Once Upon a Time Stars, Creators Tease a Huge Decision, Big Reveals and... Dorothy's Intro?

REBECCA MADERABC’s Once Upon a Time very soon will shed some light on the casting of the curse that returned Regina, the Charmings et al to Storybrooke sans their memories of the past year, possibly noodle with a certain rugrat’s noggin and introduce as many as two more characters from the show’s riff on The Wizard of Oz.

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In previewing Episode 19 — which airs next week, on April 27 — Josh Dallas revealed to reporters at WonderCon, “We’re going to go back and find out who cast this curse, so that’s going to be great. You’re going to know who cast the curse, you’re going to know why we’re all back and why none of us remember that missing that year.”

Also in that episode, Dallas previewed, “There’s going to be a decision made back in Fairy Tale Land, between Regina, Snow and Charming, that’s going to affect everyone.”

Is anyone else thinking what I’m thinking? That Zelena is not the one who uncorked this curse, that maybe Regina did it, in the name of a greater good?

Or, speaking of good, Rebecca Mader spoke at WonderCon of how in Episode 20, “We get to go back to Oz,” where we’ll meet the show’s take on two more characters from that tale — a historically kinder witch included. “Any minute now, Glinda (played by Sunny Mabrey) and Dorothy are coming, so that was really fun,” the British beauty teased. “It felt like Once Upon a Time in Oz.” So, maybe Glinda is named as the curse-caster at the close of Episode 19, her agenda detailed the week after…?

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One of Season 3B’s other burning questions revolves around Henry’s muddled memories, which left him unaware of his Storybrooke life as he spent a year with birth mom Emma in New York City. Will he get back what he has lost, even though Emma believes the boy may be better off returning to his normal life in the Big Apple? “Henry’s memory issues will be decided before the end of the season,” series cocreator Adam Horowitz assured, “one way or another.” Another mystery to be solved is the Wicked Witch’s plan for Snow White’s baby. Mader was very mum on that topic, other than to warn of “some dark stuff coming.”

On the romantic (?) front, tonight’s episode, “Bleeding Through,” appears to feature a Storybrooke smooch between Rumple and his captor – as Mader shared, “When those pictures came out, everyone on Twitter was like, ‘No! What about Belle?’ And I’m like, ‘Oops!’ – as well as movement on the Regina/Robin Hood front, thanks to Snow White’s stalwart wingman efforts. “Snow may be responsible for taking away the love of Regina’s life,” series cocreator Eddy Kitsis noted, “but she’s responsible for pushing her toward a new one.”

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Surveying the season’s final five episodes as a whole, Kitsis said, “From here on out, it is pretty much going to be a nonstop freight train of answers.” Added Horowitz, The Wicked Witch has some pretty devious plans, and they’re going to unfurl.” (With reporting by Scott Huver)

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  1. Kalee says:

    Rumple and Zelena share some sort of smooch? Are we to believe they’re NOT father-daughter? Everyone’s already two degrees of separation from being siblings anyway.

  2. Dan says:

    I’m happy about Regina/ Snow bonding :), and Outlaw Queen <3

  3. Molly says:

    “Snow may be responsible for taking away the love of Regina’s life,” series cocreaor Eddy Kitsis noted

    Yeah, that had nothing to do with Cora murdering him or anything. But thank you for letting me know that the “Poor poor Regina and big ole meanie Snow” crap is still in full force so I still don’t have to waste an hour watching this show.

    • Nate says:

      Well someone’s being a little bitch

    • shuayb says:

      Well to be fair, in Regina’s mind she was responsible for blabbing to Cora about Daniel. In the end that’s what caused his death, directly.
      They’re not siding with Regina, they’re just saying.

      I want to know if this partnership between Reginah and the Charmings will last.
      I mean they will kill the wicked witch but what’s in store for next season? That’s what I’m excited for.
      If the Evil Queen will be back.

      • Nate says:

        That’s IF Zelena dies. I read somewhere the creators were talking to a magazine and one of the question was “The wicked witch died from a bucket of water. Is that what it takes to kill her?” And the creators said “who said were gonna kill her”

    • Dmav says:

      Wow, I think you are taking this a bit too personally. I like that both have shades of gray to them.

    • Mrs. Featherbottom says:

      Has Regina ever apologized for casting the first curse? Causing Emma to be taken away from her family and growing up as an orphan? Yes, it did lead to Henry being born. But I always feel so sad for Snow in Season 2 when she and Emma are in the nursery room, and Snow talks about the life she wanted for Emma.

    • Your comment makes no sense whatsoever.
      Try to stay grounded in reality — it will help you be able to actually enjoy what little good TV there is out there.

  4. Bianca says:

    I am really looking forward to the Snow and Regina bonding — it’s really long overdue for them to have a talk. And I love she’s helping Regina move towards finding love again. Regina realizing she can have happiness is one of the things I’ve been waiting for this season, and I’m so happy it’s here. I love her and Robin’s dynamic and can’t wait to see more of their story!

  5. lala says:

    Super excited for Snow/Regina and Outlaw Queen. :D

  6. Lily says:

    ~ Also in that episode, Dallas previewed, “There’s going to be a decision made back in Fairy Tale Land, between Regina, Snow and Charming, that’s going to affect everyone.”
    Is anyone else thinking what I’m thinking? That Zelena is not the one who uncorked this curse, that maybe Regina did it, in the name of a greater good? ~

    It is possible, that Regina recast the curse…. does not mean she killed Robin Hood? Or the decision, is just to sent Hook the message that another curse is coming. I doubt the average peasant would be thrilled to hear, that the fate if the Enchanted Forest, rests in the hands of a pirate.

  7. spindae2 says:

    Love love the show and all the spoliers I heard are just making me die from sunday to sunday. 5 more eps ^_^

  8. Ladykatie says:

    Outlaw queenie is hot hot hot!! I luv em and I think theyre climbing up my list of hot otps right there wit caption swan ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😩😩💋💋💋😍😍👍

    • Amanda says:

      How the SQers are taking this by the way? I can’t imagine the reaction to TPTB practically ripping their ship apart and pairing each side with a hunky dude. Casting two good-looking, sex-oozing fellas to play those roles was a brilliant choice. Not too good for the guy that played Neil though, he was so average in midst of the hotness going on. #Sorrynotsorry

  9. Scott says:

    I can’t see how the show will let Snow / Charming keep the baby unless they’re planning on retiring one or both of the characters. Or it could always be used as a plot device for the next season I guess – something like a kidnapped baby or a flying nanny perhaps?

  10. Name This Tune says:

    Season 3B is turning into a Regina – Snow – Zelena hair turner. The more of that story, the better.
    And I don’t really care if Henry gers his memory back ir if Emma decides to take off for NY for good.

  11. Mary says:

    I’ve long thought that Regina at least put the curse together and knowing how Rumple made it possible for Emma to break the curse that she would also want it broken this time around and involve Snow and Charming in making the true love potion again for that purpose.

    The relationship between Regina and Robin is becoming as forced as the one they’re insisting on with Emma and Hook, and just as rushed out of no where.

    • Ian says:

      I thought it would be great for Regina to have a love story because Lana Parilla is so fantastic, but this Robin Hood thing is so bloody manufactured, im over it already. The chemistry’s only so-so, and this show’s so plotdriven now to shove in this twist or that storybook character or world that nothing at all feels organic or inspired. And Hood’s basically the Hook to Regina’s Emma. He’s hardly a character in his own right.
      Not to mention how tasteless it is for them not to give the Captain Swan mess a rest after they just killed Neal.

    • jerrired says:

      I agree with both of you guys. I liked OQ at first, but now it’s stating to be too forced and rushed. I was hoping when the series came back, we’d see more of their relationship develop in the lost year, so when we saw them now it would work. Kind of why Neal and Emma worked for me. We saw enough of their past to believe they loved each other once, and still did. The same with Snowing and Rumbelle. And the opposite effect for CS, because it wasn’t really a progression (IMHO) of Hook falling for Emma. It was like instant. Just didn’t and doesn’t work for me.

  12. Ann says:

    I’m not buying that Robin Hood is Regina’s true love. Putting two good looking people together doesn’t mean they share chemistry.Personally I always thought Regina had good chemistry with the Mad Hatter. The Wicked Witch saved this season for me. Hope she sticks around.

    • Anon says:

      The Mad Hatter has good chemistry with every female and male in his vicinity. That’s just the hotness capability of Sebastian Stan.

      But yes, I agree with you. I wish they developed a progressive love story between Robin and Regina. They didn’t yet make me WANT to see the character get together. Maybe we will see more in flashback form?

      Loved the family talk between the Charmings and Emma when discussing the baby’s name. Particularly David. I feel like three haven’t ever resolved their issues from the times Emma admitted she still feels like an orphan.

      It is kind of weird that the writers refer to things Snow and Ava did as if they are reprehensible…Snow was a child when she told the secret – Cora is the murderer. And Ava didn’t manufacture the fact that Cora was carrying another woman’s baby. She just told the truth.

      I feel like the writers WANT to show shades of grey in the choices we make – only they are too scared of having their “good” characters make truly make selfish choices. So they come up with this BS type of things that aren’t actually bad at all.

      • Eileen says:

        I didn’t think that Eva telling Leopold about Cora was bad either! It wasn’t right that Cora would try to marry Leopold without telling him about the baby she was carrying from another man. Snow telling Cora about the stableboy was wrong, because Regina asked her to keep it a secret, but Eva was just doing the right thing–and it seems that she did it in a relatively nice way too, just telling Leopold and not trying to humiliate Cora in front of the whole court.

  13. Ginnette says:

    I’m thinking Regina cast the curse and that somehow snow switched babies with sleeping beauty. I’m not sure if that is at all possible but it would make sense since sleeping beauty is also pregnant.

  14. Mikael says:

    I actually hope they DON’T kill Zelena. I love her as a villain, so I hope they just imprison her somewhere. After killing Pan and Cora, it would be nice to have some villains with the potential to return. We’ve yet to see the REAL Ursula, so I hope that it’s the future. And with Wonderland ending, there’s always potential for Jafar or the Jabberwocky to appear.

  15. Kristie smith says:

    When will Emma find true love?