Community Season Finale Recap: 'Idiots Won!'

Community Season FinaleNo pet rock was left unturned as the battle for Greendale reached its electrifying conclusion in Thursday’s Community season finale. And, naturally, the fate of the institution rested on the shoulders of an emotional robot named Raquel.

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The gang’s quest to locate Greendale founder Russell Borchert’s gold — thus potentially saving their school from Subway’s takeover — took them deep into the college’s forgotten computer lab, a catacomb so stunted by ’70s references that even Abed’s retroactive pop-culture knowledge was of little use.

Jeff and “friends” were surprised to also discover Russell himself, alive and crazy, hiding out in the lab. His existence is what ultimately severed the sale of Greendale to Subway, despite the efforts of Chang, who is not only “mentally ill” (his words), but also apparently now a member of the school board.

We should also probably discuss Jeff and Britta, who ended their engagement (surprise, surprise!) after saving Greendale. But that’s not all… In order to escape from the computer lab, Jeff had to use his emotions to tap into Raquel, and it appeared his strongest emotion came from his interaction with Annie.

Assuming Community returns for a sixth season — NBC has yet to announce its renewal — it looks like Annie will remain in the running for (what’s left of) Jeff’s heart.

What’s your take on the Community finale? Hoping for a sixth season (and a movie)? And who’s hotter: Elliott Gould or Donald Sutherland? Rate the episode below, then drop a comment with your review.



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  1. Angela says:

    Not at all surprised about there being no wedding. Sure makes all the freaking out in that recent article even more amusing, doesn’t it?
    Anyway, yay, they saved their school! Abed’s line about them being back next year made me feel rather reassured-I hope he’s right. I want this show to at least get one final season.
    I liked the “original dean” plot, and seeing everyone wandering around through yet another bizarre area of the school. I also liked the “new shows” tag at the end of the episode :D. If this is the show’s final season, it was a good way to wrap things up, and if it’s not, then I look forward to seeing the gang back next year :).

    • MWJ says:

      Yeah, there was no wedding. It proved Jeff/Britta should have stayed sunk. And it didn’t lead to anything major with Jeff/Annie, in fact seems to have hurt that pairing more. So what was the whole point of doing the Jeff Britta Wedding plot again, besides to hurt Annie and put a new roadblock in a future Jeff/Annie pairing?

      • Angela says:

        Well, considering this might be the series finale, I imagine they were trying to address the love triangle issue-Abed explained it in his discussion with Annie. One could argue whether or not it was handled well, but if this is the show’s end, it was something to address at some point, especially considering Jeff was attracted to Britta waaaaaaaaaaaay back when this show first started. Sort of a full circle thing.
        And if this isn’t the series finale, then we’ll see if they address it again next season. Given that I don’t have a preference either way (I like both pairings, as well as the idea of all three of them finding whole new people altogether), I’m not bugged about it, and I kind of hope they just move on altogether from love triangles next season and leave it up in the air for fans to draw their own conclusions as to what happens with that whole situation. I’d much prefer to see how everyone either continues on with their time at Greendale and see them starting to make proper inroads in what they’ll do with their lives beyond school.

      • kidris90 says:

        What are you talking about? You really need to watch the episode again. This episode was very pro Jeff/Annie, as several people who had seen the advanced screener said it would be. Did you not see how jealous Annie got? Did you not see Abed pointing out why jeff and Britta would never work? Did you not see Jeff and Annie looking at each other while Annie was talking about people pursuing whatever makes them happy regardless of what anyone thinks? That scene was a direct meta reference to the people who think the age difference between them is too much. Not to mention that Annie is the last person Jeff thinks about, causing the door to open.

        • Angela says:

          Thank you. I must’ve been watching a different show, too, ’cause I caught all of that as well.
          It seems some people won’t be satisfied no matter what, though, so…*Shrugs*.

        • MWJ says:

          I just still have issues with the Jeff/Britta wedding thing, which was a bad idea from the start, not to mention the third time the show has gone that route, hurt Annie rather badly, and resulted in no real change to the status quo. Yes, the show pretty heavily implies that Jeff loves Annie and vice Versa, but to be honest, that is not news. And the way they gave the Jeff/Annie moments was sweet, but nothing they can’t easily take back at the start of next season. Jeff and Annie didn’t talk, hold hands, kiss, or anything that the show can’t decide not to do anything with. They have even backtracked on Pascal’s Triangle, a rather sweet and seemingly eventful finale.

          I’m probably being over-negative, but it’s frustrating when we had to go through two episodes of Jeff and Britta being ridiculous, including a marriage proposal and several kisses that go absolutely nowhere.

          • Angela says:

            And the show illustrated why that was a bad idea. They didn’t make any bones about the fact that Jeff and Britta were doing something stupid with the proposal right from the start. Their friendship/relationship has always been built on doing rash, ridiculous things without thinking about them ahead of time, and that’s no different here.
            Plus, this show relishes messing with the trope of “will they/won’t they?” and love triangles. Frankly, I would’ve been surprised if ANY of them actually went on to form a long-term relationship with each other at the end of it all. It’d be cool, of course, if a couple of them did go off happy together, but they make just as good of friends as they do lovers. Plus, they’re in college. They’re going to explore whatever interest might be there, whether they’re looking for something exclusive or not.
            As for hurting Annie…well, Jeff’s always been kind of a jerk in the relationship department. This should not be news to her by now, especially since, as you note, he’s done this to her time and time again. He may well change, he may well not, but at some point Annie’s going to have to see that side of him for what it is and figure out whether or not she wants to keep spending time trying to change someone.
            I agree that at some point this entire issue should be put to bed between all three of them, but that’s also why it seems silly to get so invested in the romantic side of relationships on this show, because it seems pretty darn apparent by now that they only want to have the tease and have no interest in the follow-through.
            Not to mention, considering there are fans out there who don’t want any of the characters to hook up, this is a nice way to try and keep them happy, too. People can read what they want into each interaction, be it platonic or romantic, and leave it at that.

          • malyumkin says:

            It’s not Community’s job to be nice to Annie! You can’t measure its success based on one romantic subplot. You seem to have already decided that Jeff and Annie would get together in the end. And anything that seems to lead (or not lead, in this case) in another direction seems to you to be a diversion…but guess what, this is not Friends. It is not the show’s goal to make two characters end up together!! This show is about how truly frightening and confusing it can be for people to love each other the way these guys do. These people are a crazy, weird, strangely sexual family. And that’s what they’re always gonna be! Closure has never been the point of the show. Human connection has. That’s what makes it truly awesome.
            Jeff/Britta pairing is a disaster, of course, but not because it interferes with the “real” Jeff/Annie pairing. Jeff/Britta is not a roadblock to an imaginary “happily ever after”. They were a disaster because that’s what they’d be in any given situation. They’re similar enough to be attracted to each other, but they’re different in all the ways that really matter. And they would NEVER work. That’s the point. Their “pairing” in that episode wasn’t supposed to be taken seriously, let alone be considered a threat to something that doesn’t even concretely exist. The whole “marriage” thing was just an exploration of two equally frightened characters who rush into a disastrous agreement because of panic. It was not real!
            Community is a show about crazy people trying to instill crazy logic in a crazy world.
            Don’t reduce it to romantic subplots. I would LOVE it if Jeff and Annie got together (whatever that means), but I don’t see it as the show’s goal. That’s why I’d be totally fine if they didn’t. As long as the group’s dynamic remains as heart-warming and real as it is with Harmon as its creator, I wouldn’t mind if Annie and Shirley ended up together.
            People “getting together” isn’t the point. People growing together and loving each other is. And that’s why Community rocks!

        • Emma says:

          LOL I saw more sparks between Abed and Annie, then Jeff and Annie. Annie puts Jeff on a pedestal, and that is why they will never work. Annie needs someone who actually wants to be with her. Jeff does not and this episode just confirmed it. It he wanted to be with Annie he would have said something but he didn’t.

          • MWJ says:

            And this is why I do not like this episode.

          • kidris90 says:

            LOL. Emma is at it again. She did this on the article about last week’s episode. Just non-stop posts about how Harmon is so smart for bringing Jeff and Britta together. Now she can’t even eat crow. You’re grasping at straws here, Em. Harmon himself has said that Jeff has romantic feelings for Annie. Problem is, he also has paternal feelings. He’s conflicted because he fears the age difference.

          • kidris90 says:

            Then you need to get your eyes checked, Emma. Abed and Annie is a platonic bond. Annie and Jeff clearly isn’t just platonic. Harmon’s comments on the amazing crackling chemistry between Jeff and Annie speaks volumes.

          • Patrick says:

            It would never work for Annie and Jeff. She loves who she thinks she can change him into. But he won’t change. Jeff and Britta accept each other. It won’t be a grand love affair, but neither of those two damaged souls is really capable of a grand love.

          • kidris90 says:

            Patrick, Harmon has already said that Jeff and Britta have a “chemical lack of chemistry.” It’s not happening.

          • Dcarlen says:

            Kidris90, emphasis on the CHEMICAL lack of chemistry. It’s designed to be unusual, unconventional, and in Harmon’s words, a middle finger to traditional romantic monogamy.

      • kidris90 says:

        Check out twitter, facebook, or IMDb. Jeff/Annie fans are ecstatic. Nothing about this episode hurt that pairing at all. It just proved how strong their feelings are.

      • Elle says:

        I ship Jeff/Annie but there was always a roadblock in their pairing. It’s never gonna happen and if it does it won’t be until the very last episode. Just be pleased that Annie acted like an adult.

        • MWJ says:

          I’m glad Annie acted like an adult. I just wish Jeff could have acted like one too, at least as far as he did in Global Conflict or Conventions of SpaceTime

      • kidris90 says:

        It has nothing to do with shipper goggles. It has to do with you misunderstanding the episode. Annie didn’t have any lingering negative feelings for Jeff.

        • MWJ says:

          Maybe. I’ll see what I think after a rewatch or two. Annie was great throughout this episode, so I have narrowed it down to me not liking how Jeff was acting in the previous episode and this one. Normally I love Jeff’s character, but these two episodes I just kept wondering what he was thinking, and feeling bad for Annie at having to deal with him. If I did completely misunderstand, and the start of next season has Jeff finally admit his feelings to Annie and apologize for the whole Britta craziness, then awesome.

      • kidris90 says:

        Ha. Ryan Ridley, the writer of the episode, confirmed that it was Jeff’s feelings for Annie that caused the secret door to open. Not his feelings for the whole group. Told you.

      • kidris90 says:

        Ha. Ryan Ridley, the writer of Basic sandwich, confirmed that it was Jeff’s feelings for Annie that caused the door to open, not his feelings for the whole group. So your logic based around “shipper goggles” completely fails.

  2. powerturtle90sdudemon says:

    AMAZING! Anything that sets its Dance Party Ending to anything by Dave Matthews Band, let alone Ants Marching, gets an A+++ in my book

  3. Rook says:


  4. Tom Charles says:

    I really hope an asteroid doesn’t destroy all of human civilization, C’mon NBC, do the right thing, give it one more season, and make it CLEAR it’s the last one so we don’t have to go through this 13+weeks after October 19th

  5. wonderwall says:

    TBH I blame the low ratings on NBC. They’ve treated community horribly. Not only do they fail to advertise the show, they stick it with TBBT also that whole thing with Dan Harmon last season… I truly hope they renew Community. They had an awesome season and I’m clingy and I’m sure that they’ll have an even better 6th season. Not to mention I’m clingy and I love this show.

    • I suspect even if it had all of NBC’s marketing budget spent on it and was giving the easiest slot going it would still struggle. After all the show is setup to be niche by being so meta, half the fun is getting the reference they are making and the allusions to other tv shows, movies and the likes that that particular episode is paying homage to and if you don’t get these your going to struggle to get the show (and its usually 80’s references too which limits the appeal further as it makes its main target those who grew up in the 80’s). Its also very self referential, perhaps not at AD’s level but you can’t just drop into a random episode in the way you can something like Friends

      • Bea says:

        It’s because networks can only be happy if their shows are getting viewed by 10+ million each week. Under that and they panic, especially with the “way too important” 18-49 age group.

  6. Raksha says:

    #SixSeasonsAndAMovie! This episode was brilliant, as is usually the case. Also. I loved the Jeff/Annie dynamic.

  7. webly3 says:

    This season was brilliant.

  8. Lydia says:

    I’m so happy! The episode was amazing, thank you so much Dan Harmon! And the Jeff and Annie of it all was the cherry on top. Fingers crossed for that sixth season! It would really be a shame to not to let these guys have a closing season.

  9. Adam says:

    I didn’t take the machine setting off to be just a Jeff/Annie moment. I think that since she was the last one in the line-up definitely invites that interpretation, but it was the culmination of his passion for all of his friends that really set the machine to haywire. I wish that Shirley were able to be there, though, seeing as she’s one of the original cast.

    • Angela says:

      That’s how I read it, too. And yeah, it would’ve been really nice to have Shirley in that scene, or at least have him thinking of her (and Troy and Pierce, for that matter).

    • Kendall says:

      I agree. Either interpretation of that moment has merit, but I think it’s more about Jeff’s feelings for all of them.

    • MWJ says:

      Yay! Another case of tons of Jeff/Britta that goes nowhere and hurts other characters, but one moment of Jeff/Annie they can backtrack on or deny later makes it all even. Yay!

    • kidris90 says:

      Yes, it was his feelings for them all, but leaving Annie for last and bringing up the “Milady, Milord” thing again wasn’t an accident. Not to mention the moment between them where she talks directly about people pursuing whatever makes them happy regardless of what others thing and they look at each other.

    • Elle says:

      I think it’s both. It’s his feelings for the whole group (I agree, Shirley should have been there!) but Annie being last was significant I felt. Jeff’s confusion after the door opened indicated he was surprised that his emotion for Annie did that. I don’t think he’d be confused about feeling emotions for his friends. Annie is different. He’s confused and scared of his feelings for her and always will be.

  10. MWJ says:

    Overall a bad episode. Did a major disservice to the Jeff/Annie pairing, and the Jeff Britta marriage hype led nowhere again. Jeff and Britta didn’t end up together, and it didn’t force Jeff to face his feelings for Annie, resulting in yet more angst for her all for the sake of some stupid jokes about Jeff and Britta bickering. Jeff should have at least said something to Annie at the end, apologized for his stupidity.

    Jeff was particularly hard hit, with the Britta/marriage plot regressing him to the level of selfish jerk he started the show as. What happened to the Jeff who learned to care about his friends, to support them. And what happened to the Jeff who saw Annie in his heart and told her multiple times that he cares about her and what she thinks of him? One sweet moment does not make up for the damage these last two episodes have done to the pairing.

    As for the rest of the show, it was probably the weakest season finale. Even the S4 finale had more heart and likable characterizations. If this is the series finale, it seems like a waste. Last episode set up a situation that required a literal deus ex machina to solve, tossed in Jeff/Britta for two episodes that led exactly nowhere besides hurting Annie rather badly, and the emotion sensing computer joke kind of went on longer than it should. Futurama did that concept better in seven words: “I’ve taught the toaster to feel love!”

    Also it didn’t feel like a lot of original ideas. Jeff/Britta marriage was in 201 and the Sandwich shop episode. Jeff acting like a jerk to Annie and hurting her feelings badly was done in Paradigms of Human Memory. The school being taken over was the finale of season 3, and the school being saved by a last second ton of money was the end of season 2.

    I wonder if the whole point of these last two episodes and the Jeff/Britta mess was to create a new obstacle for Jeff/Annie to overcome before they get together, since the age gap excuse is gone, and the maturity difference is gone, and realistically they could have gotten together a season or so ago. Now they can drag it out even more with Annie being mad at Jeff for the way he treated her in this fiasco, and him having to earn her forgiveness.

    There is a moment of brilliance in retrospect though. Remedial Chaos theory was right. With Troy gone, we have ended up with a far darker version of the show and characters.

    It’s not as bad as the finale of HIMYM, but it’s up there.

    • Et al. says:


    • kidris90 says:

      Again, every J/A shipper on Twitter, IMDb, etc. disagrees with you completely. It seems you don’t understand subtext. Read Harmon’s interviews. He is going to drag on J/A until the very end of the show before having them get together because he hates it when couples get together and the show loses steam because the will they/won’t they is gone.

      • MWJ says:

        No, I got the subtext. I just interpret the episode differently than most other Jeff/Annie fans. It’s my opinion that the negatives of Basic Story/Sandwich far outweigh the few positives, and the same opinion I have over at milady/milord.

        As for the show losing steam because the will they/won’t they is gone? Castle, Parks and Rec, and Bones are running along quite well despite having the main characters get together.

        I probably had too high of hopes for this episode. I would have loved it to be like Pascals, or Conspiracy Theories, or the Convention ep, or even the ACB episode, but to me, it feels like we got a mix of Urban Matrimony and Paradigms of Memory, mixed in with a weak plot.

        • kidris90 says:

          Listen to Harmon talk to Michael on Youtube. He mentions the history of failure when you have the couple the shippers want actually get together before the last episode. He’s talking about the majority of shows, not the exceptions.

      • DCarlen says:

        But this was going to be a finale. The episode was written as if it were a series finale in case tripe show was cancelled, which Harmon thought at the time was inevitable. It was also confirmed by Andy Bobrow that Jeff/Annie isn’t meant to lead anywhere. Back in season 4, that ship was sunk.

  11. Kalee says:

    Oh god… as much as I harbor no ill feelings toward Jeff/Britta, the whole Jeff/Annie teasing and the entire Britta/Jeff/Annie triangle should be shot in the back of the head and thrown overboard at sea.

    Don’t care anymore. If these women want to prove they’re smart, they should kick the crap out of Jeff and go out Thelma and Louise style.

  12. Babybop says:

    Can someone please give Jim Rash an Emmy?

  13. Elle says:

    OK episode. Average. I liked Abed’s talk about how bad Jeff/Britta are together which shows deep down Dan Harmon knows too. The Jeff/Annie moment was sweet but just another tease. And if Chang spent all the money on his diamond teeth does this mean the school won’t be saved?

  14. tara17 says:

    I am amazed at all the Community shipping going on today; the show is about so much more than the Britta/Jeff/Annie triangle. It’s a – fantastic – show completely beyond any sense of normalcy. Any attempt at real shipping would just feel out of place, imo. However, I do enjoy those Britta/Jeff/Annie moments a lot, the showrunners are dosing them out very well. Hoping for a 6th season! And a movie.

    • Angela says:

      Hear, hear to all of this!

    • kidris90 says:

      The potential romance is what draws some very passionate fans to the show. In fact, the main reason the show gets such low ratings and gets destroyed by BBT is that it indulges in too many meta jokes and doesn’t focus enough on things like romance, thus alienating potential viewers. It doesn’t have to turn into Friends, but ratings don’t lie.

      • Angela says:

        I dunno about that. I’d wager that there’s other reasons bigger than that one for why the show struggles as it does. NBC struggling to promote it well enough, especially in latter years. The behind the scenes drama during seasons 3 and 4, with Chevy and Dan and people coming and going-I know that turned off quite a few fans as it was, so it’d be even more annoying to people who weren’t fans but might’ve been curious to check it out. And then of course, season 4 being as shaky as it was didn’t help matters, either-that did hurt its ratings and it makes it all the more amazing we’re even AT a season 5. DVR/internet viewing factors in as well, along with the issues with the Nielsen boxes and the network continuing to focus on that outdated system,
        And I’d even go so far as to suggest that the condescending, elitist attitude of some corners of the fanbase hurt their chances to try and bring new people into the fandom, too. It’s one thing to be all, “This show is awesome and you should check it out!”, but some people felt the need to lord their “superior” TV viewing habits over other people, and that would be a big turnoff to some people as well (just ask anyone who dares to like the “Big Bang Theory”, after all).
        The lack of attention to romantic situations may be part of the problem, but I do not think at all that it is the main problem. Not by a long shot.

  15. Patrick says:

    I thought it was an OK episode (still loads better than most shows), and a sub par season. This show died/jumped the shard/effectively ended when Troy and Pierce left. I know they weren’t the main drivers of any show, but they added that extra little bit. Troy humanized Abed. Without Troy, Abed was just off somehow.

    And Annie went from kid to adult during the hiatus.

    It’s all just off somehow.

    But it will be back. Harmon has a huge winner on Adult Swim with Rick and Morty, so NBC will want to keep him in the fold. I think the syndication numbers are OK, so that will probably drive one more season.

    I would love for a full season to really wrap this up (the movie will never happen as anything other than a TV movie at the end, which would be great). Another Halloween and Christmas ep would be fantastic.

  16. Alice says:

    As long as Harmon is on board when it comes back, I hope he sticks to his record of NOT pairing up the characters. I like Community because the girls aren’t reduced to love interests and the plots don’t revolve around the characters dating each other (except for the gas leak year) unless its a one-off gag- like when the Jeff/Britta secret sex thing was revealed and resolved within the same episode.

  17. MWJ says:

    Well, after discussions (here and Milady Milord) I’m feeling rather better about the finale. I’m still not thrilled with parts of the episode (the pointless Jeff/Britta wedding plan still feels pointless to me, and the overall plot still seems kind of bland or derivative of previous episodes) but I’m far less pessimistic about it than I was just after watching it.

    So thanks for the people who talked it out with me (even if a few posts felt a bit condescending). I feel somewhat better now.

    We better get a season 6.

  18. JON says:

    Thought this episode was awesome. One of my favorites this season. Loved how meta it got regarding the show’s future.

  19. Jess says:

    I know they are considered the “fan favourite” but I kind of find the Jeff/Annie pairing creepy. They’ve gone to great lenghts to show us that there’s a big age gap between them, and they’re such different people. I’d love to see Annie actually get a love interest that is closer to her own age.

    • kidris90 says:

      You need to watch more older movies. Some all-time classics like Sabrina and My Man Godfrey feature couples with larger age differences. Nothing creepy about it.

    • tara17 says:

      I know Annie’s character is younger, but Alison Brie is 11 years younger than Joel McHale. The age difference may be even greater between Annie and Jeff, but I don’t find it creepy. I prefer a Jeff/Britta pairing, and I’m fine with either pairing. I just want the show to come back!

  20. Pix says:

    Maybe I didn’t love everything about season five, but when it’s good, it’s really GOOD. And the finale was REALLY GOOD. On one hand, it would actually work great as a series finale, if necessary. On the other hand – how awesome would it be, if this show that nobody believed in really did get six seasons (and a movie)? I sure want more of Community.

  21. Envirodale says:

    Even though I knew that Jeff and Britta wouldn’t get married, I wished for it. I’m a total Jeff/Britta shipper. I mean, that’s why the whole journey of “Community” started, right? But I really hoped that the season (or at least the finale) would devote more to Jeff’s love life. They didn’t even finish the G.I. Jeff episode properly, I hoped that they would do justice to the season finale (hopefully, not the series’).

    Anyway, NBC can’t play “Schrödinger’s Cat” with Community. Dan Harmon played risky with the the end tag, but c’mon, if your show is always on the loose end of a very fragile thread, you are allowed to play games. And it was a epicly funny game that he played.

    This year has been full of ends of shows. First, “How I Met Your Mother” and now, maybe Community too.

    But I’ll always live and wander the halls of Greendale Community College with the hilariously funny Spanish study-group, dipping into their delicious meta feel of community college life.

    P.S. I know its crazy to care and love a work of fiction this much, but I do.

    P.S.S. I thank you, Dan Harmon for one hell of a show. I got to know about this show from my brother, and its something that I will miss even if I never knew it was there. And if this was your last episode, well, you’ve done an amazing job (that last end tag was just….. I’m speechless).
    But NBC we need a hundred episodes at least. Its one of the best shows on TV, and it needs a hundred episodes to air, at least.


  22. kidris90 says:

    Patrick, Harmon has already said that Jeff and Britta lack romantic chemistry.

    • Patrick says:

      Not every relationship should be about chemistry. Jeff and Brita understand and accept each other. Jeff and Annie have more chemistry. I personally think that comes from the fact that they are both ridiculously good looking. She obviously has daddy issues, and transfers a lot of those feelings to Jeff.

      Regardless, she wants to chance him. She doesn’t love Jeff. She loves the guy that she fantasizes he could be, and she is always trying to change him into that. He won’t ever be that, and she won’t ever love him for him. Jeff and Annie aren’t a grand love affair. But they are a couple of people who would be each others friend and companion on the road of life.

      • kidris90 says:

        Completely disagree with this, and apparently so does Dan Harmon. Read his interview with IGN. He sank the Jeff/Britta ship there by saying they lack chemistry and are best as a sibling/exes sort of thing.

        Last night’s episode was all about showing us just how deep Annie’s feelings for Jeff are. It’s not love, but she doesn’t just love the guy he could be, which is what you implied was the case. As a student of filmmaking, everything about this episode made me think that Jeff/Annie are Harmon’s endgame.

        I think at this point Jeff/Britta shippers are getting desperate and grasping at straws.

        • DCarlen says:

          A “chemical” lack of chemistry means something different from what you think it means. Plus, Harmon had said that Jeff/Britta are demonstrating “falling back in love.” Nothing he had said since shows he changed his course. Also, Andy Bobrow pretty much sunk the Jeff/Annie ship last year.

        • malyumkin says:

          Can we please stop with the shippers?!
          this is Community! It’s not Friends or HIMYM!
          the show doesn’t really have a romantic endgame! these guys are like a crazy, weird, incestuous family. and they’re awesome the way they are! Just let whatever happen, happen. Don’t reduce the characters to their romantic sub-plots,

  23. MJ says:

    I’m 95% sure Community will be back next season. I mean really, the only other good comedy NBC has going for them is Parks, and their ratings aren’t much better than Community’s.

  24. Kimmy says:

    I liked the episode. Not the best and felt a little rushed at the end but enjoyable anyway. So happy J/B went nowhere and there was a little hope for J/A too, even though I don’t think J/A will happen it was nice to see Jeff really has feelings for Annie but is just scared of them. Good job!

  25. janet says:

    I never would have expected community fans to be such hardcore shippers. That’s what most of these comments are about. I have an opinion about who Jeff should be with…and it’s no one, just like they repetitively illustrate on the show. The comments on hulu have much more substance.

  26. MissSptinkles398 says:

    I really want Annie to finally get Jeff..why?
    because she worked so hard to show and not only
    Change him not for her liking per say….but
    She’s the only one I have yet to see be happy
    as a person, yeah she’s had moments but love
    Wise she really hasn’t so Annie/Jeff should happen in six season
    But maybe Jeff finally telling Annie ” hey…….. I like you ” or something. This episode was very good.