Scoop on Arrow's Spilled Secrets: How Will Laurel React? Who Is Isabel? And What Is Thea's Deal?

Arrow Spoilers Laurel Knows SecretThe CW’s Arrow dropped not one, not two, but three bombshells as it entered its two-week micro-hiatus, raising big questions about the season’s final five episodes (kicking off this Wednesday at 8/7c).

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First and foremost: After (briefly) kidnapping Thea and before slinking back into the shadows of Starling City, Slade Wilson made a very special delivery to Laurel’s doorstep: the truth about her billionaire ex-beau’s alter ego, The Arrow.

What will Laurel do with this jaw-dropping intel? As executive producer Andrew Kreisberg previously teased for TVLine, viewers stand to be “very surprised” by the beleaguered ADA’s reaction. Now elaborating on that, he notes, “Laurel’s been through a lot of ups and downs, and a lot of what these last five episodes are about is her becoming a whole person by really healing from everything that happened not only in the past two seasons, but also in the backstory, before Oliver left.

“Fans of Laurel are going to be really excited by her trajectory in these last episodes,” Kreisberg promises.

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Prior to looping in Laurel on Oliver’s crimefighting mission, Slade also dropped some knowledge on the aforementioned Thea — that Malcolm Merlyn is her biological father. Once freed from the Aussie’s clutches, Thea promptly confronted her mother and brother about the well-kept paternity secret, yet directed most of her anger at Oliver. Why target him, if Moira’s the one who concealed the truth for so long?

“Thea expects Moira to be a liar at this point,” Kreisberg explains. “And she even said [to Oliver in Episode] 17, ‘You’re the one person who never lies to me, so for him to be keeping this secret hurt her more than anything else.

“Thea looked up to Oliver and felt like she could always count on him,” the EP continues, “so it’s kind of a sad thing because that’s how Oliver always felt about his mother — and then he discovered The Undertaking. Everyone is experiencing the same family dynamic that none of them can quite snap out of.”

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The third and final eye-opener that Arrow let loose with in the “Deathstroke” episode concerns Oliver’s business partner Isabel Rochev (played by Summer Glau), who as part of Slade’s grand plan orchestrated a takeover of Queen Consolidated, busted out some martial arts on Oliver and made a conspicuous reference to “the sins of the father.”

Is the TV show tapping into DC Comics lore by making Isabel an ex-mistress of sorts of Robert Queen’s? Or could she be Slade Wilson’s offspring, Rose Wilson? (Those who condone long-lens paparazzi photography may have spied a clue as to the direction Arrow is pointed; if you don’t, please allow yourself the surprise.) “There are always two ways to go,” Kreisberg hedges. “But you will get a lot more about her backstory and her motivations in the next episode.”

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  1. Hi Matt~ Just thought I would mention that Arrow airs on Wednesdays on the CW. Loved the column,

  2. mjhui says:

    Fans of Laurel…… NO!

  3. Leo says:

    Before somebody asks, “Are there any Laurel fans” and continued to talk smack about Laurel / Katie. Stop.
    Laurel’s fan here and I’ll be thrilled to see how these last episodes will play out for her. I hope she become Canary soon.
    Canary Sisters?

    • Jake says:

      I second your comment…Love Laurel…It’s not Katie’s fault that the writer’s have given her a crappy storyline.

    • Nessie says:

      Another Lauren fan over here. I haven’t always been happy with how she’s written but I think Kate has done well with it. I’m excited for her to finally be in the know and see where this will take her.

    • CBWBDK1 says:

      Really? You want Laurel to become Black canary soon? And how do you suppose she becomes black canary soon? Sara trained for years! She is a member of the league of assassins! Will laurel one day wake up and somehow be a martial arts master?

      • farzana says:

        they can make her BC when the show on it 6th n final season

      • hyyy says:

        no she wont thats the whole point, lIke I swear this argument makes my head hurt cause people are so stupid. With Laurel if they decide to make her black canary then we are going to see her evolution and journey into becoming black canary. They can do this by introducing ( I hope) TED GRANT, who was the badass boxer and an awesome character from the comics who would be an awesome add to the show and trained Black canary. They even did a little easter egg on one of the episodes and alluded to him. With Sarah we saw none of her training to being black canary she just is . Just like how we see Oliver’s training and growth to becoming arrow and continue to see his journey to becoming THE GREEN ARROW, the same could be done with Laurel. Frankly I would be very interested to seeing her going through the changes and the training which will create an interesting storyline.

        She doesnt have to wake and magically become an martial arts master. She will learn just like the others did.

        • CBWBDK1 says:

          The reason this argument makes your head hurt is because your stupid. Clearly thinking is a problem for you. The show is called Arrow, not Black canary. I don’t want to see laurel’s evolution. Who gives a crap about laurel! Sara is fantastic as BC, Laurel is terrible! There is no need to kill sara and make laurel bc. Instead keep sara and kill laurel. Now that would be a good twist! Stop crying! Also stop thinking, it’s makes your head hurt.

          • hyyy says:

            who says Sara has to die? when did I even state that, you need to pipe down and relax for real. The show is called arrow but if you are not aware because your stupidity knows no bounds Black Canary is a very big part of that so whoever she is we need to see her story. I like how you said absolutely nothing to even state why you hate Laurel but just spill word vomit. Maybe get a brain then come back ad state something else that actually validates your point. If you read my statement first you would see I said if they decide, I am not crying about Laurel being BC because I really don’t care as long as the story makes sense. Oh by the way Sara is not BC she is only referred to as the canary get your facts straight. Maybe you should try the thinking thing you mentioned it might actually do you some good.

          • JC says:

            Ok, 1) Sara is Black Canary. She’s been referred to as such multiple times by the writers and cast. It doesn’t mean Laurel won’t eventually become Black Canary II, but denying that Sara is Black Canary now is just willful delusion. And 2) Oliver is not called Green Arrow on the show either, only Arrow. Using your logic, are we supposed to deny that he’s the show’s Green Arrow just because they’re not yet calling him that on the show?

      • Dominator of destruction says:

        Sara is all kinds of awesome she is the Canary I’ve always wanted and then some, killing her off to shoe horn Laurel into the role will be the death of the show mark my words

    • JC says:

      I would never understand the hate that is being thrown at Katie/Laurel. These haters pick on anything like how she looks, I mean give her a chance, she is a fantastic actress. I would also love for her character to evolve.

  4. Say it right. “Matt Webb Mitovich, you have failed this article!”

  5. JC says:

    Per Mark Guggenheim on Twitter, Isabel is not Slade’s daughter, in spite of what certain photos might suggest (and yes, I’ve seen them). I’m still going with the theory that she was Robert’s mistress.

    • aunni says:

      felicity is slades daughter

      • JC says:

        Not buying that theory either, or the one that she’s Ivo’s daughter. This isn’t OUAT, where everyone’s related somehow.

        • aunni says:

          she’s not that blond, afraid of kangaroos, has abandment issues, my life my choice (2*3) dialouge both stated by slade and her. she is the only team arrow member did not come face to face with slade. even in episode 19 DS in lair not slade

          • Trish says:

            I’m sticking with my Billy Wintergreen theory.

          • JC says:

            Sorry, not buying it. And quite frankly I hope Felicity’s not related to anyone we’ve met yet, and especially not anyone from that damn island. I am going to be beyond annoyed if she’s connected to someone from Oliver’s past and he’s known about it all this time. Give Felicity her own backstory, damn it. Doesn’t her life already revolve around Oliver sufficiently as it is?

        • zoe says:

          I couldn’t agree more. Let Felicity’s dad be someone that takes the story in a different direction in Season 3. I would hate for THIS to connect her to Oliver again.

        • cleverinwa says:

          “This isn’t OUAT, where everyone’s related somehow.”… haha ha ha! preach it :)!

      • Alan says:

        felicity and isabel are both way too old to be slades kids.

      • aksar says:

        bottom line is we want to know felicitys past, her family n more..coz we love her whoever is her father

  6. wrstlgirl says:

    Ugh, Laurel. No, just NO!!!!!

    • Trish says:

      Don’t even get me started.

    • Lizzie says:

      LMAO! Writers really want us to like Laurel but at last Katie Cassidy is just not likable (contrary to what the suddenly vocal Laurel fans say). She also got plagued that the other potential love interest surrounding Oliver are just more likable and scene stealers (yes emily bett rickards & caity lotz). Can we just skip to the future where Olive and Laurel are no longer married or together. Oh yeah sorry spoiler

  7. GildedRose says:

    Glad to see they’re finally bringing Isabel into the story and making her relevant. I was excited about that at the beginning of the season and then Isabel just kind of got forgotten. It’s a shame. Looking forward to seeing what Thea does and how her relationship with Oliver changes.

    • Alan says:

      its no surprise that she disappeared for a while, summer glau was originally only contracted for the few early episodes of the season that we saw her in, she clearly disappeared for a while so they could negotiate with her for more episodes once they decided to keep her around.

  8. Tye says:

    I am a fan of Katie and I wanted to like her in the role of Laurel, but even I can acknowledge that she was not the right fit for this part. I don’t think that the writers can be blamed entirely, because to me, she has been a completely dull and uninteresting character since the series premiered. Granted, the dialogue for Laurel may not be the greatest, but Katie still does absolutely nothing with it. And there is zero chemistry between her and Stephen. Personally, I think the show would be better off keeping Sara around and getting rid of Laurel altogether.

    • Miki says:

      Personally I think Sara is the worst thing that happened to this show. Not just that she pushed Laurel away, but also Digle, Felicity and even Oliver himself. She is so good at everything she does and she’s never wrong so it makes her too good to be true. Second half of season two turned into All About Sara show…meh.

    • LibKat says:

      I’ve always thought the main problem with Laurel is that they never found a way to integrate her into the driving story of the show, Oliver becoming Green Arrow. She has been on the periphery of the story since the first half of season 1, when the story began to move beyond Oliver being is culture shock from returning. There are chemistry problems, and dialogue problems, and acting problems as well, but this is the crux of the Laurel issue for me.

  9. LK says:

    His explanation for Thea’s anger at Oliver still seems off.. She claimed he’d been lying to her for years… Didn’t he just find out the truth a few episodes ago? Thats weeks maybe.. not years and not telling something isnt the same as actually lying.

    • CanaryStaff says:

      Thea doesn’t know how long Oliver has known.

      • LK says:

        So shouldnt she give him the benefit of the doubt and ask him rather than just taking Slade’s word for it?

        • Alan says:

          she just found out that her father wasnt her father, that her real father is a mass murderer, and that two of the people she is closest to in the world lied to her about it, its no surprise that she isnt thinking level headedly about it right now.

  10. CanaryStaff says:

    Katie isn’t bad. The character isn’t terrible. The main problem is that Katie and Stephen have no chemistry, especially when you compare Oliver/Laurel to Oliver/Sara, Oliver/Helena, Oliver/the cop, or Oliver/Felicity. Laurel was supposed to be Oliver’s true love and she’s the only woman character that he doesn’t have chemistry with. I enjoyed Laurel when she was with Tommy.

  11. Julie says:

    I was pretty frustrated with Laurel this season but i think she’s getting better. I think she was demeaned in order to make Sarah a better person. I can’t wait to see how she’ll handle it and I sincerely hope that her romantic history with Oliver is over, ’cause she deserves so much better than to be in this ridiculous love triangle between Oliver, Sarah and her.

    • Hmm says:

      THANK YOU. Nobody acknowledges all the slight digs incorporated into this year’s dialogues that put down Laurel to build up Sara. To me it seems that they were looking for a way to make Oliver/Sara okay, and in doing so they made Laurel the “bad guy,” which I hated. I’m still hoping for Oliver and Laurel to find their way back to each other, because even though it’s a minority opinion, I like Stephen and Katie’s chemistry. Quite frankly I don’t see it with S & Caity, but it’s in the eye of the beholder I suppose.

      • Julie says:

        I don’t think there’s nothing wrong with their chemistry, but Oliver was just the worst to Laurel and she deserves a guy who treats her better. Like Tommy did. Why did they kill him? WHYYYYYYYYY?

  12. Claire says:

    I am so excited for the return of Arrow this week and that it will air uninterrupted from here on out! And the best part of it all is that we are getting back to TEAM ARROW and Felcity! Finally!

    I love that Thea is finally getting some story here and I look forward to how they are going to weave it into the main plot. As for Isobel, I’ve had my suspicions about her for quite some time it just took a bit longer than I thought for us to revisit her. Glad we get more reveal on her character as well. Summer Glau is wonderful, and I really hope we get another scene with her and Felicity, especially now that the cat is out of the bag and Felicity was correct not to trust her to begin with. Will they address the fact that Felicity is more than likely out-of-a-job?

    And this week we get Felicity in a mask and out in the FIELD! THAT right there makes the episode a must see! Pure bonus of course is that we get to see Oliver and Felicity “somewhat” swinging around as well :)

  13. inza says:

    My problem with Laurel isn’t that she’s a bad character, I liked her season 1. But this season the writers managed to do the the unthinkable, they made me feel indifferent towards her. They did such a 180 on her character that I lost interest. They took her angst and beat her down with it too much, no one else on this show has been trampled on quite like her. They’ve kept her disconnected from the main story-lines, which is the same mistake they made season 1. I don’t hate Laurel, I am just bored by her, I don’t care anymore. That is not the fault of the actress, it’s the fault of terrible writing. On top of that, they brought someone else in to play her alter ego, Black Canary. In season 1 I was waiting to see Laurel’s journey, now I happen to really love Sara. This is a great disservice to Katie Cassidy, were they ever really planning on making her BC? I wonder. If they were, why bring someone in, give them such a rich back story – much like Oliver, if they had no intention of having her stick around? I don’t see Sara going anywhere. They continue to make so many missteps with the character, I don’t feel like she ever has any affect on the main plots, and it’s sad because I did really like her season 1. So she knows Oliver is the Arrow, this would have excited me last season, now I’m just blah about it. I hope they can turn her around but I feel it’s too late, at least for me.

    • beth says:

      I think her knowing might ruin the show for me. It means more screen time, and if she joins Team Arrow, I can’t fast forward through her scenes without missing much. Such a shame, too. Katie Cassidy was awesome as Ruby on Supernatural. (And on Gossip Girl, and on Melrose Place–or so I’ve heard since I never watched those last two shows, but I did read she was a b**tch in both shows, so maybe she just does characters you love to hate well…and I don’t think Laurel was ever meant to be a character we love to hate…so maybe turn her evil?)

  14. sophia7470 says:

    Gah, I can’t wait for these final 5 episodes. I’m obsessed with this show. I’m still most intrigued about Felicity’s trajectory, but I’m happy if Laurel is going to find some peace / be given some better material – she’s had a rough season.

    Love evil-Isabel – she’s so much more interesting.

  15. alissa says:

    Katie Cassidy was the reason I started watching Arrow. I loved her on Supernatural and I didn’t know any of the other actors/actresses on the show. Laurel and the Laurel-Oliver-Tommy drama is one of the big reasons I stopped watching in S1. I loved Oliver and Diggle, but Felicity was the balance between light and dark they needed, in my opinion. I was hooked after she became a regular.

    Unfortunately, they wrote that ridiculous Sara-Oliver-Laurel love triangle that turned me off a few episodes in S2. I’m tentatively tuning in to these last 5 episodes because the EPs said there is more of the original trio. I can live with Laurel if they just drop her as a love interest for Oliver (I think). I still don’t like her, but so long as I don’t have to sit through cringe-worthy dialogue about her being the love of his life (he slept with her sister…6 years apart), I’ll try to get invested in her character (or I’ll fast forward through her scenes…which, honestly, is the more likely scenario). I love Sara, but only in small doses (as Canary, she’s awesome, but the love story between her and Oliver falls flat–it’s the whole sister thing that really, REALLY disgusts me. I have a sister…and a husband…and the idea of him having been with both of us…I’m gonna stop now before I throw up).

    I kinda wish they would write Laurel out of Arrow just because I really, really like Katie Cassidy in other shows, and I feel like she deserves to be on a show that allows her to shine. In my opinion, Laurel just wasn’t the right fit for her (I also agree that she has zero chemistry with Stephen Amell–you know it’s bad when you think the actress who plays his sister, Willa Holland, has better chemistry than the supposed love of his life…but I loved Laurel and Tommy together, but that’s probably because I LOVED Tommy, period). It isn’t her fault–the writing for Laurel has always left me cold. I can see how they tried to retcon her character in S2, but all it did for me was make her more inconsistent and unbelievable (the whole Lance dinner fiasco was what told me I needed to go on a hiatus from watching Arrow live).

    Love Summer Glau and so glad they are giving her some River Tam-type action scenes!

  16. Trish says:

    You know what, I try to be nice. Really, I do. But I am so damn tired of the show shoving his lackluster character down our throat in every effort to make me notice or care about her. FIVE more episode of, hey Arrow fans “…look, this is why she really is a great character, please notice her, please care.” As if the FIVE previous ones weren’t enough!

    NO! It’s not going to happen. She’s had two full seasons of stories and enough damsel in distress scenarios that would last a normal character 10 seasons. At this point it feels like the fans of the show that don’t care about her, are being punished for having absolutely no use for her. And this is going to backfire on them once again.

    Why won’t they drop this dead weight from the show and allow other characters the care and writing they deserve without dedicating the entire show just to save her? The show is not about her, so why are they spending so much time trying to FIX her? And that’s eactly what it is, all in an effort to fix ONE character.

    The only thing these next five episodes will inspire me to do is despise her. I will resent her. I will resent the fact that my favorite show is essentially being held hostage to the constant need to prop this moot point being. But the one thing I can count on is the fickle nature of the Arrow fandom. If they wanted her to have a chance, they should never have brought on Sara and essentially erased all of season one and gave the audience a better BC option. So I’m going to seat back and allow the fans to devour her once again. This time, they’ll have no one to blame but themselves. This is why the show has no hope of ever rebounding from the miliions of viewers they lost and continue to lose. WOW.

    • aunni says:

      they dont need to kill her but they can send her to africa where pple can use her and we can enjoy the show

    • Joanna says:

      Wow, Laurel is such a powerfull character, right?
      Wich is funny, because she doesn’t even has so much screentime. Actually, she wasn’t part of at least 3 episodes this season, and in the last five she had just two scenes in two of them. And you know what? I am not trying to start a war here, but Laurel don’t have so much power, girl.
      The reason they try to “fix” her (or this is their plan all along? Do you remember people hate her since season 1, right?) is because she is Dinah Laurel Lance. Do you know Dinah? Dinah is the real Black Canary. Dinah is Oliver Queen’s partner. Dinah is Oliver’s true love.
      That’s why they spend some time writing for her. Because they don’t care you don’t like comics of if you don’t like Laurel. They know what she can be, and they know they are capable of making a great story for her.

      • JC says:

        The problem is that the one and only thing that this Laurel has in common with the Dinah of the comics is the name. The end. Period. Everything else has been given to Sara at this point. And before someone says “oh Black Canary wasn’t an assassin”, no, she wasn’t, but neither was she an uptight alcoholic lawyer. The only reason to persist in making Laurel BC at this point is the name. The end. And for those of us who aren’t Laurel/KC fans, that’s not enough. We already have a Black Canary that fits the show perfectly well – so what that she doesn’t have the “Dinah Laurel” name?
        Look, before this show started, I was more excited for Laurel and the Black Canary story than I was for Oliver’s. But the character just fell flat for me from the very first episode, and it only got worse this season. There have been characters that I didn’t care for at first that grew on me over time – The Mentalist’s Teresa Lisbon for one. I was not a fan in season one, but now she’s one of my favorites. So it’s not that I can’t change my mind on a character, but as far as this character goes, for me she’s only gone from bad to worse, and I don’t think she’s fixable at this point. If they really wanted to make her Black Canary, they should have focused on that this season instead of bringing in Sara and dragging Laurel down like they did, and undermining her relationship with Oliver by putting Sara and Olive back together. No matter what they do now, Laurel is always going to be compared unfavorably to Sara (except by her fans of course).

        • JC says:

          *Oliver, not Olive :(

          • Joanna says:

            Well, I would be really pissed off. But I am pissed off since july, when we had the news about Lotz. And if you are asking if I will comment in every single section to say I hate Sara, I won’t. I have never done that, so I wouldn’t do now.

          • JC says:

            Well, if it works out like you want It to, you won’t have to worry about me commenting anymore, because I will no longer be watching. As I’ve said before, it would not be the first nor will it be the last show I’ve dropped due to a character or ship I couldn’t stand, and in this case it’s both. There is no point in watching something that only upsets you, and I’ve learned by previous experience to cut my losses before I get to the point where a show is making me miserable.

        • Joanna says:

          Well, the problem is: They will do what they want, and if they see Laurel as Black Canary they will tell us that story. Period.
          You can never accept, the way I don’t accept Sara, but they will tell us the story they think is the best one.
          So doesn’t matter if you don’t see Laurel as Black Canary, or if you will never love her as Black Canary, or even if you will be in every post about Laurel telling how you prefer Sara.
          They are not telling Laurel’s storyline because some fans want them too. They are not giving Laurel screentime because her fans want them too. They are doing on their own.

          • JC says:

            And, just out of curiosity, should the writers have decided (and I say “have decided” because the finale is being filmed now) that they would rather tell Sara’s story than Laurel’s, would you be as accepting as you seem to want the Sara fans to be?

    • M3rc Nate says:

      I have mixed feelings about Laurel/KC…and i have LOVED Sara as BC and Caity Lotz…talk about perfection for BC/any female super hero (especially ones specializing in martial arts)….BUT…you forget about something very important….:

      THE BUSINESS SIDE! lol…the creator/showrunners/writers have said since the pilot…Laurel (aka Katie Cassidy is the Black Canary)….so that means when she auditions and before signing on the dotted line for a 3-5 year contract (maybe more idk)…she was told she is the female lead, she is going to evolve into becoming Black Canary and be side by side with Stephan Amell’s Arrow….just because the writers/showrunners think its not going how they’d like, or the fans in droves are yelling from the roof tops that Caity is perfect as BC and Laurel needs to die/be gone….you realize to do that they would have to in bad faith find a way to terminate Katie Cassidy’s contract? If thats even possible..and who knows if Caity Lotz WANTS to be on the show past what her contract is (could easily be one year, having been told she dies in the finale for Laurel to take the BC mantle from her in revenge/in honor or something for Sara’s death). Maybe the exposure Caity has gotten is enough that she doesnt want to play Sara longer even if the showrunners asked, she wants to go out and get a different TV show or audition for movies….theres SO much of the business side we dont know. Promises were made, contracts signed…we cant just say “the writers are shoving the failure known as Laurel down our throats, just fire KC and let Sara be BC!” .

      • wrstlgirl says:

        I agree with all of your scenarios BUT, you know that old saying….it’s show business. Contracts are broken and/or change all the time, for the good and the bad. We’ve seen it happen time and time again on other shows, other networks. So anything is possible :-)

        • M3rc Nate says:

          Its not impossible…but its shady and can give showrunners a bad reputation and its breaking your word…a contract is quite literally your word written down on paper. So im just saying it might be easy to say “fire her and keep Lotz” but for them…she might be a friend who they promised a starring role on this show and have gone out to dinner with her and she just bought a new house…you know theres a ton of stuff we dont know.

    • uhhhhhh says:

      Saying the show is losing viewers because of Laurel alone is stupid. Your hatred for this character is insane to blame her arrow losing views and then make the bizarre claim that they are dedicating the whole show to her like are kidding me? Have we been watching the same show the last couple of episodes she has had barely anything to do and 2-5 min screen time

      Season 2 is not losing viewers because of any one character or person but because its poorly written and all over the place.
      Diggle and Laurel are marginalised and have barely nothing to do its like they cant think of what to do with them. Sara sucks. Felicity is just around for shipper pandering.
      Slade’s motivations are bizarre. And Roy has just become an annoyance.

  17. Arrow Fantastic says:

    All 3 fans of LauRel are gonna freak about this

    • aunni says:

      u know out of curosity i was searching tumblr account who r laurel fan… funny thing is there are 5-6 i found for a weak

      • Hmm says:

        Right because Tumblr is just the best and only representation of people watching Arrow.

        • aunni says:

          do u know how ppl do poll during election?? u dont need to ask every single person u get that rt??

          • zoe says:

            No, Tumblr isn’t the best or only representation of people watching Arrow, but there have been a ton of polls, tweets, etc. out there and it is pretty clear that the Laurel-Oliver fans are in the minority. I think there are more Sara fans out there now. There is no way to poll all of the Arrow fans, but the Tumblr people are representative of a much bigger pie piece, just like there are surely more Lauriver fans out there than the 5-6 Tumblr blogs.

            I want to like Laurel, and I wish I were invested in her character enough to care where they take her. Unfortunately, I’m not. That being said, I don’t like the idea of being on Team Laurel, Team Felicity, or Team Sara. I think, in terms of love interest, Arrow needs to choose one girl (clearly) and then move on to telling the rest of the story, so that the romance aspect can stop bogging down the rest of the story and dividing fans. No more Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc. jabs at each other (Lauriver/Lauliver versus Olicity versus Sariver). Arrow, choose a lane and stick with it!

      • Joanna says:

        You should look better, because I know a lot of Laurel fans, and they don’t have tumblr. Also, I know lots of Dinah fans and they are waiting for Laurel’s version of Black Canary.
        I don’t understand why you would feel the need to say “oh, they don’t exist” when even the showrunners know we exist. Of course, the two years hate campaing didn’t work so well…

        • Trish says:

          I have to disagree that the clear disdain for the character isn’t prevalent. I mean when the show runners come out and publicly admit the majority of the Arrow fandom don’t like her or are indifferent to her, that sort of gives a certain amount of credibility to the claims. Adding to it, EP comments like, “…if you didn’t like her before, you’ll like her now…”….eh, what else are people suppose to conclude? Actually I think a better word for the overall feelings of the majority of the fandom as it relates to this character is, “Apathy” – lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern, a word used by the show as well. So…I’m just sayin…

          • nica says:

            The disdain IS prevalent. Are there a ton of Laurel fans out there not on Tumblr?–absolutely. But guess what, there are also a ton of Felicity and Sara fans out there who aren’t on Tumblr. It goes both ways–it’s like polling: the blogs that DO exist are representative of a bigger population, and taking that into account, you have a pretty good idea which characters click with the fandom.

          • Joanna says:

            I am not saying Arrow fandom like Laurel. I am saying people don’t have to say she has no fans when it’s a lie, and even the showrunners know she has.

      • Dominator of destruction says:

        All 6 of their fans are trolling the imbd site

  18. A says:

    I am a Katie fan, not a Laurel fan. I love Sara and Felicity though.

  19. Joanna says:

    Laurel is my favorite character and I am glad they seems to be bringing her back. As much as I think it was important seeing her dealing with everything, the drama didn’t do any favor for her character.
    All I want for season 3 is her being a full person and starting her journey as Black Canary.
    For people who say they won’t watch if she gets more screentime, I feel sorry for you. I don’t know you’ve noticed, but Dinah Laurel Lance was always a big part of Arrow universe and if you can’t handle this, you shouldn’t watch the show. Or at least, you should move on. Of course not everyone cares about Felicity and Diggle, and we still watch and like the show.
    I really hope they can respect the comics now and make Roy, Laurel and Oliver more like their comic versions.

    • meg says:

      If you got your wish and everyone who didn’t follow the comics decided not to watch the show, there would be a huge ratings drop. I know a TON of people who watch the show, and less than 10% of us read the comics. So be careful what you wish for.

      At the end of the day, we are here because we are Arrow fans. You don’t care about Felicity and Diggle, I don’t care about Laurel. I can respect your position, but you should respect mine. It’s counter productive to say “If you don’t like this character, stop watching.” We all need to keep watching if we want the show to be renewed.

      There are all different kinds of fans out there, and maybe we can remember to be respectful of each other’s opinions. I don’t like Laurel because how she has been written hasn’t clicked with me–I’m okay that others disagree and DO like her, but in MY opinion (clearly shared by others here), she hasn’t been well written. Clearly there are also people who also agree with you. So let’s move on and agree to disagree, shall we?

      • Joanna says:

        Well, it wasn’t my intention to say something like that. What I was trying to say is: if you can’t handle Laurel having screentime, you shouldn’t watch, or you should skip her scenes. Because she is part, and a big part, of Arrow universe and she will have screentime even if you don’t want this
        I don’t really care about Felicity and Diggle, but I never EVER go to posts about them to say that I don’t care, I don’t like, I hate, because they are part of the show and they are a big part of Arrow universe too. And I respect that, and I want them having their screentime, even if they are not my favorite.
        What I think it’s awful is everytime they say something about Laurel people are like “OH, KILL HER, I DON’T CARE, NOBODY CARES”. Because guess what? There are people who care. There are people who are waiting episode by episode to see Laurel’s journey. So why people can’t respect that too?

  20. Ms Thing says:

    I’m tired of Felicity. I adore the actress who portrays her but the character has become annoying. Too much time is wasted on her. Thea, Isabelle and Sara are more interesting.

    • Trish says:

      I’m thinking because Thea, Isabelle and Sara are being written for at the moment. Felicity has been stalled with two lines here and there with no story since the beginning of the season. I blame that on the show’s desire to “catch” other characters up. Or for decisions like dedicating 5 Laurel-centric episodes and then immediately dedicating 5 Sara-centric episodes. Meanwhile ZERO Felicity-centric episodes because they felt like she was already loved enough that they could hold off on her story-line and the fans would be OK waiting. This Felicity fan is not happy. Not at all. Actually, I stopped watching and only came back last episode for this Deathstroke episode. And before anyone tells me Felicity had an episode, please don’t waste your time. They HAILED that episode as a “Lance Family-centric” episode in promos, articles and ads until the week of and then tried to switch things around and claim it as a “Felicity” centric episode. And nothing about that episode made me see it as anything good for Felicity. She was nothing more than a prop for another character.

    • Scotty says:

      I agree. I loved her last season but I find that the entire forcing of Olicity and making her a needy, hopeless love interest (though totally one-sided) has wrecked her. She worked well as the comical, gal Friday type character.

  21. Bee says:

    The Irony of anyone saying too much time has been spent on Felicity when she is infact the only character we still know nothing about. All she does on screen is sit in front of the computer for 2 to 5mins of the entire episode and then NOTHING! they spend so much time trying to ‘FIX’ Laurel and make the Lance family happen they neglected even Oliver’s character growth.

  22. Jane says:

    the producers really trying really hard to make us like laurel, they gave her dramatic line, saint heart (like seriously, you forgive oliver/sara just like that? that’s really unrealistic), how great she is as a person, and we still prefer two blonde girls who babbled a lot and have killing issue

    give us more felicity and sara

    • silvia says:

      THIS. Laurel didn’t click with me in Season 1, but I didn’t hate her. Then Season 2 came along and I actually felt bad for her. But my REAL issue with Laurel: the Season 2 version is how terribly inconsistent she has been written. The Arrow saves her from the Dollmaker after she tries to get him captured, and then in “Blind Spot,” she asks for his help. When Oliver/Arrow shows up, the first words out of her mouth are “You’re late.” Um…really? Not, “Hey, thanks for saving me after I tried to screw you over” or “Thanks for coming despite…you know…what a b*tch I’ve been.” Then they bring her down the road of alcoholic pill popper, and she steals the pain meds of her dad who is STILL in pain. How inconsiderate is that? But, okay, let’s move past that. Now she’s an angry, bitter alcoholic who throws a glass at her resurrected sister, and I still don’t like her, but I can see why (kind of) she would go down that route, and then Oliver gives her a crappy speech (that basically, her dad have given her) that should have enraged her and suddenly she is apologizing to the sister who betrayed her by going off with her boyfriend (who she planned to marry) and sleeping with him–and this happens not once, but twice in six years. And then in the next episode, she’s dishing out relationship advice? Really? Who is this woman? (There’s other stuff too…but I’m trying to keep this short and be kind–I don’t want to further enrage Laurel fans, I just think the character is so poorly written and that’s NOT Katie Cassidy’s fault). In trying to retcon her, they’ve made her THE most unbelievable, inconsistent character on Arrow. If they were going to take her down the route of angry and bitter, they could have made her journey compelling and believable. Instead, it was like they turned on a switch after a speech from Oliver (that made me hate Oliver, but that’s another story) and suddenly, she’s a different person. Also, a recovering alcoholic should be avoiding bars, not hanging out with her sister in one.

      So, while I’m not a fan of the Sara-Oliver relationship, I’ll take Sara (on the sidelines, please) over Laurel any day. I’m much more invested in Sara as BC than I will ever be about Laurel, and while I know what I think doesn’t matter and the show runners will do what they will do and tell their story, that’s my two cents. I’ll take Queen drama over Lance drama, and I’ll ship Oliver with anyone who isn’t related to Laurel or Sara.

  23. me says:

    I was never the biggest fan of Laurel but I am so over the Laurel hate its ridiculous. All characters have their flaws and have worked to build on them. Oliver was a douche and he changed, Thea was an annoying little brat and now she has evolved from that but wait since its Laurel there is way too much time on getting to become a better person? Really I get it that most fans love Felicity but bashing Laurel as if she is doomed and thats the end of her character because you don’t like her is beyond crazy.

    Granted I always root for the underdog, but I am rooting for her character so hard, If not to just stop the ridiculous and unnecessary hate towards her. Saying Laurel is taking up screen time is beyond stupid because she has barely anything to do these past episodes and was even absent from 1 episode.

    Also I distaste Olicity, its stupid not only is it reducing Felicity to act like a high school teen with a crush, with all the “please save oliver” crap but there is no basis. its clark and chloe all over again.

    The writers screwed up and they know it thats why they are working hard to fix the character they wrote her to be the bad guy so they could build up Sara which was stupid.

    • justmyopinion says:

      If they never introduced Sara and spent the season telling Laurel’s story, I think her character would have been salvageable for me. I do not envy the Arrow producers on this. She IS such an important character in the comics (or so I hear, having never read the comics) and I can see they are trying to fix her. And I completely agree that all characters DO have their flaws, it’s just that I’m invested in the others enough to want to see them develop and I really do wish I felt that way about Laurel. I don’t like the fact that I don’t like her.

      • JC says:

        If they never introduced Sara and spent the season telling Laurel’s story, I think her character would have been salvageable for me.

        I agree with this actually. Introducing Sara, and worse, putting her and Oliver back together, was beyond stupid if they really do intend to still make Laurel BC and have Lauriver as end game.

        • HIMYMreshootfinale says:

          If they still plan to make Lauriver the endgame, the backlash is going to be worse than the HIMYM finale, I think. The moment they had Oliver lunge for Sara–yet again–that ship (should have) sank. I can understand there still being Laurel fans, but I don’t understand how people who like Laurel can still be rooting for her to end up with Oliver (the guy who ran off with her sister after she convinced him to move in together…and then told her she was the most important person in his life only to disappear for five months after Tommy’s death…and then screw her sister again. I’m not a Laurel fan, but heck, no one deserves THAT). I can only hope that was the intention of the writers because the last thing Oliver-Laurel need between them is yet another level of toxicity in their already ridiculously polluted backstory. I can accept Laurel as BC so long as Sara is also still the Canary…but if they kill Sara off for Laurel’s journey, I’d be pissed.

          I agree. I could have invested in Laurel if they never introduced Sara, but they did…and unfortunately, I like Sara.

          • JC says:

            I’m not sure if I would have ever been deeply invested in her, but I don’t think I would have hated her. They had a perfect jumping off point to push Laurel into starting her Black Canary journey – Tommy’s death. They could have focused on Laurel turning to vigilantism as a response to that – bring in someone as her trainer, etc. Focus on her journey throughout the season. Instead we got an entire season of Sara’s journey, complete with her own flashbacks and League of Assassins training. We got Oliver and Laurel’s relationship undermined first by flashbacks showing us that it wasn’t quite all what it was cracked up to be, and secondly, by Oliver once again starting up a relationship with Sara. We got Laurel sidelined for the first half of the season and then thrust into a thankless addiction storyline that has suddenly all been neatly resolved with Laurel back to where she started. And all this season all I have been able to think is that the only way this all makes sense in the end is if it is being done as a way to write Laurel out and replace her with Sara. Permanently. If that is really not the case, if they are really serious about sticking with Laurel as BC and Lauriver as endgame, then nothing about this season makes any sense. At all. It was a total waste in my opinion.

  24. enn says:

    Comments on this article only prove my theories right. Majority of Laurel fans are hard core comic fans who blindly like her only because she is going to become Black Canary. I am a HUGE Katie Cassidy fan but i HATE Laurel. She’s the worst character in Arrow, not to mention – like someone pointed out: she has NOTHING to do with Laurel from comics. Her hero story is so lame, she got drunk, became an alcoholic, then she got sober, all in the span of a few episodes and now at 30 year of age she will become Black Canary probably after her sister’s death. Total BS!
    And one question for all those ladies that are Laurivel fans, actually for everyone except male teenagers: In what universe to you live in to want Oliver and Laurel to be together? He cheated on her with her own sister! And he is with her again. I am so disgusted with that storyline and shocked that there are people who think that they belong together. Would you be with a guy who cheated with your sister and then got back with her again?
    I repeat, huge Katie fan here. But Laurel is yuk yuk yuk!

    • hhhhiir says:

      I don’t what her and Oliver together hell don’t give crap who oliver ends up with. Its Laurels character I am interested in, not because she is going to be BC because when I watch the show I separate it from the comics cause they are different.
      Hell Oliver himself is so different from Ollie from the comics e.g Ollie on the show is so serious all the time but in the comics he is a funny goofball. What the hell does her age have to with anything? cause 30 is so old right? Who says that was her Hero story? that was her reaction to the loss of someone she cared about? granted not the best but people handle grief different. Not even excusing her but your argument is not very strong.

      • enn says:

        Training, how is she going to be reliable Black Canary when she is 30 old year drunk? Producers said she’s going to become BC so this is her story, starting season 2 right, she doesn’t have flashbacks like the others? I am just mad at the writers, to clarify. When i like some show i see all holes and Laurel’s got most of them.

    • Joanna says:

      First, I like her because who she is. I like her storyline and I like her tv version. I like her journey and I hope see her as Black Canary one day. Remember people don’t think she same, so you not liking her isn’t a reason to all people in the world not like her too.
      About your other question, I live in the universe where Oliver is a guy who puts a hood and use a bow to hurt and even kill people. In real life you would like his guy with a girl you like? Maybe not, right? But it’s tv show, they are fictional. You can like a couple and you can expect them loving each other and having huge problems that would break up every single real couple.

      • arrowhead says:

        There is no world where I could find romance in a hero switching sisters. Fictional or otherwise. It’s kinda like incest…no matter how much you try to justify it between two characters, it’s still gross, no matter what.

      • enn says:

        Omg you’re seriously comparing Oliver killing ‘bad guys’ with sisters triangle. I respect your opinion of course but… sure i know it’s fictional, but the problem is that situation is very BAD and unfortunately REAL and it shouldn’t be promoted. Seriously i don’t know any female that likes that plot.

    • Dominator of destruction says:

      I like Sara/Oliver because they have chemistry,understand each other better than anyone and both deserve to be happy [with each other] plus Sara had eyes on Ollie way before Laurel intervened

  25. a fan says:

    If Laurel is “healing”, does that mean Katie is going to stop looking like crap warmed over? Cause seriously, girlfriends been looking terrible lately. I’m REALLY hoping that’s just because her characters supposed to be a drug addict.

  26. PreviousFan says:

    I never comment in these posts, but I’m really getting sick of all this hate directed at Katie Cassidy’s portrayal of Laurel, who by the way I will admit that I’ve always been a huge fan of. The character has been horribly written, along with much of the show in general. I feel that a lot of this is the show’s fault. I really liked S1 stories with Dark Archer, Oliver’s growth from playboy cheater to redeemed anti-hero, but S2 has been a real let-down, save for Slade. I went from not being able to wait a whole week to watch the next episode to now DVRing it, and watching it sporadically. Oliver is now a real douche, having cheated on Laurel with her own sister, having the nerve to say she’s the love of his like while still sleeping with her. The show has turned into Gossip Girl, catering to the 12-17 year demographic only. And they wonder why ratings are so low? Remember when Gossip Girl was the Chuck and Blair show, instead of staying true to the Serena/Blair relationship? What was the demo, a lowly .3 or .4? Stop with the stupid ships (Olicity, please no more), and start delving into real character development and angst with Oliver’s road to redemption, repairing his relationships with his family, and the evolution of Black Canary. Look at your one show CW that’s going okay, Supernatural. No ships, no extraneous characters. That show works because at its core, it’s always been about Sam and Dean (thank god there’s not been a shipper name assigned to them yet)! If you want to retain more fans then listen to what worked and what doesn’t work, by talking to the people who have stopped watching a once great show, instead of again pandering to the very vocal, but obviously small demo group you currently have. Hopefully it’s not too late, because this show had so much potential and I would like to be able to like watching it again.

    • Cat says:

      I believe Sam and Dean’s ‘ship’ name has always been Wincest. Least for years, since season one it has been used for them.

  27. Mia says:

    Most Laurel-haters always manage to sound so juvenile and down-right mean, and not just to the character, to the actress who portrays her as well. It’s very off-putting.

    Anyways, I’m looking forward to seeing how Thea’s story plays out.

  28. Shakss says:

    I wanted to like Laurel, I wanted to believe in Laurivel. Infortunately the writing for the character, the lack of chemistry with Amell didn’t make me buy it. After a few episodes of S1 I was indifferent. Now I feel like she is a dead weight attached to the show. The thing is, I dont’ want her to die, I mean she is not Joffrey!! But what’s her purpose? I will never ever find her believable as Canary, Sara is good enough. Laurel could leave or stay, but she has to be given a purpose. It’s not necessary for her to revolve around OQ or GA. Infortunately after almost 2 seasons, the writers haven’t convinced me that they can do otherwise.

  29. kath says:

    I really loved this show when it wasn’t all about the Lance sisters.

    I hope they can get it back to being balanced with all the characters again, back to more Diggle, Felicity, Roy and to Quentin and Moira..
    And I’m looking forward to Thea’s storyline.

  30. négresse says:

    Les post sont follement attrayants

  31. Bobbee says:

    I know that original plan was for Laural to become the Black Canary. However, the actress has ZERO chemistry with the actor playing Oliver. Not to mention, the character is whiny and weak, and it will not be believable that she can suddenly become a kick butt girl power superhero. The girl who played Sara was fantastic. Would love if the Laural character was greatly reduced. Whenever she is on screen with Oliver everything just stops and we have to endure some angst driven BS exchange.

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