Did You Fall For MTV's Faking It?

Faking It Series PremiereThere’s a magical high school in Austin, Texas, where being different is a cause for celebration, rather than an excuse for ridicule — so much so that two social nobodies can skyrocket to instant popularity simply by pretending to be lesbians.

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That’s the basic premise behind MTV’s new comedy Faking It, which premiered Tuesday, as best friends Amy (Rita Volk) and Karma (American Idol‘s Katie Stevens) engage in a faux-lesbian relationship after some misinformed encouragement from new pal Shane (United States of Tara‘s Michael Willett).

Karma also uses her newfound popularity to start a flirtationship with misunderstood artist Liam (Pretty Little Liars‘ Gregg Sulkin), though she greatly underestimates how much her secret will get in the way.

Faking It Season 1 SpoilersBecause every party needs a pooper, Amy’s new stepsister Lauren (Bunheads‘ Bailey Buntain) is determined to expose to the school’s new “it” couple, but her plans are crushed when Amy and Karma engage in a full-on makeout session in front of the entire school.

And let’s talk about that kiss — though Karma only does it to squash speculation of her heterosexuality, Amy comes away from it with a lot more than just some extra lip gloss.

Could Amy not be faking it, after all?

Grade Faking It‘s series premiere below, then drop a comment with your full review.


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  1. rod says:

    I really liked it, i thought ot was gonna be a carbon copy of “Awkard” but it wasnt.
    The concept of the school in Austin is a little ridiculous at first but at the end of the episode i was sold.

    • Rook says:

      As someone who lives and went to high school in Austin, they did take it up a notch but it didn’t seem to farfetched to me. A couple of character could easily be found in Austin, especially Karma’s parents.

    • Bryce says:

      Yeah they were laying the Austin element on pretty thick. Before watching I honestly thought it’d take places in San Fran but having lived in Austin I can see it. Mention Congress was nice.

    • dude says:

      The creator of the show said he chose to set it in Austin because he’s been there and it’s the most accepting and tolerant place in Texas. He said he felt like he was in West Hollywood while he was there.

  2. Riana says:

    They make a better couple. It needs to happen for real.

  3. Karen O says:

    I’m kind of obsessed with it.

  4. Evan says:

    The preview for the season looked promising, plus it’s on after “Awkward,” so I’m probably in. Cheeky twist on the whole equality thing, but interested in seeing how they handle Amy not being so fake about the whole thing. Could be pretty good.

  5. j. says:

    I thought it was pretty good. I couldn’t stop smiling as I watched and that’s always a good indicator of whether I’ll keep watching.

  6. Bryce says:

    My only problem was the gay kid putting them at the party with absolutely no drawback. Not a great example. Otherwise the show was cute but I’d rather watch Awkward any day. Whatever the case, I’ll keep watching!

  7. Apples says:

    It was OK. I hope the two girls end up together. It’s so cliche to see the love triangles always resolved in favor of the het couple.

    • johnhelvete says:

      But if Karma is straight and is not attracted to girls, than Amy can’t get the girl. I think you can interpret the kiss at the end two different ways. The first way, Karma seemed kinda into it perhaps she is bisexual. The other way, Karma is so obsessed with being popular she was blown away that Amy had the guts to kiss her in front of the school.

      • Apples says:

        I’m not interpreting anything, as yet. Obviously they’re setting some kind of triangle, and I just hope it’s not the lesbian with the sad, lost-love ending (as it is so common with these kinds of situations). I’m probably not even going to watch the rest of the show, the pilot wasn’t that good.

      • Oneta says:

        I agree. I think having Karma not return Amy’s feelings adds depth to the show. Which I believe is especially important when they are risking a lot by having a show that can be construed as insulting to queer people. I was initially opposed to the idea, but with the whole premise of Amy struggling to figure out her identity I’m kind of hooked. I can totally sympathize with Amy, so I’m gonna keep watching. There is definitely some sexism though.

    • Jen-Jen says:

      I think either way, or at least I hope, that Karma will not get with Liam in the end. It’s a superficial crush… just like her lust for popularity. It delivers a better message if she doesn’t get with Liam, but that doesn’t mean she gets with Karma either.

  8. Elyse says:

    I liked it! I love Karma and Amy’s friendship so I’ll keep watching :) I’m not sure which ship I wanna jump on just yet though.

  9. woodyinho says:

    her name is Karma? Lol.

  10. Tom Charles says:

    For the most part I liked it, but the blonde republican girl felt a little over the top for my tastes.

  11. r0ckmypants says:

    I tuned in simply because I will watch Bailey Buntain do anything, and she was hysterical in this. But I found myself actually liking it beyond her performance more than I thought I would… it was very charming and likeable.

  12. KMuck says:

    I am a 55yo lesbian, so WAY outside your demographic, bit I loved this show.

    I am a comedy snob, and it takes a lot to even make me smile, let alone laugh out loud, and I did more laughing out loud in the first five minutes of, “Faking It”. then I did at the whole season of anything else on television.

    Forget the age thing, give it a shot.

  13. uk-usa-tvaddict says:

    I watched the pilot and I didn’t think that it was as awful as the summary made it seem but I just don’t understand how there aren’t Out actual lesbian couples in this really progressive school.

    Question: Is the actor who played Shane a professional gay actor? As in he only plays gay characters? I just saw the promo for GBF and it was the same guy.

  14. astro says:

    The premise was so whacky that it actually worked and it seemed quite funny. My only problem with it (besides the previously mentioned outing with no evidence) was the idea that 2 very beautiful and also (not less importantly) interesting girls would be completely ignored at their high school. Oh well, but it’s TV, if it was like reality, we wouldn’t watch it. Anyway, I’ll probably keep watching this

  15. Anna says:

    Honestly started the episode thinking I would roll my eyes more than laugh, but I was pleasantly surprised. I’m definitely checking out the next episode (and rooting for Amy!).

  16. tessa says:

    I think army are cute together

  17. berthe86 says:

    Love this show! Pretty much got hooked from the start, hope they renew it for a second season!! I’ve got a serious crush on Amy (Rita Volk) 💋

  18. norileen14 says:

    I love the show….u rock both of them KARMy

  19. Liz says:

    I am super obsessed with the show as well!! I think this is accruals my favorite show now after just one episode !! It’s crazy . I would devastated if it was cancelled. Please get a season two going . Plz plz plz plz