The Voice Season 6 Top 12 Rankings: Who Has Momentum Heading Into the Live Shows?

At loooong last, The Voice returns the power to the people when the Top 12 take the stage for the first live show of Season 6 tonight (8/7c on NBC).

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To help get you stoked for a night of big notes, Shakira quirk and Blake-isms, I’ve taken the liberty of ranking the field from least- to most-likely to win the whole enchilada.

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Click through the gallery below to get my rankings, then hit the comments to tell me where I went right, who I snubbed terribly and who you’re betting will be the next Tessanne Chin!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. aeverinezinn says:

    Not so sure. I see Christina Grimmie winning.

    • ULTIMATUM says:

      I agree… Christina will win. And I actually can picture her as a pop star beyond the show.
      Second place will probably go to Jake Worthington… I think he’s beyond appealing to the Blake’s country fan base.
      And Josh Kaufman should snag 3rd place. His voice is perfection and he has an appealing, humble presence.

      • Flower says:

        I just saw Christina Grimmie at a concert. Very recently (as the opening act for SG). So is this really fair? She is already a professional on an upwards trajectory.

  2. gracelessk says:

    Bria’s higher than 11.. You don’t have to like her, but she is.

  3. ronnie says:

    Christina’s twitter following will get her to the finals, no matter how good or bad she is, but it will really come down to song choice for the iTunes sales that will make the difference. Sisaundra is easily the most talented, but if she doesn’t get the right songs that will sell on iTunes, it will hurt her the most. Jake will have the country following and that will take him to the final 4, but he doesn’t have the chops to win. They have to stop giving the artist current popular songs to sing. No matter how good they are, no one will buy their version when the current version is still charting well.

  4. Jake Worthington at #3?!?!?!? What are you on Michael Slezak & can you share with the rest of the class? That is just wack-a-doodle.

  5. Valencia says:

    I think Christina Grimmie might win, but come on. Tess and Josh have a pretty good chance. Jake has charm but I feel like he will fall under pressure during the lives and disappoint us.

  6. Josh Kaufman #1? WTF is this? Bizarro World?

  7. Davey says:

    Jake Worthington is so boring. Please let him be a shock boot. I can’t say I’m strongly rooting for anyone right now.

  8. Quinn Carson says:

    I think Christina deserves to win, but at the same time I think all 12 could potentially have an itunes hit tonight.

  9. Angie_Overrated says:

    I’m a bit alarmed to see Dani, Tess, and Jake well ahead of Kat, but this looks more or less solid. As much as I would like Bria to be out first, I’m guessing we have at least two weeks left to endure her.

  10. Riana says:

    How many had a song go Top 40 on iTunes? I’m pretty sure it’s just 1. That’s where the momentum is. Not paying attention makes you uninformed.

  11. danin says:

    12: TJ, 11:Dani, 10:Del, 9:Audra, 8:Jake, 7:Tess, 6:Kristen, 5:Bria, 4:Sis, 3:Kat, 2:Jake, 1:Christina. This is how I think the public will vote. Not the order of my personal favorites.

  12. James Smith says:

    This is a list I would do
    12. T.J. Wilkins- he’s fine just I Lorre unmemorable
    11. Jake Worthington- I love his personality but nothing really jumps at me vocally.
    10.Kristen Merlin- what I have seen I like but, that isn’t much.
    9. Kat Perkins- I like her a lot but she needs a big moment (moment moment) then she will be high up she has huge potential!
    8. Dani Moz- I’m still mad she beat Clarissa but she has earned her spot but there’s a lot of completion.
    7. Delvin Choice- I don’t know I love his voice but has really hit me in an impact able way yet maybe tonight is his night!
    6. Audra McLaughlin- I loved a broken wing but before that nothing much if she can keep it up I’ll love her!
    5.Josh Kaufman- he’s voice is fantastic but I don’t know, I just don’t like him as much as my top 4.
    4. Christina Grimmie- I was a bit annoyed she was on I mean she will win but lately I love her voice I understand her huge fanbase now!
    3. Tess Boyer- she is so underrated but she has improved vastly! I really enjoy her voice!
    2. Bria Kelly- ok I know she has had her rough patches but I love her voice! To me it doesn’t have to be prefect but she makes me feel what she sings, I don’t I guess I like hated people, like Jacquie Lee from last year!
    1. Sisaundra Lewis- beastmaster, she is awesome loved every performance by her unlike Bria so she gets my 1!
    All this just my opinion! Give me yours on my list below!

  13. sheba says:

    I think Kristen and Kat may be underrated. I don’t expect either to win, but they both have strong voices, distinct personalities, and are good performers who bring out the emotional truth of their songs. I think they both could outlast some of the less experienced finalists. I hope Kristen in particular is able to build a following after being montaged repeatedly. It started to seem like the show was trying to keep her hidden because of her sexual orientation, which is not only offensive, but also goes against the strong support the show has shown to out contestants in the past.

    I also expect Christina’s youtube/twitter following to become polarizing with voters as the weeks continue and more viewers realize how much of a head start she has. Josh is probably the likeliest contestant to emerge as an alternative to an inevitable Grimmie victory. She’s not that distinctive to me as a singer or as a personality. Maybe it’s wishful thinking on Michael’s part, but this season will suck badly if no one emerges to challenge her. It will turn off viewers from an already somewhat dull season if the result seems preordained by collusion between Grimmie’s management and the show’s producers.

  14. Name This Tune says:

    I agree with the top 3 and don’t see enough separation with the rest of them to bother ranking them.

  15. danin says:

    ok My personal faves list. I reserve the right to change my mind. 12:Jake, 11:TJ, 10:Tess, 9:Dani, 8:Audra, 7:Del, 6:Christina, 5:Sis, 4:Kat, 3:Bria, 2:Kristen, 1:Josh

  16. Quinn Carson says:

    12. TJ – I agree that his last performance was underrated, but, a step is certainly required if he is even to advance to the top 10.
    11. Kristen – She’s been solid both times we’ve seen here (yes, both as in twice) and her lack of screentime will hurt her in the voting. Well done, NBC.
    10. Audra – I have a feeling she just is allergic to battle rounds. Her solo work has been excellent, but I’m afraid she’ll need another strong performance to make her more consistent.
    9. Dani – While she’s been consistent throughout the competition, she needs to make herself more memorable. When Carson announces that she will perform I don’t think “Yes! Can’t wait for Dani!”
    8. Kat – Putting Kat at #8 isn’t fun, but sadly she hasn’t earned a big enough of a fanbase she deserves.
    7. Delvin – Delvin either nails it or is sadly forgettable, he’s had a terrific battle against Josh Kaufman and a lackluster one with Caleb. I’m hoping the best for him.
    6. Tess – Tess HAS been coming out of nowehere in the competition, people didn’t know her well coming into the battles but she has been great ever since and carved the word “TESS” onto the skin of her opponents.
    5. Jake W. – He has a terrific sound and tone with a personality that, as people noted, will get them to pick up the telephone for a vote. He’ll sail through this week.
    4. Bria – While I wasn’t a number 1 fan of hers last week, I still can’t stop listening to her rendition of “Steamroller Blues”, and believe she can completley nail it once again.
    3. Josh – Should, and hopefully will make the finals. This guy’s higher register is really quite remarkable.
    2. Sisaundra – Sisaundra well, her range in general is just…
    1. Christina – I believe she has had a few season winning performances and has rightfully earned the massive fanbase she has. Here’s to many more jumping on board to the end.

  17. Steve says:

    Bria is higher than 11 & christina is higher than 5 you have to factor in her fans etc you may not think they have done well but there higher than you have them michael & no way does josh win so shouldnt be #1

  18. HTGR says:

    Not sure about these rankings either for how I expect things to go down or how I’d wish for things to go down. Not at all.

  19. Karina says:

    Sorry but Christina has a shrieky high pitched voice. Its really unpleasant and she has trouble staying on key. She wont win.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      Objectively incorrect. Of the performances we have heard, she has had zero problem staying in key. This isn’t American Idol. All of these folks can sing on key.

      • Sandee says:

        Are you drinking the Kool Aid? Don’t be ridiculous. It’s live tv. Even established stars mess up sometimes singing live. There have definitely been off key performances before on The Voice. Just because the coaches softball their criticism, doesn’t mean they’re always on pitch. Christina herself has pitch problems when she tries to sing in a higher register.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          Clearly you’re simply being bellicose and/or ignorant. Of course there are going to be some “off” notes. Even the greatest singers in the world aren’t going to land each and every note. But in the last 2 seasons of this show, the only finalist who couldn’t sing in key was Kat Robichaud. Half the Idol kids this season are all over the map. You’re confusing having one or two wonky notes with singing in another key. Two very different things entirely.

        • Madam says:

          Other than the KoolAid comment ;) I agree.

  20. Sandee says:

    The only Idol contestant who has problems staying in key is CJ. I did notice some pitch problems with Christina in her higher register.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      I’m sorry to tell you that you’re wrong. I don’t love Christina, but to say she’s having pitch problems on her high notes is objectively incorrect. Case closed. You can continue saying it, but saying it over and over is never going to make it true.

      • shawnuel says:

        Yeah…her pitch is fine but I think what the poster may be hearing but not articulating correctly is a shrillness of tone.

  21. Michael says:

    “the musical whims of her sometimes wacky coach”

    @Michael, Shakira may not be your cup of tea, but calling her “wacky” is inappropriate. A lot of people find her endearing, funny, sweet, charming, and gives great feedback.

    • DarkDefender says:

      Yeah.. She is all that.. But she is wacky because of her song choices and advice. I agree with Slezak.

  22. linda hardge says:

    Sisuandra Lewis can out sing everyone on the show including the judges. She is way above the rest. No doubt she can sing!

  23. Don't hate bria says:

    I think Bria is way too discredited, everyone looks for that unique voice, and Bria has it! Bria deserves to be where she is! Her growl isn’t something seen everyday! She has amazing control, and can convey so much passion! She’s gonna be in for a long time.

  24. kay says:


  25. Debe says:

    My favorites are Josh, Christina and Sisaundra.

  26. Colton Smith says:

    once again, i dont understand your rankings, how bria can be at 11 spot when she has one of the best voices not just this season

  27. Ed Gallacher says:

    Sisaundra-Josh-Kristin in my opinion!

  28. RalphE says:

    Unfortunately, Christna and Bria both scream way too much to win this singing contest. Nuance, melody, timing all beat sheer power if that power is predictably called upon to be the only highlight of every song they bring to us. Those girls don’t deserve to win this competition. Because in the end Sisaundra, no matter what one might think of her look,and style, out powers both of those girls, and she does it with nuance, range, control and timing. While Josh is so soulful it’s sick, and Tess ain’t bad either.

  29. pey,nphilippines says:

    Christina’s my favorite. She has a powerful voice exceeding my expectations. She is a complete package, that could be the reason why alot of The Voice’s viewers loved her. By this I believe she is ranked more/higher than 5th. I applaud the other contestants too for they’re also talented. I hope Christina wins it for herself and Adam this season.

  30. VoiceFan says:

    1. Jake
    2. Audra
    3. Bria
    4 .Christina
    5. Josh
    6. Delvin
    7. Sisaundra
    8. Kristin
    9. Kat
    This is how they rank for me. I definitely think Dani and T.J. will go home first.

    • just_jenni says:

      I like your list the best! Audra for me was the best singer last night and neither T.J nor Dani did it for me. I’d put Sisaundra and Josh higher though…

  31. shawnuel says:

    Along with Christina’s youtube and Twitter following, the producers, themselves seem to have an agenda regarding Miss Grimmie. Two weeks ina row of solid, yet, over-baked somewhat strident performances and all the other coaches keep saying she is the best “singer” on Adam’s team? She is the most “marketable” singer, for sure. I think any educated student of singing would take Kat or Delvin ahead of her without thinking twice.

  32. Nit Picker Jr says:

    Rating obviously changes over the course of the competition. Slezak’s ratings (of the participants) were – of course – done before Monday’s show so they don’t reflect Kristen’s mic failure/heroics or Jake’s faceplant, or Audra not reaching her potential. Don’t know if it would have changed his ratings but it has somewhat changed my opinion of Kristen and Audra at least. Then there’s the matter of taste. Personally I don’t cheer for someone based on how many Twitter or Facebook followers he/she/it has, I go with what I like. I like rich tones, soulful voices, people who sound like they’re baring their soul when they sing. Ergo my favourites are Sisaundra, Josh, Tess, Dani and -because of her Monday performance- Kristen. Dani did worse than hoped for on Monday (without necessarily doing bad) and Kristen did better than expected, so my rating is simple:
    1. Sisaundra or Josh; 2. Josh or Sisaundra; 3. Tess; 4-12. The rest.

    Who will actually win this thing is anybody’s guess. I’m *hoping* Sisaundra or Josh takes it but at the same time I have this nagging feeling that either Christina or Bria will win it. I know I’m the minority opinion here, but I just don’t get the appeal of either C or B. As far as pure singing talent goes, Sisaundra and Josh are miles (and miles and miles) ahead of the rest so it’s only logical that one of them should be named The Voice.

    Oh, wait, it’s reality-teevee… Dang.

  33. hannahrdam says:

    I believe that christina, sisaundra and josh are more likely to win this season than anyone of the other contestants

  34. ramy says:

    What is this nonsense of using twitter, facebook, etc to rank? Just have theguts to rank them with your OWN TRUE LIKES AND DISLIKES according to what you hear each week and each contestants body of work. It’s THE VOICE remember and the voices’ ability to move you as a listener. Most of the 12 could gives serious trouble to American Idol contestants. Sisaundra is incredible!

  35. vicki says:

    I think team Blake has the best oned this season

  36. john says:

    I first heard Christina Grimmie when she sang wrecking ball on the Voice. Since then I’ve listened to most of her youtube songs and I think she is fantastic. I’ve been watching most of the singing competition programs for several years and have picked the winner or very close to it most of the time early on. I believe Grimmie is going to win and I believe she deserves to win…told my wife Grimmie would win when I first heard her audition.