Glee Recap: I Know Things Now

Glee Kurt AttackedGlee‘s happy-go-lucky sextet was hit with a one-two punch Tuesday, forcing everyone to deal with issues of sexuality, violence and fear. Honestly, though, did you expect anything lighter from a Stephen Sondheim tribute episode?

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Of course, some good did come out of this week’s tragic hour. Not only did Kurt rediscover his inner strength — he’s back, not that I was doubting him — but a certain fan-favorite couple is also officially out in the open. Things are definitely looking up for the Lima, Ohio, transplants. But first…

MAN DOWN | Kurt got a nasty first-hand encounter with hate this week when he tried to intervene in a gay bash and ended up in the hospital, himself. The tragedy brought the gang together, and even gave Blaine an idea for a new exam song. (I wonder how he intro’d that one to the class.) We were also treated to a sweet scene between Kurt and Burt — including a nice throwback to Kurt’s days as a kicker for the McKinley High football team — which led to the best solo Kurt performance since “Rose’s Turn.” Rachel was right when she gushed about how talented Kurt is. Hot damn.

‘I QUIT’ | NYADA? More like BYE-ada! After getting an “F” on her duet with Blaine — it was good, but not quite what was asked of her — Rachel pulled a Barbara Walters and told Whoopi Goldberg she was quitting. Though Kurt assumed his brush with death would change Rachel’s mind about dropping out (she claimed he was too afraid to take risks), no such luck. Here’s hoping Funny Girl is a smash hit, or else Ms. Berry will be eating her words.

SAMCEDES | Last week, Mercedes threatened to bite Sam’s lips off if he tried to kiss her — and oh, what a difference a week makes. Samcedes returned in full-force this week, complete with a make-out sesh and a romantic stroll along the East River. (R.I.P., fur coat!) Unfortunately, there’s still that little issue of Sam being completely brain-dead, so an awkward conversation about weaves and wigs between Sam and Mercedes’ pals nearly brought their rebooted ‘ship to a screeching halt.

And by “nearly,” I mean it totally did. With her back-up singers whispering in her ear, Mercedes explained to Sam that no one will take her seriously as a black singer if she’s dating a white dude. “You and I are not a couple, and I think you should move out,” she told him. (Ouch!) Fortunately, and I use that word loosely, Kurt’s assault helped Mercedes come to her senses and see how “messed up” it was that she and Sam split over race.

Lessons learned all around! (Also, Artie was there.)

And now, we play the rating game…
Kurt, Rachel, Blaine and Sam: “No One Is Alone” — Rating: A
Mercedes: “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman” — Rating: A-
Rachel and Blaine: “Broadway Baby” — Rating: B+
Blaine: “Not While I’m Around” — Rating: C+
Mercedes: “Colorblind” — Rating: A-
Kurt: “I’m Still Here” — Rating: A

What was your favorite song this week? And are you glad Sam and Mercedes are finally back together? Cast your vote below, then drop a comment with your review.


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  1. :/ says:

    A gay bashing was the “C” plot of an episode. I don’t even have words anymore for how awful Glee is. At least Chris Colfer killed that solo.

    • Kat says:

      Some people are never satisfied. Glee has been consistently good for the last few weeks.

      • :/ says:

        No, sorry, but I won’t be satisfied with an episode that hurts a gay character just so all of the straight characters have realizations about their lives. Gay characters are not props. Thanks.

        • Sara says:

          That is such a valid point! I’m glad you put it out there.

        • Dude says:

          Let me get this straight. You’re saying GLEE doesn’t have good roles for gays? Really?

        • Zayne says:

          I’m more irritated by the out of nowhere racial tension plotline designed just to plug Amber Riley’s new single. This New York only show has a couple more episodes before I just walk away.

        • Vandy says:

          I didn’t think of it that way – but see your point now that it’s said. I did think it would be more of the main story line other than the oddly stiff PSO conversation about hate crimes going up in New York.

    • P says:

      There was no point or need for that storyline

    • Dude says:

      What does it matter how prominent the story was if it was done tastefully? Glee tends to veer into preachy territory and it managed to not turn this into too big of a statement so for them, that’s a win.

      • anna says:

        completely agree with Dude

      • Zayne says:

        You didn’t feel this episode was preachy? Like when Mercedes was telling us what “white folk don’t understand”? Different strokes I guess but I was eye rolling this entire episode thanks to all the lessons I was being taught.

    • Joel says:

      Glee has tastefully handled many gay issues from all of Kurts storylines of coming out and becoming his own person Santana and Britney is a very great portrayal of a lesbian couple and David Karofsky’s whole arch. This bash storyline was treated properly and is a true reflection of what would happen if someone close to you gets hurt and how the people close react and reevaluate the mortality of their lives. As for your comment saying that gay characters are props all of the characters are props to tell the stories that the writers find relevent. That is how TV works and the fact that the writers are shining a light that there is still hate out there is what they were going for.

  2. Sam says:

    Where are the people from the Shirley MacLaine post that said that Darren is the best male singer? Because he was awful on that Sondheim a capella. Truly awful.

    • P says:

      IMHO he sounded great

    • KC says:

      No, he was great, truly great!

    • Not While I'm Around says:

      I agree, he sounded really bad! REALLY BAD!

    • Jase says:

      Yeah and Cory Monteith was Frank Sinatra right? *snort* You Darren haters are ridiculous. He sounded great.

      • TJ says:

        Cory knew his limitations and didn’t act like he was better then he was, he was very humble. Unlike Darren putting himself is Lea’s league calling himself a Broadway Baby. Darren is in no way a Broadway Baby, he has a very weak and limited voice and range. However, if they were smart they would give him more Sinatra because that is where he excels.

        • firenzix says:

          “Unlike Darren … calling himself a Broadway Baby”?????? Pretty sure it was the writers who had Darren Criss sing that song…..he personally had nothing to do with it…..sheeeesh

          • Anthony89 says:

            Darren himself said this in the glee bts scenes..The look Lea gave was truly epic however..

      • mary says:

        And why did you bring Cory Montheith to this? So a dead man is to blame because Darren is a mediocre singer and actor? Are you happy now. Darren is the BEST SINGER IN THE WORLD because he is not Cory…. Have some decency.Geez!!!

      • Sam says:

        I never even implied that Cory was better? But Cory could act, unlike Darren.

      • lol says:

        If you can’t defend your point without trashing someone else to do it, you have no validity to your argument.

    • WireDream says:

      If Darren isn’t the best male singer, who is? That banshee Colfer? Ridiculous.

    • WTH says:

      Darren Criss has a terrible voice. He shouldn’t be allowed to sing live or outside,a recording studio.

      • Emily says:

        I think you’re exaggerating. I agree that Darren is not the strongest singer on the show, but he’s by no means the worst or as terrible as people make him out to be.

    • Red says:

      There are plenty of people who enjoyed that acapella, myself included.

    • Michael says:

      @Sam Your type likes to complain about how Blaine is overexposed and then first thing they do is run to the board and post about him and solely him. Please, try to let the hate go. Its unhealthy. :\

      And for the record, like these other folks up there, I really liked it and enjoyed it. It hit me in the feels and for me, that’s enough to ask for in a performance. Vocal runs and acrobatics isn’t AND SHOULDNT be the only thing people like about songs.

      • Angela says:

        Your type likes to complain about how Blaine is overexposed and then first thing they do is run to the board and post about him and solely him.
        That’s a good point. If people here aren’t fans of Blaine or Sam, fine, to each their own. But though it may be negative attention your complaints are giving, it’s still attention. If you don’t care for a character or the way a show is going, NOT watching the show or talking about it at all will be the most notable way to get the showrunners’/network’s attention. Coming on here and complaining about it might feel good in terms of getting your feelings off your chest, but you haven’t actually solved anything or done anything to fix the show.

  3. Mike says:

    Tonight seemed heavily forced. And God, that discussion about hate crimes around the dinner table was the most PSA-like dialogue the show has ever included… Certainly looking forward to lighter, more fun story lines next week.

    • Kate says:

      Frankly, this is an area in which PSAs are welcomed by me. And that conversation lasted about 10 seconds and it’s the kind of thing a group of idealistic, open-minded 19-year-olds in NYC would discuss.

  4. Sil says:

    Not a fan of this episode. Poor Kurt. Good music. Sam’s an oaf. Where’s Artie? Rachel? She’ll regret her decision. But, Glee writes her this way always. Typical. A PSA written story which I have come to the point of just sick and tired of PSAs. That’s Glee now. Last week a well written story to this. A real let down. Typical Glee. Last week was an A. This was at the most a C-. A typical Glee episode in my book.

    • Sam says:

      The actor that plays Artie was shooting a movie with Dustin Hoffman, Eddie Izzard, and Kathy Bates at the time. Probably a better use of his time considering how this episode panned out.

      • Nikki says:

        Aw that’s great to hear ! Good for him!

      • Sil says:

        Thanx. I missed Artie. I fast forwarded through parts of it. It was pretty $&/&$. In places. Glee’s gotta change drastically if they want me to stay tuned in. Because this kind of stuff won’t be it.

      • Angela says:

        Man. That’s quite the impressive list of actors there! Good for him, that sounds like fun.

  5. karenb says:

    This episode was almost as depressing as the Quarterback.

  6. LibbyxD says:

    I love when Burt makes random appearances. He and Jane Lynch are the best actors on the show. Not that I don’t love the kids though!

    • RUCookie says:

      I love the Burt/Kurt father son interactions. Tonight was sweet, touching and just perfect. Burt plyaed the scared $%^!less dad to perfection. He just lost his step son and now this – it was his tempered frantic stress that got me… they are just wonderful together!

  7. kd86953 says:

    Oh look, Rachel being a complete diva again. SHOCKING. Darren singing Not While I’m Around live shattered me. I shed tears so many times in this episode, both Darren and Chris were phenomenal. I am sooooo happy about Samcedes! <3

    • Taj says:

      Samcedes was great! They did a great job of making it a serious real relationship. I hope they aren’t trolling Samcedes fans to break them up for Samchel. That would be insulting after the way they set up Samcedes. Loved Chris but not a fan of Darren’s voice. I though this Not While I’m Around was very weak. No was is Alone how ever was brilliant from all.

    • Dude says:

      She wasn’t being a diva as much as she was defending her decision. She basically enrolled in NYADA to get the role of Fanny Brice so why would she give it up to attend classes?

    • Tyler says:

      Yeah, really enjoyed Darren/Chris/Mercedes in this episode :) The voices were great !

  8. Mike says:

    They’ve been touting the ability to now do more “adult” story lines with the characters now that they’ve been transplanted to NYC and I do see the growth in some ways but to me it simply seems as though these “adult” story lines are twists on some of the show’s most salient high school moments. Take this episode, for example. Bash is a reworking of Kurt and Karofsky in Never Been Kissed. Certainly more adult, but we’ve been here. Next week’s sex-centric plot seems to stem out of Season 3’s The First Time, which found many characters dealing with the prospect and eventually the act of losing their virginities. Sam and Mercedes in season 3. Sam and Mercedes with a dash of adult conversation about the “real world” in season 5. Surely more adult but I can’t help but feel that we’ve been here before. Surely there are more stories to tell?

  9. L says:

    This show has gotten so dull.. Time to ditch the New York cast and bring back the show choir… it’s become an unfunny friends rip off.

  10. Molly says:

    I wish they would just get rid of Rachel and make the show about Kurt, Blaine, Mercedes, and Artie (cue the outrage that I don’t hate Sam or Blaine.) It will never happen obviously since Ryan Murphy is obsessed with Lea Michele, but without Finn to ground her, her character is absolutely insufferable.

    • igo says:

      Lea michele is one of the best assets of glee, and the show is basically about her. And LOL insufferable, try blaine tbh

      • Ips says:

        Try Kurt.

        • Harry says:

          Try sending Blaine the the outer most planet in the solar system, then, maybe, there’d be a chance of rescuing the show, but to be honest, it’s been Blainified so much that I think it is beyond all hope.

          • Alana says:

            The theory that Blaine is Mr.Big Bad Wolf in all of this isn’t founded on logic. At all. Stop spitting the same nonsensical things out and think harder about it.

    • LOL says:

      LOL like that would happen. He wrote Rachel for Lea and just got the rights to stage FG, once again for Lea. She is Glee’s best asset and a REAL once in a generation talent. Ryan and Fox know there is no Glee with out Lea!

      • Molly says:

        Whether or not Lea Michele is talented (she definitely is, but I think “once in a generation talent” is a huge exaggeration; there are plenty of actresses on Broadway who are equally talented or moreso) has no bearing on how her character is written.

        • Tom says:

          That voice IS once in a generation! There are VERY talented actresses on Broadway, but none with THAT voice!

      • MissMel says:

        Once in a generation talent might be stretching it a bit. . .and by a bit a I mean a lot. She has a beautiful voice but I’m sure there are plenty of other actresses out there who are just as talented. The only difference is they aren’t on a TV show so you’ve never heard of them.

        • WTH says:

          Lea Michele’s voice is OK. There are hundreds of women here in New York who can outsing her any day of the week and twice on Sunday. Michele simply got lucky.

          • Gon says:

            Lucky? do you mean everything she accomplish right now were just given up to her? She works her butts off just like any other actresses that can make it outside of broadway(Kristen, idina, just to name a few) and even got more challenge bc she’s not considered traditionally beautiful. I’m no saying she’s the best of the best of broadway star, but saying that she was lucky was a complete bs

          • MissMel says:

            There is a certain amount of luck involved. Of all the young actresses working in theatre, she happened to be the one Ryan Murphy took a liking to and wrote this part for, which is what exposed her to the world and gave her this level of fame and success. Yes, I’m sure she worked hard, but she also got a big break that a lot of other very talented people never get no matter how hard they work.

        • mary says:

          @MissMel “Yes, I´m sure she worked hard, but she also got a big break that a lot other talented people never get no matter how hard they work”
          Couldn´t you say the same about EVERY Oscar awarded actor or EVERY Grammy awarded singer?????? Didn´t they all are lucky? Pretty sure outthere are A LOT of very talented actors and singers. Do they need to return their award because of that or are you going to point them out like you are doing with Lea Michele?

    • LilAngel says:

      Are you insane? Glee is about Rachel only, at least it is how it should be. The other characters are supporting characters, not the main part of the show

      • Katy says:

        And you can have the bad ratings then if that’s what you want but I prefer when the wealth is passed around granted Klaine also receive a big chunk of time.

  11. KC says:

    Fantastic episode, just like last week! Glee is so good now. I have to disagree and say that Blaine’s solo to Kurt was just beautiful. You can tell how deeply he loves Kurt. Darren did a great job. Chris, of course, killed it – he’s the best. Mike O’Malley is always welcome!!! Next week looks fun!!!

    • TJ says:

      I loved Darren’s take on this and felt he conveyed really good emotion, especially in the hospital room. The whole situation just made me wanna cry :(

  12. Samcedes. says:

    I really hope they don’t break up Samcedes to make Samchel happen. That was a good SL for Samcedes and I think it would be a real slap in the face to Samcedes fans if they just tease this relationship to break them up later for Samchel. I love Rachel but NOT with Sam and while I barely tolerate Sam, with Mercedes he is much better.

  13. Kaybee says:

    I liked the first song and really enjoyed Kurt singing in a lower register. He is really talented! Also loved Burt showing up and his reaction/conversation with Kurt. I was somewhat disappointed that neither Burt nor Rachel mentioned anything along the lines of the fact that after losing Finn, they couldn’t lose him, too. The absence of any such dialog almost made me think more of Finn than if he had been mentioned.

    I thought all the songs were good tonight.

    • cc says:

      Rachel has not mentioned Finn since she got her Finn tattoo. I am surprised with the memorial or the phone call that it did not trigger any mention of Finn. I think Glee wants everyone to forget that Finn existed in Rachel’s life.

      • Kaybee says:

        I thought the same thing about the last episode in the choir room but figured the cutaway shot to Rachel were meant to show how much she still misses him. Maybe RM discussed it with Lea and she thought it would be too hard to talk about him. In tonight’s episode I thought at least someone would mention him.

      • igo says:

        Yes! I was wondering about that why they seems to never involve rachel mentioning finn anymore since he was her person(like she said? I mean, I was expecting scene between rachel and finn’s mom this season, they are two of the closest women in finn’s life, I’m sure it would be great for them to at least interact

      • Dude says:

        The three episodes leading up to the NYC move were so Finn heavy they probably just didn’t want to dip into that well so soon. They can keep his memory alive without harping on it.

      • Tal says:

        Although not stated, I think Rachel’s reactions are Finn related. I think that look she gave at the end of the episode to the Samcedes news was a reaction to missing Finn. It was a reminder of all she lost. It has to be hard seeing her friends moving on in happy relationships when she lost her soul mate. Maybe its a subtle way to address it w/o forcing Lea to talk about it as Rachel.

        • Kaybee says:

          Thank you for pointing out her reaction to their news. My tv froze for a moment and I missed it. Also, did she have her Finn necklace on earlier in the episode? I couldn’t tell.

          When Rachel does act diva-ish, I wish someone would remind her that that was not the person Finn helped her to become…

    • Caroline says:

      The show can’t win when it comes to Finn! If they don’t mention him they are cold and if they do mention him they are milking it and trying to profit from Cory’s death.

  14. igo says:

    Why they always make rachel as a diva-ish character when she is more than that? It’s like she’s always have this diva attitude in the beginning of the episode then she realize about that and try to be better and then next week she’s going to be in the diva mode again? Rachel is my favorite character, but the writing is just lazy, even when there’s TON of potential storylines in the NYC

  15. Yawn says:

    It’s really sad they have absolutely nothing to do with Kurt now but to trot him out every once in a while, remind us he’s gay and just how awful that is and how special he is because of it and expect us to like or feel sorry for him or like him. He’s the worst. An insufferable, sanctimonious bore.

    Sad last week’s episode seems to be a fluke and Glee is as awful and peen obsessed as always. Tuning back out.

    • Maiz says:

      Seriously, it’s sad that in an episode about him, he was the one I didn’t care about the most. I don’t even dislike him but when did he get so dull? And if we never get a super melodramatic and overwrought speech about his heroic nature and with Burt, it’ll be too soon.

    • Anthony89 says:

      I will take you you calling Kurt an “insufferable, sanctimonious bore”..but the worst? Naah, that title is reserved specifically for Blaine..literally is the most insufferable, whiny, immature hypocritical and pointless character ever created..

  16. Lilly says:

    Rachel quitting NYADA and only doing Funny girl can be really interesting if they do it right and is one of the most interesting storyline right now. They could have funny girl fail and have her work her way back to NYADA or have her do both but with more flexibility or have her find success much like lea without school.They could also use this to get to the root of her behavior since the quarterback and having her revert at times to diva Rachel as having funny girl as something she want to do in honor of Finn and his sacrifice and speaking of you have big things happening with Kurt and Rachel and have Burt show up in Ny and not one mention of Finn when they had built in opportunity to do so this whole episode i mean you could already tell his presence was missing big time why not acknowledge it but this is RIB be I have little hope that they will handle this storyline for Rachel or have anyone mention Finn outside Ohio let alone his brother and soulmate

    • Liz says:

      Or better yet, they show that a structured education is not how everyone thrives and her decision was the right one for her, without having her fail to teach her some repetitive and dumb lesson. But I expect too much from this horribly written show.

  17. Babygate says:

    Well, the good news is that I watched the episode in record time with all the fast forwarding I was doing. Sam and Mercedes have ZERO chemistry. I like Mercedes but what is she doing in NY? This NY grouping is not working for me. Sam is just eye candy and still as dumb as a rock. The Kurt storyline fell completely flat because it was relegated to the background. That was some truly crappy writing. The only bright spot is that Chris nailed it. He is growing as an actor by leaps and bounds. It is amazing to watch his evolution. Artie is just a prop. Rachel has absolutely no counter without Santana. They made NY fun to watch because they played off off each other and created a tension and energy that brought life to the show. Rachel and Kurt are too alike to create the same dynamic. And, they brought Santana and Brittany back together to write them off? And instead they brought the unwatchable Samcedes? What the heck? And it looks like next week will be another episode sans Brittana. At least I know i can skip it.

    • dcl33 says:

      thank you!

    • Vandy says:

      Couldn’t agree more. Mercedes and Sam are fun to watch…just not together. They don’t have any chemistry. Loved the back up singer addition. I hope we see more of them.

    • Tyler says:

      I really liked Sam and Mercedes in the earlier years, but I couldn’t get into it this time around either. :\

    • mace says:

      AGREE with you that Samcedes has ZERO chemistry! I don’t know how in the world the writers were able to conceive that. Those with chemistry include Rachel-Finn, Kurt-Blaine and Quinn-Puck. I love Mercedes but she’s not for Sam.

  18. kenmorsn says:

    Maybe I’m the only one who feels this way, but I can’t rate the music nearly as high as everyone else does. I tuned in because they were singing Sondheim. And they committed the cardinal sin: anyone who does theater knows you do NOT rewrite Sondheim’s melodies in any way. Watch any videos of the man working with performers and that’s obvious. So when Kurt “killed” with “I’m Still Here”, all I was thinking was “you may be here, but where the hell did the melody go?”

    • Angela says:

      I’m among those who DO think Kurt sounded great on “I’m Still Here”, but I also freely admit to not being overly familiar with Sondheim’s music (know the name, certainly, and have heard a few songs here and there, but that’s about it), so I’ll take your fair point about the song being changed up into consideration.
      I also liked “Broadway Baby” (I just thought the performance was cute and fun) and Mercedes sounded fantastic on “Colorblind”. I will agree that the storylines could’ve definitely been fleshed out a little better and certainly agree that the one with Kurt should’ve focused a lot more on the actual attack itself and all the issues surrounding that topic (otherwise, why do it? Why not find another way to get the others to confront the situations they’re dealing with?).
      But there were still some good moments. Kurt and Burt’s talk was nice-always happy to see Burt show up, as was Kurt trying to talk sense into Rachel. I fully respect her determination to stick with her big role, and she’ll get other opportunities, no question. But still…all that hard work to get into such a prestigious, tough school that so many students could only dream of going to, all the effort and money spent…I do have to question her choice to just up and quit, too. But we’ll see where that storyline goes-sometimes big decisions like that DO pay off in the end, too, so who knows?
      And on a totally random, small note, I loved the sweater Rachel was wearing at the end of the episode. She looked cute. Kurt looked pretty darn good in that outfit of his at the end as well.

    • Sondheim says:

      I’m very much a purest and didn’t care for what they did with the songs either. Lea sold No One is Alone, but Broadway Baby would have been a much better solo for Lea then a duet. I get the context of why it was duet but doesn’t mean I have to like it. And the full version of Not While I’m Around is really awful. Much worse then the Blaine cut they did in the episode. Again Lea sounded fantastic on her parts but Chord and Darren were just terrible IMO.

    • WTH says:

      A FOLLIES classic was ruined tonight by Chris Colfer and the morons in charge at GLEE. “I’m Still Here” was barely recognizable. And I’m on board with the Elaine Stritch school of thought that you really shouldn’t sing this song until you’re of a certain age, which in Stritch’s case and in her words, “You have to be over 80 to sing this song.” She’s so right.

  19. Eric7740 says:

    I’m so tired of the Glee hating every week! If you don’t enjoy watching something, don’t watch it. And please don’t ruin it for those of us who do enjoy still watching Glee. I have watched since episode 1 and I will watch till the final episode!

    • Andrew Hass says:

      I’m also getting sick of the Glee hating here.That’s one of the reasons i sometimes ignore articles about Glee because i know there’ll be lots of complaints.I know everyone has a right to express their opinion but it’s not like they can do anything really.

    • People are too harsh says:

      Sometimes the forums here really ruin it for me… I come off a Glee show happy and refreshed, sign on and then the haters every single aspect rip it apart. I know I can just NOT come on here but I feel we shouldn’t stifle our voices when we enjoy something. It’d be like letting them win.

      • Angela says:

        If you enjoyed an episode, you have just as much right to say that as the people who hated it do. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. I also know the feeling of wanting to come online and just gush about the good aspects of a show only to find grouchy complainers everywhere, and yeah. You’re right. It does suck the fun out of things. I’m all for LEGIT criticism, I’m all for pointing out where a show’s flaws are-I’ve done it, too. No show is perfect.
        But some people seem to just enjoy letting their blood pressure go up for some strange reason, and can’t tell the difference between actual criticism and flat out insulting comments. If a person really, honest to god cannot stand a show or a character or whatever anymore, if they can’t find anything good in something they’re watching, then it’s a sign they need to just cut their losses and move on to something that won’t make their heads explode each week, and won’t ruin the experience for everyone else who is still watching the show.

        • People are too harsh says:

          You’ve hit the nail on the head with this. Legit criticism especially coming from those open minded enough to consider other opinions than the ones they’ve already made up their minds about….it is so hard to find this. Apparently, being straight up mean is easier I guess. I hope people like you stick around.

  20. AdamJ says:

    The show certainly has a new style and feel to it… I think Chord Overstreet deserves a rap for his performance in this episode. His timing and delivery were great and he had some funny lines..(the nurse 30…really, no wonder she was so clingy)…remember folks its called acting….the guy in real life is totally different from his character.

  21. Mike says:

    So Rachel is so busy she doesnt have time to go to the make up perfromance, yet she can do potluck and go to Kurt’s? What a forced way to get her quit school. Ms. Gold Star doesnt think school is for her? What the hell did they do to that character

    • Liz says:

      The girl who went to school to get on Broadway is now on Broadway, and we should expect her to drop out of the show weeks before, blacklist herself in the medium, for school? Yeah burn her at the stake. Glee is super contrived and dumb and this will likely lead to failure because that’s how Glee rolls, but her decision was the better of the two.

    • Vandy says:

      I was thinking the same thing! A lot of people realize that school isn’t for them – especially in the entertainment industry. A lot (or most) of them didn’t go to college. No big deal. But to have her all season doing everything seamlessly without even a drop of sweat – it sort of came out of left field. And then she can go to the hospital, potlucks and hang out at Kurt’s critique made no sense.

  22. Maria says:

    The only good thing about this episode was Kurt proving yet again to be the best character of Glee and Chris giving another master class in acting and singing. Everything else was the usual tired drivel.

    I agree with that in the episode where Glee decides to introduce a storyline about gay bashing, that storyline should be given focus. Probably Blaine’s weigh-gaining woes will get more attention and screen time than this.

  23. Alan Dvorkis says:

    Im Still here is a beautiful song with a haunting melody. I despised Kurt’s version. The reworking, totally misses the mark, in every way imaginable. Rarely disagree with Michael as much as I do with that performance.

  24. Et al. says:

    A far more realistic storyline would be if a gang of Sondheim fans beat up Kurt for continually destroying his songs.

  25. James says:

    I watched the episode three times (Broadcast, two DVR). Yeah, last week’s episode was more fun, but the show is rebuilding itself and this was part of it. And Finn was there. They didn’t have to say his name or mention him, it was in everything they did. Did you see that moment with Mr. Hummel? (If they did Mrs. Hummel, you want to kill the woman?) And finally, Samcedes as a couple. Yeah! Lea Michele has already put down a Rachel-Sam pairing so unless she gets trumped, no more talk about that. Let’s put our focus on where it belongs, getting our favs all together again in N.Y.C., coupled the right way (even if it’s unrealistic that you would find your perfect soul mate in high school much less in a high school Glee club six times over -FInchel, Klaine, Quick, Tike, Brittana, Samcedes) and a new man for Rachel when it’s time.

  26. Caroline says:

    I’m glad Rachel quit NYADA but I didn’t like the way it was done! She should have taken a couple semesters off to focus on Funny Girl – she did have too much on her plate! Instead they had Rachel once again, play the shrill Diva who quit because she didn’t get what she wanted! Rachel has matured a lot since she quit Glee club because Tina got the solo she wanted and losing Finn would have forced her to grow up even more but tonight didn’t show that! I’m sorry and I’ll get bashed for this but I don’t think gay showrunners/writers can plot/write as well for female characters! I support gay marriage and believe in gay rights but gay men seem to think female characters have to be something they can label (the good girl, the snitch, the b*tch etc) or they have to have women behave badly (nasty comments, mean girls, shrill, selfish etc) and that is not the case! Most women are very multi-faceted but we never see that on Glee!

  27. Caroline says:

    I can’t stand Mercedes with Sam! I like the old Sam who was smart but stupid Sam really annoys me! I’d rather see Brody back! Tired of Blaine too! It was nice to see Burt though…

  28. WTH says:

    Was Chris Colfer supposed to be singing a song from Stephen Sondheim’s FOLLIES? Because whatever THAT was, it wasn’t “I’m Still Here.”

  29. karenb says:

    No offense Andy but where’s my Slezak?

  30. LibbyxD says:

    Did any one else think that the picture of the victim at the memorial kinda looked like Finn?

  31. Emily says:

    Kurt’s one of my favourite characters in the show so I just found it really hard to watch him get beaten up. I hope the writers stop putting Kurt through crap soon (being cheated on, gay bashed not to mention all the stuff in earlier seasons).

  32. Anna says:

    So Rachel did not have time to perform one song, but she did have time to come and watch Kurt perform one song? That doesn’t even make any sense, Miss Berry!

  33. Jeni says:

    I don’t understand the zero chemistry comment. Samcedes had bags of it and were so cute and adorable, even if I felt the writing was meta for everything basically the haters in the Glee fandom had been saying, I was glad to see Sam repeatedly saying they were perfect for each other.What I did find had zero chemistry was those awkward Samchel looks in Movin’ Out.
    I’m not a lover of Rachel per se, BUT I loved her last episode. She was hilariously divaish without being an out and out whiner but this episode made me change my mind QUICK smart.She was annoying and bratish and Broadway Baby did not move me at all.
    While I loved Samcedes I do think Klaine (again I’m not a Klaine shipper per se) should have had more focus as the gay bashing was the center of the episode and I’d have liked to have seen the Samcedes story developed over two episodes-it felt a bit rushed. Not While I’m Around was adorably sad, but I agree Darren is not the best singer there, that most definitely is Kevin.Chris was great in a very emotional episode and I loved I’m Still Here. I thought Chord was hilarious as Sam, so adorably clueless but offensive in that dinner, it was easy to have second hand embarrassment for him, but very human at the same time.Amber was outstanding and Colorblind easily knocked the standard out of the park.Both Lea and Amber are insanely talented, I just think Amber has the edge in singing quality and versatility.

    • Vandy says:

      Sorry, I don’t think Mercedes and Sam have any chemistry. I LOVED the new element of Mercedes’ back up singers. I was confused that their only feedback after meeting Sam was that he’s white…he acted like an idiot and made his attractive meter go down down down. Mercedes being in R&B seems like a good opportunity to bring in new characters and sub-cultures from NYC besides Broadway.

    • Tyler says:

      I cant say I enjoy Mercedes when she goes Broadway but shes still quite versatile. But I do wish they spent more time putting Mercedes and Sam together and deal with those issues in more depth. I feel like that resolution was too quick and that it came on the eve of the gay bashing story line made it a bit icky. I do really like those two though.

  34. Rebecca says:

    Anytime I get a Kurt/Burt scene, I’m a happy Glee fan :)

  35. James says:

    I find it funny that a show that promotes being yourself and standing up to bullies…There is sure a lot of hate from people who bash on others.

    If you hate it so much just stop watching at this point it doesn’t matter because it’s already coming back next year to wrap up.

  36. Shar says:

    I can not stand Mercedes. It is crazy to think a lead in a Broadway show would still be in School and waitressing. They had to drop one, but they way they did it sucks.

  37. Andrew Hass says:

    I thought last night’s episode was great.I do wish there was more focused on Kurt been attacked but maybe the show won’t just forget in the next few episodes.As for Rachel dropping out of NYADA that could come back to haunt her later.

  38. Josy says:

    Love that we got a little is season 3 Sam back but need more. Loving samcedes they have a amazing chemistry on and off from what I’ve seen and really hope they are endgame! Ambers song is Beauitful and amazing and love having Mercedes back.

  39. Lisa says:

    Watched because I was promised some minutes of Chris’ acting at last. Chris Colfer slayed. Amber Riley slayed. Nothing else positive to say about that episode. My Hummelberry days are gone, I’m forever gagging at blarren’s everything and this Sam is just too unlikable and dumbed down and nowhere near Mercedes’ level and I did like Samcedes back when they hadn’t erased his identity to give his characteristics to other people. Artie was excluded by glee’s own narrative but I’ll say whenever he sings, he slays too. Not watching until 19 except for gifs and edits perhaps. Enjoy the pitiful blarren focus fest.

    • Sil says:

      My goodness, you sound like me about blarren. Glee has just changed so not for the better, IMO. Glee used to be a delight to watch, now, I don’t at all. Last week was my first time since the Quarterback episode. I thought I’d try again. This episode was not for me at all.

  40. Mel says:

    Here we go again with the exasperated “Ugh I’ve had it with Blaine/darren ” thing completely unprovoked and brought up outta nowhere.


    • Mel says:

      I’ll add that I enjoyed everyone’s performance in this episode. The songs AND the acting. I don’t know how I feel about how it was DONE but yeah.

  41. Emily says:

    I hate samcedes so much. In fact, I just hate sam in general. He’s really dumb. I know that’s his /thing/, but still annoying.
    The plot with the racial issues was completely OOC for Mercades.
    I liked all the scenes in the hospital–Kurt is BA, and the song Blaine sang to him was beautiful–so much emotion!
    Rachel’s an idiotic drama queen. She’ll regret her decision to quit NYADA. But it’ll cause more drama later, so yay! Plus, Rachel’s personality is unbearable, especially now with Finn gone, and she deserves to have something bad happen to her to show her what’s right.
    I miss Santana on glee. She was my favorite girl singer on the show. I know she’s gone for good, but still mourning over her loss. It won’t be the same without her sassiness.

  42. Mace says:

    Samcedes has ZERO chemistry! I don’t know how in the world the writers were able to conceive that. Those with chemistry include Rachel-Finn, Kurt-Blaine and Quinn-Puck. I love Mercedes but she’s not for Sam.

    But I still love watching Glee!