Arrow's Truths Come Out -- Were You Surprised?

The Man Under the HoodIf you have yet to watch Wednesday’s episode of Arrow, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, read on…

If you were craving a liberal shot of truth, Wednesday’s Arrow really hit the spot.

Let’s quickly review the biggest takeaways from the episode andthen get talking:

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* Laurel finally clues in to the identities of the Arrow and the Canary when she discovers her sister shares the same extensive scarring that Oliver does. But just as she’s about to confront the Arrow, she gets called away to her injured father’s side. And, surprise! Lance doesn’t want to know the hooded vigilante’s identity because he doesn’t want to think of him as a person with friends and family. If he did, then the crimefighter couldn’t be what the city needs him to be. Imagine the weight he has to carry, Lance tells her. In the end, she just gives Oliver a hug because “You’re important to me.”

* Moira reveals that Isabel had an affair with Oliver’s dad when she was an intern, but the bigger shock may be that he knew all about Thea’s paternity. Isabel claims they were soulmates and planned to run away together, but in the end, he chose to stay with his family.

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* Oliver finds Slade’s experiment homebase — and an unconscious Roy! After a fight breaks out among Oliver, Slade and Isabel, Diggle shoots Isabel while Ollie gets away with Roy. But it appears Isabel is far from dead as Slade hooks her up to his contraption.

* While meeting with S.T.A.R. Labs’ Caitlin and Cisco, aka two of the cast members of The Flash pilot, Felicity learns that even though he’s in a coma, Barry has moved on with Iris, “his… something,” Cisco stammers. Actually, she’s his love interest. Sorry, Felicity!

* There’s a cure for mirakuru, and Felicity tasks Caitlin and Cisco with creating the antidote.

Arrow fans, what did you think of the episode’s twists? Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Lysh says:

    I was surprised Laurel didn’t go “I KNOW YOU’RE THE ARROW/OLIVER” but I’m glad she’s going to keep it to herself. At least for a while. I love Quentin and I loved what he had to say about it.
    I love the Flash characters already.
    Not as great as “Deathstroke,” there was lots of family drama, but still a great episode.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      I agree 100%….they are going a VERY good route with Laurel in having it be something left unsaid (that she knows, and i think he knows that she knows)…and the Quentin speech was fantastic giving her perspective, Id say if anything the only unsatisfying part is Thea…and i think that MIGHT be because she is on her path towards going bad.

    • kath says:

      I thought Quentin solution was great — he didn’t want to know who The Arrow was because then he couldn’t ask him to do what needed to be done.

      Laurel, on the other hand, did the only intelligent thing to do, she kept quiet. So basically she acted like a normal person would. I don’t understand why the producers keep trying promote how wonderful she is because she’s the biggest dead weight the show has.

      • Lucius says:

        I have to agree Kath. Where are they going with Laurel because what we’ve seen so far is just awkward and awful.

  2. Fosho says:

    Only ONE thing surprised me during this episode sadly, and that was Isabella getting shot because I assumed they had more in store for her character. Obviously, we see that Slade has injected her and that’s not even the case. Which makes me lament yet again that Tommy is the only character on this show that only stays dead…sigh. I’m thinking the marketing the CW has done so far in the latter half of the season has left me assuming and speculating to much so that I’m far from surprised each week. Time to cut back. Overall, this wasn’t a bad episode and would have been improved without all of the Lance family drama.

    • jj says:

      Robert, Shado, and Shado’s dad have all died and stayed dead. So it’s not just Tommy.

    • JC says:

      Yes there are characters that stay dead on arrow, I feel like Isabel was kept alive for a bigger purpose, her arc is not yet done, I feel like she will take it out on Moira.

    • RAGGEDT says:

      Expect Tommy to return, after several years in suspended animation, as The Winter Arrow!

  3. Riana says:

    They probably shouldn’t have leaked the Isabel as Ravager photo so people would have been more surprised.

  4. James D says:

    little surprised Laural didn’t confront Ollie, but it made since why she didn’t, I’m cool with it. not sure it makes total since why Ollie didn’t tell them about the cure, I get the Slade part, but why wouldn’t he do it for Roy. To be honest I’m a little disappointed they didn’t stick closer to the comics when it comes to Isabel it was a much better story then a jaded ex lover looking for revenge against the family he choose over her. As for Slade and his new Army i sure hope that cure works oliver otherwise I would be calling up Superman with the quickness, so he can clean up this mess :)

    Oh and Thea get over yourself girl you’re not that important.

    • Alichat says:

      Oh my god yes about Thea. Every time she was on screen, I just wanted someone to smack her and tell her to put her big girl panties on and deal with it. Aren’t there bigger issues to freak out about than this “betrayal”? For example, the lunatic who kidnapped you is still on the loose, your family’s money is almost depleted, your ex-boyfriend has gone missing….shall I go on???

      • Marc says:

        I agree with you completely about Thea’s behavior. Plus, she seems hellbent on blaming Oliver more than anyone else. I kept begging for one of them to just forge her signature and be done with it. She really tested my patience last night. While I appreciate the struggle that she’s going through, the least the twit could have done was sign the papers. Does she know what it would be like to be poor?

        This show seem to have a penchant for misplaced blame and anger towards Oliver: Slade blaming Oliver for Shado’s death; Ivo blaming Oliver for Shado’s death; Oliver blaming himself for Shado’s death; Laurel blaming Arrow foor Tommy’s death; Quentin and Laurel blaming Oliver for Sarah’s death; Isabel blaming Oliver (and Queen family) for Robert leaving her and Thea blaming Arrow for hiding a secret from her…

        • Ugonna Wosu says:

          I don’t think she blames Oliver more than anyone, but he’s the one who keeps trying to talk to her. Also, I think part of her is more disappointed in him, because she trusted him more than their mother who has screwed up big time in the past.

        • James D says:

          I’m with you on this. It seems clear the theme of this season has been the guilt Oliver feels towards past mistakes, and the blame he gets for not being the person other people wish him to be. I get why Thea is upset i would be to if i found out my biological dad was a mass murderer. but there was an element of self-importance that was there last night that i didn’t like. she is old enough now to know that your parents don’t define you, you define yourself, i think that was what Ollie was trying to convey (unsuccessfully) to her last night.

          • Gabriel says:

            Can we TALK about the EARNED guilt of … sleeping with your own father’s mistress?!?


    • abz says:

      Definitely agree about Thea. She got on my nerves a little throughout the episode. Oh btw its “sense” not “since” :P

      • James D says:

        thank you for picking up on that it drives me nuts when people spell words incorrectly. it’s always a bad idea to comment when you’re tired and not really paying attention to what you’re doing. :)

        • abz says:

          No problem. I know. It especially sucks too when you’re commenting through you phone as well. Screwed over by autocorrect so many times.

  5. Henry says:

    So, 20 prisonners with Slades abilities why are they sticking with the man?

    • Patrick says:

      He has the money and the training and the weapons. Right now, all they can do is be hired guns. Might as well stick with the man what brung you.

    • Tom says:

      He is more skilled then them, he’s rich, some of them would feel like they owe him and he probably has a plan that will allow them to go all out.

  6. wonderwall says:

    Unfortunately I wasn’t too impressed with this episode and I partly blame the hiatus for this! The hype from the last episode just died and I wasn’t really able to enjoy this as much.

    See now I’m not really sure about Ivo being Felicity’s dad because he mentioned himself being a failed husband but not a father… Hmm. Something to contemplate I suppose.

    Also I’m surprised Oliver never mentioned the cure before! I guess that’s what you get when the previous few episodes were technically filler episodes.. I feel like a proper time to have brought up the cure was during the Promise (considering it was a very flashback heavy episode).

    I’m happy Laurel didn’t confront Oliver about his extracurricular activities… and while they did have a sweet moment together I still don’t see the point of Laurel’s character in the TV show. Her scenes were so out of place in this episode it made the whole episode a little fragmented for me. I just wish they used those scenes more appropriately. Like focus on Digg a little more or even the Flash characters. Or maybe even Roy. The EPs said that if we didn’t like Laurel before we will start changing our minds by this episode… Sorry, but that didn’t really happen for me. :/

    I would definitely give this episode a solid 7/10. Not too impressed but it still wasn’t horrible!

    • Sarah says:

      Is Ivo Sin’s dad? He gave Sara the picture of her and told her to look after his daughter?

    • Ugonna Wosu says:

      Laurel’s scenes had a very clear place in the episode and for the future of the show. Whoever still says otherwise is clearly being colored by their distaste for the character at this point. She’s not my fave, but they are clearly in the beginning of something huge with the character.

      • abz says:

        Agreed. I think this is clearly a start of a new path for Laurel. The old Laurel would have probably barged in and confronted Sarah and Oliver about being the Arrow and BC and wouldn’t have kept this to herself. They seem to be working on having her grow and evolve. I also didn’t feel like her presence was out of place. I think Laurel adds that human element to the show. Everything is all about superheroes, but with her she’s just a regular woman at the moment with her life somewhat intertwined into something bigger that she is just becoming aware of. I hope we get to see her grow more as a character.

        • Dominator of destruction says:

          Yeah can’t wait to see ‘The Blackmail Canary’ in action lol

        • janet says:

          Did anyone get a BC vibe from the black leather jacket she was wearing in the last scene?

        • wonderwall says:

          I suggest you read Arrowheard’s post (after Perola Cardozo Alves’) because it pretty much sums up how I feel about her character. Laurel isn’t realistic nor does she add a human element to the show. Sure her problems are realistic, but the way she deals with overcoming it isn’t. It’s easy to fall into melancholy and I can’t fault someone for going through depression but a person’s true character shows with how they deal with it. Laurel obviously didn’t deal with anything, and the way that she came back didn’t show that she’s a good person. It just showed that blackmail can get her anywhere. Also in reference to Kath’s post way down there at the bottom, it’s hard to get behind a character who worries more about her ex-boyfriend than her sister. I mean she finds out Oliver and Sara are vigilantes and her main concern is with Oliver? I call BS right there. Sorry, but that just confirms to me that Laurel isn’t realistic, just an A+ blackmailer. A realistic character would be more concerned about her sister and overcoming her issues wouldn’t have been that easy. If anything, I think Felicity and Thea bring more of a human element to the show. And I hate how the writers are giving the Lance sisters more screen time than Felicity (whom we know virtually nothing about) and Thea (who has a LOT of problems which the writers will hopefully resolve by the end of the season).

  7. Claire says:

    “But the bigger shock may be that he knew all about Thea’s paternity. Isabel claims they were soulmates and planned to run away together, but in the end, he chose to stay with his family.”

    Now THAT WAS A SHOCK! The affair with the father wasn’t so much (and btw, eww again, all of this swapping 😝). But that Robert did in fact know about Thea and he still chose his family. That was nice.
    Isabel … Mirakurued — there’s a song in there somewhere. But next up, Ravager!
    Felicity WILL save the day. She is the rock, and just a plain ol’ Rock Star. Loved seeing her on the field and LOVED her in the mask. Now place your bets on who her father is, Aye yi yi. Hope his last name wasn’t Ivo! But seriously cannot wait to find out more about her! Did you see her Trend on Twitter. And I think Dig did as well!
    It was nice to see the Flash crew in action too and that they know Felicity. She. Has. Friends. Outside of the foundry.
    The best scenes:
    –>opening piece with where they bomb QC Applied Sciences— great!
    –>the Felicity/Oliver flip over the railing and then the fight that followed — great stunt work BamBam
    –>Cisco getting Deathstroke with ginormous gun. I think Diggle needs one of those!
    –>Felicity speaking with the Flash folks and learning that even in a coma, Barry has moved on
    –>Oliver learning about his father and Isabel. His reaction was ours, and for several different relationships. Oliver is developing this not-so-good pattern.
    –>the rescue of Roy
    –>Thea scenes. I am glad she’s getting development, she did a great job and I Iook forward to her journey.

    I had issue with two things. The first was Roy. I have yet to see it, but apparently there is a clip floating around of Roy being captured that was cut from the episode. Why do they continue to do this? In Deathstroke we were told that Team Arrow would suffer a devastating loss by Roy leaving, but we were never made to believe he was THAT VALUABLE to begin with. They introduced him to Team Arrow and then he promptly disappeared for a couple episodes. We never really got to see him in action or mixing it up with the Team to feel that he was that connected to the Team. And now, he is taken and we don’t get to witness what I am sure is a pretty definitive scene. I want to experience his journey, but it’s a little hard to do when you don’t SEE it.
    The second is what looked to be a nice scene between Felicity and Sara after the attack. These were some images released prior to showing. It’s disappointing as we have yet to really experience any bonding between the two females in the Foundry. It’s a shame to lose such critical developments for these characters, especially Roy, when there were probably other scenes that could have been trimmed.
    That being said, it is nice to see a really strong episode two weeks in a row. Between the balance of quality airtime for all of Team Arrow members it was so nice to see them back in action. And kudos to Bambam.
    It’s nice to be excited once again and I look forward to more Team Arrow next week.

    • johnhelvete says:

      IMO the best scene in the episode was Quentin telling Laurel why he did not need to know who the Arrow is.

      The show only has 42 minutes or so for each episode, which might explain why a scene is cut. Also the scene in this episode with Roy works because the audience does not know that he has been captured.

      • Claire says:

        Rats! I was thinking of that one and I meant to add that in and forgot! Thank you! Yes, and Paul Blackthorne always does such an amazing job. I LOVE Quentin Lance.
        As for Roy though, it is unfortunate that the “cuttings” continue to happen to him though, especially when it is his story that is directly connected to the overall arc of Deathstroke and more importantly the Mirakuru.

      • kath says:

        Quentin was awesome in that scene. He’s the one the producers should be promoting, not Laurel.

    • Dominator of destruction says:

      Yeah i was looking forward to the Sara/Felicity bonding scene to

  8. Tina B. says:

    Not really surprised with anything

  9. S says:

    I still dislike Laurel, the producers were wrong, nothing in this episode made me change my mind about her. She’s still the weakest link of this show

    • Boston2AZ says:

      Could not agree more. As I was watching it tonight, I found myself annoyed that I wasn’t able to fast forward through her scenes like I usually do because the writers are increasing her relevance. I’m trying to hang on but the larger Laurel’s role becomes, the closer I am to saying goodbye.

      • me says:

        fans like you will always dislike her not for any reason but just because which is sad .

        • Boston2AZ says:

          Actually, it’s not “for any reason”. For me, it’s a badly written character played by an average to below average actor and it takes away from other, more interesting plot lines. On the other hand, I’m glad you enjoy her. We just disagree.

      • JC says:

        Then go! hope your fat a** can get through the door. I love Laurel and Katie is fantastic, all of this Laurel hate is sickening, if you do not like the show then stop watching. The real Arrow fans (myself included) will stay no matter what :)

        • Patrick says:

          So, basically you are saying that you will watch Arrow no matter what, but that people who don’t like Laurel should stop watching.

          By that logic, they should get rid of Laurel, because you will watch anyways, while the Anti-Laurel crowd can only be retained by jettisoning Laurel.

          • Trish says:

            Oh Patrick dear, you sound like such as rational human being. This post stopped being that long ago. I was going to add my comment but…why at this point. LOL.

          • Moname91 says:

            Just so you know Laurel isn’t going anywhere. Kreisberg gave an interview and basically compared Laurel and Oliver to being just like Lois and Clark. He also said that the writers give the audience a Little of what they want, but then they give them what they need so that fans of Laurel and Oliver should definately not give up hope.

          • wonderwall says:

            Comparing Laurel/Oliver to Clark/Lois is just ridiculous. Sorry. But They are nothing alike, nor are they as epic as Clark/Lois. That comment made me so angry :p I know, grown adults aren’t supposed to get angry over this stuff but COME ON. IT’S CLARK AND LOIS. No one can compare! Laurel/Oliver in the show are more like Clark/Lana.

          • JC says:

            As I said in a reply on another post, I know Lois and Clark. I’m a fan of Lois and Clark. And Arrow’s Oliver and Laurel is no Lois and Clark. Oliver and Dinah in the comics might be closer, but comparing THIS show’s Oliver and Laurel to Lois and Clark is laughable. Also, while I’m at it? I’m a Joss Whedon fan too. He was the one who said that about giving the audience what they need, not what they want. He can get away with that because he’s actually a great writer. I’m sorry, but the Arrow writers are not in that class, no matter how this season ends up.

        • arrowhead says:

          Hmmmm…how’d you know the ass is fat?

          • JC says:

            Well, Boston2Az’s hate is surely fat, now like I’ve said earlier Laurel haters, I will keep watching Arrow no matter how hateful some of its fans are. Laurel is an integral part of Oliver’s life in the comics and I hope it stays that way in the show :P

    • Jenny says:

      ITS THE ACTRESS!!! I like what they did with her character this episode, but Katie Cassidy is so blah. I think if someone else played laurel it’d be different.

      • Lucius says:

        I cannot disagree with this. I think they miscast Laurel terribly and the writing hasn’t helped her at all.

  10. I just need to sy, as an Olicity fan (and I don’t usually do shippers, but Arrow is my one exception), anyone realized that the one person Oliver tried to protect the minute they were attacked was Felicity? I mean, one can argue that Diggle and Sarah could handle themselves, but it was cute still, that and the “selfish moment” of Felicity asking Oliver not to go, I felt like it she was talking bout her being selfish in asking him that, kind of like afraid that he could have his ass kicked as she saw it happen on the “base”. And, who wants to bet that won’t be the lightning that creates Flash, but that those two scientists are gonna use the Mirakuru on Bary, or at least, a better version of it. I thought about that the moment we saw Roy run so fast he didn’t know here he was. Felt like Flash thing for me.

    • Dominator of destruction says:

      Sorry but the Sara/Ollie scene on the island had a lot more chemistry

      • luvmypup says:

        I absolutely and respectfully disagree.

      • Ugonna Wosu says:

        Oliver and Sara have a bro/sis chemistry on the island(strange for people who had already slept together) and NO chemistry in current times. I only have use for her when she’s fighting in the BC suit.

        • Dominator of destruction says:

          Bro/Sis relationship gtfo that goes to Olicity did you forget that hot kiss between Ollie/Sara a couple of weeks ago sorry man the best thing about Sara/Ollie as a couple is they don’t have to try to show us their chemistry its just there as it should be.Fun fact Caity Lotz and Steven Amell were the only one’s to do a chemistry test between the 3 and it shows

      • dr_spaceman says:

        I don’t think they have romantic chemistry, maybe fighting partners/friends chemistry. I wish they had kept their relationship platonic…

      • abz says:

        I absolutely disagree as well. Sara/Oliver on the island barely had much chemistry. They came across more as a brother/sister vibe, or really close friends. I think the chemistry is a little better in present day, but not by much. It doesn’t even seem like they romantically love each other or anything. I think they just care for each other a lot and have a long history. I like their superhero partnership though. I think that’s the best aspect of their relationship.

      • Christina says:

        I, for one, totally agree with you.

        • Lucius says:

          As Do I. I wish they had never started the ‘love’ relationship between Oliver and Sara up again in the present day. The Friend/Sibling Relationship they’ve had on the island is perfect and unless they start a romance on the island in the remaining episodes of the season it seems totally out of character 4-5 years later to restart their fling. I’ll say again, I think Stephen and Katie have much better chemistry than Stephen and Caity, it’s just that Laurel is a horrible character and Sara is not.

    • Carla Krae says:

      She was the closest to him, the weakest, and the slowest. It was logistics. She’s the only one that *has* to be protected because she’s out of her depth.

      • arrowhead says:

        I loved the Oliver-Felicity cartwheel over the railing too, but I do agree it was logistics. She was right in front of him, and she IS the one who is the last physical (which is not to say she isn’t badass, because she is–she just has different strengths from the rest of them). That being said, I have always thought Felicity has better chemistry with Oliver than the Lance sisters…but that may be because I have always been against the swapping sisters storyline.

        One of the problems I had last night was the Laurel storyline. I am not a Laurel hater, but I thought her blackmailing the DA–again–was simplistic. I liked that was acknowledged (“It won’t always be this easy”), but she did it twice in the last few episodes, and it just fell flat the second time around. I mean…let me get this straight: she threatens her boss–twice–and gets away with it?

        I really take issue with how simple they have made things for Laurel in the effort to retcon her character amongst fans. She was an angry, bitter, pill-popping alcoholic early in S2 (maybe not likable, but THAT was realistic), lashes out at her “resurrected” sister, and then forgives her with a flip of a switch (a.k.a. the self-righteous speech of Oliver in the hallway outside her apartment). Then she’s apologizing to Sara and going to AA. I don’t understand how someone goes from THAT angry and bitter to suddenly dishing out relationship advice. I didn’t see any convincing motivation for the change in her actions (how many people change after one person yells at them?). Then she blackmails her now-boss and gets away with that, and in this episode, she threatens her boss and gets away with THAT (can I just say it’s no wonder Starling City needs a vigilante with a DA who’s as much as pushover as Laurel’s boss is). Now, I understand this is meant to make Laurel seem kick ass, but I can’t see any strength in her character when EVERYTHING just seems to come so easy–giving up pills and alcohol is easy (I mean, she can even hang out at a bar with her sister because she’s so OVER her alcoholism…really?), forgiving her sister and boyfriend is easy (she can give them relationship advice!), getting her job back is easy (with blackmail!), and now getting her dad out of jail is easy (with a threat!). If anything, I think the inconsistent, simplistic writing of Laurel’s character is actually ruining her for me. I want to like her, and I know she’s a TV character, but nothing about her seems real to me.

        I’m going to come out and admit I’m a huge Katie Cassidy fan. In fact, I started watching Arrow because of her (loved Ruby on Supernatural). I have always hated the Laurel-Oliver relationship from the start (he slept with her sister. That ship sank–literally and figuratively–in the pilot for me), but I used to like Laurel–beating up Max Fuller, any scene with Tommy, any scene with her dad–and I still really want to, but I’m losing interest…fast.

        Diggle, on the other hand…am I the ONLY one who missed Diggle having Oliver’s back? Because that was my second favorite scene in the whole episode. I need more of that. And I am really, really hoping Diggle takes the Ravager down because that would be AWESOME.

        • Marc says:

          This is the perfect explanantion of one of the major issues with Laurel’s character. Well said.

        • Claire says:

          Agreed. Well said. I don’t comment on it because I know other’s out there like you and Gordon Rick who can put it far better than I ever could.

    • Erik says:

      Except we’ve seen what causes Barry to become the flash. It’s exactly how it happened in the comics. There is no reason to change that just to tie him into the deathstroke arc.

  11. aunni says:

    good episode, i not gonna say that love or hate laurel, time will an olicity shipper bt i love felicity more, in which universe those writers lives to think that men will not be interested in her. man dont play with our emotion. remember carma is a bitch, sooner or later bite u in the ass. hope in s3 they develope an organic relation for her with some1 opposite sex. even EBR want her character to date, have a life outside of oliver

  12. Britt says:

    Anyone think it was weird that there were only 3 security guards at QC? With all that amazing technology you’d think there would be more.

    • Patrick says:

      Sometimes the best way to hide something is to not be super ostentatious with the security. Plus, they probably relied on electronic measures.

  13. clearhaven says:

    Yesterday’s episode was AMAZING!!!! I love how the detective didn’t care about the Arrow’s Identity. I also love how Laurel didn’t go all dramatic on Ollie. This episode was perfect. I just wish that Isabel stayed dead for goodness sake!

    Oh well :) lovely episode!

  14. Pat says:

    This episode was definitely action packed for me. Usually, while I watch Arrow I am pretty calm but last night I was going crazy when any scene with Slade showed up. Also, that scene in the jail of Detective Lance being beaten was just nerve wracking. So I guess from here on out, I will be sitting on the edge of my seat, instead of sitting back calmly. Also, I think Laurel did a good job so far, keeping Oliver’s secret.

  15. tv2day says:

    Very good episode. The multiple weeks off kill the momentum for every show. The Olympics made more of these off weeks this year. The blacklist suffered with the off week thing.

    • abz says:

      I really think more networks should give the ABC split season thing a try. I loved the fact that OUAT, Scandal, and Grey’s have had non-stop runs since the end of February with no breaks.

  16. Taurus says:

    I watched last nights episode, and I had to laugh at Oliver’s reaction to sharing Isabel with his father! Grossed out wasn’t he? So somewhere in the minds of the Producers, they have to understand how unappealing the Lance sister’s story line is because really, that is my reaction with every love scene between any of them.

    What makes sharing sister’s any less gross. What makes Robert/Isabel/Oliver so different from Sara/Oliver/Laurel? NOTHING. It’s just gross and the fact that Oliver had the reaction he did? Kind of solidifies to the audience that sister storyline a complex and utter joke. Thank you for that verification! So if they follow through with any more back and forth? Hypocrites.

    • Marc says:

      EXACTLY!!!!! Why did they even go through with making Oliver looked like he was disgusted with the thought of sleeping with someone who already slept with his dad when he has slept with sisters within the last two years? At this point that shouldn’t be any big deal to the romantically busy Oliver. Why flinch? The Lance sisters/ Oliver’s romantic shenanigans is one of the weakest aspects of the show. When Oliver walked into the the hospital room where Sarah and Laurel was, the entire scene reeked of awkwardness. In fact, any scene with all three of them feels strained and uncomfortable to watch.

    • Ugonna Wosu says:

      I wouldn’t them getting rid of the two sisters and the idea of the BC altogether. If they must have the BC, make a non-Lance character. Those two sisters on the show make Oliver look like slime. They’ve been given a horrible backstory, and he can’t be with either one of them without reminding me what a jack-hole he’s been regarding them.

    • dr_spaceman says:

      For some reason Robert/Isabel/Oliver made Sara/Oliver/Laurel seem so much worse. They should make Oliver celibate for Season 3, at this rate he’ll “accidentally” sleep with his sister lol

    • Sonic says:

      Are you kidding, there is a difference between sleeping with sisters who you grew up, who are also of of close to your own age and sleeping with someone who slept with your parent. Robert was sleeping with someone who was barely out of high school while at the same time cheating on the mother of his children. I think Oliver has a right to be grossed out.

      • wonderwall says:

        In my opinion, the Robert/Isobel/Oliver thing was actually even more disgusting than Laurel/Oliver/Sara thing. Regardless, both of them are gross (just in different degrees). But if Laurel has enough self respect, she shouldn’t have another go at being with Oliver. She deserves better than that and Oliver deserves to stay single because he has some things to figure out by himself. Andrew Kreisberg is just trolling everyone when he said that Laurel/Oliver’s romantic relationship isn’t over. If he knows what’s good for the characters, then this really won’t happen (at least I hope the writers/ other EPs are smart enough to see this!). Oh well… I guess time will only tell

        • Lucius says:

          Relationships are messy so I don’t have a problem with all the crazy relationships and side relationships that go on, that happens in ‘real life’ but some or even all of them could’ve been written better.

      • Taurus says:

        Ha ha. Okay if you’re scaling it, sure there’s a difference 1. Being “ewwww, gross, Ick” and 10. Being “pull my eyeballs out its so gross” the sister swapping would probably be on the lower end of it. But if your generalizing, they’re both just GROSS. And no strong, self-respecting woman would return to that.

        What makes Robert/Isabel/Oliver = gross out yuck, and Laurel/Oliver/Sara = epic romance? They’re both gross. They are both insulting. If upon first learning about Oliver and Sara, Laurel’s reaction wasn’t the EXACT SAME as Oliver’s, I would be shocked! We kind of saw it in the flashback. Stunned.

        And yes Marc, that scene in the hospital room screamed “Awwwwwkwaard” Blaaaaach shiver

        • Deathheartattack says:

          And what about the Elaina-Stefan-Damon thing on TVD? I don’t see anyone complaining about that?. Elaina isn’t an asshole because she’s a chick? Not to mention this show already did the whole “sleeping with my sister is wrong” thing earlier on. Yes it’s gross, but back then twas Lust/youthful carelessness now after the whole hellish island experience + their shared vigilante life it’s much more legit.

          • JC says:

            Well, since you mentioned it, yes. I don’t know what everyone commenting here ships, obviously, but on Tumblr it’s really hard to take the whole “eww sister swapping” thing seriously because a lot of the people saying it are also shipping ships from Vampire Diaries, Reign, or The Originals, all of which have love triangles involving two brothers. Why is “brother swapping” so much less gross than “sister swapping”?

          • Taurus says:

            I can’t speak for anyone else, but for me personally, I do NOT watch that show. I know the type of shows the CW airs, and I debated even starting Arrow for that exact reason. I did soaps in College and had my fill of them and never looked back. It’s a pretty powerful assumption to make that all viewers of Arrow watch all the other CW shows.

            I like the genre, I like crime fighting and I LOVE action. That’s what drew me to this. Not soap opera story lines from another era and that’s exactly what we get with the Lance family front and centre. That’s just my opinion of course.

          • JC says:

            No one said all viewers of Arrow watch the other shows. But quite a few do, including some that have been particularly vocal about the “sister swapping”. If that doesn’t include you, then fine. But when someone is crying foul about Oliver and Sara’s relationship on the basis of “gross sister swapping” and then waxing eloquent about some of the ships in these other shows that are, in fact, “brother swapping” if we’re going to use those terms, I tend not to take their opinions on the subject very seriously.

    • Lucius says:

      Why On Earth did they throw the Robert/Isabel ‘romance’ into the mix? The Writers have watched WAY too many soap operas.I would’ve preferred to see more of the corporate machinations of Isabel but the writers clearly want to focus more on the ‘superhero/supervillain’ dynamic so they’re combining Isabel with the Ravager/ Ruth Wilson. Anything to see more of Summer Glau as very few people play crazy as well as her.

      • JC says:

        The Robert/Isabel affair is straight out of the comics. No soap operas required.

        • Lucius says:

          Don’t read the comic book. The Mixing of Isabel/Ravager isn’t ‘right out of the comic book’ though but again I’m a longtime Summer Glau fan so it’s fine with me.

  17. Gordon Rick says:

    Good episode. I agree that the week off kind of slowed the excitement for me too. The actress playing Laurel did OK but the writers keep messing her up. Two episodes ago she threatened the DA to get her job back then this episode she threatens the DA again to get her dad out of jail. Going to that well twice so quickly will make the DA a big time enemy. She went from drunk to recovering addict in record time. She was oblivious as for months to why Arrow/Canary were protecting her then figures it all out in one episode. No angst about Arrow/Canary saving her from the Doll Maker then her about to turn them in to save her dad. They are just not doing her any favors. And I agree the episode did not change my mind about Laurel.

    I do like the writers moving the romance between Oliver/Felicity and Oliver/Sara to the back burner for a while. In a way Oliver is like Bruce Wayne from the stand point he is so focused on saving his city that he does not have time for a long term relationship with any woman. I like the fact both Sara and Felicity can stand on their own (in different ways) without needing a man to save / validate them. While he is involved (not a sexual reference) with them he does not need them in his life all the time and does not feel compelled to rescue / protect them. It is the opposite with Laurel. The writers have made her so weak and needy that it is almost like she cannot do anything without a man (first Oliver before the ship wreck, then Tommy before he died, Sebastian Blood before she became an addict, her dad after she became an addict, etc).

    I did like the use of Bethany and Cisco from Star Labs. I think they did a great job with their small parts and set themselves up for the possible Flash series. The fight scenes were awesome as usual (if Bam Bam does not get an Emmy this year it will be robbery). What was Thea thinking? That if the family loses all their money her life will still be the same? That club will not support her lifestyle. Hopefully Thea will pull her head out of her rear end.

    • Claire says:

      Very well said, and excellent points about needing validation. Felicity is an incredibly strong and very capable character all in her own right and she definitely is not reliant on a man to give her that validation. I am so excited to see her character further developed as the growth potential is limitless.

    • arrowhead says:

      Gordon Rick: I have EXACTLY the same issues with Laurel’s character that I posted above. Her story lines are just so simplistic, it’s impossible for me to get invested.

    • abz says:

      She figured it all out because she Slade TOLD her. With that knowledge it’s easy to go back and piece things together and then wonder how stupid she was that she didn’t figure it out in the first place. Sometimes we just don’t realize what’s right under our nose.
      I agree about telling the DA off twice. It was kind of lame and too easy, but I’m glad that the DA pushed back and reminded her that it won’t work if she keeps it up.

  18. Dan says:

    I wanted to see Sarah stand up in the fight with Slade more. Or at least have him recognize her training from the League of Assassins. Instead she got tossed aside within seconds and broke her wrist. Not cool.

    • Dominator of destruction says:

      She constantly is getting punked and it makes me rage inside

    • Lucius says:

      I didn’t care for that either. I think they have Oliver being a better fighter than Sara and I think they should be about equal at the very least. I get that Oliver is a man and is physically stronger, blah, blah, blah but it devalues The League of Assassins when Oliver can beat every single member or former member that shows up.

  19. Trish says:

    I don’t about any “truths” coming out, but I can tell yo what I did love:

    I loved the episode. It was simply fantastic! I’m only sorry that you didn’t chose to shine the spotlight on the brilliant wit of Felicity Smoak and the mask-less everyday hero that is John Diggle. Digg is a badass character that is often sorely underused. These two owned the show this episode and it was wonderful to see as a fan. I must also give kudos to Stephen Amell for pulling me in and putting on a spectacular performance. The scene in the foundry while DeathStroke attacks and he grabs Felicity and leaps for cover…I cheered! His emotional scenes with Thea added to his recognition that he essential slept with his father’s former mistress…man, I’m so proud to see him finally being given more layered material to work with. I just love the dynamic of all three of these characters. Oliver/Felicity/Diggle combined with the best villain to date, is must see TV.

    • K says:

      I dont understand what special thing Diggle in this episode that he is getting high praise for, all is that always the automated response week after week.

  20. jm says:

    can someone explain me how is possible to move on being in a coma?
    I skip the previous two chapter before Deathstroke and this one… but i do like this two boths. Hope they kill off Rory

    • abz says:

      I think that’s just Felicity’s humour. The fact that some new woman is suddenly seeing Barry as much as she visits him.

    • kath says:

      Felicity thinks that she’s not good enough to be loved by a guy. At the end of Blast Radius, she said that finally a guy is interested in her and now he’s in a coma. Talking about him moving on is her self-depreciating humor.

  21. kara says:

    I wish they’d really focus of teaching Felicity some combat moves. So she’s not just hiding away in a corner during attacks. I just wish they’d give Felicity more in general cause she’s lacking.

    I really liked Laurel this episode and I can’t wait to see where they go with her.

  22. Misty says:

    It blows my mind that people hate Laurel and actually like Sarah. Sarah is whiny, annoying, and she always looks like she’s about to cry. She drives me batty. I agree to what others have said, Laurel adds a HUMAN element to the show, and that’s important.

    • Dominator of destruction says:

      The way you described Sara is everything that Laurel is and nothing that Sara is at all.All Laurel adds to the show is drama Sara takes everything like a boss never sooks,gets beaten down just keeps getting up unlike Laurel who is pathetic and will always look to blame others for any wrongs she is a self righteous bitch and how Oliver ever loved her blows my mind

    • Lucius says:

      Actually I think Oliver/Laurel has more chemistry than Oliver/Sara – much more and this is coming from someone who’s a big Sara-fan.However The Writers have so mishandled Laurel to an almost laughable degree.Last Nights Episode,(which I thought was good if not entirely believable in places – since when does The Terminator miss?), with the Quentin/Laurel conversation should have happened at the end of last season or at the latest right after Sara’s return this season.I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I think Katie is a better actress than Caity (Katie/Caity – that must be fun on set) but Caity was undoubtedly hired because she’s very physical and has studied martial arts in real life (as has David Ramsey and Summer Glau) which makes the thus far unphysical Katie’s Black Canary ascension look even more unbelievable and insurmountable.

      • Dominator of destruction says:

        I think Caity Lotz is a better actress than Cassidy i could write a project on why but i won’t here and an interesting fact Caity Lotz did a chemistry test with Amell, Cassidy didn’t the evidence is on screen

        • Lucius says:

          I think Katie has been given crap to work with and even the best actress can’t turn water into wine.I think if/when they kill Caity it’s going to be a disaster for the show.

  23. brawl2099 says:

    Did NO ONE ELSE geek out over the Doctor Light reference by Cisco and Kaitlin? And not only a reference, but they used a big a– laser gun created by Light?!

  24. JC says:

    A good episode. Called it on Isabel being Robert’s mistress. The whole “I didn’t tell you there was a cure because I was ashamed” bit didn’t work though, and smells suspiciously like a retcon. Oliver would rather his sister be in danger from Roy than admit there might be a cure? With the writers admitting this week that they didn’t know exactly what their plans were for Isabel until they got partway through the season, I’m thinking they went into this not initially planning on curing Roy. Otherwise the cure should have in the mix far earlier. I’m not upset about them doing a cure – it’s what I wanted all along. But the idea that both Oliver and Sara knew there was a cure and neither one mentioned it before now is ludicrous.

    • arrowhead says:

      Both the cure and the billionaire losing everything storyline are pretty stupid. But yes, the cure is by FAR the dumber plot line between those two.

  25. kath says:

    I thought this episode earned on ‘OK’ rating — not as good as Deathstroke, not as bad as Birds of Prey.

    It was good to find out why Quentin doesn’t know who The Arrow is (because he doesn’t want to), lots of good stuff from Willa Holland as Thea finally gets a storyline. The use of two Flash characters was clunky but acceptable to remind us of Barry Allen.

    The two biggest problems were Isabel’s explanation of why she took over QC, which was a bit too crazy even for this show (He was my soulmate! But he picked his family over me! So you will all suffer!), the absurd explanation of the finanaces (how could the Queen’s have lost all their money because the stock was diluted?) and the dead weight that is Laurel.

    It was too bad that the producers once again spent so much time hyping how wonderful Laurel is because basically she was not only tangential to the storyline, again, but what she did was what any normal person would have done, she agreed with her father that the Arrow’s identity needed to be kept secret.

    And when she found out that her sister was also a vigilante, did she say anything? Did she talk to Sara about her scars as she had talked to “Oliver last season? No, she went to Oliver and couldn’t care less about her own sister.

    The more the producers push to include her in the show, the more obvious it is that Arrow doesn’t need Laurel at all. Diggle and Sara fight with him, Felicity works IT and all three of them understand Oliver far better than Laurel does. It;s time for Guggenheim and Kreisburg to get their heads out of the sand and realize the show would be stronger without Laurel than with her.

    • arrowhead says:

      I didn’t catch this until you mentioned it, but you’re right: Oliver was her sole focus, again. She figures out her sister is the vigilante, and the focus is still on knowing Oliver’s secret identity. Between my ex-bf and my sister both being vigilantes, I would be far more concerned about my sister. I wish the show would focus on the love story between the Lance sisters instead of forcing moments between Laurel with Oliver. Sara and Laurel are related by blood, so they have to move past the grossness. The more they highlight how Laurel is there for Oliver while her relationship with her own sister gets placed on the back burner, the harder it is to root for her as a character (same goes for Sara). Can the Lance sisters just come together and leave Oliver in the dust already?

    • I disagree with very little of your posts overall, Kath. Including this one.

      Two things, though:

      — While I share your disdain of Laurel — maybe to less of a degree than you have of the character — I DO disagree that she has no place in the show: I think she would make an excellent permanent antagonist — as the new trailblazing Assistant D.A. who knows the Arrow’s identity, and constantly works against him as she sees there are really no checks and balances against him and his vigilantism. She could use everything she knows to really curb him severely, like no one else can. Or … far less interesting, she could just be the guy who cleans up his legal messes by getting the bad guys sent to the Iron Heights for good, sort of the DC answer to Law & Order?

      — I think a better way of explaining away the stock issue (and actually what I assumed, because yes that dialogue was bad) would have been to explain that Isabel had taken steps to devalue the stock to the point that while the Queens may be majority shareholders, if the stock is now worth $6 a share, and probably used to be in the hundreds of dollars a share, they’re essentially broke.

      • Lucius says:

        Laurel could be a variation on the Harvey Dent character from Batman who never becomes Black Canary and that is the ONLY way I think the Laurel character has a chance to be believably kept on the show.

  26. janet says:

    Great episode! Loved all of it! I look forward to this show every week. Diggle Felicity and Sarah are my favorites I hope none of them are going anywhere! I still don’t like Laurel, sorry not trying to hate, it is what it is at this point. Poor Felicity, always getting pushed aside for the comic book cannon OTP. Lol, I’m not worried I’m sure there are great things in store for her on the show. And Digg too! The Deathstroke plot is really picking up, can’t wait to see how it ends.

  27. cindy says:

    I agree,never liked laurels character. Oliver and laurels relationship is not healthy.If the writters want to force laurel down our throats then they should not make them end up together.

  28. Sue says:

    The only thing I really care about is that Summer Glau and Colton Haynes STAY PUT! I love them both and I enjoy seeing them on a show regularly.