Idol Exclusive: Top 6 Week Theme Revealed!

American Idol Top 6 Though it’s anyone’s guess which contestants will make up American Idol‘s Top 6 — we’re still hours away from the next elimination — TVLine can exclusively reveal the theme they’ll be tackling next Wednesday. Ready? Dim the lights…

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It turns out next week’s is actually a dual theme: “a little bit country and a little bit rock ‘n’ roll.”

Each finalist will perform two songs, one country and one rock — and you know Donny and Marie will tune in.

Any country/rock suggestions for the Top 6? And which contestant do you think deserves to get booted tomorrow night? Drop a comment with your picks below.


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  1. Kevin says:

    Rock? I wonder how Sam and Alex will handle this. Jessica and Jena may be fine. i don’t care about the rest.

    • Ceng says:

      Rock isnt always loud. Country… His voice fits on it.

    • Foxfire says:

      Can’t wait for Caleb to sing a Country song. No doubt he will put his own spin on it.

    • linda says:

      I love C J he has a raspy raw voice, Alex Is hard for me to watch he looks like he has to pee., SAM that boy needs to go back to karaoke. BUT then we all know the judges are trying to persuade us to vote their way. If it is really the fans voting then Caleb should win. Lets face it they all are better off than when they started. And they are doing better than I could ever do. So GO
      CJ, I hope you stay a couple more weeks. :) at least

  2. Boswell says:

    The country and rock n roll theme week will definitely separate the likely winners from the Wanna Be’s. For Jess and Sam, it’s make it or break it time.

  3. Darelle says:

    This show seriously sucks. Lazaro would be consider a front runner this season. As for country rock week is going to me the same dull, lack luster prefomances. This is why I watch the voice.

    • Samara Desiree says:

      Are you kidding? All these contestants are far better than Lazaro. Caleb and Jena especially.

    • Miscellaneopolan says:

      Well, let’s not go NUTS, here. I understand exaggerating something to make a point, but saying that Lazaro would be a front-runner this season is by far the most shocking suggestion to be made in the history of time.
      Is this the most specific theme they’ve had all season? Man, they’ve been broad this year.

    • linda says:

      The Voice has all ages and people that have had a singing history before they came on the show. two different shows. So if you don’t like A I don’t watch, but I haven’t seen anyone make it big from the voice like “Carrie underwood” from Idol. To name one great.

      • Kaba says:

        To be fair The Voice started 3 years ago with an entirely different premise. You can’t really say they’re two different shows then expect the voice to produce the same results. People watch them for different reasons and as a result the voice will have a bit more of a hard time.
        Frankly, the level of talent has always been exceptionally high to the extent that even the amateur contestants on the show could have fared well on various seasons of AI.

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          I agree, Kaba. They are two different shows. I prefer Idol but if other people prefer The Voice, that’s fine. I don’t know why it’s necessary to bash one program because you prefer the other.

          I do enjoy the audition rounds on the The Voice though, with the revolving chairs. That’s kind of fun.

        • Idolhead Ed says:

          The Voice has had no success at all post season. Even Casadee last year’s winner are not selling. That will change this year though. Christina Grimmie is about to roll. I honestly think that’s why Grimmie is on the show this year. The Voice needs a post show success and Christina has over 2,000,000,fans before the show even started. An example is look at her You Tube views from last week. Well over 1,000,000 and Idol’s #1 YouTube views contestant is Jena’s “Creep” with just over 100,000. Grimmie will sell. Will she be Kelly or Carrie? I think maybe.

      • eww mike says:

        exactly! just wonder qhy theyre still watching AI lol

  4. Name This Tune says:

    Looks like a good week to be Dexter.
    Or CJ.

  5. Samara Desiree says:

    There are several contestants left who can handle this theme and it will be in their wheelhouse. However, it will be a challenge for Sam and Alex.

    • Alienate says:

      I think Alex will surprise you. Like the way Adam Lambert took Ring of Fire….. Wait and see.

      • will says:

        Adam sang well on it as he always does but that version of Ring of Fire was terrible. If Alex does anything like that it will be to his detriment. The only reason it worked for Adam was because he managed to commit to the (unnecessary) overwrought sexuality of it.

      • nancy says:

        I agree I sure hope he does surprise us cuz I know hes got it him :)
        my favorite is Alex, I believe he will be the next AI

      • linda says:

        OMG he is not close to Adam Lambert. LOL

    • deedee says:

      Why? Rock & Roll is a huge category. Alex can turn “Hotel California” into perky commercial jingle for Travelocity.com. Sam can sing “Jumping Jack Flash” like a sleepy coffee house acoustic ditty.

      • The Beach says:

        So funny and yet so true.

      • Adam Fachry says:

        Deedee, you got me thinking that Alex would make a career of writing commercial jingles. He should consider that if his career never takes off.

        • deedee says:

          Sure, why not? I’m not a fan, but understand that he has talent to some degree. No reason why he can’t transfer his skills to the jingle arena, even though I suspect he finds that idea abhorrent right now.

    • Timmah says:

      Alex is a musician, he’ll work it out. Should be good comedy watching Samjaya though.

  6. Maria says:

    They could just kill two birds with one stone and perform a Keith Urban song!!

    • Tom22 says:

      Yep… and then there are some old southern rock bands.. or even one from California….

      … is Credence Clear-water Revival country or is it rock ?

      Would the Rolling stones “girl with far away eyes” count for country?

      How about “lay down sally” covered by so many artists ? (including Eric Clapton)

      Is Jimmy Buffet close enough to Country .. having started as a country artist ?

      Chris isaak’s album Baja Sessions could be considered country in some peoples eyes.. a banjo would fit it firmly in the genre but I doubt it would cut it

  7. Name That Tune says:

    Not really. Because Alex will rearrange whatever he does to make it his own. So it doesn’t matter what the theme is, he’s doing it his way regardless.

  8. qj201 says:

    Songs the Judges will Like

    Songs you can’t play on Guitar

    Songs no one has ever sung on Idol

    Songs without backup singers (like in the old AI days)

    • Stormy says:

      Asian National Anthems
      Gregorian Chants
      The Stephen Foster Songbook
      TV Show Theme Songs [this one actually has merit]
      Advertising Jingles
      Songs About Animals

      Just kidding about most of these but the TV themes could be fun. I can imagine Sam doing the one from Greatest American Hero.

      • Tom22 says:

        TV theme songs could be entertaining … truly. .and there are plenty of them out there.

        Songs with a focus on Rain and/or Sunshine ?

        Victory Songs ?

        Songs about faith ? (although, somehow hearing people sing about their religion bothers some people… what I see as emotion others see as “forcing” ideas on others)

        Traditional Children’s and/or campfire songs ? (actually, that could be terrible)

        I’m not sure themes are all that great but, I liked them in the past and I liked the more limited themes better than others …… .. they would need more transparency in the choices open to contestants and how they settled conflicts when two singers wanted the same song to seem fair though… the feeling that song selection was “unfair” was growing every year for me.

        • Stormy says:

          I know, right?
          Sam – “Believe It or Not” from Greatest American Hero
          CJ – “Movin’ On Up” from The Jeffersons [and that isn’t racist. i think he’d do well with it]
          Jess – “Where Everybody Knows Your Name” from Cheers
          Caleb – “Suicide Is Painless” from M*A*S*H
          Alex – WKRP
          Jena – “Making Our dreams Come True” from Laverne and Shirley
          This could be fun.

          • Oooh says:

            tv themes is gold. growing pains, family matters, full house, seventh heaven, golden girls, gilmore girls, happy days, I could go on all day.

          • Tom22 says:

            and there is always “moon river” (andy griffith show)… although, wow.. that song is so linked with Audrey Hepburn’s charm in my mind (breakfast at tiffanys)

            I’m not sure we’ve ever seen an idol with a soft personal charm warmth and delicacy like that …. ok. Haley could have done it justice in an Audry hepburn way… with a whisper of a voice at times, a sweet bell of a voice as it swells at others…
            .. who else idol lovers?

          • Stormy says:

            @Tom I think Siobhan Magnus could do a wonderful version of “Moon River”. Go to Youtube and listen to her “Across The Universe” Idol performance. Magic.

          • Stormy says:

            Brainstorm! I wonder what Alex could do with the theme from Monk, “It’s A Jungle Out There”.

          • Idolhead Ed says:

            The only change I would make in your list would be Maureen McGovern’s “Different Worlds” from the show Angie for Jena.This song goes all over the place. YouTube it.

    • linda says:

      Chris Isaac ? BB King, Doors,

  9. Stormy says:

    Oh boy! In other words, same old same old. Country/rock= the catalog is huge. Seger, Bellamy Bros., Lynnard Skynnard, a lot of Bon Jovi, etc. Are they afraid to actually challenge them? I’d rather they took one songwriter’s book and made them choose from that. I don’t care if it’s Cole Porter, Carole King, Diane Warren or any other well known writer. They are not pushing anyone out of their comfort zone.

  10. metitometin says:

    How awful. I’m so sick of country and I’m so sick of Dexter. This is definitely one week to skip.

  11. Stormy says:

    On the bright side each of them will sing 2 songs. One country, one rock. No more duets.

  12. GuitarBlue says:

    Itunes top 400 chart this afternoon:

    Jena – “Creep” #46
    Alex – “A Team” #130
    Sam – “Sail Away” #172
    Caleb – “Family Tree #245

  13. Adam Fachry says:

    Why don’t just give them alt-country? Now that would be interesting and make them confused.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      You get a Made Me Laugh! :-)
      Alt-country would be wonderful. Jess and Alex would handle it just fine.

  14. Ceng says:

    Well…sam can make a twist on it… Rock n roll isnt always loud. We can see the artist on them. Let’s not underestimate these guys… We’ll never know…

  15. Jill Moya says:

    I hope Jessica goes. I really don’t know what everyone is hearing; I hate her look, her showmanship and that screaming voice. We’ll see what happens tonight.

  16. danin says:

    Alex- Lay Lady Lay(Dylan), hahaha&he could revive Keep Your Hands to Yourself, Sam- Dazed&Confused (cause he is.and make him stretch!), Everybody Must Get Stoned(yes,Dylan again) Jesse- Every Breath You Take,see where this is going?, & I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry(Hank Williams) Caleb- Gravity, something by Sugarland), CJ- something by David Gray& something by Steve Earle, JENA-Rhiannon, How Can You Mend A Broken Heart

    • Tom22 says:

      I”D LOVE to hear one of them pull off “I’m so lonesome I could cry” .. if Sam could do it.. with the emotion it deserves he’d be back in first.. if CJ could do it in pitch and with an arc/build to bring us to tears..he’d be a contender… If jess could understand it’s lyrical flow instead of thinking of it as as bicycle tire pump… she’d be up there. I’m not sure I could imagine Caleb Singing it , or Jena but, hell.. I’d love anyone that could do that one !

      • Tom22 says:

        ok.. maybe I was getting excited there ; ) stilll.. you can find Janell Arthur and (separately) Keith Urban peforming it at the Grand ol Opry on you tube

        • danin says:

          So I was being playful here but really I started to think last night aftet the show before I knew next week’s themes that these kids would really stretch themselves by doing or attempting to do songs they chose for each other that they would not typically do. It would break the tension and be more about process than results.And could be disastrous or maybe surprisingly good. The songs I chose of the ones they’ve already sung & have assigned are actually what strengths they could cull from the other person who sang them Caleb needs to touch his tenderer self, Sam needs to rage,release feel those blues of Dazex&Confused for example.

  17. Steve says:

    I would love to hear Caleb sing meatloaf song, or possibly even something from the scorpions

  18. Julie Anderson says:

    I’m wondering if Alex’s cousin JoDee Messina will help him with a choice and mentoring. This theme will be hardest for Sam, Alex and Jena (I do not see her doing the country part). This is right up Jessica’s alley and Caleb is from NC.

    • Stormy says:

      I was thinking that Jena would be OK with a Donna Fargo song. Maybe “Funny Face” or “The Happiest Girl in the Whole USA”. I wonder if they are forced to choose from the same small list of cleared songs as has been the case in past seasons. Sam can safely venture into “Hello, Mary Lou” by Rick Nelson or “Be Bop-a Lulu'” by Gene Vincent[both are considered Rock-a-billy]. Alex is in the most trouble here IMO.

  19. Selena says:

    It is very unfair Theme if it was real. It should be at least Pop and Rock n Roll at least.

    • Stormy says:

      Country music is arguably the most popular genre in the US and country fans [the south]are Idol’s biggest audience. It stands to reason. idol has had only one winner who came from the northern half of the US [Lee D]. And with the exception of Jordin Sparks [Az.] they have all been from the south. Throw in the fact that pop music is crap lately and you’ve got your answer. The cast of Idol is predominately southern. HC = New Orleans KU = Country singer and way south Oz [LOL], RS = Ga, RJ = La. Country fans still buy albums rather than one or two songs.

  20. glends morton says:

    I don’t care what the contestants sing…they are all good in their own way & style.
    What I do care about is: LET KEITH SING!!!!
    A little country…a little rock & roll…Perfect for Keith.

  21. Jennifer Perreault says:

    For Jena – Loving all of your performances since Day 1 auditions . Would love to hear you sing , “Lovesong” by The Cure. Check out their song then listen to Adele’s version . Best of luck to you!

  22. linda says:

    Caleb will kill both,

  23. Tracy says:

    Jessica should sing Melissa Etheridge I’m the Only One!

  24. Tracy says:

    Caleb sing Jason Aldean She’s Country