FX Renews The Americans For Season 3

The Americans Season 3It looks like the Jennings’ spy games are far from over, as FX announced the Season 3 renewal of The Americans on Wednesday.

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The Americans continues be one of the best shows on television,” Eric Schrier, President of Original Programming for FX Networks, said in a statement. “Executive Producers Joe Weisberg, Joel Fields and Graham Yost have done a wonderful job delivering two seasons, and the performances from Keri Russell, Matthew Rhys and Noah Emmerich are stellar. Fans will be blown away by the rest of this season, and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next year.”

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Six episodes remain in The Americans‘ current run, with the Season 2 finale set to air May 21 at 10/9c.

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  1. Katie says:

    YAAAAAS. I was worried. This season hasn’t been as strong as the first, but it’s still fantastic.

  2. dax says:

    ura da!

    i mean Hurray YES!! :D

  3. Kim R says:

    I find that this season I am not caring at all what happens to anybody. I really hate that with a show. I want to be a little invested in the characters. Disappointed this season.

    • Pat D. says:

      I have to agree…and Keri has really seemed more wooden than usual in her role this year–except for that certain scene with “Clark”. There just doesnt seem to be a whole lot of tension, or much of anything going on this season.

      And I know somebody’s going to say “Well, uhhhh, thats realistic spy work!”—great, but it doesnt make for great TV IMHO.

      They sure dont agree over at AVClub though—just about every episode this season got an A or A-, and I have to ask myself, what am I missing?

      • dax says:

        I use to think the same about Keri’s wooden or better put, steely performance.. but i have to say i recently binge-watched entire House of Cards – Elizabeth needs a bit of a Claire Underwood edge (anyone who has seens HoC will understand).. Still she is a really wonderful actress!

        • CBWBDK1 says:

          Yes, she needs to act like a deranged psychopath! That’s exactly what the show needs?

          • ladida says:

            Claire Underwood is not a deranged psychopath .. she is a very emotionally calculated character like Elizabeth.. only difference seems to be that Keri sometimes ends up looking aloof while Robin Wright has an aura of cunningness even in scenes where she is not in most favorable situations. But as dax said, Keri is awesome on her own accord.

    • MoodyAmerican says:

      YES! Agree. I really, really like this show and the cast. I can look at Keri R all day. But the show is SOOOO slow. I use Hannibal as an example of a show with a slow moving plot, but with the ability to keep you enchanted.

    • Aaron says:

      My opinion – but I could not wait to watch the next episode . . . loved the charater development

  4. ME says:

    Yay!! I like this season. More spy stuff and less marriage drama. I want more Margo Martindale though. I don’t care for the “nice” handler.

  5. Dan G says:

    Disappointed? NO WAY… THE AMERICANS continues to be one of the most riveting, edge-of-your-seat dramas in ALL of television. The historic angle with the Reagan Presidency … the “marriage” of Phillip & Elizabeth … Stan, best friend & FBI agent living right across the street … the mysterious Claudia (who will return soon) … the persuasion(s) of Nina … the opportunistic, self-centered, dangerous Igor … the milque-toast, puny Richard Thomas … the always great disguises … And, the ultimate struggle in the viewer’s mind ? : just WHO are we ROOTING for HERE ? It is all captivating and brilliant … and FYI — I CANNOT WAIT for TONIGHT ! Season 3 ?? BRING IT ………

  6. AB says:

    It could use a little more momentum but the cast is great and the season has gotten stronger with each episode.

  7. Aimee says:

    I knew this was coming but I’m happy to see it made official. Yay!!!

  8. JBC says:

    I lreally like the show, it is interesting,well written and the acting is very good.(could use less sex scenes) I am glad that they got a S3. What I can’t understand is how a show can get another season but have very poor ratings which The Americans have had this season. I know other shows who have had much better ratings end or be cancelled. Well Congrats to The Americans for making it through the ratings/demo minefield.

    • Ana says:

      It’s on cable which means the standards are lower. Every renewal has more to do with a show’s performance compared to other shows in the same network. Also, it’s critically acclaimed so that may have counted for something.

    • johnhelvete says:

      According to the head of FX, only 20% of the audience watches the show live. FX appears to be a little more progressive than the networks or even some of the other cable channels by strongly considering dvr numbers, critical acclaim etc.

    • Pat D. says:

      Like “Terriers”, for example. Was its ratings as bad as The Americans? And I doubt it cost as much to make as this show.

      • drhenning says:

        I think DVR and delayed watch options are much more today than a few years back when Terriers was on.. Americans is a far higher concept show which drew attention from critics right away.. Terriers was a slow build that nobody knew was good until it was too late to save… Americans also had the advantage of higher profile leads…

      • Paul G. says:

        Terriers ratings were far worse.

  9. John says:

    As great as the first season was, I find this season the episodes are piling up on my dvr and I have no real inclination to watch. I doubt I’ll finish out this season, much less stick around for a third.

    • Alienate says:

      Exactly! Just last nite I deleted the last 3 unwatched episodes. It felt like work to have to see them. It was a great first season, but now I just don’t care about them anymore. Is that so wrong?

  10. The Beach says:

    Great news!!

  11. Ana says:

    I dont get why people think this season isn’t as good as the first. Last season didn’t even get good until the last couple episodes. I’m fine with this season.

  12. I really like this show ..one of the best on TV ..I’m glad it’s been renewed for season 3 and this season is great as well!!

  13. Dick Whitman says:

    Awesome news!

  14. Tim says:

    i agree, this season is not as good so far, hopefully they’ll pick up the pace

  15. Georgia says:

    Such great news! My husband and I feel it’s one of the best shows on TV. Not sure why some aren’t enjoyhing this season. Every episode gets more involved in the characters and the plot. Hope the show continues for a long time.

  16. steven says:

    Great! Now give more storylines to the kids.

  17. Britt says:

    I’m so excited!!!!!

  18. GuessWhat says:

    Yay — I love this show.

  19. tv2day says:

    I’ve tried with this show a few times. Way too slow and boring for me. The time period just doesn’t work for me either. I prefer fx classics like sons, the sheild, justified.

  20. Jan says:

    I stopped watching a couple weeks back. It is nowhere as good as the first season.

  21. Rod says:

    I do not like this season at all. Too bad, the first season was as good as Homeland, and I am sorely disappointed that the ball was dropped so soon. No suspense, characters are acting ridiculous. No credibility. The wigs are horrible.

    • Pat D. says:

      Kinda figures that after I complained about nothing happening and no tension, they come up with that doozy of an episode. Wow.

  22. Joey says:

    The Americans is great. Amazing news. :)

  23. James says:

    The problem with this show is that there can’t be a happy ending that would go against the spy v spy genre, the real question is how many seasons will the CIA be so incompetent finding out their folly.

  24. Lynn says:

    I quit watching this season as well. I love Keri Russell but even she cannot keep me interested in this season…too slow, not enough Margo M., too much :”Clark”.

  25. Warner says:

    Big query,,,what is going to make the Black Box Dr. Any different from the male Dr. on the other short-lived show who had two personalities???

  26. daphne says:

    i have just started watching the new ncis and i agree with all your ncis lovers she has completely ruined the show for me she has no personality and does not bring anything to the show off off

  27. Susan says:

    I love this show and am happy it has been renewed.

  28. Mikael says:

    YES!!!!!!!!!!! I was hoping we’d get more Americans! I personally love this show and I don’t find this season boring at all. The stuff with the daughter is annoying. Not Homeland level of annoying though! It seems like the focus this season has been Nina, but I like the whole triple agent angle.

  29. Micro G Pen says:

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  30. Elaine Allard says:

    I find The Americans riviting, I have not missed one episode! Can’t wait for season 3!!

  31. david says:

    I love those 18 Celebity hair styles

  32. Henry says:

    it’s fascinating to watch a series where one wants to see the two main characters drawn and quartered and their heads spitted on pikes along the 14th Street Bridge in Washington

  33. Tim says:

    I’ found The Americans to be the best drama series on TV in 2013, Season 2 has been slower at least until episode 7/8 where it began to pick up the pace and be more like season 1, you can’t have season after season being acted in the same way there will always be areas that viewers do not perceive to be as good as what they saw previously, I think the way Philip and Elizabeth blend their home life in to ‘What they do’ is very believeable and great acting on their part. My wife and I have routed for them to come out on top each episode and beat the FBI,CIA etc who come across very gung ho and yeah we’ll stick it to the ruskies kind of attitude whereas the KGB have no such high egos, they plan they do the end……….Can’t wait for Season 3.

  34. Martyn says:

    We all know the eventual outcome the yanks would never make a programme where they don’t win.

    • Dan G says:

      THE AMERICANS is soooo solid … the characters are highly credible, and the show has a “this could have happened” quality to it — I can even tolerate Richard Thomas for the first time ever. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of NINA; can’t wait to see what happens with PAIGE in the upcoming season (she’s a great little actress, too!) I watched the A. Sepinwall moderated session with Keri / Matthew / Noah & the show staff, and noticed how soft spoken and polite Miss Russell is … NOT to mention the surprise (UK?) accent of Matthew R. … I find it really hard to pick a favorite among THE AMERICANS / FARGO / MASTERS OF SEX. They’re all terrific … !

  35. Aaron says:

    I cant wait for Season 3 – any idea of a release date ?

  36. John says:

    Where can I see season three and when

  37. marie Nadinb says:

    love this show