'Ship Shape: How Your Fave Pairs From Mindy, Parks, Scandal and Other Shows Are Faring

Love — and a fair amount of pollen — is in the air right now, tugging at your chest and bringing a tear to your eye as you look back on how they week treated your TV couples.

For a quick review of all things romantic on the small screen, check out this installment of ‘Ship Shape, a recurring feature in which TVLine provides you with the latest developments for TV’s hottest duos — and then offers our forecast for each pairing.

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Don’t see your favorite love match represented here? Give ’em a shout out below and maybe they’ll merit a mention the next go-around.

And with that said, this ‘ship is about to set sail, so click through the gallery below and hop aboard!

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  1. Katherine215 says:

    Loved the George and Lemon scenes on HoD. I like George with Tansy (and is that Lemon’s one night stand from earlier in the season reappearing next week?), but I also don’t mind seeing George and Lemon possibly getting back together. Now to FINALLY get Zoey and Wade back together…

  2. Aidan says:

    No Stefan and Caroline????

  3. Karen says:

    I’m not much for that whole Britta/Jeff re-hookup. Haven’t we already established a much, much better chemistry between Annie and Jeff?! I really don’t get it Dan Harmon, and I’m sure as hell not happy about it!

    • Lydia says:

      THIS! The Jeff/Britta stuff fizzled out after season 2. It was more than clear they don’t work well together. Jeff doesn’t respect Britta. And Britta is turned off by Jeff’s attitude. The reason Jeff and Annie make sense are, aside from the amazing chemistry, they work well together. They’re a team. They respect each other, they challenge each other, and they trust each other. They have the potential to be something great. If Harmon wanted it to be Jeff/Britta why did he spend seasons showing us how toxic romantically they are for each other? And what was the point of building up the romance of Jeff/Annie all these years if they were never going to get their chance to shine? Annie was the one in Jeff’s heart. I know the age thing used to be the excuse, but it doesn’t make sense at this point. Annie has grown up and is a mature, lovely woman. Very frustrated with community and Harmon at this point. If Britta and Jeff get married it’ll ruin the show.

      • Maria says:

        The relationship between Jeff and Britta are based on Harmon and his college (ex) girlfriend. Hence why it always pulls back to them.

    • Angela says:

      I rather like Jeff and Britta together, myself. I’ve always thought they argued the way a couple who’s been together for years would-where one might find some of their back and forth insulting, others can see it as them not being afraid to be honest with each other.
      Mind, I like Jeff with Annie, too-no question they have their own brand of chemistry, and I agree that the age thing isn’t a big deal-even if there’s a noticeable gap, they’re both well into legal age territory, so that’s not a problem. But I think Jeff and Britta click well, too, and I wouldn’t complain about them getting together. An impromptu proposal/wedding isn’t the best idea, but I am intrigued as to what would happen between them anyway.

      • Brad says:

        Yes, I think jeff should be alone. But if he is going to be with someone Britta is the only choice that makes sense.

    • Alice says:

      I’m more of a regular viewer but I thought they were done with Jeff and Brittas boring romance arc? It ended nicely in season 2 and now suddenly they are just bringing it back out of the blue? The last episode was actually a chore to get through with both Abed talking to himself for the first 2 acts and this weird J/B thing in the third. I hope it dissolves quickly this week. This is nearly as bad as the HIMYM finale.

  4. Mary says:

    Not a Swan Queen fan, but there sure is more chemistry between Lana and Jennifer than Jennifer and Colin.

  5. tp says:

    I don’t like Drew with that girl. She was mad at him?! She didn’t want to be anything but friends but was mad at him for getting back with Amy and sleeps with Gordo. Whatever.

  6. wordsmith says:

    EDITOR: In the Justified slide, you meant to say “stay in Kentucky”, not “stay in Florida”.

  7. M&M says:

    They’re not ‘ships’ in the romantic sense, but I thought OuaT had more interesting dynamics this week than Captain Hook and Emma. I’m happy that Emma made the decision to continue learning magic from Regina. The scene in the family crypt had its funny moments and the talk about Rumple as a teacher was interesting and I gasped a little when Emma used her magic levitate away from the danger. I also enjoyed all the family scenes. Charming and Snow with Henry, Snow and Regina, David and Emma trying to build the crib. And best scene of the week was Snow, Charming, Regina, Henry and Emma all having dinner together as a family.

  8. Adas says:

    Swan Queen FTW. With Neal gone, Emma and Regina should get together and rise Henry together.

  9. Jennifer says:

    I thought a man spying on a woman with a telescope was creepy but to see it interpreted as heartbreaking might be even more disturbing.

    • HeatherC says:

      This. There was nothing heartbreaking about that scene.

    • T says:

      I agree. The fact that so many people are romanticizing stalker behavior is truly disturbing!

      • Jolly says:

        He was her, as in wishing to be there with her and the family, thats how it was set up!!!

      • Tenney says:

        OMG!! I wish people would stop saying that Hook is stalking Emma. He was just wishing he was at Granny’s with her. He’s in love with Emma, not stalking her. I get that Neal fans are upset that they killed him off and are hating on Hook for it, but Hook is far from a stalker.

        • Jason W. says:

          I didn’t like Neal either, he was an asshole to Emma most of the time. But Hook IS basically a stalker. Even without that label, that entire storyline is written too teen-esque and Twilight-y as others have said. It’s very disturbing.

          • Tenney says:

            OK, maybe I am missing it, but I fail to see anything he has done that would make him a stalker. He doesn’t harrass her or threaten her in any way, which is what a stalker does. He doesn’t follow her around, call her, send her any unwanted letters or gifts, sneak around or monitor her bahavior. The only thing he did was look at her through his telescope while she was in a public place, and that was the only time he ever did that. In fact, if he was stalking her, Emma would not want him and Henry to spend time together and she would not be seeking him out. Sorry, just not seeing any stalking behavior.

        • Clear says:

          So Hook’ s creepy behavior is excusable because he’s heartbroken and jealous that he’s not the one eating dinner with the family at Granny’s? I get it now

        • Louise says:

          I think it’s pretty absurd to jump to the conclusion that everyone who dares to criticize Hook is a) a hater and b) a Neal or Neal/Emma fan.

          • jan says:

            Not really. I don’t particularly ship Emma with anyone, nor am I a Hook ‘hater’ (I actually liked his character a lot more than when he was first introduced but now it’s just the neutral I-tolerate-your-presence-because-you’re-always-(sadly)-on-screen-now-and-it’s-getting-more-and-more-boring-every-time-I-see-your-face) but seriously, his behaviour actually has been very stalker-ish. PLEASE DON’T DENY THIS FACT JUST BECAUSE YOU LIKE HOOK (sorry caps but I needed for you to read that). The scene with Hook outside the diner watching Emma proved that, and that particular scene was in NO WAY romantic. And should not be taken as romantic. Cause seriously, was that freaking telescope even necessary? No, it was not. Definitely not. It was very creepy. That is something a stalker would do: pine for the person they’re obsessed as they follow them everywhere, carrying along their binoculars so they can totally look at them more closely without having to freak them out. Yeah, so romantic. Very love. Much hurt. So pain. No. This is supposed to be a family show. Teaching children it’s okay for a guy to do that is not okay.

    • Lola says:

      I like Emma and Capt Hook together and if he had just been walking by and cast a longing glance towards Granny’s it could have been heartbreaking. But yeah, spying through a telescope – totally creepy.

      • EJ386 says:

        He is a pirate. I think that should be taken into consideration. It isn’t like he brought a telescope especially for this purpose. He caries one with him as part of who he is and is used to using it when he want to see something a little better. From that standpoint it is so much less creepy then anyone else looking through a telescope at someone.

    • Vicky Evans says:

      I’m a Swan Queen fan and the pining Hook stuff IS starting to annoy me but I have to disagree with people about the stalker comments. I don’t find him stalkerish usually just annoying. In the last scene at the diner I think he is there to stand guard because he was told if he didn’t kiss her then Zelena would start hurting the people she loves. In all honesty I think he’s just struggling to find a solution to the problem he’s facing because he’s between a rock and a hard place. If you want to talk about stalkerish behaviour…try Robin Hood. Why a man who has a son and a band of Merry Men is constantly on his own and where Regina is screams stalker or just plain lazy writing.

  10. Babybop says:

    Even though they’re fictional characters, I’m ridiculously happy for Leslie and Ben. They’re going to make the cutest little family. I can’t wait!

  11. Pat says:

    Kensi and Deeks, I think it will be very slow going for them because of what she went through in Afghanistan. I love that Regina is helping Emma learn how to bring out her magic.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      Its possible but it wasnt slow going just because Deeks got tortured and had PTSD and physical/mental trauma…network tv shows seem to just skip over that stuff pretty fast…they dont show residule issues for continue episodes, i could see Kensi in the next NCIS:LA episode being pretty much 100% back to normal…not cause thats realistic, but because these shows on network tv just move on from stuff like that. They had basically one episode of Deeks not going to work and being shut in and suffering from PTSD but in that episode they basically “fixed” him, the episode after he was back to normal. (again unrealistic)

      Lol at least back when they had the Psychologist on the team they had a semblance of “you need to do a psych eval before you get back to work as a Fed Agent with a gun protecting national security” but now its just totally skipped over…she is tested if shes ready to go back by being put up in ops? lol…wtf…wheres the post hostage/torture psych evals? the mandatory therapy? Hell even Beckett on Castle was in therapy with Micheal Dorn as her therapist after she was shot…i think it would be a great story telling tool….have Kensi in mandatory therapy working out her trauma…but then she opens up about her ex-fiance and Deeks and her Dad…and really works through stuff, eventually getting to a point where she sees she can be with Deeks.

  12. Sarah says:

    I think that he chemistry between Emma and Hook is off the charts. I was pretty gutted for him.

  13. Ms. Chanandler Bong says:

    I really think Drew needed to have a more mature conversation with Natalie about his relationship with Amy, obviously Amy was struggling and Drew was helping her and it sort of goes beyond Natalie just being jealous.

    Also, am I the only one not buying Danny and Mindy? I’M NOT BUYING IT!

  14. Misscar says:

    The only Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. couple I care about is May/Coulson and that status is “complicated due to trust issues”. I find those two a lot more interesting.

  15. Diane says:

    Hoping for good things for Kensi and Deeks.

  16. Clem says:

    Nice to see Swan Queen! Regina and Emma would make a beautiful couple, and what an amazing fairytale to tell about the Evil Queen and the Savior.

  17. Megan says:

    I don’t like Captain Swan- and I reeeeally don’t see Swan Queen at all. I hope Emma finds happiness, though. She deserves it.

  18. Jolly says:

    Rooting for Emma and Hook!!!
    That was even more pain for Hook!!! The choices he has! He loves her too much!

  19. Rook says:

    I’m kinda glad that Mindy and Danny broke up. I used to want them together but once they got together I was a little bored with their relationship and didn’t want it to take over the show.

    • S. says:

      I expected the breakup but in no way was I bored. So. Much. Kissing. (Squee! etc) This is a rom com, it’s all about Mindy’s life in every aspect of her “project” but Mindy/Danny’s a big big part of that–thanks to Chris Messina totally playing it even before Mindy Kaling realized it was happening, ha. He, Beth Grant, and the writers are such shippers, it’s awesome. They had to break up, but they’ll be doing the When Harry Met Sally breakup where they both really want to be together, are each other’s best friend, and it won’t be oblivious tension like before. This is better than some breakups because Show X didn’t know what to do with the characters now that they’re together. Shows like Castle and The Mindy Project had a plan of sorts. Before the characters hooked up, the writers knew what would happen after. The anti-Moonlighting. It makes the interactions after more poignant since they have tension we know could be so much more if only Danny weren’t trying to be all noble. He thinks he’ll lose her because his relationships always fall apart and he loves her too much to let that happen. :(

  20. Jolly says:

    TUMBLR POST pretty much sums it up!!! This is the whole point of Emma/Hook and what is shown in the show, in text, camera, and writing and actors!!!

    Captain Swan IS the Emma ship we’re meant to be be invested in. Their love story is the one Adam and Eddy are trying to tell here. Having multiple evil villains try to keep them apart? The slow push and pull due to their own life long insecurities and hang ups?

    By tying Emma’s magic (and with it, her ability to defeat the Wicked Witch) to the feelings between her and Killian…this is how its done. It’s a love story of epic proportions.

    Killian Jones is Emma’s True Love. Whether you saw it from the beginning, or are just seeing it now…this where we’re headed

    • Amanda says:

      I thought Mila was his “One True Love”? Oh how quickly he forget her, he’ll do the same with Emma……this ship has made this show SUCK for the worst!!!! Maybe someone needs to give the writers a TLK and maybe they can get back to the good parts and stop wasting it’s time and viewers on this mess!

      • Kali says:

        Hook forgot Milah easily? She died 300 years ago…he spent 300 years trying to avenge her death. And realized – when he met Emma – that his life’s puirsuit was empty. But sure!! 300 years is no time at all…

    • Jason W. says:

      From the beginning? You mean the Pilot? Or do you mean the season 1 finale?

      Considering this is the first villain to even acknowledge CS in any way, does your ‘multiple villains’ mean Emma is also a villain since she was the one ‘keeping them apart’ before? Also genuine question, point me in the direction of all those ‘push and pulls’ please, because all I’ve seen on screen so far is Hook pushing and pushing and pushing and Emma never once pulling.

      • Lynyrd says:

        Cora to Hook: “You chose her (Emma).”
        Rumple threatened Hook to get Emma to go with him to New York.
        Every interaction between Pan and Hook in “Good Form” referred to Emma in some way. He said Hook could leave and take Emma. The whole “you thought that kiss meant something?” interaction.
        Regina has referred to the Emma-Hook several times (“you just agree because your boyfriend came up with it,” “you have a pirate who pines for you,” and now talking about yearning looks in the latest episode).
        And now Zelena cursed Hook using his love for Emma.

        That is every one of the main villains from S1 to now, excluding Greg and Tamara, acknowledging Emma/Hook in some way.

  21. Jennifer says:

    What a pleasant surprise to see Emma and Regina included! The way Regina believes in Emma is so touching. They truly make each other stronger and bring out the best in each other and they plus the Charmings looked like one big happy family the whole episode. It was beautiful.

  22. Simp says:

    “Hook pining for Emma from across the street (with a telescope, no less) is oddly heartbreaking.” – well, no, actually it was pretty creepy :S

    • christianej says:

      I definitely agree — the pining thing is almost as annoying as Twilight romance… and its super emo in my opinion. I love any ship that make sense to sail, and Captain Swan is definitely becoming one of those ships that doesn’t make any sense.

      No offense intended towards CS shippers, but for Hook being somewhere around 200+ years old (none of which he spent ‘cursed’ except i guess the 28 years frozen) you think he wouldn’t act like a 17 year old overly emotional boy.

  23. shouw says:

    Samcedes’ storyline in “Bash” was great. Beautiful and interesting couple

  24. Bri says:

    Sam & Mercedes <3

  25. Guest says:

    Swan Queen? *facepalm* Thought this was for legitimate, real, can/will actually happen in canon ‘ships.

    • Joey says:

      Even though Captain Swan is a complete NOTP for me, I find it laughable that they included a crackship like Swan Queen in this article.

      • Nel says:

        Swan Queen is not a crackship. It has a large fanbase ever since the first season. And it does get aknowledged by the actors (especially Lana).

        • Joey says:

          Sorry that I told the truth. It’s a crackship, much as you can’t bear to hear the words. There’s nothing wrong with shipping a crackship. In fact, crackshippers are usually some of the most creative in the fandom.

          • jan says:

            Wow, you’re kidding me right? Swan Queen is no way a crack ship. Do you even know what a crack ship is? A crack pairing is any pairing that makes absolutely no sense, story wise. Just because they’re two WOMEN, doesn’t make this ship a crack ship. Please, do yourself a favour and just stop.

          • Joey says:

            @Jan: I know exactly what a crackship is. Which is why Swan Queen is indeed a crackship, because, as you said, it’s a pairing that makes absolutely no sense. I wasn’t aware of any place where I said that it’s a crackship because it involves two women, so if you’re going the route of “YOU’RE AGAINST LGBT COUPLES” try again, because it isn’t working here.

          • jan says:

            No, I am in no way going to that route. I am aware that not everyone who doesn’t like SQ is homophobic, I’m not biased and unreasonable. That is not me.

            You should know SQ definitely CAN happen story wise. A&E have already said anything is possible. I don’t know why you think SQ does not make perfect sense because if you actually put things together, they make the most sense out of all of them. Isn’t the show essentially about the Saviour and the Evil Queen? About hope? Come on, they make powerful magic together; magic powerful enough to transcend realms. Hmmm, now where have I heard that before? Oh yes, the magic of true love aka the only magic that is strong enough to transcend realms, stop the unstoppable (i.e the trigger being stopped by BOTH Regina and Emma with their magic in the season 2 finale) and so on and so forth. Let’s face it, they have truly come so far from season one. They’re relationship is so realistic, and complex, and honestly? I didn’t really acknowledge their actual potential until 3×11 (where Regina basically gave Emma and Henry a happy ending, when she didn’t really HAVE TO). And their happy endings are basically intertwined, if you think about it. No one else cares for Henry as much as they do because they’re both his mothers, well other than Neal but he’s gone now. Anyways, their happy endings both involve Henry, and what better way to solve this dilemma than for them to become a family together? They’re already technically a family. After all, isn’t that what the show is about? Family, hope and love?

            And I also just want to add the comment Snow said in 3×11: “Your happy ending may not be what you expect. That is what will make it so special.” I feel like that pretty much sums up SQ in one sentence.

          • Joey says:

            Okay, so I’m going to dismiss everything you said after the comment about A&E, because, while I did read all of it, comes across mostly as wishful thinking to me. As for the comment about A&E, you know what showrunners (of all shows, mind you) do all the time? They try to keep viewers’ hopes up knowing full well that they aren’t going to fulfill whatever promises the viewer thinks they’ve made. They’re trying to get ratings. I’ve seen it with this show and countless others.

          • jan says:

            Ah, but you’ve literally just dismissed the fact that they actually COULD make sense if the show were to go that way just because you believe those reasons were ‘wishful thinking’. No, I think they sound pretty valid to me. At least acknowledge why they shouldn’t be considered a crack ship because they’re not.

    • Arysta says:

      Why is it impossible? Because they’re both women? You’re repulsive.

      • Angela says:

        I can’t speak to this particular ship as I don’t watch the show they’re on, but aren’t you jumping to conclusions awfully quickly here? There ARE other reasons people can be against a certain pairing that have nothing to do with the gender of the people involved, you know that, right? Maybe let them explain their reasons first before making assumptions?

  26. TimeToGo says:

    Wow, I just clicked through all of these and realized I don’t watch a single one of these shows. Apparently I need to watch a lot more TV than I do….

  27. Sandra says:

    I hope Sam and Mercedes last. It would be interesting for Sam to be with soemone who ants to take things slow because he has the tendancy to dive too fast in relationships.

  28. Lacey says:

    Glad to see Sam and Mercedes of on there. I really love them together. They give a good balance. He’s a dreamer, she’s a bit more practical but they balance one another. And give a great testament to opposite worlds coming together!

  29. Chrissy says:

    Love Sam and Mercedes. I hope the writers do right by them this time around

  30. Mary says:

    Samcedes!!! I love them!! <333

  31. Mary says:

    Oh! Sam and Mercedes! Beautiful couple, he said they’re perfect for each other and that’s true, can’t wait for the next episodes!

  32. Gigi says:

    I love that you included Sam and Mercedes. They are so cute, I’m glad they are back together. I missed them on Glee, hopefully they will last this time.

  33. Fan says:

    Thanks for including Samcedes! My favorite pairing on TV at the moment!

  34. Rontora says:

    I lose Samcedes sooooooo much they are by far my favorite TV couple! Make Samcedes the endgame…seriously

  35. Cherica says:

    Samcedes. I have to say the decision to put Sam and Mercedes back together just makes me so happy. The chemistry between Amber and Chord is something you rarely see but when it’s there it’s there. The reason they work is because Sam has a tendency to do things without thinking where as you have Mercedes being the one who will say we need to stop and think things through before doing it. And Sam brings out the fun side of Mercedes so she won’t take herself so seriously. They balance each other out. Oh let’s not forget this is the third go round for Samcedes. So it has to be something right? I’ll just say it’s a thing called Love.

  36. Girl in MD says:

    Ugh can’t stand Claire on the following she does what she wants without thinking of the consequences like revealing herself to the reporter lady just cause she was jealous what a stupid mistake now she puts everyone in danger I kinda wish they stayed with the storyline that she died last season

  37. Susan says:

    Thank you so much for bringing back Samcedes. I waited 2 years for this, I’m so happy!! :D

  38. So glad that SamCedes is included in this. They simply are perfect together. They are one of the best couples on TV. I missed them on my screen. So glad they have an opportunity to show diversity. They always seem to find there way back to one another. I hope this is the last time they have to look and are endgame. I actually enjoy GLEE much more now that they are a part of it. NEVER let them go. They really make me smile and enjoy the beauty of young love. Hopelessly in love with SamCedes, and I’m loving it!

  39. Maddie says:

    I l can’t wait got Tuesday!! Samcedes is so inspiring… I just love the so much!!

  40. Sonya says:

    Samcedes!!! <3

  41. katedfw says:

    Leslie and Ben on Parks and Rec’s HAS to be my favorite TV couple right now! No one can match their relationship level, especially when they say “I Love You and I Like You”. They are perfect for each other!

  42. yvonne says:

    I’m happy for Leslie and Ben, and think it is a logical next step for their characters, but does anyone else think it’s kind of out of character for Leslie to have an unintended pregnancy? She seems like she’s the kind of person who would use three forms of birth control until she was ready to procreate.

    And an unintended pregancy when she is almost 40? I know it happens (it happened to my mother-in-law at 41), but is far likely after 35.

    • Michelle says:

      I thought that at first too, but I actually think it’s not entirely surprising. 25, 30, and 35-year old single Leslie probably would use 3 forms of birth control. Almost 40 married Leslie who knows she wants to have kids with Ben, but isn’t entirely sure when, might be a little a more lax about such things because it’s less unintended pregnancy and more just happening sooner than planned.

  43. Ellie says:

    Thank you for including Swan Queen again, Megan. It means a lot :)

  44. Ana says:

    It’s been almost 24 hours and I’m still in so much pain and heartache over Killian and Emma. This OTP will be my undoing…it already is. Emma finally realizes that she trusts him, takes a step into his direction by telling him that she doesn’t want to live in the past any more and OF COURSE he has to walk away…after fighting for her and loving her unwaveringly and helping her embrace all of her (incl. magic) OF COURSE Zelena had to go and curse our Captain. Talk about a rock and a hard place…
    I gotta say though, it was a brilliant twist – albeit a very painful one – and I didn’t see it coming.
    But no matter how much pain I felt, if anything, the Jolly Roger only strengthened my belief that Emma and Killian are each other’s true love…it wouldn’t hurt this much if they weren’t. Praying that they’ll get their happy ending before battling the next villain :)

  45. Paula says:

    So you are saying that Regina and Emma are a legitimate “romantic” ship on Once Upon A Time?
    But haven’t the writers explicitly stated it isn’t?
    Apparently we’re watching very different shows…

  46. yeaa says:

    I’m here for SAMCEDES.

  47. Happy Samcedes are back together. She calms him down. He’s always there for her supporting. A fun,goofy couple but also when it’s time to be serious and honest with each other they are! There is definitely a balance between them.

  48. iwillgodownwithit says:

    Swan Queen! :3 Even though it’s canon only in my head but ok… I still ship Emma and Regina together. My OTP forever<3 I swear this ship will be the death of me…

  49. Serenity says:


  50. Krystan says:

    Lemon didn’t send her fish back. She stubbornly refused to so George wouldn’t be right.