Scandal Season Finale Recap: Father Knows Best

Scandal Season FinaleAre there any bombs left in the world, or were they all dropped during Thursday’s Scandal season finale? As promised, the hour was a non-stop parade of explosions, most of which made Maya’s actual church bomb seem like a firecracker in comparison. Let’s begin…

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Never one to take her eyes off the prize, Sally rolled up her sleeves — or, rather, ripped them at the shoulder — and used the explosion as an opportunity to gain some much-needed, last-minute love from the American public. (Speaking of relentless survivors, Rowan did manage to live through last week’s run-in with Maya.)

Mellie’s Big Jerry secret was also finally brought to light, though Olivia picked a curious time to clue Fitz in on his father’s misdeed. After delivering one of his classic lies speeches about how he and Olivia are going to start a family someday, she interrupted him with the inconvenient truth.

Of course, Little Jerry quickly stole back everyone’s focus when he bled out in the middle of Fitz’s speech. A very specific strain of bacterial meningitis took the 15-year-old’s life, leading to yet another dark alliance, this time between Fitz and Rowan. Papa Pope offered him Maya’s head on a silver platter, though Fitz definitely didn’t read the fine print on their deal.

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The next bomb was dropped by Olivia, herself, when she announced her decision to quit Olivia Pope & Associates. “It’s me, I’m the scandal!” she told Jake in the series’ most meta speech to date. “And the best way to handle a scandal is to shut it down.” Jake rebutted with an invitation to run away with him, which she happily accepted. (And, honestly, who wouldn’t?)

That’s when we learned the twists had only just begun! Not only is Maya alive, but Rowan is the one who orchestrated Jerry’s murder — with a little help from Tom, of course — all as part of his plan to get reinstated as Command of B613. And poor Harrison, the only person who managed to put the pieces together, ended up getting killed. (Or so we’re led to believe. Given Rowan’s track record, it’s possible he’s just storing Harry somewhere for safe keeping.)

Now, let’s cleanse our palate of this drama by reflecting on the grossest part of the episode: Huck and Quinn getting caught bumping uglies in the conference room at OPA. (I believe Abby put it best when she shrieked, “My eyes!”) That should be a terrific story for Huck to share with his newly discovered family…

Which Scandal finale bomb blew your mind hardest? Any new predictions for next season? Rate the episode below, then drop a comment with your review.



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  1. Tiffany says:

    Papa Pope FTW!!

    • Andy Swift says:

      Right? I never thought I’d LIKE him… but I kind of do now. Are we bad people?

    • ... says:

      Yeah, let’s root for a murderer who kills a child because he missed his job.

      • kitty says:

        Who wouldn’t run away with Jake? I’ve always wanted a man who would sleep with me on my father’s orders, make a sex tape for him, hospitalize me, try and kill my father, threaten my life and choke me. Jake’s every girl’s dream.
        Seriously though, has the world gone mad?

        • Mike says:

          You should run for President, Kitty.

        • Elyse says:

          And Fitz is a better option? Liv has horrible taste in men.

          • RReg says:

            Fitz is the best and only option.

          • Elyse says:

            @RReg Fitz is a joke. He’s not better than Jake.

          • tsear says:

            Papa Pope said it best, Fitz is a BOY! He doesn’t take responsibility for anything. Everything that goes wrong is everyone else’s fault. He hates Mellie cuz she ruined their marriage; guess he had nothing to do with it. He hated Liv and everyone else for rigging the election; yet he killed an old lady just so the truth wouldn’t come out. He claims he’ll give up the presidency for Liv, yet time and time again when the opportunity presents itself he opts out. And not once have I seen him do any presidential work except for when Liv wants him to fly a terrorist out of the country. Yeah he didn’t know she was one at the time, but still. Is Olivia Pope really the leader of the free world, cuz she’s sure pulling the strings.

          • Lexy says:

            He’s definitely not better. . he is not all squeaky clean neither.

          • kay says:

            This isn’t a competition. Jake is a violent and destructive force in Olivia’s life and bringing up Fitz is just deflection.

        • Pam says:

          Finally someone sees Jake like I do! I can’t understand all this love for Jake!! He isn’t all that either he looks creepy!!if they want to give her a new man he should be someone New and not someone who’s she obviously can’t trust!!

          • Doris Bell says:

            I think that some actors bring a little love and good feeling with them from past shows and carry it over to their characters when they come to a new role. That may be the case with Scott Foley. I know I still look at Charlie (George Newbern) and see the sweet young groom from the two Father of the Bride movies. And at 9 on Reign, I occasionally see Catherine di Medici scheming and wonder what Anne of Green Gables (both played by Megan Follows), the sweetest girl ever to come out of Canada (take that, Robin Scherbatsky!) was doing being so bad!

          • RReg says:


          • RReg says:


            Agreed. The Jake Liv dynamic is beyond me.

          • DeeKayTee says:

            I think that in a show like this where all the options are bad guys you pick your favorite of the bad. This isn’t the real world. If Olivia chose somebody safe like, say, Edison we would all tune out.

          • Fitz is a freak, who kept Olivia hanging for four years, who have no respect for her, who acts like she’s his prostitute, who never ever really tried to ask Mellie what happened, shot a plane, killed an old lady in her bed, never seemed to really care for his children, or his wife, or his country, actually. He’s like the worst of the worst.
            Jake is a bad guy, maybe, but he’s not the leader of the free world, he actually does answer to superiors. Yes, he had the assignment of sleeping with Olivia, and when he felt for her he did everything he could to protect her, he asked her to be on the sun with him, to get out, she chose not, so he went back to his career, in some way. and, yes, I can’t fault him for choke her, when she had just cost him the escape of a terrorist who would plant a bomb somewhere in the States. And after this episode, who can blame him for try to kill Rowan, really? And he tried to get her and him out of the mess every chance he had. And he did sent everything he had on B613 to David.
            He may not be the perfect guy, or the dream guy, but he is the best one in Olivia’s life BY FAR!!!

          • Ebeulah says:

            I agree. Jake wears too many serious faces. Save him?

        • Sharie says:

          If you are an olitz supporter, than this list would be fifteen times as long as to all the gems Fitz has fed olivia through the years.

        • Sharia says:

          I’m glad she left with Jake. I mean of what we see who’s her other choice, Fitz the lying, cheating, selfish, man child of a president. He wants it all! Wants Liv to be at his beck & call, wants to leave Millie without leaving her. Jake might be a sneak but Liv knows what she’s getting when she’s with him. #lovtheoneurwith.

        • Ugonna Wosu says:

          and Jake has what to do with this conversation about Rowan?

      • tsear says:

        He didn’t miss his job… he was always Command… the entire time… Epic… lol… It’s make believe, not real, so it’s okay to like how well a character is portrayed. Just like how people like explosions and buildings and national landmarks being destroyed in movies; but don’t necessarily enjoy such things in real life, i.e. 911.

        Although, I really do hate that Jerry Jr. was murdered by Papa Pope. He a lil more evil than I thought. Mama Pope, sure, she’s a terrorist. Still, he’s the man you love to hate.

    • abz says:

      For a second, I thought he could start being good, but yeah I’m not too keen on liking a man who kills an innocent kid to get his old job back,

  2. Carm says:

    I felt something would happen to Harrison. Hoping he is not really gone. But he probably is.

  3. Roco says:

    Harrison is not dead, but with the actor’s troubled personal life I wouldn’t be surprised. Technically they didn’t actually show Tom shooting Harrison.

    • ABG says:

      I read somewhere that Shonda wasn’t happy with his legal issues, but it might be just rumours. I think the character never did much on the show so aside from the initial shock I wouldn’t really miss him.

      • Tamim says:

        Shonda has a history of holding her actors to high standards and, if they fail, taking them out of the equation. She wrote out one actor for making extremely negative comments about another actor, right? I think abusing your wife and threatening to murder her would be an even worse scandal.

        • Cheyenne says:

          Isaiah Washington was giving another actor on Grey’s a hard time for being gay. It probably had a negative effect on everyone’s morale in the show. There was no way they could keep him on the show after he repeatedly and publicly denigrated a co- actor. Harrison Short’s problems are personal and not directed toward anyone else on the show. They may be able to keep him around.

    • Mick says:

      Yea it doesn’t help that Columbus Short was arrested again (3rd time) for trying to kill his wife. It would be hypocritical when IW was fired for a lesser offense.

      • alistaircrane says:

        “Lesser offense”? F*** you, homophobe!

        • abz says:

          I don’t think that what @Mick said was homophobic. If you’re making a comparison between the two incidents, murder is clearly worse than being called something horrible like that. Both are terrible things, but at least T.R. Knight could live and move on from that, where as Short’s wife may have lost her life after almost being murdered.

        • Annie says:

          Are you kidding me? In what universe is a hateful slur worse than attempted murder or physical attack? Nobody’s defending what IW did. Or are you just trolling? Geez, it’s getting almost impossible to tell.

        • Morgan says:

          Lesser offense because Washington didn’t commit a crime.

    • Andy Swift says:

      I know it’s up for interpretation, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they killed him off. His legal troubles aside, this show still has plenty of characters to fall back on.

    • xx says:

      I’m guessing they were planning a miraculous recovery (cf. Fitz’s shooting), but we’ll never hear about it and the character will just die because of the actor’s personal failings.

    • abz says:

      I think they should just get rid of the character altogether. He’s pretty useless, can’t talk like a normal human being and nothing the writers have given him this past season has been interesting whatsoever IMO

    • RReg says:

      So what? Is Harrison supposed to become another B613 agent? This is just as tiresome as the back and forth of OLITZ

  4. ABG says:

    It was a good episode. A little dissapointed with the season overall. It got much better during the second half but I was expecting better since I LOVED last season.

    I think the show can easily recover next season, because not everything was bad. Just drop the B613 stuff and fix/get rid of Huck and Quinn and I think I’d love it again.

    • Andy Swift says:

      Honestly, I’m just curious to see what else they can possibly do next season. I assume David will find something interesting in the documents Jake sent his way.

    • Sharia says:

      I think this episode was just decent that being said it was the best the season had to offer. I’m wondering if it had to do with limited camera angles or such. I get that the show is about Olitz is bad to say that I’m kinda sick of them. He always had all reasons he couldn’t leave and now his son died and she didn’t run & stay at his side he’s really never leaving Millie.

  5. Lindsay says:

    They. Killed. Harrison. I need a moment.

    • ... says:

      He was barely a character. Why would you need a moment?

    • Bryce says:

      He was useless and annoying. The show would be smart to kill him, have Abby and Rosen run away and not come back, and have Huck stay with his family. I don’t know if y’all know this or not, but this Scandal is different. The gladiators don’t gladiate. OPA hasn’t been the center of the show since its six-episode first season. It’s time for the show to evolve. It’s not about the fixer anymore. It’s about this insane, mundane version of the Republic of the US of A. Next season better show promise early or it’s going to be a strong no for me.

  6. Alichat says:

    Ohhhh Harrison…..even I knew that Papa Pope had killed Adnan.

  7. ange says:

    Best finale/episode this season! Well Done

  8. Evan says:

    Interesting jump to conclusions about Harrison…although with the real-life happenings with Columbus Short, it’s plausible Harrison isn’t back next season. But that would leave only Abby and Huck (and maybe Quinn?!) at OPA…or whatever it’s called now that Olivia’s gone. What’s gonna pull her back next season? Maybe Harrison’s death? We haven’t seen the last of Papa and Mama Pope…although I wish we had with Mama, at the very least. Hmm…not sure how Huck’s family will fit into the scheme of things next season. Killing Little Jerry was cold, like the more sad version of that thing that happened this week on Game of Thrones, but I’m interested in seeing how that changes the Fitz-Mellie relationship next season. Overall, I think I loved season two more just because the twists were exciting and unexpected, but now that we know what to expect of Scandal, those OMG moments were expected, and episodes that lacked them felt a little less whole. I still thought this was a great season, but season two is superior.

    • RReg says:

      Now that Olivia is not around… again:
      Will Fitz become an alcoholic…. again?
      Will Fitz find another Amanda…. again?
      How soon will Olivia return… again?
      How soon will Olivia and Fitz be back at it… again?
      How soon will they break up… again?
      How soon will they be back together …. again?

    • Tammy says:

      They can use David more at OPA. Especially since Jake sent him all the B613 boxes to dig through. He is going to need protection from Papa Pope!

  9. RReg says:

    I found this episode rather a let down on several fronts. Not the least of which was the several back and forth between Fitz and Olivia. I just realized that this make up, break up, end break up at season finale is the tried and true method that Shonda uses for some inane reason. It was done in Season 1. It was done in Season 2 and now again in Season 3. It is beyond tiresome!
    Can’t really say I enjoyed anything in this episode. The bombing was very anti-climatic. Sally was more an interesting character than this Andrew person.

    I suspect Mama Pope is not dead – this is just a tad too inconvenient and this is also a tad too tiresome.

    I say once again the whole B613 spy agency is an ARC that never should have seen the light of day.

    Overall I would rate this episode as an F.

    It will be difficult returning to watch this next season.

    • RC says:

      We know Mama Pope isn’t dead. They showed her in B613’s pit at the end.

      She should be though. Her and Papa Pope. They’re terrible and ruined the show.

      • RReg says:

        Oh I didn’t realize that they showed Mama Pope in a pit. I was switching between Scandal and Parenthood. For some reason I found tonight’s Scandal irritating. I’ll have to return to watching the full episode I suppose…

    • Lovely says:


      I knew from the moment they introduced this whole “Jerry raped Mellie” storyline that it was nothing more than a plot device to keep Fitz with Mellie. That whole thing was unecessary. They could have simply used the son dying as a way to keep Mellie and Fitz together if that was the goal. I feel sad for Olitz shippers because Shonda seems determined to destroy this couple. I stopped supporting the match a while back. The frustrating thing is Shonda will not let them be together, but she won’t let them move on seperately. Even as Liv gazed out the window of the plane, you just knew her happiness with Jake would last about a second. This whole merry go round is tedious.

      This whole season was pointless really. I will definitely not be purchasing this season on Dvd. I have S1 and 2… Overall, it was just a really bad season. Thank God for Game of Thrones!

      • mrenee says:

        Me too. I imagine there were a few things that had to occur. Bellamy Young had to become more relevant and not just an evit B-word because women are only viable weak Scott Foley had to become and remain a viable actor cause he has nice eyes and Olivia and Fitz had to be pried from the hearts of the viewers. DVD? Why would anyone do that? I cannot answer any of the questions that I had Season 1 and 2. DVD?

        • RReg says:

          If this show is about a fixer, why does Bellamy Young have to become more relevant? I am just glad I will not have any more clenched teeth while stating, ” if you only knew what I have done for you”. Even at his lowest on the verge of a break down, Fitz is still asking for Olivia. What purpose does Mellie play?. Depicting a woman like this is unsettling and demeaning.

      • RReg says:


        I don’t see why they had to go to all those lengths of the rape either. I agree with you, the whole thing was unnecessary. I am a staunch OLITZ fan, but now I too am tired of the on again off again on again mess that OLITZ has become. It is horrendously bad writing.

        I have taken an honest assessment of this 3rd season and I must say if this was the first season I would not have continued to watch it.

        I do not understand the Jake Liv dynamic: Liv constantly tells him that she loves another man and yet he continues to pursue her. I know Liv thighs are magical to Fitz, but I didn’t think they were simply magical. She needs to bottle that.

        I may purchase season 3 just to complete the collection, but I will make this decision after I re watch the entire season sometime during the hiatus. Depending on how I feel about the entire season will determine whether or not I continue with season 4 beyond the first episode showing how Liv is back in DC.

        While I am a firm OLITZ backer, how Shonda deals with this will determine if I continue to watch season 4 or not. If there is more of this on again off again OLITZ plot, I will say my goodbyes. If there is more of this B613 stuff I will say my good byes.

        • Lovely says:


          I watch a lot of different TV shows… so I am familiar with the star crossed lovers who you have to watch for years to see them finally get together in the end. I get that. But what really turns me off with Olivia and Fitz is the constant back and forth… I mean if they cannot be together now how about have Liv legitimately pursue a relationship with a someone else and actually give them a chance. An example that comes to mind is Sookie and Bill on TrueBlood. You get the feeling that Sookie and Bill are the end game but there are entire seasons when they haven’t been together. Sookie has pursued other relationships with other characters like Eric and most recently Alcide. She isn’t constantly whinning about how she’s still in love with Bill. The occasional stolen glance between them is enough. The viewers get it and know Sookie still loves Bill but she isn’t going to put her entire life on hold for him. The final season of True Blood is coming soon and I suspect that Sookie will end up with Bill, but somehow the writers have managed not to annoy the sh*t out of viewers with Bill and Sookie for 7 years. Shonda needs to take a page from some others, because at this rate nobody will be around to watch Olitz get their happy ending.

          • Hattie says:

            True Blood fans are pining for Sookie/Bill?!?!? What?!?! That relationship died seasons ago.

          • Lovely says:


            You sound very excited LOL… True love never dies. Bill is Sookie’s true love. And you just proved my point. You seem to think the relationship died because Sookie isn’t constantly running back to Bill and screwing him and whinning incessantly about how she still loves Bill (unlike Olivia). She has made a legit effort to move on and give other men, vampires and werewolves a chance LOL. But anyone who has watched the show from beginning knows that Sookie still loves Bill and vice versa. I am not saying they will end up together, but yes its still very possible. For the finale Sookie could very well find her way back to Bill. The TV show has strayed greatly from the books so the ending is very much up in the air.

    • Elyse says:

      Just like she did with Meredith and Derek on Greys. How many seasons of that BS did we have to go through?

      • RReg says:

        I’m not sure, I was never as interested in Grey as I am in Scandal. I was never as vested in the Derek/Meredith relationship as I am in OLITZ

        Is it my imagination or was Sally also in Grey’s

    • Pamela says:

      @RReg did you really watch the finale because there is no question on whether Moma Pop is alive or not. She is alive and in the same B613 hold Jake and Huck were in. Overall I would rate your analysis an F. Who are you kidding you know darn well you will be watching next season.

      • RReg says:


        I was switching between Parenthood and Scandal so yes I missed some of the parts of Scandal. I have already said this. The switching between Parenthood and Scandal indicates to me that Scandal was not interesting enough to keep my interest. Having just finished re watching the entire episode – I can safely say, that my previous judgment about the episode was on point.
        The episode was trite and mundane.
        I have already laid out the conditions under which I will continue to watch season 4.

        • Cheyenne says:

          Well aren’t you full of yourself?

          You’ll be back in the fall. You can’t stay away from this series. As the saying goes, nothing is inevitable but death and taxes and you back on here every week complaining about the show.

          • RReg says:

            And you back here making the same comments and taking everyone to task who do not fawn on the low quality that you obviously gorge yourself on. You are rather tiresome. I firmly believe that the production of low quality shows can be attributed to people like you.

  10. C. says:

    I felt like that wrapped things up in a way that allows the show to reset for season 4, but also tie in some strands from the finale. This season overall was just kinda meh for me, but i liked the finale way more than i thought i would. there were some really great moments and scenes. FANTASTIC editing! holy cow!

  11. david says:

    I liked it yet felt somehow disappointed but cant explain why. I feel b613 needs to go just like the initiative on revenger

    • RReg says:

      The whole thing felt off. Perhaps last week’s episode should have been the finale. Everything about this episode seemed quite anti-climatic for some reason.

      • e says:

        could not agree more. i was bored the entire way through. and i LOVE this show typically! i will be interested where season 4 goes because they are essentially starting with a clean slate now. almost everything is as it was in the beginning of season 3, so many of the storylines this season feel like a huge waste of time because it didn’t move the narrative along. this episode compared to the episode where james dies doesn’t even feel like the same show. i wasn’t on the edge of my seat at all, and all the storyline’s were tied up quite nicely. when james died? i was breathless for the entire hour. i hope there are improvements for season four, and i REALLY hope they revisit the case-of-the-week format. bringing in an awesome new associate to replace harrison at OPA may freshen things up too? scott foley coming into the cast was a great choice… while desmond hume wasn’t a good fit for OPA in season one, it doesn’t mean that someone else couldn’t bring new intrigue for when olivia gets bored living life in the sun with jake.

        • Lovely says:


          Yes I agree, much of what was done throughout the season was undone rendering the majority of the season pointless. The episode whem James died.and they did the flashbacks of James and Cy was the best episode for me. It was actually very moving. But this episode and much of the season was a big letdown. This is by far the worst season. I don’t know if the show will recover.

          • RReg says:


            I think that it can recover if changes are made.
            1. No more back and forth of OLITZ. This has become too formulaic and it is bad writing
            2. End B613

            I agree Season 3 was not as good as past seasons, but perhaps that sometimes happens.

      • tsear says:

        It was because they mainly just tied up loose ends. It feels like a series finale instead of a season finale. I’m fine with it because it won’t make me go crazy waiting for its return. But for the benefit of the series, it would have been best to leave it with a huge cliffhanger. Loved all the action and nothing felt dragging. Actually didn’t surf the web while I watched this time. But yeah, the ending of it was too passive.

    • tsear says:

      I agree… the story arc should end with Papa Pope back in charge and B613 drifting back into the shadows. It was fun while it lasted, but if they have David going after it next season, I feel it would just get old. Just like they ended the whole rigged election arc, it’s time to say goodbye to this one; and introduce the next.

      • RReg says:


        Sadly, I don’t think that B613 arc will end there.
        1. There’s the Harrison issue to resolve one way or the other
        2. Fitz will find out that Jerry was killed by B613

        Did he honestly believe that Mama Pope had access to that virus? How would she have gained access to it? How would she have come in contact with his son to have infected him when the president children are all guarded?

        I don’t know about you, but some of the things written insults a modicum of intelligence.

  12. Para says:

    a little underwhelming

  13. christine says:

    Awful…..cartoonish, bad writing….inconsistent writing plagues this show lately. Shame

  14. Para says:

    i wish it can be a little more compaign…

  15. Lily says:

    I was really disappointed in this episode. The only good part was how Rowan played everyone just so that he can become Command again. Really Shonda, your cliffhanger is Olivia and Jake on an airplane??? When we all know that she will be back anyway because there is no scandal without her, how anticlimactic. The Huck storyline was boring and I just could not care enough. Even the unveiling that Mellie was raped by Jerry. I wanted an explosion, not Olivia telling a secret she had no right to tell. This season as a whole was disappointing and it will be hard to come back for season 4.

    • e says:

      it’s like you crawled in my brain and wrote this comment. COULDN’T AGREE MORE!

    • RReg says:

      I think people will return for the first episode of the new season just to see what happens with Olivia and then people will start to leave.

    • Lovely says:


    • Ram510 says:

      Lily, e., RReg, Lovely
      You people have really taken a negative approach to the finale. At least on a optimistic note, the season finale presents an opportunity for a “reset” for season 4. Still one of the best series on television, no show is perfect

      • RReg says:

        I have taken an analytical approach to the finale. I call it as I see. I would like to hope that your reset idea for season 4 will be the case, but reset how? In what direction would you like to see the show proceed? Share an idea or two.

      • Lovely says:


        I would love to be jumping up and down over what a great finale this was, but sadly it just didn’t work for me. It was anticlimatic, nothing happened. As you acknowledged it was like a reset, so what exactly was the point of the finale, of this season really. Fitz is still president, Fitz is still with Mellie, Papa Pope is head of B613, basically everything is as it was at the end of last season. None of the characters have progressed or had their plots advanced. I couldn’t even be happy about Liv being on that plane with Jake because of her sad expression. I mean let us see Liv and Jake happy if only for a moment. It was a total disappointment.

    • Ella says:

      I agree with you. The first season was so good when the show was actually about OPA. I loved when they were the gladiators. Throw in a little Fitz and Mellie, more good stories. I loved the addition of Jake, I do like him and Olivia together. But I am so sick of Mama and Papa Pope. The show has become all about them and who can be the baddest. The writing about them runs us in circles and expects us to follow, but how can you when they keep changing the rules. Who really didn’t expect that Papa Pope was truly the bad guy? I think the show needs work or will start losing viewers. In my opinion, the characters of Huck and Quinn have changed so much, they are not fun to watch nor are we invested in them like we were in the beginning. The office sex scene was disgusting and totally unnecessary to the episode. I want the old Huck and Quinn back. And really, who thinks Olivia won’t be back? Seriously? Unless Shonda does decide to make it the Mama and Papa Pope show for real. Oh, and throw in a little Sally to go with them, she is obviously a favorite too.

      • lolita says:

        Why does these people always have to have sex on a desk in a business office? They never clean the desk off,they have sex then pull up their clothes and it is business as usual. How can you have sex in an office and not go wash your self? They push all the paper and everything else on the floor so I guess the files and papers are not important.I really hate the desk sex,it’s just plain nasty.Very seldom do you see people clean up after a sex scene. Huck and Quinn are pathetic. She drops her draws quicker than water can run out of a facet. I sincerely hope that we have almost seen the end of B316 in season 4,and the end of mama and daddy Pope,they both should be done away with,because they are nothing but killers who get their jollies off when they kill somebody,and the daddy really got on my nerves when he talked about Fitz took his grown daughter from him,so he took a 15 year old kids life for vengeance cause he was mad at his father,how sick is this?

  16. CK says:

    I guess this will teach us not to demand more character development from Shonda because then she’ll give them a C-plot and kill them off. That being said, Give Quinn a storyline, Shonda. (#everythingisQuinn’sfault)

  17. shuayb says:

    This recap is terrible! Seriously the Blow by Blow accounts by Mitovich were much bette thn this. Seriously?
    I’v noticed TVLine standards have been dropping of late….

  18. Rachel Scott says:

    Killing off Harrison should make way for Steven to come back. I loved his and Olivia’s friendship in season one and if they can give him a storyline I think they should try and get him back.

    I also was completely underwhelmed by this episode, the only thing that really surprised me was that Papa Pope was behind Jerry’s killing. I did not expect that at all. It also would have been more surprising if Olivia left by herself. Everyone knows she’ll be back next season and her and Fitz are not over. Overall this episode was a let down, but I’ll still tune in for season four.

  19. Kaylee says:

    Poor Jerry. Can we please talk about how uncomfortable child death is on tv…even fictional?

    • herman1959 says:


    • linds says:

      I’m somewhat embarrassed to admit that unless the child is very young (baby/toddler), I feel even worse when pets are killed ….. on a fictional show, I hasten to add. I’m not sure why this is the case, but I have heard others express similar feelings.

  20. mrenee says:

    Well, this is it for the season and I, for one, could not be more happy. Olivia is totally ridiculous. If she really wanted to get away, why would she bother to take Jake? Oh, and what did she say after Season 2–I’m their Gladiator, I cannot leave them?” She should have simply added-at least not for you Fitz. Olivia couldn’t love a thing if she wanted to.

    Fitz has to be the weakest man alive and now that he knows about Mellie’s rape, all is forgotten. The man has not one true friend and Tom? Tom his trusted bodyguard kills his son? Yuck. No balance to the story at all. For weeks it’s been off with Fitz’ head. I guess the writers were not dumb enough to kill him, but let’s break him down to nothing, so that we know that this is not a fairytale?

    Again this week, well done Shonda. I was miffed after season 2 and now I am a realist.I now realize that we should have all let you off the hook. While we were busy lauding the first AA woman, the social commentary, groundbreaking concepts, etc. you spent an entire hiatus on how to totally ruin your core characters. Oh,the places we could have gone with a strong Olivia, Mellie and Fitz. But alas, you will continue winning awards for having people of color in the room and will do nothing to further any perception of them. You win,,, I give.

  21. gem says:

    KW is pregnant there is only so much you can do with a woman who is that pregnant. I expect Scandal to come back better and stronger in Season 4. Look I’ve been watching tv for so many freaking years and ppl love to complain and whine like some babies but even I know there are only so many ways to shock someone in an entire episode. LOVED It especially that ending. Wow Joe Morton deserves an emmy! and if he doesn’t win I have a few choice words for those idiots in hollywood!

  22. gem says:

    I also love the song so verrryyyy appropriate. Papa Pope got it handled for this own benefit :)

  23. JoeTV says:

    I have to agree with being a little disappointed as well. As for the twist with Rowan and Tom being behind Jerry’s murder, I had actually suspected it. I don’t know whether it was the way the scene was shot but when Tom placed his hand on little Jerry it just seemed glaringly noteworthy. So once Jerry collapsed and it was revealed he was poisoned, it didn’t take a lot to connect the dots. Usually Scandal surprises me with its twists but something about the way they handled this one signposted it :/ Hopefully it improves in season 4!

  24. rflairfan1 says:

    Honest question I have never seen an episode of Scandal or anything Shonda has done. I see so many everything about how good of a show this is, should I give it a chance? I know there are 20+ episodes a season which kinda turns me off as I really enjoy the 13 episodes a season. But I don’t wanna hold that against it. So opinions are welcome. Trolls are not but they will come anyway. LOL. Thanks all for offering opinions one way or another.

    • RReg says:

      Your question in and of itself borders on coming from a troll. No one can make the determinant for you of whether it is worth your time or not. You have to make the call for yourself by starting to watch. If it grabs you then so be it. If it doesn’t then so be it.

  25. Lara says:

    Didn’t see a body. NOT DEAD I SAY.

  26. Whit says:

    I really liked the finale. I watch Scandal to be entertained and I was very entertained tonight. There was twists, turns, Scott Foley looking really good and greats moments for the actors, particularly Bellamy Young. Overall, I was satisfied and can’t wait for next season!

  27. David4 says:

    I was disappointed that more people didn’t die in the bombing, or that the president didn’t lose. It just wasn’t very shocking of a finale.

  28. herman1959 says:

    Right now, all I can think is OMG they killed Little Gerry……that was too cold Shonda. I’ll come back and post after I have processed everything.

  29. ejdax37 says:

    On Tom why? You would still one of the characters that I could like with a clear conscience.

    I am so glad that Fitz now knows what happened with Big Jerry, every time he has been nasty to Millie I have yelled at the screen “tell him!” I understand why she didn’t and I don’t think she would have been able to herself, it had to come from some one like Olivia, otherwise Fitz wouldn’t have believed it. I know that he didn’t know why his marriage fell apart but it did make him a less sympathetic character when he was mean to Millie.

  30. Anne says:

    I found this episode oddly anti-climatic. I mean a lot happened and yet I feel like it was built up as being SO shocking that instead of being shocked I was just waiting. It was like every time something happened I’d just look at the clock and go… fifteen minutes left so that must not be the REAL twist and then at the end of the hour I was still waiting somehow. I don’t know, I might have liked it more if it hadn’t been so over-hyped since I actually found several other episodes this season more “shocking”.

  31. This season seriously jumped the shark. Every single character has the same breathless monologues, they all act and react exactly the same and have become interchangeable caricatures. As I watched the finale, I caught myself wishing every single one of them would just shut up and die already. Dunzo!

  32. abz says:

    It’s weird. I liked the episode somewhat but at the same time I had a lot of mixed feelings about it and it was a major disappointment in a lot of areas for me:
    – I was kind of pissed at Liv for revealing Mellie’s secret. It was not hers to tell. I mean I enjoyed the moment between Mellie and Fitz but still it definitely wasn’t her place.
    – We’re really never gonna see the end of B6-13, are we? I’m so over this storyline. It’s the equivalent of what the Initiative was on Revenge.
    – Huck and Quinn are just ridiculous. Really? She loves him? Dude just licked her face, yanked out her tooth and tried to eat her with that thing he called a kiss. Nevermind the fact that they are both just gross together.
    – It’s sad that Jerry will never be able to trick or treat for ears again :P
    – For a second they had me believing that maybe Eli could be good, but once again he turned out to be a huge bastard. Murdering a young innocent boy just so you could get your job back. Ugh.
    – Cyrus is still a despicable character
    – Harrison has been such a useless and waste of a character for a long time now. At least I find Abbey funny at times and Huck is useful for all his tech knowledge, but I no longer see the point of the Harrison character.
    – I’m still over Olitz. I continue to have no interest in the two of them, but we all know that she’s gonna hop on a return flight in the premiere and come crawling back to him.

    • bluegirl says:

      “Trick or treat for ears again???”

    • Kisha M. says:

      -Fitz would have Never believed Mellie if SHE told him….let that soak in.
      -B613 is a catch 22 and regardless is truly needed….like medical marijuana; its a good bad thing.
      -The Jerry thing was harsh…SHOCKER! If anybody says they suspected that boy was going to be killed… they are lying.
      -For your ELI comment…Boo that’s what we call a twist!
      -Murdering a young innocent boy….. ; B613 is hardcore….this is not anything new. They killed James sooooo…..
      – Cyrus is a demon BUT what is worse? A demon in disguise or a flat out ” I will tell you to your face demon?”
      -Harrison aka eye candy is not useless. He is a behind the scence gladiator.
      -Abbey Redheaded eye candy for the guys. She also is a behind the scense gladiator.
      -Abbey and David: are adorable and they make love like the kind of people they are.
      -Huck and Quinn: are hardcore and they make love like the kind of people they are.(They are dysfunctional.)
      -OK I feel you on this one. We all are over Olitz. OPA…please come back to the light!

      • abz says:

        – If Fitz wouldn’t have believed Mellie if she told him, then that would be another character flaw of his. Mellie may be manipulative at times and she may be seriously depressed right now, but a revelation like that doesn’t come easy, let alone choosing the person who raped you to be your own father-in-law. She’s not that heartless. It was not Olivia’s place to reveal a huge secret like that regardless of any good intentions she may have had.
        – I have to disagree. On a TV show, there’s only so much they can continue with certain storyline before they become stale, annoying and repetitive. Just because it may seem like it has a purpose doesn’t mean it should stay. B6-13 is loooong past its expiration date.
        – Just because its not new for them to do something like that, doesn’t mean that I have to like the fact that an innocent boy was killed.
        – Harrison IS a useless character IMO. He does nothing of value on the show based on what we’re shown. All his work is done behind the scenes, but what good is that to us viewers because we don’t see much of it. They set up this story of him and Adnan and it was a complete failure. Time for Shonda to let him go.

  33. Lexy says:

    Altho I expected the final minute to be on par with S2’s ending, I am far, far from dissapointed.
    Even tho I saw Rowan’s rise coming, I didn’t think they would actually go to those lenghts (but I’m so glad they did). The Olivia/Cyrus scene, Olivia saying she is the Scandal that needs fixing, “over a cliff”, Rowan getting Command back, Mellie and Fitz on the floor of the Oval and Liv FINALLY leaving Fitz behind, it was a truly great episode and a damn fine hour of TV.
    As far as Harrison’s apparent death goes, I couldn’t care less. Never liked the character and with Adnan gone, I don’t think there is any room for him on the show anymore. Lots of people hate Huck and Quinn, but given their connection to B613, next season should be very interesting for them. I assume Abby and David will dig for evidence, while Liv and Jake will finally stand in the sun. I am only sad for Mellie, hope she ditches Fitz and finds happiness with Andrew, Grant deserves to be alone.
    All in all, a pretty weird season that has had its highs and lows, but as long as they don’t recycle old plotlines, S4 will be a ride that’ll be just as thrilling.

    • Lee says:

      Did you watch the show? Olivia and Fitz are still in love and will be back together again in season 4.

      Jake is such a doormat to latch onto a woman who is repeatedly tells him she is in love with someone else and did not ask him to go away with her

      I’m glad the Mellie rape story is over and Fitz treated her gently. By the last scene in the Oval Office she realizes that Fitz will always love Olivia so when he had the breakdown and was asking for Olivia she made the call for him.

      I think Mellie will go back to her affair with Andrew with Fitz accepting it so she can get some love.

      I hope OPA and cases are back in season 4. There needs to be less White House drama and B613 needs to go away.

      • abz says:

        “…and will be back together again in season 4.” –> I don’t see this as something to root for at all. The man just got re-elected. What future do they have? She will remain his mistress. He can’t leave his wife, especially after all of this rape drama and the fact that their son was murdered and the bad publicity a divorce or separation would create. Plus, I don’t know about you, but I could care less whether or not they are in love. The back and forth drama is tired and annoying. I’d be fine if they dropped the Olitz love affair for the next two seasons. By all means, if they need to have them work together, go for it, but enough already.

        • kitty says:

          Olivia and Fitz SHOULDN’T get back together because her father killed his son.
          Jake will probably go back to harming her so she has more stints in the hospital to look forward to and eventually he’ll go back to trying to kill her father behind her back and this time I’ll support it. It may be the first thing Jake does in his useless existence that I DO support.
          At some point, they’ll run out of plots and the sex tape Jake made of Olivia will be the focus of at last one episode. Season 4 is gonna make Escandalo look good.
          Oh, and Mellie’s going to start sleeping with Andrew again.

        • Lovely says:

          Olivia and Fitz should not get back together for all the reasons you said. I’m just… over it at this point. It is beyond tiresome. But sadly, Shonda will make it so Liv cannot stay away from Fitz and we’ll have to endure this back and forth, break up and make up, I want you but I don’t nonsense for the entirety of the series. I’m with you at this point I’m like Tina Turner, what’s love got to do with it? There are too many obstacles in the way and if Liv were smart she would move on with her life… but she won’t.

          • mrenee says:

            And if Fitz were smart, so would he. Olivia has been nothing but a cloud over his head. From the crazy father, to the mother who he helped get out of the country only to have her be yet another cause for him to lose, now his son, to the love that she continues to give and take back at will. No. They should not be together. Fitz deserves to find himself and then someone who really loves him. Not Mellie, who conveniently withdraws from him for ten years and I don’t care why. This rape really ruined the fabric of these characters. It was a stupid plot trick that undermines everything great that was S1 and 2. Let Jake have Olivia. She has caused Fitz nothing but pain.

          • abz says:

            @mrenee: yes, let’s blame Olivia for being the daughter of horrible criminal parents who kill people left and right. That makes total sense. :/
            Let’s not forget Fitz’s role in that plane thing. And as President, HE made the choice to help get her out of the country. A choice he could have refuse if he wanted to given the power he has in his position. Fitz has to be accountable for his own actions just like everyone else.
            “…the love that she continues to give and take back at will” –> Really? What else is she supposed to do? She tries to take it back after giving it to him because she repeatedly gives in to his deluded self and all of the visions he has and promises he makes to her that he can never really keep and the way he keeps sucking her back in even after she’s made past attempts to move on. And he gets jealous when she’s with someone else.
            And regardless of yours or other people’s feelings about the entire existence of the rape storyline, they went for it and it happened, and you thinking her withdrawal was “convenient” and dismissing her side of it is pretty sick. Plot trick or not, the storyline was created and Mellie was raped and she is not completely at fault for the way she handled it.

      • Lexy says:

        Doesn’t mean I have to root for their ‘love’.
        And I think that Jake just decided to fight for the undefined feelings Olivia admitted having for him.

    • Rachel Scott says:

      Liv and Jake aren’t going to stand in the sun for too long. She will eventually come back to Fitz, it’s inevitable.

    • RReg says:

      Did you note that Mellie and Fitz on the floor, Fitz is calling out for Liv?

      • Lexy says:

        Yes, but apparently you didn’t notice she ignored his call.
        Look, I know Shonda’s way (long time GA watcher here) and I know that they (Olivia and Fitz) will most likely be back together next season much to my dismay, but it’s also my right to root for them not getting back together. I don’t like their relationship, I don’t like what Fitz turns Olivia into and IMO, he doesn’t deserve neither Mellie nor Liv, both are too good for him.

        • RReg says:

          I ignored it, because it is the stupid MO of Shonda. It was the season ending episode and Fitz and Olivia had to be off again for the season’s end. Haven’t you recognized this is Shonda’s play book? Check season 1 and 2. First few episodes Liv and Fitz are off, somewhere in the middle, they will be on again, at the end of the season they will be off again. I empathize with Liv and Fitz fans who have been watching this merry go round from day one. I would not have tolerated it. I will give Shonda Season 4 to see if she pulls the same foul trick…

        • kay says:

          Mellie isn’t too good for anybody. She may be unfortunate, but she’s still a singularly useless, callous and dishonest character. And given that Olivia(and Mellie et al) made Fitz an illegitimate president and inadvertently introduced into his life the murderer of his child, besides cheating on him twice with Jake this season, to say she’s too good for him at this point is ludicrous.

  34. lolita says:

    The part that I disliked tonight was when we found out that Liv’s father killed a 15 year old kid because he was mad at his father. He is a really horrible man I hope that he and B613 will not be around long in the next season. The B316 story line is just sickening and people are tired of seeing people get killed every week,and no one is held accountable for it. These people get killed and no one is ever seen grieving for them and trying to find out what happened. That is very unrealistic. I hope Olivia gets back to doing what she does best next season,and stop crying all the time and letting people use her as a doormat for them to vent on.

  35. Cheyenne says:

    So what’s Sally going to do, now that she’s out of a job?

  36. CK says:

    Yeah, the B613 storyline needs to go away quickly. I’m hoping this means that we will get a season 4 opener that consists entirely of the dismantling of B613 and hopefully, that will be the last that we will ever have to hear of it.

  37. I think what I found most surprising was that Tom was responsible for killing fitz’s son. There were many surprising elements but that was something else.
    I would like to see Fitz and Mellie work things out… And I am hoping Olivia and Fitz are done for the duration of the series, but we know Shonda better than that.
    Harrison has been somewhat irrelevant for me for a while. I am hoping that the show goes back to its roots and focuses on actual clients… It has been a while.

  38. nobody special says:

    seriously starting to hate my cable company. lost cable just as Rowan was giggling at Harrison about being “young, gifted, and bl…” that’s where it went poof. have to catch it on the network later.

  39. Cheyenne says:

    We can pretty much guess how next season starts off:

    Fitz is drinking himself into a stupor over losing his son and losing Olivia. Cyrus calls Olivia and tells her to get her ass back there before Fitz and the republic fall apart. Mellie calls Olivia and begs her to come back. Olivia and jake have a big fight. Olivia goes back to D.C. Fitz picks himself up off the floor and Olitz gets kick-started back into gear. Stay tuned.

  40. Anna says:

    I really enjoyed the finale and very much welcome the hiatus because the show needs a reset. Tom poisoning Young Jerry was obvious because the camera (very subtly though) paused him on Tom touching Jerry’s shoulder when the family was called to the stage. It’s scary to see that at that VERY moment, B613 no longer existed and YET, Tom’s allegiance was to Rowan. People keep stressing on Jake making a sex tape of his 1st romp with Olivia on Rowan’s orders, well I find it more disgusting to know that from the 1st night Fitz spent at the White House, papa Pope had been enjoying secret service a.k.a Tom’s little videos.

    I am happy Shonda didn’t kill off any of the characters (Harrison’s fate will probably determined by the issue of Colombus’s current legal troubles). Papa and Mama Pope are a couple of multi-layered villains I like and we’ll have a run for our money with these 2 in S4.

    Although an Olake fan, I think Jake’s tonight interactions with Liv, absolutely unbelievable. It was forced, no chemistry whatsoever, Kerry did a great job showing that Liv wasn’t conflicted anymore about her feelings for Jake: Liv loves Fitz, period. Instead of being happy seeing my favorite pairing together, I felt like being in a desert and having a mirage: this was a crappy half-assed writing. No man with an ounce of self-worth would pine for a woman like that. It wasn’t romantic, it was just pathetic and Jake Ballard deserves more.

  41. Cheyenne says:

    They left out one priceless scene: That jerk Leo’s face when he realized Sally lost and he wasn’t going to inherit Cyrus’s office after all.

  42. Aeol says:

    I enjoyed watching the episode, but the only thing that surprised me was that little Gerry actually died.
    -as soon as Liv told Rowan all she wanted was for Fitz to be president, I knew Rowan’s wheels were turning. Tom all of a sudden looming over little Gerry and putting his hand on Gerry’s shoulder – pretty freaking obvious.
    -as soon as Rowan offered to kill Maya, I knew he wouldn’t. If you were surprised to see Maya alive and in the hole, I have a bridge to sell you.
    -What’s the point of a body-less off-screen murder in this show? Oh right, there isn’t any. Harrison is still alive – unless Shonda decides to send Columbus Short packing in the off-season.

  43. Anna says:

    Btw, there were people suspecting the Popes to have been working together to hurt Fitz. I’ve come to think there might be some truth to that. How convenient for Maya to miss Rowan’s heart and above all for Rowan to be at the hospital, the same hospital, where the president’s son would have been brought after his collapse. We didn’t see what went down between the Popes in 3×17 when Maya went to O.P.A. and told Rowan to bring her baby home. I think they must have struck a deal at that point in the name of their undying love for their daughter. Maya had every reason to kill Rowan but she didn’t. She killed that Russian dude to send a message and Clare for double-crossing her. And she wouldn’t kill the man who kept her detained under an alias for twenty years, especially when said man killed the man she loved? (Maya knew that Rowan would kill Dominic, bomb’s location known or not). I think Rowan played Maya, letting her think he wouldn’t go after her. Besides, that scene where she was professing being anti-Olitz (I don’t blame) came out of nowhere, given that she couldn’t give a rat’s ass about Liv’s love life in the previous episodes. It almost seemed like Rowan fed her those lines.

  44. anna says:

    So who’s more evil, Maya or Rowan? And if Tom doesn’t get found out for the murderer he is next season then I’ll throw something! Poor Jerry jr. Killing off a child is just brutal.

    Not looking forward to the inevitable return of the Fitz/Olivia/Jake triangle next season, especially after those lovely scenes with Fitz and Mellie. I have to wonder though if Fitz would have believed Mellie is she was the one to tell him about the rape.

    Couldn’t care less about Quinn and Huck. Hope they don’t kill off Harrison for Abby’s sake. She needs someone normal to work with.

    I guess Jake will start working with David when he eventually returns.

    Can’t wait til the show comes back. I’m still addicted to it despite everything.

  45. Ram510 says:

    This episode wasn’t as OMG-jaw-dropping like last season but it was very well done and was set up perfectly to Kmart of reset the series next season. Well done! My only complaint was theta the finale felt rushed, but I supposed it somewhat understandable since the season was cut from 22 episodes to 18.
    I’m surprised so many people are upset with Olivia telling the secret?! Clearly Mellie purposely told Olivia because she knew Olivia would tell Fitz, which is why Olivia said Mellie is very calculating. Which is why she didn’t even seem surprised or upset Olivia said anything because she had her chance to say something but couldn’t. She used Olivia to be her voice for this particular issue.
    And also what happened to Andrew? He was no where to be found this whole episode even when Fitz won. And what will Sally do now?

    • RReg says:

      I am glad that Fitz knows about the rape. I was tired of the Mellie clenched teeth and face stating, ” if you only knew what I have done for you”

      It would be a shame if they wrote Sally out of the show. Sally is one of the few characters that I have enjoyed. The actor plays the part very very well.

  46. GeoDiva says:

    I gave it a B. Howver, Imam getting really tired of the back and forth between Olivia and Fitz. It’s getting boring.

  47. Tina B. says:

    I’m actually happy after a Shonda finale! I can’t believe it!

  48. alice says:

    Am I the OK my one who has the feeling that Jake is back working for Rowan?

    • alice says:

      Ok my = only. Love the auto correct

    • bluegirl says:

      No! I definitely agree. I think jake went with Olivia because he was told to watch her. But I haven’t decided whether it was Rowan, (who he hates, and wouldn’t just “go back to working for) or if he is still “following orders” and continuing to safeguard Olivia as per his President’s orders.

  49. Overthinking says:

    SMH at Season 3 glad it is over. Hopefully there is an exciting new show coming this Fall Thursday night 10pm!!!! -#MovingonfromScandal.

    • Lovely says:

      There is a new show starting next week… I don’t remember the name…. about a doctor who is supposed to be really good at her job, but is also schizophrenic or has some kind of mental problem LOL… undecided if I’ll tune in… It reminds me a little of Homeland where the title character is bipolar. That’s a really good show. Thank God for netflix. I think I’ll check out Breaking Bad and The Following since I never watched either but have heard really good things about both.

      • Overthinking says:

        I love Homeland. Now there is a show that stay true to character development!!!! I do watch the Following. If you’re going to watch this I would like to let you know [without giving away too much] that the writers don’t like law enforcement also you need a strong stomach to watch it. This is one show I wouldn’t know what to say if someone asked me why I watch it but I keep watching.

        Is the doctor show you mentioned on ABC on Thursday night? I might check it out although the show premise sound similar to a show NBC canceled that I really liked – Do No Harm.

        • Lovely says:


          Yes the show is called Black Box and will take the place of Scandal starting next Thursday at 10. And I was spot on with the Homeland comparison, the title chracter is apparently bipolar, just like Carrie. It also stars Vanessa Redgrave, who I really like as an actress. I think I’ll give it a try for that alone, although it may be a little too close to Homeland to be original.

          I’ve always wanted to watch The Following, but its one of those things I felt I needed to start from the beginning. I love Kevin Bacon and even the guy who plays the serial killer… he used to be in a short lived HBO show called Rome that I loved. He played Marc Anthony. I don’t mind gore too much, and I’m not offended by the show not liking cops. So I’ll definitely check it out. Thanks.

      • RReg says:

        I don’t watch too much TV. I really don’t have the time. When I do make the time I watch:

        Person of Interest –
        Black List (only the scenes with James Spader)

  50. Curly Girly says:

    Question: At the end when they showed Maya in the “hole” at B613: Does this mean they are recruiting her as a B613 agent now? She’s definitely got the b*lls. for it.