Dancing With the Stars Week 4 Results: Was 'The Switch-Up' a Hit or a Miss?

photo-2It’s only Week 4 of Dancing With The Stars, but apparently it’s already time to tantalize – or some might say torture – restless viewers with The Switch-Up, one of Season 18’s most controversial gimmicks. (Wait, wasn’t getting rid of poor Brooke Burke Charvet enough?)

We’ll find out soon enough whether America will be turned on (or off — as in switching channels) to this Twitter-generated, one-week-only, partner-swapping gamble, but hey, tonight’s live show did include the sexed-up return of the (mostly shirtless) Macy’s Stars of Dance and guest judge/two-time Mirrorball champ) Julianne Hough. So yeah, there was that.

What the two-hour extravaganza didn’t showcase was the latest elimination, which won’t happen until next week, when another star (and his or her original partner) will be sent home, based on last week’s and this week’s votes. Got that, everyone? Nobody’s the least bit confused yet, right? Riiight.

Let’s high-kick right to the (elimination-free) highlights:

DANCE OF THE NIGHT: Charlie White’s was-it-or-wasn’t-it rumba split the judges, NeNe Leakes’ jazz dance let out her inner Beyonce, but for my money, here’s the top dance of the night:

Meryl Davis and Val Chmerkovskiy: Switching Chmerkovskiy brothers (this was the most requested Switch-Up couple of the night) certainly didn’t faze Meryl, whose Argentine tango exploded with passion, energy and precision. Len kept it simple (“that was the dance of the night”), Julianne turned green (“I would love to dance like you…it was stunning”) while Carrie Ann perhaps summed it up best: “You two are in a class of your own; you’re untouchable.” In a clear case of saving the best for last, this dance was also one point shy (due to Len’s ‘9’) of perfection.

Amy Purdy and Mark Ballas: This might be the night Amy moved from merely being a DWTS inspiration to actual Mirrorball contender. Julianne (who admitted her ‘8’ score may have been a screw up) admired at Amy’s fleet footwork and other assets (“she’s a fierce-ass, tight-assed girl,”) while Bruno marveled at every step (“I was looking for something wrong! I couldn’t see it.”) and Carrie Ann fessed up to having a major girl-crush (“I’m in love with your middle section” ). Keeping with the judges’ oddly anatomically inspired feedback, Len summed it up this way: “Your bottom is the top.” This scored a pair of 8s (what’s up with the low scores, Julianne and Len?) and a pair of 9s.

James Maslow and Cheryl Burke: Proving he’s more than just this season’s shirtless hunk, James’ tango inspired Julianne to label him the “total package” but warn that he tends to “tuck his pelvis” and (gasp!) stick his butt out. But that didn’t seem to bother Bruno (“I have no problems with your pelvis at all”) or Len, who philosophized that “dances are like fire — some should warm and some should burn. This was burning hot!” This earned a string of 9s and an 8 from Len.

And with that, it’s your turn. What did you really think of The Switch-Up? Was Charlie and Peta’s dance really a rumba? Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Para says:

    Don’t like Switch ups….. I think Charlie would perform a lot better with Shana.

    and James would do better with Peta.

  2. Wpbpatfl says:

    It was good seeing that it is only for one week and the contestants will go back to their original partners.

  3. Chantel says:

    I liked the switch up idea it was something different. Loved Meryl and Val their dance was AMAZING !!! Didn’t like Julianne at all !!

    • TheFactsR says:

      I did not enjoy the switch up for many reasons, but I do agree with Meryl and Val were WOW and I agree could have been a better night without Julianne!

      • sander says:

        I agree Julianne hough was not enjoyable. She does not come off being intelligent at all, talented dancer, but it ends there. She is rude and does not help the dancers with her nasty comments, whereas the other judges comments are obvious to help the dancers improve. Julianne need to get over herself. I don’t understand why they got her back to judge, drama maybe? I didn’t enjoy the switch up.

        • Mopelr says:

          Julianne is not the sweet girl we imagine. She was totally out of line. Do not want to see her back in any capacity. EVER…….
          Ryan got lucky. She is gone

          • Mopelr says:

            And her boobs are tiny

          • Candy Cane says:

            I agree w/you about Julianne Hough..Couldn’t stand her! She was SO rude to Max & did the same to Mark Ballas last time she judged. She’s not credible, as it seems she has axes to grind against some of the men, except for her brother. She’s either getting back at them for her reasons or for her brother’s reasons. When she told Max & the world that it didn’t look like he even tried w/the routine, she was so far off base. I used to like her, but that was before she opened her mouth. With her try at country singing & dating one of the richest men in entertainment in the U.S., she’s too high & mighty for my taste. I won’t be watching when she’s on.

    • Sandy says:

      I agree Julianne was way out of line with her remarks to Mak!!!! I know they dated for awhile a few years ago, before Ryan Seacrest!!! I think she is still pissed at Mak for something, get over it girl, her remarks were rude and uncalled for! I hope they do not ask her back. I would love the shows producers to know that he is the biggest draw for me to watch the show. Let’s face it the 2 seasons he was off the show the rating took a real nose dive>>>>I can only think more people think as I do, he is so entertaining and not afraid to say what he thinks!!! Love him!!!

      • Peg says:

        I totally agree with you. Maks is the best dancer on the show. He gets all my votes every year no matter who he is dancing with! I did not appreciate Julianne and her comments at all!

      • Ricki says:

        Amen! Maks is the best dancer on DWTS, and I always want him to win even though he never has. I don’t care who his partner is, although I love Meryl, I just want Maks to win!!

  4. Erica says:

    Merly can dance with anyone, but I would have liked to see her with Derek. Thought Julianne totally underscored Mark & Amy & thought her comments to Max were on the inappropriate side. She didn’t wow me as a judge. The switch was fun though.

    • sara says:

      probably because she is a professional ice dancer.

    • chistosa says:

      @Erica While I agree that Julianne’s comments to Max were inappropriate, I thought she gave specific and constructive critique to the dancers so they can improve. I like her a s judge because she can actually pinpoint things that the stars can work on. I can live without the mean comments however.

  5. Angela says:

    I thought the switch up went better than expected overall! Nobody was really bad tonight at all-there were some that were particularly strong, but everyone was, at the very least, good.
    I fully agree with the picks for the top dances of the night. All three couples were fantastic. I also liked Cody’s dance-it was cute.

  6. Beth says:

    I think the only reason that Maks held it together when Julianne slammed him was because of how much he respects Meryl. I thought that comment was rude and I didn’t think he “phoned in” anything. I thought the switch up was really fun.

    • Mary says:

      I always enjoyed Julianne’s I have always enjoyed Julianne’s dancing, but I think she went a bit too far last night. What a rude comment and I agree, she needs to make a public apolicy to Maks and I commend him for keeping his cool. That was totally not called for. She is supposed to be a judge not a commentator. I’m waiting for her to apologize and hope they never ask her back again.

  7. TheFactsR says:

    Julianne’s remarks to Maks were very rude, unprofessional and I think she should never be back to judge again. Julianne Hough has NO, I mean “0” judging credentials. YES Ballroom judges do take classes and become certified Ballroom judges.

    Julianne has NO credentials as a Ballroom judge.

    I believe and think and feel Julianne Hough OWES Maks a VERY PUBLIC apology!

    • Mia says:

      Julianne did it to Mark last year too

      • TheFactsR says:

        Julianne should not ever be a judge on DWTS again, she is rude, lies, unprofessional, has no judge credentials for Ballroom what so ever! Julianne thinks she is hotter than she really is, her music sales are slipping and her movie roles are ‘c’ or ‘d’ class films, That is the ONLY reason she is poking her nose back into the ballroom where she is a good dance but her MOUTH!

    • Meg says:

      What exactly are Carrie Ann’s ballroom judging credentials?

      • TheFactsR says:

        Carrie Ann didn’t have any at first but has some ballroom credentials now. She hasn’t the credentials that Len Goodman has or even Maks for that matter.

        Maks studied in his off time and now is fully Ballroom credentialed. Bruno has some and I am not sure if Bruno is fully credentialed or not, don’t believe he is now.

      • Sululu says:

        She was a fly girl on Living Color.

    • JB says:

      And Robin Roberts has the credentials to be a judge? It’s not an actual ballroom competition, if they chose on the reasons why you just slammed Julianne, then Carrie Ann wouldn’t be there, either. I do think she was rude to Maks, but let’s be real, the 4th judge isn’t going to be that credible for the most part. Julianne will have the most knowledge as a 4th judge, considering who will be sitting in that 4th spot.

      • Ricki says:

        I was upset when I heard that Robin was going to be a guest judge, but then I fell in love with her. She is so positive and kind that I wish she would be the guest judge every time!

    • I agree. Totally uncalled for & ugly! She has no right to judge his commitment or intent. What a Bi*#ch! We should demand a public apology!!

    • Peg says:

      Totally agree with you!

  8. Meg says:

    Charlie and Peta didn’t dance a rumba. Len was right.

    Also, just to correct something Sharna said, she and Cody are not the first pair of Aussies on the show. That would be Kym Johnson & Ingo Rademacher.

    I don’t think Maks phoned it in and Julianne shouldn’t have made that comment. However, it was not one of his better jives. His choreography is usually much better.

    • TheFactsR says:

      I mean Maks had ONE whole week with Danica before the dance DUH!

    • Maks and Danica, and Tony and Nene were also both affected by the shoddy music playing of the band. They screwed up the music for both dances. It was amazing that each team stayed as together as they did.

      Julianne owes Maks a huge apology. Accusing him of sabotaging his brother’s partner by phoning it in? So she attacked his integrity, his professionalism and his caring for his brother. She should not be back.

  9. TheFactsR says:

    Thank you for each weeks recap and thoughts. I request more polls though. I sent several readers this week to your recap page that are frustrated with the “PURE” dwts page(they are rude to anyone that doesn’t kiss Derek Hough’s feet. Many are disgusted with Derek Hough because of it! And his mouthy sister!

  10. TheFactsR says:

    I think Drew or NeNe will leave next Monday.

    • Destiny Crews says:

      Nah ppl like nene so they votefor her she’s not going anywhere!

      • GS says:

        Why do people like her?? She’s loud and obnoxious and whatever she did last night, it wasn’t jazz. It looked like an African rain dance. Worst dance of the night by a mile!

  11. Linda says:

    Who did Derek get in the switch?

  12. Jenny says:

    Add me to the list who thought Julianne’s comment was rude. Maks did not “phone” it in. Val/Meryl were amazing. Overall I didn’t think the switch up wasn’t tht bad, but glad it was only for a week.

    But I do have to say how is what Derek/Nene do was a jazz routine?

  13. Sara says:

    Meryl & Val should be a permanent partnership lol. I thought Danica & Maks were better suited for each other and they should not have been scored so low. Julianne was overly critical of dancers who did pretty well, rather than dancers who have no hope in hell of winning (Drew, Cody, NeNe). I find it hard to believe the judges could easily come up with criticisms for James & Danica, but couldn’t find any for Drew. Sorry, but no. Julianne needs to check her ego at the door. Anyway. For the most part I enjoyed the switch-ups more than I thought I would. The only ones I would not keep permanent are Amy/Mark. Everybody was raving about their dance routine but I felt she looked very uncomfortable, very unsure. I think she dances better with Derek. *Shrug* Either way. The inconsistent judging is enough to throw me for a loop.

    • TheFactsR says:

      I agree. Apparently DWTS could care less that many many many viewers very GREATLY upset by Julianne’s tude! Julianne and Derek could care LESS about DWTS they are out for themselves and that is IT!

      • Pam Leroux says:

        very, very disappointed in julianne. she should not be judging. her and her brother think the’re better than everyone else.

        • Sara says:

          For sure. What makes it worse too is that as the seasons dredge on, I’m beginning to notice how inconsistent Carrie Ann, Len, and Bruno are. Len less so, but Carrie Ann and Bruno are very wishy-washy. Sometimes they love over the top personality type dances, other times they scoff at it. As an avid fan, it’s starting to get to me. Some of the best dancers were at the bottom of the list today and I think that’s absolutely ridiculous.

  14. TheFactsR says:



    • GS says:

      Candice is in no way ahead of Charlie or Danica. She is spastic and looks so uncomfortable. She is taking her modesty vow too far and it shows in her subpar dancing. I’m all for sticking to your values but we’ve all watched the show and many of the dances require sexy movement and she is just willing to go there so her dancing suffers horribly. Charlie and Danica are both doing great and showing improvement. Candice peaked in the first week.

      • TheFactsR says:

        I didn’t ask you to agree with my power ranking. You are free to list your power ranking as well.

        Candace WAS very much improved with Tony this week. I think she was mis-matched with Mark. Candace works well with other married people who values their marriage.

        • Jess says:

          Candace did not improve at all. Love Tony, but she can go anytime.

        • Cassie says:

          I kind of think it’s the opposite. She got lower ratings with Tony than she had with Mark the week before and I think she’s going home next week. Her “values” should have nothing to do with whom she dances with because if what you suggest is true than that is kind of a diss for all the other dancers. To each his own, you are entitled to your opinion, I just happen to disagree. I would hate for Mark to be off the show this early like he was last season, but seriously, I don’t think she’s too popular and unfortunately neither is Mark.

    • Mopelr says:


      Julianne dead last bitch

    • Leonie Aglipay says:

      umm… can you please shut the f*** up with that stupid power rankings?

  15. andy j says:

    Much to my surprise the switch-up went better than I expected. I found this episode entertaining, and am glad Derek got paired with Nene and not with Meryl. I am just sorry Emma was not able to participate; I would have loved to see what she would have been able to do with a good partner.

  16. BachLover says:

    You know, the one thing that stood out to me were the two specific mentions of music miscues/mishaps. I don’t know what happened or why Harold Wheeler and his orchestra are no longer there, but as a musician, I do not like this new band. It just lacks the polish that Harold’s orchestra gave the show. One other comment: Did I hear Tom B. mention that the “track” was off for one of the numbers? Seriously, they are now using tracks? If so, again, bring back Harold and his incredible vocal team and orchestra. Does anyone have insight on what happened with the departure of Harold?

    • Jan says:

      I don’t know the story on the band change, but I agree that TWO miscues/mishaps is totally unacceptable. If they affected the dancers (and how could they not?), the judges should have been allowed to change their scores as appropriate.

    • Ricki says:

      They probably saved money by getting rid of Harold Wheeler — this is a shame as he was great. Also, why does Tom Bergeron need a co-host? They could get rid of the skybox, as they did last season, and just let Tom make the comments. That would save some money!

  17. TheFactsR says:

    For the RECORD; Julianne is trying to say to ABC news that she was only speaking the truth! BS Julianne Hough!

    Julianne was all lies and out for her and brother to promote themselves! They could care LESS if they ruin DWTS in the meanwhile.

    Fan uproar is at TOP LEVEL since the show!

    Bringing Julianne back again would be to DWTS demise!

  18. chistosa says:

    @TheFactsR Did Julianne dump you or reject you at some point? Your vitriolic comments reek of desperation. By the way, facts require reliable data. You fail to cite any supporting data for any of your “facts”. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and you are entitled to yours. That I disagree does not make my opinion less valid nor your opinion more worthy.

    • TheFactsR says:

      I think you are WRONG! I read a report by the ABC news team! Read sometime! It would show you jump to your own WRONG conclusions!

      AND no I wouldn’t give Julianne to time of day much less the op to “dump” me! HAHA

      There is NO WAY she KNOWS that Maks “phoned anything in” what a stupid remark. Julianne is rude and lack professional restraints

  19. BMC9999 says:

    I was a big fan of Julianne until her judging stints which revealed an ugly side and it was back in full display last night. Personal attacks on the pros are out of line, unprofessional and immature. Her comments to both Mark last year (who I don’t love) and Maks this year were totally out of line and just plain Rude

  20. Carrie says:

    Can we please all agree that one of the most awkward moments on DWTS ever came when James and Peta were once again prodded about dating with “I want a DWTS baby”? Meanwhile I think the couple of the season is Maks and Meryl. I think that tiny olympian has softened up the bad boy of ballroom like we have never seen before. Maybe he is so happy to be paired with a potential winner – he made a comment about never winning to Danica – or maybe he has finally found the woman of his dreams. I think Val did an amazing job with his future sister in law and Julianne could have made her same point but without the nasty edge to it by simply stating “nice job, but Maks I missed the spark that you share with Meryl and…. Danica, there was no need for you to remove your skirt in this routine”.

    • TheFactsR says:

      Since the Julianne attack on Maks, I had put Erin’s ruining of DWTS on the back burner.

      Erin continues to demise DWTS and drag it through the mud because that is ALL SHE KNOWS!

      Erin is ignorant and a brazen has been reporter with a horrible voice to try to listen to, I don’t I mute her!

      Meryl will not become Val sister in law, Meryl is a superb dancer. It didn’t take her long to adjust from Ice to wood, but I see Charlie struggling more with it. Both part of a winning team on ice, but he is struggling more than Meryl has with it.

      Maks can not believe what he has been given all those season, struggling to get them to dance half way decent then he gets what the ‘golden boy’ gets every season.

      If ANYONE had a Meryl every season, they would have 5 MBT also. Nothing special about Derek just that the PTB favored him until they ruined DWTS and was on the verge of killing the show.

      • Jess says:

        So silly TheFactsR. Ruined the show? “Demise DWTS” isn’t really a statement that makes sense. Erin ignorant? No. Perhaps you mean irritating? Brazen? No. Perhaps you mean brash? Better get out your dictionary before you try to make some of these points.

    • Jess says:

      Totally agree with you Carrie! Great points!

  21. Tina says:

    Soooo tired of Julianne and Derek!!!! They act like they are God’s gift to dancing. They may be good but are unprofessional when it comes to respecting other dancers like Maks. Val was cheated out of winning a season back due to voting mix-ups instead Derek won again. Something fishy is up!!!! I think Maks and Val are just as good if not better than Derek and Julianne. Julianne should not be a judge again!!!!

    • luvmypup says:

      I’ve always liked Maks and Val, but Maks’ choreography is not consistent. Sometimes it’s great and sometimes kind of boring. However, Val is just as talented as anyone out there. His choreography is always fantastic and I love his personality and sense of humor.

    • TheFactsR says:

      I agree! Golden Boy was favored for far too long giving him the “Cream of the crop” partners. I too am very OVER the HOUGHS!

      • Ricki says:

        I agree that he gets the best partners, usually, but I wouldn’t consider Amy to be the cream of the crop. A few people can’t believe that Zendaya didn’t win, but I totally wanted Derek and Kellie Pickler to win. She was great, especially for never having been a dancer, and although I had never liked her much before DWTS, I decided she was a wonderful person and a great dancer; I thought she totally deserved to win.

  22. Julianne is way out of line with her comments on Max. She did the same with Mark last season. Judge the dance Julianne, save your smart remarks, not the time or place. No since in embarrassing fellow dancers.

    • Mitzienr says:

      She was rude and dispectful…way out of line. Sounds personal to me.

    • Ricki says:

      Can anyone explain to me why they need a guest judge anyway? Have they always done this? I hated it when they had Cher. I don’t hate Cher at all, but I didn’t like her as a guest judge. Also, as someone mentioned, I think, it is totally inappropriate for Julianne to be judging Derek. I would call that a “conflict of interest.”

  23. TvPeong says:

    I thought the switch up went well last night. They got to show a different side to the dancers, and just how good the professionals are.
    At this point, I don’t know who’s going to go home next. Everyone is bringing his/her A-game this season.

  24. Danica will win mirror ball says:

    A nice moment last night when Mak’s brother Val came to his defense after the Danica dance. I still believe Danica will win this season I think Val will be the X-factor.

    We won’t be seeing Julianne again anytime soon. She’ll come back the next time she has a movie to plug, and that won’t be for a very, very long time.

  25. Shannon says:

    Maybe Julianne could have said what she did in a little nicer way but Maks was complaining ALOT about wanting Meryl back so to me it felt like he wasn’t really giving his all to Danica. I appreciate her giving her honest opinion and not sugarcoating it.

    • Sick of Amy says:

      Again, Maks complaining was edited by the producers so they could make drama and a TV show. I am sure he misses Meryl, but they made it out to be over the top. Just like the Danica vs Candace competition. So stupid.

  26. Shannon says:

    I wish DWTS would have other former pros come back as guest judges…I would love to see Louis, Jonathan, Edyta, Kym etc. I think it’s really interesting to get their perspective since they understand what it’s like to be in the middle of the competition.

    • Karen says:

      Drew definitely improved with Whitney while Candance didn’t perform well at all. She looked tense and uncomfortable. I agree Candance peaked in the first episode.

  27. Song4Ten says:

    What I couldn’t believe was that Drew Carey got much higher scores than Candace and Candace had more content and was way better than Drew. How she managed straight 7s when Drew got 9s was unfathomable. Whatever.

    • Jackie says:

      I completely agree. While I don’t think Candace will win, she was way better than Drew with more content. Also, wth was up with the “jazz” (?????) dance by NeNe? That looked nothing like jazz to me. Also, just because she got her “inner beyonce” on and she shook everything she had doesn’t make it a jazz dance, or for me, enjoyable to watch. My least fave dance of the night by far.

      • Jackie says:

        But, of course, since the Golden Boy was NeNe’s partner she got raves. It looked very similar to me to a dance he did with another star a few seasons ago (and also with mark if I remember right). Didn’t care for it in the ballroom setting then or now.

        • Aude says:

          I thought it looked like his trio dance with Shawn and Mark too, during season 15, and that wasn’t a jazz routine. Julianne was rude and I was really disappointed. “I do love you!” she said to Maks, or something of the kind… Really? Well I don’t want to witness what she tells people she doesn’t appreciate!

    • A.Rae says:

      Drew looked like he was enjoying himself! Candace looked like she was super stressed out, which I find very off-putting. She needs to sell it, and I just don’t know if she can do that….

  28. Danna_Iuliana says:

    Wow, I was wondering were all the Derek haters would go now that the TWoP boards is shutting down :)))
    Jules was honest and she said what many of us think. Maks’s choreography is and always will be boring and uninspired. Meryl is already a dancer she needs strong/fun/challenging choreography, when that happens the end result is an amazing dance like she had with Val.
    I think Julianne was wrong bc I don t feel Maks is phoning it in, that’s just the best he can do, like how last week he choreographed 20 seconds of nothing. When he doesn’t know how to choreograph a certain part of a song he just throws in a “look at me”move. Why should he be praised for that?
    As far as the outrage for Julianne’s comments give me a break, all the judges have said worse things at some point, Julianne has always given specific things that everyone can work on. Her remark to Maks could have been worded better to save her from the obsessed C bros fan club but it doesn’t make it less true.

    • DWTS says:

      I think her comments should be geared towards the celeb, and what they can do better to improve. There was just no need to make it uncomfortable for Danica by basically saying he prefers Meryl (even though that is likely true). How is that constructive to Danica? I have always respected the Houghs, but it seems more and more Julianne just wants attention.

  29. Sick of Amy says:

    Soooo sick of the saying Amy is a good dancer. Great story, I am sure an amazing person, and a pretty good dancer (from the hips up). But let’s be realistic her footwork is not that hard. I get why, but you can’t ignore that.

    • Ricki says:

      I agree with you about Amy. DWTS should not have people like her as contestants or the old ones like Billy Dee and Diana. It should be more equal. I get tired of sitting though all the eliminations when they shouldn’t have been there in the first place. If Amy wins this, I will never watch DWTS again. She is a sweet, lovely girl, but doesn’t deserve to win because of sympathy. After all, she is an Olympic snowboarder, and they don’t judge her on sympathy there!

  30. Josie J says:

    That was the best dance Val has ever choreographed. I think Maks didn’t choreograph a number that’s up to what Danica can do, given that she does indeed have a dance background. So in a way, Julianne made a good point. I think Candace was hosed in her scores as well. Sadly I think she’ll be gone next week when NeNe and Drew aren’t as technically good as she is..I’d think the quickstep she had was pretty fast, yes its a quickstep but another more slower song would’ve been better I think.

    if the judges don’t make constructive comments to the celebs then why are they only scoring an 8? If all they give is praise, then the 10 paddles should be flying!

  31. Jan says:

    When Charlie and Peta were dancing, I said to myself (my cat is deaf), “I don’t think that is a rumba.” I was glad to have two judges agree with me.

    • Ricki says:

      How would anyone but the judges know? They don’t use Latin music for the Latin dances, so none of them seem right to me. Kudos to you for knowing the difference!

  32. Gail says:

    I agree with most everyone regarding Julianne being so rude to Maks, that seemed personal to me. Julianne does need to get over herself ! Her remarks were more damaging than helpful.

  33. Beverly Hill says:

    I thought the switch up was neither good nor bad but I do think that Candace and therefore, sadly Mark will be gone next week. I don’t think she was as bad as she was rated. I actually think Nene was worse than Candace but you know she danced with their golden boy so she gets higher scores.

    I thought Julianne Hough was incredibly rude and unprofessional and projected her beliefs onto Max, just like she did the year before when she made a derogatory remark towards Mark. It’s almost seems like there’s an unconscious attempt to sabatoge the ones that might give her brother some competition.

    I think both Houghs are fantastic dancers, there’s no getting around that; however, at this stage in the game, neither adds anything new and refreshing. I’d love to see Tristan back (I do know he’s had other projects going) and Dmitry, Lacey and Chelsea.

    Unless a miracle occurs, Mark will be gone next week, which for me is sad, because he’s one of the best pros on the show, IMO.

    Can’t remember the last time I found the show exciting and although I’m still watching it, this might be the last year. If I had to pick the people I’d like to see in the Top 4, it would be Meryl, Charlie, James and Cody.

    I’m also tired of Derek’s fans calling anyone who doesn’t think he is the best thing on the face of the earth, a hater. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and just because one pro is not preferable does not a hater make.

  34. Toni Owen says:

    Julianne only hurt herself by her rude comments. Her ego is in control however if she took a closer look at herself, she has been losing it since she left the show…can’t sing ,can’t act , can’t land Seacrest…..she’s burying herself.

  35. Barb says:

    Julianne is arrogant, rude and clueless! She’s gotten this far by lying on her back! Unprofessional idiot!,,

  36. I loved it and hope they do it again!

  37. Karen says:

    I was really disappointed in the rude remarks that Julianne made to Maks. I felt embarrassed for Danica. She looked absolutely shocked! The switch idea was ok but for some of the contestants it was challenging. I like Charlie and Peta’s dance. It may not have been a rhumba but I doubt the audience really knew that. He does seem to be more comfortable with Sharna.

  38. Ellen Ford says:

    Erin “Whatever” taking Brooke Burke’s slot was really STUPID! along with changing bands…..Oh well, just saying…#