Reign's Adelaide Kane Teases Frary's New 'Marital Tension,' Bash's Second Chance and More

Reign Mary Francis SpoilersReign returns tonight (The CW, 9/8c) with the first of Season 1’s final six episodes, and even in the midst of so much chaos and uncertainty, star Adelaide Kane tells TVLine that one thing remains clear: “The universe really seems to be conspiring against Mary and Francis’ marriage.”

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As the finale draws near, Team Frary is under assault — both physically and relationally — from all sides. Below, Kane walks us through the drama of the coming weeks, including Henry’s plans for Mary, Bash’s second chance at happiness and a few messy family secrets about to come to light.

TVLINE | I can’t even tell you how happy I am that this mini hiatus is over. What can we expect from Thursday’s episode?
There’s a lot going on. Mary discovers a secret clause in her marriage contract that her mother conspired to create with Catherine, sort of for personal gain. Basically, the freedom of Scotland hinges on Mary producing an heir, which was a pretty big deal in those days. If you couldn’t produce an heir, you were essentially useless. So there’s continuing tension between Mary and her mother, even from a distance.

TVLINE | There’s also King Henry, who’s getting nuttier by the day. How will his madness affect Mary?
That is a very disturbing and dangerous turn he’s taking. And what’s really going on? Is he being poisoned? Is this an English plot? Is he sick? Has he gone mad with power? He’s incredibly dangerous, and no one can put the brakes on him because he’s the supreme power in France. And yes, Mary suffers the brunt of his psychosis. He starts getting headaches and hallucinating, and she becomes one of the many targets of his erratic behavior as the season goes on.

TVLINE | And let’s not forget “the Darkness.”
Oh, yes. The Darkness is still hanging around, chewin’ on people. It begins to encroach on the castle through various means and remains a prevalent focal point for Sebastian. There’s also the threat of civil war, not only in Scotland, but also in France. There’s danger on all sides.

Reign Mary Francis SpoilersTVLINE | Including danger to Mary and Francis’ marriage? Perhaps due to her relationship with Bash? 
The interaction between Bash and Mary does cause some marital tension for Francis and Mary, as well as for Kenna and Bash. Over the next couple of episodes, Kenna and Bash start to come to grips with the fact that they’re married, and perhaps they start to see each other in a new light. I think they do try to make it work. Mary and Francis’ focus, meanwhile, is on having a child and governing. And Bash isn’t the only bone of contention between them. Mary’s half-brother James arrives from Scotland, and he tries to convince Mary to return. Naturally, Francis is suspicious of James and wonders if he has ulterior motives in removing Mary from French Court. That causes even more tension between Mary and Francis.

TVLINE | Wow, those two really can’t catch a break! Any more relatives creeping out of the woodwork?
Yes, actually. There’s also Mary’s French uncle, who arrives with more word on the civil unrest, as well as some very upsetting news about Mary’s mother. So Mary and Francis will have to decide whether they can support each other as individuals or sell each other out for their countries. [Editor’s note: That’s never a good sign.]

Reign fans, are you pulling for a (historically inaccurate) happy ending for Mary and Francis, or are you just waiting for Bash to pounce? Drop a comment with your thoughts on the love triangle below.

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  1. “Waiting for Bash to pounce” oh Andy, sweet summer child, the love triangle is over.

    • Molly says:

      Yes, I really miss Bash/Mary! I hope the show makes them a couple again!! They should make a sex scene with Bash/Mary!!! I still love Mary/Francis. I love Mary with Bash and Francis! Its hard to choose between them!!! I know Bash still loves Mary, but since he has been acting romantically towards Kenna, I fear that either Bash will stop loving Mary and forget about her or Bash Mary will never kiss or be a couple again!! I hate Kenna/Bash!!! Please Please break them up and let bash be with Mary!!

  2. klaus says:

    This love triangle is no sense…I really appreciate Kennash, I hope they will finally find happiness even if no one could think about this couple, except the king!

    I alway loved Frary, I hope they will work together for the welfare of both nations!

  3. R says:

    I am so over love triangles. Thank goodness Reign finally appears to be moving beyond that and finding more unique obstacles to throw at Mary/Francis. I think Kenna’s the only woman Bash should be pouncing on any time soon.

  4. meah says:

    Adelaide has to be one of the prettiest people I have ever seen on tv,and this role of Mary fits her so much.
    Why don’t they try and make Bash more useful than the guy who wants his brothers wife?his character isn’t well develped,all his development is attached to mary
    I actually like all of mary’s ladies,thought I wouldn’t like them
    More catherine please
    Team Frary!

  5. dude says:

    Caught this week’s episode last night and it is FANTASTIC! One of my favourite Reign outings yet. I’m really coming around to Bash with Kenna.

  6. Tina B. says:

    Historically inaccurate ending!

  7. Lainey says:

    I saw the newest episode already and all I can say is the love triangle is easily the weakest part of reign for me. Not necessary not needed, the political intrigue is fab and never done before for a CW show. Both couples as they are now are better for each other anyways.

  8. Alichat says:

    I’m glad I am not the only person who has tired of the unnecessary love triangle.

  9. Lol seriously the love triangle is over, what more is there to say? Mary admitted she had feelings for Bash but she loved Francis more. She chose Francis. She’s married. Bash is married. It’s time to let go man.

    • Poligirl25 says:

      Yes! I don’t understand why some of those in the media can’t understand that there’s more interesting things on this show than the dead love triangle. The thought of Bash “pouncing” on his sister-in-law is just gross. This show is SO much better without the triangle. The political and familial obstacles for Frary are fascinating and I know that they will overcome them like they overcome every obstacle. Frary are amazing and Kennash is one of the best ideas this show has had. Bash is so much more interesting with Kenna.

  10. Krystal says:

    Agree with all comments here, so far.. I also saw tonight’s episode and it is one of the best. Bash and Kenna make a great match and I hope they continue to build on that and leave the ‘triangle’ in the past. Give me more politics any day.

  11. Jenna says:

    I’m team mash first but I could get behind bash and kenna. I think they have potential and I’m actually looking forward to their scenes. However, I do feel like some frary fans are jumping on that bandwagon just to get bash as far away from mary as possible. Yea, I don’t buy some of these comments as being genuine. Either way the triangle isn’t dead so get used to it.

    • Katherine215 says:

      The only thing that’s going to be dead is Francis in a season or two. Of course they’re going to keep Bash around for the triangle, since he likely has a short-term shot after his brother dies.

  12. Shaun says:

    Should ask her if she’s ever returning to Teen Wolf,lol

  13. I will always root for Bash and Mary. They were wonderful together and it’s only a matter of time before they find their way back to each other! Especially with Francis and his straying eye.

    • Ian says:

      Mmm, this is what I feel as well. Theyre not going to drop the triangle. I actually even figure that by the end of the season, the one time Mary and Bash sleep together will be the time she manages to get pregnant, and she’ll be having his child just as Lola’s had Francis’. Lol.

      • Poligirl25 says:

        Um, have you watched all of Season 1? Doesn’t sound like it. Even Andy seems to be digging the Frary based on his recent tweet.

      • poligirl25 says:

        Ugh, my comment was meant as a reply to gigi so not sure how it ended up here. But as to your “theory” how did that work out for ya? Mash sex and Mash baby….hahahahahaha

    • Laura says:

      At the risk of repeating everything every Francis fan has said in the past, Francis does NOT have a roving eye. Not in the sense that he would ever betray Mary. Sure, he uses sex as a way to deal with his emotions and heartbreak. But both of the times we have seen him do this, he was not in any way ‘with’ Mary. Now that he’s with her, married to her, committed to her and more in love with her than ever, he would never betray her. I think you’re undermining the strength of his feelings for her. Even the times he HAS been with other women in the past – Olivia and Lola – it was because he needed/wanted to forget Mary because of the hold she has over him and the way he feels about her having such an effect on him. And that’s a huge thing. He won’t cheat. Not in a million years. ‘Roving eye’ is such a simplification of his characterization and how his relationship with Mary has shaped him.

    • Laura says:

      ‘straying eye’, sorry.

  14. sarah says:

    Team Mash. I like Bash and Kenna as friends and can see them becoming allies. But I honestly believe Bash and Mary are meant to be together. I’ve shipped them since the pilot episode. I think Bash will always love Mary, while Mary still has feelings for Bash which I think will grow.

    • KingPhilipa says:

      Same. Bash and Mary and Catherine are probably the only reasons I watch this show. They’re the best. I generally hate love triangles but I just love how Bash loves Mary and is so loyal to her. Kind of liking Bash/Kenna right now but I don’t see it lasting tbh. In my opinion I think the writers have actually set up Bash/Mary to be endgame since the pilot.

  15. Maren says:

    Love triangle is far from dead- I hope so because Mary & Bash were great to watch on screen. I’m also eager to see Mary rule Scotland, hopefully if the show gets that far. It was great seeing Mary’s and her Scots last night.

  16. Judith says:

    All I want to know is when does Catherine find out about Francis’ bastard? How can Mary and Lola keep it a secret when even Kenna got suspicious?

  17. reignItOnMe says:

    I love this show! Nostradamus has already seen Francis die soooo let’s see Bash and Mary happy geeeeh

  18. Nasir Akd says:

    I guess even if mary and bash take a break, they will eventually come together. Thats according to nostradamus’ prophecy that francis will die one year into his marriage so when he does, obviously its bash who will take his claim to the throne and will probably eventually win mary again. Im on for mary and bash always, i personally think francis is a spoiled brat. But this new found romance between kenna and bash sounds amazing as well, who knows this could turn out to be great too. All in all, this show is great, you dont see something so unpredictable and acceptable and addictable on CW often, so LONG MAY SHE REIGN!

    • Kat says:

      I doubt that Bash will lay claim to the throne again. Francis has two younger brother’s who could inherit if (when?) he dies without a heir. Plus don’t forget that many people at court hate Bash for attempting to take to crown in the first place. I also wouldn’t depend so heavily on Nostradamus’ prophecies, I personally think they are to iffy to take at face value. Though I am going to say that I can see Francis potentially dying, considering historically he did die quite young.

  19. Guest says:

    The show has much more to offer than a useless love triangle like the one btw Mary/Francis and Bash, (which by the way was never a real triangle since it’s always been about Mary and Francis.) I’m very pleased with the way the show is going, the producers and the actors themselves hinted this more than once. That’s how you make a quality drama, the love triangle never stood a chance, Thank God they are finally getting it.

  20. Rebecca Foley says:

    I am all for Bash and Mary,whether its hot steamy sex or deep happy loving bond.So sorry Frary fans but its always been Bash and Mary,Francis is nothing but a forced loved and Marys need to do what’s right for Scotland.I too am loving Bash and Kenna.Lady Kenna needs some Bash in her life as he will protect her and treat her right plus hello he’s hot and both r passionate people..hope we get a steamy love scene with them,one that will make Queen Mary wish it was her

  21. Melissa B says:

    Let’s hope Bash pounces up one side and down the other. It’s so interesting, this dynamic I’ve noticed when it relates to Reign and I’d love to see someone write about this. Reign has surprisingly spread beyond CWs typical ‘teen scene’ gossiping on the school bus and has become a hot topic at the watercooler (aka the office), in cocktail lounges…you know(!) those places were late 20, 30 and 40 year old women hang out! My friends who watch the show and I, we’re all in our 30’s and prefer “Reign” (as a whole) first and then Bash/Mary. The little teeny boppers I see on the internet are the opposite. The actor who plays Francis has a youthful appeal but his character also has an entitled, narcissistic core that I think sends the older, wiser and more experienced in the audience screaming in the other direction. Not to knock the tweens and the newgen 20’s but those gens both an underlying narcissism as well (not just my opinion, it’s documented in at least one article of every magazine out there, every MONTH!). I hear a lot of “Francis is cute but…” comments from the more mature audience and then online I see younger girls blindly embrace a very flawed character whose only selling point so far HAS been his pretty face (loyalty, fidality, honesty, respect and integrity certainly haven’t been selling points for Francis). Give a woman a man who knew what he wanted the moment he saw her, wasn’t afraid to let her know and a man who supported, protected and loved her at every opportunity, like Bash, and you’ll give that woman a man who would make a good husband in 16th century France and anywhere in the 21st century modern world.

    • tp says:

      That’s interesting that you say that mature audiences prefer Bash. I’m part of the mature audience and I and all of my friends prefer Francis.

    • Polina says:

      Totally agree. I’m near 30 as are my friends and all of us prefer Bash over Francis as well.

    • Rose B Edwards says:

      Preaching to the enlightened choir. It baffles me that there are so many Frary fans. He has treated her terribly so many times and often acts like a spoiled brat. Runs to the first skirt he can find at the first sign of trouble and pouts about it. All of his recent loving supportive looks flew out the window the moment he learned that she actually did have a back bone and would do anything for her country. He has said from the beginning that he would always put France first and has. The moment she does the same for Scotland he looks all betrayed. I love Mary like this. None of this would have been neccesary if his parents weren’t so greedy and underhanded. Both countries could benefit from the alliance but Catherine and Henry can’t keep their filthy little fingers out of their neighbors cookie jar. Catherine and recently Henry too have been amazing fun though. The scenes where they are cleaning up after his first window accident was beautiful it was so funny. Bash has always supported her and put his life on the line to protect those he cares for. He’s loyal and loving and actually looks like a man. His alter ego Torrance is hysterical on Twitter and interacts with his fans like I have never seen before. Don’t know how accurate her ability to produce an heir will be but it is kind of a nice twist to see that Francis can procreate. The woman was usually to blame for procreation problems. Its good to be clear that the problem is with her and any blame isn’t wild accusation. Blaming her just cause she’s the woman pisses me off but they believe she did have some sort of hostile uterus situation. That must have been terrifying for any woman to deal with whose expectations in life are to reproduce. Then once you manage it’s a possible death sentence. I need some Julien explanations very soon. Can’t marry Greer because she kissed someone but Lola having some random persons child is just dandy not long after he claims he can’t handle the loss of another wife so he swears to never have children. WTF Julien. Hope the baby has some specific I’m Francis’s baby stamp on its forehead like Clarrisa and her Daddy dearest. Lola and Kenna have both rubbed me the wrong way to many times.

    • Amanda says:

      I agree with your assessment of Francis. I think Bash is so much kinder of a person. I could never see Francis caring about the little boy like Bash and Kenna are doing. Francis only seems to care about what will benefit Francis. And worse, he betrayed Mary and I bet a dollar to a donut he’ll do it again. And as for pretty faces, sure Francis’ is pretty, but I think Bash’s is prettier.:D

    • NM says:

      I am totally in love with Mary and Bash ! First of all, he is the hotter brother by being taller and more in love with Mary (He would have never locked her in a tower) When she first got to the castle she looked at Bash remember?And everyone seemed aware for their love for each other right away. Mary genuinely wanted to love Francis but her heart was in if for Bash and that’s why she acted irrationally it wasn’t for her country and she knew it. That’s why she chose Francis because she knew she was acting foolish and she wasn’t allowed to love. It breaks her heart to see Bash when he returned at it showed. Francis and Mary are drifting further and further apart and they are foreshadowing his death anyways so Mary will be free to love whom she wishes, and who is left? Gorgeous ol’ Sebastian! Their infamous love scenes always bring me to tears and I am the biggest t.v show critique. I just want them to be together already. The whole reason I watched this show was for them and I almost stopped watching at episode 13 until I realized that in history Mary married Francis so it was bound to happen, but mentioned on Torrence’ twitter account infidelity is not uncommon in the French Court so I am waiting the day they are reunited again! If by some chance the writers decide to be douchbags and not make them have an epic love stroy anymore, I will seriously shoot myself.

  22. Nk says:

    Team Mash for life! I’m okay with the triangle being put on the backburner for now, since the political stuff is intriguing as well. But I hope the feelings between Mary and Bash can’t just dissappear…so I hope they pop up sometime down the road.

  23. Radha says:

    I wish the media would stop feeding this triangle nonsense because we all know that Bash and Mary was completely forced. They even had to get rid of Francis completely to get it started! Once Francis returned, it was like: “Bash who?”

  24. The Real Queen here says:

    This triangle was boring, Before it even started. It was and always will be about Frary. The ” triangle” was for story line and it produced some Mash fans who bless their little hearts fell for the forced storyline. I’m over seeing brothers sleep with the same girl so I’m glad Reign stopped before there was no return for me. Let’s let this be about politics and reigning not stealing your brothers one true love. If I wanted that I’d watch The Vampire diaries. The actors on this show are great and deserve real meaty parts not things written just for the sake of it. Love Reign.. Just no more triangle! #frary

  25. Alana says:

    I think Bash and Mary will eventually get together. I’m rooting for them still! I’d love to see some forbidden romance!

  26. Ella says:

    I am kindof loving Bash and Kenna right now! <3 I adore Francis and Mary and hope they are as happy as possible until the inevitable :( I feel Mary's ambition sometimes gets in the way, whereas Francis only has her best interests at heart.

  27. ayan says:

    well am team mash and wish to see bash and mary happy for we all know mary does have strong feelings for bash,its clear in her eyes she cnt hide her emotion and will always gaze @him and we all know francis is threaten by bash nd francis cnt control his jealousy.bash doesnt look for mary but mary cnt seem to stay away from bash.i love seen keena nd bash together they look hot together and i do see keena investing trust and feelings for bash though his heart belong to mary anyway lets c

    • poligirl25 says:

      If his heart belonged to Mary like you say it sure didn’t take much to give it to Kenna. Kennash are in looooooove.

  28. Ok, this one is easy to call…
    we all know that Francis is able to conceive…. but, maybe her body doesn’t like him.
    get bash to… well… bash her.. and knock her up. their little secret love child.
    it would still tech be royal blood. lol

  29. sam says:

    lmao mash fans

  30. gigi4321 says:

    oh! how i do wish that bash and mary comes together. i love them sooooo much.. besides Sebastian would always put mary before everything. i hope kenna finds someone to love but bash is taken (by Mary )

  31. lynntoxic says:

    Really really want to see bash adn Mary together

  32. Shuba says:

    Bassssh! I totally want him to intervene and for Bash to live happily ever after with Mary. If at all that’s possible in a series as murky as this one. But I love, love, love Mash. I was heartbroken at Mary’s “I love Francis more”. Ended up hating her for what felt like utter betrayal to Bash. :'(

  33. Shana says:

    I hope Mary and Bash become a couple they are cute and they love each other and I wouldn’t want some one to love me so much and I jst ignore them I have learned a lesson not to love people unless they love me back.I wish Fracise just let’s go of Mary and Bash goes to Mary and they get married and has children and they live happily ever after Freancis should just forget about Mary he was being a pain to her in the beginning Bary!

  34. lady says:

    Bash/marry there perfect for each other!

  35. fiona says:

    i don’t care about anything else the marriages, the promises, the dark, i just want to see Bash and Mary together.