Caity Lotz Previews the Arrow Team's 'Kill Roy' Debate and Rages as a Sci-Fi Movie Machine

Seeing RedCaity Lotz admits, “I didn’t really come in with huge expectations” when she was recruited by The CW’s Arrow last July, to play presumed dead Sara Lance aka crime-fighting Canary. Even so, the opportunity has proven to be “a lore more than I ever expected,” she shares with TVLine. “It’s a lot of fun to be a part of this show.”

Helping matters, no doubt, is the warm welcome the San Diego-born actress received by many of the show’s viewers — never an easy feat given how discriminating comic book fans can be when it comes to on-screen adaptations.

“They can be very protective, which is cool, because it shows that they’re involved,” Lotz notes. “So I guess I’ve been lucky that they’ve accepted me into their ‘crew.'”

‘RED’ ALERT | Reflecting on her run thus far — which as of Wednesday at 8/7c totals 20 episodes — Lotz appreciates the depth afforded Sara, who in addition to kicking ass alongside Arrow (played by Stephen Amell) and rekindling a once-illicit romance with Oliver enjoys rich relationships with the female characters as well, including estranged sis Laurel, Arrowcave colleague Felicity and, yes, the enigmatic Nyssa al’Ghul. In that respect, “The writers have done a really good job with Sara,” she affirms.

Seeing Red

This week on the CW hit, the episode “Seeing Red” pits Team Arrow against one of their own, when Mirakuru’d Roy is perceived, by some, to be too great a threat to their cause, if not Starling City at large. Sara is at least one voice suggesting that Arrow’s super-strong sidekick needs to be snuffed.

“Sara and Oliver have seen this before, and Roy is just too far gone, so Sara thinks he needs to be put down, definitely,” Lotz previews. “She’s like, ‘He’s done. We’ve got to kill him.’ Boom!” — a stance that, of course, conflicts with Oliver’s particular vigilante policy. “He’s got the big ‘no killing’ thing, so yeah, that comes into play.”

RAGING AS THE MACHINE | Similar issuesThe Machine Caity Lotz of morality play heavily in Lotz’s new VOD/theatrical release, The Machine, in which she plays Ava, a brilliant scientist who, upon suffering a tragic death, is reanimated by way of high-level AI that she herself designed. Thing is, ‘The Machine’ she becomes is under the purview of the Ministry of Defense, and thus is ultimately tasked with missions that run afoul of both Ava’s belief set as well as the AI through which she now exists.

“For me, the movie wasnt about ‘technology versus humans,’ it was more a look at our own humanity, and questioning that which makes us human and how far we’ve disconnected from that,” Lotz observes. “Are we redeemable?”

In creating her AI alter ego, Lotz drew a bit of inspiration from Michael Fassbender’s Prometheus robot, a rare exception amid the many “inhuman and emotionless” types portrayed across decades of sci-fi fare. “Because [The Machine] isnt emotionless at all. She’s very emotional. She feels a lot,” Lotz explains — a quality that puts her in direct conflict with her purpose as envisioned by the MoD.

An indie effort produced on a modest budget, The Machine nonetheless evokes a specific near-future, and thanks to “great” effects people, Lotz’s character is a tactile one sporting at-times translucent parts. Yet the more physical “effects,” as exhibited during assorted combat scenes, were a product of the dance-trained actress’ own hand. “I did all my own stunts,” she reports. “We didn’t really have time for rehearsals!”




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  1. JC says:

    I think she’s been a great addition to the show, and I really hope they don’t kill her. I just think they need to find a bit more balance with her and the rest of Team Arrow – it doesn’t have to be one or the other.

    • dr_spaceman says:

      The show has been out of balance lately. Felicity’s been reduced to comic relief, Diggle mostly stands in the background making (awesome) faces, and even Roy spent the whole last episode unconscious lol

    • aunni says:

      ppl who hated laurel liked sara, bt the producers forgot 1 thing if they want to choose them one female character 90% of the viewer will choose felicity, even some like me choose fel over oliver, morons

      • Dominator of destruction says:

        Umm no Sara is a strong female character in her own right the strongest on the show actually i would choose her all day everyday

    • Melissa says:

      I agree. Caity Lotz and Manu Bennett are the two biggest reasons I love season 2 of Arrow. I respect the producers for casting an actress for Black Canary that actually has a martial arts background and not just a pretty face. I also love that Caity seems like such humble, down-to-earth person in real life, makes me love her even more. She seems so gentle and sweet, but then you watch some of her martial arts videos on YouTube and you realize this ‘sweet’ person can also kick your a**. This chick could be Black Canary in real life! Also love that she seems to have great chemistry with the entire cast.

      • Dominator of destruction says:

        Melissa top post agree 100% this season has been great because of Sara/Canary and Manu as deathstroke

    • Crest says:

      Felicity/Emily Bett Rickards has always had too much screentime, when that screentime isnt even used to tell a backstory or story arc. At least they have used that time wisely with Sara.

      Felicity fans only talk about balance when its not Felicity getting the lion’s share of screentime. You care so much for Diggle getting focus that you were still complaining even when Digs was getting his centric episode in Suicide squad. Dont even say that Roy has not got lots of focus and centric episodes because he has before and now.

      • JC says:

        *blinks* What? That doesn’t even make sense – I don’t even understand what you’re trying to say here. And why are you attacking me? I’ve been one of the biggest Sara supporters here at TVLine.

      • dr_spaceman says:

        Why are Felicity/Olicity fans always getting attacked? How is it okay for people to say how much they love Sara but it’s not okay for people to say how much they love Felicity?

        • Crest says:

          Stop trying to be victims. I’m not attacking you, Im saying it how it is.

          I dont care how much you claim to like Sara(or any of the character), if you are biased when it comes to Felicity. You clearly dont want balance, if Felicity getting so much screentime and focus is not questioned, but now that the focus has TEMPORARILY moved to another female character its a problem.

          @dr spaceman, noone has attacked you for saying “I Love Felicity”, so stop trying to make things what they are not. I just disagree on how you are trying to make it look like Sara has taken so much screentime from the others. Diggle’s role was reduced way back when Felicity joined, but you dont really care about that do you, because that would have meant reducing almighty Felicity’s “deserved” screentime and focus. Lets wait and then use Sara as a scapegoat to blame for Diggle’s woes, for something that started before she was in the show. The big storyline right now has to do with Mirakuru, which directly involves Roy and he is in the thick of it, so I fail to see where Roy isnt getting his due. And i wouldnt say Felicity is just comic relief, she goes into the field on occasion and has some dramatic scenes. If people were paying attention, all of these characters have had something to do during the season.

          The show hasnt been out of balance, its focusing on different characters’ each season, if people would be patient enough they would realise the show will eventually get to less focused on characters. Even though Felicity isnt one of them, didnt they say we will learn more about Felicity Smoak in season 3?. Heck I dont even like Thea or Laurel but I think they suffer the worst from “lack of balance” in the show, but for some reason noone seems to talk about them when this issue comes up.

          • JC says:

            I didn’t even mention Felicity, nor have I in any comment on this article. I just used the word “balance” and you flipped out and jumped to a whole lot of conclusions. If you think the show’s perfect, fantastic. People are allowed to not think so without you attacking them for it. I happen to think the show has some issues it could work on, but I have never blamed those issues on Sara. I like her and I want her to stay. So….chill. Or something. You obviously have a huge chip on your shoulder about Felicity fans and I’m not sure why you’re directing that at me.

          • dr_spaceman says:

            @JC, I think it was directed at me for saying Felicity should get more screen time/character development. Sorry lol

          • JC says:

            @dr_spaceman – absolutely no need to apologize. :)

          • JimC says:

            Crest…..get a life. It’s a damn TV show, ding-dong.

          • Hmm says:

            Easy killer, bite back a bit. I think what @JC meant, or at least the way I see things, is there has been a shift in dynamics in terms of Team Arrow. Sara represents this moral ambiguity and tends to take the lead when Oliver is not around. While Dig and Felicity understand that this is a partnership based on a crusade Oliver began on his own. All three entered into the agreement knowing this was Oliver’s cause and must respect Oliver’s boundaries when it comes to how he chooses to handle things (ie. his no-kill policy, Slade/Roy). That’s not to say he’s always right, but if they take issue to it, they are free to leave and do their own thing. The way they have developed her character/her character’s ideals puts her constantly at odds with the rest of the team. We’ve seen on multiple occasions that her first instinct is to kill and be done. That puts an imbalance in the Arrowcave.

      • Dominator of destruction says:

        Crest you win spot on post

    • janet says:

      I agree Caity is a great addition to the show! She is an actual believable super hero, not just a skinny girl pulling punches. I hope she stays and continues to be the Black Canary.

  2. CKP says:

    I would prefer if she was a recruiting character instead of regular next season because she is kind of everywhere (Island/Lances drama/missions, foundry, etc) and that’s just too much.

    • JC says:

      I don’t think she’ll be in the island flashbacks next year (assuming Sara survives the season). She has to transfer to her LoA training eventually – she can’t stay on the island with Oliver forever. Hopefully they’ll drop the Lance family drama completely – it’s been one of the worst parts of this season.

      • dr_spaceman says:

        When Sara first came back this season, Oliver said something along the lines of “where have you been for the past five years”, so shouldn’t that mean she’ll be “dying” soon? Unless the writers decide to retcon again?

        • JC says:

          Yeah, that’s what I meant – I think whatever happens on the island to make Oliver think she was dead will happen in the season finale (hopefully NOT to be paralleled with her death in current time). Which means she wouldn’t be in the island flashbacks next year. Assuming she survives, they might give her flashbacks of her own to her LoA training however.

          • dr_spaceman says:

            If she’s only in a few episodes next season, LOA flashbacks during them could be cool :) I don’t think she should be made a regular though.

        • Melissa says:

          I just can’t imagine the writers putting the Lance family through Sara’s death a second time. They’ve been mourning her for 5 years and the entire family self-destructed. Surely, you can’t put them through that twice – That’s too much.

  3. dancmh says:

    The writers seem to be making her less and less capable every episode now. They need to make her formidable and equal to Ollie or move on with the character somehow.

    • MW says:

      I think part of the reason she’s eased off is because of Oliver’s ‘no-kill’ policy. Like when Helena took hostages (including Sara’s sister Laurel) and Oliver was lecturing Sara about going easy on Helena. Oliver said, “You’re not a killer Sara!” and Sara replied, “I am what I need to be.” That was one of my favorite Sara moments, but sadly there’s no doubt that Oliver has tamed her a little. I agree with you though – I prefer the strong LoA Sara that gets-er-done.

      • Dominator of destruction says:

        Mw i loved that quote too it really defines who she is as a character and that she will always put her family and friends ahead of herself

  4. NestField says:

    I didn’t mind her when she only showed up every few eps, but now they’re overdoing it. I like the character but definitely not at the sacrifice of the mains. They already have a large cast that the audience loves and wants to learn more about them, and having her on is really warping the balance and the writers seem to have trouble balancing it all.

  5. Joey Padron says:

    She’s a great addiction on show this season. Hope She’ll get promoted to series regular on season 3.

  6. Ncooke says:

    Please kill him!!!! Theres so much bull on this show, i prefer a little less canary and all the other “future heroes”and a lot more Green Arrow!

    Jeeze there doing what they did with Smallville, smallville had tooooo much green arrow and not enough clark

    Falicity Diggle and Oliver is all i ask for! Canary and the flipping roy can come into one episode a season

    • Nicotine says:

      The producers or writers have already mentioned that Roy’s endgame is to be Arsenal. So, until that happens, I doubt he’ll be getting killed off. If anything, the cure that STAR labs is working on might be used on him instead of Deathstroke.

      • M3rc Nate says:

        Wait so Arsenal or Red Arrow? Ya im kinda tired of the drug that is making people super human, especially with Roy and his 14 year old punk antics. I mean in the comics Deathstroke didnt have any super human abilities correct? I remember him as just a HIGHLY trained former spec ops guy.

        • JC says:

          MG said Roy would eventually be Arsenal.

        • Paul says:

          Deathstroke the Terminator has many superhuman abilities in most comics including healing factor and strength, although Roy doesn’t

        • Jack says:

          I was curious about whether Deathstroke ever had any such thing myself, so I researched it via Google. I guess that he was a part of a super-soldier project at one time, but he had already become a mercenary at that point and the project was run by HIVE, who were mentioned early this season but not mentioned again (though I suspect they’ll have an important role in a future season).

  7. M3rc Nate says:

    I love me some Caity, havent seen her new movie yet, havent fully decided if i think shes a good actress or just really good at Sara/Black Canary…but so far im leaning towards her being a good actress.

    I do want her to continue to be on the show, i LOVE her as BC and the idea of Laurel as BC is scary…but i do agree having her in every episode and down in the cave…its getting crowded…i assume they know that and plan on killing her off in the finale or something, but id much prefer her to be in one out of every few episodes (like every 2 or 3) like she was pre-apart of the team in the cave.

    • JC says:

      If they kill her off, she’ll only be replaced on Team Arrow by Laurel as BC, so given the choice, I’d prefer Sara.

      • Sam says:

        I wish someone could explain to me how Laurel could EVER be Black Canary. I just don’t get it. Sara surviving hell on the island and years of training with the League of Assassins is what makes her a believable equal with Oliver. Unless Laurel is going to join the LoA and leave the show for a few years of training, it would never be believable. If all it takes is a few self-defense classes and a vendetta, ANYONE could be Black Canary.

        • M3rc Nate says:

          This is my #1 issue with Laurel as BC…the only possible answer i could think of is in killing off Sara, Laurel tells Oliver she knows about BC and him as the Arrow and that she wants to take up the BC mantle, then a big story arc being his training of her and her going out on certain missions to apply her training…but IMO that would suck cause 1) BC is supposed to be an even better fighter than Arrow 2) A “guy teaches girl he loves how to be a hero” thing wouldnt go off to well id bet, with the amount of people that complain and their need for feminism and strong female characters that dont depend on men in any way, let alone need to get rescued by men.

      • JC says:

        Why would you assume that? Arrow has deviated from its comic book mythology before, they might not kill Sara at all. Laurel does not have to be Black Canary, I am happy as long as she is alive, I like Katie and she brings her A game when it comes to acting on the show. She is way better than Caity :)

        • JC says:

          I’m not saying they ARE going to kill Sara – I hope they don’t. But if they do, it will most likely be so that Laurel can take her place as Black Canary. And different strokes as they say….I personally much prefer Caity Lotz to Katie Cassidy.
          This oddly looks like I’m having a conversation with myself.

          • Claire says:

            “This oddly looks like I’m having a conversation with myself” LOL I’m glad you mentioned this, because I was really confused reading all of “JC’s” comments. lol

        • Dominator of destruction says:

          Katie Cassidy is not a good actress period Caity Lotz is much better imo doesn’t over act is always aware of what her character should do or react in different situations,Katie Cassidy is all over the place and its not just the writing its her

      • Claire says:

        @M3rc Nate and @JC Agree on both counts. Sara/BC as recurring for certain arcs. Would be cool to see Flashback at THAT time to her LoA training.

    • zeeva says:

      I agree. My second favorite part of the last episode was Diggle being Oliver’s back up. I’ve missed those two together (my favorite part was the foundry showdown). I like Sara…once in awhile.

      I have heard the producers say they tend to do things sooner rather than later on this show. The problem is they’re moving too fast, there’s too much retcon and not enough slow build (or, in the case of Sara-Oliver relationship and Laurel’s stupid alcoholic/pill popping arc that got resolved almost immediately), enough build-up, period (Laurel blackmailed her boss two times in 3 episodes–and succeeded…really?). I think if they had tried to add two more people over the course of 4 seasons, it could have worked, but they’re in their second season and they haven’t even given Felicity a back story, but they already added Roy and Sara. They keep trying to retcon Laurel’s character to the point that I don’t understand who she is anymore–and I may have been in the minority who didn’t hate her in S1 (loved her with Tommy, always hated her with Oliver–it’s that toxic backstory the writers gave them). She went from angry and bitter to reformed and sympathetic in a handful of episodes…and I can’t figure out WHY. Who goes from throwing a glass to her resurrected sister (intense anger) to giving her ex-bf and said sister relationship advice THAT fast (and from being an alcoholic to hanging out at the bar where her bartender sister works)?

      But I am learning that when it comes to Arrow, I have to switch off part of my brain to enjoy the show. Actually, scratch that. In the case of Arrow these days, I have to turn off my entire brain to buy the current plot lines they’re selling (the Mirakiru cure is particularly DUMB…the riches-to-rags storyline a close second). But at least the action scenes still rock.

      • dr_spaceman says:

        I completely agree with all of this. I’d stop watching but I still care too much about Diggle/Felicity/Oliver.

      • MW says:

        Regarding Laurel, I think her character inconsistency is the writers attempting damage-control. Their intended love interest for Oliver has zero on-screen chemistry with him and she’s the most disliked character on the show. That’s a tough spot for the writers. I think they are desperately trying to make the audience care about her, but I’m afraid that ship has already sailed.

        • dani says:

          It sailed at the pilot for me when I found out he cheated on her with her sister. Really, I don’t know how the writers EVER thought that love story would hold any appeal.

          • dr_spaceman says:

            That’s the reason that Sara/Oliver is just as bad as Laurel/Oliver for me.

          • M3rc Nate says:

            I find that disgusting (like for example Falling Skies Maggie is going to be involved with Ben, the little brother of her boyfriend, GROSS, Repulsive!) but its not hard for me to watch Oliver with either of them, because SO much has changed. Yes he was a billionare’s son playboy who was on a yacht cheating on his GF with her sister while he was….21 years old? But he then went through 5 years of hell, torture, training, and more…and he grew up into a MAN and looking back sees how selfish and disgusting and cruel he was. So much has happened in those 5 years and then even more in the year he was back in season 1…so i dont hold onto “once a cheater always a cheater” or “you slept with her sister!” when the person has changed on every level being on an island for 5 years being tortured and changing into an entirely different person.

          • Sam says:

            I know Olicity fans are very vocal, but I think most viewers aren’t that interested in Oliver’s love life. I want to see Team Arrow (including Sara) coming together to defeat great villians. I’m really glad the writers have backed-off all the romantic melodrama this season. We’ve only seen Sara and Oliver kiss once all season (obviously, they have more important things to worry about). Every episode that has focused on the Lance family drama has resulted in a ratings drop the following week.

    • Dominator of destruction says:

      Totally check out Caity in the Machine or even the Pact the girl can act and there’s absolutely no Sara in either characters except that she is strong which is a credit to her as an actress.Whilst I’m plugging Caity Lotz check her out in the show ‘Death Valley’ she plays a flighty,rookie cop that kills vamps and werewolf’s its totally under rated

  8. Ms Thing says:

    I like Black Canary / Sara and I wonder how they will address the problem with Laurel/Black Canary canon. I want to see more of Thea. Felicity is getting tiresome.

  9. Melanie says:

    At first, I didn’t like Sara much. I mean, she was sort of Laurel’s shadow that out of the blue cheated on her sister with Ollie. And then she comes back and does it again. I though that was a pretty dumb move, but the more we got to see her, the more I like her. Her character is a badass, and has so many layers. I would really like if next season she could get an episode entirely dedicated to her and her LoA training and how she got there. Hope they don’t kill her, and I wish to see more of her and Felicity’s friendship.
    Also, going as Black Canary to Ottawa Comiccon on May 10th, that’s how much I appreciate her! Summer Glau’s supposed to be there this year (after she lost her passport few days pre-Comiccon, could be a nice photo op!)

  10. stan says:

    So much has happened in those 5 years and then even more in the year he was back in season 1…so i dont hold onto “once a cheater always a cheater” or “you slept with her sister!” when the person has changed on every level being on an island for 5 years being tortured and changing into an entirely different person.

    –True, but then Oliver told Tommy to get Laurel back and THEN goes to her apartment and sleeps with her…and then her sister returns and he sleeps with her, so really, not much has changed. Also, it might have changed for Oliver, but for Laurel to take him back again–just another reason the show can anger feminists. :)

  11. Gordon Rick says:

    Really hope they do NOT kill off Sara/Canary. I agree she has been in the spotlight too much but she is such a strong independent female character that I would hate to lose her. EP MG keeps saying how Katie Cassady is on a journey to become Black Canary (which I think is a total mistake considering how wishy washy her character is). I just hope they do not kill Sara as a part of Laurel’s journey.

  12. James says:

    Sara doesn’t seem to me to be big on long term relationships or loyalty it was only her revived lust for Oliver and his Arrow alter ego that made it possible for her to stick around. it’s likely she will disappear this season but I doubt she will die as a new actress could revive her role if the producers foresee it as a future option.

    • MW says:

      Her “lust for Oliver?” Have you seen what they’ve been through on the island together? They spent years together fighting for survival and are both covered in the scars to prove it. Their connection makes sense on a much deeper level than lust. You make it sound like they’re going at it like rabbits, when we’ve only seen them kiss once all season.
      Secondly, Sara returned to Starling City to check on her family after the earthquake, not because of her ‘lust for Oliver’ as you put it. And what made it possible for her to “stick around” was Nyssa releasing her from the League of Assassins. Oliver had nothing to do with it.

  13. anon says:

    Sara has become my favorite character this Season and hopefully she becomes a regular next season. Laurel taking up the mantle of Black canary is just wishful thinking. I will be surprised if Laurel is not going to be killed in the finale. Moira sure seems to be dying in episode 20. And Felecity is just a Tech/It girl. Her screen time will always be limited but I can see scenarios were Diggle’s role can be considerably expanded.

    And hopefully DC gives Arrow the freedom of using more iconic comic characters in Season 3. I would love to see Ra’s al Ghul next season .

    • Melissa says:

      I have a bad feeling about Moira too, mainly because of her emotional scene with Oliver and their reconciliation in the episode “Deathstroke.” I’m afraid that was a set-up for her redemption through her death. I love Moira, I think Susanna Thompson is a terrific actress, and I really hope she’s not the one that dies. I actually hope it’s Laurel (however unlikely) so Katie Cassidy can move on to a better character on a different show.

  14. brenna says:

    I like Caity as Black Canery. I agree with some of you that Black Canery is better when she just shows up occasionally to fight alongside Arrow. The show is about Green Arrow and it’s not as fun when she is with him ALL THE TIME. I loved the first half of the season and not so much the middle episodes with all the Lance drama. I do love Detective Lance and enjoy his interactions with the Arrow team. The rest of the season looks great and I’m looking forward to it. Stephen Amell is doing a great job and I have to show some love for Emily. Felicity is definitely one of my favorite characters and I love all the scenes with Oliver and Felicity as well as all scenes with Diggle.

  15. Mikael says:

    Caity needs to stay on the show. I think the writers were caught off-guard by how much the audience took to her (like what happened to Felicity) and how little the fans connected to Laurel. She was supposed to be the female lead, but it just didn’t work. Felicity and Sara are MUCH better. Sara as BC is amazing to watch. I think it would be a huge surprise/twist if they killed Laurel, since everyone expects them to eventually follow the comics when she becomes BC. But she’s just awful.