Nashville to Host First Lady Michelle Obama

CONNIE BRITTONThat Rayna Jaymes sure has friends in high places.

First Lady Michelle Obama will appear in Nashville‘s May 7 episode, ABC announced Friday.

PHOTOSNashville Sneak Peek: As Deacon and Rayna Watch, Scarlett’s Breakdown Intensifies

FLOTUS will attend a charity concert Connie Britton’s character organizes at Fort Campbell after Luke is injured in Afghanistan and has to curtail his tour.

American Idol alum/country singer Kellie Pickler also will be on hand for the episode.




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  1. Claire says:


  2. Babygate says:

    Wow. This is one of my favorite shows and now they’re going political. Bye bye Nashville. It was fun while it lasted. I imagine anyone who’s anti Bush would blow a gasket if he showed up in their favorite show so I don’t feel bad about it.

  3. John says:

    Kellie Pickler has done a number of USO tours to Iraq and,I think, Afghanistan.

  4. MA says:

    Heard about this episode awhile ago. Really looking forward to it!

  5. steven says:

    Another acting job? Is Michelle going to become an actress as soon as her husband leaves office and her term as First Lady is over?

  6. terry t. says:

    I’m all for Michelle Obama being on if it means more eyeballs for “Nashville” so it will get renewed.

    • EJ386 says:

      This but also it seems quite harmless to me for the presidents wife who has essentially no political power to show her support for the army people [who clearly have respect in America] via fake benefit concert … Then again I’m Dutch.

    • Frankoliostein says:

      Well unfortunately it will mean the end of the show because Im almost positive most of the faithful like myself are right-wingers, I won’t watch the episode with Moochell in it and Im done with Nashville.

  7. I’ll be really happy to see Kellie PIckler! If either of those women bring in more viewers, then go for it. I doubt Mrs. Obama will be onscreen long.

  8. Jessie says:

    I’ve got no issue with Michelle Obama making an appearance. Like others have said, I don’t see it as the show presenting some kind of political agenda. She is the first lady and that’s all there is to it. While a famous country star performing for the troops is something that happens all the time, I have to shake my head at the mention of Luke Wheeler getting injured in Afghanistan. A benefit or concert for the military could have easily come about another way. I find it unfortunate that they want people to like him so bad that they’ll resort to exploiting the military to get there. Not cool.

  9. siobhan says:

    I don’t have a problem with Michelle Obama’s appearance. I’m sure it will be little more than a token and since this is supposedly a miltary fund raiser, it makes sense that anyone would be happy to have the First Lady in attendance, I don’t see it as being particularly political, and unless the show was promoting some terrorist group, I wouldn’t let it affect my viewing.

    What does bug me, in the show’s insistence of shoving Luke down our throats as this great guy, and perfect Rayna boyfriend. I dislike the character, and the actors have zero chemistry!

    Hopefully, they won’;t go so far as to give us some kind of cliffhanger proposal, that would be so unbelievable!

  10. tazzy says:

    I’ll just fast forward through her scenes.

  11. Tracy says:

    More dignity from the Obamas! I am disgusted by Michelle Obama for wanting to play star and for Nashville’s blatant promotion of Democrats! I just deleted Nashville from the DVR and I won’t be watching any more!

    • kajar says:

      Wow. Some people really have lost all capacity for rational thought. It’s getting really scary.

    • Frankoliostein says:

      I did the same. I come home to escape reality when I turn on the TV. I don’t like relaxing to my favorite show and then they make it political.

  12. Bryce says:

    That episode plot sounds odd, but I think the only “political” message will be “support the troops.” Not exactly controversional in my books.

  13. Jessica says:

    Ugh. Fame whore strikes again.

  14. drhenning says:

    At least it’s not as bad as Jill Biden showing up on Army Wives and having it be an important part of the story.. I have no real issues with Michelle getting involved. Country music stars are the biggest supporters of the military even as her husband attempts to reduce it.. Typical Obama to try and have it both ways… I suspect it’ll be nothing more than a couple of shots of her meeting Rayna and enjoying the show.. Nashville doing everything to stay on the air and I think it will.. A great vehicle for ABC to pull in real people into its orbit.

  15. Sue Hillock says:

    Maybe she will be leading the next raid on the Gibson Guitar Factory!

  16. Kathleen says:

    Well, I will miss this episode.

  17. angie says:

    In addition to her” let’s move” campaign, military families has been First Lady Obama’s other platform issue. Just as Laura Bush had literacy. Mrs. Obama is a very active supporter of Military families. So is Dr. Biden. When people learn to look at things without their own bias a whole world of rational reasonable thinking is there. It makes since for her to be at this type of concert and she attends them in real life. she also visits military hospitals frequently. If you like the show watch and leave the politics out of the enjoyment. On a side note I thought I was the only one that didn’t like Luke.

  18. Ellen says:

    I can’t believe how upset people are getting over the First Lady appearing via live stream at a military concert for probably all of a twenty second clip. Like everyone has said, this is more of a “support the troops” thing than a “support the Obama administration” thing. And no, you’re not the only one who doesn’t like Luke. They need to face facts and just accept the actors have zero chemistry and next to nobody is rooting for them as a couple. I’m sure this accident is supposed to make us feel sorry for Luke, but the whole thing just makes me cringe.

  19. Irene ChH says:

    I’m all for renewal of Nashville for season 3. Hope the cliffhanger won’t be whether Rayna accepts Luke’s proposal. (Think there was mention above.) Anyway. Michelle O. will probably have a cameo on the show. So I’m not bothered. I am bothered more that ABC
    is keeping Nashville fans on “pins and needles” about its renewal. Nashville should be
    renewed for 2014 to 2015. Please!