Once Upon a Time Bosses Talk Oz-Some Reveals -- Plus: Tinker Bell's Take on Regina/Robin Hood

Once Upon a Time SpoilersThere’s a showdown in the town square this Sunday on Once Upon a Time (ABC, 8/7c), as wicked gets up in evil’s grill. And as that unfolds, viewers will gain some insight into the Wicked Witch’s tragic backstory.

“This weekend, we will find out what she wants and why she is green,” says series cocreator Eddy Kitsis. “We’re excited to show you ‘what her deal is,’ so to speak.”

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In recent weeks, Once has sprinkled around many Oz-some references, leading some to theorize that in the ABC series’ riff on the L. Frank Baum tales, courage-challenged Charming is the Cowardly Lion, and straw-spinning Rumple the addled Scarecrow. But, “There’s something to that, but something not,” responds cocreator Adam Horowitz. Adds Kitsis: “[Zelena] has a very interesting and complicated relationship with Rumple that you will be seeing this weekend.”

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EMILIE DE RAVIN, BEVERLEY ELLIOTT, LANA PARRILLA, JOSH DALLAS, GINNIFER GOODWIN, JARED S. GILMORE, JENNIFER MORRISON, COLIN O'DONOGHUE, ROSE MCIVER, KEEGAN CONNOR TRACYTVLine also spoke with recurring player Rose McIver, who resurfaces Sunday as Tinker Bell, and she said that between the aforementioned Regina/Zelena face-off (“Bex Mader is doing a fantastic job as the witch, and that’s a very good scene to look forward to,” she teases), Neal’s “somber” funeral and other subplots, “You will see a whole collision of different emotions going on. Some bits are very suspenseful, some are very sad, some are hopeful.”

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Perhaps on the hopeful front, Regina will (somewhere) find time to touch base with Tink about having stumbled upon — and then fled from — her soul mate, Robin Hood aka The Man With the Lion Tattoo. “Tinker Bell understands that fear of promise,” McIver shares. “She has gone through that herself, believing that maybe she could have her wings back and then having that hope dashed [at first].

“But just because she understands, that doesn’t mean she agrees with orsupports the way Regina is handling things,” the Kiwi actress notes.

Surveying Regina’s strong reaction to spying Robin’s ink, EP Horowitz says, “The last thing she ever expected to see was to see that guy again. She put it out of her mind [back in Fairy Tale Land], and now all of a sudden she’s confronted with it, so she’s got to figure out how to handle it.” But at first, at least, “The easiest way for her to react is to run away,” says Kitsis.

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Currently filming the CW pilot iZombie, on which she stars, McIver says it was “exciting” to reprise Tinker Bell for this important beat in Regina’s love story. “That’s where our storyline began, with me telling her that he was going to be her soul mate. And now that she has bumped into him, it makes sense that Tinker Bell would be back in the middle of things.” Noting her skills as that rare beast of an actually winged wingman, McIver laughs, “Tink’s great that way — I feel like I need a Tinker Bell!”

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  1. Green = envy magnified by magic.

  2. Ana says:

    Can’t wait for this Sunday’s episode!! Really curious as to Zelena’s motives…and glad to see Tink is back. To be honest, I always wanted to know more about her stay in Neverland while Hook was there, too. It was alluded to that they’ve been through a lot together but I’d love to know more :)
    Regina and Robin is a very interesting story – in true Once fashion it was revelaed to us that they’re true love fairly early on – in fact the only love story that has been handled differently is Emma’s where we had no such reveal or proof of true love; which is why it is so exciting to see the growing intimacy between her and Hook in “real time”.
    But back to Robin and Regina. I’m curious to see whether Regina will open herself up to love and whether that will help her become a better person. I love her but I still have my issues with the fact that she had no regrets whatsoever for all the bad things she’s done…but being the Evil Queen is part of her charm :)

    Also VERY excited about Hook’s interactions with Henry!!

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      I asked Rose about the Tink/Hook subtext, saving her answer for a rainy day…..

      • Ana says:

        You did?? I’m dying to know!!! There are so many blanks surrounding Neverland and Hook’s stay there – including what kind of work he did for Pan and what sort of deal he struck with him to get off Neverland when he went there to figure out how to kill the Dark One…
        Hoping it rains soon :)

      • Jen says:

        How dare you tease us this way! ;)

      • Katherine215 says:

        It’s raining in Chicago today…

      • El says:

        its pouring in CA, which is a HUGE blessing, so if you need a rainy day, here’s one!

      • Kristin says:

        You evil tease! It’s dreary in the Mid-Atlantic today, too, so that pretty much covers the entire country. Spill! (FTR, I’m in the camp that thinks they totally had a fling in Neverland.)

      • Jolly says:

        Nooo lol – For me they seemed to be on good terms and were friendly, and no i dont think anything went on lol. Its Emma/Hook for me and seeing as he only moved from his first love in 300 until he met Emma.
        Anyhow i am looking forward to Henry and Hook scenes, i do think Hook will be more protective not just coz he is Emma’s son, but to honour Neal as well.
        I look forward to what Tink says about Regina and the words of wisdome she offers on second love and hope! She also looked at Emma/Hook in Neverland then went off to talk to Regina, about second love and soulmates about the main with the lion tattoo. i also hope Emma and Tink share scenes

      • split leap says:

        Can’t wait to know what she said! I craaazy ship them! Hope they didn’t only had a back story, but a future as well! #tinkerhook rules! Pirate and fairy – what can be more romantic;)

      • tinkerbell&hook says:

        it has been raining today! i am dying to find out, love them together, hope for them to find romance and be each others true love!

    • Shawn says:

      There’s a difference between regrets and remorse. You can have zero regrets because of where life has brought you but still feel bad for having hurt others. Regrets are useless, remorse isn’t. It’s why Regina is the most evolved and nuanced character on the show- because there is that difference. Thanks, Matt for a great article about her.

  3. WTActualF says:

    Rumple is Zelena’s father.

  4. Louise says:

    I’m so glad we’ll see Rose McIver as Tinkerbell again this Sunday. On the one hand I’m kinda sad that we might not see much of the Tink and Regina friendship and Tink in Storybrooke in general in the future since Rose is so busy now, but on the other hand I’m very happy for because she’s a wonderful actress and really deserves more than OUAT could possibly offer her as a recurring guest. I hope iZombie proves to be a success. :)
    I’ve been very happy with OUAT has handled the Robin and Regina story so far and I’m glad the tattoo will be dealt with this Sunday and Tink will be involved. Brings the story they began with episode 3.03 almost full circle. It makes total sense that Regina’s inital reaction would be to run and keep Robin at arm’s length, but I have hope that it’s not gonna stay that way forever. ;)
    I’m glad we don’t have to wait long to find out more about Zelena too. Her Oz background and what made her think that Regina’s childhood with Cora as her mother was so much better than her own is something I’m very interested. Having met Cora on OUAT and knowing how she used to treat young Regina, it’s somewhat hard to relate so far so I’m glad the show’s gonna elaborate.

  5. Mary says:

    This show has become quiet good at stomping all over hope.

  6. Name This Tune says:

    Ugh, I can’t stand this version of Rumple. Can we get out of this fast?

  7. Andi says:

    Adds Kitsis: “[Zelena] has a very interesting and complicated relationship with Rumple that you will be seeing this weekend.” Sure let’s explore, develop and tell the story Rumple’s relationship with every woman but his canon TL Belle. Urg I’m so done with this, they need to get over their fixation of Rumple with the ‘bad girls’. How much screentime did the real Belle and Rumple had together this season? 5 minutes out of 15 episodes?

  8. spotteddog says:

    I sincerely doubt that Rumple is Zelena’s father. In fact, I don’t think Zelena really knows the identity of her father, since she referred to him as a drunk. Look for Leopold to be Zelena’s father, making her and Snow half-sisters.

  9. Terry says:

    Oh god just what i didnt need: more OQ. Now even Tink is coming in a supporter? Well, of course she does, she has to prove she was right! What about no.

  10. Mark says:

    I have a question of what fits when and where? In the pilot of Once Wonderland it shows Michael Socha (Knave) walking around Storybrooke and the clock on the clock tower at 8.15 so implying the first curse was still in effect. I may be wrong it just may have been coincidence but it seems strange to show that time if it wasn’t to signify this. It then shows Emma arriving in her yellow bug and nearly wiping the Knave out so still pilot time of main Once, it goes on to show Ashley Boyd who Emma has yet to meet at this point if we are where I think we are but there is one fault she’s not pregnant but is two episodes later and ready to pop. Secondly when it pans to Storybrooke it claims to be present day as backed up by Emma’s bug etc. With the departure of the Knave it then goes straight to Victorian England and Alice without any fore mention so on that logic, Once either has Storybrooke and Victorian England on the same timeline or time travel is possible in the Once universe. Which opens the door for dead characters to return (Sheriff Graham, Neil) and not just in flashbacks. I’m just trying to understand where each show fits in with regards to itself if they are as advertised going to start bring characters from one show over to the other for it to be realistic and flow. And moving forward where other possible shows might fit if they do this again as it hasn’t been ruled out.

  11. suzi says:

    More Outlaw Queen! They have quickly become my favorite ‘couple’ although they are not a real couple yet.

  12. lala says:

    YES, more Outlaw Queen. Gimme. Now if only we could get more of them in FTL. :(

  13. Twentyseven says:

    I love Rebecca Mader as the WW. She’s creepy and downright scary in some of her scenes. Her scenes with Regina and Rumple are great! This show works best when it’s not about romance, why spoil it with yet another one, and such a contrived one as such?

  14. Heather says:

    Thanks for the scoop!

  15. e says:

    rewatching OUAT on netflix for some background noise, and i’m just writing to say that i miss sheriff graham :( the show has been quite good in season 3b with the wicked witch, but rewatching season one is reminding me how amazing this show was when it first started out. honestly? emma had more chemistry with graham than she had with neal or hook. in Onceland, anything is possible. i know he’s busy with 50 shades, but i would flipping LOVE him to come back to OUAT.

  16. hatorl says:

    Yes! OutlawQueen news! I really want to see Tink’s reaction when she found out that the man with the lion tattoo is there, in Storybrooke.
    The next episode will be intense, with the showdown between Regina and the WW. This is not the Wicked West! I want to see when, at the end, Regina put her in her place.

  17. Andy says:

    My current question about Oz characters would be “Does Lumiere have another Oz connection?” The way they portrayed him as a face in fire reminds me an awful lot of the Wizard of Oz. Perhaps the Once version of a Wizard is trapped in a candelabra like Lumiere was by the WWotW.

  18. Azerty says:

    I am glad they will explore Zelena’s motiv because the one she give in the first episode of 3B (“you are my sister and, I was left behind and I want revenge because you had everything”) was clearly not enough. (Why would she go after Snow, Charming and Rumple in that case?)