Post Mortems

Law & Order: SVU Post Mortem: EP Talks William's Dark Twist and Olivia's Hopeful Future

Law & Order: SVU“Did I just see that? What the hell just happened?” That’s exactly how executive producer Warren Leight hopes viewers are responding to tonight’s Law & Order: SVU, in which Olivia’s ongoing saga with tormenter William Lewis finally reached its frightening conclusion.

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After a mind-bending manhunt and a tense game of Russian roulette, William shot himself in the head, leaving a blood-soaked Olivia in stunned silence for the episode’s final 10 seconds.

Below, Leight tells TVLine why he decided to kill William, how the terrifying ordeal will change Olivia and what we can expect from Declan O’Rourke’s surprise return.

TVLINE | “Fan-favorite” might not be the right term, but people have really grown attached to Pablo Schreiber’s character. Did you anticipate that?
We didn’t anticipate it, though I have worked with Pablo before. I had him for a season on Lights Out, and he killed for me twice before on Criminal Intent, so I know how good he is. He was my little secret, but I think word’s gotten out. I think what I didn’t anticipate, because you never know, is the chemistry between Pablo and Mariska. It’s pretty ridiculous the way they work together. They don’t just pick up where they left off — it’s deeper.

TVLINE | Then why kill him off?
I didn’t want it to become a trope. We sort of made that mistake on Criminal Intent by having a really talented actress, Olivia d’Abo, keep coming back as Goren’s nemesis. After a while, it felt gratuitous; Bobby Goren was the smartest man in the world, and yet she always got away. What we know about William is that he didn’t want to be in prison. The episode was called “Beast’s Obsession” for a reason. There’s a line in the script about how he could have gone to Canada, but he came back for Olivia, and that’s true. I feel like the couple on Homeland has nothing on these two.

Law & Order: SVUTVLINE | Random side note: We had cupcakes at work the other day, and thanks to this episode, I hesitated.
[Laughs] I take pride in ruining things that people enjoy.

TVLINE | I can tell. So, why did you bring William back now? What did you hope to achieve with this final episode?
We had sort of teased that he was planning on escaping in the last episode, and I didn’t want his story to end in jail. And Pablo is a very interesting actor. He doesn’t want to do it just for the payday. He basically said, “I’ll do it, but this can’t go on too much longer.” So I said, “No, I wrote the scene where you die.” And he goes, “Oh, good. But I want to go out on my own terms.” That was his only demand, and I think that he did.

TVLINE | I agree. That final image of Olivia’s bloody face will haunt me forever. Does next week’s episode continue this story?
The scene where he blows his brains out wasn’t intended to be the final scene, but when we got there, I said, “I think this is how it needs to end.” I didn’t want to see the usual aftermath scene of people putting a blanket over him. I wanted to end with people asking, “Did I just see that? What the hell just happened?” The problem with that is that we had another episode ready to shoot right after, and it didn’t really reference [William], so we had to very quickly do a follow-up episode, which is called “Post-Mortem Blues.” That runs April 30 and picks up about 10 seconds before this one ends, with our squad desperately searching for Olivia. And no tricks here, we will see William’s body in the morgue. He’s dead.

TVLINE | William may be gone, but he won’t be forgotten. What scars will Olivia carry from this?
His affect on her definitely lingers. We don’t use the phrase “happy ending” on SVU, but I have hopes for her. We have a tentative title for the finale, which is “Spring Awakening.” Olivia has gone through an incredible crucible this year, and Mariska has done an amazing job with it, so both the actress and the character deserve a moment’s grace. I hope she gets it.

Law & Order: SVUTVLINE | And Donal Logue is back! That was a nice surprise.
Yeah, that was our little surprise. I like keeping a secret for a while. After this episode, he assumes command of the squad room and will be there for the rest of the season.

TVLINE | How will O’Rourke shake things up while he’s around?
In a way, it’s kind of like when you come in as a new showrunner on a show that’s been going for 14 years or so. He just has a very different energy. He’s not a warm-and-fuzzy guy, but one of the things we’re working on is him being a father confessor to the squad room. He’ll have a moment with everyone where he asks, “What the hell is going on with you?” He’ll even have a sit-down with Fin and ask him why he’s stayed at SVU this long. He’s the outsider who can come in and look at things with fresh eyes … and then he goes off and does Gotham.

SVU fans, were you satisfied with the William Lewis saga’s grizzly conclusion? Drop a comment with your thoughts on tonight’s final twist, and your thoughts on the rest of the season.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Meagan says:

    Predictable. Trashy. The writers, especially Kevin Fox, were making rape jokes. Just the usual in SVU-land. I hate what has happened to my show. This will definitely be my final episode to watch.

    • Mark says:

      I wish I could marry this comment.

      • Lauren says:

        WORD. Everyone involved in/with this show is disgusting on social media. Can they all be banned from using it? Then maybe they could make a good show again, but I really don’t think that’s possible again at this point. They’ve made such a mockery of this program.

        • icy says:

          What’s wrong with you people?? It’s a show, and it wasn’t trashy. Guess none of you are real fans.

          • Nicole Jackson says:

            All the hate must be from the Stabler fans….if you hate the show, why watch? Go watch Chris Meloni on FOX or USA for the old shows. The show was riveting from the minute that idiot broke out of jail to the end….

          • BellaMorte says:

            Don’t know whether the hate is from Stabler fans, but get a clue folks, Stabler’s gone, the show goes on, and Benson has been absolutely brilliant, even if we (the fans) weren’t too fond of her turning into the Big Bad Benson for a while. Mariska was awesome on Beast’s Obsession. I love that Donal Logue is joining the cast, taking the Sgt office (remember Benson was supposed to just be a replacement until Cragan’s position could be filled permanently). This ep was riveting with a great conclusion, IMHO.

    • Annie says:

      Right?? I swear, I don’t know if Leight and I saw the same show or what, but “Did I just see that?” was NOT what I was thinking. What I was thinking: “Predictable. Boring. Whatever.” I didn’t catch the rape jokes – which is a good thing, please do NOT feel compelled to point them out to me now – but I was thoroughly unimpressed. If this is what SVU has become, I’m out, and it’s time to retire the thing completely.

    • icy says:

      Rape jokes, I don’t think you really understand what happened in this episode or the show. They would never do that know that rape victims watch this show.

    • James says:

      I agree 100%. Very very disappointed 😠

  2. Amazing episode. God I hope SVU gets picked up for one more season.

  3. Holly says:

    I love SVU and wish they would get rid of Rollins and have Cassidy come back. He and Liv deserve a happy ending.

    • Nancy says:

      AMEN. Their “breakup” was THE lamest thing I have ever seen in my life. They LOVE each other and that is how they end it? Cassidy NEVER said he did not want kids or a wife. Plesae.

      • icy says:

        He did, he said he can’t picture growing old. That meant he didn’t want a wife or a kid. They don’t really love each other, it was pathetic, They were never meant to be, his an idiot anyways. Olivia deserved so much better, they both knew this relationship would never last. Glad it’s over.

        • BellaMorte says:

          Agreed. Cassidy and Benson didn’t have the right chemistry. I felt Benson was more mature than Cassidy, who wanted to just have a girlfriend. Benson deserves a happy ending. Maybe she’ll get it with Baby Boy Doe, and a new man in her life! Also, I really like Amanda Rollins and she’s grown on me.

        • Lin says:

          Thank you

          • nancy says:

            He never actually said that. Many people don’t like getting old. AND I do not believe he did not want a wife or kids with a ten foot pole. They did it because they are lazy and didn’t want to deal with it. Simple as that. I don’t believe that Olivia wants kids and a husband THAt badly either. She can’t open up to Brian then HOW in the hell does she think she will have a good marriage? with ANYONE? Or be a good mother?

        • Nancy says:

          Back in season one he said he WANTED kids. And if you saw the deleted scene from the premiere? He told Munch he could not imagine his life without her! Then suddenly he doesn’t want that? Yeah me thinks WL had been smoking a little something. Cassidy was NOT an idiot either. Olivia does not deserve to be a single mother and according to Kevin Fox? She doesn’t NEED a man. So I don’t see her getting someone else. Who wants to be saddled with someone else’s kid? It’s not even HER’s.

        • Nancy says:

          No he didn’t say it. In season one he wanted kids. HE NEVER told her that he DID NOT want kids. Sorry.He’s not an idiot either. They DID love each other. I get you hate him but really? Don’t make stuff up Grow up.

  4. Liz says:

    It was excruciating to watch. I know it’s an acting and writing “challenge” for the SVU crew to do episodes like this but they are no fun to watch at all, terrorizing Olivia, who we all love, and tying up a young girl and threatening to rape and kill her. I know that SVU frequently pushes the envelope in what is acceptable to show on network TV…but it feels gimmicky, like they have to put the characters through these ordeals just to keep the show lively or something stupid like that.

    People don’t watch police procedurals to see the primary characters tortured, but to see a crime solved each week. This isn’t The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones, it’s a Law & Order show. That carries over 20 years of expectations and brutalizing the cast isn’t one of them.

    • tche1478 says:

      Amen! It used to be a new case every episode, always different, and the courtroom parts were half the show and just as riveting as the chase.

    • Joei says:

      Amen! OMG! So true! This show has always been about the story, the victims, the case – and now a lot of it is the love lives of the detectives, their addictions and what not. This is not a character driven show. None of the Law & Order’s ever were. As Sam Waterston said before, At the end of the day, Law & Order is about people who show up and do their jobs.

      This has been lost and no – this has nothing to do with Chris Meloni leaving although that really contributed to the down trend of this show. But I am an original Law & Order fan and I have become used to comings and goings of cast members. With each departure came an opportunity to bring on a new and compelling character not to replace the one who left so much but to bring in a new dimension. Just like in real life when someone resigns from work, the next person brings something else to the table. And instead of that we get a copycat Elliot in Amaro. I mean seriously – anger issues, wife issues, Catholic issues, sound familiar?

      It’s time for this show to gracefully bow out. I’d rather have it end now – on a high note – since they said this is the highest rated season since Leight took over – rather than when they have to end it. End it on your own terms.

      I have so much respect for this franchise and if it were up to me, I would love to have one more season – to wrap all the loose ends – but a shortened season. When SVU ends, it would be the end of the Law & Order era. So while I absolutely hate what SVU has become, my love for the franchise especially for the original makes me say, give it a proper ending. Grant it the proper final season that the mothership never got and then let it bow out with dignity.

      Dick Wolf has a new franchise to pour his energy into and so instead of letting SVU, the only Law & Order fizzle out, please let it go the right way. Tell them they’re canceled now so that they can still shoot a proper series finale or renew it for a FINAL season so that the people behind this veritable franchise can start creating the ultimate final season.

  5. ryan says:

    This show sucks who cares

  6. Patrice says:

    Ratings ploy. Pure and simple. It was sickening. When will this be cancelled?

  7. Edie says:

    What a trashy show this has become. This makes me sad.

    • Dolores de Panza says:

      I agree and it also makes me sad. Impossible to watch, really disgusting. Dunno wtf is wrong with the writers. Just terrible

  8. Stephanie says:

    Where was Cassidy tonight? Glad William is gone!

  9. Mark Ledoux says:

    I thought the episode was great. Very realistic. Both actors did an amazing job.

  10. Wow. I must have not watched the same show. Tough crowd tonight.

  11. Lulu says:

    I hope the writers don’t make Olivia go through another agonizing trial and question the integrity of her badge anymore. They need to move off of terrorizing her. She’s seen more horrible situations in 14 years than anyone on SVU. I want Chris Meloni to be paid whatever rediculous amount of $$ he wants and come back. This show is missing the chemistry between B & S. Stabler! Stabler! Stabler! Ugh!! Why did he have to leave????

    • icy says:

      Enough with Meloni he’s been done with SVU, this crap about him is old and annoying .He left because he wanted to, he’s moved on and on a new tv show. Can’t anyone realize that he’ll never come back to SVU. Get over it already and move on,

    • worthymagic says:

      Stabler(Christopher Meloni) left because he was having problems with Dick Wolfe(the executive producer of the show) and making $400,000 an episode wasn’t enough for him. If he was offered the chance to come back, they would probably offer him less than half of what he was making. He burned a lot of bridges on his way out the door. Sorry.

      • Joei says:

        Actually Christopher Meloni was NOT having problems with Dick Wolf. His contract was up and he was invited to stay with an insane amount of money and he refused. He wanted to do other things. As much as I miss Stabler, I am a Chris Meloni fan first. Chris Meloni is happy with where he is now. Since leaving SVU he has done SO much – things that he could never do if he were still in SVU. It was HIS choice to leave. He is HAPPY. As an actor – Chris wanted to be able to expand his horizons. It would be sad for him to have all the talent that he has only to be tied just one role – iconic as that role might have been. Plus, as he recently said, after 12 years, he wanted to do something lighter. Something that didn’t leave him with such a heavy feeling after being so in touch with the character and the role. Elliot Stabler was an amazing character but he was intense, angry and his job did not leave a pleasant feeling after the day is done. Imagine having to be immersed in the types of stories that SVU tackled for 12 years. It should be understandable why he said enough. Heck as much as I loved the show from Seasons 1 thru 12 there is a point in a marathon that I say no more. And that’s me – a viewer who only has to deal with it 40 to 45 mins at a time. Imagine the actors and the writers and everyone. They are immersed in those kinds of stories with so much tragedy and heartache and violence. So please stop saying crappy things like that. I am an Elliot fan – but save maybe for hopefully one scene not unlike what George Clooney did for ER as Doug Ross, I am okay with Chris leaving. I am happy for him. Stop maligning him because he doesn’t deserve it.

  12. allen says:

    I agree with most of the comments tonight. I am not a fan of this episode. I would have preferred a smarter ending. My interpretation of a smart ending? One that out smarted the criminal. I feel like he won. A child was terrorized and Olivia ruined for life;well the rest of the season. If she knew so well, why not profile him. Why not create scenes that drives the dude to drive into the Hudson river, or into pole, because he could no longer overpower a woman–in this case Olivia or maybe even a girl child, or both of them. I would love to see more shows that allow the woman to actually control her attacker. What could you have done with this show, if the older sister had had the fortitude to shoot her victim. If not kill him, at least wound him enough for them to get away. Come on let’s have some creativity. I knew he would kill himself. Where is the surprised, yo yo back forth with the crazy man, to watch him kill himself in the end. He continued to torture women, omg, little girls, and me.

  13. Kd says:

    I don’t like to see Olivia getting tortured!! I miss Stabler!

  14. tche1478 says:

    Hm… I have been a huge fan of this show for some time, but this last season, it began to lose me. I’ve discovered that while I continue to record it, I never actually look forward to watching it anymore. I actually say, “Oh yea. I taped L&O SVU. Guess I should watch that, if only for Amaro.” When I realized William was back on a murdering/raping spree tonight, I actually rolled my eyes and told my dog, “I’m sick of this guy and this story. I hope someone dies, even if it’s Olivia, just so we can be done with it.” And the way it ended did not leave me in the frame of mind that the producers hoped. Instead, I said, “What was just the point of this?”

    Something went wrong this last season, somewhere. I’m not liking Rollins and I’m missing that funny detective who wore the shaded glasses.

    I don’t think I’m going to record anymore. I kept hoping I would start liking it again, but it’s not happening. I have to agree with the above commenter that it’s starting to get a bit trashy. I miss the days when it had thought-evoking, what-would-you-do episodes with a beginning and a conclusion.

    • Cheyenne says:

      For the past couple of years I’ve forgotten to watch a lot of episodes. I guess that means I’m tired of the show. It’s had a good run but it’s gotten kind of stale.

      I wish the original L&O was still on. I never got tired of watching that. But eventually Lt. Van Buren would have retired and once she was gone, the heart would have gone out of the show.

      • Joei says:

        I wish the mothership was still on too! For me the heart of that show was Jack McCoy! If Sam Waterston had left that show, I think the show would have ended there. Thankfully I never had to go through that.

        I am still pissed at NBC for not giving it it’s proper final season. I mean after 20 years that’s what you do? You can’t even give it a proper final season? And as much as I do not like what SVU has become, the fact is when you end SVU, you end the era of Law & Order and that is a big thing. (NBC – you should really do a Law & Order TV movie and give us the proper ending we mothership fans DESERVE!)

        SVU has to end. But I hope NBC can end it the proper way. Either tell them now that they are cancelled so they can still film a decent series finale OR renew them and declare upon renewal that it will be the last season and the season would be shortened so that way the people behind SVU can work on giving us the best final season befitting the end of the Law & Order era.

    • Cheyenne says:

      I forget to watch a lot of episodes. I guess that means I’m tired of it. It’s had a good run but it’s gotten a bit stale.

      I wish the original L&O was still on. I never got tired of watching that. But eventually Lt. Van Buren would have retired and with her gone, the heart would have gone out of the show.

  15. pretend says:

    Hoped for better. Like the show but really needs to step it up again.

  16. I never feel like they push the envelope too far. I just read a few comments about about how the show goes to places that are too brutal. and wanted to respond as a viewer with a completely different experience. I like this Law and Order show the best. (The original was good too, but this is the only side one I like.) I feel like they stay in touch with what real crimes are being perpetuated on the outside and put those in for the season, too. Anyway, completely amazing acting with Benson, especially when she had to pull the gun. I can’t. The way she responded to things and the way William responded were a nice counerpoint. He was so psychopathic calm and damaged and flippant and she was reacting like a reasonable and traumatized person would. I also really realized how much William had focused on Olivia and was a nice mix of showing somebody who can’t stop needing to do hurtful destructive things. They handle these subjects with the honesty it needs. And that’s all that stuff really needs- honesty- because it’s more important than dignity because those moments rob you of dignity.

  17. Mary Mary says:

    Terrible writing and story line. No doubt that this was a painful episode to watch. The writing was controdictory to the whole permise of the show. I cannot stress enough how the writing has gone down from past seasons. Very disappointed. I think the audience deserve better. Haven’t we evolve in television?

  18. Theresa says:

    This episode was excellent, couldn’t leave my seat until it was finish. Well written.

  19. David says:

    Why bring Logue in only to have him leave for another show next year? Benson in a Supervisor role failed creatively and they obviously need someone else. They need to get that figured out.

  20. Cal says:

    Definitely starting to lose me with the constant focus on the torment of the detectives. I like Rollins (contrary to a lot of posters) but that gambling thing annoyed me. Amaro shooting the kid was annoying, the benson torturing was just disturbing. Hopefully things get back on track or else my Wednesday tv will become criminal minds and Chicago PD

    • Sheila says:

      Agreed! The good part about Law & Order was that it focused on the case, not the cops. It gets boring when characters suddenly have a nemesis. I like Pablo Schreiber and Donal Logue, but this episode was boring. Even when Lewis was mauling Olivia’s chest, the look on her face wasn’t fear but more like, “oh, for pete’s sake”!

  21. Nancy Garrett says:

    My thought was that they turned this storyline into Criminal Minds.

  22. Joy says:

    Oh I definitely said “What the hell did I just see” at the end. It just wasn’t in the context that Warren Leight was wanting it to be. What a terrible episode. Hell, what a terrible show. I’m so done with it. Any other recommendations for this time slot on a Wednesday night? I need a real drama.

    • icy says:

      Terrible show, this is a real drama show. This is 2014 if you want drama go watch a soap opera which are terrible and annoying.

    • Robby Horine says:

      The writing has been going down the potty for about 4 seasons now. Thankfully, Mariska can turn crap into gold.

  23. lacenleather24 says:

    I Loved this episode, great job to everyone involved! I can’t wait to see what happens next with Olivia, and I hope the show gets picked up for another season.

  24. Saabgirlatx says:

    Definitely didn’t need another William episode. It was gratuitous torture for ratings sake.

  25. Cheyenne says:

    I can’t see how Rollins can continue to stay on the squad when Olivia told her flat out that she can’t trust her.

    I’m not too crazy about the ADA they have this year. They haven’t had a good ADA since Alexandra Cabot.

    I thought Stabler was a jerk. After all the years he was Benson’s partner, he could have done her the courtesy of telling her he was leaving. It was a really sh*tty move just sneaking off like that.

    • worthymagic says:

      Rollins is going to be there. She’s the new hot babe, She has a gambling problem that can keep coming back(although no more threatening to kill her dog; Yes, that really is her dog). Amazing for someone who works in a unit that tries to protect women from being forced to have sex against their will, She has no problem selling the use of body to pay off her gambling debts. We already know that she was raped by her former boss in Atlanta. I’m sure that Dick Wolfe is hoping that she can help carry the show in 2 years, when Mariska Hargitay will probably say ENOUGH! I know everyone loves Christopher Meloni, but Kelli Giddish and Danny Pino were great additions to the show. I would love to see Jane March back as ADA Cabot. Should they have written a goodbye episode for Stabler and Benson? Probably, but the thought was that Meloni was going to work out everything with Dick Wolfe and come back for another year.

  26. angela says:

    Wow I for one am totally against most of these comments. SVU has honestly never been better (my opinion). The writing, acting, directing all of it has been so fing amazing lately. The show had gotten quite stale and with the new writers and actors the show feels so fresh and new. And to be able to pull that off so late in the game is fing Incredible. Props to Julie, Warren, Kevin and all of them at SVU. Yeah I agree Benson being assaulted and bringing her through all this has been tough, but 14 year’s down the line in her job something was bound to happen. She is strong and will pull through, but you gotta go through fire first before you shine.

  27. pw says:

    All I can say is that if they don’t address her confession in the next episode, then I am going to think the show has lost it’s way completely

    • icy says:

      Not in the sightest, she was tormented emotionally psychically, no one can understand what that is really like. So she lied but being who Lewis is and his long history and the evidence that supports what he did to Olivia I doubt she’ll get in serious trouble. More likely she’ll just be a detective again.

      Olivia is still a victim and no one thinks rationally after going through what she did. Especially when one is stuck in a room with a person like Lewis

  28. Ethel says:

    Love Donal Logue so am happy to see him back on SVU. It is really too bad Pablo was cast as the bad guy even though he was awesome), I would have l liked to have seen him as a new detective on the show.

  29. khalilah says:

    I so miss Stable. I hope and pray he comes back next season. Law and Order has changed. It use to be a different case every week. It was always suspense in finding a murder or a rapist it’s come tell different. I believe the cast are too emotional now. I like that it shows everyday life situation but the old Law and Order use to show that also. I just hate the fact that the show drags. I looking to see more action. Every episode use to have a court room scene. Now you’ll be lucky if you get that. Chicago PD and Chicago Fire is great. I love them shows. I just want to have the same love for Law and Order again. Please bring back Stable. He brings that toughness to the show. I use to like how Stable, Olivia and Fin rough people up on the show. It’s really a big difference.

  30. Linda F says:

    I’m one of those who love the new version of the show; I started watching when Danny Pino came aboard, so I’ve never seen any other version and have no Stabler hang-ups. But this episode was too much even for me. Leight and Martin seem to be pandering to the teenage drama queens on Twitter, and although I enjoy the personal storylines as a sub-plot, they’ve taken over the show and have virtually destroyed the case-of-the-week main plot. I want them to get back to that format, and relegate these drama blowouts and Bensidy baby plots to the background, where they belong. However, at least Lewis is gone for good (except, I’m guessing, for flashbacks as Olivia works through this), and I do love that Donal Logue will be around for the rest of the season. Maybe he can knock some sense into the squad room.

  31. Curly Girly says:

    Mariska knocked it out of the park as usual. The looks on her face when being forced to play Russian Roulette….WOW.

  32. SVUfan says:

    For me, this is the best SVU-season ever (and I’m a long-time fan)! Mariska did an amazing job in this episode, especially during the Russian Roulette sequence. I love that they brought Donal Logue back – but am disappointed that we already know he’s not here to stay. They need to be more careful with such announcements, it spoils the storylines. Same thing happened with Dean Winters – we knew he was a goner ahead of time. Not cool. Demand confidentiality! Hopefully, SVU won

    I’m guessing Declan Murphy will run things while Olivia will have to deal with the consequences of her confession? Man, the two of them would be so great together! Sucks to know it’s never going to happen.

    Kudos to Warren Leight (loved Lights Out!) and Julie Martin for this amazing season. Amanda’s storyline was great, no sugar-coating, and perfect intro for Declan. Nick seemed to be very concerned – would love to see that interest not just vanish. Barba is a very interesting DA, very smart and thus fun to watch. I’d love to see a lot more of him in action! Actually, I wouldn’t mind seeing more court scenes! Keep up the good work!

    • Yuri Alicea says:

      I couldnt agree with you more. The episode was amazing and i was feeling so many emotions it was crazy. I just hope there is another season coming at least one more!!!

  33. Yuri Alicea says:

    I thought the episode was just amazing!! I was literally on the edge of my seat the whole time. Im sorry for everyone else on the comments i read that they didnt like the episode at all and must be the only one that actually did. Oh well, anyway i hooe that svu can go on at least one more season!!!! Oh and one more thing, please move on stabler is gone get over it, and rollins and amaro are doing an amazing job. Fin is doing his thing helping out the new people, and benson awesome as sergeant/detective moreso sergeant. Cant wait for new episode to start already and see what happens to benson after what happened!!!

  34. Robby Horine says:

    When SVU ends, I hope for two things. That Olivia retires with full pension and goes down to Florida, spend her days with Munch watching the ponies at Gulfstream. And for Mariska, that he next show will be a comedy. The girl has comedy chops.

  35. Kelly says:

    What. Was. That. I thought they were supposed to going for realism on this show. Warren is always saying how he’s making this show realistic. There hasn’t been one thing he’s done this season that is realistic. Goodbye, SVU. It was nice knowing you. Torture porn, teenage pandering, and horrible executives for this show is too much for me. God that was a terrible episode. One of the worst since this batch of people took over. And I too noticed the rape jokes. Shame on you Kevin Fox (SVU writer). And shame on you Mariska and Warren for saying nothing about it.

    • linda2009 says:

      Question for you, Kelly–I was on Twitter last night following along (Kevin Fox is one of the SVU people I follow), and I didn’t see the rape jokes. I’ve seen several people mention them, though. What did he say that got everyone so riled? I’m guessing there were just so many tweets I missed them, but I honestly saw none.

      • Sara says:

        I just checked Kevin’s twitter account. He didn’t make any rape jokes. He quoted Aristotle. This was the tweet:

        “According to classical theory, humor was intended to be a necessary and cathartic release of dramatic tension. We laugh so we do not despair.”

        So I am really not sure how people are taking that is Kevin making rape jokes or victims. He was merely quoting a philosopher.

    • icy says:

      One episode, you are taking this too far. There were no rape jokes, I read twitter nothing was on there or on the episode. Rape victims watch SVU, they know better. Mariska was great, if you hate the show, watch something else. Where are you even getting the rape joke from,

  36. Andrea says:

    Warren Leight might’ve had a successful run with Criminal Intent, but that was a different show all together. I don’t really like how court scenes are more or less non-existant lately. Law and Order was always first and foremost about the Crime, solving it, and putting away the person responsible, personal issues with the detectives came secondary to that. It feels like that order has been reversed. Personal issues first, crime second. SVU was a crime a week show, and it was better that way. Heck, the original Law and Order was a crime a week show. SVU wasn’t broke, so if it wasn’t broke, why fix it. William Lewis wasn’t that interesting of a villian to me. He didn’t need to be brought back as often as he was.

    • Czech2099 says:

      Very good Andrea you are a true fan I can tel u know what crime must be about. Pablo was overrated and two episodes were enough. More of court room not detective personal lives

  37. Nikki says:

    I have mixed emotions. I still love the show but I do agree it has gone off course a little. I didn’t like all the focus on their personal problems this season. I loved Mariska’s acting in this episode. She did AWESOME. I was surprised by the ending and expected Amaro, Finn or Rollins to come in and shoot Lewis, not for him to kill himself. I will continue to watch and do hope they get picked up for another season. I have seen every episode since the beginning and yes I would love to get Stabler back although I don’t want Amaro to go anywhere! I don’t like Benson as the head of the department. I like her doing what she does best: being a detective out in the field. Last thing I have to bring out is does anyone else besides me notice the change in Finns character? I love me some Finn believe me but I liked him better when his character was a little harder on the outside. Now he is a softy! You still knew he loved his job and that he cared about people but now I don’t know…just something I noticed. Maybe its that they didn’t focus on him too much this season. Those are my thoughts.

  38. Evan says:

    I don’t know what show people have been watching for the last 14 years but SVU has always been brutal!! And I for one commend the show for actually doing something other than the case of the week because it gets really boring… look these detectives can’t deal with psychopaths all the time and not have some really bad experiences!

  39. fanfaren says:

    Ecstatic that Lewis is finally dead & super super happy Donal will stick around. I love that guy & I’m looking forward to some awkward moments with Rollins ;)

  40. worthymagic says:

    It was a great episode. I hope they make Donal Logue a regular(they need to add someone) although isn’t he still in Vikings also? He has certainly come a long way from when he was in Blade w/Wesley Snipes. It would be great to hear that SVU has been renewed. Logue and Rollins having some awkward moments would be fun to see. When he saved her, didn’t She owe like $11,000 or more from gambling? Maybe She should have to pay him?

    • linda2009 says:

      Unfortunately, he can’t be a regular next season, from what I read. He’s going to be in (the WB’s? not sure which network) the new Gotham series; I think he’s playing Harvey Bullock. Unless his part is light enough that he can go back and forth. He would be a great addition on a permanent basis.

  41. Tiffany says:

    Mariska was amazing again. She is really earning her 400k an episode. NBC needs to renew SVU.

  42. Erica says:

    If Mariska Hargitay and Pablo Schreiber do not win Emmys from this, I will be seriously ticked off. They were brilliant. What’s with all the hate, people? This storyline was riveting.

  43. icy says:

    Everyone is taking this out of proportion. There were no rape jokes, rape victims watch SVU. If you didn’t like it, so it was one bad episode to you. Doesn’t mean you need to put down the show and call it names. Every show has a few bad episodes, get over it.

    If you don’t like SVU don’t watch it, and watch something else. There’s so many other shows on tv, pick something else and forget about this show.. Stop putting it down it’s immature and childish.

    This is just a show people not real life, I happened to think this episode was good, but Lewis storyline should have never been brought back, oh well it’s not over. Let’s move on..

    Mariska was excellent.

  44. JBabe says:

    Disagreeing with the haters. ;-) It’s a tv show, with an unusually long run with Olivia and Fin being the longest and favorites. It’s always interesting to challenge these strong do-no-wrong characters! But enough with the terrorizing Liv, I agree with that. And as much as I do love both the character and the actress, (Olivia, Mariska), she didn’t make a very good command. I’m glad they brought in Amanda’s old boss. He seems like a good one. Not Cragen but definitely command material. He will be a welcomed newcomer. For sure better than that guy who stepped in for Cragen when he was framed for that hooker’s murder!

  45. USAFmedicVET says:

    “What just happened? Did you anticipate that?” NOTHING!
    SUCH tried to pull off ‘The Good Wife’ and failed miserably! Olivia and Lewis did not have chemistry, it was just sick. The whole premise of his rise from death and homemade cupcakes was absurd and insulting to the viewer.
    Olivia is a smart character, yet from the the moment ‘Lewis’ showed up, everything she did was stupid, including waltzing into her apartment and allowing him to get her gun. Terrible, cringe worthy writing that wasn’t the least bit entertaining!

    • worthymagic says:

      The reason that the death of Josh Charles(Wil) on The Good Wife was so successful and stunning is because NOBODY SAID ANYTHING ABOUT HIM WANTING TO LEAVE THE SHOW, and HIS DEATH WAS ONE OF THE BEST KEPT SECRETS EVER! Nothing was leaked. The real question is WHY WOULD THE SECOND MOST POPULAR AND PROBABLY 2ND OR 3RD HIGHEST PAID ACTOR WANT TO LEAVE A SUCCESSFUL SHOW LIKE THE GOOD WIFE? What is out there waiting for him? Enquiring minds want to know!

      • Nancy says:

        He just got married. He said he wants to start a family and he wants to see what other things are out there. He said he felt he had taken the character as far as he could and he was ready to move on and he said he would like to do more tv.

  46. Marci says:

    I had had enough of that psycho last season and was disappointed that he wasn’t killed off in the finale. I recorded this season’s first episode and fast-forwarded through all of the scenes between him and Olivia. Last night I watched only the last 10 minutes to see if they would finally get rid of him and was relieved when he shot himself. I hate these serial killer scenarios that go on and on season after season. They’re tedious and boring.

  47. Curtis says:

    People saying it was trashy and not well written are missing the real problem with this episode, and that’s about Benson herself. It felt completely out of character for her to be sooooo idiotic in her handling of the kidnapping. All of a sudden her guilt makes her think the only way to stop the madman was to give him what he wants? Knowing him better than anyone in the room? That’s what bugs me, because her character ISNT stupid, all of a sudden she’s capable of putting herself and the girl in harms way. That’s what really bugged me about this episode.

  48. R. Henderson says:

    I deleted this episode off of my DVR. This character had already become “trope”. I couldn’t even bring myself to watch it.

  49. Mary H. says:

    I think SVU has gone way off course. It used to be a show that covered difficult topics with humanity. Now it’s just like any number of programs showcasing depravity. I hope that now that Lewis has been killed off, the show will go back to what it was: a long-running series that engendered great loyalty. Warren Leight, don’t mess with something that worked. Please. If it doesn’t get better soon, this will be my last season watching.

  50. ladyboss says:

    I watched the show and was not impressed that Lewis came back, did not enjoy the season finale and definitely did not enjoy his return…. way too much talking in both episodes, was playing candy crush at the same time as I was bored. I do like lawyer shows and seeing the bad guy get caught, I do not like where seniors and children are hurt…. I am sure the writers can come up with better story lines to keep their viewers intrigued but not disturbed by the storyline….