USA Sets Summer Dates for Covert Affairs, Graceland, New Matt Passmore Drama and Others

Satisfaction USA NetworkUSA Network on Wednesday announced its full summer 2014 schedule, which includes the returns of SuitsCovert AffairsGraceland and Royal Pains, as well as the premieres of two new dramas.

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Among the new offerings are Rush, which stars Tom Ellis (Once Upon a Time) as a discreet physician to the rich and infamous, and Satisfaction, in which Matt Passmore (The Glades) plays one half of a strained married couple.

Here’s the full breakdown of USA summer premieres:

9 pm Royal Pains Season 6

9 pm Suits Season 4
10 pm Graceland Season 2

10 pm Covert Affairs Season 5

9 pm Rush (new series)
10 pm Satisfaction (new series)

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  1. Babybop says:

    It feels like forever since Covert Affairs has been on… I miss it, hurry up June 24th!

  2. Lore says:

    And nothing about White Collar :(

  3. abz says:

    I only watched the first season of Royal Pains, but Rush sounds exactly the same. Probably won’t be checking it out.
    Can’t wait for Covert Affairs and Graceland!!

  4. sarah says:

    Looking forward to Suits, Covert and Graceland! I will be checking out Satisfaction as I love Matt Passmore!

  5. Esaul says:

    I haven’t watched Suits live in quite some time. Has it always been at the 9 PM hour?

    • Shaun says:


      • Mark says:

        Actually, it’s been on at 10 for most of it’s run.

        Looks like I’m going to have a quiet summer. Only three shows I’ll watch for sure. May stick with Graceland for season 2 – we’ll see how the premier grabs me. Probably pass on the two new shows. And for this recovering USA Network addict, that’s saying something.

  6. gina says:

    I’m still sad that “THE GLADES” didn’t have an ending

    • You and me both! They just left Jim lying there on the kitchen floor full of bullet holes and no knowing if he lived or died. Kalie waiting at the church for him forever.

      • Norma says:

        They could have at least come back with a two hour ending. thats why I hate getting attached to a program. The networks don’t care about the audience just leave us hanging not knowing what happens. See If I buy the DVD for the seasons. Money lost to the netework.

  7. Julie says:

    Suits, Covert Affairs and Graceland at the same time = busy summer! Three of my faves and Royal Pains returning – can’t wait! And as I’m a fan of almost all USA shows I am looking forward to Satisfaction. But I have to agree with an earlier poster, Rush sounds a lot like Royal Pains.

  8. Joey Padron says:

    Can’t wait to watch Royal Pains, Suits, and Graceland’s new seasons in June!

  9. Saabgirlatx says:

    Can’t wait for Graceland!!!!!!!

  10. Jared says:

    What about Major Crimes ?

  11. dreamlife613 says:

    I wish USA had picked up Gale Ann Hurd’s “Horizon,” which sounded intriguing

  12. Baffled says:

    I hope that Matt Passmore is as “tasty” in “Satisfaction” as he was in “The Glades”. If the role doesn’t work out, maybe he can come back and do one more episode so that his dedicated fans can have some closure as to whether Jim Longworth lives or dies. Really, talk about your cliffhanger. At least on “Dallas” we got to see who shot JR.

  13. Robert P says:

    Graceland is Back?! That’s the only TV Show I’ve ever been hooked to!

  14. Mary Steele says:

    I’m so looking forward to Matt Pressman’s new program Satisfaction. I also really enjoy Graceland. Thanks – USA – for your excellent shows.

  15. Mary Brown says:

    I am tired of Law and Order SVU being on every day. What happened to NCIS?? SVU is a good show but not every day!

  16. Stephanie Bobelu-Boone says:

    What happened to Necessary Roughness?
    Dr. Danni needs to come back..

  17. The last season of Covert Affairs didn’t seem that great. Hope this season is better

  18. panama jones says:

    any time in the vast future, is white collar going to be on tv ??

  19. Amy Adams says:

    I am not at all happy that you have Law & Order on every day, into the evenings! It is overkill! I love NCIS and really look forward to seeing their reruns in the summer. At least you do show some of NCIS Los Angeles. What is up with this? Enough already!

  20. Ann Taylor says:

    Agree with the viewer who said last season did not seem that great. So far am very disappointed in this seasons programming–some of us viewers would rather have more of a story line (plot) for example then sex and violence–we can see that anywhere else on TV. Covert Affairs used to be a show we could watch without excessive violence or raw sex–it actually had a story line we could follow–I’m giving up on Covert Affairs–use to be my favorite program–not now–likely never again–just another violent non-thinking, ill-conceived uninteresting program but violent show.

  21. Mary Williams says:

    Enough Law & Order: SVU already! I realize that there are about 1,000,000 episodes available, but REALLY must it be on all the time! NCIS:LA is much better than SVU and the original NCIS. More of it, please.

  22. Claude says:

    I like Covet Affairs and the adventure that it can bring….but I’m tired of trying to read quickly the lines that all briefly posted, (at the bottom of the screen) because of a foreign language that is spoken—I’m slowly losing my sight and it is very hard to read the small type.

  23. s.l.smith says:

    I am totally disgusted with the ad for “Satisfaction” and the thought of watching a show that features women grabbing a man’s crotch makes me want to hurl. Overt Sex does NOT sell a TV show! I liked the premise of the new show Tyrant. But 5 minutes into it, you see a very explicit intercourse scene. Turned it off & will not watch it again. I want a good story line, good acting & not gratuitous sex every 5 minutes. People may watch the first show to understand the story line but they won’t come back. Haven’t you people been paying attention to the viewing trends? What you’re offering doesn’t sell anymore.

    • twinangel says:

      Amen to that! The ads that will support such junk for the new show Satisfaction, I will boycott. if anyone else feels the same, follow suit and boycott them too.maybe they will get the message!!! You reap what you sow you people behind and on these shows.God help you all.

  24. Slick62 says:

    I love the new show “Satisfaction” It feels like the male version of me.

  25. michelle says:

    Covert affairs has got to come back to USA with season 6 I have watched all episodes since the very first one came out..

  26. Glass0023 says:

    I really miss the great shows like Monk,Psych,Burn Notice,Necessary roughness and In Plain Sight. I know there are reruns but I want new episodes. The new shows like Satisfaction are just nothing but everyone having sex with every dog in town. Rush is just a copy of House and Royal Pains all mixed up together.I do enjoy Royal pains,covert affairs and Christy knows best. I hope that there will be a better line up for this fall. I used to watch USA only but that has changed.

  27. Sara L. says:

    USA has this family for Covert Affairs, Suits and Graceland but Rush and Satisfaction – yank them!! I’m ready for White Collar again and something not so raunchy!!

  28. Clay says:

    When is the second season of rush coming on?! Great show

  29. Clay says:

    When does the second season of Rush come on? Great show