Glee Exclusive: Shirley MacLaine Books Arc as Blaine's [Spoiler]! Plus — First Photo!

glee shirley maclaineGlee has pulled another Oscar-winning actress into its orbit.

TVLine has learned exclusively that Shirley MacLaine is set to appear in multiple episodes of the Fox musical-dramedy — and her character has big plans for Darren Criss’ Blaine.

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MacLaine, whose limited TV resume includes a recurring role as Lady Grantham’s mother Martha on Downton Abbey, will portray a powerful New York socialite intent on turning recent Big Apple transplant Blaine into a superstar. Her first episode is slated to air later this month.

Scroll down for an exclusive behind the scenes shot of MacLaine and Criss getting their song and dance on.

Shirley MacLaine Glee

(photo credit: Dante Di Loreto)

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  1. AudreyCatburn says:

    I honestly just don’t get the Blaine appeal…

    • Shazay says:

      Ugh, at least they had Rachel audition for her role in Funny Girl, but Blaine gets a rich lady who just wants to make him famous. Totally believable. This happens all the time in NYC

      • Tyler says:

        Yeah because people fresh out of highschool get leading roles on huge Broadway shows all the time. And become right-hand men to Vogue executives from one half assed interview. Or become superstars in LA after one week of selling CD’s in a parking lot. Like Rachel, Kurt, and Mercedes.

        Some people need to get over their frankly nonsensically vicious hatred to Blaine. Or if they’re hell bent on it, atleast own up to the fact that other character have gotten irrationally lucky things happen to practically all of them.


        • Princess says:

          I am so excited for an individual storyline for Blaine!!! I love him so much!!!!!

          • Michael says:

            Right ? This guy hasn’t gotten an ACTUAL individual arc in like, ever. Only episode long issues that resolve within the episode. Or Klaine.

            I’m looking forward to seeing this. And hopefully more Artie/Mercedes arcs too :)

          • mary says:

            Why? Darren had an SL´s with his “brother” Matt Boner and did nothing for him. He is not that memorable in that episode to be honest

          • I love Blaine so much and can’t wait to see the upcomming episdoes!

        • Jase says:

          Well said Tyler! The irrational Blaine/Darren hate on this site (by posters and by the site runners) is ridiculous. It’s like watching Fox News foam at the mouth over everything Obama says and does.

        • Gunny says:

          Rachel started to prepare herself for Fanny for years, auditioned twice, did several reads and was chosen. It’s not like she walked in and they gave it to her. Mercedes had also prepared herself and selling cd’s out of their car, street corner, internet is not unusual. Kurt had always loved fashion and was prepared for this non-paying internship. They were all very good and very prepared for their success. Luck for Rachel and Kurt was the role/job were available at the time. There is nothing nonsensical or vicious about pointing out the differences between Blaine’s amazing rich white boy luck, and the hard work of the other three. It doesn’t really matter “how” the relationship between Blaine and Shirley will begin, it’s the fact that it is happening at all. To see him struggle a little is not a bad storyline.

          • soundscene says:

            Yeah, because Blaine has done zero preparation for being on Broadway or performing in the arts, which is apparently what this older lady likes about him. He’s spent all of high school sitting on his butt waiting for Shirley McLaine to sweep him up into her rich arms.
            You’re reaching there.
            If you’re going to even get a tiny bit realistic, the chances of even a hard-working recent NYC, very young transplant landing a lead Broadway role is more unlikely than an elderly lady finding a talented cute, young guy and wanting to be his platonic sugar mama. Broadway roles are scarce and the lead will, 99% of the time, go to more established actors. A young chorus actor may in fact be more talented than the lead, but they are untested and generally have to pay their dues before crawling to the front of the stage. Situations like Rachel’s are very few and very far between.

          • jorgebr says:

            sorry but there’s a BIG difference between pointing out the difference in treatment between two characters and then being a total a-hole about it

        • Shyextrovert says:

          Leah was already a broadways star way before high school so her character becoming one directly from high school is possible. As per kurt becoming the right hand to Vogue probability low but reality is be in the right place and the right time or know the right people and yes it would happen!

          • Tanya Withem says:

            only two more then it is over I here is this true does any one for a fact of this an the last one does kurt and blain finally get married so many question to ask

      • Jill Cooke says:

        Thrilled to see Blaine’s character not lose his own individuality with his move to New York. It will be fun to see what they do with a relationship with her. As pointed out here, he always gets things handed to him, so why not, but so have several others – nothing wrong with suspending disbelief a little. Who really breaks out into song in the subway after all. I’ll watch as much Blaine as they give me – no complaints here.

    • Sam says:

      There is none. He’s a mediocre, whiny, borderline sociopathic brat that gets everything handed to him.

      • Yep, it makes me really sad for Kurt. The chemistry between Kurt and Starchild is amazing, and they have a much healthier relationship. I’m so sick of Blaine :/

        • Tanya Withem says:

          so do I but I can’t see them killing him of the show it isn’t right to do that

        • lol says:

          laughing at you. go read some starkurt fiction while I enjoy kurt and blaine’s actual scenes and actual relationship, compared to starchild’s FRIENDSHIP and few scenes before he left.

        • Lou says:

          Chris had a whole arc with Sarah Jessica Parker, plus Adam Lambert was brought on to play his new bff, plus the Brit who played Adam. Darren got Matt Bomer in a one off to play his brother. It’s hardly skewed in favor of Darren.

        • Travis says:

          Thier chemistry was that of friendship. I know this might be shocking to hear,but two gay people can be nice to each other without wanting to jump each other’s bones. Friendship – its a thing !

        • Kim says:

          I feel bad for Blaine! He is way out of Kirk’s league!

          • Mike says:

            Sweetie, it’s Kurt, not Kirk and Blaine is lucky that Kurt was willing to take him back after not only cheating but continually acting immature and jealous.

      • Tyler says:

        ??? These people that say he gets everything handed to him… yet I bet if Glee shows him auditioning, trying to make it out in the world, the same person will complain about how he gets too much screen time and its now the “Blee” show.

        I wonder when these people will stop being whiny hypocrites.

        • Sam says:

          …He was literally handed over valedictorian after not earning it a couple of episodes ago.

          • Tyler says:

            Which was a tongue in cheek joke that was never brought up again. A JOKE. What would you rather ? A 10 minute montage of all of Blaine’s credentials of why he was the third runner up?

            Or do we all need explicit 10 minute montages on how anyone in Glee club has ever gotten anything that was wildly out of character for someone from a “loser” glee club?

        • Mike says:

          With Glee’s long standing tradition of pointing out the ridiculous nature of their own storylines, the whole reason they even made the joke is because they’re completely aware that of all the characters, Blaine is the one who gets handed things the most without being shown as having put in any of the work for it. There was no reason they would’ve had to go to a 3rd runner up in the first place except so they could ram that lame joke in there. While it’s still unbelievable that all these characters keep getting these major breaks so soon after high school, at least we’re shown the many ways the characters (esp. Rachel and Kurt) have suffered and worked for what they got. They didn’t just automatically come in with pretty much everyone loving them and everything they did.

          • soundscene says:

            So you would be okay if Glee explicitly showed you all the ways Blaine works for the things he gets? Because they can do that. There would be a lot more Blaine on the show, but you won’t mind, right? As long as it’s clearly explained to you that Blaine actually does work?
            Here’s the thing — Blaine got 3rd runner up for valedictorian because the character has good grades. Do you think Blaine didn’t go to class, got all Cs and still had a high GPA? That wouldn’t make sense, would it? It’s not shown, but you’re supposed to assume that he’s probably worked for his grades just as much as #1 and #2.
            Glee didn’t show Blaine’s audition for NYADA, either. So… are we to assume that he didn’t have to audition; that they loved his slicked hair and just let him into the school? Nope, we’re to assume he worked hard, auditioned, and got in, just like Kurt and Rachel. Glee isn’t showing you Blaine working because Kurt and Rachel are higher-up in Glee seniority. They get more storylines; they get more scenes. But only somebody who isn’t using their brains would actually think the character of Blaine is not supposed to have worked for anything at all.

      • rachelberryblows says:

        And Rachel’s not? HE at least has talent.

        • Sam says:

          Lea Michele? Multiple Golden Globe and Emmy nominee, Broadway baby Lea Michele, not talented? I guess you’d have to be deaf and blind to be a Darren Criss fan.

          • Mary says:

            Darren was on broadway too???? His month long stint on H2$ brought in more money than Daniel Radcliffe’s 18 months??? Darren has been on a successful national tour, more plays than i can name, and has his own EP??? Definitely not knocking Lea, love her to bits, but the two are on par, that you can’t deny. Stop being so rude, if you don’t like a character grin and bear it, don’t whine.

          • Ips says:

            Seriously. Darren stans really put the D in Delusion and the Em in Embarrassing.

          • Sam says:

            @Mary Are you new to stunt casting? He made it on to sell tickets in between the people they actually hired full-time, not based on actual talent. All hype, no delivery.

          • Gunny says:

            Darren sold a total of 27,000 albums in three years. NO acting or singing awards. He’s not even close to the same league as Lea Michele, who also has millions of more social media followers and outsells him on downloads 3 to 1. His only real hit was with the Warblers and probably Teenage Dream. I think it would be good for him professional to have a more diverse character, he has become one dimensional. As an actor, one would think he would want to show more depth.

          • wow show some respect says:

            @Mary Really you can not be seriously comparing a one mohtn stunt casting to appearing in 4 separate bway shows? Lea originated two roles on bway by the time she was 20. SA won the Tiny,Lea appeared on the Grammy winning cast recording. Ragtime was nominated for a Tony. Fiddler was nominated for a Tony. Lea has performed at the Tonys 4 times.

            Seriously Darren did maybe 20 -25 shows and Lea has done maybe up to 1000 shows. She has worked 8 shows a week in 4 different show for a total of 8 years of more. You really think that is comparable???

            Sorry but I actually find that kind of insulting for all those real Bway vets who have put years into their stage work on Bway. Darren may have done some plays but 8 shows a week for a year or more at a time? No not even close.

            Darren’s bway stage work isn’t even on par with Jenna.

        • haha funny stuff says:

          Rachel has more talent than Blaine easily . Blaine has a thin voice and stains to do most songs especially bway tunes. As far as actors Lea acts circles around Darren. Darren is a decent performer but his singing and acting is limited.

    • Sky says:

      Me too. But, this is Glee now.. Cory is gone, Finn was the draw for me. I loved Finn and Rachel. So, now we have Blaine and Kurt as the meant to be couple, with Blaine as the song bird of them. I don’t listen to his tweeting, it doesn’t appeal to me, either. Well, Glee is what Glee is, we accept it or leave it. I really like Artie, Mercedes, Kurt and love Santana and Rachel.

    • sunny says:

      Blaine plot though <3 actual tears of happiness.

    • Princess says:

      I love Blaine sooo much!!! I am so happy he is getting an individual storyline finally!!!!!

    • worthymagic says:

      That’s okay. I’ve never understood the appeal of this show. I know it has lots of fans, so my not watching it means nothing.

    • Jase says:

      I laughed so hard when I read this cuz I knew instantly the irrational hate that would pour from this site. You guys are so predictable. Blaine/Darren is a star. Get used to it.

      • AudreyCatburn says:

        meh, finding him a mediocre actor and singer doesn’t make me hate him. It’s just a matter of opinion.

        • Tyler says:

          Kinda sounds like you hate him when all your posts have to do with your dislike for him. Like…okay, fine – he doesn’t tickle your fancy and you find him annoying. Thats indeed your opinion. But you went to an article about Blaine development and posted all over about how you “don’t get him” and how “its all about him” and how you hope he’d leave but not really contributing any thoughtful analysis to ALL these other logical arguments up above and below on why people DO get him, and why its NOT all about him and why he shouldn’t leave.

          Its all
          You:”Its the blee show!”
          Someone else: “No its not… its been focused on alot of other people too”
          You:”Its the blee show!”

          Also the people that complain that Blaine is mediocre:
          This show was NEVER about ONLY the best singers getting story development. Singing “mediocre” doesn’t mean you should just cease to be part of some elitist Glee show of someone’s snobby imagination. Its about all diff. types of people. And alot of people like his voice as it is.

          • AudreyCatburn says:

            I went to this article because I *adore* Shirley MacLaine. That woman is a legend, and upon reading the article was wondering what the appeal to Blaine actually was. Considering from when I actually saw him in how to succeed in business without really trying.. he was.. well.. I took a moment to actually consider if he had to have been screwing someone to get the part (Not saying he did.) I find him annoying because the show had toted him as their cash cow without the talent to back it up. A lot of people like his autotuned voice.. which.. okay? (His real one is fine.. a bit pitchy and I wouldn’t write home about it… but I’ve heard worse) Trust me you don’t want my critical analysis of the poor use of his character and the performance by the actor himself. (it would not be very nice and full of technical terms) The one thing he is here for is catering to a demographic that doesn’t work in professional theatre. I can buy Rachel making it. I can almost get behind Kurt getting into Vogue… but for a sugar mama to come around and want to make an extremely autotuned performer a star? Yeah no. I can buy Sam being an underwear model before that and Mercedes getting a record deal (cause Mercedes is *amazingly* talented and blows his voice of the water without even trying) The only way I could buy some old lady coming along to want to make Blaine a star is if he started whoring himself out for it. (lot more common than you think) This is one of those times where I think the show is going a bit too into my territory for me to be able to look at it objectively. I had the same issue with Smash. (Katherine McPhee would have *never* been given that role unless she was an American Idol and they were ~desperate~ to put butts in empty seats) but hey.. at the end of the day its all objective. I just come from a professional background that makes me side eye a lot of the shows decisions.

          • Tori Hitomi says:

            I would like to unsubscribe to this

          • Tyler says:

            There’s a lot of talk here about you having the credentials to critique his work, etc etc, none of which was asked for so I’m not sure why you felt it necessary to mention. I didn’t discredit your opinions once. What you failed to acknowledge, and what I was saying, was that its NOT the Blee show (not to mention you say this while also mentioning season 2 as if you mean to solely pin this on him and not the flagging and weakening writing) You also come off as snarky when someone comments on how happy they are for him and all you’ve got is “Yeah glad you like eyebrows” Don’t even try to play that off as genuine, none of us were born yesterday. And lets not forget you feeling sad that he’s not having a dramatic exit via DEATH. And we’re suppose to believe you don’t “hate” the guy. Suuure. But fine. You don’t buy him. Great, that’s really good for you – and no, I won’t need you to peddle a long winded analysis about his “technicalities” to prove it to me. I get people have different tastes.

            But back to what I’m saying. Blaine as a character has been a bare bones character since forever. If this were the “Blee” show as you say, this would not of been the case. Not to mention in recent episodes, due certainly to a refocusing of the core characters, everyone’s been developing themselves as individuals. You’d have to be a little willfully ignorant to not notice this. But he’s so neglected in terms of actual character development, its not even funny. People are really happy that he MIGHT (its not even a given) be headed towards someone better fleshed out. Some people also really like his voice, so for them this is genuinely something to excited about. Some people DO enjoy what little they see of his character – he’s lively,almost endlessly cheerful and peppy,optimistic, expressive, goofy, friendly. Some people like him for Klaine – sweet romantic, blah blah (I’m sure you don’t want to hear this part) Some probably just like him because he’s eye candy. Some are/were already fans of the actor himself, his thing with harry potter and other geeky interests (its encouraging them to see these qualities in a celebrities), his general silly personality, self deprecating comments, appreciation of his fans and luck. etc the list goes ON and ON. Hell, I bet many of them enjoy the whole package. What matters is many people have taken with him, for whatever reasons. Yet I’m sure you’ve seen all these reasons. And you’ll still say “Ew, just don’t get him.” and spend way too much time bashing him. Who are you to invalidate people’s reasons for liking him just because he’s not on the same level as the others you hold high on YOUR list ? Really, these people are idiots with no taste? Because they don’t hold your particular values in what makes a person shine? And you don’t think you sound close minded and superior at all? Because I almost feel like the Blaine fans are behaving better than Blaine haters.

            For the most part, none of these other Blaine fans are going around screaming ” I HOPE RACHEL DIES, SCREW KURT, LETS SEND SANTANA OFF THIS SHOW FOREVER, I DON’T GET WHAT PEOPLE LIKE ABOUT ARTIE” until Blaine haters come in here ready to start a flame war. MOST of the responses are just ” Yay, Blaine !” or ” Woo, Shirley !”

            I’m sick and tired of the biased irrationality of it all. Where was the public outcry for Brittany’s MIT stunt? Santana becoming an understudy despite no experience or any mention of having a big broadway voice? Mercedes landing a record deal even with her amazing voice? Because there’s totally not 5 million people with amazing voices out there that STILL cant make it big? Maybe it takes more than a great voice? A magnetic or charismatic personality maybe? A particular body/face type? Being in the right place at the right time? Things are getting handed to people all the damn time on this show. Suspension of belief doesn’t end just because it happened to a character you dislike. I wont even get into how we DON’T even know how this whole Blaine/Shirley thing is gonna go down except that you make all these statements knowing nothing about it besides whats written up there.

            At the end of the day, critical analysis is always important – I value it – but these conversations should be about voicing how something should be improved upon. Progressive. Spouting one liner hate-speak (which you did) without holding accountability to yourself to at least be a “nice” person doesn’t separate you from the run of the mill internet troll.

            And honestly, you’ve been one of the much more mild ones. This applies to ALOT of the Blaine haters, especially down below.

          • AudreyCatburn says:

            @tyler i stepped away from this for a day. i realized the morning after that my response was on the rude side and I’m going to apologize for it. I believe I am holding him to credentials that I’m accustomed to in the field I work with and that is unfair to the character and the actor and that is a problem with me and no on else. It is not my vision or how I would portray the character. I realized that my critique was rude, and failed to provide the professional standard on which I should have. Not everyone enjoys things for the same things and you are entirely right in your views. There are people on both sides that I question their antics and in this moment mine were very unprofessional and I deeply regret them. (This was a wonderful step in realizing one should not comment on things when they’ve had more than one glass of wine.) So, I am in fact deeply sorry, and I really do appreciate what you wrote and it will be a part of me for whenever I decide to comment on things in the future. I do stand by my assessment that I find the actor mediocre in the material he is given, but I will change my stance on that in the idea that perhaps it is the show that doesn’t give him real meaty things to work with. An actor cannot work with scraps when it needs a real meal) I was deeply rude and I hope you forgive me. If not, that is also alright by my way of things. I will conduct my behavior in a fashion that is less problematic in the future. This entire thing was misplaced aggression on my part, and I will once again state that I am sorry, and thank you for your well thought out response. It was much needed and I hope to not place irrational hate in such a forum in the future. (In my defense I just had to deal with two days of bad auditions, but in the end that is truly no excuse. I do apologize)

          • AudreyCatburn says:

            @Tyler tl;dr thank you for pointing out my problematic behavior. It actually made me look at why i was assessing things the way I was, and took into account on why it may be wrong and to try to look at it another way.

          • AudreyCatburn says:

            @tyler no one gets to police how or why a person enjoys things… just because I believe that in the professional venue someone wouldn’t cut it… doesn’t mean they won’t. I may not get the appeal or “charisma” but that doesn’t mean I’m right. I policed in a not fully explained extent and I was in the wrong for it. I am sorry.

        • Tyler says:

          @aubreycatburn I really can’t get over what types of amazing character traits someone has to have to post what you just did. I wont wax poetic about it as I’m afraid it might come off as patronizing, but you really set a standard here. I’ll leave it simply at that.

          I’m with you on questioning alot of the poisonous antics of BOTH sides of this whole flame war. And because of them, I understand why it’s so hard for alot of people to stay constructive with their criticism or their defenses… But the alternative is so much worse and less fulfilling. I’d be remiss to not include times where I’ve fallen into unprofessional territory myself, and would also like to try harder to hold myself to re-framing my concerns in ways that encourage healthy and even amiable discussion. I’ve got nothing negative to say about your current assessment except that as a fan of Blaine, I can agree that this isn’t going to cut it for me either and, for me, he needs deeper material and character focus. Not to be mistaken with MORE material and sloppy focus. And if this arc plays out as things have typically played out for him, I’ll honestly be crushed. Anyway – I really look forward to your future comments and critiques, however harsh they may be towards this actor or character. And if any day you ever felt up to offering that critical analysis of yours, especially to a Blaine fan open to honest discussion, I’ll gladly be all ears. (though if so we should probably take to private discussion or elsewhere and release poor Tori Hitomi up there^ from this) My heart and support goes out to you for those auditions, and I truly wish that so much better comes to you.

  2. TJ says:

    Yippy! More Blaine the Mediocre focus. Welcome to NY BLEE

    • Travis says:

      Um…EVERYONE has gotten focus so far. Stop being a hater, put down your tin foil hat and try watching the same show the rest of us have been watching

      • Jase says:

        Haven’t you heard Travis? You’re required to hate Darren Criss and Blaine Anderson over here at Tow the Line.

    • Elvis says:

      Well, an episode where Kurt gets physically bashed had more focus on Mercedes than the actual injured party, so…

  3. persephone says:


  4. Sam says:

    Waste of a guest star, as always when it comes to Blaine.

  5. I LOVE Shirley MacLaine! They’re lucky to get her.
    It’ll be great to see her at work again.

  6. Truth Bomb says:

    Sounds like the rumors that Darren is leaving Glee might be true. Why else would they try to convince us that Blaine is some kind of superstar unless it’s to make it so he gets some sort of opportunity that involves him leaving NY.

    • dan says:

      It seems like there are rumors that everybody is leaving (except Lea Michelle); first Tina, then Santana, now Blaine. I have no idea if Tina will appear again this season, but Santana will be back. As for next year, who knows? The producers have said that the cast line-up for Season 6 has not been determined, so until then I guess everybody could be on the chopping block.

      • James says:

        Tina is in 5×17 and possibly also 5×18.

      • Jennifer says:

        From what I have read season 6 will be the last season. I can’t see them bringing in a lot of new cast members for one season. I guess we will have to see what happens. I still watch the show but it just isn’t the same without Cory, I just can’t seem to get into it like before. It still saddens me that he is gone. The show had a good run but now I just feel like it’s played out. Should be interesting to see how the season ends and the how the series will end. I wonder if Mr. Shue will show up in New York for any episodes?

        • Gunny says:

          I think the name of the season is comeback. To me that implies the comeback of Glee Club in Ohio so Matt will return and maybe some of the other adults (Sue for sure), and then there will be a mash up of the other characters and their life at that point in time. A little like this season with characters coming back for a 3 episode arc (Tina and Mercedes). With Cory gone, Rachel and Kurt will remain the focus. I really suspect that Blaine will discover that theater is not what he wants to do and we really don’t know what Kurt or Santana want to do when they grow up. I think Kurt (like Chris) will decide to be a writer – they hinted at this in the past. I sort of see a storyline of Kurt (maybe with Puck) writing a screenplay that Artie directs and Rachel stars in. I also think they will jump ahead a few years with the characters in their mid-twenties. Quinn will have a baby, Mercedes will be an R&B star, Tina will be a vet, Mike will be on DWTS, etc…… could be fun.

    • LOL says:

      It does kind of make sense. Oh how I hope it’s true.

    • Al says:

      Keep telling yourself that.

    • Reality.Bites says:

      Nonsense. If they want to write out Blaine they sure as heck don’t need to book Shirley Maclaine to a multi-episode arc.

      • Truth Bomb says:

        They do if they want to try and spin it into a positive thing. Oh look at this amazing opportunity Blaine is getting…. he just has to leave NY (Glee) to get it. And everyone, including Kurt, wants him to succeed and send him off with well wishes and happiness. They are trying to do a pre-emptive strike agains the Blarrenstans who will flip their $**t when this happens by trying to sell the whole… But aren’t you happy for Blaine to get this opportunity? Don’t you want Blaine to be a star, even if it’s off screen rather than just going to classes and trying to become successful onscreen. It’s going to be delicious to see the meltdown.

        • Michael says:

          What does it feel like to hate an imaginary character so much as to spend all your hours obsessing about that character..? It must be so hard to be as bitter and delusional as to believe this…Aw, Im so sorry :(

          • Jase says:

            The Darren/Blaine haters are pathetic — and they all seem to congregate here! TV Line is their lair. Why on earth would he be leaving when there’s only one season left anyway? But you can’t pitch logic to these tin foil hat maroons.

    • Elvis says:

      Those rumors, like most of the Glee articles on here, were crafted for page hits.

  7. isa says:

    Awesome! I love Blaine and it’s great he is getting focus :D

  8. alessa says:

    I like this.

  9. henrietta smallfinger says:

    So wow. I love her on Downton Abbey.

    • Sky says:

      I have love Shirley MacLaine in everything she has ever been in. She is a triple threat. She can sing, dance, act at everything. Comedy, drama, you name it. She is spectacular.

  10. blah blee says:

    Why the F**k. Blaine of all people. WHy is glee so far up his A$$. He is average at a best.

    • Mel says:

      Its Blaine of all people because he hasn’t gotten an actual multi-episode arc in ever.
      Listen, we get you hate him. But that doesn’t mean you should flip a table and name call everytime someone you don’t like gets any kind of attention. This is exactly the kind of vicious behavior they try to discourage in glee.

      • Amy says:

        If they want to give Blaine a character arc, why not give him one in which he has to face failure and, y’know, actually EARN an achievement instead of having a rich woman buy him a way in? That way we can actually appreciate him trying. The fact of the matter is that Blaine has literally never NOT gotten something he’s wanted. In order for any character to move forward, they have to fail at some point, or fumble, and then they need to pick themselves up. That’s what makes a storyline compelling. There’s nothing exciting about a guy who gets everything once again getting everything.

        • Mel says:

          Annnnd I’m still holding out for this arc to at least test him – listen, I don’t want a ‘handout’ any more than you do but as a Blaine fan this is only thing that might possibly point towards learning through trial and error.(I disagree that Blaine has never fumbled and made mistakes before picking himself up. It hasn’t happened often, but it has happened.) It relieves me to hear she’s signed on for multiple episodes. Does it promise her attention will totally be focused on Blaine ? No. Does it worry me that she seems hellbent on making him a superstar ? Yes. But the multi-episode thing shes’ signed on for, is a little bit of a relief for me because I’m also aware just spinning him into a superstar could be wrapped up in one episode and there’s some reason it’s not. This thing could be something a lot of Blaine fans have been hoping for, true character development. And it could also be the total opposite. We don’t know. What doesn’t add to the conversation, is “Why the F**k. Blaine of all people. WHy is glee so far up his A$$. He is average at a best.” which is what egged the response that you replied to and honestly is what starts these idiotic flame wars.

          Your response, compared to blah blee, is a totally valid complaint about Blaine. As much as we may agree or disagree on certain nuances in that argument, I’m glad atleast some of us know how to frame criticism correctly.

          • Gunny says:

            If you took a moment to read your posts, you might notice a lot of bashing of other posters. This is a double standard. Also, Demi had a multiple episode contract for 6 shows and her screen time was probably less than 30 minutes. The same could be said about Adam, if you don’t count the musical numbers with the band. I’m still mystified that they would bring in these two amazing talents and not give them more screen time. One solo for Adam and none for Demi. Crazy.

          • Mel says:

            I took a moment to reread my posts. I haven’t bashed a single poster personally. The only thing I’ve been critical of is the way in which these posters carry out their business. If it matters to you, I do think some particulars on both sides are being idiotically callous. Its no scot-free justification, but one would kind of expect and anticipate a die-hard fan to take things personally if their person gets attacked. Which IS what is happening. Less explainable is the mean spirited laughter and schadenfreude that occurs unprovoked, from people that make it their personal mission to insult the actor at every turn.

            And yeah, it was NUTS that they didn’t give Demi a solo. I’m assuming your point in bringing up her 30 minute slot was to paint a picture of how bleak it is that anything productive will come with the Shirley’s stint. It saddens me abit but I can agree its bleak. I hope it’s proven wrong.

  11. Nancy says:

    Enough Blaine, please..

  12. Sammy says:


  13. jennb says:

    Well hot dayum

  14. J says:

    Everyone is getting focus, haters. Not only Blaine. You should pay more attention… :P

    • nope says:

      Really when is the last time Sam sang more than a line or two, or Kurt get something that didn’t revolve around Blaine. Even Rachel is background to Blaine most of the time. She had to have a duet with him so Darren can pretend he is a bway baby. He isn’t even very good.

      • Ali says:

        Tonight Kurt is getting his own storyline? And oddly enough it has a lot to do with Rachel, which many of his storylines do. Get your facts straight.

        • mary says:

          Better Rachel that Blaine. Chris needs a good screen partner to shine. Burt is not there. Again: better Rachel that Blaine

      • Linda says:

        Sam sang on a couple of songs the last episode and he is getting a big story with Mercedes. Kurt is getting his own story tonight and he has had other stories too including starting his own band.

      • Lou says:

        Kurt has a band, plus he had a Vogue internship, neither of which revolved around Blaine.

  15. deb says:

    Hahaha, more focus for Blaine! I’m going to enjoy it while I laugh at haters’ butthurt.

  16. but why? says:

    I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. I just do not get it.

  17. James says:

    I love her. I hope we get some scenes with her and chris

  18. Hallie says:

    while not a huge fan of Blaine (Darren is a great human though), but very excitied to see Shirley MacLaine on glee, she is wonderful actress.

  19. rod says:

    Why people cant just admit that Blaine is the best male singer in Glee, thats why he gets more solos and storylines than the other guys, its exactly what happens with Rachel and i dont hear a lot of people complaining every post of Glee.

    Would you rather have Sam in this storyline or Kurt ? They are not better singers and dancers than Darren Criss.

    In all honesty i dont care that much for Blaine but i see his appeal.

    • Sam says:

      He’s not the best male singer on Glee as long as Matthew Morrison and Kevin McHale are around. Darren’s weak voice belongs on YouTube or in the back of a Starbucks at best.

      • Sky says:

        Totally, agree with you. Matthew Morrison beats him hands down. Kevin McHale is so smooth so much better. I know there is a preference, but, really, DC, is not all that.

    • Kyle Chamley says:

      Darren Criss the best male singer? He completely butchered Christina Aguilera’s “Fighter” and especially Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now”. He overacts his “gay character” to the point of being offensive and his dancing is average at best.

      • Amanda says:

        You’re totally right, Darren’s voice is weak and his dancing is average. THAT must be why he was a broadway star! Seriously laughing at all of you blaine/darren haters right now. Focus your energy on something productive, not on hating a talented, genuine person like Darren Criss.

        • Truth Bomb says:

          He was NOT a Broadway star. He was a stunt cast, 2 week fill-in. Brought in because they knew mindless tweens like you would buy tickets no matter how bad he was. Which is why no true critic came in to review him and the Broadway blogs were full of people saying how weak his voice was, his dancing wasn’t up to par and his fans had no manners.

          • Amanda says:

            Hahaha. Seriously though, darren haters SLAY me. The guy has a great voice (apparently not as good as yours though, how’s your singing career going?), has been writing music since he was a kid, was a movie star, and has done nothing but good with the opportunities he has been given. And alongside that, he is one of the nicest people out there. The jealousy in this world amazes me. People can’t handle that someone is doing better than they are, no matter how hard they have worked for their success. Get over yourselves.

          • Truth Bomb says:

            Notice you couldn’t refute any of the facts concerning the truth about his stunt casting.

          • Michael says:

            Who the hell has the nerve to mention doing two weeks on Broadway (which was the only time permitted for him) as if its a SHAMEFUL thing ????? What ?????? Also using your clear knowledge that it was only weeks, did you ever think that was the reason why he wasn’t reviewed? Or why his dancing wasn’t up to par ? Fans will be fans, but don’t go around turning your nose up at people who were headlining in Broadway for ,oh dear, only two weeks while juggling all sorts of things for their career. You sit here and spew negativity. Meanwhile he’s there, putting his “mediocre” singing/dancing out there for the world to see and judge and being productive with his life. Does it piss you off that he’s getting somewhere with it? I don’t get it.

        • Andrew says:

          Popularity doesn’t make you good. Look at Justin Bieber, One Direction and Miley Cyrus.

      • Scott says:

        How is his “gay” overacted? I know lots of people just like it. Now if you want gay overacting just look at little Kurtsey.

        • Kyle Chamley says:

          He has played up to his “gay character” way too much since when he first appeared it’s like he thought “whoops I’m not gay enough”.

          • Michael says:

            Give us an example of his “overacted gayness”. According to you, there’s only a certain level of gay you can act before its too gay. I’m listening.

        • Mike says:

          There was a behind the scenes where Darren flat out told us that he purposefully raises his voice higher when he plays Blaine. What exactly is the purpose of that except thinking that to play a gay character, he has to have a higher voice than his normal one. Scott, I know plenty of annoying gay boys like Blaine too but I also know plenty like Kurt so trying to make your point by degrading Kurt and saying he’s overacting when Chris’s actually one of the best actors on this little show is ridiculous. At least Chris’s voice is naturally at that level so it’s not as though he’s like Darren and thinks he has to purposefully raise it just to show he’s gay.

          • Elvis says:

            I recall an interview with Chris where he said he pitches up and adds breathiness to his voice as Kurt. Several other characters, like Rachel, Mercedes and Marley, have higher speaking voices than the actresses who play them. I’d say they speak higher to help show the audience that their characters are younger than they are.

          • Tyler says:

            Its not unheard of to have a different voice for a role. In fact, it’s common. For a lot of actors, especially if you are playing a single role for years, it helps them consistently transition into how they’ve conceptualize their characters. To conclude that this happens because he thinks this is how gay people should sound seems like a stretch, and ignores so many other UNoffensive reasons for why an actor would ever change voice.

          • ALice says:

            Chris won the Emmy for Season 1 is because he played a character in distress (reporting on why he was nominated). In Season 2 he had Blaine and was happy. No awards for happy. Raising one’s voice or wearing the costume isn’t what gets an actor an award, it’s the writing of a complicated character. Glee actors are at a disadvantage because it competes in the category of TV Comedy, while it is really as much drama as it is comedy. Comedy has been almost non-existent the past two seasons.

    • LOL says:

      Oh another delusional Blarrenstan. He himself has admitted he has a pop voice and it’s weak. But live in your delusions.

    • tami says:

      Not the best actor though, and the more material he is given, the more noticeable that is. Has he ever been given a really meaty storyline?

      • Michael says:

        Well that’s really the issue. He’s been given more material without any of the depth. He hasn’t been given a meaty story line and I think its time he does. I also agree he isn’t the best actor in a long shot, but its makes no sense that he’s constantly being singled out and compared to that standard.

    • AudreyCatburn says:

      he is terrible. he doesn’t have range. I’d rather JGroff come back and show him how its done. (MM and Kevin McHale not bad either)

      • ALice says:

        Interestingly, Jon was criticized in the press for not being male enough to play straight, which surprised me. I knew he was gay, but thought he played straight really well. I have no idea what the standards are for either straight or gay unless it’s on the fringes like Kurt (way more feminine).

    • kristin says:

      WTF? Everyone is way more better than him….Kevin, Chris, Mark and even Jacob!!!! GLEE CHECK YOUR RATINGS ENOUGH WITH THE BLEE SHOW!!!!!

      • Ali says:

        Please stop acting like he has anything to do with Glee’s ratings, it’s pathetic. The show sharply declined all season 3, when the main focus was the seniors and Finchel especially. They couldn’t even get a 1.2 when all the ~~~~originals~~~~ came back. You sound really dumb.

        • ALice says:

          We had Finchell in Season one and two during great ratings and they were a focus both seasons. So to put that on them is inaccurate. They spent the entire season focusing on the seniors leaving, we were saying goodbye to them all season. It was like watching the show a slow death. However, I do remember being frustrated with all the songs the Warblers were getting and probably it is just a coincidence that the ratings started to fall once Blaine moved to McKinley and was featured – even over Kurt.

      • TJ says:

        It hasn’t been the Blee show – if you feel it has, its only because you’re so focused on how much you hate him, of course it overtakes everything =_=

    • Jase says:

      EXACTLY! These haters accuse Darren of not having enough talent to be the male lead, as if Corny Monteith (may he rest in peace) was Fred effing Astaire? Give me a break! Darren and Lea are CLEARLY the most talented male and female respectively on the show, and they both have the most star power. It makes perfect sense why they would be front and center and in fact, Lea still gets more front and center storylines than Darren.

      • cc says:

        Cory got lots of accolades from legitimate reviewers for his acting. The Finn and Rachel chemistry was talked about often. The reason Darren may get so many songs is because he is considered a weak actor. Lately, I have seen more and more reviewers, not fan run sites, wondering where the Klaine chemistry has gone. Darren is not the lead male, my guess is Chris is. People forget that Darren tried out for the character of Finn and did not get it. Darren could never show the nuance of acting that Cory did. There is no comparison. Lea has more talent than Darren hands down.

        • Jase says:

          “Nuance of acting” from Cory??? LMAO. Give me a break. I love Darren/Blaine/Klaine but even I wouldn’t say Darren shows nuance of acting. But he can sing, he can dance, and he has charisma which Cory (god rest his soul) did NOT have. You’re talking like Cory was some major thespian and vocalist when most of his scenes consisted of him looking constipated and goat-bleeting his way through an 80’s rock ballad with minimal vocal requirements.

          • Gunny says:

            and whatever it was that Cory did SOLD hundreds of thousands of downloads. That cannot be said of Darren or Chris. Granted Lea sang most of the songs as lead, but Cory provided the key balance of male/female to make it work.

        • TJ says:

          The Klaine chemistry was gone because they never had a scene alone together minus phone call scenes and sitting next to each other during a song, scenes. Which of course, you’d think people who didn’t like Klaine would be happy about but no, ” Ew, no chemistry now” is what we got. And then of course, when they shared intimate scenes together, we got ” EW so much Klaine”. Its hypocrisy.

          You have no idea why Darren couldn’t be Finn, and saying it like that was a FACT instead of you just making blank assumptions makes your argument invalid. For all we know its because he didn’t have the feel they were looking for. Not getting a part doesn’t always translate to “because he wasn’t a good enough actor” I doubt Cory could’ve landed the Blaine either.

      • Sam says:

        Darren Criss is the only actor to have the distinction of having been said to have given “the worst acting on Glee” by a reputable television reviewer, so I wouldn’t brag about him. He’s mediocre through and through and there’s a reason his biggest accolade is a Teen Choice surfboard. Call me when he has the acting chops of Golden Globe winner Colfer, Tony Award nominee Morrison, or the way more skilled singer McHale.

      • Mike says:

        Yeah, that’s definitely not CLEARLY the case. Getting more storylines don’t equal being the most talented. Chris has gotten far more critical praise for his acting than Darren ever has.

    • Puh-lease. Yes I would rather have Sam – personally I think he has the best voice… or Kevin. Yes Darren is versatile but god he’s had more solos than any of the other guys and it’s beyond a joke at this point. Also, Rachel/Lea is actually the lead of the show, of course she’s going to get the most and so she should!

    • Mike says:

      He gets more solos and storylines because his over the top fans are more vocal about their screaming admiration of him and Glee is desperate for ratings so they hope that appealing to those vocal fans could help (except that it hasn’t and rating have steadily decreased). I would definitely not call him the best male singer on Glee. He’s not terrible but he doesn’t have the range that most of the other guys do and you can hear it when he’s constantly straining his voice on a lot of the songs (Best Day of My Life actually hurt my ears to listen to him a few times). I haven’t seen these awesome dance moves of Blaine’s either, he just kind of runs around stage. There are a lot of people that actually complain about Rachel getting too many storylines too so I don’t know where your comment on that came from. Yeah I would actually prefer for the storylines to go to Kurt or Artie if I had to choose one of the males left on the show. Sam and Blaine both tend to over-act far too much for me to enjoy it when the show decides to give them a whole storyline (I still cringe at Puppet Master…).

  20. deb says:

    Haters are so mad and I love it. Blaine is a very popular character, get over it.

    • lop says:

      That is the question why is he popular when he is so average.

      • deb says:

        think whatever you want, that doesn’t change the fact that he is beloved
        your butthurt is delicious

        • go wank off to Darren now says:

          I just hate so much potential in the show is wasted on this a$$ hat and his entitle fans.

        • Tina says:

          He is “beloved” because Ryan Murphy clearly wants to bang him.

          • sunny says:

            clearly you want to bang ryan murphy.

          • Tanya Withem says:

            hey they are trying to kill of kurt they have him get beaten up and sent to the hospital that’s not cool in my book I love kurt and I want him and blain get married who aggress with me?

      • Mel says:

        He’s getting an multi-episode arc. I would think that should be entitled to you if you were a member of the Glee cast.

      • Gunny says:

        I would like to know why they think he is so popular. Using Twitter as one piece of data, Lea has 4.36 million followers, Chris who passed Cory after he died is 2.39, then it’s Cory, followed by Dianna at 1.91 and then Darren at 1.7, Chord is further down the list. Naya is ahead of him. Where is the popularity gauge? There is probably no more than a couple dozen people on these message boards. He is popular with Ryan Murphy, who loves song and dance men.

    • oMG says:

      Yeah, that’s why Darren has won a People’s Choice Award………oh, wait.

  21. Jeb says:

    It is official I hate glee, oops I mean Blee.

  22. Kyle Chamley says:

    So, Glee didn’t just leave McKinley and the Glee Club behind, it left the entire cast behind in favour of the new Fox show “Blee” starring Darren Criss and written by his biggest (and only) fans Ryan Murphy, Ian Brennan and Brad Falchuk.

  23. Sheena says:

    I honestly don’t get why people come onto articles that are OBVIOUSLY about Blaine if they’re just going to complain about him………….

    • free speech says:

      yes so maybe RIB will see not everyone bows down to the mediocrity of Darren Criss.

      • special snowflakes says:

        They look pretty fabulous together

      • Sheena says:

        You say that like the writers aren’t already receiving tweets from haters about Blaine and Darren……Seriously though, post all the hate you want, at the end of the day, Darren is staying on Glee, making more money than ANY of you haters who just sit on their butts writing mean comments. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

        • dcl33 says:

          including you :)

          • Sheena says:

            I KNOW RIGHT????? He is making more money than me also, but guess what? I actually support him. I don’t need to sit around hating on people who are more successful than me and get all butt hurt that others can acknowledge that. ;)

          • dcl33 says:

            eh, I am not butthurt as you keep on saying, more like sad. And concern about mental health of RIB and slightly about their eye sight also. Glee was great before it turned into Blam Blee Blam.

          • Sheena says:

            nah, you sound butt hurt to me. You’re going out of your way just to diss Blaine and Darren and act like he’s the reason for the ratings dropping. You can be mad about the writing, because everyone can see it’s not as good as it used to be. My original post is talking about people who come on articles complaining over and over about Blaine when the article is clearly about Blaine. Why put yourself through that? You don’t like him, so what. At least he’s actually getting some kind of storyline that can be about just his character for once. Glee is no where near Blee because it’s very much still the “Rachel Berry Show”.

          • dcl33 says:

            actually I was here more cause of Shirley MacLaine. See I adore her, I was very disappointed that they are gonna waste her playing alongside Darren. I do wonder thou, if shes gonna give him some acting tips or show him that he can actually do more than just one facial expression… hmmm, maybe her playing alongside him is actually a good thing after all :)

          • Sheena says:

            And that’s what I’m talking about right there!!! You knew this article was about Shirley being in Blaine’s storyline and you’re trying to insult Darren as an actor. Get over yourself, seriously. Darren is staying and if the ratings drop lower (like you think) then so be it. You can convince yourself that Darren is the main reason this show has lost fans and ignore the general writing all you want. At the end of the day he can sing and he can act. You don’t have to agree to this because there are still thousands who see him for who he is and are not out to hate on every move he makes. :)

          • Tyler says:

            For someone who “adores Shirley Maclaine” you sure don’t have alot of faith in her if you think she’ll be wasted by an actor you don’t like.
            Just admit it, you just want another forum to voice your disgust and negativity…and to complained about how its all about the “Blee/Blam” show when its clearly not. Have you even been watching Glee lately or is this just fueled from old episodes???

          • dcl33 says:

            I have stopped watching Blaines scenes mid season 4. Wash and repeat with his acting or lack thereof. I dont hate, I think that is an emotion that takes too much energy for me to waste. Umm I adore Shirley, I have for many many years now, and I have faith in her. I on the other hand have zero faith in Darren. in 4 years he has shown no improvement in his acting ability, so yeah thats that :) I am sure he is a swell guy, he is an ok singer but all you Darren/Blaine lovers can go blue with defending him, but the fact is, he cannot act. Also, this is only 1 “forum” I comment on, cause I actually like this site and well geezeee I am sorry for expressing my opinion. Actually I am, not sorry about that :) Also I have stated many times that writing has been horrible on the show, but that does not excuse for bad acting either. Blaine is not the only character that has bad story line and yet others cant actually make it work…

          • Tyler says:

            I have to disagree with this. There have been so many times I couldn’t believe a performance in Glee and many MANY of them were because they were not given a good enough story arc to flesh out. Most recent example I can think of is all the reviews critiquing Mercedes and Sams performance in the last one. For the most part, the complaints were that it was too unbelievable, one was underacting, the other was over, etc. and that poor writing made the whole thing seem to unfold too quickly. It’s hard to give a good performance when the writers decide that you need to at-random act a certain way just to fulfill the “lesson” of that episode. Your argument might be that you hate ALL of Darren’s scenes. I on the other hand, think he nails them when given the ONE consistent arc Blaine’s ever been given – the Klaine one. I’ve also enjoyed and could easily believe many ones outside of that(and please ask me so I have a reason to flip through every scene he’s been and catalog the ones I enjoyed) Is he a perfect actor ? Hell no. Are ALL his performances impeccable? Also hell no. But his screw ups are no worse than ones I’ve seen from other actors given the same crap writing and sometimes even those blessed with better writing.

            By the way, I’m posting this because I’m assuming you MEANT to say ” Blaine is not the only character that has a bad story line and yet others CAN actually make it work” and not ” cant”(which was what was typed) If you actually meant “can’t” then it seems we’re on some common ground here. However, I doubt this.

      • Tyler says:

        You CANT be serious about this. You think you’re doing someone a favor by being a troll ?

  24. nerdygirl says:

    Still waiting on hiring Lea Salonga though. I thought this was going to be about her for a hot minute.

  25. Ian says:

    Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd watch the ratings plummet even more now. LOL.

    They really just won’t give up with him!

    • henrietta smallfinger says:

      At least the writing is a lot better

      • dcl33 says:

        writing is better cause the last few episodes were written by RIB, its back to the writers who butchered the show

    • Anne says:

      I’m not sure the ratings can get much lower. Outside of shows that just completely flopped in their first season has any Fox show really gone .8 or lower?

  26. Annie says:

    I’m excited about this! I love them both. :3

  27. alex says:

    i’m so excited!!!

  28. Lo says:

    I’m so excited for this story and for Darren to get to work with her. Can’t wait!

  29. LOL says:

    Once again, Blaine being the special snowflake who doesn’t work for anything. The idea of him making it on his own is so unbelievable that they have to bring on a sugar momma to buy his way into ‘success’.

    • Melody says:

      And it was so believable that Rachel got the leading role in a Broadway play her very first time trying or where Mercedes got a record deal almost immediately after selling her cds on the street? I don’t ever see anybody complaining about them. Blaine deserves his shot at making it big just like they did. So stop with the hate and just don’t watch if you don’t like the way things are going.

      • Amy says:

        lol people DO complain about Rachel, Mercedes and Kurt getting big time things unrealistically (I imagine if you actually spent time in fandom outside of Blaine you’d know that), but you know the difference between them and Blaine? All three of them have actually failed before. They have had moments where they have not gotten what they wanted, Mercedes and Kurt especially (they play second fiddle to Rachel and Blaine all the time).

        Until Blaine fails, him repeatedly succeeding is going to be ridiculous beyond compare.

        • Michael says:

          …when the complaint about something is ” Yeah I cant believe these people are getting lucky at all but I cant believe it for this guy MORE” the error really is in poor writing…

          *sighs*…anyways, this article wasn’t about blaine actually making it as a superstar. it was alluding to him getting a shot at it. we don’t know if he fails or succeeds… but its not fair to scream bloody murder before we find anything conclusive out…. if anything, it wouldn’t make sense for him to make it as a superstar this early with a whole season to go. one thing is for sure though… alot of people need to put away the hysterics and blame-fingers right now.

  30. bmok says:

    So excited. Can’t wait for thier performance.

  31. tracy says:

    awesome!! i adore shirley maclaine and the fact that she’ll be interacting with my favorite character makes it even better! let’s just hope she doesn’t go the way of patty duke and meredith baxter.

  32. Kalee says:

    If those rumors are true, I bet MacLaine’s character is the one to take Blaine off the series regular cast by next season lol.

    • LOL says:

      OMG, I think (HOPE!) you’re onto something with this.

    • Silly says:

      What rumors? Please spill.

    • Hello says:

      “Lea Michele, Chris Colfer, and Darren Criss will most assuredly stay on until the series end. Ditto the major story arcs.” Yeah uh huh.

      • Sam says:

        Not that I think any of them will be gone, but LOL at you taking this as gospel from the same place that reported that the show was going to send Kurt to Russia.

        • Hello says:

          Except she wrote that article after directly interviewing cast/writers at the Glee 100th party. I don’t think she pulled it out of thin air. At least the fact that he’s staying came from a much more reliable source than the one that said he was leaving (lol blind gossip).

          • Sam says:

            She cited the information as coming from “sources,” not directly from the showrunners (which she would have if they had told her that).

      • Sky says:

        Well, I figured since they are going to shorten to 20 episodes this season, then a possible full 24 episodes for season 6 that the creative thinkers might “rethink” the story arcs for the future of the series of Glee. Especially, since the ratings have given the execs the need to alter their path for Glee. They need to re evaluate their ideas of who they fixate on, what story to tell and how to tell it, no PSAs. They need to remember what they had last season as story lines and the eventual decline of viewers over the season.

    • Ian says:

      I swear, they must realize the hate there is for the Mary Sue things they’re always doing with him, yet they continue to do it. And their ratings are so bad. They’re just making it even worse for themselves.

      It’d be so easy to believe these rumors, because it makes so much sense to think that this is intended to be an arc for his character where by near the end of the season, he’ll have to make a choice between staying at NYADA to be with Kurt and their friends, or attaining superstardom. One could only hope he’d choose the latter and we’d be free of him at last, but it’d be too good to be true.

      • Tyler says:

        Its strange… you said “they” “they” “they” clearing alluding to the writers right ? So you’re aware someone is at fault that isn’t blaine or the actor that portrays him…yet your solution is all about hoping “we’ll be rid of him at last”. What the hell does that solve ? Certainly not the root of the issue. For continuity’s sake, it just doesn’t make sense. Wouldn’t it make more sense to say ” I hope they get rid of the writers that write those Mary Sue things for Blaine and think its good enough…?”

    • Tina says:

      God I hope so. I might actually start watching again.

  33. Sydni says:

    Color me intrigued! Very excited to see where this goes. :)

  34. chloe says:

    we did it kids

  35. jerem says:

    so so so happy.

  36. kd83954 says:

    OMG YAY!!! i can’t waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait!

  37. aa says:

    LOL Blaine haters.

  38. ugh says:

    Ugh while Blaine gets storylines like these the better singers (and actors) Artie and Kurt get sidelined. Well, looks like Blam fully took over Glee then. What a shame.

    • Miso says:

      …Artie and Kurt getting sidelined…………What………..When has that happened? Kurt AND Artie has been having re-occuring arcs since season 1. Blaine only had episode long issues. NO storylines.

  39. deb says:

    hAHAHA Rachel is on Broadway but people call Blaine’s storyline “unrealistic”.

    • sunita says:

      And mercedes got a record deal from selling disks in a parking lot

    • sunita says:

      i thought she was gonna play his grandma for a sec.

    • Sam says:

      Lea was on Broadway as a child and with no stunt casting, it’s completely realistic that Rachel (with her same talent) makes it on. Darren only made it on for a couple of weeks to fill seats in between the real performers taking the role.

    • johnathan says:

      And Santana was going to be an understudy, and Brittany got into MIT.

      • tired of it is all. says:

        I have no problem in the silly plots, glee has always had silly plots. . My problem is they keep pushing Blaine and Darren is not a very good actor. He is in so mcuh of the show and the BTS and promos and everything and he just does not need to be the focus when there are more interesting characters and better actors and singers in NY.

        • tami says:

          The promos are done by his girlfriend. Enough said.

        • Cait says:

          When did your opinion actually become a guideline for how they should run a show? You do not like Blaine or Darren, which is valid, but it does not negate the other people who do. Your opinion is not more important nor is it better than any other person’s opinion.

        • Miso says:

          Have you considered that the reason why hes in so many of the promos isn’t because they think he’s the best actor 4evar ? There’s so many circumstances that might explain why he’s upfront in the promos (i.e. He’s comfortable talking directly into a camera, there’s a real interest in him) so it doesn’t make sense to assume it’s simply because he’s the biggest and greatest actor/singer.

    • oops says:

      At least Rachel’s actor Lea is talented.

    • Gunny says:

      Seriously? It happens a lot when a person is incredibly talented and fits the part she had been obsessing about most of her life. That is not a stretch. The stretch was Santana doing one song and becoming the understudy. I don’t think Blaine’s story is unrealistic, in fact I think it’s very realistic that some people (mostly cute white guys) seem to have charmed lives without having to work very hard.

  40. sunita says:

    oh wow <3
    Darren and Shirley MacLaine

  41. dinkys says:

    oh please no more Blaine

  42. Mel says:

    BLAINE <33333 the best thing about the show. Followed closely by Kurt <33333

  43. Kim says:

    That sounds great! I am so excited.

  44. Nicole says:

    i love both of them, can’t wait!

  45. lilly says:

    I love Blaine and I am excited for this!

  46. jellybabies. says:

    Did Chris write this. He and Darren heart Downton Abbey.

  47. Victoria says:

    Oh man, I’m excited for this! love Blaine and can’t wait to see him continue to tackle NYC. :) I’d almost feel bad for all of you bitter Blaine haters if you weren’t such jerks.

  48. deb says:

    Those butthurt and bitter haters above are giving me joy.

  49. LOLz says:

    I like how Kurt’s story lines involve him getting hit with a brick to the head, while Blaine’s involve him becoming a superstar. There is quite a disconnect between how the gay characters on this show are treated, and it’s disturbing.

    • jellybabies. says:

      lbr they’re all gonna be superstars by the end of the show.

    • Linda says:

      Well next week Kurt’s character is going to soar and Blaine is going to fail. Kurt’s character has had big success with vogue.com and his band and he will have success at NYADA. And Blaine was severely beaten for being gay.

      • LOLz says:

        Kurt is only allowed to soar next week to contrast how Blaine is failing at NYADA so Blaine can leave the school and get scooped up by Shirley’s character and become a “star.” And “severely beaten” is you adding words that were never said on the show.

        • Cait says:

          actually, it is canon that Blaine had the “crap beaten out of him,” at the Sadie Hawkins, which, in most cases, means a fight that ended with injuries.

          • Tyler says:

            ^ No one pays attention to this. Its like, just because they didn’t explicitly show it, it didn’t happen

          • Mike says:

            It’s canon that Blaine said this happened but it’s also a fact that unless the audience sees it, what a character says can be subjective. For all we know, Blaine considers getting a punch to the stomach and then the guys running away as getting the crap beaten out of him (which while still not acceptable, isn’t the same as landing a person in the hospital). The perfect time to bring it up would’ve been to show that Blaine was worried about going to Sadie Hawkins because of his experience at the last one NOT because he was crushing on straight boy Sam. Blame the writers but the fact that Blaine himself seems to have so easily forgotten about it, I don’t see it as a big deal.

          • Mel says:

            Point is, I don’t see the disturbing disconnect between the two. Why is this being brought up? And whats does the “OP” suggest to alleviate his issue with this?
            For instance, Kurt witnessed a fight and intervened. Does he suggest that the next episode about Blaine be about Blaine also intervening a fight and getting bashed too…? Should two seperate gay characters always have correlating stories ? (Heck, Id love it if Blaine did something and came out of it stronger, but I certainly don’t need to see more brick action )

    • Tyler says:

      Yes, clearly the only thing that would make this less disturbing is to have both Kurt and Blaine have their characters head bashed in with a brick. You know, to keep things consistent with how gays are treated.

  50. Heather says:

    The very best part of every Darren related Glee story is the whining haters who arrive to inform people how wrong they are about him, his talent, his appeal, etc. How’s that working for you (since season 2)? Does it seem like Fox or Columbia or the show runners or the media agree with you? Keep trying though. It’s clearly working!