mean he was finally allowed to mature into the middle aged man he is now rather than being kept emotionally stunted so he could set up punchlines for ziva?

          • Alisa Neely says:

            i agree…..tony is NO LONGER ziva’s punching bag….and it seems as if tim, show alittle MORE respect towards tony as his SFA ….now that ZIVA isn’t there….to pull him into BAD things…..i.e. turning off the coms. , when they were backup….and he was getting VOICE recordings during a CASE.

    • Julia says:

      I agree. I enjoyed “Once A Crook”, but have been disappointed with the way that Tony has been portrayed for much of season 11. I have enjoyed the lighter banter between Tony and McGee, but with the lack of an antagonist – now that Vance has become nice and we have no Trent Kort or similar character who we love to hate – and with little or no moments of any tangible jeopardy, I have found the series largely flat and unexciting.

      Very much looking forward to and crossing my fingers that “The Admiral’s Daughter” will be even a little exciting and that “Honour Thy Father” will live up to expectations as the tribute that Ralph Waite and his character, Jackson Gibbs deserve. I’m particularly delighted to see that Billy Dee Williams will be reprising his role as LJ Moore.

      • LoriG says:

        there are NO story arcs on NCIS any more, which was what set it above the rest. Now it’s just like CSI or Law and Order, a boring procedural. There has been TONS of light banter with NO heavier story line. who the hell cares any more what happens next sesason? it’s all murder of the week plus BS minor family stories. The thrill left with Ziva. I’m sure this completely freaks out Anna Santana who is a professional Ziva hater for 8 years running.

        • EddieP says:

          And exactly what kind of a hater are you?

        • Alan says:

          no story arcs? so i guess chasing benham parsa didnt happen then? or mcgees relationship with delilah and dealing with her paralyzation? and the story of searching for a new fourth member of the team? or the story of bishop slowly finding her place as the newbie of the team?
          stop talking crap and then maybe your opinions can be taken seriously.

          • TullaT says:

            Parsa, dead. McGee/Delilah, side story. Fourth member of the team, found and shoved in our faces. Bishop, worst thing that ever happened to the show. Where are the ARCS? GIve me something to care about.

          • OlivaJ says:

            Well, if it bothers you so much–why are you watching and commenting at all? If I don’t like something I find something else to watch, I don’t sit and whine constantly about. (Wow, what a concept/sarcasm intended.)

        • Alisa Neely says:

          ALL the ARCS always seemed to be WRAPPED around ZIVA, THE LAST SEVERAL SEASONS….she NEVER truely changed….and spoilers asked about OTHERS characters, ALWAYS turned into ones about ZIVA/TIVA… got OLD…..and i’ll admitt; i’m SICK of ALL THE LJG DRAMA….there ARE other characters ON the show…’s TIME, to let TIM, TONY and OTHERS to SHINE.

  7. Darlene says:

    Very much looking forward to this episode! I’m excited about Tony’s adventure. I hope the episode gives us some mystery, suspense, danger, and fun. I’m loving season 11 Tony!

  8. Leo says:

    If this is Marseilles on the photos, it does not look anything like marseilles. No resemblance. It looks more like a city of Quebec.

    • TullaT says:

      Never been to Marseilles, but I know Quebec very well. It does not look at all like Quebec.

    • John NYC says:

      “This is not the same metro set used in most every NCIS episode — and you can tell, because there’s a food truck with French words on it. /sarcasm”

      Sarcasm>>>>> Translation: That IS the same metro set used in most every NCIS episode.

      Matt gets sad when we don’t read the captions to the photos.

  9. Julia says:

    I had hoped that the “admiral’s daughter” might provide a spot of romance for Tony – even if just a fling – but since Meg Chambers Steedle is 18 years his junior, I’m assuming not. Sadly, there has been a dearth of excitement, passion and emotion this season – we never even saw McGee and Delilah kiss – I just loved the character of Delilah but in the absence of any evidence to the contrary I found it hard to believe they were anything more than just good friends! Hope the “Three Days Of The Condor” reference is not just a red herring. A very exciting movie. Would love to see Tony in a really serious situation giving Michael Weatherly something really dramatic to get his acting chops into. He’s an enormously capable and talented actor who has for the most part been wasted this season.

    • Natalie says:

      Julia I agree, although the only person i would like to see tony with ro,anti ally is ziva. Other than that I do agree that mw’s talents. Have been wasted on stupid scenes and silliness, except for a few scenes hereafter nd there. He is very talented especially when he gets serious stuff. Appreciate your comment.

      • TullaT says:

        He is a truly gifted actor. He falls back onto slapstick comedy when they don’t give him anything decent. This season has been a total waste for him. I find myself hoping he won’t renew his contract so he can get out of there.

      • Alisa Neely says:

        you DO know; that was an ABUSIVE relationship with ziva…..she treated him like CRAP…..had NO respect for HIM as an AGENT or as her SFA…..WHY would ANY tony fan want him in SUCH a relationship?…..i want him with someone who RESPECTS him TOTALLY….and ISN’T demanding or NEEDY….like Jeannne was….GOD, i hated that woman.

    • well I certainly hope there is no romance, that would be creepy. She’s a gorgeous girl. Looking forward to the ep!

    • John NYC says:

      Well as a 28 year old woman the actress could play a bit older and not be entirely unbelievable.

      But I doubt the character of Tony would be that unprofessional, I expect he’s learned his lesson with Jeanne.

  10. JackCee says:

    This has been the best season of NCIS in YEARS. Love seeing the cast getting back to investigating without all the romantic allusions and fist fighting. GREAT JOB to the writers and producers!

    • John NYC says:

      Agreed. I greeted the news the character of Bishop was going to be written married with a huge sigh of relief.

      • OlivaJ says:

        Couldn’t agree more. In all the places I’ve worked at, there usually are some married people–I’ve loved the change and also the return to investigations and the way it once was.

      • LJ says:

        I also found it refreshing for the series to introduce a regular character who is happily married.

  11. Lorene says:

    I am really excited for this episode! I love Tony centric episodes! :) This season has been great, the best in years, and just gets better every week!! Great job team!

  12. Erin says:

    I am guardedly excited about this. Tony is by far my favorite but I’ve learned not to expect to see the smart, cool, clever, and independent character I fell for in the first four seasons. I agree with the above comments that they have pretty much turned Tony into a different person from around seasons 5 and 6 on. Tony’s humor in the early seasons was fun and clever. Now it’s ALWAYS humiliating or embarrassing and at Tony’s expense. Oh well – I guess with his character’s demotion over the last 7 seasons I should just be grateful he’s getting his yearly one and done. Who knows – maybe they’ll suck it up and let him be portrayed as a hero instead of Gibbs for a change.

  13. The Rookie says:

    For me NCIS best episodes are from season 2, “Call of Silence” and “SWAK” being the best NCIS episodes ever. The Tony of “SWAK” should be model for future seasons: brave, determined, protective and very funny. Even if Ziva was an awesome character, the Tony / Ziva dynamic changed Tony. I really liked his brother/sister relationship with Kate better.

    • Pat says:

      Season 2 is my favorite. When compared with others, it is hands down, the best and most ingenious. Shame they had to turn Tony into a buffoon so Gibbs could ALWAYS be the hero and Ziva could ALWAYS be wonder woman. They seemed to intentionally just discard a really interesting character to turn two others into one dimensional super heroes.

    • TullaT says:

      I couldn’t stand Tony with Kate. They brought out the worst in each other. He was no more than a frat boy with Kate. When Ziva came along he rose up to his best. God, I miss that.

      • Alan says:

        are you watching the same show? he was a fratboy around ziva so she could get the “hilarious” putdowns, meanwhile kate treated him like an equal and traded jokes with him and never made him look like an incompetent mess like mary sue did.

      • Gabi says:

        I agree that Kate and Tony were so mean spirited to each other. Never once did I get the feeling that Kate trusted Tony. The Tony that Kate brought out was just annoying.
        Tony was so great when Ziva required it and he always rose up to the challenge. Without her there he is just window dressing and just a pale shadow of himself. He is now just the middle-aged Senior Field Agent who will always be put down so Gibbs can look good.

        • Darlene says:

          Yeah, even when it’s about Tony, it’s all about Ziva, right? What she “requires”. Tony exists to orbit around her.
          Well, Ziva is gone, so if what you’re saying is true, by all means, lets just fetch Tony a damsel-in-distress so that he can do his ‘knight in shining armor’ routine and be the gallant rescuer, steadfast friend, whatever is required, etc.
          Sorry. Tony is all grown up. He’s not the ‘idiot in the corner’ anymore. He’s acting like a man who’s been through a lot, but who has decided who he is and what he wants for his life. Good for Tony!

          • Alisa Neely says:

            i agree with you…..though, i also agree….that kate DID ask as if she SHOULD have the job of SFA when she was there….simply BECAUSE, she’d protected the PRESIDENT…..then ZIVA thought she was BETTER, because she was MOSSAD….ziva’s digs were HURTFUL…i didn’t like kate throwing in his face about kissing another man….DISRESPECTING THE LOSS OF PACCi.

        • Patricia says:

          If Tony is window dressing it’s not because Ziva isn’t there. It’s because Gary Glasburg and company never give him anything interesting to do. He was a purse when Ziva was there since his main function was to accompany and pump up this actress and make her character’s stories seem more interesting. The so called “humor” scenes always make Tony look silly, stupid, or clueless. As long as Gibbs is the only one allowed to be the super hero, which is quite obviously the agenda, I fear Tony won’t be much but window dressing. The status quo dictates more casserole baking, bubble bath taking Tony for season 12. Like this and last season, he’ll get the occasional one and done, but all serious and significant story arcs will center around an angsty super Gibbs. How many times do we have to see Mark Harmon play these scenes?

          • OlivaJ says:

            Considering who the star is, Mark Harmon can pretty well play any scene he wants. Also, none of the stars play, “super heroes”, never have, never will. Go watch Agents of Shield for the super heroes. What is your problem? The constant complaints are now becoming ridiculous in their silliness–what’s next? Ducky is too old to be coroner, so let’s make Tony the coroner to give him more airtime! They don’t need Abby, make Tony the head of forensics as well! Better yet, let’s just make Tony, the Secretary of the Navy AND Director of NCIS and do everything…..SMH

  14. LoriG says:

    Just out of curiosity, for Matt M! do you guys take bets over how long it takes for fights to break out? :)

    • Jerri says:

      They don’t need to since arguments break out as soon as the article is posted.

    • Alan says:

      im pretty sure if they did betting would be suspended on anything ncis related because the mary sue david crazies are so predictable that they will derail it in minutes.

  15. I have always loved Tony, even when sometimes he annoyed me to no end. There were always scenes that showed his different sides- hero, supportive friend, obnoxious brother, etc. but this year they have turned him into some sort of cartoon character version that I just don’t like. Now full disclaimer, I loved him with ziva, because I thought that she often brought out the best in him. But even without her, I have seen glimpses of that tony this year. Just not often enough. It’s like somehow they have forgotten the whole history of his character except for the goofy stupid parts. If people want to watch the show for that that is their business, but I’m in this show for the characters, not the one-liners. So I hope that they deliver in this ep and it’s not just another tease.

    • Patricia says:

      I loved season 4 Tony. The writers really evolved Tony during his crime story arc (the only one he’s had) with Jeanne. But sadly that was the last time he was allowed to be shown as a sensitive adult, an outstanding agent, and important in his own right. Tony wasn’t made better by his connection to ZIva in later episodes. He was turned into her always humiliated punching bag for the “humor” portion of the show, and her admirer when the writers needed to pump up the idea that she was the show’s irresistible siren. Everyone else on the team had to be wowed by her as well and all male guest stars.
      But – in the last few seasons the only “serious” attention Tony has gotten has centered around whichever current Ziva drama or tragedy happened to be in the spotlight. As the show seems like it may wind down, I have little hope that they’ll give Tony any real consideration, focus, or evolution, because as usual, Gary Glasburg will be busy creating more dramas and opportunities to wind up the story of super Gibbs. Tony will likely be as usual, an afterthought.

  16. Alan says:

    or he wants to provide a tribute to a great actor, stop exploiting ralph whites death for your agenda.

  17. Doug says:

    My only complaint about NCIS is the lack of location shooting. It’s always backlot or the same outdoor location (used by most LA-based crime shows). CSI is even worse with their fake CGI Vegas strip backdrops. I really enjoy shows that are filmed on location — especially when those locations are well-featured. I’d watch White Collar with the sound off just for the amazing use of NYC locations. Castle does a better job NYC-esque locations in LA rather than backlot, but imagine how much better Castle would be if the gave it the White Collar location treatment.

    • John NYC says:

      I’d add a Person of Interest to that list: some great NYC locations. Probably a fave because they appreciate Washington Square Park about as much as I do.

  18. DeeLoge says:

    I always think it is fun to read other opinions and take on the show. If you have been watching this season, Tony has made several remarks about being out on his own more and knowing when its time to do just that. I really think this season is a bit of a wash. Ziva gone, Bishop new and now Gibbs Dad’s passing. I think all in all we had some great episodes and wonderful scenes with Gibb, McGee and Tony. Now as we approach the end of the season I think we might see a much different approach to Season 12. We will start fresh with no loose ends to tie up and hopefully we get to see more of the investigative edge the show had in its early years. Moreover, its time for some of these people to have a personal life!!! Bring on Season 12!

  19. Heidi says:

    Personally, through all the years of NCIS, I feel the one Tony connected to the best and most honestly was Jeanne Benoit (Scottie Thompson). Together, they made an elegant and heart-felt couple. I was sad when she went away. I don’t think Tony’s ever really been the person he was with her.

    • Darlene says:

      I agree! I’d love to see that Tony again.

    • John NYC says:

      Sadly those bridges were well and truly burned I fear. Yes, they were wonderful together.

    • Alisa Neely says:

      while he was serious….she TOOK HIM FOR GRANTED….she went from looking for an apartment to rent together to looking at HOUSES to buy….even her nurse friend, thought she was OUT OF LINE there…..and his team treated him like CRAP after the case was over…..EVEN gibbs did.

  20. SandraM says:

    I heard a “theory” that there is some kind of social media campaign to bring Ziva back? anyone know about this?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      One (1) user name per IP address, thank you!

    • Alan says:

      unless the target of the campaign is to harass cote de pablo into changing her mind and coming back to the show she willingly left of her own accord then thats not going to do anything.

    • Darlene says:

      Does anyone really care, SandraM? This thread is about Tony’s adventure to France.

      • Alan says:

        dont even bother, these idiots managed to derail articles about ralph waites death by making it all about ziva, this is nothing new.

        • Alisa Neely says:

          I AGREE…..they did the SAME thing, even when she was on…..spoilers about OTHERS, ALWAYS turned into spoilers about ZIVA/TIVA… got OLD….and now that she is GONE ( thank heavens), they STILL turn spoilers for other characters into ZIVA/COTE/TIVA things….they DON’T RESPECT HER CHOICE TO LEAVE.

    • Dean says:

      Yup its a group of people who use Cote DePablo’s name as an excuse to justify their hate, bigotry and dissatisfaction with the show its actors and crew for not submiting to their demands. But hey for people who would gut newborns if it meant cote would return who are we to argue.

    • Alisa Neely says:

      they HAVEN’T stopped, since SHE CHOSE TO LEAVE…..her fans don’t want to RESPECT her decision to LEAVE.

  21. Jennifer says:

    I am looking forward to seeing Tony in France. I just hope he doesn’t fall in love with the Admirals Daughter. I’ll be pissed.
    I also miss Ziva a bunch and want her to come back. The new girl is ok but the show has lacked a lot of umph since she left the show. I sure do hope she comes back for a guest star appearance!
    I could have sworn they were talking about Tony being in France during the season finale. But I might have gotten it wrong cause in the finale they are paying tribute to Ralph Waite which I think is really nice.

  22. carrinebchaud says:

    since when does the NCIS has an office in France who is less cooperative western europe allie sof the usa?

    • Darlene says:

      I’m not exactly sure what you’re asking, but there is indeed a NCIS office in Marseilles, France. Go to the real NCIS website for the complete list of their office locations worldwide.

  23. Caroline says:

    Weatherly and 3 Days of the Condor is an absolutely inspired idea but my concern is that they can’t do it justice in 43 mins of runtime. It should have been a two-parter in order to avoid having to slice and dice too many conjuctives. I’d love to have seen this developed and unfolded in a way to do it justice. The idea is just too good to skimp on.

    • Patricia says:

      Since it was originally conceived as the finale, it probably was supposed to be a two parter. But giving us a Tony centric story that lasts two whole episodes has been unheard of since season 4. The only characters who have rated two parters are Gibbs, Ziva, and Vance. A multi episode Tony finale was too good to be true and obviously not a priority for the executive producers who set the agenda. I hope they don’t rush through it so haphazardly that the story doesn’t make sense. They may cut out the promoted action scenes for Tony, or scenes that show his dramatic ability, but they certainly won’t cut any scenes that flatter Gibbs.

      • OlivaJ says:

        Wow, you have a lot of Gibbs hate going on don’t you? Considering Mark Harmon is the star (you know the main lead), and it’s not NCIS starring Michael Weatherly as the lead–I really don’t get your point. I’ve watched NCIS from the beginning because of Mark Harmon, the rest of the cast became favorites as well, but if Harmon wasn’t on it I’d probably give it a pass. Are you angling to be Weatherly’s press agent or something? The rapport between Harmon and Weatherly is well documented and they are great friends–whatever issues you have been spouting off about, all seem to be coming from some inner angst on your part. I watch and enjoy NCIS for everybody, I sincerely doubt there is a show out there, (or one that would survive), that pays a great amount of money for an actor, and then not utilize that actor in every scene.

        • Patricia says:

          I just think that the lack of variety has become boring and the use of Michael Weatherly to humiliate himself on almost a weekly basis as the majority of attention his character gets is frustrating as a Weatherly fan. In the first four seasons which were by far the most clever, the hero moments, humor moments, and aha moments were quite evenly spread to all characters. Now everyone has been pigeon holed and the formula is rarely disregarded. If Gibbs is your favorite I can understand why this being turned into the Gibbs show isn’t an issue for you, but many Tony fans are not quite so happy. I don’t want for Tony to take over and be everything on the show. I just want him to be more than the weekly joke.

          • Alisa Neely says:

            i totally agree with you…..MH is NOT that ONLY star on the show….and gibbs is NOT the only character…..i’ll be honest: i’m SURPRISED MW has stayed on as long as he has….considering how his character is made the butt of the JOKE all the time and NOT shown the RESPECT he SHOULD have.

          • OlivaJ says:

            ” I watch and enjoy NCIS for everybody”. What part of that statement did you not comprehend? Yes, I’m a fan of Mark Harmon, but, I’m a fan of every person on the show. I’ve been a fan of NCIS before it even made it to a series. The stores run almost the same way since the beginning, yes, it’s a formula, yes, it’s a procedural. What makes it special is the rapport between all of the characters, that hasn’t changed. What has changed is the constant complaining about the show since Ms. De Pablo departed, (at her choice), now, everyone is fair game and as an aside–“it was so much better with Ziva” has gotten very old. Tony has always been the joker of the group, in fact, he has used that “goofiness” to his advantage in many cases. Now, you want him to be more than a “weekly joke”, so, you want him to change into a serious, humorless person to satisfy you and the “many Tony fans” who are not so happy. (Funny thing about those “many” fans, reading the comments–there really aren’t that many). They did an episode, when Tony was Mr. Serious and not funny and I thought it was one of the worst episodes ever done. Why aren’t you complaining to the writers of the show instead of taking potshots at Harmon and the others? From the comments I’ve read from Weatherly, he’s quite happy with the way the show is going, or, even though he’s participating in this show and has input, are you inferring he’s just too dumb to realize he’s being “humiliated” on a weekly basis? I’d check with him first, before trying to speak for him.

  24. Dean says:

    @TullaT @LoriG @LucyVanPelt (@LucyAppa) @SandraM @natalieswhite and other pro-ziva/ Cote members. All you have done since the show started this year is bash blame and send unnecessary hate to the cast and crew of NCIS for a decision Cote made willingly, naturally you won’t believe that since you believe anyone who says so must be a puppet with CBS’s hand up their butt this goes from the cast members to show runners to PR people. So this BRINGBACKCOTE/ZIVA is just your excuse to criticize others for not sharing your views, honestly if you believed killing a newborn child was the only requirement to bring Cote back to the show you all would do so in a heartbeat. And to anyone who want to retort that I must be an anti-cote or anti-ziva I say now I could give two craps about who comes or who goes on the show heck if Gibbs were to leave and some new agent came in to lead the team that would be fine. Quit acting like you’re saints on a crusade and quit acting like you speak for the fandom.

  25. Jaycee says:

    For those whinging about the final episode. It was originally going to be Tony’s but it was only changed because of Ralph Waites passing so was brough forward.

  26. Jaycee says:

    Reading other comments in here I think a lot of you need to grow up. Michael is fine and happy with his character he has said so in interviews. The ratings say it all. Get over it.

  27. Jack says:

    Gotta face the facts …. The entire NCIS franchise is ” swirling the bowl ” …. and the prime flusher is none other than this very same wretched excuse for a ” writer ” …Gary Glasberg who should be known as Gary Iceberg .. as in the iceberg that sunk the Titanic .. .. Mark Harmon has reverted back to 1987 when he played the goofy, weak-willed high-school gym teacher ” Freddy Shoop ” …. After this NCIS season, he will NEVER, EVER be Gibbs again …. The show writers have allowed the Wickersham/Bishop character to thoroughly emasculate not only all the male characters on the show, but has specifically done the best job on the Gibbs character ….. turning the once fierce Gibbs into a weak, Wickersham/Bishop groupie who is now known as Special Agent Cupcake.

    • OlivaJ says:

      You know what’s sad, “Jack”? You are. On April 11, 2014, you posted the very same remarks on this site, (Ratings posted April 9, 2014). You obviously, have no imagination to speak of, except to parrot the same stupid comments over and over. Using “Jack”, or some of your other aliases, you give yourself away every single time, (I’d tell you what tips everyone off, but, you are not worth the time or trouble). Why don’t you come back when you have something original to say or something that actually makes sense. Your little whining fits are really getting boring now. Plus, the only cupcake I see “swirling the bowl”, is you–pretty embarrassing, huh? Abandon ship, “Jack”, you’ve hit the iceberg of mediocrity (and stupidity).

    • Jaycee says:

      What a lot of tripe.

  28. Julia says:

    Just seen the promo for “The Admiral’s Daughter”. I am going to be so bitterly disappointed if this episode instead of being dramatic and exciting is played for laughs as the light relief between two much more emotional and grittier episodes, ie “Shooter” and “Honor Thy Father”.

    • Patricia says:

      I’m worried about The Admiral’s Daughter being lite “comic” fare too, surrounded by Abby and Gibbs getting the deeper more emotional (and heavily promoted) episodes. I guess we’ll find out, but let’s face it, Tony hasn’t been significant in any of the serious issue episodes in years and years. Gibbs, Ducky, Abby, and formerly Ziva, are the only characters who are written to have the nobility of character to care about things like social injustices. Tony gets to worry about stuff like his next bubble bath or the ill effects of his voodoo doll. I would love to be pleasantly surprised by this episode but as a Tony fan it’s much safer not to get ones hopes up and just be thankful he got his yearly one and done..

      • OlivaJ says:

        Well, I see you are still taking potshots at the other cast members, as I said, considering how happy Michael Weatherly seems to be with his work, shouldn’t you check with him before saying he’s not had any “significant” episodes in “years and years”? Now it’s Abby and Gibbs? Wow.

      • Alan says:

        what about the episodes featuring tony senior? they not important enough for you? or is it just convenient to forget it?

  29. Lori says:

    I’m very much looking forward to this episode, Matt. Have been since I saw the first spoiler, especially since it’s a Binder/Silber collaboration. People can nitpick all they want, but I have enjoyed NCIS season 11.

  30. cherry says:

    For the Ziva fans, take a look at next week tv guide with Mark Harmon on the cover. There is a picture of everyone at the casket in the cemetery. On the right side there is a woman standing behind McGee with dark hair & wearing dark clothes. I do not know if this is Ziva or not, you cannot see her face clearly. The article says that Delilah us coming back next season.

  31. ricardo says:

    Who played the Admiral? He’s looks familiar

  32. ann harford says:

    ncis is a fast exciting series BUT why the actor change where is ziva

  33. MollyG says:

    I want to know what is the name of the game they played in this episode. The one that help tony contacted his team?