Dallas EP Previews Pamela's 'Vengeance,' Elena's Little Problem and More Season 3B Scoop

Dallas Season 3B SpoilersDallas‘ midseason finale ended with Southfork going up in smoke — and we’ve got some burning questions about what to expect when the TNT drama returns August 18.

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Fortunately, executive producer Cynthia Cidre was happy to clear up a few things about the insane hour, as well as tease the summer premiere, which picks up mere moments after last night’s explosive finale.

PAMELA’S ‘VENGEANCE’ | Wondering what was going through Pamela’s mind when she joined John Ross and Emma in that threesome? According to Cidre, it was all part of a larger revenge plot. “She really wanted to punish them,” Cidre explains. “She wanted them never to be able to have sex again without thinking of her vomiting on them.” And Cidre says that plan will continue as soon as Pamela’s back on her feet in August: “She’s got a little vengeance in mind. She’s done with John Ross, and tells him so.”

BABY ON BOARD? | Given the lack of a time jump, don’t expect Elena to be shopping for baby clothes anytime soon — but don’t expect her oven to remain bun-less, either. “We don’t drop the ball,” Cidre says of Joaquin poking holes in Elena’s diaphragm. “Whenever we lay a seed on the ground, we let it blossom and grow.” And if you had to Google to find out what Joaquin was poking holes in, don’t worry, you’re not alone. “We were concerned people wouldn’t know what [the diaphragm] was,” Cidre admits. “I don’t think a lot of women have used it very much in the past 10 or 15 years, but there was a time when that was the contraceptive device of choice.”

KISS OF DEATH | “I figured that would really freak people out,” Cidre says of Ann and Harris’ surprise lip lock, which is not the sign of more kisses to come. “She was angry at Bobby, but she loves him. She didn’t run from the kiss, but she also kept her eyes open. We didn’t want to ruin Ann forever.” As for the peeping Tom mom who saw the kiss go down? “Judith will use it against Ann,” Cidre teases. “And her son. Both of them, actually. She’s basically our Grim Reaper.”

GOODBYE HEATHER? | Those hoping Christopher and Heather’s relationship will lead to the aisle should probably stop reading now. “I wouldn’t say the long haul, but she’s around for a while,” Cidre says of AnnaLynne McCord’s character. “That whole relationship really felt like a breath of fresh air. Christopher and John Ross had been fighting so much for the first two seasons that we got tired of it as writers. He’s so handsome, we just wanted him as a romantic lead again, and I’m glad we did that.”

How do you feel about the finale after reading Cidre’s explanations? And what are you most looking forward to when Dallas returns this summer? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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  1. Amy says:

    Josh Henderson wasn’t kidding when he said this season is “Dallas on Steroids”.

    But I’m still loving every second of it!

    • Shazay says:

      Sad to hear that Heather isn’t sticking around. I was liking her, as she’s way different than Pamela and Elena. Season 1 I loved Elena and was rooting for her, and kinda wanted Rebecca/Pamela to go away, but now I LOVE Pamela, and want Elena to take a hike.
      Keep Heather around!

      • Lance says:

        I agree, there is chemistry between them…I say keep her, but then again what do I know about writing ? T.N.D. Wink !

      • K Pop says:

        yeah I am not feeling Elena either.

        • Marci Ritchey says:

          I think the problem with Elana is that she comes across too goody 2 shoes, then when she strayed from good to bad it just didn’t make sense. She is mad at Christopher because his dead uncle pulled a switcheroo. She was set to marry CE and had she been as good as portrayed she would have tried honesty first.

    • REED RICHARDS says:

      And good ole Josh not only just cheated on his beautiful trophy wife again, (As Sue Ellen once said Once a cheater, always a Cheater) he has made Elena pregnant! Wonder who Pamela is going to respond to that????

    • kathy says:

      Me as well. Great writing. Great acting.
      just want more.

  2. Claire says:

    They better not destroy John Ross and Pamela permanently. They have such an awesome dynamic and great chemistry. He needs to grovel and win her back. If Dallas destroys them, I’m done with it. The show is barely hanging on by a thread ratings wise, anyways.

    I hope Sue Ellen is alright after the fire too.

    I could give two hoots about Elena or Christopher or Heather.

    • Andy Swift says:

      I’m sure Sue Ellen is fine. She’s a survivor. And you really don’t care about the others? Maybe I’m just an AnnaLynne McCord fan, but I like Christopher with Heather.

      • dude says:

        Every time I see AnnaLynne McCord on screen I have the same tendency to yell “Close your damn mouth!” That I do when I see Kristen Stewart. Does she have a sinus problem or something?

    • drhenning says:

      How successful this version of Dallas will depend on summer ratings when not against first run stuff on networks… August 18th is because Major Crimes is in this slot till then…

    • Ugonna Wosu says:

      they’ve already destroyed them. Perhaps you mean better not keep them apart. Well, I don’t know about “permanently”, but I hope she takes a good season and a half at least to take his pathetic ass back.

      I wouldn’t mind if she doesn’t take him back though.

    • Toni Craiker says:

      I couldn’t agree more . I am so sick of Elena . I feel she is sooo unEwing . I just don’t see the Ewings hanging around the help’s offspring. That is one storyline that I could live without.

      • REED RICHARDS says:

        Why do you hate Elena so much? Is it because you believe she crossed the border illegally?(LOL) What makes her so unEwing? Because she did not swap the deeds to another family’s land giving them a dry hole and no oil while taking all the oil rich land for herself and keeping all the spoils? Is she so unEwing because she did not frame a man for a murder he did not commit? Is she so unEwing for not cheating on her spouse? She is Ewing like in that she lied to protect Drew, even after finding out he did the dastardly things he was accused of. But other than that, what is not to like about her? Now that she has the letter and the proof that Cliff Barnes was framed, she is playing the big leagues now and wants blood. Wonder how Bobby is going to put a leash on her?

      • REED RICHARDS says:

        Remember, Elena was the one who did not want that video of John Ross and Emma to get out. Keep in mind that she DELETED HER COPY OF THE VIDEO AND DID NOT WANT PAMELA TO SEE IT. So I think there is good in Elena. It just that alo

        • kklewis123187 says:

          I think that Elena is hurt and being used. She isn’t on the same level as the others so instead she looks cruel. It’s what she is seeing from someone she fully believes in. Someone should have noticed she was acting in a way that wasn’t truly her. In the beginning she was smart, always trying to help but it only hurt her. Jon Ross tried to get the whole family to hide his treachery right after he asked for her hand. She fought to help Chris’ s dream work and balance the tempers of both brothers. She was even down to mother kids that weren’t hers. So after t he explosion no one was there for her and Sue Ellen took all her shares cuz her son purposely ruined the contract to slant drill. I n think she is smart, but doesn’t have the skill or money to fight big… just needs an honest teacher. Maybe Pamela and her would work well together, let the person who killed her brother, cartel boy, dig his own ditch. Chris needs to want to fight for something again, to balance new Jr out. Let Ryland and Bobby ‘ s wife maybe help that daughter become a woman. Go back so basics and fight all the cartels, then whoever comes next once they get back to the love of money from the two energy options b back. Everyone has their time to be saved and brought home… they owe her that as well.

      • REED RICHARDS says:

        Remember, Elena was the one who did not want Pamela to see the video of John Ross and Emma having sex. SHE DELETED HER COPY AND DID NOT WANT NICHOLAS TO USE/SEND IT EITHER. Elena does or did have a conscience. Because she at many points before Drew’s death wanted to stop her and Nicholas’ scheming and tell the Ewings everything.I just think that too many things happened at once, overloaded her sense of right and wrong, and then the final straw hit, Drew’s death and finding out he set the fire at the Ewing ranch over the loss of her pappy’s land. That drove her over the edge and she will never be the same. She is a tragic character, I think.

        • Jax says:

          Elena is a waste and a character whose personality and background changes every 5 minutes. Which was true of almost all the characters on the show and is the main reason it got cancelled. But make no mistake – Elena was the worst of the lot and nothing she did was logical or resembled human behavior. Absolutely horrific writing for this series

    • Dee says:

      ditto to your statement…

    • Marci R says:

      Pamela came into her own and made everything work with John Ross-I agree, Pamela/John Ross works and, like it or not, the only way Elana works is with Christopher. Mistakes were made with Elana’s character-I hope either the writers either give the character more thought or she goes up in flames with Southfork.

    • REED RICHARDS says:

      I think that once John Ross slept with Elena again and made her pregnant (Thanks to Nicholas puncturing holes in her diaphragm) I would think that this would DESTROY JOHN ROSS AND PAMELA FOR GOOD………………

  3. Martin says:

    Wait, August 18th?? – so mean, summer premiere?, nearly fall. I thought it would premiere in like June.

    I am glad of what they said about Pamela in this article. They spent two seasons making her into this complicated,extremely smart woman and they basically ruined that this half of this season with her coming off as a bit of a fool not knowing what was going on. The character we have known would never have fallen for that I don’t think. Other than that though, this season has been fantastic and I can’t wait until the time comes when someone gets to really smack Emma – hard. Looking forward to the second half anyway.

  4. katedfw says:

    The finale was crazy! I was shocked when Pamela asked if she could join in (this is not your father’s Dallas)! There is so much betrayal and backstabbing going on and the fast pace storylines are working. Josh Henderson is perfect as John Ross. Pamela and John Ross will be the new JR/Sue Ellen! I hope Dallas gets picked up for many more seasons

    • ChicagoDan says:

      ITA – that the foundation has been laid for JR/Sue Ellen Part 2 with John Ross/Pamela. This is not a bad thing. However, SE was a victim for so much of Dallas’ run that I don’t believe viewers would accept that from Pamela, but I think the writers can make it a great push-pull romance that doesn’t make John Ross seem weak and Pamela a victim.

      • Ugonna Wosu says:

        I had no interest in a recreation of John Ross’s parents. JoPam were superior to needing to be a copy of a prior generation. They could have been a bad boy/bad girl pairing without the war of roses aspect.

        That being said, war of roses is the best they can do after the damage the idiot writers did in season 3.

        • paura says:

          Yeah, but in real life, it is not uncommon for children to copy the sins of their parents. And right before J.R. died, he did make a comment about his own sins and for John Ross not to follow…

  5. Michelle says:

    I really love Pamela and John Ross. But I can understand her not wanting anything to do with him now though. :(

  6. TL says:

    Let’s all be honest here. LOVE THIS SHOW, love everyone…however, Josh Henderson steals this show!!! He is absolutely magical in this part.

  7. AngieD says:

    The threesome really surprised me…I thought it would be John Ross’s fantasy vision. I don’t think Pamela will be the next Sue Ellen – she’s a lot stronger than Sue Ellen. Also Pamela has more clout than Sue Ellen as related to her partial ownership of Ewing Energy.

    • Dan says:

      YEAH BUT SUE ELLEN IS STRONG! Even though she’s drinking again Sue Ellen has been put through hell and back again. Have you seen all 14 Original Series? If not Please watch them.

    • REED RICHARDS says:

      I respectfully disagree. Pamela will turn into another Sue Ellen, provided that she lives long enough to make the transition. She should cut her losses and move on, John Ross is not worth it and playing this revenge game will only cause her to CRASH AND BURN, FOREVER. She and Emma are heading down the same path to the same final destination: TO OBLIVION…………

  8. dude says:

    This season so far has been a major let down but I’ve got to say, Pamela’s threesome move was kind of brilliant, if not totally insane.

  9. Rj says:

    Rather sad on hearing pamela will want nothing more to do with john ross. They better have them get back together before the end of the season! I love watching them together. The rest of the cast are supporting acts for me so please don’t split them up. I’m loving Dallas though I find this long gap between episodes is too much & there are too few episodes should be at least 20 in a season. The network better pick it up for at least 2 more seasons&change this whole mid season finale or have them air all of it in summer,may help the ratings too. All in all a fabulous season best so far& I hope it’s not the end.

  10. Rj says:

    And I really like christopher&heather. So much better then Elena! Never understood what either of those Ewing boys saw in her. Please keep her away from Christopher who has grown on me this season. Like him doing his own thing&not standing in as a body guard for Bobby. Who I thought was right in throwing Emma out of the house. Did Drew leave a letter for her with mother or for Elena??

    • REED RICHARDS says:

      Sorry, 1. Pamela and John Ross alone does not make the show. 2. Heather is white trash and Christopher should dump her because he deserves better 3. Elena is a good tragic character. She had a conscience, until Drew’s death and the fire he set in revenge for having their oil stolen put her over the edge. 4. Judith Ryland needs to be a main cast character, more so than Anne. Judith Light does an excellent job with her character and it shows when she is on screen. 5. John Ross looked insanely weak, not to mention stupid in this show. Who on earth walks around with a letter in their wallet that says I just framed a man for my dad’s murder? If your beef is with the writers, then I am with you. The actors can only act out the lines and plots given to them. If the plotlines are stupid and idiotic, then not even the most prolific actors/actresses can make up for the shortfall in story.

  11. GeoDiva says:

    Looking forward to Pamela torturing John Ross, but hope they don’t breakup for good. Can Elena just go back to Mexico with Nicolas and take Emma with them. I am indifferent to Christopher and Heather. They are ho hum.

  12. Andrew Hass says:

    I can’t wait for Pamela’s revenge and i’m sure it’ll be something John Ross will never forget.As for Christopher and Heather maybe Annalynne McCord only was signed for one season

  13. Misty says:

    I think Heather & Christopher’s relationship is great! Please leave her on the show for the long haul.

    • Hmm says:

      I really like their relationship too, but frankly I am still wishing to see Christopher and Pamela give it an honest go. Talk about ultimate revenge on John Ross… him losing another love to his cousin like he did with Elena? INTO IT.

      • ngirl says:

        Okay. It’s obvious that great minds are thinking alike right now, because I was thinking the exact same thing. Pamela just kept lying to Christopher all the damn time. That pissed me off. However, now that Pamela has seen the real difference between John Ross and Christopher, maybe she will appreciate him more. But Christopher is just a sexy mofo. I just watch Dallas because of him. Jesse Metcalf is just gorgeous and he’s an incredible actor. He has chemistry with everyone that he works with. But I really hope that he walks away from Elena’s tired ass, right after he destroys Drew and Nicholas. That woman has officially become toxic.

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  15. saabgirlatx says:

    The comment she made about the diaphragm seemed like it was missing something. Was it a throwback nod to the original Dallas series or what????

  16. mulekick74 says:

    Two things stuck with me at the end: 1. When Harris asked his mother, “what? did the dalmatians escape again?” and 2. When the diaphragm came out. I thought ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! A condom would’ve been more realistic. Hell, even swapping out birth control would’ve been more believable. All I thought was Dear Dallas: The 80’s called, they want their birth control back.

    • Saabgirlatx says:

      I loved that line!!! Total reference to Cruella! More Judith Light please! (Although her being a madam….please)

      • REED RICHARDS says:

        Judith Light as Judith Ryland is the only character that makes any sense on the show right now. She is true to form and she is drop dead EVIL SEXY……………..

    • Emme says:

      Lol…cool. I like that part about “…the 80’s called…” #Classic

  17. Barbara Moos says:

    They were originally suppose to air the second half of the season in June not in August.I don’t know why they had to change it and make the viewers have to wait so long.And also they don’t have enough episodes with the current Dallas compared to the old Dallas shows,think they should have at least 20 episodes compared to 16 episodes.And also the old Dallas TV shows were never broken up months apart like they are doing now.

    • Mary T L Dowd says:

      Yes certainly but pity JR is np longer with us wld like to know ehat happened to first Pamela and how Bobby got remarried and ehat happened to Sue Ellen’s English partner they never made that clear

      I agree and there was no explanation for what happened to first Pamela nor Sue Ellen’s English Beau Nor how Bobby got married again There is too long a gap between series and no poor JR he dederved a MBE at least

  18. Frank says:

    Great Episode. What will Sue Ellen be up to in the second half?

  19. randal says:

    They need to bring Christopher and Elena back together. They are the Bobby and Pam of DALLAS TnT. I hope Elena does not get stuck with Wakeem. The threesome was a stunner. Henderson is starting to fill the void left by Hagmans passing. I hope they show Elena a lot more in the second half, she is stunningly beautiful. Great job so far!!

  20. leah970 says:

    I like Pamela with John Ross but she is too smart to stay. Emma has to go. And I can’t Stand Elena so she could leave too. Heather is much better for Christopher

  21. DavidSask says:

    Judith Light is the best thing on the show and deserves lead role!!! AnnaLynne McCord is difficult to look at and listen too they could have found better casting!

    • WMD says:

      Let’s agree to disagree. Judith Light is the absolute worst part of this show. Her over-the-top, campy performance and affected speech pattern are awful. I cringe every time she appears on screen. The entire Ryland clan needs to be written out of the show.

      • Birk says:

        Judith Light is awesome! Her Judith Ryland role is classic Dallas diva. I like that she is over the top and you never know what to expect from her! Mama Like!

        • WMD says:

          I don’t disagree about Judith Light as an actress. But her character, and her take on it, are truly awful. And to compare her to a classic Dallas diva is insulting to true Dallas divas. Katherine Wentworth would eat Judith for breakfast. Heck, Holly Harwood and Marilee Stone would wipe up the floor with her.

          • Ken says:

            I’m sorry, but I don’t think that Judith Light fits the Dallas mold. They should kill off Judith Ryland. Judith Light would be better on a show like Days of our Lives. She could play Victor Kiriakas’ sister or something.

      • REED RICHARDS says:

        Judith Light as Judith Ryland is drop dead EVIL SEXY! How can you not like her?! Granted her fake southern accent is not the best in the world, but her portrayal of the evil mother/grandmother that controls her son/granddaughter is nothing short of a master stroke. Judith Light has better chemistry with Patrick Duffy than Brenda Strong. In fact, Judith Light has better chemistry with the main cast than the some of the main cast members do. Kill of Brenda Strong’s character of Anne Ewing and elevate Judith Light to a main cast position NOW!!

  22. Ella says:

    I love Annalynne Mccord but I am a Christopher/Elena fan. Moreover, I can’t get behind the dark hair.

  23. costinel says:

    I love the show I taught that John Ross is smarter and is time for Sue Ellen and Bobby to go.
    The new guard have the ball now.

  24. Trina says:

    Judith LIght is fantastic – even though I’m not a huge fan of suddenly a madam in charge. Josh Henderson is perfect as John Ross and they are pushing him into JRs shoes – JR had Miss Ellie in his ear often in the original so he too had some grounding. I’m over the Ramos story though – Their one little piece of land that maybe a deed was switched is irrelevant in the overall scheme – there’s no drilling on Southfork and we cannot be led to believe that one little piece is the sum total of land that was in Miss Ellie’s family for generations – and why JR? Why not Jock? ALSO I really hope we go back to the magnitude of Southfork – in the 80s there was a grand dining room, study, JR had his wing, Bobby had his wing, the nursery, Lucy lived somewhere in the midst and Ray had a house in the fields. Why does every single Ewing live in the same narrow hallway in what appears to be the pool house? Is the rest of the house haunted?

    • Mary T L Dowd says:

      Yes I agree Southfork was like a stayely home they werr not living on top of one another like leave that for Eastenders, Corrie, or Fair City. They are billionaires not the Dingles in Emmerdale. I am mad I only knee of this new series by chance on seeing it on Rep. Of Ireland’s TV 3. Ireland was first country out of US to screen this show even the pilot episode. UK showed it years later. Why it got no publicity I do noy know. We Irish had episodes screened a day or two after the US IrWe Irish first Dallas fanatics outside US. It was topic of conversation everywhere home work school pub even on public transport. Maybe it had something to do with Padraigh Duffy I donjust put us

    • Ken says:

      Three jeers for Judith Ryland: Kill her off! Kill her off! Kill her off!

    • REED RICHARDS says:

      Due to budgetary shortfalls, the Ewing “Ranch” is essentially a Keystone Montana Fifth wheel RV travel trailer with an above ground pool situated on the front side of the corner lot…………..See floor plan 3750FL (forward living room)for details…………………..

  25. Eva says:

    The only reason I watch the show is Sue Ellen, Bobby, John Ross and Pamela. More of them please.
    Indifferent to Christopher and Heather.

    Please, please, please get rid of Elena! What does anyone see in that skeleton? The Mexican drug cartels can also go back to Mexico and take the whole Ramos clan with them, never to be seen or heard of again.

    The show has moved too far away from focusing on the Ewing family. They form the only positive aspect of the show and are the heart of “Dallas”. The producers and writers have ruined my beloved Dallas by simply using the Ewings (that includes Sue Ellen my favourite) as secondary players to the annoying new characters. The series has become a Telenova. Why not call it La Familia Ramos>

    • Kimscharms55 says:

      I agree . The show is Dallas not the saga of bald eagle Ryland, old mama madame Judith and her nympho snack daughter and the Ramos can jeez. Mexican cartels borring . If they are you g to make this kid be like old j.r, well I say go back and watch the real J.R. This is nothing compared to the original . I liked and loved Bobby he seems clueless now . Jeez insult the vet characters like Sue Ellen really making her a drunk again ? .no originality …

    • WMD says:

      Could not agree more. Lose the Ramos and Ryland clans entirely. And get a really good villain on the show.

    • april kosmo says:

      You just hit the nail on the head!! Let’s get back to the real Dallas, the Ewing family!!

  26. sabra says:

    Get rid of elana she is engaged to two people at once sleeping with another and she’s a trader Anna Lynne sucks boring!! Sue Ellen’s gotta stay n Emma I want her punished maybe Pam can smack her

  27. Sawyer says:

    I love Pamela/John Ross they are the best part of the show. They have great chemistry and are responsible for a season 3 of Dallas.
    I really felt they under utilized Pamela the first half of the season. I kept thinking why is Pamela not getting more screen time. Julie Gonzola’s performance was amazing in the mid season finale. I wan’t her to get vengeance on John Ross and Emma. Pamela, got to love her, she said some cruel things, to Sue Ellen and Annie( can’t stand) they both deserved a severe tongue lashing from her. Notice Bobby was the only one, that had the guts to throw Emma out of the house for cheating on Pamela. I love Sue Ellen, but she should have told Pamela in the beginning. Pamela is not Sue Ellen. I despise Emma, however in the mid season finale, and the shocking hotel scene, Emma really seemed like she did care for Pamela and I don’t mean sexually. Emma is a bitch, but came across sympathetic when Pamela was having her seizure.
    Pamela and John Ross feuding, this will be great. Pamela will not take John Ross back, she is hell bent on destroying him.
    Pamela is a woman scorned and we know from season 1 and 2 what she is capable of. Christopher, Elena, Heather, Drew, Annie are a snooze fest. I like Ryland and Mama( Judith Light). There can be no Dallas with out Sue Ellen and Bobby. However John Ross and Pamela can make a Season 4 happen.
    see you all August 18th

  28. chico says:

    I liked Dallas in the beginning but it’s gotten too crazy for me with all the family members being against each other and everybody sleeping with everybody else. this is supposed to be a family.I know family members don’t always agree but this is getting ridiculous.

    • Birk says:

      Uhhh.. I take it you never seen the original Dallas then? That show introduced to the world a rich powerful dysfunctional family that was constantly at each other throats! As for the sleeping around, that show also introduced the first teenage slut in Lucy Ewing who was sleeping with Ray Krebbs back when she was only 16 or 17 and Ray was already in his 30’s. We won’t even get into how it was later revealed a few years later that Ray was actually her uncle, being the illegitimate son of patriarch Jock Ewing.. Think that would be allowed to be shown on t.v. today? Dallas was far more scandalous back in the day, when they could get away with story lines like that without causing the religious right nut jobs to protest.

      • Juliet says:

        Yeah I remember her with Ray, and he is her Uncle. So what’s the big deal about Pamela/John Ross/Emma scene.
        Pamela’s got a plan of vengeance and that was just the first part of her plan.
        I love Sue Ellen drunk or sober, as for Bobby he is no different than he was in the original Dallas good looking and self rightous, always liked Bobby, but Christopher, Annie, Elena , they are so boring.
        I hate Emma, like Ryland and Mama they are a hoot. They are not boring.We need a Season 4

      • NJMark says:

        To be fair, they didn’t conceive of “Ray is Jock’s son” until much later. The natural consequence was that it made him Lucy’s uncle (and they had to drop any romantic considerations). But the plan wasn’t “hey, let’s have Ray be Lucy’s uncle.”

      • MichaelMichaels says:

        Religious right nut jobs are indifferent about Dallas. They do not watch the show and therefore do not care to protest. You should look in the direction of your friends on the left, who will complain about anything for the sake of complaining.

  29. Nancy Langford says:

    I am excited about Dallas coming back August 18th! I love love love Dallas! I most want to know what happens to Sue Ellen, Bobby, and Christopher. The coming episodes of Dallas will be exciting and I am looking forward to watching again later this summer:)

  30. Ugonna Wosu says:

    I guess I’m the only one who thought the threesome was a dumb idea, and the writers’ explanation for it makes even DUMBER!

    Admit it, you wanted to write a “stunt scene” for shock value, and pulled the “vomit” reason out of your ass in order to come out with an excuse for it. What woman who’s been cheated on wants to be touched by people who’ve hurt her so badly? For any reason? Especially by the trashy mistress? And what idiot would almost get themselves killed in order to just simply “vomit” on them? Really? That’s your reasoning? Pathetic. And you tell us “strong” Pamela is back with this? Your definition of strong is very different from mine. Even if you write things better in the summer, I think I’m done regardless. People were waiting for a finale when Pamela would have the cathartic reaction we were looking for, and you guys blew it. You have no sense of timing or true drama.

  31. Tobias Hendrickson says:

    Love the new Dallas! ( Bobby, Sue Ellen, Anne and John Ross) It does need it’s own overhaul though. The Ewings is what Dallas is about not Elena and her family. Bring in more Ewings!!!!!!!!! How about Gary and Val’s children. Did the writers forget that J.R. has two more sons? How come they haven’t been talked about? Let’s bring in a REAL villian not Ryland and his mom. I understand pushing Dallas into the new generation but it’s losing the veteran fans and the history of the show.

  32. I hope they don’t break up Bobby and Ann. They make a GREAT couple they have REALLY GROWN on me. As for Jenna Wade coming back I think this should cause SOME FRICTION between Bobby and Ann but NOT be the END OF THEM. I personally think they should bring Jenna to the show and pair her with Harris Ryland I think that would be DYNAMITE!!!!!!! As for Heather I hope they find away to have her stick around I LOVE her with Christopher. If not get him back together with Elena As for John Ross and Pamela I can see them as them as the modern day JR and Sue Ellen. If not then put Pamela back with Christopher and have him help her GET OVER John Ross.

  33. Jamie Jones says:

    I fail to understand a couple of things. First, if JR had swapped the deeds and Barnes knew it, he’d have outed JR years ago. Secondly, the last thing that the Mexicans need is for John Ross and Pamela to be on the outs. John Ross needs Pamela’s votes to take the company public, and that’s what the Mexicans are counting on. If John Ross and continues to be throttled by Uncle Bobby, I’m done with the show.

  34. The only vomit that occurred here was Cynthia writing the script. When are they going to fire this horrible writer who has ruined this show?

    • Mary T L Dowd says:

      Hi in reply to your comment Bobby has to keep that evil list brat John Rpss in line. Bobby told him in one episode “You ain”t half the man your daddy was” did he ab lib I wonder JR villian you loved to haye. John Ross no redeeming qualities even horrible to his Mum. Reminds me of Jonathan Ryes Meyers I mean when he played Henry 8 no disrespect to the actor who is obviously excellent at his job. John Rosd is a horrible little toe rag

  35. Mary says:

    Cidre is an idiot. Didn’t want to ruin Ann forever? Well she has effectively taken a strong woman and made her a complete idiot. Why would Ann have anything to do with Harris? Does she have amnesia? She and Bobby have been ruined. I don’t know how they’ll get back to anything close to what they were. Plus if Judith uses the kiss against Ann then it will only be a matter of time before Bobby finds out and we know how that will turn out.

    • I hope they don’t brake up Bobby and Ann. He will be angry at first but HOPEFULLY he will forgive her. Maybe they can bring Jenna Wade back to stir up some trouble. I think they should pair Jenna with Harris. They would BE GREAT together

  36. San says:

    I would like to see Sue Ellen finally get a happy ending. She didn’t have a good life since meeting JR. She drank most of John Ross’s life, therefore wasn’t a great mom either. I would have liked to have seen her win the campaign, or fall in love with Lee Majors and have a great relationship with a man. I would like to see her be a better grandmother than she was mother. While the drunk role she’s plays is good and many can relate to the struggle of sobriety, I think she’s long overdue for some good in her life.

    • Mary T L Dowd says:

      I think Linda Gray plays Sue Ellen superbly. Sue Ellen is an alcoholic. Even though JR and her fought like hell they still loved each other underneath it all. That was really tragic. JR dying would have a profound effect and would cause her to drink again. John Ross right little B…….xxx for locking her up like madwoman Should have sought help with AA or something like that.

  37. I REALLY HOPE they don’t brake up Bobby and Ann. I REALLY like them as a couple. I think they should have it that at first Bobby is angry about Ann kissing Harris Ryland but understands why it happened. Then they should have Jenna cause some problems between Bobby and Ann. Bobby should remind Ann about her kiss with Harris but then feels bad about Jenna coming between them. Then Bobby should tell Jenna he REALLY cares for her as a friend but he can’t be with her because loves and is committed to Ann. He also tells Jenna that he cares for Lucas and Charlie and Charlie’s three children but that he can only be her friend. Then Bobby and Ann takes a second honeymoon to reconcile. After that they should have Harris and Jenna as a couple now that she is divorced from Ray Krebbs. It should be understood that Jenna will be friends with Ray even though they are divorced. Charlie should be messed up having a substance abuse/drinking problem and not taking care of her children the right way. Even though they have had their differences Harris comes to Bobby and Ann on Jenna’s behalf. He asks for their help to straighten Charlie out. Harris also asks for Ray Krebb’s help. They all agree to work together and Jenna is grateful. Harris, Jenna, Bobby, Ann, Sue Ellen, Ray, Lucas and Christopher all decide they will do an intervention with Charlie. Charlie is hostile to all of them and tells them to mind their own damn business and get out of her house. During the intervention Harris and Jenna tell Charlie that if she does not get herself into a substance abuse program they will go to court and have her declared an unfit mother and sue for custody of the children.

    Charlie still refuses to get help so their Harris and Jenna go to court with the help of the Ewings. She is declared and unfit mother and Harris and Jenna are awarded temporary custody of Charlie’s children. To make a long story short after losing her children Charlie gets herself into a rehab program. After recovering from her set back Sue Ellen goes to Jenna and offers to be Charlie’s sponsor since she knew Charlie as a teenager. After being talked into this by Jenna Charlie agrees. Sue Ellen goes to the meetings with Charlie and is there for Charlie through tough times. Then Charlie’s children are returned to her.

    As for Pamela and John Ross they go through a rough patch and then they are the modern day JR an Sue Ellen. If not they could pair Pamela back with Christopher if Heather leaves. As for Christopher and Heather they could make them a couple that lasts forever. If not put him back with Elena. He forgives Elena for her participation in trying to destroy the Ewings. Having Christopher go back with Elena or Christopher only happens if things don’t work out with Heather

  38. Lois Valentino says:

    not a prude here but was shocked a little with the threesome…I figured it was a dream sequence (LOL) or a revenged one…Sue Ellen is a survivor no doubt- not worried about her……I want Pamela won back by .John Ross- on his knees,, and hopefully Elena and Christopher back too…Love those couples…Just please keep it on- I am hooked here….

  39. Deborah k says:

    Love the new Dallas! Get rid of Anna Lynne McCord. She’s so needy I can barely stand to listen to her! Always a crisis and she needs rescued!
    I enjoy Judith light’s role! She is nasty and driven! Gotta love it! She is grooming Emma for sure!
    Keep John Ross and Pamela together but make him work to win her back!
    Christopher is enough to cause anyone to hit the snooze button. How about dirty him up a bit? Tired of his self righteous hero antics.
    Hope you break up Bobby and Annie. It would be fun to have them split for a while but maybe reunite later.
    More episodes and not so far apart !

    • I really don’t want them to brake up Bobby and Ann. Maybe just for a couple of nights Ann can go away so she can think things out. After that Bobby and Annie decide they still love each other very much and decide to take a cruise for a second honeymoon. I would bring Jenna back to the show with her and Ray a divorced couple. Then I would also bring her two kids back Charlie and Lucas. Have Charlie messed up with a substance abuse problem. Lucas could be in the Army and coming home on leave for a visit. Then I would pair Jenna with Harris Ryland and have her marry him. Harris agrees to help Jenna help a bitter Charlie get off drugs so she can be a better mother to her three children. Charlie is divorced because her husband walked out on her several years ago. Harris is grateful that he has finally has a chance to be a good person. He decides Annie is better off with Bobby. After a while he goes to Bobby and Annie to see if they would please help him and Jenna help Charlie. Annie is reluctant and says because she does not know Charlie very well that maybe Bobby should just get involved. She explains to Bobby and Harris that she is afraid that she may do more harm than good. After that a counselor, Bobby and Harris explain to Ann that she could be a help to Charlie due to her own past struggles with drugs. Then Annie agrees to help and Jenna and Harris help Charlie. Other people decide to help Charlie as well they call in Ray, Christopher, Lucas (who is on leave with the army), and Sue Ellen to do an intervention along with Harris and Jenna. In the end Jenna and Harris stress that they will have no choice but to seek custody of the three children if Charie does not agree to get help. Charlie refuses and with the help of the Ewings Harris and Jenna sue for temporary custody of Charlie’s children and win. Charlie agree to get help and Sue Ellen who is getting over her own re laps agrees to be her sponsor. Harris becomes like a grandfather to Charlie’s children and she gets her life on track. Then she is grateful to Harris and agrees to be friends with him. Jenna and Charlie reconcile and are mother and daughter again. Charlie also re-unites with Ray and tells him she is sorry for treating him so mean for all those years and he tells her it is all forgiven. I will update later

      • Mary T L Dowd says:

        Hi me again No no donot bring back Jenna Bring bavk Lucy. Now a respectable married woman as we saw when poor JR died. Bet if Lucy was back she would probably cause right mischief as she always did. Why are you fans in US kicking up about a threesome. No doubt this is everyday behaviour for faboulesly rich bored young people. You should see soaps aired here and UK at around 7.30 pm aNothing is left to the imagination. Lesbians, Drug Dealers, Murders, rapes , transgender people, married gay couples, all kind of illicit behaviour No one taked any notice and these shows centre round working class areas of London, Dublin, Manchester, a village in the Yorkshire Dales not highflying oil rich Texas athough some people have money wonder where they get it. I am not a bit surprised at their carryon would you not expect it. As for family god theres onr gone out of Eastenders she is pregnant with her close sister’s partners child. One in the Dublin soap Fair City walks up the aisle pregnant with a baby that is not her fellahs and he knows. There is a lesbiam in both soapd who cannot makeuptheir minds as they have both got a husband and a girl friend . Threesome whats shocking boutthat.

      • Mary T L Dowd says:

        No no bring back Lucy…Jenna was boring. What bout John Ross, s 2half brothers what about Audrey Landers her and Sue Ellen at each other’s throats still bout JR … who agrees?

  40. Please let me know what you ALL THINK

  41. DALE says:

    Get rid of ann her and bobby just doesn’t click, I have always thought I would like to see sue ellen and bobby together, I think this pairing would be very interesting, I agree get rid of elena, Christopher is dull and boring, let’s get dallas back to being dallas, down and dirty, take no prisioners, no holds bar, dallas may not have J.R any more but they do have john ross and he is so good at being bad.

    • Mary T L Dowd says:

      Yeah I agree. Sue Ellen fancied Bobby at one time in the old Dallas and he was often her confidant over JR. I think Bobby could have fancied Sue Ellen she was such a beautiful strong character. I think they should have got together.

    • K Pop says:

      Pay Victoria Principle what every price she wants. I would love to see her back in this show.

  42. Natasha says:

    Ugh! Elena is pissing me off so much like JR did all that stuff not Bobby and them. I absolutely love love Pamela and John Ross. I was so mad when it was Elena is the hotel room but the show wouldn’t be Dallas without betrayal. But in his own stupid way John Ross does truly love Pamela. I think she should get her revenge and them be apart for awhile but I still want the end game to be them. Their dynamic and chemistry is just undeniable. Christopher and Heather … I really like Heather as character. Their relationship brought a new light into the show. I like how different their relationship is … Someone finally that isn’t like them. I’ll miss her if she leaves. Emma pisses me off so much like she needs to go somewhere !!! John Ross is the type of character that you hate but at the end of the day always love. John Henderson plays him flawlessly. John Ross Smile = My guilty pleasure, it gets me every time <3 You can't help but love him!

  43. MAE says:


  44. Ken says:

    Back to the drawing board with the second half of this season. Don’t count on a Season 4.

  45. Jaianee says:

    I am a John Ross/ Elena Fan. She made him so much better in faithfulness. He really did love her and it broke him when she returned his wedding ring in season 1. They need to get back together. Love them!

    • Same, Same! Yep. John Ross and Elena sleeping together sealed the deal for me. I can’t say I’m crying for the PamRoss fans now y’all know how the John ross and Elena fans felt when we got the shift in season 1 Elena carrying JRE the 4th I can’t wait.

  46. Lana Davis says:

    how much of the house was destroyed by the fire?

    • Mary T L Dowd says:

      Jannie don’t worry thry have insurance. John Ross wanted South Fork
      South Fork done up now they can do it Unless they like most millioner business people here bankrupt ha ha then they would have toturn it into hotel or b and b or open itup to the public to get money

  47. Angel brunt says:

    I cant wait to see what pamela does after telling johns mom that she is not like her (weak) so i cant wait to see her plan im sure itll be good. That was the last thing i expected her to do but now it makes since

  48. Toni Craiker says:

    I am glad that you have brought in new young viewers with your plot lines; however, I would like to see more of the old cast brought back (i.e. Steve Kanaly , Donna Howard, etc.) There are still a number of great stories with the older cast members, and i know that the older viewers such as myself would like to see this story brought back with a more “Ewing/Barnes” connection .

  49. Tricia says:

    I am so super excited that I cant stand it. I cannot wait for Pamela to come to at the hospital and see the look on John Ross and Emma’s face!!! Im so sick of this Heather chic but I am glad to see Christopher happy and smiling again my heart was breaking for him but please can we all agree that he and Pamela need to be together. Annie should never, never, never have kissed Harris and Bobby will NOT take it well. Can we right on some happy ever after for Bobby too for goodness sake he has also been fighting the same fight for decades L.O.L
    If we could write Christopher some happy then lets dot he same for Bobby and Annie for a while. What to do about Joequin…wow what can I say OMG!! I know from the beginning he was the bad guy but you still have some questions to answer about his involvement with the drug cartel. Will Cliff get out of prison???? Please August 18th get here soon!!

  50. Ronda Carrington says:

    I’m a long time follower of the first Dallas series in 1980 , and it’s very good stuff the new series and the spin off with the kids taken over there father’s legacy but u guys keep making it to only so many episodes it’s ridiculous make the series every Monday and all year long and the finale at the end of the season I’m tired as a long time Dallas fan of having thing split up and then u don’t bring it back on for months .