Ratings: Orphan Black Returns to Demo High, Salem Brews Solid Numbers, Maids Steady

Orphan Black Season 2 RatingsBBC America’s Orphan Black opened Season 2 on Saturday night with a total audience of 620,000 viewers, 391K of whom landed in the 18-49 sweet spot.

In total audience, the show was down from its series debut (which drew 684K leading out of a new Doctor Who) but up sharply from its freshman finale (376K).

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In the demo, Orphan Black hit a series high, doubling its Season 1 average.

With replays folded in, the Season 2 premiere amassed 785,000 total viewers.

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The weekend’s other noteworthy launch, WGN America’s Salem, debuted to 1.5 million total viewers on Sunday night, with 650K landing in the coveted demo. That marks the network’s most watched telecast in seven years, and a 635 percent improvement on its average in the Sundays-at-10 time slot.

With replays, Salem — which TVLine readers gave an average grade of “B” — amassed 2.3 million total viewers, on par with the Live+SD numbers for Mad Men‘s Season 7 opener.

UPDATE: Lifetime’s Devious Maids returned to 2 million total viewers on Sunday night, which is on par with its June debut, while rising 15 percent in the demo (drawing 951K). Versus its freshman finale’s series highs (3 mil, 1.4 mil), however, the sudser dropped about 33 percent.

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  1. Zorkel says:

    Yay Orphan Black. And is Salem worth checking out?

  2. Katy says:

    Orphan Black = awesome! And yes Salem was actually pretty darn entertaining.

  3. Russ says:

    Thanks for the spoilery picture! It’s not like I wanted to be surprised or anything. Much obliged.

    • Just Sayin' says:

      Orphan Black was on Saturday night. It’s now Monday evening. Two days later. If you don’t want to be spoiled after an episode has aired then don’t go to television news sites. The world doesn’t have to wait for you to catch up.

      • It’s not much to ask to use non-spoilery pictures for articles that don’t contain/aren’t about spoilers. Come on.

        • Russ says:

          Exactly. I avoid reading articles with spoilers about the shows I watch when I haven’t had a chance to catch up. But this isn’t a spoiler article. And there are plenty of ORPHAN BLACK pictures available that don’t involve such blatant spoilers.

          • Just Sayin' says:

            You’re both right. This isn’t a spoiler article. It’s an article based upon an episode of a show that aired two days before it was written. There are no spoilers here. Once the events of a given episode have aired on television, the details are fair game. Not spoilers at all.

            I get that you can’t always watch an episode when it first airs. Neither can I. But if I don’t watch something as soon as is possible and then go looking around the television news sites on the internet and see something I didn’t already know, that’s my fault. I should either have found time to watch the episode or have stayed away from sites like TVLine. If I get spoiled after an episode has aired, I have no one to blame but myself.

            Again, stop expecting the world to wait for you. It doesn’t have the time.

          • Will says:

            Again, there is nothing in this article that required a spoilery picture to support it. Any picture of any of the clones we knew were alive before the season started would have done. I would have actually been less annoyed if it had been crucial to the piece. Even the episode recaps have spoiler warnings at the top so that not too much spoilery text appears on the main page, and tend to have photos that don’t give away too much for those who haven’t been able to keep up. I see no reason that a ratings news story can’t steer clear from dropping a major bombshell in a photo.

            But thanks for the completely unjustified air of superiority, Just Sayin’. I have been suitably chastened.

          • Just Sayin' says:

            Again, the episode has aired, so not spoilers. Just stuff you didn’t know. Your own fault. And you’re welcome. Although the use of the word ‘superiority’ is a little ironic coming from someone else who appears to expect the interweb to conform to his own television watching schedule. Guess I’d rather be superior than whiny and self entitled.

    • drhenning says:

      I’m usually in the camp that any article/review of a show a day later is open season but I agree they could have picked a different picture in talking about ratings for those who haven’t watched it yet… Not that big a deal to select something else to go with this piece, TVLINE… It was a great episode and look forward to a great season…

  4. qj201 says:

    Orphan Blacks DVR+7 numbers should be pretty good…show is on Sat night…I watched it over coffee sunday morning!

  5. Wow, those numbers for Orphan Black are low. Given all the praise it gets and all the word of mouth, I’d expect it to have much higher ratings than that.

    • Just Sayin' says:

      Since when has quality writing and exceptional acting ever guaranteed good ratings?

      • Ratings are a reflection of how many people watch it, not the quality. Given how many people talk about it and how much praise it gets, it be safe to assume that a lot of people watch it. Clearly, that’s not the case. It’s just that the ones that do watch it are very vocal about it.

        • Just Sayin' says:

          Which is basically a longer way of saying what I already stated. It’s a flawed assumption that great word of mouth or critical acclaim means high ratings, based on the premise that the internet is any indication of how the world really works. The majority of people who watch television don’t spend any time commenting on the internet. Most popular cult hits are basically unheard of to the majority of people. Fringe was critically acclaimed and had an incredibly vocal fan base but it was never what anyone would call a ratings hit. You can of course have highly rated shows that also have a lot of people talking about them, but the two things don’t necessarily go hand in hand.

          • krazy says:

            I don’t get BBC America with my cable plan & get the digital copy through Amazon as soon as it comes out. I know about 10 people at work who are all as obsesses with Orphan Black as I am that do it the same way as it’s cheaper to buy the season pass than it is to upgrade a couple tiers to access the BBC America channel through the cable provider.

          • drhenning says:

            Fringe was a case where for some reason the producers and writers came up with this crazy last season that in my opinion ruined what its fans liked about the show…. I really loved the first seasons of the show with all the multiple universe stuff… It’s a shame they took the direction they did the last season… I am curious how many seasons the makers of Orphan Black can get of this concept…

    • dcl33 says:

      and then there are those who download the show…

    • Hello Yellow says:

      I understand what your saying! Ive heard alot of people speak highly of this show and its all over Tumblr so I just assumed that they got like Scandel numbers or something but alot of people dont have BBC America like myself and choose not to go the extra mile to watch it! I guess their numbers are good enough for their network and their very vocal fans are happy hopefully in time the numbers will reflect the high praise!

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        Even the best DOCTOR WHO ep drew 1.4 million viewers, not sure anyone was expecting “SCANDAL numbers.” Fact is, OB was up from its Season 1 average, up from its Season 1 finale, hit a demo high…. Only thing it didn’t do was draw as many viewers as its Season 1 premiere, which had DOCTOR WHO for a lead-in.

  6. Jenna says:

    Loved Orphan Black premiere, and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed Salem.

  7. Luli says:

    Is that a lot of viewers/ good ratings for bbc?? What is their typical amount?

  8. Bryce says:

    Do you know the Devious Maids season premiere ratings yet?

  9. Joey Padron says:

    Glad Salem did well in ratings for show’s first episode.

  10. Hello Yellow says:

    Yeah to Salem! I am sure they would of gotten even higher numbers if more cable companys etc carried WGN America! Im really impressed by their numbers considering so many people on another board were saying they didnt even have this channel but wanted to check the show out! Good show so far!

  11. Bea says:

    One of the best shows on TV right now and it can’t even attract 1 million viewers. What’s wrong with you, people?

    • drhenning says:

      A good chunk of viewers don’t know or don’t get BBC America on their cable… It’s also a Saturday night show.. BBCA had a show Copper that takes place in Civil War times of NYC that was well done but only got a couple of seasons.. I’d be curious with the online viewing of the show since it’s available online for free… Also available and featured by Comcast on its On Demand menus..