Post Mortem: Suits Boss on the Ramifications of Mike's New [Spoiler], Upcoming Twist and More

Suits Season 4 SpoilersIf you have yet to watch Thursday’s season finale of Suits, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, read on…

Thursday’s Season 3 finale of Suits found Mike trading his (fake) lawyer job for a gig as an investment banker.

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Now that Harvey’s protégé has become his client, TVLine chatted with executive producer Aaron Korsh to find out what that means for their relationship. (Hint: There’s a twist coming.)

The EP also dished about the future of Mike and Rachel’s romance, Donna’s role in Harvey’s life and much more.

TVLINE | Mike accepting this job offer seems like a way to shake up the setup of the show. What kind of new avenues and storylines do you hope this opens up?
Well, first of all, I wanted to comment that I was very happy after reading [many of] the reviews of [Episodes] 14 and 15. They all said they always knew he would never take that job because Suits can’t exist without Harvey and Mike at the same place, which was exactly what I wanted people to think at the end of [Episode] 15.

TVLINE | You got them.
[Laughs] I wanted them to be shocked at the end of [Episode] 16. Believe me, I’ve been killing myself not to tweet, “I want to see what you say at the end of [Episode] 16.” [Laughs] … So the idea for us was to shake up the dynamic at the firm, but still keep Mike very present in our television universe. The way to do that was, if he leaves and goes and takes this job, but he’s still a client at the firm. What it does is it allows for him to still interact with Harvey, but completely changes their dynamic. Mike is no longer his employee. And in a sense, he’s his employer. While at the same time, their older brother/younger brother dynamic, that’s embedded in their personalities now. So it’s changing up their formal power structure while keeping in place their inter-personality dynamic and letting those two tensions go up against each other.

TVLINE | So it’s safe to say this is something that is going to play out over a while? It’s not going to be like Mike ends up back at Pearson Specter within an episode?
Correct. It is safe to say that. I thought to myself, if we’re going to do this, we’re really going to do it. I mean, he may at some point get back to the firm. I don’t know for sure if he will or not yet, but it’s not going to happen very quickly.

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TVLINE | How does it alter his relationships with some of the other people in the firm like Louis and Jessica?
It alters his relationships with everyone. For one thing, he’s not illegally practicing law anymore so probably it’s a huge burden off of his mind. But he’s just not their employee anymore.So in the same sense that it affects him with Harvey, it affects him with everyone else. Early on, there’s going to be a twist in their working relationship that will play out over the course of several episodes and most of that twist has to do with his relationship with Harvey, but also with Donna. … In Episode 4, he’s got major Louis interaction, so yeah, it shakes things up. But we’ve got some new characters coming in that are going to shake up Louis and Jessica’s dynamic with each other.

TVLINE | We’ve seen that Mike has a knack for memorizing things. Is he going to take to investment as easily as he did to the law?
I think so. He’s just a very, very smart guy, and he’s learned a lot working with Harvey. It’s like he’s got the best of both. He’s got a great mind. He’s got great knowledge for the law. He’s going to take to it very well. The difference is — and it can be both a strength of Mike’s and a weakness of Mike’s, just like it was in the practice of law — is that he still cares about companies and people and that’s going to be a little bit of his defining outlook in terms of investment banking. He’s not interested in just making money off the backs of others.

Suits Season 4 SpoilersTVLINE | What does Mike’s new job mean for his relationship with Rachel?
She’s very happy that he ends up taking the job. We start off with them in a very good place. Outside pressures will be placed on their relationship in a different way. But it will not be directly because he took this job. It will actually be as a result of him taking the job and in a very off-the-wall way.

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TVLINE | Turning to a different couple, are Harvey and Scottie definitely over?
The truth is Abigail Spencer is a tremendously in-demand actress. We don’t know whether we’re going to have her for a certain amount of episodes. We were lucky enough to get her to commit to four of the last six, and we were so happy to have her. As of right now, Scottie is not reemerging in Season 4, but we’d always love to have her back, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see her at some point.

TVLINE | There were some great scenes between Harvey and Donna in the finale where she was talking to him about Mike and Scottie. Now that both of those two people in Harvey’s life are out of the picture, where does that leave Donna and Harvey?
They get married in Episode 2. Just kidding, Vlada. Where does that leave them? Here’s the thing – and I know that there are plenty of Harvey and Donna ‘shippers out there – getting Harvey and Donna together, if it’s done too soon, in my opinion, will really harm the show. I will go ahead and say that. Their relationship is always going to move forward in bits and starts, so to speak, and they’re always going to have be there for each other. Donna is definitely going to have a lot of things to say about Harvey’s new place in the world now that Mike is gone. I don’t think she focuses too much on Scottie being gone because it’s just not as much of an issue. But Donna has a lot to deal with when this twist kicks in.

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  1. Sparky says:

    Loved the finale. Sooooo good!! Can it be June already….

  2. stack-stone says:

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  3. Joni says:

    OK, I have a deal for Aaron: If you make Season 4 start on USA next Thursday (April 17) I’ll be his new best friend and will bake him cookies on a regular basis. Season finale was EPIC! A whole (long-term temporary) game changer. Bravo Zulu, sir.

  4. Trenton says:

    I get that shows are always so damned afraid of actualizing their will they won’t they couples. Suits, to be fair, didn’t play it that way so much with Mike and Rachel…but that is easy to do with Harvey and Donna in the wings. If they can’t figure it out how that plays in the present, Id at least ask they to show us the past. Their first day working together…their first argument (so happened on the first day working together.) The downside to keeping peeps apart for such a long time, is by the time it happens it can feel flat. And if it happens in the end, as a viewer you don’t get to enjoy it or see it really. They kiss end of series…oh fun just how i hoped it be?

  5. SVUfan says:

    I thought this season was way less fun than the first two seasons. I was hoping they’d take the chance to get rid of Rachel. For one, the Mike-Rachel relationship is dull and secondly, Rachel is dumb. She wants Mike to leave the law firm and enter the cesspool that is investment banking, really? Seems that we already know what’s ahead there if Mike “cares about people and doesn’t want them to lose their jobs”. Because that’s not gonna fly in the land of profits made by cutting jobs, cutting benefits and outsourcing. Yawn.

    The current writers seem to not love Litt as much as I do. They ruined his char this season and let’s not even talk about how they screwed up his romance. It could’ve been epic… Donna and that fish-eyed guy was too awful to watch, I skipped a few episodes.

    Korsh is right to keep Donna and Harvey apart because thus far the writers haven’t shown any real talent in creating fun, fresh romance. Up to season 5, the BONES writers nailed it. Then they were told to put the genie back in the bottle – and the magic was gone never to return. CASTLE does a decent job with romance. Maybe SUITS ought to hire someone who has real talent in creating sizzling love stories to help them out in that department. I’d hate to see more dull and constructed “romance”.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      I disagree with you on everything except this Season not being as fun…it was much more serious with a LOT on the line. A lot of this season if not all of it, was centered on one huge case (compared to the past which was one case per episode) and said huge case was FULL of drama and felonies and murder and cover-ups and drama. At the same time Rachel switched into being a girlfriend, so her character went from flirty/independent/hard working to Mikes girlfriend who gets sexual, fights, argues, nags, cooks dinner…to be fair it all fit the story and the character..

      BUT….this all sets up the next season which in looking forward, has the potential to become full of fun. Just think, Rachel goes from GF (as i described earlier) to now being a Lawyer (college part time) and Mike isnt around so she is gonna be doing her lawyer thing all on her own (independent, smart, learning etc)….Donna and Harvey are gonna be having more screen time cause Mike isnt there to be Harvey’s right hand man…there will probably be plot A cases every episode (no huge long case) but plot B thread through the entire season is Mike and who he works for (being a client of Pearson-Specter) having interactions with Harvey at the Firm. I see a lot of potential for next season to be lighter, more joking around and fun and Mike and Rachel being away (not working together anymore) so their romance/flirting/sexuality scenes being stronger/more frequent.

      • Amanda says:

        M3rc Nate !! I couldnt agree more about what you said!!!! This is why I am so excited for S4!! Everything changes! New dynamic of the show! Also as I said they didnt use Rachel well in S3. I mean she has not many things to do and was being pretty gf on the show. Im always like ” pls give her some more interaction with other characters other than mike” NOW FINALLY she’s in law school and is gonna working as a summer associate at the firm ! it’s gonna be good for her chr development and more interesting to see!
        Also investment banking is totally new world to us so i am really curious how they handle this situation! Mike’s new world and Harvey being alone w/o Mike and Rachel’s journey to lawyer…
        Jessica can be a great mentor for Rachel !!
        I have feelings that S4 could be better than S3 :p

    • Amanda says:

      I 100% disagree on this! Rachel is dumb? how does this make sense? Mike is goddamn fraud! If your boyfriend is seriously criminal, you just can be cool all the time and worry about nothing like “encouraging committing more crime”? are you kidding me? Rachel was right about Mike’s big secret. He should have accepted that offer earlier. He cannot live this life anymore. His crime puts everyone in jeopardy especially people he cares about and loves.. So this is the right thing to do for himself and everyone! this was overdue..
      Also if writers give Rachel a better storyline, she is great character. when she has interaction with Jessica and Louis, it’s really interesting and brings the best out of her!
      So now she’s going to lawschool that means her life doesnt revolve around Mike! Finally !!!I am so happy for this! PLS writers, don’t use her just for pretty gf or plot device. It pisses me off!!!
      Speaking of Mike and Rachel, when their relationship is stable, everything’s good and okay. it would be boring and predictable to break them up like other shows .

  6. M3rc Nate says:

    This finale was great…love the idea/risk of having Mike go work somewhere else…not that the show needs it but i think it will be a big breath of freshness into the show…its kinda like starting from the beginning again….he will be working at a place he has very little experience with (like in the pilot) and will meet his co workers (some friendly, some back stabbers, some crappy upfront) and will learn (quickly) how to be great as his job, maybe even moving up the ranks…getting a office or something.

    I love so far how Rachel and Mike have had there problems but they havent jumped to the “will they / wont they cheat?” melo-drama tactic. The classic move for a show with a romantic relationship now adays on network TV would have had them breaking up this finale…but i love how if anything they are stronger than ever. However i hope in Rachel going to college and being a lawyer at Pearson-Specter, and Mike working at the new place knowing no one…IF they do introduce “potential romantic interests”…they play it VERY subtle and dont cross any lines…if Rachel or Mike cheats…or flirts or “just kisses” someone else…that will suck balls. I like the idea much more of them having their problems but at their core, being a GOOD couple that arent cheaters….then again they have both had affairs with married people so who knows…

    • Amanda says:

      I loved it too. Mike and Rachel break up would be boring bc other shows always do that stupid thing in finale. They dont have to break up couple to create drama or conflicts Mike and Rachel have been stable in S3, and then they both will have big changes in their life in S4. It will be so much interesting! Cannot wait!! :D

  7. Sara says:

    I wish the season wasn’t over already. :(

  8. Coal says:

    I like the episodes were Louis actually gets to be a lawyer and not there for comic relief.

  9. vasya says:

    i loved the series and season finale had a nice twist (somewhat expected) that Mike woild take the job. as far as the overall setup for the finale, it wasàclear Mike is either gpnna get out clean or 20+ years in prison, and since there was no middle ground, it kinda gave away the ending.

    Big issue with the series: THEY KEEP BREAKING THE LAW!!! for people who love law and what not, this is just wrong. i get they are doing it for a good reason, but if i kill someone for a good reason does not make it right. this is fundamental to the plot and from my point of view is taken lightly, the few expressions of remorse just wont cut it. for me that thread of the story is similar to when a good movie overall has a scene so fake and incoherent that if you like the movie you have to pretend it never jappened andèlook away because if you start to think about it the whole movie falls apart.

    pppppllllzzzzzz pull a netflix on us and upload the whole season 4 same day, i need my fix nauuuu!

  10. Carla Young says:

    My whole family enjoys Suits like we have no other show. My oldest is in college and he was the one who turned us on to you. The writing is excellent. Breath of air to have smart writing and intelligent dialogue with a serious plot with complicated and oh-so-brilliant writing. Thank you for the gift of smart TV. We record each show, watch them several times and cannot believe the season ends so quickly. We wait with baited breath for next season. Please keep Mike and Harvey close and continue the development of their relationship. Allow Mike to evolve out of his criminal role and Harvey to continue to develop into a mature man. Love, love, love them both. Donna as ‘His Girl Friday’ is key. Clearly they are custom made for each other, but don’t let it happen too quickly. Love Jessica. Some personal development for her and some insight to her as a human being, maybe a love interest, would really evolve the show. Litt, while annoying for the first 2 seasons, has really come into his own. Cannot imagine the P-S Family without him. Such an incredible finale! Ridiculous writing! Keep up the good work. Best TV show EVER!!!

  11. tv2day says:

    My favorite TV show. Good change up b4 it gets stuck. Suits does a great job of keeping the tension going throughout an entire season while still being slick. Scottie is a straight fox. Sad to c her go. Still got Donna n Rachel.

  12. Andrew Hass says:

    I think it was a great twist with Mike becoming a stockbroker because it changes the dynamics of the show.Of course i’m sure Mike will be tempted to become a lawyer again and maybe getting dragged into helping the firm on certain cases.

  13. Jen says:

    I hate the idea of Mike not working with Harvey anymore. I really think that the work dynamic is what made the show. I was not happy with the ending of the finale. :(

  14. Rusty says:

    I personally think they have written the death scene for the show. They might as well just start packing their bags and looking for a new job. It amazes me the arrogance of the EP. ‘See how cool am I, I kept a secret and guess what, I just ruined a great show Ha Ha’ This has got to be the stupidest idea for a change in a series I have ever seen. How the powers to be allowed this idiot to do this is beyond me. I could be wrong, but I bet the series is cancelled before the full run next season. Unless Mike is back in the firm. The whole reason for the show was the dynamic of Harvey and Mike. This idiot should be fired and banned from ever working in the industry again. Once again we have the arrogance of a EP and writers thinking that since the show is a hit, ” I have a great idea, let’s change everything around and because I am such a genius the show will continue to be good” This kind of thinking has seen the demise of good shows gone bad because someone wants to change things. He had a great idea and because of his swollen head has seen the end of it.

    • SonOfCoul says:

      I think it’s far more arrogant to think you know better than the person actually doing the creative work on the show. You really thought it would be better for Mike to continue down the path of a ticking time bomb, any day now could get caught lifestyle? Honestly, I’m surprised it took them this long to try and write a way out of it. Mike spent this entire season stressing out over the possibility that he could get caught, and that could take the entire firm down with him. Especially Harvey and Jessica. Plus, there can still be an at work dynamic between Harvey and Mike because Harvey is going to be the new company’s lawyer, so he will still work with Mike sometimes. Bottom line, this had to happen eventually

    • Bri says:

      the name of the show is suits not lawyers i think its going to be great something new

  15. Apples says:

    Mike-Rachel are good, interesting, realistic. It is Donna and Harvey I see as having no romantic chemistry. I hope they never get together.
    Looking forward to seeing Mike out of the firm for a while.
    My favorite character is Jessica, I hope she has lots more great scenes coming up.

    • GEM says:

      ITA that Jessica is my favorite actress and it would love for her to have more of those intense scenes especially with Harvey. Hey my wish is that Jarvey get together sometime but I’ve already figured that its only in my dreams…

  16. Matthew Weber says:

    Really liked it. I think they are taking a risk by moving Mike, but let’s see how it works out. IF they do it well, then it’ll be great and has the chance to lengthen the series. If it fails then it’ll mean the end quicker. After all, the whole premise of the show is that Mike is a fraud and can get caught at any time. Now that they’ve removed that (?) the show needs to come up with something else or it just becomes another procedural which has no real thread to get it from one episode to another.

    • Darlene says:

      The whole ‘Mike is a fraud when will he be found out’ jeopardy was getting a little stale for me. I’m happy with the twist in things, and intrigued by how the show will handle the change in dynamics. I applaud the effort to keep things fresh.

  17. jencolefluke says:

    I was glad Mike took the job – seeing him consistently have to downplay his involvement in cases because he needed to be in the background was going to be painful to watch, plus, at the firm, he would never be able to make partner for the same reason. He is now aware of his potential and has grown confident, so he will be able to stretch out now and really grow.
    Also what was interesting but not discussed in this article was Jessica’s growth. Her sit-down with Rachel while Harvey and Mike were at the jail was all about kindness, understanding and love, which we rarely see from her. I am eager to see what comes from her and Harvey’s vow to be more honorable. H & J’s relationship is so multi-layered and it always leaves me wanting more. They are brother/sister, husband/wife and mother/son all mashed together.

  18. Joey Padron says:

    Great season finale. Glas Mike didn’t go to jail and took job so he and everyone at firm won’t get in trouble. It will be weird to see Harvey and Mike not working together as lawyers in season 4.

  19. Honestly, I’d like to see Louis and Donna together.

  20. AOGirl says:

    Harvey and Donna’s chemistry is mindblowing, I’ve got to confess that I’d like to see them together, but I’ve got to agree with Aaron Korsh; if it’s done too soon, it’ll ruin the show. I like how the characters have this tension and how it is going to be necessary for them to face it one day. The feelings just don’t go away; less when one works with someone after so many years.

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  24. cleo quain says:

    after watching the new season 4 episode found story line changes interesting and promising.
    However, profoundly disappointed in: Harvey way too smiley. He had more happy faces that episode than shown in all previous shows. And far too personal with Jessica in a sexual way,
    ie visualizing her naked. Their characters have historically shown more respect for each other.
    And Louis has turned into a whimp! Since when does he takes Harveys word without looking for the hidden “gotcha”, ie. wait for the girl to call as she will, so he puts off asking for the acct management.
    It’s as if someone brought in the “teen writers” to help broaden show appeal, leaving dedicated fans with a very disappointing view.

  25. Michael says:

    Rachel suck as an actress and as a part in Suits. What a waste of everyones time. Geez, lets get interested in a secretary and her love life, meanwhile there is a billion dollar contract on the line!….She is a loser and we don’t care about her at all. In fact, we “fast forward her role, as it is a waste” of our time. Not good looking and a waste of time!

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