Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Exclusive: Cobie Smulders Brings Agent Hill Back for May Sweeps

Cobie Smulders Agents of SHIELDMarvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will kick off its May sweeps run by bringing back a survivor of the Winter Soldier’s reign of terror.

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TVLine has learned exclusively that Cobie Smulders — who has played S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Maria Hill on the big screen in both The Avengers and the Captain America sequel — will reprise the character in the Tuesday, April 29 episode of TV’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Smulders, whose How I Met Your Mother run ended March 31, previously appeared in the ABC series’ pilot.

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This will mark the first time the Marvel faithful have seen Maria Hill since the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which hinted at a new line of work for the fierce femme.

TVLine can also confirm that Hill will play a large role in the May sweeps episode, and that those who have clamored for a Coulson/Hill team-up will get it, punctuated by lots of action.

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Earlier this week, it was reported that Marvel-verse biggie Samuel L. Jackson filmed his own Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. encore, for when Nick Fury resurfaces in the May 13 season finale.

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  1. StanSJ says:

    YAY! bring on Maria Hill

    • Quinn Mallory says:

      Yeah, it’s about time. I didn’t really like how they had Hill applying for a job at Starks at the end of Cap 2. Unless that’s a cover for something else.

      • aplwrites says:

        That could be almost anything. Tony is obviously going to be privy to almost everything going on, possibly one of the few who may know that Fury is still alive but having Hill there could be a knowing OR unknowing link between Fury and powerhouse Tony Stark almost like Widow was in Ironman 2.

      • Andrew says:

        Whatever is left of SHIELD is going to have to be bankrolled by someone…..

      • Martin Rey says:

        Applying? It looked to me like she was a receptionist or secretary or something. Already HAD the job with Stark. What I find amusing is that she would end up with Stark. She had some pretty clear disdain for Stark in Avengers I. Now, in an ironic twist, the wild man, Tony Stark, is the one good guy with his house in order. Relatively speaking. I just wonder what her attitude toward will be now. Does she now respect him and see him as HER chance to stay on the front lines and keep making a difference, or is she wanting to stay close and try to play a “keep him in line” kind of role with Stark? Perhaps his stepping up and really putting himself on the line in The Avengers earned her respect. We’ll see.

  2. George Kon says:

    as the phoenix rises from the ashes so does this show !!!!

    • JK says:

      You doin’ too much with this comment. TOO MUCH.

    • Bryce says:

      Ummm no. This is the definition of a last-ditch effort. Make no mistake, even if the numbers go up because of Smulders they’re still low. If the show gets renewed, it will be out of sheer obligation. ABC and Marvel won’t want to feel like failures by canceling a show that was supposed to be so grand and groundbreaking. SHIELD didn’t deliver though. The network would be better off canceling it and starting a similar but much better executed project revolving around Hill.

      • Curly Girly says:

        Obviously you didn’t watch last night’s episode. It was BONKERS!

        • But we did watch the whole rest of the season.
          It was a complete mess, a waste of many hours of TV time, and not worthy of renewal.

          • Andy says:

            Early on, the show tried to be equal parts procedural and comic book show, and it took them a while (about six or seven episodes) to find their footing in that niche. By then, it was too late to grab the casual viewer, which is why the ratings aren’t fantastic. But the show has since delivered on its promise and hardcore fans deserve a season two, especially now that the mythology has been ramped up with the reveal they’ve had to hold so as not to spoil “Winter Soldier.”

      • canadian ninja says:

        Why should people who like the show give two figs about why it gets renewed? And why is there always a platoon of ratings nerds who care so much about the freaking “numbers” and what’s good for the network?

        Your “grand and groundbreaking” comment hasn’t delivered though. You would be better off writing much better comments about shows you don’t like.

      • Ben says:

        @Bryce – you have no idea what you are talking about. Agents of Shield is still averaging over a 2.0 – this might have been the mark of cancellation 5 years ago, but as someone who fastidiously follows cancellations I can assure you that TVLine is spot on the money – if SHIELD doesn’t drop below 2.0, just as with other show which does not drop below 2.0, there is almost zero chance of it being cancelled, and not out of any obligation to any franchise.

        The rise of cable and the internet have simply meant that this is what good ratings look like in this day and age.

        • Ben says:

          Well maybe not good, but not ‘low’. Just average.

        • Christina says:

          Are we talking 2.0 in Live + SD? Because it just hit 1.9, which was kind of painful, especially since that was such a great episode.

          • Greg says:

            I’ve posted before and now, again, that moving the show AWAY from Tuesday nights against CBS’s lineup would help it enormously as far as numbers. The writing has improved and the tie-ins do help.

      • Martin Rey says:

        I don’t know what the numbers are. If they are low, they are low. I love the show. Too bad more aren’t into it. All I know is that Marvel needs to keep AOS alive to lead into Avengers 2. At least. Even if it has to dip into some of the movie revenue to help float AOS. They have a symbiotic relationship. Now, the movies are doing well on their own. But, they will be somewhat stuck to slow plot development in the movies without the show to introduce new characters and conflicts that will the spill into the movies.

        As for who gets “focus” in AOS, heck, that can vary. A few show centering more on Hill, some focusing on Coulson and team, others focusing on ANY OTHER former shield agent. There is great latitude without resorting to something someone suggested: Do a show solely around Hill. AOS can jump around all it wants or needs to. There is tremendous flexibility I think,

  3. With all the Marvel fans out there how can this show be doubtful for a 2nd season???? This is gonna be one crazy ride to the end of this season!! Well done Marvel, well done!!! CAN’T WAIT for these next episodes!!

  4. Dominique says:

    GOOD! Maria Hill is one kick-ass lady, can’t wait to see her!

  5. Elin says:

    I will watch that for sure.

  6. Still Bitter About HIMYM says:

    Wonder if she will bring Ted with her…..

  7. DreamRose311 says:

    And then that episode will be shortly followed by her announced as a series regular for season 2 right… riiight?!?!

    • Badpenny says:

      Her husband lives and works in NYC. She’s looking forward to not having a transcontinental relationship with him any more. I wouldn’t expect to see her on any series being filmed in LA for a long time.

      • DreamRose311 says:

        Well… that’s a good point and rather reasonable I suppose… Perhpas the mission needs to be to get Taran a great sitcom…

  8. Nicotine says:

    If ABC wants this show to survive (which it should), they should do everything they can to make Cobie Smulders a series regular. I already watch the show every week, but it’d be a priority if Maria Hill was part of the regular cast.

  9. Steve F. says:

    Nice! Even if she wasn’t made a regular (as Badpenny mentioned above), it would still be great to have her as an occasional guest star. Besides, wonder if Cobie will be in Avengers 2…?

  10. GeoDiva says:

    Great news! Last night’s episode was great! Maria Hill can be the only one to tell Coulson that Fury is still alive. Looking forward to a Maria vs Melinda showdown.

  11. ANON R says:


  12. sladewilson says:

    Finally. I see a season 2 pick up in AoS future….

  13. Denny Lee says:

    Good news. Now they should get Emily Van Camp to guest star from the movie

    • John NYC says:

      Hah! I thought the very same thing yesterday. An ITRW issue would be she’s got her own series…

    • Martin Rey says:

      Now THAT is where my head is at. Keep touch with the now former Agents of Shield that will be playing roles in the future. Fury, Hill, Agent 13 (Emily Van Camps’ character) and any others that need to be introduced or kept tabs of.

  14. Michelle says:

    I wonder if her new line of work will get mentioned? Most people will have seen the movie by then, surely.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if her appearance was related to that. Maybe she’s coming in to invite Coulson and his team to work for Stark and have him finance their operation. “Agents of S.T.A.R.K.”?

      • Jillian says:

        you’re on to something there. After I saw Captain America, I was wondering if next season of AOS (if it gets renewed) would revolve around Coulson & company rebuilding a new SHIELD. Stark funding it could be a plausible option.

  15. Agents of Shield has been incredible and I mean on FIRE since the T.R.A.C.K.S. episode! Last night was INSANE! I could care less about the ratings. The show is incredible now and has finally found its footing!

  16. wingsstef says:

    Hmm I also wonder if has to do with who got shot on the April 8 episode, in addition of Fury of course. Those poor high rank agents! ;-)

  17. Gwen says:

    Am I correct in thinking that Agent Hill and all of the Marvel superheroes don’t yet know that Coulson is, in fact, alive? He “died” in “Avengers,” and “Winter Soldier” and the TV series take place after the events in “Avengers,” so as far as everyone (except Fury) knows, Coulson is dead.

    • Hill knows. For that I am certain. The Avengers have absolutely no clue

    • mb says:

      Hill knows, she told the Dr who worked on Coulson that he can never know. She was instrumental in the recruitment of Ward.

    • Nicotine says:

      Maria Hill knows Coulson is alive. She was in the pilot when they “resurrected” him. She’s part of the fringe group of SHIELD agents that know exactly what happened to him.

      As for Thor, Coulson asked Sif not to tell him because he wanted to tell him personally. I don’t think any of the other Avengers know, albeit since Captain America has been working with SHIELD and Fury considered him as someone he could trust in the TWS, I’m sure he knows.

  18. Ms Thing says:

    Great news! If only they can bring in Maria Hill permanently and kill off the boring Skye character.

    • John DeMayo says:

      Skye is an “object of unknown origin”. How is that boring?

    • Martin Rey says:

      Going back out on my limb. Long term, Skye will prove to be THE main character of AOS. She an 084 by God. At some point, she will manifest powers. Great by a human scale, or perhaps on a Galactic scale. Don’t know when. In a year. Maybe in 2 or 3. She isn’t just some 084 that is quietly going to sit on a shelf. She will break out in a BIG way somewhere down the line. Mark my words.

  19. Dennis says:

    If they used the show not only as a stand alone series but also add in elements that bridge the movies it would help it out a lot. Age of ultron is not going to take place right after The winter solider, time is going to pass months maybe a year or more. AoS can cover what going on during this time

    • Andy says:

      I’m sure we can expect more connections between the films and the show. We got an episode back in November that covered the events immediately following “Dark World” and major plot points of “Winter Soldier” now have to do with the show’s mythology. If the show gets a second season, I’m sure events of “Age of Ultron” and maybe even “Guardians of the Galaxy” will be weaved into that season.

      • John DeMayo says:

        Well seeing as Skye is potentially has Kree (or other “alien” DNA), like Star Lord, I’m sure there will be some teasing for Guardians of the Galaxy. Season 2 will probably focus on Coulson and his team working to bring down Hydra, in the months leading up to Avengers 2.

        • Andy says:

          I assume HYDRA would figure heavily into season two, perhaps as the big bad that Joss Whedon is famous for developing. But considering the opening sequence of “Age of Ultron” was shot in Africa and that’s where one of the SHIELD bases HYDRA has taken over lies, it’s safe to say the fight against HYDRA will carry over into at least “Age of Ultron,” which will be released close to, if not past, the season two finale of “Agents of SHIELD.” I think HYDRA will be an looming threat to Coulson and company, but the actual villain will take a much more physical role.

    • Martin Rey says:

      Heck Yeah. Bridge away. Tie into it all. Cap, Iron Man, Avengers, Thor, GoG. I even suggested if the ratings stay low, Marvel subsidize it with Movie revenue. It wii make it up with cool tie ins. Imagine if you got 5-7 tied-in Marvels movies every 2 years. Marvel would rule the big screen and make a ton of bucks to pay for AOS directly!!! AOS can bring value to all the other Marvel franchises.

  20. John NYC says:

    Hill has just never clicked with me so this cameo news doesn’t add much. I do like the energy of the coming episodes.

    • Martin Rey says:

      I like Cobie. I like Hill. I like Cobie as Hill. A funny thing about hill was a deleted or simply not used scene where Hill is criticizing Fury. Saying Fury was reckless. We did not get that tension in The Avengers. The times Fury did grey area things, Hill just mentions them, but not in a challenging way. And she backed and/or agreed with Fury when he defied the Counsel regarding nuking Manhattan.

      I’d take Hill in AOS before Hand. Both are a bit of a tight-azz, but Hill is a babe, AND she can also kick-azz. :)

  21. Joey Padron says:

    So happy Cobie will be back on show again! She’s great as Maria Hill.

  22. J says:

    No wonder she looked familiar. I saw her in the movie and couldn’t figure out why she looked so damn familiar. A lightbulb just lit up inside my head.

  23. Rambo says:

    i was really disappointed that garret was hydra i really liked his character.

  24. N tTVf says:

    Very happy to hear CS is coming back to AOS on April 29th. Looking forward to her return. As Badpenny noted up-thread, she [CS] is living in NYC now w/her family, so if a season 2 is possible for AOS (which I think now, with recent storyline/ratings improvement, is quite possible), they’ll have to go forward without Maria Hill on a weekly basis. However, if ABC could convince CS to take a week ‘vacation’ with family back to LA once in a blue moon, perhaps Maria Hill could make a couple of appearances on AOS next season.

    That would be fun to see – after nine years of watching CS each Monday night, next fall is going to be a bit of a shock and sad not seeing her on network TV each week – maybe a little bit of Maria Hill on ABC can help make that transition a bit easier on we fans of HIMYM.

    I like the idea up-thread to have Emily Van Camp stop by AOS in season 2 – her ‘Revenge’ series is also on the ABC network, so that may be possible.

  25. Rick Katze says:

    Love to see CS on AOS as a regular but not sure about the dynamics. They already have 6 characters cutting down on available screen time.

    And to the “suits at ABC”: Change the day of the show. Running opposite NCIS is not good for ratings.

    • Andy says:

      I feel like Brett Dalton isn’t long for the Marvel world after this week’s reveal. If I’m right and they add Cobie Smulders to the main cast, it’d still be six.

    • Martin Rey says:

      I can see a way to use more characters. Mini-story arcs. 3 or 4 episodes where Hill is prominent. 2 or 3 episodes where Caps Girlfriend-to-be is featured prominently, etc etc. There are going to be more characters. We are going to need probably a good 20 or more cameo (semi-regular) characters for both Shield and Hydra. They show up a few episodes, then hit the background again. Pop up. Pop down. Next season, which I have my fingers crossed for, will be fun.

  26. Robyn says:

    I bet Coulson & Hill are Skye’s parents and SHIELD wiped at memory of it from Coulson’s mind.

  27. AcuraT says:

    Marvel’s plans for the character Maria Hill played by C. Smothers has been announced already. She is coming back to “Agents of SHIELD” for an episode in an effort to get Coulson (which ends in failure) to work for Tony Stark with her. Some action gets mixed in, but that is the basic (and simple) story until a future time.

  28. Joe Gunner says:

    sezon2 ?????pleaseeeeeeeeee thx it is next sezon?