Scandal Recap: Tick... Tick... Tick... Tick...

Scandal Recap MayaThis Thursday, in the penultimate episode of Scandal Season 3, Pope & Associates (begrudgingly) teamed with B613’s best to defuse Mama Pope’s big, bad bomb. Oh, and a perfectly good pair of fishnets got ruined.

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For a second consecutive week, Scandal was at Season 2 levels of intensity (peppered with, of course, some wackadoodle) for much of the hour, as the fallout of the B613 shutdown fed right into the larger bombing plot. For good measure, the matter of teen Jerry’s paternity got thrown into the mix, both as a piece of political maneuvering as well as domestic drama for Mellie.

The bomb plot, which at first blush risked coming off as a retread of Fitz’s shooting, instead veered into different territory, as it wasnt so much about “Will the president die?” as “What can this unexpected collaboration of OPA and B613 possibly do to stop it?” (#OPA613?)

One possible key to everything was Dominic Bell, a bomb maker who — wait for it — blew up Rowan’s life many years ago, by being the man Maya first, always and truly loved. Yet even when Papa Pope (Right, I  can call him that? No? Hmm. Anyway…) played Russian roulette with his ex’s great love, Maya would only bid Dom adieu.

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With that end turning up (very) dead, the attention turned to the location of the bomb. Harrison followed a money trail that led to (alas, old) plans to target Fitz at a high school in Defiance. But that in fact proved too simple, Adnan informed Harrison. And as Olivia discovered her father in the OPA office, bleeding to (possible/Joe Morton Booked a Pilot) death, David and Jake realized that Maya had orchestrated a senator’s “heart attack” so as to trigger a funeral for Fitz to attend.

Armed with this new intel — as well as the fact that Sally Langston was already en route to said funeral, where the bomb is counting down from 60 minutes — Cyrus… kept mum, somewhat joyously so, as he invited Fitz to go over his eulogy one more time, from top to bottom, before they head over to the church. That’s one way to narrow the Election Day field!

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On the more personal side of things:

* Jake attempted to convince Olivia that, agenda-driven or not, their recent coupling was full of real feelz. Liv, though, says that she loves Fitz, and while her and Jake’s hook-up meant enough to make her feel a sense of betrayal (failed ABC drama shout-out!), she was choosing POTUS. Goodbye!

* As alluded to above, Leo procured some of Jerry’s “stuff” from Michael J. Fox’s TV daughter, having heard that Mellie was checking into her teen son’s paternity. Liv confronted FLOTUS about this potential scandal leaking out, noting that her frenemy is neither an idiot nor reckless — and sure ’nuff, Mellie meant to be sloppy. “I want his head in a fire and I want to see him burn,” Mellie said of her husband. “It is my turn! He suffers, he hurts, he burns.” When Mels lets slip that it’s not Andrew but Big Jerry who could be Jerry’s father, Liv agrees to handle it, and does, fudging the DNA test run by Leo.

* After Huck said out loud that he wants her, he and Quinn had angry, licky sex against a car, ruining the aforementioned stockings and allowing Maya access to assault Rowan at OPA.

Notable quotables:

* “Could it be more awkward in here…? Guess so.”
* “The NAACP isn’t supporting Sally Langston… Have you met Sally?”
* “It’s nice to see that you make your own coffee now.”
* “If we’re going to die, can we do it now so I don’t have to listen to you two?”

What did you think of this week’s episode? Who if anyone major do you think will perish in next Thursday’s season finale?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Alichat says:

    Daaayyyyyaaammm Cyrus! That was cold. Leaving Sally to blow up, I expected. But I figured he would at least delay Andrew so Fitz doesn’t lose his running mate. I guess his humanity died with James. :-(

    And raise your hand if you knew Drunk Mellie would be the one who let the big secret slip!

    • David4 says:

      Cyrus killed an intern in season one, he never had humanity. He does what is best for his president.

      • Cheyenne says:

        True that. I’d be glad to see that slimeball Leo Bergen blow up. He gives me a major case of the icks. Kind of feel sad for poor Andrew, though.

        • Absurdist says:

          To say nothing of Mellie being deprived of her side piece even more permanently…

          • Cheyenne says:

            Did Andrew survive or not? Some still pics from next week show him talking with Fitz. The promo video shows Mellie dressed in black and looking like she was in mourning. Maybe the stills were prior to the explosion. Poor Mellie can’t catch a break.

      • Cyrus says:

        Never had humanity? What’s your address and let me show you, humanity.
        Wait up, I’m calling my intern.

        • Arvin says:

          I think Cyrus lulls you into thinking he has humanity by showing his vulnerable side a time or two and then wham just when you think he has a soul he hits you smack between the eyes! But yet my jaw dropped last night at him…that is great entertainment!

  2. David4 says:

    Fine episode just few minor issues.

    Cyrus going “good job” to the man who killed his husband a few weeks back.. bizarre.
    Only one debate for president?
    And why have a cell phone bomb with a 60 minute delay? Odd.

    • Geo says:

      The cell phone bomb with a 60 minute delay? Olivia’s mom learned spycraft from the bestseller “101 Helpful Tips from James Bond Villains.”

    • Cheyenne says:

      Gives Maya time to get the heck out of Dodge before everything goes boom.

    • ChrisGa says:

      Yeah, that comment to Jake ALMOST had me scratching my head. Then I remembered that it was Cyrus we’re talking about and that he’s pretty much a heartless bastard 99.9% of the time.
      Also, hope this is the end of Eli Pope; I’ve enjoyed Joe Morton in other projects, but he’s just too wildly melodramatic and over-the-top for me in this role(and I already get plenty of over-the-top from the show itself). If I have to hear another one of his sermonizing pontifications about protecting “this great country of ours” blah, blah, blah I think might ears might start bleeding.

  3. Ed says:

    Another quote you should’ve mentioned that I loved

    Abby: we don’t torture people
    Quinn: no you destroy them

    Loved it!!

  4. Cheyenne says:

    OMG, Cyrus is the Devil incarnate! I LOVE this guy! :)

  5. Rook says:

    Meh. Kinda boring in terms of Scandal. Yeah papa pope might die but he just bugs the crap out of me, so im okay with it.
    I used to be so in love with Scandal but lately I just can’t seem to get into it.

    • RReg says:

      Actually I thought this was a pretty good episode. Interesting to see Cyrus, Papa and Mama Pope go off the rails. Olivia is truly surrounded by murderers.

      • Cheyenne says:

        What do you think Mellie is going to do if Andrew dies and she finds out Cyrus knew about the bomb? All hell is going to break loose.

  6. Cheyenne says:

    I just watched the promo for next week. The church goes boom. There is a shot of Mellie wearing black. She never wears black. Did Andrew go boom too?

    • Absurdist says:

      Well, if he’s still in the church when the bomb goes off…

    • Aeol says:

      Whether it’s Sally or Andrew, wearing black is probably the decent thing to do when the Vice President and or VP candidate goes boom five days before the election.

      • Marc says:

        Yeah, but she was cuddling something looking like a jacket, possibly Andrew’s and looking all griefstricken, she would never be sad about Sally unless it’s publicly.

      • Cheyenne says:

        Check out the promo. She looked like death warmed over. She’s absolutely devastated. I don’t think she’d particularly distressed if “that bitch” (as she called Sally) was blown up. In fact, I think she’d wear red to Sally’s funeral if she could get away with it.

    • Jennifer says:

      I think she was just getting ready to go to the funeral with Fitz and she was getting over whatever she found in the paternity envelope.

      • Cheyenne says:

        That’s an excellent possibility. The stills from next week show Fitz and Andrew talking in his office. If they were from after the funeral, then Andrew survived the bomb. However, he doesn’t look at all banged up or hurt so maybe they were flashback photos from before the funeral. Mellie would be wearing black if she was going to the funeral. As Marc said above, she looks like she is cuddling a jacket, but it’s impossible to say if it’s hers or Andrew’s. It’s very possible she is looking devastated at finding out that Big Jerry is her son’s father. OTOH, Mellie has gone so far off the rails that she may be devastated at finding out Big Jerry ISN’T the father, since she wanted to hurt Fitz so badly and wasted all that time and effort for nothing.

        Ugh. This show is messing with my head.

  7. brycealexander says:

    Am I REALLY supposed to believe the election is in six days? I know that Scandal plays very loosey-goosey with how DC actually operates, but come on. Scandal isn’t even remotely trying to mimic real life with this election. The election cycle has not had a lot leading up to it. We had the democratic primaries with Josie Marcus in November, Sally announcing she was going to run just a couple months ago, and then one measly, forgettable debate. I just don’t think anything has happened to establish the election is so soon. They haven’t even left DC in these episodes! When is the last time a president was elected without touring the country? This is a poorly executed plot line, holy cow.

    • David4 says:

      I agree, but I feel part of that was taking the plan for 12 episodes and making it into 8.

      • Bryce says:

        Oh I forgot about that aspect. Still, it’s a pretty weird viewing experience.

        • David4 says:

          Yes it is, but the second half of season 2 felt weird after the first 13 episodes, but picked up at the end. I feel like the writers need more time to plan the second part of the seasons and because Mrs. Washington is due soonish that screwed up the planning. Still very very very weird we didn’t have an episode without the president in the white house or a better debate.

          • Absurdist says:

            The writers need to take more time in general. That whole Josie Marcus arc was not well-timed at all. It felt like a rushed and abrupt cutoff. “Whoops, Lisa’s only with us for one more episode!”

          • herman1959 says:

            KW’s pregnancy and losing 4 episodes definitely screwed things up. BTW, did anyone else notice how the show just skipped past Summer and went to Fall for the election so that Olivia could continue to wear her fabulous coats (a/k/a baby bump disguise)?

    • Absurdist says:

      Well, with the ten-month jump in the middle of season two…

  8. Marie says:

    The whole episode was great but the last 5 minutes had my heart racing. Shonda……. I’m not worthy. Can’t wait for next week (and why the hell is the season over already? Whatever happened to May Sweeps?)

    • Cheyenne says:

      Because KW is almost 9 months pregnant and is probably looking like a beached whale by now. They had to cut the season from 22 episodes to 18.

      • Aeol says:

        As an aside – that’s a crappy thing to say about a pregnant lady. If anyone doesn’t look like a beached whale at 9 months pregnant, I’m sure it’s Kerry Washington!

        • I love KW but it’s very distracting for her to have love scenes when she’s obviously bloated and pregnant. God knows I love to watch a glowing pregnant woman at work but it’s another thing to see the woman in love scenes. Pass.

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  10. Bryce says:

    Also I understand why liv’s parents have to have a real name and a code name. I get that. But now with Quinn, it’s getting out of hand. Lindsay, then Quinn, and now Robin? Stoppppp. People only need one name and if you’re going to give them two or three you better have a highly detailed explanation.

  11. Jillian says:

    If Andrew dies next week along with Sally I think Mellie is going to be hitting rock bottom. We saw this episode that her hinges are coming undone and I believe that his death would really put her over the edge.

    • Cheyenne says:

      imdb has a spoiler for next week: “Election Day has arrived and nothing is going to be off limits as the candidates try to capture votes.” So it looks like Sally survived the bomb. I was hoping she wouldn’t. I think Andrew may be gone, though, as well as Leo.

      I think I can see where this is going: the results will be a dead tie and we won’t find out who wins until next season.

  12. Alicia says:

    Bellamy Young deserves in an Emmy for her ability to fake drunk!!

  13. Janean Comfort says:

    I love all the people that are slightly insane, are going insane, or are completely insane: Papa Pope, Mellie ( i love this woman…she deserves an Emmy) and Cyrus! Am i the only one? I honestly want Fitz to suffer as much as Mellie does! I feel that bad for her and no one understands why! Poor woman! I love the move Cyrus made at the end! So bold and evil! And i just love Papa Pope no matter how evil he has been! I hope he gets his revenge on Mya.
    I hope Harrison will be safe and that’s all I gotta say!
    In other unrelated news I really want Olivia Popes white Prada bag!

  14. Hi mates, good article and fastidious urging commented at this place, I am
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  15. Anna says:

    And Cyrus stole another election from Fitz (R.I.P. Sally)! Not that I care about Fitz but it seems that the whole point of giving him another clean try at being POTUS got lost on Cyrus. Anyway, a good episode which felt rushed at moments though!

    I think the paternity test could have been dealt in a full episode dedicated to the subject. Now Liv knows that Big Jerry might be Young Jerry’s dad but she still knows squat about the rape (not that it’s usually the place of the mistress to know about those things). The worst part of it is that she has to clean up the mess for Mellie since it’s her job as she was firmly reminded #thehelp.

    Huck and Quinn are just gross. Those Fruck kisses, yikes!

    I don’t care how heartless and ruthless Maya Pope appears to be, I just hope they DO NOT kill her off! How many villains can stab someone while wearing a white coat and not having a drop on it? TBH, they should appoint her Command and no one would dare going rogue like Jake or even Huck did.

    I am happy this season’s ending. Olivia Pope got on my nerves so many times with her hypocrisy (even in this episode when she said that OPA doesn’t do wet jobs – yeah right! Huck should have set her straight AGAIN), indecisiveness and being all over the place. The only reason I stuck around this season was Scott Fowley and to say that I couldn’t stand his character at first.

  16. Me says:

    To the author of this article…..please speak plain English and stop trying to make your article interesting with all the unnecessary “interesting” word choices. I was too exhausted to finish reading the entire article. The comments left are more attractive.

    • Overthinking says:

      Ha Ha. I usually don’t read the recap just the comments. This comment makes me almost want to read the recap…….but I won’t.

    • Marcie says:

      Agreed. The little asides are self-indulgent and immature.

    • AmyP says:

      Personally- this is why I love reading TVline. They add their own thoughts and ‘asides’ and it makes it entertaining to read. More like a conversation than a recap.

      But that’s just me :)

      • Britt says:

        Same here AmyP. I love that each author has their own personality and that they seem to enjoy what they are writing. If you don’t like how they write their recaps, there are other places to get a typical boring article.

      • RUCookie says:

        Agree 100%… if I wanted a plain recap, I would just rewatch the show a second time.

  17. Tina B. says:

    LOL, loved this episode! This Fitz and Jake thing isn’t over and I like both with Liv, so FOR ONCE in a show, I can say I don’t care who she ends up with and it feels so good!

    For great lines how about “I’m black, Sally is NOT getting the NAACP” Love it!

    • Lovely says:

      Yes, I have to agree. Rooted for Liv and Fitz for 2 seasons but now I am so over them. Fitz will obviously win the election which means Liv will be waiting around for another 4 years for Fitz…
      I wouldn’t mind seeing Liv with sexy Jake… let Fitz go and give Jake a shot. Have some beautiful Jalivia babies… Why not?

  18. Coal says:

    Lmao, man I have not laughed so much in a while kudos to Mellie and Abby for that. Thanks to Huck and Quinn for that scene scene. Revenge was really great last night, wait ?

  19. Mary says:

    I don’t know if it makes sense but when we saw Mama Pope walk right past Quinn & Huck getting it on in the parking lot, it made me wonder if Quinn is really team Mama and used Huck’s attraction to her to distract him. Or was she not in the same parking lot? It looked like it. Any General Hospital fans? Wasn’t Dominic also Jerry Jax on GH?

    • Cherise says:

      I thought the same thing about Quinn. Timing was too right, and clearly that girl is pretty screwed in the head right now.

      And yes, that was Jerry Jax (actor’s name = Sebastian Roche)

    • RReg says:

      Yes, I think Mama Pope walked right pass the two of them.

  20. bluegossip says: cold, calculating…brilliant cy. This man is going to havean cause even the devil will fear his rule with cy hanging around. Mellie..oh mellie…drunk mellie is so hilarious and so tragic

  21. Overthinking says:

    Why is mama Pope trying to kill the president? I get that she is a terrorist and it doesn’t take much but usually there is a reason they rain terror. If they have given a reason already I totally missed it.

    • RReg says:

      Mama Pope has no allegiance to anything, but the highest bidder. A terrorist organization paid her to blow up the president and she took the job. It’s all about the money.

    • Cheyenne says:

      She’s a classic psychopath. She has no soul and no ability to love anyone. Did you watch how she let Rowan kill her lover like she didn’t give a damn? She’s a hired gun who goes wherever the money is. She’ll kill anyone anywhere if the price is right. I’d love to see her hunted down like a rabid dog and shot point-blank in the face.

      • RReg says:

        But then she went after Rowan to exact her vengeance for killing her lover. I think she, unlike most people, just don’t let things get in the way of her goals.

        • Cheyenne says:

          Did she go after Rowan for killing her lover, whom she obviously didn’t care enough about to try to save, or did she go after him for keeping her locked up in a dungeon for 22 years? She was probably wanting to get revenge on him every day she was imprisoned.

          • RReg says:

            It could very well be a combination of both factors motivating her.

            Either way I am just surprised that after these many years as Command, Papa Pope did not take fighting classes. Can’t imagine that Mama Pope took him out so easily. He should be ashamed.

          • Cheyenne says:

            He’s getting old and out of shape. And like the guy in “Big Trouble In Little China” said, it’s all in the reflexes.

    • Overthinking says:

      @RReg@Cheyenne Thanks for the insight. Wonder how much she is getting to blow up the church. SMH.

  22. scampi745 says:

    Could it be that Papa is NOT Livs father? Why use Dom hair for Grant test other than we have the sample later? Is Jake delusional? I can tell that was real between us, but didnt care you were grabbing info? Am needing a Scandal break. Wishing characters Harrison and David were better used

    • MiaB says:

      That’s what I was wondering. Is Eli really Liv’s dad? Guess that’s something for Season 4.

    • RReg says:

      Based on what we were shown last night, I do not believe Rowan is Olivia’s father. I believe Rowan always suspected that he wasn’t, hence part of the hate of Dom and part of why he kept Olivia at arms length. The secret will come out either when Olivia’s blood doesn’t match Rowan’s or when Mama Pope tells her to stop mourning for a man who wasn’t her father.

    • Cheyenne says:

      The show already has one babydaddy story line; it doesn’t need two.

      • RReg says:

        The show doesn’t need a lot of things yet it has it. This baby daddy story is needed.

        • Cheyenne says:

          Why? Rowan will probably die next episode since Joe Morton is starring in another show next season, the other guy is already dead, and Mama Pope wouldn’t tell anyway. Let sleeping dogs lie. It wouldn’t matter to the show who her father is, and one babydaddy mess is enough already.

          • RReg says:

            It most certainly does matter.
            Rowan is the man she thought was her father all these years. If as it turns out “her dad” actually killed her dad, then dealing with that repercussion could last for several episodes. It is a story worth telling. The writers have never let sleeping dogs lie on anything else – I see no reason for them to let this one lie as well.

          • Cheyenne says:

            @RReg: Yeah, but this babydaddy thing gets old. Let it alone.

          • MandaJ says:

            But remember Abby took a hair sample from Dom’s body to fake the Little Jerry DNA report with. So they have his DNA on file now. They could go down this road, again. Sigh.

          • Britt says:

            But why would you use Dom’s DNA when you are trying to make Fitz the father? That confused me. Maybe Eli was going to use it to prove if he was the father of Olivia? I have no idea.

    • JJ says:

      I was thinking the same thing. Eli said that he knew Dominick was the one that told Maya to marry him in order to establish her cover. Being Command, I bet he had Olivia tested after the airplane debacle. It could explain why he pushed her away as a child.

    • herman1959 says:

      Yes, the whole time Rowan was explaining why he killed Dominic I was thinking that Rowan is not her father, maybe Dominic is. The killing was done so that Olivia doesn’t find out. Also the hair sample, it’s too much of a coincidence. But, I don’t think that Jake is delusional – Olivia agreed that she did feel something – obsessive yes, since he said “it’s a start”(?). He just can’t let go!

      • RReg says:

        He needs to let it go. Olivia only feels something when she and Fitz is on the outs. Olivia needs to put on her big girl stuff and ride that Fitz baguette till the cows come home.

  23. greysfan says:

    I thought this was a great episode, Mellie was drunk haha. I was on the edge of my seat throughout and the finale preview next week looks great. Sure there has been some things rushed this season but as you all know they shortened the season for Kerry to have her baby so obviously cutting 4 episodes is quite the chunk which is probably why they decided to time jump 10 months in the first place. Regardless its time the Emmy’s nominate the whole cast of Scandal already. Some extremely strong performances all round.

  24. MiaB says:

    My visceral reaction to Huck/Quinn kissing and now sex is always, “Ewwww!” It makes sense, but seeing it on the screen is just yucky.

    • Lovely says:

      I agree the kiss between them didn’t come off sexy at all. I love Huck but the way he put his entire mouth around Quinn’s was so unappealing. When you kiss a woman you start off with your mouth closed then when your lips touch you slowly and sensuality part your lips… now you know.

      • Lovely says:

        That is one thing about Fitz… the man knows how to kiss Olivia just right… and in all the right places.

        • RReg says:

          LOL – so very true, so very true.

        • Dmav says:

          Yes, when he isn’t whining, throwing a tantrum or generally being a complete hypocritical ass. They assassinated his character this season and don’t get me started on wide eyed, lip quavering Olivia. You know a show has gone off the rails when you route for Mellie.

          • Lovely says:

            @Dmav, you know Fitz must have some good stuff because Olivia just cannot leave that alone! The tongue and equipment must be amazing.

            But I agree… Fitz is completely unlikable this season. If he got blown up I wouldn’t be mad. Its a shame because Tony Goldwyn is such a good actor, why have they done this to Fitz? And Olivia with her bed hopping, indecisive ways… That’s why I no longer ship this couple, they’ve ruined it for me… Oh well.

  25. Coal says:

    Katie Lowes is “HOT” did you see her while she was making breakfast for Charlie ? Oh, and the outfit she was shagging Hunk in looks like something Archie Panjabi (Kalinda from The Good Wife) would wear. Or maybe I just have a thing for women in skirts, stockings and knee high boots.

  26. Coal says:

    Before I forget, congratulations to Debbie Allen for directing this episode, it looked fantastic.

  27. RReg says:

    Cyrus truly is amoral, very disturbing the lengths he go to. How many more murders will he commit or be a part of? Can this be a clean election as Fitz requested?

    It is disturbing that Leo used a teen in this manner.

    It would be interesting if Rowan turns out not to be Olivia’s father. Now that’s a paternity test just waiting to happen. Olivia as the fixer has to put up with so much mess and dysfunction. Only an incredible strong woman could put up with some of the craziness that people throw at her as well as the dysfunction in her real life. If Rowan is not Olivia’s father, this would explain why he has always treated her without any paternal affection.

    How many times do we have to see Olivia tell Jake Fitz is the only man for her? This is about the 4th time that we have seen this.

    Fitz is back to saying I miss you to Olivia. How many more times are we going to see this?

    Mama Pope should be the one running for president.

    • Lovely says:


      I love Cyrus. And he is one character who has indeed stayed true to his origins. Cyrus was always ruthless and calculating. I was wondering if he was going to get all soft and get a conscience once James died but nope LOL… I know he does horrible things but I still like him for some reason.

      I do not want Dominick to be Liv’s dad. I like Papa Pope. He too is ruthless but there’s something about him that I like. Olivia acting shocked about all the death around her was a little odd… Huck has been her hammer all these years and she should know the world she’s in by now.

      Again, here we go with this love triangle. Jake spilling the beans about him and Liv having sex and Fitz non-reaction. Fitz telling Liv in a very matter of fact way “I don’t want you sleeping with Jake it drives me crazy”. Really Fitz? Does it really drive you crazy because I cannot tell. Their moment on the phone was just ehhh whatever. I have lost the fire for this couple, couldn’t care less about them at this point. I remember season 2 when Fitz was in a rage over Liv and Edison and Fitz kissing Liv against the tree… now scenes like that made me care about this couple. Now I’m over it.

      I wouldn’t mind if Olivia ended up with Jake at this point. But she would obviously have to end things with Fitz and really give Jake a chance. I’m tired of the whole Fitz/Olivia dance either be together and be all in or don’t. Next.

      • KEA says:

        It’ time to move Olivia and Fitz forward. It’s obvious they are never going to stop loving or seeing each other, especially Fitz. No matter how mad they make each, they still can’t stay away. Fitz has shown on several occasions his jealously of Olivia with Edison and Jake. Olivia is single, there’s only so much he can do, and we saw how the surveillance went down with Jake. The writers don’t have to make a decision right now on the future of Liv and Fitz, they can just let them be. Like the scene with them working on the campaign together, that’s how they fell in love. As for Jake he’s seems to be satisfied playing second fiddle to Fitz so let him enjoy his feelings for Liv until they bring him a new love interest.

        • Cheyenne says:

          The problem is, forward where? I don’t see how they can move forward as long as he’s in the White House. All they can do is hang in there and make the best of a bad situation.. Unless, of course, Mellie finally throws in the towel.

          • herman1959 says:

            OK, how about this scenario: Fitz and Mellie announce that the bombing and terror have convinced them that life is too short to pretend and be with someone they do no love. Therefore, they have MUTUALLY agreed to separate (of course, this is after Fitz is reelected). That way neither of them is publically blaming the other, no naming of another woman/man, and no drama……Shonda?

          • abz says:

            @herman1959: that probably wouldn’t work because then people might just think that they just stayed together for him to get re-elected and that the entire time during the election campaign, they were faking their happy marriage and then of course the public would be outraged at being tricked.

        • RReg says:

          I agree with you on this. They need to let them be and let the relationship progress organically.

          • abz says:

            What progression? If he becomes POTUS there is no way for progression at all. She’ll continue to be his mistress and if the truth comes out, she will be villainized by the entire country. I think Shonda definitely needs to put an end to Olitz (at least for the time being) OR if she wants them together then she needs to put them together FOR GOOD and end this back and forth nonsense and finally free Mellie from Fitz.

          • Cheyenne says:

            @abz: How could she free Mellie from Fitz? Unless Mellie dies or finally decides she’s had enough and files for divorce… but then that just wouldn’t be Mellie. She’s desperate to stay at the center of power and she’s shown over and over that she’s willing to take any amount of humiliation in return for being first lady.

        • RReg says:


          I agree with you on this, they should let the relationship develop and stop with the on again off again mess.

        • Lovely says:

          @ Kea… Yeah I get it. Olivia is single but she is torn between Fitz and Jake, loving Fitz and having feelings for Jake. So does she continue to sleep with both Jake and Fitz indefinitely? And where would that leave her? She does not seem to be happy with her current situation. That is why a decision needs to be either way so that Liv can progress with her life and stop being stuck as she is now.

          • KEA says:

            I get your point, and that’s why the writers need to make up their minds. I mean, they have shown how in love these two characters are; it’s time to explore it by allowing the audience to see them as a regular couple, although he’s the president. The marriage needs to be resolved, this rape storyline did not have to be introduced, but the writers will have to figure it out. Some viewers think as soon as Fitz finds out about what happened he and Mellie will reconcile. However, that wouldn’t mean he would suddenly fall out of love with Olivia, which would continue to be a major problem with his marriage. I’m sure Mellie would want Fitz to be in love with her totally, not because he feels sorry or obligated to love her (they would be intimate and Fitz would call out Liv’s name, and you know he would). Mellie appears to not want his sympathy or anyone else’s. Fitz and Mellie have lost, what 15yrs of happiness? They no longer know each other and they would need a lot of therapy (entire family) to start to understand each other, which would take years, and let’s face it, that’s another show. I mean Scandal is a fast paced, don’t drag out storyline type of show, that’s why I like it.

          • RReg says:

            Only because of this back and forth nonsense. If Fitz and Liv would be together – Jake would not even be an also ran. Do you notice that Jake is only around when Liv and Fitz is majorly on the outs? How many times has she told Jake to get lost now? How many more times will we have to be insulted by this?

          • Cheyenne says:

            @RReg? Why are you insulted? It’s not your drama, it’s Jake’s drama and he’s perpetuating it by sticking around when Olivia has told him several times to take a hike. If he wants to keep presenting his ass to be kicked, it’s his ass. I think it’s fun watching these characters dig themselves into holes they can’t get out of.

          • jJenner 1287 says:

            Lovely they dont want to put olivia with fitzs as they will have to lose mellie. Thats why jake and olivia as a couple is given such a huge push just think of the love scene last week with a very pregnant kerry they would not have done that if they werent trying to push home the point. Writers will be happy when we all swallow jake with olivia – not happening here!!

      • jJenner 1287 says:

        Lovely dont be fooled by the writing they have done everything in their power to make you think that jake is the better choice and fitzs is a waste of time. This is all made to make you question the love! Think about what you have just mentioned about fitzs and olivia above if they were staying true to character you know that would not have been fitzs response. I am not buying the ridiculous writing too much has gone prior i know the characters better than they do and no matter what they do i will not route for jake and olivia or mellie and fitzs. When the time comes i will just switch to something more appealing!!

      • Griff says:

        Olivia has tried to keep her heart whole in a world where you need to be heartless. She obviously didn’t get that from Mama Pope or Papa Pope. One wonders how she managed to remain a human being instead of a sociopathic monster with those two as examples.

  28. Katie says:

    Two points. Cyrus is evil,(love him) and why are bombs on TV always set to go off in an hour. It would seem to me that the person who set the bomb would have it go off as soon as possible, say 5 minutes!

  29. Katie says:

    And by the way, Khandi Alexander (Mama Pope) deserves an Emmy.

    • RReg says:

      She played her part with ice in her veins. No over acting and over reaching like Cy and Mellie do at times or Liv with her quivering lip.

  30. Joel says:

    Bellamy Young is killing it this season. Also it says something that Huck and Quinn have the healthiest relationship on the show.

    • Coal says:

      Its says something that for two consecutive episodes that Quinn was the only one thinking logically. You know when baby Huck is the only sane one the ish has hit the fan.

  31. Cris says:


  32. Lovely says:

    One thing I’ll definitely be looking forward to for season 4 is a non pregnant Kerry Washington. She looks huge now. That sex scene with Olivia and Jake where they could only show her face was ridiculous. And I’m tired of them covering her belly with everything from purses, desks, tv’s and whatever else. Will be happy to sexy Olivia Pope back.

  33. Marc says:

    Jake’s rambling about how you never stop being command is tiresome, how long did he hold that position? Please! And Olivia wasn’t put on this earth to ‘save’ him. I’m over both Fitz and Jake as Olivia’s love interests. And the choking? Jeez.

    • Anna says:

      Do you really think that it was Jake-puppy-eyes who walked into OPA after B613 was shut down and choked Liv? C’mon! He was in full pissed-off agent/spy who knows that the president’s life has been put in jeopardy by a woman named Olivia Pope. At that point, she isn’t the object of his affection, she’s someone to be interrogated. It’s called a reflex, that’s what he has been trained to do. No one is shocked when Huck, Jake, Charlie or Quinn’s FIRST reaction to something odd is to grab anything and make a weapon of it but Jake chokes Olivia’s whose reckless actions have endangered the president? And everyone is “Boohoo, he choked her!” I guess I’ve been watching a Telenovela without even being aware of it.

      • Marc says:

        That is exactly why he shouldn’t be Olivia’s romantic interest. In her line of work, it’s highly likely she will be butting heads with B613 again and what will be Jake’s response be should something similar happen if they are together? He cannot be Jake with her in that capacity, he is ‘command’ and I get that. If Jake’s going to go full spy mode on Olivia and people are expected to buy it, don’t have them all lovey- dovey afterwards. Nor do I want to see him trying to woo her a couple minutes after like in last night’s episode. Jake as command cannot be with Olivia if she’s running OPA.

    • RReg says:

      I was never into the supposedly Jake as a love interest. This never caught on with me. For someone to compete with Fitz for Liv’s attention, the person needed to be one helluva guy with charisma and swag. Jake has none of those things.

  34. scampi745 says:

    I look forward to Olivia sashaying through the halls of power in her formfitting clothes. Have said before and still have hope for a return to the strong Olivia. Ditch Fitz and Jake for a while. Let it be about the job. Can do without the Pope family drama as well. I believe Olivia will lose one or both of her parents between the finale and the early part of S4. Will be interesting to see her explore who she is then especially if the only father she’s ever known and always craved attention from turns out not to be biological father. Jake’s comments about learning how to reel her in makes me question his feelings even though the later conversation about knowing who he really is sounds good. Papa’s comment to Harrison makes me think Papa knows a lot more about Harrison than we do. I liked Kinella’s (afterbuzz) comment about wanting to see them out of the white house. I think that would be interesting. Who would Fitz be if not POTUS? If not Mellie propping him up? Cyrus could go back to teaching.

    • MiaB says:

      I’ve always said, I think Harrison is Liv’s brother. I’ve thought that since Season 2. I hope that eventually plays out. Despite the Adnan part of his backstory, I don’t feel like we still know who Harrison is.

      • Cheyenne says:

        Oh please no. Everybody is not related to everybody else. This is “Scandal”, not “All In The Family”.

      • herman1959 says:

        I think we got cheated with the Harrison/Adnan story. There was such a buildup for so long, but what we got wasn’t up to it. Undoubtedly, this is because of the loss of 4 episodes, but I still feel like I’m missing something – where’s the beef? Basically all of their scenes together end with her taking advantage of him in some way. And, yes, I think Rowan knows more about Harrison with the way he said “so this is what you do here?”. I have to say that, like last week’s, I LOVED this episode and gave it 98 out of 100 – 2 points taken off for Huck and Quinn (Yuck!).

  35. Dmav says:

    Are they really OMG moments when they happen each and every episode? The writers of this show just seem to be throwing as much at us as they can to hide the fact they have no idea how to write character development. No one is particularly like able except Mellie (and Cyrus (God forbid) and I think that is a testament to their acting skills and not the crap they throw at them that they call a script.

    • RReg says:

      Are you being sarcastic when you say only Mellie and Cyrus are likable? I think Fitz is likable. I think Mama Pope is likable. I think Charlie is likable.

      • Cheyenne says:

        Agree on the other ones, but Mama Pope?! Surely you jest. She’s a soulless psychopath. What’s to like?

        • Cheyenne says:

          Meant to add: leave out Mellie as likable. She’s a bitch. I love Cyrus with his psychopathic ass. He’s so deliciously evil. They should call him Beelzebub

        • RReg says:

          Exactly that-her soulless psychopathy. You know where you stand with her. And she’s darn good with pointed objects as well… all with killer legs. What’s not to like.

          • Cheyenne says:

            I just find her repulsive. Even Cyrus, as demonic as he is, is able to love. He really loved James. Mama Pope can’t love anyone. I don’t believe she even loves Olivia.

  36. flo says:

    Cyrus is clearly a psychopath. His only concern is himself, not the president or the country.

    Really hate Fitz’s double standard, who does he think he is? Liv should call him out on it, instead of enabling it.

    • abz says:

      I agree. He is such a despicable character. The man has no humanity or soul and there really is no redeeming quality to his character.
      Fitz told him he wanted to finally win an election on his own and once again he goes against that. And the fact that hundreds of innocent people dying means nothing to him….yeah definitely really hating this character. He’s such an idiot. You’d think after his husband was killed that he’d learn his lesson about how all his plans go wrong,
      And I still dislike Fitz. Just don’t like the character at all and hate his phone conversations with Liv. They’re so eyeroll worthy. Liv needs to be single for a while and get back to the BAMF she onces was.

      • Cheyenne says:

        She was a BAMF in love with Fitz since the beginning of the series. He’s never been out of her life.

        • abz says:

          Anyone who has been watching over this past season, would acknowledge that Olivia is clearly not the same as she once was. She most definitely isn’t currently a BAMF. She’s so pathetic lately and not the strong character that started this show. They’ve weakened her a lot and her love affair with Fitz isn’t helping her character one bit. I get it. You like Olitz. But I don’t and I hope Shonda allows Liv to move on next season. At least for a little while to allow Liv to redevelop into the strong woman she once was.

    • RReg says:

      It will be interesting to see what happens when Fitz discovers CY knew about the bomb and allowed Sally to get killed.

    • Griff says:

      At first I thought Cyrus actually gave a damn about his country, but after the little speech he made about how it should have been HIM in the Oval, I got over that in a hurry.

  37. Kevin B says:

    Scandal is much more entertaining as a soap opera than it is with the cases of the week.

  38. Cheyenne says:

    If Fitz ever finds out Cyrus knew about the bomb and didn’t tell him, I wonder what he will do? Will he still keep Cyrus as his COS or toss him overboard?

    • Overthinking says:

      It will be interesting to see what Fitz does but then again……..people in glass houses…… Fitz did kill Verna (justified or not) and shot down a plane with 300+ people (unknowingly or knowingly). Man!! Whoever said politics is a dirty game was being kind. I have other few choice words to describe politics that will not make the cut here.

      • Cheyenne says:

        If Sally Langston did indeed get blown to smithereens, then Cyrus has yet again deprived Fitz of the chance to win the election fairly, and I don’t think Fitz is going to forgive him for that.

        • Arvin says:

          I dont think Sally is going to die. Cyrus has learned nothing..shakes head at his evilness! lol He was only thinking of revenge for James imo.

        • Overthinking says:

          I do agree with you but now that I am thinking about it if the election is conducted fairly as Fitz wants he would never win it. Think about it ………. does covering up all the scandals (most recently Mellie’s affair, Fights in the White House, Fitz’s continued affair, Jerry cyber support of Reston, Jerry DNA testing) that would cost Fitz points equal to a fair election. Fitz should just get over the fact that fair and winning the election will never happen. Not in Scandal world anyways unless his definition of fair is something the writers are yet to reveal.

          • RReg says:

            Is there any less of covering up by the other candidates? The VP should be in prison right now. So from what I can, see Fitz has a good a chance as anyone to win.

  39. Ange says:

    I caught during the opening credits Debbie Allen directed this episode. Very well done Debbie! She still have that magic touch that captures the story as a whole. There was so much going on and boy did it come across excellent

  40. RReg says:

    What envelope did Mellie open? Did she decide to get the paternity test after all?

    • Arvin says:

      I thought they were the paternity results that Liv got her.

      • RReg says:

        Oh so she did go through with it… Hmmm. Yes you are right. I replayed that scene in slow motion. They are paternity results in deed. Well let’s see if that slips out in another drunken mess. Instead of Fitz being the lush, it is now Mellie

        I do think the scene between her, Liv and Fitz at the convention at the school was funny.

  41. Cheyenne says:

    Best quote of the night:
    Huck: “Found him. He’s heavy.”

  42. Arvin says:

    I love this show. I love the drama and the fact that I root for these characters or despise these characters sometimes in the same episode! I love Olivia and Fitz together and yet have no sympathy for them, same with Mellie while I love her drunken dialogue I dont feel sorry for her but the drama is so good. Cyrus is an awful awful person and yet I slurp his scenes up like a slurpie! lol I like Olivia and Jake and yet want to shake my head at them at the same time because she is never going to let go of Fitz. Huck is quite possibly my favorite character yetA he and Quinn are like a train wreck you cant turn away from. I do miss me dome Harrison this season and really question if he is a goner. Does anyone else think that something was funny about the mama and papa Pope interaction and that we didnt see the showdown? I cant help but think they are working together or atleast something is up there. anyone else ?

  43. abz says:

    Great episode.
    – Mellie’s scene with Liv was heartbreaking. I know Mellie plays some role in a lot of the things that happened to her, but I just can’t help but feel bad for her and really care about the character more than most characters on this show. It’s probably a testament to Bellamy Young’s amazing acting. She needs the Emmy nomination this year, seriously!!
    – Mama Pope is still as crazy as ever. I think Khandi Alexander is doing a great job with this role. She’s a ruthless villain.
    – Cyrus is just a despicable character with not a single thing to root for about him. I don’t feel bad that he lost his husband (I felt bad for James) because he deserved it. His plans NEVER work out, yet he keeps thinking he’s God and everything will work out in his favor. He has no humanity or soul.
    – Fitz is still as annoying as ever, I try, but I can’t seem to like him. I’m so over Olitz and their phone conversations. Shonda needs to make up her mind and stop this back and forth nonsense once and for all.
    – I think that next season Liv needs to be single (no more of this Olitz crap) and they need to bring her back to that BAMF that we first saw. I miss that woman. They also need to end B6-13 storyline (come up with a new seasonal villain if needed), and bring more of a balance with case of the week/seasonal arc.

  44. Arvin says:

    Why do people hate Fitz so much? I mean he has his asinine moments but they all do imo. I think he has been a jerk several times this season but then again they are alot of murdering,lying, manipulative, backstabbing oppourtunist. I guess I wonder if it is about Liv or Mellie or just him in general. I see alot of sympathy for Mellie that I dont get either. While i hate the storyline with big Jerry because it does make me feel bad for her I cant help but remember she sold her soul to the devil to get exactly what she wanted just like Cyrus imo.

    Like I said before I have no sympathy for any of them but I do love their juicy drama!

    • RReg says:

      A combination of both I think. From what I have read, people claim to hate Fitz for two reasons:
      The adultery angle
      The fact that the woman who has him whipped is black.

      • Arvin says:

        Probably why I don’t hate him..neither one of those things bother I am not looking for my moral compass in a show called Scandal and KW makes me want to jump her bones sometimes and I am a white hetrosexual mom with 3 kids lol

    • Melinda says:

      Actually the reason why I can’t stand Olivia and Fitz is because it’s drawn out too much and I hate the way he talks to her or Mellie. He orders her around, expects her to always be there when he calls, gets all pissy when she doesn’t pick up, gets jealous that she sleeps with Jake but also gets jealous when Mellie sleeps with Andrew. He’s been so hypocritical especially this season. The way I see it if he talks and treats Mellie the way he does, who’s to say he won’t eventually treat Olivia that way should they fall out of love or something happen to her down the line or whatever. I think Liv needs to be by herself. She’s not what she used to be back in season 1.

      • Lovely says:

        @Melinda, I’ve always liked Fitz until these past few episodes. As you pointed out, he was beyond hypocritical over the Mellie and Andrew affair. I lost a lot of respect for him in that moment and I just don’t know if I can get it back. A real man would have taken Mellie”s affair in stride, afterall he screws Liv every chance he gets and has totally discarded Mellie. He wants to have his cake and eat it too and that simply doesn’t sit well with me.

        • Arvin says:

          Ehh.he has been somewhat of an ass lately but I just look over it because they are all so flawed. I don’t think he loves Mellie but my mom does so I guess everyone views things differently. I like him and Liv but I don’t think he feels like he can really dictate strongly ( I know he says he doesn’t like it) who she is with as long as he is married but with Mellie I think she has held his affair and love for Liv over his head for so long that he feels betrayed like “how dare you.” And I think he is the president and people who get that far up in a power position don’t get their without an ego and Mellie sleeping with Andrew and not him is a blow to his ego.

  45. Britt says:

    My question is… Fitz was losing the election and all of a sudden, all of his competition basically dies (even his running mate). If they all do die, wouldn’t people look at Fitz like he did it? Couldn’t Cyrus’ plan backfire? I mean Fitz was supposed to be there and now he “can’t make it” even though he was giving the eulogy.

    • Arvin says:

      IMO killing Sally is the worst thing that they could do, not only for the reasons you said but also for all the talk of Fitz being destined to be president and Olivia being a great campaign fixer it would nice to see them actually win an election that is not rigged or the competiton blown to smitherens and he wins by default.

    • RReg says:

      Interesting! I didn’t think of this. You bring up a very good point. Food for thought. Food for thought… So does this mean that Sally is not dead then? If she were to be, who would be running against Fitz? Would the election be postponed? Would Fitz win by default? Would dead Sally win the sympathy vote? Wouldn’t that be something….

      • Arvin says:

        I dont think Sally is dead because Cyrus’s plans always blow up in his face. Here is my wild and crazy prediction..I think Andrew dies along with Sally’s VP choice and Fitz gives an awesome speech in a moments of tragedy which puts him over the top with voters to which Sally, in a moment of clarity in which God has spoken to her not only concedes the election to Fitz but offers to join him once again as VP to which Fitz has to accept because of the demand and sympathy of the american people and well duh it is 6 days to election who else is he going to get! lol

        Really I have no clue but think of the drama..Mellie can drink some more because of Andrew and Leo the slime can try to out bad the bad guy in Cyrus and 4 more years of a president and vp that hate each other.

        • herman1959 says:

          Arvin, I was loving your scenario until the part where Sally offers herself for VP, again, and Fitz accepts……Ugh! I just want to get rid of Sally.

          • Arvin says:

            trust me, I don’t like Sally at all but I am not sure that the story is done with Leo..I see him having more story to tell but I think it will be interesting to see what happens with Andrew. I can’t imagine they are going to let him and Mellie be together. I think Andrew was a plot point not a long standing character but wh knows. I would rather keep him and let Mellie have him. I only like her with him or drunk. lol

  46. RReg says:


    Why do you not want the Dom is Liv’s father story line? Is it your drama? The same way you do not want the Dom is Liv’s father story line is the same way I do not want to see the back and forth between Liv and Fitz.

    • Cheyenne says:

      It seems excessive to have two babydaddy story lines going at once. Just like some people want to make Harrison Olivia’s brother and have everybody related. JMO.

      • RReg says:

        It is more than excessive having the on again off again of Liv and Fitz. Yet we have it practically every episode. This is the gripe of most posters – yet we keep having it. It is bad story telling, yet we keep having it. Until there is a baby daddy arc every episode, i do not see two being excessive.

    • Cheyenne says:

      Forgot to add: if Shonda does write another babydaddy plot into the show, I won’t be “insulted” by it, as you say you are by the back and forth between Olivia and Fitz. It’s her call. It’s just a TV show, it’s not a part of my life.

      • RReg says:

        From your comments that I have read on this board, it does not surprise me that you would not be insulted.

        • Cheyenne says:

          From your comments, I could understand why you would be. It’s really sad that you would take a TV show so seriously. Scandal is escapism, nothing more. Lighten up and enjoy it for what it is.

          • RReg says:

            LOL- HAHAHAHAHA you are one funny poster in a sad droll way.

            It seems to have escaped you that you are the only one on this board who takes issue with anyone expressing his or her dissatisfaction with anything about this show. Sad, would not be quite the correct term for you as it would be an understatement. To tell you to lighten up would also be an understatement. I would suggest to you that you step away from this board for a week. Put it down, leave it alone – gain some perspective.

          • Cheyenne says:

            I was waiting for that. Now you want to cop an attitude because I called you out on being over-involved with a TV show? There’s a name for people like you and it’s spelled t-r-o-double-l. I haven’t got time to indulge you further with this nonsense so I’ll continue to enjoy the show while you continue to feel “insulted”. Deal?

          • Dmav says:

            Oh my God did you just really say that??? You are the one who gets offended if someone doesn’t agree with your POV. You call them names or act like they are stupid and you now try to pull it is just a show card. That is hilarious.

  47. Sara says:

    Show was pretty good this week. Loved the ending with Cyrus, enjoyed the Liv & Mellie scenes, even though I was confused by the DNA stuff. And I loved the Olitz scenes. No matter what, even with horrid writing, I still root for these 2. Just love their chemistry.

    While I can’t get into Jake & Olivia at all mostly because I feel the writers worked overtime to get me to like Jake and hate Fitz. Hate feeling manipulated. And I feel this triangle is just pointless. Jake will never have Liv’s full heart and we all know next season there will be LOTS of Olitz sex to make up for the lack of Olitz sex this season. So what is the point in getting invested in Olake? Jake only has a true shot for Liv’s heart if Fitz dies, but odds are that’s not happening, so what’s the point to Olake? I’m really surprised they’re now showing it as Jake is now ok with being second choice. Even I was kind of impressed when he told Liv he wasn’t playing second choice back during the WHCD. He now just comes across as desperate.

    My wish is, if she’s not with Fitz please bring on a more believable contender for her heart next season. Someone that’s not connected to Fitz.

    • Cheyenne says:

      Maybe Jake/Mellie (if Andrew dies)? I kid, I kid…

      • jJenner 1287 says:

        From Jake came into the show the writers have worked very hard to make him a viable option to fitzs: spied on her so he had all personal info. to get into her emotions, had fitzs hire him as well so we could not blame him, had it appear that he saved her life twice, always spending cosy times together, now living together and sleeping together! All tbe emotionally charged scenes now are between jake and olivia look at the effort they made to pick at the emotions for jake last week with him at her door all that work to create that love scene while she is very pregnant! The writers are subtly changing the dynamics of tbe show to make Olivia fall completely in love with jake by the end of the series. Shonda will then do her spin off B613 staring scot Foley and Kerry Washington!! The only reason that the writers keep olivia hanging on to fitzs at this point is that without the connection there will be no need for fitzs, mellie or cyrus on the show – pure manipulation at work i agree. My question is if they have poured soooo much into building the relationship between jake and olivia and taken away from fitzs and olivia and there is still a good amount of viewers still routing for fitzs and olivia – ITS SAFE TO SAY THAT WITHOUT ALL THE MANIPULATION THAT RELATIONSHIP WOULD NEVER HAVE GOT OFF THE GROUND AND WHY THIS ONE PERSON WILL NEVER BUY INTO IT. Fitzs and olivia worked great because it was not a forced relationship it gave the viewers the choice of whether to route for them or not. In the phone conversation between fitzs and olivia they have killed the emotion, in the conversation between jake and olivia that defiant love she was professing for fitzs is becoming unbelievable and to me thats very sad as it was one of the things i loved most about the show! And dont nobody go off on one this is just my feels about the show now! Also olivia finding out about mellie and fitzs dad and helping to cover it up while still supposed to be feeling for mellie and hiding another bomb from fitzs with mellie repeat of defiance anyone!!!

        • Cheyenne says:

          I think Olivia is sexually turned on by Jake (the way she was moaning last week, the guy must be dynamite in the sack) and is still in love with Fitz. It’s possible to love one man and be turned on by another. Emotions can be very complicated.

          Jake is coming off as rather pathetic now. He said earlier in the season he doesn’t play second fiddle to anyone and that is just what he’s doing. If he’s so hot, why doesn’t he find another woman who isn’t emotionally attached to another man?

          • jJenner 1287 says:

            I get your point Cheyenne but can you really be that in love with someone you are with and give so much intimacy to another? Especially bearing in mind the relationship between the three! For a start i have never seen fitzs have any problem putting it down for olivia before so thats not it!

        • RReg says:


          You should never be afraid to express your opinion – it is yours.
          I don’t agree with you though. I do not see a spin off with Jake and Liv working. The chemistry isn’t there. I don’t buy into the Jake Olivia relationship either. Their sessions are painful to watch. Let’s hope this goodbye (again) was the final goodbye.

          • jJenner 1287 says:

            RReg i am not saying i buy into it or want it to be so but there are people less in favour of olitzs than we are that are starting to route for jake and olivia by the way they ramming jake in our face – what is he all of a sudden the star of the show ugh! Its about time they get back to some good olitzs!!

        • Cheyenne says:

          Well, who knows? If Shonda did write a spin-off with Jake and Olivia, I wouldn’t watch it but maybe a lot of other people would. There are a lot of viewers to wanted Olivia to hook up the Jake as soon as he came on the show. Some think Foley is hot, others are offended by the mistress angle and some just hate Fitz and want him out of Olivia’s life. I wouldn’t watch it because as much as I enjoy Scandal, I usually find spin-offs to be a tepid imitation of the original. There are a very few exceptions but that’s mostly the case.

        • Maryann says:

          I have a huge beef with the overacting by the actor who plays Papa Pope. It just leaves me totally cold, mainly because it just feels like acting and pulls me out of the story. So instead of appreciating what he is trying to portray, I just feel annoyed that he is affecting the ability to suspend disbelief and pretend that the story is happening in the real world. He was fine until that monolog rant against Jake a few episodes back, and he hasn’t let up since. Now I just can’t stand him.

          • Lovely says:

            He is over the top sometimes LOL… But all the characters on Scandal speak in a very unrealistic way. The very fast paced monologues… come on… nobody talks like that and it gets annoying at times.

          • Cheyenne says:

            You are not alone. He wasn’t too bad in this past episode but every episode he was in before that, he was ridiculous. He turned every single speech into a Shakespearian rant. “Rend your garments, Olivia”… I was like, WTF? He’s really a very good actor, I don’t know why they let him over-emote like that.

    • RReg says:


      I fully second your post. True in all aspects. A firm OLITZ fan myself.

  48. RReg says:


    I see what you are saying. Well let you and I carry the OLITZ flag then. I like Olitz!

  49. Sara says:

    Oh, come on you guys, they ain’t doing no Jake & Liv spinoff. There’s no denying Olake has grown in popularity, but no way would a show with just Olake work. Jake only works because Fitz was and continues to be set up as a douche. Without Fitz, Jake is pretty blah and boring. That’s why no matter what, even if this season ends with Liv walking into the sun with Jake, soon after the show returns in Oct, she’ll be right back to sleeping with the President. Because that’s drama. And that is why this triangle storyline sucks. No way Liv is ever going to remain true to Jake. How does the show work if she’s true to him? Like who cares?? There’s no drama there. I just think because of how this show is set up, a triangle just doesn’t work unless you have that strong actor playing a great character that can stand on his own. Jake Ballard isn’t that character. Why do you think Fitz was so shamelessly tore down? Because that was the only way Shonda and the writers could make viewers take Jake seriously as a contender. It’s just frustrating as a viewer to watch because this storyline is such a waste of time and the Scandal communities aren’t as fun to read anymore because of it.

    • jJenner 1287 says:

      That is very true Sara They have been attacking fitzs and olivia characters for so long now new viewers to scandal has yet to see the magic of olitzs. Those that critise olitzs want to be thankful for them otherwise this show would have been dead a while ago! I plan to let the writers know we are still here for olitzs and make as much noise about them as i can with my group across social media. Every negative comment i see about them i have been counteracting quite funny really ai it is the truth! and also wake up a few jake supporters also who think just because he is a tad good looking (to be quite honest it does depends on the camera angle to me) he can get away with all horrible things he does and yes there is a list! That aside, olitzs is still the majority and the writers want to remember that if tbey want any returning for season 4. I have seen a resurgence of old olitzs videos being posted recently so i suppose that tells the writers that they aint cutting it!!

      • RReg says:

        @Sara and jJenner 1287

        I think there are quite a few of us who are firmly in the corner of Olitz. I think there are lots of others who can clearly see the chemistry of Olitz even though they may not like the pairing. I think no matter how hard the writers push Jake and Olivia together – it just doesn’t work. For someone truly to be a challenge to Fitz, that person has to be magnetic and has great chemistry. That is not the Jake character. You would need to have someone like Pierce Brosnan playing that part or some silver fox.

        jJenner 1287 – how do you tell the writers what you think? Is there a website?

        • jJenner 1287 says:

          Yes RReg just google: Contact ABC and it will give you a list of programmes snd how go make contact also there is feedback forms.

  50. Jinxso says:

    Do you think Mellie is going to kill Fitz. He is doing the podcast so I think something big happens to Fitz.