Scandal Recap: 'The Mona Lisa of Boom'

TONY GOLDWYN, KERRY WASHINGTONThis Thursday on ABC’s Scandal, Fitz told Olivia what he needed (spoiler alert: Mellie did not like the answer!), the presidential race narrowed and the Gladiators’ best-laid plans went very, very awry.

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Is it me, or did Scandal just reclaim that heightened sense of narrative urgency that had been its hallmark card for two seasons but sorta fell by the way side for the first stretch of Season 3?

Part of it is due to the fact that A- and B-storylines strewn around the canvas began to coalesce this week, as the Maya/Adnan/Ivan plan took greater shape — in the form of “the Mona Lisa of bombs” — unfortunately, just as Olivia gave Huck the OK to shut down B613. That decision, which killed the lights, cell phones and all, came as Jake laid eyes on the bomb (via surveillance cam) but held off on moving in, instead waiting to hear the plan for the device. But all anyone heard was Maya mulling “campaign trail or White House?” before the video went black.

Quinn tried to save the day, by storming Maya’s hotel room, but everyone had cleared out. Meanwhile back at OPA, Olivia was toasting the idea being “back in the light,” when Jake barged in, pinned his very recent lover against a wall and told her that she had just (figuratively, for now) killed the president. (Does that mean the plan to “stand in the sun” together is off?) It was a great sequence, kinda left a pit in your stomach as you realized that Huck’s push of a button — powering down an eeevil organization he long wanted to snuff — came at the worst possible instant.

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Elsewhere in the hour, it was fun to see Gabby Abby stand in Olivia’s shoes, with little effect at first trying to get the Grant campaign back on its feet by wooing women, in the wake of (unbeknownst to their “amateur” fixer) the Mellie/Andrew sexcapade. (Better yet, Abby came through with the viral video goods/impressed Leo on the super-slithery Governor Reston, who subsequently got knocked out of the race.) But along the way, Olivia was moved to beseech Fitz to tell her what he needs — and his answer was for Andrew to stop screwing his wife. “Consider it handled,” indeed.

Liv went on to give Andrew a choice: Be the veep for the next four years, or screw Mellie for the next month, since that’s about how long their affair would last once Liv does her thing and destroys him “brick by brick.” After all, Mellie is used to “running with the big dogs,” she noted, and not some disgraced professor in a podunk town. The “talk” worked — later, when Mels came seeking some afternoon delight, Andrew brushed her off, sending FLOTUS into the Oval Office to wallop her hubby: “You take everything from me!”

Then there was the worst family dinner ever, when Maya crashed Liv and Rowan’s get-together. While Mom and Dad each pawed at the nearest cutlery, Oliver took a call from Harrison, who was reporting that Clare, the friend handling the passports for Maya, had been killed. “I hope you learned your lesson,” Mama Pope told her daughter, coolly.

What did you think of “The Fluffer”? Are you returning to Season 2 levels of anxiousness, awaiting the final two episodes?



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  1. TvPeong says:

    What was Olivia thinking? That takedown made no sense. B613 is an organization created for national security, she put so many lives at risk.

    Also, I think Mama Pope and Papa Pope in cahoots to take down Jake and they are using Olivia to get their way.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Ooh, interesting (and twisted) Mama/Papa Pope theory…. Power down B613 right when it’s needed most and thus justify its existence more than ever. After all, surely he had a moment there to run her through with the steak knife.

      • Cheyenne says:

        I don’t see them working together. Rowan is a demon but he’s not a mass murderer like she is.

        • wonderwall says:

          If Rowan is a demon then Mama Pope is the devil?

        • Lolita says:

          Remember last week Eli told Olivia that he gave the order for 183 people to be killed? He also gave the order to shoot the plane down with 329 people on board. He is a mass murderer just like his wife. I will be glad when the B316 saga is forever gone.

        • I’m not sure that you’ve been paying close attention. He, surely, is a mass murderer and would sacrifice many lives if necessary.

          • Cheyenne says:

            He might sacrifice many lives if he thought it was necessary to protect national security. He ordered the plane shot down because he thought there was a bomb on board, which, if it had detonated over London, would have killed hundreds of thousands instead of 329. Mama Pope, OTOH, would kill thousands without batting an eye just for the hell of it, if the price is right.
            I don’t even know if Mama Pope fits the label of terrorist. Most terrorists have some political aim, but she just seems to enjoy killing people for the money.

    • Nell on Wheels says:

      I was thinking the same thing re: Mama and Papa Pope as I was watching last night!

  2. Mike R. says:

    I literally hate Fitz (and in hand Olitz) more than any character (relationship) on TV. Seriously, he gets Olivia to stop Andrew from being with Mellie, but he nor Olivia don’t have any problem with continuing their quasi-relationship. Uggh, the gross hypocrisy, I would be able to enjoy this show so much if Olivia didn’t have romantic relationships with anyone, I hate both Fitz and Jake so much. Olivia and Mellie both deserve so much better. I was also so disappointed that Abby was completely shunned, I was really looking forward to her standing in for Liv, and when they all completely ignore her presence was a shame. This show can be very entertaining, but some of the characters frustrate me so much.

    • Cheyenne says:

      LOL it’s a guy thing, don’tcha know? Good ole double standard. I can have mine but you can’t have yours. Anyway, I’m glad Olivia set Andrew straight about what a conniving, manipulative bitch Mellie really is. Did that poor chump really believe she was going to give up being First Lady for him? Now poor Mellie can’t even get any side-nooky. Life sucks.

      • Mellie is a victim of circumstance. I loathe her but I understand why she is who she is.

        • RReg says:

          Mellie is responsible for her circumstances.

          She graduated from Havard Law – first in her class
          She was a partner at a law firm.
          She decided not to tell her husband, his father raped her
          She refused to let her husband touch her for 10 years, yet still sticking around for every abuse he heaps on her
          She went on national tv to tell the world her husband can’t keep it in his pants in order to manipulate the husband to not leave her. This one act alone is so classless on so many levels!

          Don’t tell me she’s a victim. She’s no one’s victim. As Liv once told Cyrus, “Mellie is her own worse enemy”.

          • Cheyenne says:

            Wow! Best post I’ve ever read on here! Kudos to you!
            When Mellie went on national TV to announce that her husband was cheating on her I was like, damn, how could an otherwise brilliant woman be so stupid? If I was a woman listening to an interview like that, I wouldn’t feel a bit sorry for her — I’d feel nothing for her but contempt that she chose to air her family’s dirty laundry in public like that.
            For all her brilliance — and she is brilliant, no question — Mellie has an impulsive side to her that is going to destroy her sooner or later. Case in point: barging into Fitz’s office and slapping him in public. Yes, we get Mellie is sexually frustrated and she is furious because she can’t get any more side-nooky. If she whaled on Fitz in the privacy of their bedroom that would be one thing. But marching into his office — which is public domain — and smacking his face in front of a room full of people is a whole other territory. That was disrespecting her husband in public, and you don’t do that any more than you go on TV and air your dirty laundry to the whole world. I think that slap put the final nail in the coffin of her dead marriage.

    • Kendall says:

      I don’t know if you missed it, but I’m pretty sure that the Fitz and Olivia relationship is over.

      You can condemn Fitz’s hypocrisy all you like, but if I’m Fitz or any president actually, and my wife who even though I don’t love her or even care that much about her, is having an affair with my VP, you think I’m going to let that situation continue? Mellie isn’t having an affair with some random dude, she’s having an affair, firstly, with the guy that Fitz thinks was the reason she stopped being intimate with him 12 years ago, secondly, she’s having an affair with somebody he considered to be his BFF, and thirdly, she’s having an affair with his running mate, and potential VP for the next four years. If you can’t see how this situation has to be stomped out, hypocritical or not, then I don’t know what to tell you except maybe stop leading with the side of your brain that can’t get past the Fitz Hate.

      Olivia did her job, she’s trying to get Fitz to win this election so that she can finally atone for Defiance, and finally let Fitz go, and move on from him and the guilt of what she did. She needs him to win this election, and she can’t let Mellie’s side-piece be the reason why he doesn’t.

      • herman1959 says:

        AGREED. It was ridiculously naïve for both Andrew and Mellie to think that Fitz wouldn’t put a stop to it. Also, words can not express how great this episode was – it looks like the Fabulous Fixer is back! I AM anxiously awaiting the last 2 episodes because I am LOVING this show again.

        • RReg says:

          I think it is bad story telling. They could have milked this secret nookie thing for several more episodes and have Mellie smirking when talking to Fitz,, knowing that she was getting her itched scratched and knowing that he had absolutely no idea she was doing so.

          This is the WH, who in their right mind go have secret nookie and don’t lock the doors? What, is this high school?

      • Olivia and Fitz have continued their affair, post-scandal. How exactly is that not something that needed to be snuffed out? This world that Scandal has created has moved beyond believability. If you think, for a second, that the Mellie-Andrew affair has more potential to damage Fitz’ campaign than his own affair with Olivia which, by the way, has been conducted more openly than it should have been, you are insane.

        • Kendall says:

          All the concerned parties knew about the Olivia/Fitz affair. Mellie begged Olivia to basically come and sleep with her husband because he couldn’t “breathe without her” (305), and because she was the most important thing to him. Remember that episode? Also, Andrew was to be his VP, you don’t think that warrants some rage, no matter how hypocritical? So you would have been fine with your wife sleeping with somebody you had to work with closely? Somebody you needed to depend on as an ally? Somebody your kids referred to as Uncle Andrew? Somebody who was around coincidentally, when your wife told you that her sex drive had died after having the baby, so you then went ten years without an intimate relationship with anybody? You wouldn’t be mad?

          I’m not saying it’s right, or that it isn’t hypocritical, I’m saying that I understand it, much in the same way that I understand why Mellie hid her rape from her husband and why she got fed up enough to embark on her own affair.

      • RReg says:

        I wouldn’t say OLITZ is over. And therein lies the issue that many posters have with Scandal now. We have gone down this road many times before. This plot device is lame ass as lame could possibly get. We had the same on again off again OLITZ in season 1. We had it in season 2 and now we are having it again in season 3. What Shonda does not seem to have figured out – people are fed up with this on again off again ploy and it is just destroying the show.

        • Cheyenne says:

          But given their situation, what are the alternatives?
          a) Break up permanently
          b) Resign the presidency, divorce Mellie, marry Olivia
          c) Continue down the same bumpy road, weathering the rocks and storms as they arise
          Since a) and b) are not going to happen, c) wins by default.

          • RReg says:

            Either of those alternatives would work. The writers just need to pick one and stick with it. The issue isn’t so much the alternative picked, it is how it is handled.
            If a permanent break up is not in the cards, then alternative C seems the way to go. If this then is the case then let them be together weathering the storms and do not throw nonsensical items as the Jake character or any other man into the mix. It is bad story telling.

          • Lolita says:

            Hey Cheyenne I believe like you do that Fitz and Liv are gonna argue get mad and say things they may or not mean, but at the end of the day these two are gonna still be in love with each other. So there are gonna be more ups and downs to come, and when the day comes that they can really be together permanently, that will be the end of the show. Just my honest opinion, I don’t want the show to end right now.

    • Elyse says:

      I was getting SO MAD when Fitz was pissed at Mellie… if you love Olivia why would you care? Olitz is one of the most annoying ships I have seen in recent years. I loathe them so much. Abby and David are my favorite characters on the show. I watch for them!

      • Mike R. says:

        Abby and David is the only relationship I like.

        • RReg says:

          Boring. I don’t like boring. If I liked boring I would have wanted Liv with Edison.

          Abby and Charlie would be good together or perhaps Abby and Hollis. Can you imagine a conversation between those two. I would have to turn on close caption to read what they are saying. But it would be fun.

      • mrenee says:

        He cares about the betrayal. He cares that his former Lt. Gov. was sleeping with his wife, while pretending to be his friend. Last week I asked the question whether Fitz would be mad if it was anyone else. That would be the question. Don’t you thinK?

        • Lovely says:

          That question has already been answered- Yes. When he confronted Mellie he brought up that she stopped having sex with him and said she was no longer interested in sex. So he is jealous that Mellie can be sexual and is being satisfied by another man that is not him. His ego is hurt. I’m sure the fact that Fitz is close to the guy adds to the betrayal, but Fitz is a hypocrite who feels its OK for him to screw Liv up and down the White House whenever he pleases, but Mellie can’t do the same.

          • RReg says:

            I wonder what will happen when the paternity test is thrown into the mix? Because as sure as the day is long, that is what’s going to come next.

          • Cheyenne says:

            How is Mellie going to break the news? “Oh BTW Fitz, your dad raped me 15 years ago and I’m not sure if you’re Jerry’s dad or his big brother. Sorry I forgot to tell you earlier, but it slipped my mind.”
            And Fitz comes back with: “Why did you wait so long to tell me? Why didn’t you scream and wake me up when he attacked you? Why did you suck up to him the morning after the rape? Why did you keep sucking up to him for years after the rape? Was it really rape?”
            The only reason Mellie could have for telling Fitz now is if she wants to completely and utterly destroy him, and telling him would do it. Fitz is still battling the ghost of his father. He hates him and he can’t get rid of him. Imagine him looking at his son and seeing his father’s face looking back at him. He would not only hate Mellie and his father, he would end up hating his son as well. Mellie will destroy the whole family if she shoots her mouth off. But she does have a stupid habit of cutting off her nose to spite her face. Examples: 1) smacking Fitz in public and 2) telling the world via network TV that he was cheating on her.

      • Lovely says:

        THIS^^^ It would be one thing if Fitz told Mellie and VP to be more discreet about their affair. But he was actually jealous. How can you be jealous when according to you your marriage is long dead and Olivia is the LOVE of your life, who you cannot breathe without. At this point he should be past caring what Mellie does IF he truly has no feelings for her.

        This was the first episode when I really disliked Fitz. He’s nothing but a misogynistic hypocrite and if Liv continues to be with him after this she is a total and utter fool.

      • RReg says:

        You and many others cannot fathom it out. Put it down to bad writing. That’s what I have done.

    • Chester says:

      I do not get the appeal of Fitz at all.

  3. Alichat says:

    Damn…..the scene at the door. Damn. Scott Foley did a fabulous job of making my heart break for Jake. And frankly, I didn’t even feel mad at Jake when he stormed the Gladiator castle. I am surprised that Olivia didn’t have Huck search through the data to see what in the world B613 had going on before they shut the place down.

    • Elyse says:

      Agreed 100%! I wanted her to open the door so bad!! Scott Foley is awesome.

      • Geo says:

        Scott Foley IS awesome, but the show has ruined his character beyond repair. He’s now murdered two women, physically assaulted another, and murdered a gay man. I don’t want to see some story where his character is “redeemed” or where he gets back with Olivia. Like Fitz and Huck, the showrunners have rendered him so repulsive I just want to see the character get some well-deserved comeuppance. I’m tired of these characters who physically or emotionally assault women getting off the hook. As to Foley, at this point I wish he’d call his agent and get on a different show.

        • herman1959 says:

          Oh Geo, don’t take it so hard. Scott Foley was just SUPERB in this episode and the character of Jake was essential to turning the show around (thank you Shonda). But, you might get your wish after all – take a look at the preview for next week – sounds like somebody got between Fitz and an assassin and was killed……maybe Jake?

          • Kendall says:

            Wait, what? The character of Jake was essential to turning the show around? Maybe to you, but that really isn’t the reality. In fact, I daresay that his presence on the show has meant that certain characters have been dumbed down to accommodate a story for him, and Foley’s acting has been pretty average and mediocre as hell all season. He even made that Rowanesque monologue that he was given last week seem dry as hell. He is no Joe Morton, that’s for sure. If you were to take a quick poll and ask people who their favorite Scandal character is, he would be near the bottom of the pile, probably next to David Rosen and Morris the security guard.

            The reality is that Jake has been propped up and propped up in a huge effort to make viewers take notice of him. He has had story arc after story arc and he still wasn’t resonating with the fans. Don’t believe me? Go and see how many reviewers even bothered mentioning him prior to Fitz making him Command. Foley and his wooden acting has been propped up more than any other actor on the show. I learned from the Scandal Revealed podcast that he was on a few weeks ago, that they had filmed two endings for episode 310, the winter finale – one where Fitz makes him command, and one where Fitz offers him the Vice Presidency slot. Jake, the VP? If that isn’t propping up, I don’t known what is. The delusion that Scott Foley was responsible for turning Scandal round kills me. The man had a show that got cancelled, prior to that he’d been stinking up the joint on True Blood. I pray that Shonda does what every other show runner has seen fit to do with the characters that he plays, and kills him off. Both him and that tired B613 plot needs to be retired permanently.

          • RReg says:

            Jake, essential to turning the show around – ehhhhhh NO!
            Essential to help pushing it off the rails- hell yes!

          • Leanne says:

            I agree with you even though I know we’re in the minority. Scott Foley has been an integral part of the show to the extent that it could not have gotten the higher ratings it did this season w/out him.

    • herman1959 says:


    • Kendall says:

      Of course you didn’t feel mad when Jake stormed into OPA, and grabbed a 90lbs woman by the neck and walled her up. Why would you mind, nobody else does. Olivia’s physicality has been used against her in so many different ways, yet nobody ever really mentions it or shows concern. She gets choked by Huck, not one reviewer has anything meaningful to say about it. Jake lands her in hospital while trying to forcibly stop her from leaving his house. Nobody cares, as long as she’s not with Fitz they don’t care. A sex tape made when she’s unaware is distributed, again, nobody cares, Jake’s very first mission was to sleep with her, not a peep from anybody about Olivia’s sexual agency, yet I’m supposed to weep buckets when Fitz shouts at Mellie?

      When I hear how much “emotional abuse” Mellie has been through due to Fitz, yet nobody cares about Olivia’s body, it makes me sad.

      • Alichat says:

        I believe you misunderstood the point of my comment, and please don’t ever assume I am ok with violence toward women.

      • Carm says:

        I don’t care because it is all make believe. Most of the stuff that happens on Scandal is pretty crazy and would never happen in real life. It is entertaining and at the end if the day still not real.

    • Nell on Wheels says:

      “I am surprised that Olivia didn’t have Huck search through the data to see what in the world B613 had going on before they shut the place down.” THIS X 10!

  4. Kevin B says:

    Scandal is truly must see television

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  6. Cheyenne says:

    So next week (pick one:)

    1) Quinn saves the day and gets killed in the process
    2) Papa Pope gets killed trying to kill Mama Pope
    3) Mama Pope gets killed trying to kill Papa Pope
    4) The bomb goes off, Fitz and Mellie escape, Andrew gets killed along with a lot of other people
    5) The bomb is found and detonated in time, Mama Pope suspects Adnan played her false and kills her

    Adnan’s toast anyway, no matter how it plays out. Mama Pope does not leave living witnesses behind.

    • Gigi says:

      Number 3. I don’t see Mama Pope making it out of this season alive.

    • How about Mama Pope gets killed by Papa Pope, Papa takes back B613.

    • David says:

      Great post! I like the choices, but I’m going add a combination to it: I think it’s Jake who gets killed and Papa Pope will end up in control of B613. But I also think that there is more than one reoccurring character death on the way:
      1. Andrew
      2. Jake
      3. Charlie
      4. Adnan
      I think Mama Pope is far too fun a character to kill off just quite yet. She’ll be in the wind for a while, but not dead.

      • herman1959 says:

        David, I like where you’re going, but I’m going to add another tweek. Per the preview: Fitz acknowledges that someone really wants him dead and Cyrus follows up by stating that security will be increased for ” the funeral”. This means that Fitz is taking this death personally, but he was not distraught, therefore, it is not Olivia, but it could be Jake or one of the Secret Service guys. Also, Mille didn’t seem too upset, so it probably wasn’t Andrew.

        As you say, there is one more reoccurring character death coming, probably for the finale. And, yes, Mama Pope is the baddest thing in the show and Khandi Alexander is rocking the part, so I also hope she stays around for awhile. Last thought: Charlie is on my last nerve now, so I’m ready to give Quinn a reprieve – please kill Charlie instead!

        • herman1959 says:

          Hey, wait a minute – I forgot to add Sally to the list; Fitz could be speaking about Sally.

        • Cheyenne says:

          Oh snap, I have to watch that preview. Increased security for the funeral points to someone close to Fitz and important to him; that rules out Charlie and Adnan (for now at least, because I think they are both going to wind up dead later), but it could mean Jake or one of the SS guys. I’m thinking maybe Hal.

          • Cheyenne says:

            Herman — it would be great it if was Sally, but that would mean the election is all but over, since Reston is no longer a player. Fitz would win practically by default. I don’t want to see Sally dead, I want to see her chewing the walls in a padded cell.

          • herman1959 says:

            As a matter of fact, in the preview Cyrus says that they are (6 ?) days away from the election. I’m surprised this preview was released so early because it’s sort of a spoiler. Check it out.

          • Cheyenne says:

            Herman — are you sure Cyrus said only 6 days? How could Fitz even think of dumping his running mate so soon before the election? Sally would win practically by default.

          • herman1959 says:

            Ok Cheyenne, I had a busy weekend and am just getting back to tell you what you probably know by now:
            I watched the Episode 317 preview again, and Cyrus told Fitz that he is 6 days away from being reelected – so the election is still on, therefore Sally was still alive at that point. Also, ABC has released photos from 317 AND 318, and the 318 pics show the WH Situation Room with Fitz, Andrew, Jake, Olivia, and Cyrus in attendance and very much alive. The synopsis mentions something about Charlie, THEREFORE, by process of elimination I would guess that “the funeral” from Episode 317 was for one of the SS guys (please not Tom!). We shall see.

            Anyway, since 318 takes place with our gang in The Situation Room that means WE HAVE A SITUATION Y’ALL (a/k/a cliffhanger)!!!!!! Can’t wait until next week.
            One more thing girlfriend: Please Take It Easy and God Bless.

      • Carm says:

        Jake isn’t a recurring character.

        • David says:

          Correct, he’s a series regular. However, he remains expendable. (Personally, I hope he can stick around but, this is Shondaland, so not too many players are safe)

  7. Anna says:

    I must be the only person who enjoys seeing Momma and Poppa Pope gracing my TV screen. I mean, that scene at the restaurant should have been longer. Dang!

    I am with Mike R, on being fed up with Liv and Olitz. The hypocrisy of these 2, especially Fitz who wouldn’t want Mellie back BUT STILL doesn’t want her to get some, while he does every occasion he gets, in the oval office. I really don’t understand how we’re still supposed to root for Liv. At least, Huck’s around to subtly tell her to get off her high horses and get her hands dirty. I hated how she played Jake but the ending made up for what she did. When I come to think about it, Olitz suit each other perfectly.

    Huck also warned Olivia about her dad and as usual, stubborn Liv, couldn’t tell right from wrong. Her dad didn’t lie to her: he won’t indeed touch a hair on Fitz’s head. He’ll just let Liv do it for him, just like he told her a few episodes ago: he’d hurt Fitz by using her and he did. S3 Olivia is a mess, not even a hot one. Is “love” really the Achilles’ heel of strong or powerful people? Then why waste all these years building a career? All these people are messed up because none of them knows how to love or be loved. Vermont, we all need to move to Vermont.

    On a different note, I’m not sure Charlie’s gonna survive this season and I, for one, won’t miss him. Baby Huck’s returning to the fold. You were wrong Harrison: Huck, Jake, Fitz and yourself are all made of the same cloth when it comes to women.

    Good episode overall!

    • Annette says:

      Think Fitz would be ok with Mellie screwing any one other than his BFF.

      • Blue says:

        I agree. I think Fitz would be okay with an open marriage. Mellie can have some unknown guy feeding her needs who is NOT the VP candidate, and he can have Olivia. They can be discreet and keep up with the pretense of their marriage for the cameras.

        Fitz and Mellie should go their separate ways after Fitz’ term ends. I’m ready for their pretend marriage to be over according to seasons 1 and 2.

      • Lovely says:

        I disagree… as evidenced by his long speech about how Mellie stopped having sex with him and told him that part of her life is over. Now she is being sexually satisfied by another man and he can’t stand it. If it was only about it being Andrew, Fitz wouldn’t have confronted Mellie like that and said the things he did.

  8. C. says:

    The thing that I love about this show is that there is seriously a possibility that Fitz could die or a be injured by a bomb. You just never know because nothing is implausible within the world of the show. I really enjoyed Kerry Washington this episode. I was a little scared when she gave Andrew his options. Also, I will NEVER EVER complain about family dinners again. What an awkward family encounter.

  9. kara says:

    The more I watch the more I HATE Fitz and Olivia. Together and as individual characters.

    I love that Andrew stands up to Olivia. And I loved Mellie finally slapping Fitz! Why can’t he let Mellie be happy.

    • Cheyenne says:

      Mellie brought all her problems on herself. She’s her worst enemy. Andrew hardly stood up to Olivia. When she told him to fold, he folded. Smart move on his part, he didn’t want to end his career teaching poly sci at Moo U.

      • kara says:

        This is the second time Andrew stood up to Olivia who I guess can officially be called a whore (screwing a man for information) I hope Fitz does blow up in that explotion. Time to get rid of that horible jackass. Now gonna go replay Mellie slapping him over and over again :)

      • mrenee says:

        No, Andrew realized that Mellie might not stand by him That he could ruin his career and Mellie would not be interested in ruining her own life. He just came to a truth–he doesn’t trust Mellie at all. So, given the circumstances, he choose himself. So much for all of this love for Mellie, huh?

        • Dmav says:

          We get it you don’t like Mellie and you ship Olivia and Fitz, even though they are the most toxic couple ever to grace our screen…moving on.

          • mrenee says:

            Move on if you will. I did like Mellie. In fact she was one of the reasons I stopped to watch this show, so you are wrong. I just don’t like THIS Mellie–the new, pathetic version of Mellie and I don’t like the new pathetic version of Olivia. Shipping means nothing to me. Unlike others, I can like Mellie when she is to be liked–and any other character as well. It was and will always be about the story for me, not some ridiculous ship. Unlike others, Mellie didn’t need to be raped for me to like her, nor made more sympathetic. She was one hell of a woman as she was. Ship that.

          • Cheyenne says:

            I don’t think it’s “new pathetic version” of Mellie at all — that side of her was always there, only now we’re seeing a lot more of it. Ditto for Olivia. In season 1 we only saw the hardass side to her. The weak side came out when Fitz dumped her after he found out about Defiance and a lot of viewers were incensed at the sight of Olivia hurt and vulnerable and crying over a man. Nobody is badass 24/7/365. Actually I can sympathize more with a multi-faceted version of a character, which is much more realistic than a one-sided cartoon. Much as I loathe Mellie, I almost hurt for her when Fitz threw into her face “That’s me being in love with another woman”, right in front of Olivia. He not only cut Mellie down to nothing, he did it in front of her rival. People need to remember Olivia and Mellie are not superwomen, (or in Mellie’s case a superbitch); they’re mere mortals with emotions and failings like anybody else.

          • RReg says:

            So what if this poster doesn’t like Mellie? Is it OK to say you don’t like Liv or Fitz, but not OK to say you don’t like Mellie? I simply do not understand the comments from some of you. I don’t like the Mellie character either. And I make no apologies for not liking it.
            I like the OLITZ – next best thing to slice bread. That’s my opinion – so what…

    • Lee says:

      Mellie and Andrew like everyone else on this show are big hypocrites. Andrew could have chosen Mellie but instead choose to be Vice President. Mellie could leave Fitz and be happy with Andrew but she loves Power too much and cannot give up being First Lady.

      Liv’s read hit home to Andrew and he realized that Mellie is not some innocent victim and would leave him if he had no power. Andrew is now facing reality about his princess – she wants a king not a powerless knight.

      Fitz is acting stupid. Jake is a whiny idiot and as Papa Pope said should never have been out in charge of B613.

      For once Quinn was right, Jake should have taken the terrorists into custody before it got to this point of endangering the country. Papa Pope would have handled this issue and shut it down quietly.

      Jake needs to stop being physically abusive to Olivia – concussion and now choking. He should not be shown as a romantic interest and Shonda needs to stop sending the wrong message.

      With her dysfunctional killer parents, I’m surprised Olivia can even get out of bed and function.
      LOL – I loved Abby trying to be Olivia Pope. Those scenes were hilarious.

      • Morgan says:

        Agreed. Jake is blaming Olivia when he is the one who chose to drag the whole thing out to see where it went. I would like to see how the show would function if Mellie would divorce Fitz. And I want Jake taken out with a powerful bullet made only for him. This was the first episode where I actually thought Quinn was the voice of reason.

        • Tiffany says:

          Did it ever occur to anyone that the reason Jake waited was because he needed to know the location of where they were trying to place the bomb, if he were to storm in and captured them then, he ran the risk of someone else finishing the job, Mama Pope had to have a contingency plan in case she was apprehended so that the job would still be completed. I think Jake made the right move.

          • RReg says:

            Why would he need to know where the bomb would be placed when he could have just killed them all in the hotel? There would have been no bomb placings. This is one of those holes that elephants could run through.

            Did he need to know what the four people were going to do before murdering 3 of them? One of them who he shot in the back and watch him die in agony?!

            Elephant holes!

    • Kendall says:

      I think it’s interesting that you loved Andrew standing up to Olivia, considering that she absolutely annihilated him, and let’s face it, he didn’t choose Mellie in the end did he? Whatever his reasons were, or whatever realisation he came to, he still ended up choosing power over love.

      I also want to remind you, that Andrew had no issues trying to get into Mellie’s pants 12 years ago, pre-Olivia. He willfully chased and cultivated an emotional affair with another man’s wife. Andrew doesn’t get to call anybody out on their crap, because had Mellie been willing to get on her knees for him, he’d have totally been up for it. Andrew’s a big hypocrite as any of them. He would have totally screwed his best friend’s wife 12 years ago, so he doesn’t get to judge. When Olivia shut him down, she was doing the absolute right thing, and because she knows Mellie so well, she knows that she wouldn’t choose Andrew over Fitz if push came to shove.

      People want to hold up Andrew as this shining beacon of light, but he’s as dirty as any of them. If Olivia’s a whore, so is he.

    • GN says:

      It is quite baffling to me how some commenters have been heaping unadulterated praise and celebration upon Mellie/Andrew while vilifying Olivia/Fitz. I fail to see the difference between their respective behaviors. Some viewers see the characters as sleazy selfish cheaters. Others see them as “true” lovers victim to circumstances largely beyond their control. Whatever side you fall on – please explain how they are so different? Mellie was portrayed as positively monstrous when the show began. While I appreciate the attempts to humanize/soften her character, I don’t appreciate the movement to raise her up at the expense of Olivia (as many have pointed out, it is poor writing at work because much of Mellie’s experience doesn’t ring true when flashbacks are incorporated etc.) Both women have their merits, and both have MAJOR flaws. I just fail to see how you can so easily distinguish between them, hence why assigning one couple (in the case of these commenters Olitz) as “bad” and Mellie & Andrew as “good” couple is non-sensical.

      • Cheyenne says:

        I don’t think the writers have been trying to humanize Mellie at Olivia’s expense or demonize Olivia to make Mellie look good. As you said, they both have major flaws. I think it’s more a case of viewer over-identification. A lot of people watching this show seem to identify with the scorned wife and worship Mellie for that reason.

        • Kendall says:

          Cheyenne, that’s a fairly recent phenomenon, because the reason the show was so interesting was because in seasons 1 and 2, the majority of people were rooting were for Fitz and Olivia. The change in direction regarding Mellie’s motivations, and the demonising of Fitz is what brought the shift. When The Trail aired back in 2012, there were probably about two people who didn’t want Fitz and Liv to be together. Everybody else wanted Fitz to leave his wife so that he could be with the woman he loved.

        • Blue says:


          Scandal writers have selective memory. They forgot the history established in Season 1 and 2. I’m rooting for Season 1 and Season 2 characterizations and not the revised versions we are seeing in Season 3.

  10. Robin says:

    Even though Fitz is a selfish hypocrite, I think he is more angry that it was his best friend. Mellie should have told him about his dad. Mama and Papa Pope are scary good. PP won’t kill Fitz , Liv will do it for him. When it comes to her parents, she is blind and they are several moves ahead. Being back with Fitz has made her too trusting.

  11. Anon says:

    I’ve never been anti-Fitz until tonight. What a schmuck. He’s been sleeping with Olivia for years and doesn’t want his wife, but he’s gonna prevent her from getting some? Flaming hypocrite.

    And putting Liv in the position of being the one who takes care of it just added to the smarminess of it all.

    Between Ragnar and Fitz, Thursday night heroes are punks.

  12. anna says:

    I wish Maya would kill Fitz. He is such a selfish narcissistic monster and Olivia’s not much better. So it’s okay for them to have an affair but Mellie’s not allowed.

    • Cheyenne says:

      Oh for heaven’s sake! It’s a guy thing. Nobody touches my wife even though I’m screwing every woman I can get. I’m not saying it’s right, I’m saying it’s the way it is. The double standard is alive and well, especially in politics.

  13. Cheyenne says:

    Somebody needs to clue poor Mellie in. Being First Lady has its perks, but it also has its drawbacks, among which are:
    — You are purely ornamental
    — You don’t get to make decisions on important matters of state
    — You don’t get to determine policy
    — You don’t get to have an affair, even if your husband is screwing his mistress right under your nose
    — You don’t barge into a room full of people and bitch-slap your husband because he’s getting some and you’re not
    Back in the day when JFK was president, he was notorious for being a womanizing cad. Yet can you imagine Jackie Kennedy making a scene and slapping her husband in public? She probably wanted to, dozens of times, but she had way too much class to go off like that. Mellie acted like a common tramp beating up on Fitz like that in front of people. Now everybody in that room is going to tell what happened and her aristocratic ass is going to come out of this looking like trailer trash.

    • bluegossip says:

      Excuse her for letting her emotions show long enough to lose control for a sec… Mellie has been the picture of class in and out of the public eye, do you know how much bottling up that takes? Andrew was her relief and she was willing to cut him off for Fits until that humiliating tie scene…so i get why she momentary lost it.

      • Cheyenne says:

        LOL that’s another drawback to being First Lady. You don’t get to “momentarily lose it”. Hillary Clinton didn’t slap the crap out of Bill when his sex scandal blew up even though she probably wanted to beat his head in with a tire iron. I don’t get where Mellie was willing to cut Andrew off for Fitz, but she sure as hell wasn’t going to cut Fitz off for Andrew, and now the poor sap knows it.

        • Ram510 says:

          And how do we know that JFK or Bill didn’t get slapped (or worse) behind closed doors, were you there?

          • Cheyenne says:

            If they did get slapped behind closed doors, good for them. But I think you can understand the difference between slapping your cheating spouse behind closed doors, and slapping him in his office in front of a room full of people.

            It’s the same difference betweem accusing your spouse of cheating on you in the privacy of your bedroom away from listening ears, and going on network TV and accusing him of cheating on you in front of the whole world. Which Mellie also did, in case you forgot. Really tacky, don’t you think?

    • Maria says:

      Not serious… So what you’re trying to say is that because Fitz is the president (in addition to being a man in your other comments), he should receive a tap on the wrist for his despicable ways? Please. I won’t even get into how offensive your remarks are because it’ll only prompt me to write an essay. Fitz deserved that slap because he’s a pompous a**. His overinflated ego enables him to treat the women in his life as objects as opposed to persons which is completely wrong. Fitz’ relationship with Olivia is no different than Mellie’s relationship with Andrew (if anything, it’s worse but that’s a story for another day). There was no reason for him to throw a temper tantrum when the man has made it abundantly clear that he doesn’t have feelings for Mellie. He’s a hypocrite and a fool. And I’m sorry but the fact that you’re “slut-shaming” Mellie as a means of building an argument speaks volumes about your character.

      • Anon says:

        Also, Mellie didn’t look anything but badass in that slapping scene.

        • mrenee says:

          Mellie looked anything but badass. She looked pathetic–simply pathetic. For all of her ridiculous “sacrifice” she cannot be there for herself. Being Fitz’ wife is more important that being herself, still. A rape, giggling at father-in-law at every opportunity, offering her husband’s mistress to him on several occasions, begging said mistress to come back to the campaign, embarrassing herself on television was all worth nothing. She got to sleep with Andrew, humiliate her daughter and Fitz gets a slap. Oh yeah!! Mellie is a real badass..

        • RReg says:

          I thought she was quite pitiful. Same feeling I got when she tried giving Fitz a blow job – one that he clearly did not want from her.


      • bluegossip says:

        cheyenne loves fitz/olitz hates mellie+jake with a passion…you have to wonder what type of person hates the wife for her husband cheating on her…and cheyenne’s comments kinda gives you and idea…she probably one of the people who blamed mellie for the rape or hated the character more for being raped.

        • Cheyenne says:

          See my comment to you and Maria and thanks for proving my point. I don’t know your chronological age, but emotionally you’re about five and a half.

        • Coal says:

          Oops, my “This” was in agreement with bluegossip and Maria

        • RReg says:

          Come on now?! Can you honestly claim that this was a marriage and Liv broke up some happy wonderful marriage?

          I do not blame Mellie for the rape. I however do blame her for using it to black mail the rapist and I do blame her for remaining in marriage where the husband has told her in no uncertain terms that he wants to have nothing to do with her.

          Do you not understand that the only reason Fitz has Mellie around is because of the election? What does she think will happen when Fitz wins the election? What does she think will happen if Fitz loses the election.

          Fitz has said and shown on numerous occasions that there is only one woman for him –
          and that woman is OLIVIA

          And btw – I am not the poster who you addressed this to. I just wanted to get my licks in…

      • Cheyenne says:

        Maria and bluegossip, for God’s sake, GROW UP, will you?! You act like you’re twelve years old. Fitz is a jerk. He acts like an oversexed frat boy who wants to have his cake and eat it too. But the double standard, however despicable it is, is a fact of life in politics. Accept that and stop whining about how unfair it is. Hell yes it’s unfair; so is life unfair. Get over it.

        • bluegossip says:

          What you dont seem to understand is that we are commenting on Liv and Fitz’ (the characters) hyprocrisy and hating them for it. We were not discussing how mellie situation applys in real life.

          • Cheyenne says:

            But Shonda is writing the characters as she sees them, not how you want them to be.

      • Kendall says:

        So you don’t understand why Fitz would be angry at Andrew and Mellie? You don’t understand why the president would be angry that his wife, regardless of how he feels about her, was having an affair with his Vice President? Really?

        Surely you’ve worked out that this isn’t simply about Fitz being jealous that his wife is screwing a guy? Because if you haven’t then I’m not sure you were watching the show that I’ve been watching.

        Basically, Fitz was faithful and celibate for ten years, before Olivia happened. Ten years. That’s a mighty long time to go without any real intimacy, would you stay in a dead marriage for that long if there was a better option out there? Think about that for a moment.

        He believed Mellie when she told him that having the baby had killed her sex drive. Fitz blamed himself and presumingly stopped putting pressure on her to have sex. One year becomes, two, then five, then before he knows it, it’s been ten years since he’s been truly intimate with somebody. By this time, the marriage is dead, but he’s still been faithful. Then somebody comes along who sees him, who finds him attractive and sexy, and somebody who eventually loves him. Who would pass up on that after being in the wilderness for 10 years?

        He then embarks on this affair, and he falls in love with the woman, yet he feels guilty because he thinks that he’s become as bad as his emotionally abusive, cheating father. Think back to him asking Liv if she didn’t think he wanted to be a better man, blah, blah, blah in episode 2×08. Guilt, because he thinks he’s the one who destroyed his marriage.

        We know that Mellie was raped, Fitz doesn’t. So fast forward the years and he finds out that his wife is screwing his best friend. A best friend who was there when Mellie started not letting him touch her. Fitz puts two and two together and works out that maybe that’s why she wouldn’t let him touch her. It wasn’t because she was frigid, it was because she didn’t want him. She lied to him. All those years of celibacy (sex once a year or for procreation purposes really doesn’t count) and she was having it off with “Uncle Andrew”? So all those years when he assumed that her condition was his fault and the guilt he’d had over his affair with Olivia was for nothing? How would any of us react to that?

        Mellie isn’t to blame for the way she handled her rape, but it’s undeniable that shutting Fitz out, not telling him the truth, not seeking professional help, all helped kill her marriage. And as much as I don’t blame Mellie, there’s no way I’m blaming Fitz for either the affair or his reaction to Andrew, because the fact is, he tried to keep his marriage intact for way longer than the average man would, and it turned out that his wife had been lying to him all that time. And now he finds out that Mellie is screwing the guy that he’d have to work with for the next four years? No, I can’t understand why he’d be mad at all. *eye-roll*

      • Cheyenne says:

        Attacking me personally and dragging my character into your non-argument has no effect whatever on me and merely makes you look like an immature brat.

  14. Forwardad says:

    I love this recap.

  15. Coal says:

    So am I getting the anxiety levels I did back in season 2 ? No. Really to me the best sequence of scenes this season were the 1st episode when Mellie and Fitz were trying to out think each other in the leaking of Olivia’s name as Fitz mistress, also the final scene today. I do admit though that I’m tired of Mama Pope, Daddy Pope, Jake, Charlie. Thankfully this over baked mess of a season of I show I still do like is drawing to a close.

  16. bluegossip says:

    Are we gonna ignore the fact that Fitz clearly has some sort of feelings for mellie…ish? Not just that his angry that she is screwing another man. But he is clearly hurt by the betrayal(can we even call it that) and jealous of andrew. Also Liv’s behaviour towards fitz shows she picks up on it too?

    • Cheyenne says:

      It’s a guy thing. “I don’t want her but you can’t have her.”

      • bluegossip says:

        then it would have stopped with fitz knocking out andrew and telling meliie to end it. Instead you have him in this phunk, dismissing Liv with that “im talking to my wife” line. Did you catch any of their argument last week? He basically asked mellie what it was about andrew that he didnt have that she wanted that she could give herself to andrew and not to him. Which is what is hurting fitz right now.

        • Cheyenne says:

          Olivia walked in on Fitz at a bad moment. Fitz would have yelled the same thing at Cyrus or Hal or anyone who had walked in at that point. However, he wouldn’t have left Mellie standing there to run after Cyrus or Hal to beg their pardon as he did with Olivia.

          Fitz reacted the way any man would when he found out his wife was boinking another man, especially a man who is supposed to be his trusted friend. You must not understand the male ego. Even if he doesn’t give a damn about his wife, he still doesn’t want somebody else poaching on his property. This is why he was “hurt” by Mellie’s cheating. It doesn’t mean he still has feelings for her, it means his pride and his male ego were hurt. He went after Andrew like who the hell is this SOB who thinks he can take what’s mine?

          As for Mellie, she really handled the whole thing like an idiot. She could have had a long and happy affair with Andrew with nobody the wiser. Instead she has to go fellating him behind an unlocked door with her dress half off and get busted by her own daughter. Jeez Louise, a teenager could have handled that better than she did. If you’re going to cheat on your partner, lock the door, or better yet, rent a room!

          • bluegossip says:

            i get the male ego part in his reaction but you refuse to acknowledge that some part of him is asking what if…he basically told her if she hadnt shut him out he wouldnt have given a second look at liv. And his anger is def directed at mellie because in the mellie/andrew equation mellie is the one that means something to him.
            his jealous that of the fact that andrew is what mellie wants and he isnt and that hurts because in his mind thats what killed his marriage whatever andrew has that he doesnt killed their marriage and that thought is what is keeping liv at a distance right now

      • bluegossip says:

        Compare his reactions to when liv was dating that senator and to liv sleeping with jake to his reaction about mellie and andrew…with liv he was jealous naturally and a little possessive but he accepted that she wasnt his…with mellie it was all out anger and hurt. It was personal. It truly hit home because as much as he loves liv that love was born out of his feelings for mellie. Mellie is his wife liv is just the girl he sleeps with.

        • Kendall says:

          A lot of people like yourself obviously didn’t understand what was going on on last week’s show so the cast were out answering questions about it.

          Somebody asked Tony Goldwyn (who plays Fitz) if Fitz ever really loved Olivia or if it was all pretend for 4 more years in the White House. His response was; “DID. DO. ALWAYS WILL.”

          He was also asked if Fitz still loves Olivia, his response was “”yesyesyesyesyes!”

          He was asked if Fitz still had love for Mellie. This is what he said; “Not romantic love. But she’s his family. So yes. And hate too.”

          Last night Tony was asked by a fan whether Fitz is really jealous of Mellie and Andrew’s relationship or if it was just his wounded pride? His answer was, ”Neither. It’s about betrayal.”

          So in other words, people can make up whatever fairy stories they want about Fitz’s feelings for Mellie, but the above came from the guy who played Fitz, and who directed last week’s episode.

          • mrenee says:

            One thing has nothing to do with the other. Just because Fits is in love with Olivia, doesn’t mean that his life with Mellie never existed. They have children together and 20 years… that’s a long time and a lot of feelings in the mix. Whether or not Mellie and Fitz have a path going forward does not negate their history. She IS his wife and the mother of his children. They have issues, promises that were made–kept or not–that need to be sorted out. This has nothing to do with Olivia. She should have never been listening to that conversation. It was the perfect time for her to either leave, or, if she decided to stay, realize that she might hear some things that she didn’t want to hear.

          • Dmav says:

            Sooo, this means whatever Fitz does it is okay because he loves Olivia??? The man is beyond a creeper and their relationship isn’t love it is an obsession. Of course Tony believes that who wants to admit their character is bordering on psychotic.

          • Cheyenne says:

            Some people are so over-identified with Mellie that they are desperate to convince themselves that Fitz still loves her. It’s really pathetic.

          • KEA says:

            Good point. What I don’t understand is why some people want Mellie and Fitz to get together. I mean if my husband told me he loved another woman and stayed at the hospital with her for the entire time until she checked out, but never once escorted me to the gyn’s office when I was pregnant, I would not want him at all. It wouldn’t matter if we had 10 children, besides their kids know the score on their parent’s marriage. It seems as if this is about winning to some people, Olivia is the lead of the show she isn’t going to lose. This isn’t a contest, she’ll get knocked down, just like on other shows, but they rise to the occasion. That’s why they’re the lead. Do some people want to see a big dramatic love scene between Fitz and Mellie, like we’ve seen several times between Olivia and Fitz? They have showed them in a flashback and that horrible shower scene, I don’t think we can take much more. Do some fans want to see a TV guide photo shoot with Tony and Bellamy and also the two on them going on talk shows together? Let Mellie be happy with Andrew, after the election they can hook up again, if Andy doesn’t get shot. I can accept the fact that Fitz doesn’t love Mellie. It’s time to move on and let everybody be happy or at least content.

          • Lovely says:

            What Tony thinks and how his character is being written and is coming across to viewers are two very different things.

          • Cheyenne says:

            @Lovely: Of course it’s coming off differently to different viewers. People project their own feelings into what they see on the screen, sometimes to the point where you wonder what they were actually seeing. It’s human nature to do that. Case in point: some Mellie fans insist Fitz was actually making “googly eyes” at Mellie in the past episode, when he was really regarding her like something unpleasant he found stuck to the bottom of his shoe.

          • Lovely says:

            @Cheyenne, Its not just a couple a viewers though… Its on all the blogs, people questioning Fitz’ behavior and whether he ever loved Olivia.

          • Ram510 says:

            Kendall I’m so thankful that there are people out there like you who get it too
            I hope Shonda doesn’t take her foot off the gas next season to accommodate viewers not comprehending

        • RReg says:

          You are clutching at straws. Fitz has no desire for Mellie, but they have had a life together. Fitz told Liv in Thursday’s episode that he feels nothing for Mellie. I guess we will have to wait and see how true this is.

          • Cheyenne says:

            For the people posting on here who have their hopes pinned on a Fitz/Mellie reconciliation, clutching at straws beats clutching at air.

  17. Coal says:

    On another note its was good to see Huck and Quinn acting like well functioning human beings for once this season. Their actions today were fully logical (even though Huck didn’t have the full scope of what was going on.), their decisions won’t motivated by who is bumping ugly’s with whom like the rest.

    • Overthinking says:

      I don’t know but I think Huck pretty much suggested Olivia to go sleep (bumping ugly) with Jake to get the code.

      It was funny when Harrison and Huck were having a drink and Harrison said Huck was lucky because he is not “normal” he hasn’t been played by a woman. The look on Huck face was priceless. I bet he was remembering how he got played by Rose last season.

      As for Quinn I am waiting for her to make a rookie spy mistake that will probably result in half D.C. being bomb or something to that effect. She is too implusive and doesn’t follow directions very well.

    • herman1959 says:

      Yes, it was as if their batteries had been changed – finally!

  18. Sims says:

    Fitz is so gross. I have gone from not liking him, strongly disliking him, finding him abusive and manipulative, and now with this horrendous double standard and mock hypocrisy I don’t think I can keep watching the show. The way he treats women is atrocious. It (the relationship between fitz and olivia) is the only inconsistent thing about the great Oliva character, that she would put up with this gross emotional abuse and allow herself to be demeaned this way.

    • Kendall says:

      You love Olivia who is also abusive and manipulative. You probably like Mellie, who is also abusive and manipulative. You probably loved the fact that Mellie slapped Fitz, but what if Fitz had slapped Mellie after he found out about her risking Baby Teddy’s life by inducing 4 weeks early just to manipulate him? Would you have cheered as loud, or would it have been different because he’s a man. Which in essence is saying women can be physically abusive to men, but not the other way round?

      You love Olivia, and she totally used Jake (I don’t blame her for that at all) to get what she wanted tonight, she has also used Huck to his detriment. She split David and Abby up for Abby’s own good, by using something her knowledge about the domestic abuse she’d suffered with her ex-husband.

      And for those of us with short memories, Mellie has done some really bad things, and was complicit in the trap that Cyrus set for Daniel Douglas that ended up getting him killed.

      Anyway, my main point is, Fitz is actually no better or worse than anybody on the entire show, except for Abby, Harrison, and David. Hating him because he’s manipulative and abusive is pure hypocrisy when you love the other hypocrites on the show.

      • bluegossip says:

        Manipulative they may be but neither liv nor mell are abusive in any sense…liv is force full and usually and sometimes mean when her job calls for it but thats her job and she usually gives this people a way out. Mellie never put her child at risk because she is smart, which is why Fitz could only hate her for a sec for it. Fitz doesnt need to hit mellie he has all the power he hurts her enough, she gave him one slap for years of emotion abuse.

        • mrenee says:

          What? Olivia stopped being a force last season and as for manipulating? Olivia is not above using Fitz to her advantage and then leaving him at the drop of the hat, with his pants down. Jenny Nystrom, Pastor Drake, Mama Pope, earn me–she wants him, then leaves his for her Gladiators? WTF? Olivia knew when she pulled the suitcase down the hall that this was most probably impossible, Yet, she did it, Fitz has been nothing but crystal clear since the beginning. Olivia has to get her mind right.

        • Cheyenne says:

          Whoa, what?!!? Did you not watch the show last season? Mellie was so terrified at the prospect of losing Fitz that she had her labor induced 4 weeks early just so he wouldn’t leave her at that moment. She put her unborn baby’s life and health at risk by doing that. I could give you a dozen other examples of how manipulative and calculating Mellie is, but that is the most egregious.

        • Kendall says:

          So you don’t think that Mellie feeding alcohol to an alcoholic at 7am in the morning is abusive? Mellie enabled Fitz’s alcoholism for ten months in order to make sure she was in control of him. If that was a story that you heard anywhere but on Scandal, you would be appalled. Oh, and if you don’t think that Mellie slapping Fiz was abusive, then I’m assuming that you would think nothing of Fitz slapping Mellie?

          You think that Mellie choosing to induce her baby 4 weeks early, thereby risking his life (because every doctor will tell you that the longer a baby is in the womb, the better), was smart and not manipulative? Really?

          Fitz has all the power? Dude, you are not watching the same show. Fitz is the one person who is pushed around and everybody does stuff in his name that he’s not aware of all the time. He has zero power, and Defiance was proof of that.

          Let me tell you about emotional abuse. Fitz and his wife are fairly happy, then his wife gets raped, unbeknownst to him (307). She doesn’t tell him, she decides to strike a deal with the devil instead. Because she doesn’t tell him, she emotionally shuts down from him. He asks her whats wrong, and thinks that he’s done something wrong (that’s a common theme with people who were abused as children) she eventually tells him that she’s lost her sex drive, so he then spends the next ten years staying faithful and celibate. He goes without an intimate relationship for ten years. Count it, ten whole years having to make do with an obligatory screw maybe once every six months.
          It’s not until he meets Olivia ten years later, that he begins an affair. He was faithful for 10 years, and his affair with Liv has been on and off for 5 years. You do the math.
          He then finds out that his wife was probably screwing his best friend round about the time that she stopped sleeping with him. He doesn’t know that she was raped, so when you use the word emotional abuse, you forget their entire history, and you are only looking at what Mellie has suffered.

          I want you to answer me a question, apart from the affair with Olivia – which I totally understand how that happened by the way because most men after six months of no sex or intimacy would have bailed – what else has Fitz done to Mellie? They got married, he thought it was a legitimate match, she knew it was arranged (episode 218). She deprives him of a sexual intimate relationship for 10 years. She invited Big Jerry onto the campaign trail (211) even though she knew how much Fitz hated his father, and how much Big Jerry used to bully him. She then happily takes part in Defiance, even though she knew he always wanted to run a clean race. She helped make him a fraudulent president. That action then leads to him killing Verna Thornton (213), who tried to kill him, for something he knew nothing about (208). Had Fitz not killed Verna, Mellie and the rest of them would have gone to jail. Fitz then asks for a divorce (211 and 212) and Mellie deliberately induces Baby Teddy early in order to manipulate him into forgetting about the divorce.

          In episode 211, Mellie forges a letter of reinstatement, something that could have led to Fitz losing the presidency or even Mellie herself going to jail. He has to rise from his hospital bed a week after being shot four times, once in the head, in order to rescue his job, and save his wife from going to jail. (211)

          In episode 220, Mellie goes on TV and tells the world (regardless of the impact on the US economy and world markets etc) that Fitz cheated. This might have made sense had she intended to leave him, but she didn’t.

          In 305 when she sees that Fitz has no appetite to win re-election, she BEGS his mistress to come and basically sleep with him because her husband misses her and so can’t get his head in the game.

          In 308, Mellie and Cyrus set James up to catch out Daniel Douglas. Something that led to Sally killing her husband ion 309, putting Fitz and his presidency at risk, and ultimately got James killed.

          Oh, and did I mention that the child that he thought was his, may in fact be his dad’s and so Jerry junior may be his brother. But of course Fitz has no idea.

          I now challenge you to list all the ways that Fitz has been abusive to her, manipulated her, and what exactly he has knowingly taken from her (in reference to her screaming at him that he’s “taken everything from her”). And to help you along, let me remind you that she was a partner in a law firm before she gave that up, and that Fitz doesn’t know the real story about his wife being raped. Go.

        • RReg says:

          Mellie not smart? Isn’t this the same Mellie that graduated top of her class from Harvard law? I thought the only people who re wrote history were the writers of the show.

      • Annette says:

        Don’t forget Abby and David were plotting against Liv last season. Harrison is working with Adnan, to some degree. Everyone on this show is messy. No one wears the white hat or brings anyone into the light. They are who they are and not who we want them to be.

        • Cheyenne says:

          Exactly. Some people want Shonda to write the characters to conform to their own expectations. Nobody on this show is all good or all bad. Every single character is flawed to some degree and a lot of people can’t handle that.

          • Dmav says:

            But you can and the rest of us are too stupid and ignorant to fully understand this show and accept the characters as you do…get over yourself. LOL

          • Cheyenne says:

            Well I wasn’t referring to you personally, Dmav, but since you went there…

      • Nathalie says:

        I agree.

  19. bluegossip says:

    Its silly that liv and some viewers actually think that the scandal world could function without a b316 type organisation pulling the strings. Even in the real world…who actually believes POTUS has as much power/knowledge as his title claims?

  20. bluegossip says:

    Just started watching VEEP and loving it…how cool would it be if they revealed Fitz as POTUS in VEEP? Would make plenty of sense really.

  21. Overthinking says:

    Wait a minute…… mean to tell me a powerful entity as B613 is designed to be shut down by one code/algorithm. Oh! Hell no!!!

  22. Coal says:

    I’ve been re-watching Scandal from season 1 since last Thursday and I find it funny how some of you remember certain facts according to your personal feelings towards the characters instead how the actual events transpired.

    • Gigi says:

      IKR!! I actually fell out with a good friend after she claimed that Papa Pope was a good guy after Mama Pope’s treachery was revealed. She seemed to suddenly forget all the evil that he was responsible for.

  23. Coal says:

    Also because you dislike certain characters don’t expect the rest of us to dislike them too.

  24. Caroline TEX says:

    I think it’s interesting that this is the only media site where people are just sooo against Fitz’s character. I can’t stand Jake – so I am trying to decide why I read all these comments and just irritate myself! Scandal has really dropped the ball this year, and the number one person to blame is the show runner.

    • Dmav says:

      No there is several sites where the majority of the people posting have become weary of of Fitz and Olivia. It is not the media it is us the viewers that have become tired of this particular “ship”

      • Blue says:

        Some viewers are tire of this particular ship, not all viewers. Many are rooting for Fitz and Olivia from season 1 and 2.

        • Blue says:

          Oops…correction to my post.

          Some viewers are tired of this particular ship, not all viewers. Many are rooting for Fitz and Oliva from season 1 and 2.

    • Dmav says:

      Don’t go to EW or TV Guide as well, the Fitz hate is strong.

  25. Casey says:

    It is interesting that I like Scandal but I really dislike Fitz and Olivia. I guess it just goes to show that you don’t have to love all the characters on the shows you watch if the story is compelling.

  26. Jess says:

    I think several people will be hurt and/or killed by the bomb. Olivia is probably one of them who will be hurt (remember her mom warned her at dinner) and I think Andrew is gonna bite the dust saving Mellie

    • Cheyenne says:

      Hadn’t thought about Olivia being hurt by the bomb but that could definitely happen. I think Andrew’s toast. And Mama Pope will kill Adnan either before or after the bomb goes off.

      • herman1959 says:

        Yes, Adnan is definitely going because Mama Pope seems to be killing everyone after she is finished with them. Also, in the “real world”, the actress who plays Adnan was made a fulltime lead in Homeland for the fall.

        • Cheyenne says:

          I think Mama Pope is going to take out Adnan, Ivan and everybody else involved in this plot. She doesn’t leave living witnesses.

  27. mrenee says:

    Thumbs up for Shondaland. I cannot believe that we are even discussing the foolishness of these re-writes. This show has truly lost its compass and we are fighting about the direction of a sinking ship. Why are we not discussing Mellie without admitting that her comment to Fitz after the slap was utterly ridiculous? I thought she was the one who wanted him to be president ( I won’t tell you raped me if just apologize to Fitz so that he can be president. Olivia, he needs you to breathe, please come back; You let that girl get into his pants etc.)? Why is Olivia complaining when Fitz has offered several time to let this all go? Didn’t she tell him to run with Mellie by his side and win? Didn’t she convince him that he wanted it more than anything? Didn’t she walk away? None of this makes sense, The character re-writes,every episode negating the previous episodes? What does Shonda want now? Olitz pairing over; acceptance of,or punishment for Scott Foley, sympathetic Mellie, Fitz totally destroyed?

    This is called how to break-up a relationship that the audience doesn’t want broken up. It’s easy really. It’s all how you use the information the audience has given you. You just figure what they would never want to see happen to Olivia (I’m talking to my wife!) and make sure Fitz says it. You decide that your AA female viewers would hate Olivia being referred to as “the help” and you go about devoting an entire episode to making Olivia just that. Too many women interested in TG’s Fitz? Well, you can’t just fire him, so let’s make him kill 300 or so people and if that doesn’t work, let’s make him responsible tor everything, Insinuate that he might still have feeling for Mellie and wait for the audience to take sides and run with it. Split the fandom entirely. They should change the name of the show to “Everybody Hates Fitz.” Shonda gets my vote, She is one bad chick Well done!!!

    • Overthinking says:

      @mrenee [Shonda gets my vote, She is one bad chick Well done!!!]…..are you being sarcastic? This is a genuine question. From your post I thought you did a nice job of summarizing how writers are alienating majority of the original scandal viewers and I totally thought you were going to go with the opposite and say Shonda has really missed the mark in S3. I agree it is a total sinking ship. The viewers had their favorites to root for but all the characters like you mentioned have gone through character re-writers (done a 180) such that it is hard to continue rooting for any of them. Well if they are going to [split the fandom] then they better be prepared for the ratings to take hit. A lot of people I have talked to are not planning on watching the show come season 4 (that is if the show has been renewed for next season as I am not sure if it has been renewed).

      • Cheyenne says:

        Shonda tweeted that ABC will announce the renewals in May but added Scandal fans have nothing to worry about.

      • mrenee says:

        Absolutely sarcastic! I hear reviewers are already calling for Fitz’ death. She wanted to pull it away from the fans and she has. I just want to read the tell-all which explains why she had to put it down. Anger, money, jealousy. They are the usual culprits when you behave this way. I think she still believes it will continue with little problem. Her people must have already decided that the die-hards are gone now, so they can start the story over with another crowd and get over. TG might be gone, but she’s got Mellie and Jake, right? Two more episodes of Fitz the Jerk and the newbies and the casual viewers will fall in line. They already are. She played the game well. That’s my point. Advantage, Shonda.

    • A Rocks says:


      Thank you. A perfect summation of what I have felt for such a long time – since the end of season 2 as a matter of fact. This rewriting of characters has done me in. I have tried to stick with it, but camel has been broken. I taped Scandal last night… Something I find myself doing more and more often now. ( I was watching Elementary instead). I just finished fast forwarding through Scandal… I’m moving, on there’s nothing there to hold my interest anymore.

      It’s a shame, because from day one I thought this show could have been a game changer. How often did one get to see a black character that just wasn’t the foil for someone else? Ah well, all things must come to an end. I may pop in here from time to time just to see what’s going on though as I find some of the comments more entertaining than the show itself.

      Good luck to you all.

      • Blue says:

        @A Rocks and @mrenee @Overthinking

        “If if ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

        Clearly that line of thinking doesn’t apply to Scandal writers. I too am tired of the rewrites, the inconsistencies, etc. While watching Season 3 of Scandal, I kept thinking of other shows that jumped the shark and got cancelled. Heroes comes to mind, and it had many fans, but show runners switched the writing and story lines and viewers started leaving in droves, and it was a show with a high viewership!

        Careful Scandal writers. Don’t get too arrogant believing you can continue writing revisionist history. If numbers fall too dramatically in Season 4, advertisers will notice and so will ABC. Other media outlets will write about the show’s direction change and wonder what happened to the show they fell in love with so long ago. Some are writing about it now. Those dynamics pick up steam and then…ratings…fall.

        • Coal says:

          I love your post Blue. The thing is Scandal is changing its target market. It use to appeal to people who would love shows like The West Wing and House of Cards but now its aim its people who probably think The Bachelor is great viewing. Its more focused on these frivolous romantic entanglements, unfortunately that’s ABC bread butter. The political, crisis management stuff which a lot of us found appealing is an after thought.

          • Blue says:

            Thanks for commenting, Coal. I guess I’m not the target market. Oh well…back to reading novels again. Personally, I don’t like shows like The Bachelor (no offense to those who do).

          • A Rocks says:

            I think I tend to agree with you in the change of Scandal’s target market. This would explain the sloppy writing, sloppy characterizations and revising of history.

      • OffmyDVR says:

        This show has quickly become unwatchable. I just laugh at how abhorrent the writing is now. This happened with Grey’s also. After a few seasons, all of the characters became completely unlikable and the writing was on the same level as daytime soaps. I forwarded through about 75% of this week’s show.

        • Lovely says:

          ^^^ THIS. Its obvious the writers just sit there and come up with crap that makes no sense whatsoever. It was ok the first two seasons but now its totally in the toilet. They ruined a perfectly good show.

    • Coal says:

      Olivia’s state of mind: Cyrus has Amanda Turner killed first season, *shrugs* they are still friends. Fitz kills Verna, *shrugs* they are still ahhh lovers ? Fitz/Daddy Pope gun down a plane with how many people on it ? *shrugs* work with one shag another. Hollis Doyle blows up a building with 6 people inside, *shrugs* he is a Pope and Associates clients. Find out Sally Langston killed her husband ? That’s none of my business. Rustin kills wife’s boyfriend and let’s the wife take the rep, okay. But Jake kills 3 people all of a sudden B613 must go down ? *waits for comments from Team Olivia*

      • Kendall says:

        You probably need to blame the writing Coal. I’m Team Olivia all day long, but it’s been difficult watching her character dumbed down to such an extent. This is not who Olivia Pope is.

    • Nathalie says:

      I love Fitz

  28. katrina says:

    As long as Jake survives Im happy!! The door scene was amazing! She should of let him in.

  29. Coal says:

    Shipppers should really not comment here. There comments are always biased and they attack any comment that defers from their way of thinking…Just chill. Go watch or read twilight or something.

  30. Lovely says:

    Well after this episode, I ship Olitz no more. I will no longer be visiting the Olitz tumblr websites or viewing youtube Olitz scenes repeatedly while at work. The writers have completely destroyed it for me. I think the main thing is that Fitz is now repulsive. Whereas before he was a man who happened to meet the love of his life while being married and running for president, and getting caught in a difficult situation… Now he is just coming across as a misogynistic egomaniac. You’ve put your presidency in jeopardy for Liv, has called her the love of your life, you cannot breathe without her… yet your jealous that Mellie is having an affair? Wait, how, what??? At this point your marriage is long dead, you should give no F’s what Mellie does. Yes I get that it’s with someone he called a friend, but its more than that… a lot more. This is clear by the way he confronted Mellie and brought up how she stopped having sex with him and said that part of her life was over… And the biggest thing is that he said that if Mellie was still sleeping with him he wouldn’t have even gotten with Liv in the first place… THAT IS HUGE. If Liv was truly the love of his life and he never had that connection with Mellie, then he would have gotten with Liv regardless of his marital state. THIS IS A HUGE CONTRADICTION. So which one is it? Is Liv the love of Fitz’ life or did he only have an affair with her because Mellie stopped sleeping with him? I mean… Is this just bad writing or what??? I really just don’t get it. Fitz was jealous. This was “Why do you want him and not me? He’s satisfying you and I’m not.” This was ego, this was bull. Quite frankly it completely diminished the entire Liv and Fitz relationship, actually it ruined it for me. Do the writers even realize this? I mean its crazy how they have made me do a complete 180 from S1 and S2… Now Fitz is just coming across like sleazy, cheating husband who wants to screw around but doesn’t want his wife doing the same. Yuck. Very disappointed. Good job Shonda and the writers, you ruined Olitz. Burying them in the backyard with a shovel and a glass of red wine. :-(

    • Cheyenne says:

      Actually, it’s not a contradiction at all. If his marriage with Mellie was satisfactory, Olivia would have been nothing more to him than a campaign manager. Even if he was sexually attracted to her, he might have remained faithful to his vows as long as Mellie was giving him what she needed. But she wasn’t, so he strayed. I mean come on, now, what man whose wife refuses him sex for ten years is going to stay faithful to her? At the time he met Olivia he no longer loved his wife. If he’d met her ten or eleven years earlier it might have been different. But by the time he met her he was ready to fall in love with someone else. Just to show how dead it was with Mellie, Olivia broke up with Fitz right after his election. If he still loved Mellie he might have tried to get back together with her. Instead, he jumped into bed with Amanda Tanner. There is no contradiction there.

      As to Fitz being jealous of Mellie sleeping with Andrew, it doesn’t mean he still has feelings for Mellie. He’s acting like a guy. Don’t mess with what’s mine. To add insult to injury, Mellie jumps into bed with Andrew after denying Fitz sex for ten years so naturally he’s going to wonder what’s he got that I ain’t got? Like you said, it’s ego, it’s bull, and it’s totally how most men think and react in situations like that.

      • Lovely says:

        You never answered the question, so I guess you have no answer. Is Olivia the love of Fitz life or did he just have an affair with her because he wasn’t getting sex from Mellie? Fitz has said to Liv repeatedly that she is the love of his life, that he cannot exist without her, cannot breathe with her. And the writers have set it up like Mellie and Fitz had an arranged marriage from the beginning and there was never any real love there, instead it was a partnership, arranged by Fitz’ father. When a person meets the love of their life that’s a game changer, doesn’t matter if they are married at the time, when you meet the right person it changes everything (think Brad and Angelina). But now this past episode forces one to question whether Olivia and Fitz were ever really soul mates at all. Did he just begin an affair with her because he was horny and tired of not getting laid??? I agree, if any husband is denied sex for too long he will cheat, but he’ll cheat wherever the opportunity presents itself. And if Olivia was only an affair of opportunity, that means she isn’t really the love of his life. She is not special. They are not special. That means that if he had met Amanda Tanner before Olivia he would have slept with her first. So Olivia and Fitz are not this magical couple that we as fans should route for. Many fans have picked up on that and the contradiction. It’s odd that you missed it.

        • Cheyenne says:

          Your post had a whole lot of questions, but I think the answer to that one is yes. Olivia Pope is the love of his life. Fitz said so in those exact words to Cyrus in the first season. Tony Goldwyn pretty much said the same this week in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. Check it out.

          • Lovely says:

            Yes Fitz said that and I’m aware of Tony being a huge Olitz shipper LOL. However, the contractions cannot be ignored. The writers have strayed greatly from the premise they initially established with the whole Mellie/Fitz/Olivia dynamic. I read that the writers don’t have a larger map or outline for the show, meaning they don’t have a long term plan for where its going. They basically wing it from week to week and even they themselves don’t know what will happen long term. That’s obvious from these past two episodes. They’ve gone way off course and have strayed from the show’s original premise. They have the characters saying and doing things that don’t make any sense. Astute viewers have picked up on it and it’s disappointing.

          • Cheyenne says:

            What do you think was the show’s original premise? Just curious.

          • Lovely says:

            @Cheyenne, I already stated that in an earlier post. But here goes… ORIGINAL PREMISE- Mellie and Fitz relationship was more like a political partnership from the beginning that was arranged by Fitz’ father; it was never a love marriage. Olivia was the love of Fitz’ life and when he met her it was like love at first sight, they were soulmates and therefore their affair, although wrong, was something people were sympathetic towards. NEW PREMISE- Fitz’ marriage was great and satisfying until Mellie stopped having sex with him. He just went out looking to get laid and Olivia was just a convenient option. If anyone had been there, Amanda Tanner, another intern, etc., he would have screwed them too because after all, a man has to have his sex. You should check out the blogs; people have been saying this since the last two episodes.

            And BTW… Tony is not a writer on show, he has absolutely no control over what drivel the writers come up with. I’m sure he shakes his head when he reads some the stupid crap they have him doing and saying.

          • Cheyenne says:

            Goldwyn is not a writer on the show. However, he understands the part he was given to act and I think he can interpret how the part is written better than the nitwits on this and other blogs who are saying he really loves Mellie and is only using Olivia for sex.

          • Lovely says:

            @Cheyenne, just because someone disagrees with your opinion doesn’t mean they are a nitwit. That’s very rude and seems to suggest that you cannot have a civilized discussion without resorting to name calling. The viewers are only reacting to what the writers and the show is putting out- period. If they didn’t want to give that impression they shouldn’t have written it that way. Fitz’ behavior makes viewers question his love for Olivia, and whether he still has lingering feelings for Mellie. Don’t get mad at viewers for stating the obvious. Tony is a professional and is far too intelligent to publicly criticize the show, but I would bet that behind closed doors he is not pleased with how they are writing his character right now.

          • Cheyenne says:

            People see what they want to see. Some viewers think Fitz is only playing Olivia because he hasn’t dropped everything and run off with her to Vermont to make babies and jam. Other viewers think he wants to repair his marriage because he doesn’t want his close friend screwing his wife. In other words, people can bring so much of their own feelings into what they are watching that they misinterpret what they see and then they blame the show. When people complain the show has deviated from its original premise they forget real life always deviates from its original premise. They have tunnel vision. Nothing ever proceeds in a straight line. That’s life. Take it or leave it.

        • Lovely says:

          @Cheyenne, that’s your opinion and you are entitled to it. So is everyone else. That is all.

          • Cheyenne says:

            In any event, I can’t help but wonder at your ability to read Goldwyn’s mind, as per your statement that behind closed doors he is not pleased with how they are writing his character now. Such clairvoyance is uncommon.

          • Ram510 says:

            I think the term (and rudely so) “nitwit” was used because it had been explained by the man himself, Tony Goldwyn, that Fitz does indeed think Olivia is the love of his and his character has said it from the beginning yet you still want to argue when there is no argument. I feel perhaps misinterpret some scene and it may be helpful to go back and watch it again

          • Lovely says:

            @Cheyenne, wow you seem really upset. Are you mad? LMAO… Opinions that are different from yours really bother you I can see. Well actually Tony did a previous interview where he was asked what would happen if he was writing the show, and he said that his writing would basically end the show because he would have Fitz and Olivia marry and have children and be happy. So I’m sure he’s not happy with the shabby way Fitz is treating Olivia and how the writers are cheapening their romance. Any actor who takes agrees to play a character who starts off intelligent, strong and loving then watches the character turn into a repulsive, silly egomaniac probably would not like that. So its not clairvoyance, its called deductive reasoning, Sweety :-) But since you don’t seem to be able to grasp what so many viewers are saying about the last two episodes, I’m positive you won’t get that either.

          • Lovely says:

            @Ram510, First of all I am no nitwit. I would put my educational background against yours any day and I bet you would lose. Moving on. You clearly have not been reading my posts because you completely missed my point. So maybe it would be helpful to go re-read them and then come back later. I am merely reiterating what many viewers have said based upon the last two episodes. That although Fitz may love Olivia, HE IS NOT BEHAVING LIKE HE LOVES HER. His actions are those of a man who is still harboring feelings for Mellie, and is jealous that Mellie had found happiness with another man. His actions and behavior are contradictory to the Fitz we grew to love who was ALL IN for Olivia no matter what and was completely done with Mellie. I’m not saying he doesn’t love Olivia, but going strictly by his behavior one certainly would not know it. Bloop.

          • Cheyenne says:

            Lovely, what would Fitz have to do to convince you he loves Olivia? Dump Mellie and the presidency and run off with Olivia to Vermont to make babies and jam, after a big formal wedding with Olivia all in white? He actually wanted to do that and she was the one who said no. She realized if he gave up the presidency for her he would regret it for the rest of his life, and sooner or later he would blame her for it. So what else is he supposed to do now, besides slog it out in a bad marriage with a woman he no longer loves? You tell me. His actions are not those of a man who still has feelings for his wife, they are the actions of a man who is angry that another man who is supposed to be a trusted friend is sleeping with his wife. If you can’t understand that then you are hopelessly incapable of comprehending the male ego. Simply stated, it’s an ego thing. You don’t mess with what’s mine, even if I don’t want it any more, it’s still mine. I can see this is way over your head, so I’ll let it go. Ciao.

          • Lovely says:

            @ Cheyenne, actually you should have stopped a while ago. But let’s actually agree on something. Let’s say that Fitz does love Olivia, because I actually believe that he does. That’s the point that you have been missing all along. I never said Fitz didn’t love Olivia, I said he’s not behaving like he loves her. But ultimately, this is one of those situations where love is just not enough. You like to talk about reality, surely you understand that just because two people love each other it doesn’t mean that they can or should be together. Liv has sacrificed already what… at least 5 good years on this man (at least 1 year prior to the election + 4 years in office) and what does she have to show for it, nothing. Add another 4 year term in office, now we’re creeping to 10 years of waiting for Fitz. And now Fitz’ treatment of Liv is extremely questionable to say the least, if I were to say the most I would say that he’s treating her as a common mistress now. In order for him to have Olivia wait for him indefinitely, he cannot be having fits of rage over Mellie sleeping with someone else, male ego not. Unacceptable behavior on every level, it isn’t fair to Liv nor is it fair to Mellie. IF Liv has any brains left, and that’s a big IF, she will realize that she will ultimately end up on the losing end of this deal, losing her youth and wasting her time. And I actually rooted for the couple in S1 and 2, but now the relationship is as dead to me as Mellie and Fitz. Liv needs to move on and find an available man to go to the country, have babies and make jam with. I may not understand the male ego but I do understand a woman’s worth. :-)

  31. Nick says:

    I must say I saw the final twist coming halfway through the episode: it was kinda obvious that Olivia would manage to take down B613 at the worst possible moment. After all, there’s a reason why B613 is what it is. But it’s also Jake’s fault (no respectable head of a secret government agency would stay put if there was a bomb directed to the presidential campaign or the White House… unless he secretly wants Fitz killed to have his way with Olivia).

    • RReg says:

      It was rather a dumb piece of writing, that can only be used for another OMG or sweeps moment. True, no respectable head would allow terrorists to have a bomb and do the let’s see how it plays out especially given that same person who said let’s see how it played out was the same one who killed 3 people two episodes ago. You do not put together a bomb to clean your shoes with it. This is dumb story telling. This is another of those inconsistencies and bad writing that so many viewers have been complaining about.

  32. jJenner 1287 says:

    Well Shona congratulatiions you have suceeded! You have destroyed the character of fitzs and olivia. Your have reinforced the sterotypical views of society that a black woman no matter how beautiful and smart cannot be more than a mistress or even worse – the help. But you, you have managed to go one further and make her viewed with no sexual conscience either!! Please tell me why we the audience who enjoyed and were blessed by your good and ground breaking writing became so contempt to you that you were willing to sacrifice two loved character on a show. Well i trust you are happy now Jake will will kill everyone on set but he will remain pretty and lovable. Mellie will continue to rise from her maniputive bed like a shiny new penny and walla season 4 leads are here. Hope sll your anger at your audience was worth it! To Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn i would i
    Like to day thsnk you for acting your socks of from season one to this point and if nothing else it has shown that you are trur masters at what you do even when the sctipt is beneath you. Shonda i know you dont what people think or write “its your show right” but i really hope that as you write any show in future the audience never accept the invitation to join your party as they did with fitzs and olivia because as i fear there is never going to be enough of you with the necessary iinsight to make the change/difference you would like. All the best scandal actors it was good hanging out with you and the gladiators for a time!!

    • A Rocks says:

      I have seen it said several times that Shonda says “it’s her show” and she writes accordingly. I’m not sure I buy this. I have seen lots of stupid comments for show ideas on this blog that conveniently turn up in some of the episodes. Seem to me that the writers must be scoping blogs like these for ideas. A shame they are going with the most inane ones though.

      The best to you as well jJenner.

    • Lovely says:

      @jJenner1287, I completely agree and it’s what I’ve been posting for a while. Shonda and the writers have completely CHEAPENDED Fitz and Olivia to the point where after this season I am done. I purchased S1 and S2 on DVD but will absolutely not be wasting my money on this crap. Its not even enjoyable to watch anymore. The writers are contradicting themselves and having Fitz and Olivia do things that are completely out of character. They’ve even re-written their love story, now Fitz was just looking to get laid! So disappointed :-(

      • RReg says:

        From what I have been reading on many sites you are not the only one who feel betrayed by the inconsistencies and the rewriting of the history of OLITZ. Shondra either does not seem to understand or does not care that the bad story telling will drive away viewers that started to watch because of this specific plot.

        I came to the Scandal party late and had to catch up by binge watching over several weekends and I can say that I understand where you are coming from and I sympathize.

        I do understand the poignancy of the OLITZ dynamic: A couple of weeks ago Fitz and Liv were having one of their shouting matches while getting dressed after a bout of hot bunny sex I’m sure. They step out into the corridor and she gave him pointers about some speech or debate he was going to later. That scene reminded me of how wide and deep their love is supposed to be – like two long married couple…. Then to have that scene and many other snippets that we have seen of OLITZ cheapened by last week’s episode… It is like different people who have no memory of what went before are writing episodes from week to week. But even if this were to be the case, surely Shondra must have some high level idea of where the characters will go. I can but hope…

        It just occurred to me that it must be frustrating for actors to not be able to settle into their characters.

        • Cheyenne says:

          I remember that scene where they were acting like a long married couple. It was lovely. However, subsequents scene like the ones you refer to that disappointed so many people — myself included — do us the service of yanking us back into the unpleasant reality that they are not a long married couple, however much we might wish they were. I don’t think last week’s episode cheapened their relationship, but it did remind us that their relationship is going to be a long bumpy ride as long as Fitz remains in the White House.

          What did p*ss me off was the last episode of season 2 where Fitz was seriously planning on dumping Mellie, marrying Olivia and moving her into the White House as his first lady — and Olivia was actually going along with it. Now that was some seriously bad writing. I wanted to slap some sense into both of them and ask them what planet did they think they were living on? A republican president is going to dump his white wife for a black woman and get re-elected behind this? It ain’t happening, and Shonda knows this as well as anyone else.

        • Lovely says:

          @ RReg, I think you put it very well and summed up the viewers’ frustrations. Olivia and Fitz are like completely different characters now. This is horrible writing and the viewers can see it. We know Olivia and Fitz’ history; we are not stupid. I wonder if the show got different writers or is this just a case of the show jumping the shark or… I don’t really know. Shonda and the writers destroyed the central romance and have rendered the two main characters completely unlikable. I don’t even want Fitz and Liv to get their happy ending now because neither of them deserve to be happy, especially Fitz with his misogynistic, repulsive behavior. Talk about a 180. Side note: I read that viewership is down from last season… I think a lot more people are going to jump ship after the last two episodes.

          And you bring up another excellent point, publicly of course Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn are going to support the show and say how great they think everything is… but behind closed doors I’m sure they aren’t happy with the sloppy way their characters are being written currently. Thank you for putting it a little more articulately than I can, probably because I’m so disgusted right now. :-)

          • RReg says:


            I believe you and I are firmly on the same page concerning the inconsistencies of the character development.
            I read something that a poster said about season 2 and I went back and re-watched the entire season… Just finished actually – and the poster was right.
            When season 1 started no one knew Liv and Fitz had a relationship not the viewers and not even Cyrus, do you recall when Liv went to Camp David and Fitz swaggered in looking at her with this smile? Then Cyrus said Mellie and Fitz’ marriage is strong and then because Liv accepted the case he joyously said the team is back together. No one knew there was something more between Liv and Fitz. The writers then developed this amazing relationship which created “the must see”. They didn’t have to write the characters this way, it could have been a one of those things that occurred and both characters had since moved on, but that was not the case. They created this amazing couple – gave us the privilege of watching these two very good actors create something special that had us rooting for them throughout season and season 2.
            Season 2: The Watch me Earn You Episode”: I was at the edge of my seat biting my nails wondering if Liv would allow Fitz to earn her. When he did – it was like OK – YEEEEEEESSSSSS!!! Now we are getting somewhere!! Finally, all is right!!! Throughout all the trials and tribulations they have made it through.
            Then the end of season 2 we had Fitz crawling back on his knees to Mellie – And I went WTH? What just happened here? That scene did not work in light of The Watch me Earn you scene. I don’t know about you, but I felt let down. It was just a disconcerting jar. I have just re-watched season 2 as I said and the end still doesn’t work.
            It seems to me that the revisionist writings started after this perhaps the writers realized they made a mistake and are trying to correct their error- well that is what I thought but they seem to be lurching from one fiasco to another. And if they are attempting to correct, they are not doing a good job. And what error are they trying to correct?

          • Cheyenne says:

            He did explain in the first ep of this season why he went “crawling back to Mellie”. Did you watch that?

            It was Fitz who spilled the beans about his affair with Olivia in order, he says, to give Mellie one less weapon to fight him with. The problem I have with that is he evidently didn’t think (or care) what spilling the beans would do to Olivia’s career or her professional reputation which she worked so hard to build up. He just wanted Mellie off his back.

          • Lovely says:

            @RReg, I agree completely, very astute. The people like you and I who have watched all the episodes and paid attention cannot be fooled. Like you said, they didn’t set up the Olivia and Fitz relationship as just an affair that happened. They made us root for the relationship and now the fact that they are cheapening it is upsetting to the fans. It feels like we’ve been tricked.

            YEEESSSSS, the end of season 2 did not make any sense whatsoever. None. Fitz crawling back to Mellie on bended knee simply did not ring true. Even if Olivia turned Fitz down, it didn’t mean he had to go back to Mellie. Mellie had already gone on national TV and put it out there that Fitz had cheated so it would have made perfect sense to just end the marriage at that point. Go through with your original plan to divorce Mellie and eventually Liv would have come around. Either way, the marriage to Mellie is dead and this is the perfect opportunity to escape. That, to me at least, was an indication that Fitz lacked backbone. He was behaving like a man who had to have a woman by his side and in his bed, even if it wasn’t the woman he really loved. So that was the beginning of me losing respect for Fitz. So glad you pointed that out. I was very disappointed with the end of season 2, but like a loyal gladiator I gave them the benefit of the doubt.

            And now of course with the past two episodes, his treatment of Olivia is the final nail in the coffin for me. Now you seem like you probably picked this up to… what about Fitz referring to Mellie repeatedly as “my wife” to Liv. Now technically yes she is his wife, but all before whenever he would talk to Liv about her she was always “Mellie”, now all of a sudden she is “my wife”. Liv obviously knows Fitz is married and that’s his wife, but to say that to her, is like a slap in the face, especially when he screamed it to Liv when he and Mellie were arguing. And he said it another time this past episode as well. That’s what we call shade, very subtle, but still. That reminds me of when he called Liv his mistress. Again, just another thing to devalue Olivia. I’ve always thought that Fitz viewed Olivia as his true wife, and that’s why he always wears the Eisenhower pin she gave him, as sort of a wedding ring. Fitz behavior toward Liv is just so disgusting and abhorrent now.

            But now you really have me wondering if this is an attempt by the writers to slowly kill the Olivia and Fitz relationship. What do you think? If that’s the case then it’s definitely working. Maybe Olivia is going to realize by the end of this season that she and Fitz are truly done and she will be able to move on and start fresh next season. No more back and forth nonsense. That is the only logical way forward at this point based on how they’ve completely bastardized the relationship to the point of no return. Now you have me wondering… I would hope there is some logic behind this writing.

          • Cheyenne says:

            If you’re going to quote Fitz, don’t deliberately quote him out of context. It’s a cheap tactic to try to score points in a dispute you can’t win. He called Olivia his mistress after he found out she had participated in the Defiance plot. He was hurt and angry. A few episodes later she referred to herself as his mistress and he said “How many times have I said you are much more than that?” and then begs her to come back to him. That was when she told him “If you want me, earn me.”

            Anyhoo, I re-watched the latest episode to see if maybe Mellie’s supporters are right and Fitz still has feelings for her. Boy, does he have feelings. Look at the scene again where she is showing him the ties he picked out for her and he throws them on the floor. There were three feelings very visible on his face: 1) loathing, 2) disgust and 3) contempt. That scene was almost painful to watch. If my husband ever looked at me like that I’d be out the door so fast he wouldn’t see anything but air. If I didn’t know Mellie brings all her problems on herself, I’d almost feel sorry for her.

          • Lovely says:


            LMAO… What is wrong with you? I mean seriously… Have you gone off your meds, Sweety? Do you not have anyone to talk to or something? I see your quotes throughout the board and you have repeatedly gotten into the same argument with various posters, all of whom feel the writing is bad this season and are simply voicing their opinion. If you don’t agree, that is fine. As I have stated repeatedly you are entitled to your opinion. But you will certainly not bully or intimidate me or anyone else into changing ours. For you to continue with this at this point you are just making yourself look silly and childish. Nobody is trying to win an argument with you because nobody cares about your opinion. If you had any sense whatsoever you would have realized a while ago that this is a conversation is between @RReg and I, we have both been completely ignoring you, Sweety… Are you slow??? Seriously, please go have a conversation with someone who actually wants to talk to you. I am done engaging with you and your foolery. Have a nice day :-)

          • Cheyenne says:

            Lovely, you poor thing, tossing insults are as lame as injecting quotations out of context and produce exactly the same impression. Either your overall comprehension is on the level of am second grader or your reality testing is skewed to the point where you need professional intervention. This is a public blog, chica. There are no private convos here. Anybody is free to respond to anyone else. I’m not trying to bully you or anyone else into changing your opinion. I’m simply pointing out to you that your perception is flawed. If you’re too obtuse to understand why, that’s your lookout. I’m also curious as to why you come on here with the same complaints about the writing week after week. Who do you think gives a damn about your complaints? They’re not going to change anything for you. Either take the show as it is or go watch something else and save what’s left of your sanity, because at the rate you’re going, they’re going to be measuring you for a room with rubber walls befor this season is over. Ciao.

          • Lovely says:

            @Cheyenne, my comments and observations about the show will continue. Deal with it. Intelligent people analyze and critic. I’m going to end up in a rubber room because I’m criticizing a TV show… Really? It’s not that serious, Sweety. Maybe you should get a life, you do know that Olivia and Fitz aren’t real don’t you? You seem to be taking this very personally. Maybe you’re the one who shouldn’t be here since you obviously can’t handle any criticisms whatsoever about a TV show without becoming argumentative and combative. You’re like a child thrashing around and trying to get attention. Sit down, Sweety. Adults are talking. Go away little troll.

          • Cheyenne says:

            Look honey, if you want to continue to beat your head against a stone wall, it’s your head. I’m guessing there’s nothing inside there anyway so no damage will be done. I’m at a loss to understand why you put yourself through this torture every week, watching a show you are so disgusted with, and then come on here and bore the rest of us sh*tless with your perpetual whining, but if this is how you get your jollies, have at it. I’m guessing you don’t have much else fulfilling in your life. Why don’t you get a hobby or something to fill up your time with? Now I’ll let you get the last word, since you’ll obviously mess yourself if you can’t. Bring it and have done with it.

          • Lovely says:

            @ Cheyenne,

            I feel for you, I really do. Only a very sad and very lonely person would spend their time arguing over the internet about a TV show and continually trying to talk to people who clearly don’t want to talk to you. I said before that we could agree to disagree. Now a sane and rational human being would have left it at that, but not you. That is a sign of some sort of mental impairment. Clearly this is how you spend your life. Clearly this is all you have going for yourself. You’re just embarrassing yourself now. If winning some imaginary dispute with someone over the internet who you dont even know will validate your sad, little existence then ok, you win. Now please go away.

  33. A Rocks says:

    One of the things I find truly disturbing about this show now is the continued violence against women.
    And where is the outcry in the media about Liv being choked? Is it one of those things where the violence is ok as long as it is a black woman being abused?

    Mellie was raped and all hell broke loose
    Quinn got some teeth pulled and all hell broke loose
    Jake chokes Liv and there is silence – except for those viewers who still want to see Jake and Liv together and all they have mentioned is Jake with his shirt off.

    What is going on here?

    • RReg says:

      @A Rocks
      You are right about the violence against women. It is unsettling. If the writers intended to use it to reflect a bit of real life, they are not doing a very good job of it.

      BTW, As bad as some people say Fitz is, I do not ever recall him choking Liv in a fit of anger.

  34. Lolita says:

    Well guys after all is said and done, I hope Scandal will still be on next season. I hope the show goes back to its original roots, The writers should take heed to what the viewers are posting about. The B316 saga tore the heart out of the show, to much violence and killing. So those of us who still like the show are hoping for a much better story line in the coming season. Peace and love to all of you.

  35. Sara says:

    Have to agree B613 has been the worst thing for this show. I hope to God that storyline ends at 318. Will never get why Shonda decided to move away from what she was good at and instead do a terrible Alias ripoff. All she’s done is turn the show and Olivia Pope into jokes.

  36. RReg says:


    Exactly. There was no point for Fitz to go crawling back on his knees to Mellie. It made no sense. In season 1 when they broke up he had sex with Amanda, he did not turn to Mellie. It was bad story telling to have him return to Mellie in Season 2. I suspect Shonda realized that and tried to recover by having Fitz state that he didn’t mean it, but even so the damage was already done. What’s that saying about a picture telling a 1,000 words…
    Ohhh, I didn’t pick up on the subtlety of his “my wife” comments. I will have to review.
    I have mixed feelings about the destruction of the Fitz/Olivia relationship. Isn’t this one of the glues that keeps the show together? Isn’t this one of the major factors that attracted viewers of all stripes to the show? Would they actually destroy their bread and butter? Are they that foolish? But you are right, they seem to be quickly destroying the relationship. I do not understand the rational behind doing this though. How can you have Fitz telling Liv that he will never be over her, they will never be done, he cannot breathe without her in one breath and then pushing her away in the next? Do you recall the scene when he was chopping wood and cried in Olivia’s arms at the death of his father? That sort of stuff is something you only do with your mate. You are comfortable enough to show him or her your most vulnerable state… It does feel like he is cheating on Liv when he’s around Mellie… Now isn’t that weird?
    These writers are giving me gray hairs trying to figure out the logic to their development of the story lines.

    • Lovely says:

      @RReg, You are correct. The main reason I started watching Scandal is because of the Olivia and Fitz relationship. I was immediately hooked. Like you, I started watching late but I have both S1 and S2 on DVD and have watched all the episodes more than once. I was captivated by their relationship. I do not know if the show can survive without the love story between these two or if that is the direction the writers are going. At this point I really just don’t see a path forward for Olivia and Fitz based on everything the writers have done to this couple. It’s just a shame. I mean Fitz isn’t even likable anymore, it almost seems like they are setting him up to get killed at the end of this season… Could that be the plan? Make him as unlikable as possible before his death?

      I do recall the scene where Fitz was chopping wood and Liv held him as he cried over his father’s death. That was a beautiful scene, as was the one you mentioned earlier. And now we see him treating her like this… At one point during the last episode I actually thought I was watching “12 Years A Slave” with Lupita Nyong’o and Michael Fassbender.

      I just read that viewership for this episode was down 10% from last week and hit a series low… 10%… that is huge. Viewers are fleeing from the show faster than people running from a burning building. The numbers do not lie. So clearly something is happening viewers do not like. I have no idea what Shonda and the writers are going to do, but they need to do something. The viewers have spoken and they clearly are not happy with what they are being given right now.

      • RReg says:


        I borrowed a friend’s collection. I’m waiting to find out how season 3 ends before investing in purchasing the previous seasons. I should let you know that my friend is also very annoyed with the direction of the show and with Fitz/Liv in particular. She too is threatening to stop watching. Funny this since she is the one who used to bother about watching it. You couldn’t speak to her when the show was on.

        I see a path forward: Fitz and Liv need to sit down and have one of those long soul searching conversation to talk about their relationship and how they will move forward. The writers then need to stick to that script.

        The Mellie character needs to be reduced. She is not that integral to the story line and they have made this characterization of women too pitiful and insulting.

        The central story line of this show is the love between Fitz and Liv illicit though it may be – how much more scandalous can you get. The show needs to return to building on this.

        The show needs to return to Liv solving peoples’ problems. Perhaps not every single week, but certainly quite often.

        The spy agency story line has to be put to bed. It is quite inane from several perspectives.

        The 3some with Jake needs to be dropped, it does not work. If people want Jake in the show let him go hit on Mellie or Quinn or Liv’s mother or even Cyrus for that matter.

        That is how I would fix it. How would you fix it?

        I’m not surprised people are leaving. I can understand why. You invest in a character, you identify with a character you invest in a story line. Having done so, you do not expect that character and story line to be turned on its head. That isn’t how you build viewership. That’s like a bait and switch tactic and we know how successful those are…

        • Lovely says:


          LOL… Yes after the episode where Fitz punched Andrew in the face and screamed at Liv “I’m talking to my wife!”, my sister sent me a text message that simply said “I don’t like Fitz anymore”. And of course at the water cooler on Fridays those who watch Scandal where all “WTF” and “Why?”… Those were the resounding sentiments.

          Your path forward is the only path at this point if Liv and Fitz are going to be together. If that were to happen maybe the viewers could forgive the last couple of horrible episodes and get onboard the Shonda train once more. Your path is very intelligent. But for some reason, I just don’t feel the writers will do that. End of S1- they break up, middle of S2- they break up, end of S2- they break up… I see a pattern here. They seem to be sticking with this tragic love story that has become painful to watch. I think Shonda and her writers are really masochists who get off on torturing the viewers. The train seems to have gone way off the rails at this point. And I’m just not hopeful that it will get back on track I’m afraid. But I will watch until the end of the season, I hope I am wrong. I really do. If I am wrong I’ll be jumping up and down in my living room and cheering with joy, like finally they got it right. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

          • RReg says:


            I see the break up, make up, break up pattern as well and it has had its day. It needs to stop. Shonda for some strange reason does not seem to understand that this is not sitting well with viewers. I wonder why she does not understand this. So what stage are we in with the Fitz/Liv relationship? Is this an on again stage or off again? I suspect an off again as we are coming close to the end of the season. Shonda had better understand that having a bomb explode and ending the season with who has died undetermined will not cut it. She had better get Liv and Fitz back together or 10% will be the least of her worries.
            Since I have only just come to the party, I don’t feel fully vested in the characters. I do however like a good story, and I feel that Liv and Fitz, their story, their on screen chemistry are pretty amazing. If Shonda doesn’t feel this, and start telling the story in a more logical, constructive manner, well I will have to consider whether or not to continue watching. My time is precious and if I have no interest in the characters or story line, then that will be it for me as well. In the meantime I try to gleam nuggets from what the characters are saying and are not saying.

            Liv is going to have to stop treating Fitz like her own personal gopher. Relationships are messy, but they have been going at it with each other for 5 years now. They are learning more about each other from day to day, they need to have a sit down and figure out where they are headed. I thought they started when Liv told him and he agreed to live in the moment – then that was broken….

            You know Lovely, I think I take it all back. The writers are the problem! They don’t seem to remember what they have created from one episode to the next.

          • Lovely says:


            What would this phase be considered? I don’t even know… I guess its the booty call phase because they are still having sex, that’s about it. And Olivia is occasionally sleeping with Jake as well. In one episode she had sex with one guy, then was kissing the other guy by the end of the episode. I wonder if she has slept with them both in the same day… who knows. SMH…

            Yup, it has been 5 years and it will be another 4 years if Fitz is re-elected. That’s 9 years of waiting for Fitz and “wasting the pretty” as the old timers say. That’s why I believe Olivia needs to move on… but she doesn’t seem smart enough to do that.

            I think its just one big soap opera now, as another poster has suggested. And we know how bad the writing on soap operas are. I guess I have to simply lower my expectations. Some of my other shows are Homeland, Boardwalk Empire and Game of Thrones. I’m going to start House of Cards, as I’ve heard good things about that show as well. I like shows with quality writing and story lines… You are right, it is the writers.

  37. RReg says:


    Yes, I watched that episode where a lame attempt was made to explain why he crawled back on his knees to Mellie. That was a lame ass explanation. It did not ring true. It made no sense.
    I came late to this Scandal party, so I don’t know how true it is, but it is my understanding that there was out cry from viewers so much so that Shonda excused herself from Twitter. The writers then interjected this bit of silliness to save face. Either way, I do not believe it worked.

    • Cheyenne says:

      Lets face it, Shonda has left holes in the plot big enough to drive an 18-wheeler through. One of the biggest is Olivia’s relationship with Rowan. The guy pimps out his daughter to one of his agents and tells him to get it all on tape. Then he’s ranting to Fitz about what a paragon “his creation” is. One of his agents tries to shoot her way into Olivia’s house to kill her. Jake kills the agent. Who sent the agent and who was the target? If the target was Olivia, it meant Rowan wanted to kill his own daughter. Agents don’t pick their own targets. If the target was Jake, how did the agent know he was in Olivia’s house? Olivia didn’t know he was in her house.

      Another plot hole: if there is no escaping B613, why is Huck still alive? And since Command knows he’s still alive, why didn’t they kill Charlie for disobeying his orders to terminate him?

      Anyway, I enjoy the show, plot holes and all. I think some people take the show too seriously. It’s fiction, nothing more. My problem is with people who are so over-invested with the characters that they don’t seem to be able to comprehend what they are watching on the screen. Saying Andrew stood up to Olivia when she schooled him like a first-grader or insisting Fitz still has feelings for his wife when he’s made it abundantly clear he just wants her gone is indicative of either willful blindness or plain stupidity. I realize everyone has the right to their own interpretations, however flawed, but some of these people need to go back to watching the Sprout Channel.

      • RReg says:


        There is some investment in the characters, story line and hence the show. If we there wasn’t any we would not be commenting here about it.

        Perhaps people are not understanding because certain aspects of the show is not clear. Also don’t forget that based upon experience, education, socialization factors and a whole host of attributes, people will interpret things differently.

        Do you know what would happen if people go watch the Sprout Channel? Why do you think it is in appropriate for people to express their displeasure?

        • Cheyenne says:

          RReg, everybody is invested to some extent, otherwise, why would they continue to watch it? I’m talking about OVER-investment, to the point of misinterpreting the characters to suit one’s own fantasies. When all is said and done, it’s just a TV show. Anyone who doesn’t like it is free to change the channel.

          Anyway, I’d be interested in your ideas on what’s next for Mellie, now that she’s got a husband who abominates her and a boyfriend who dumped her for political expediency. If I were her I might just chuck the whole thing and go on a Caribbean cruise. She seems so pathetic at this point.

        • Cheyenne says:

          Forgot to add: Everyone has the right to express their displeasure. But it’s the SAME complaints EVERY week, week after week after week after week. They made the same complaints last season. The show is off the rails, etc. etc. Reading the same thing over and over again is like watching Olivia and Edison together. I think you get the point.

  38. RReg says:


    I’m curious: if posters are watching the same show with the same things going wrong every week, why would they be complaining about something else? To me it stands to reason that they would complain about the issues that are annoying to them and if those things happen to the be same issues week on week then that speaks to the quality of the show.
    Do you get tired of people praising the show for the same things every week? If people want to complain or praise they are within their rights to do it, don’t you think?
    Yes every one is free to change the channel and everyone is free not to change the channel. You seem to take this as a personal affront to you. Why is that?
    Do you want to see the show end this season? Wouldn’t you prefer that it continued on for several more year? Perhaps complaints will reach the ear of Shonda and she will start making the show the quality it could be.
    I’m not quite sure what to make of Mellie, based on the writing thus far. She will either die in the explosion or continue to be around gritting her teeth telling Fitz if he only knew the things she has done for him. This is a rather two dimensional character to me. Frankly I do not quite understand the purpose of this character. I do realize she is the wife, but it is not much of a life to cling to a man who despises her, who has told her so, who continues to sleep with another woman and will not give up the other woman, who only has her around because of an election and yet she keeps sitting at his feet for every scrap of affection he slings her way. This is demeaning to womanhood. This I find abusive and unacceptable and it needs to stop. They should kill off Mellie opening the door for Fitz and Liv to be together. Fitz would get the sympathy vote and win the election.

    • Cheyenne says:

      I’m really wondering if you wrote that last paragraph with your tongue stuck in your cheek. :)

      I think Shonda did try to take into consideration the request of Mellie’s partisans to make her more likable. She went about it in the wrong way with the rape story which is backfiring all over the place. I’m don’t know if it would be possible to make Mellie likable at all. She’s either a bitch or a doormat. (Right now she’s a bitch AND a doormat.) Either way, she doesn’t inspire sympathy.

      The fundamental problem with the whole three-way mess is there is no resolution that will please everybody. As I see it:
      1) Kill off Mellie (or Fitz divorces Mellie) and Fitz and Olivia live happily ever after. Then they’ll become just as boring to watch as David and Abby. Bad for ratings.
      2) Olivia says enough is enough and kicks Fitz to the curb once and for all. After a season of misery apart, they find their way back to each other and either live happily and boringly ever after, or they continue the round of break-ups and reconciliations.
      3) They accept the fact that their relationship has nowhere to progress as long as Fitz remains in the White House, and hang in there for the long haul, weathering the rocks and shoals as they arise.

      I have no problem with people making constructive criticism about the show. You said you’re new to the show and therefore you may not have been reading the blogs long. It’s the same people making the same complaints week after week and eventually that gets old. One week it’s “I’m done with this show.” Next week it’s “I’m really done with this show!” The week after it’s “I’m really really done with this show!” By the time they are really really really really really really done, you wonder why they didn’t just stop watching the show and quit whining about how done they are.

    • Cheyenne says:

      Or how about this:
      Fitz files for divorce from Mellie. Republicans (his party) are so angry that he dumped his white wife for a black woman that they abandon him in droves. Sally Langston makes Mellie her running mate and wins the election. Mellie stays in the west wing as VP. She sends baby Teddy and his nanny off the premises where she won’t have to be bothered with him, marries Andrew and makes him her chief of staff. Fitz and Olivia get married and retire to Vermont to make babies and jam. Everybody wins. End of show.

  39. RReg says:

    Your option 3 is the best and most logical option. I also like option 4. I think both options could work and be told over several years.

    It doesn’t bother me if many people complain about the same things or if a few complain about the same things over and over again. It is a free medium for all to voice their opinions.

    And it isn’t my site. In the grand scheme of things this is sweating the small stuff.

    • Cheyenne says:

      I think Shonda is going to run this show for two more seasons max, and then end it with Fitz and Olivia hooking up permanently. Mellie will find another man and another career in politics. I don’t see Shonda dragging this out for 9 or 10 seasons like Greys, which should have ended 3 seasons ago IMO.

      Option 3 is the most logical option but then you have all the whiners complaining they are tired of the Fitz/Olivia merry-go-round. It seems like no matter what Shonda does, she can’t win. I don’t think she’s all that concerned about what people think, really; as long as she’s raking in the money.

  40. RReg says:

    Every one should get tired of the Fitz/Olivia merry go round. There is no need for it. It truly is lame and must be agony for actors to portray from week to week. It can be handled more sensibly as a progressing relationship. This on again off again is annoying. This is what you should actually be complaining about instead of telling people to go watch other shows. You have indicated how the relationship can be done. I have indicated how it can be done. I’m pretty sure others have done as well. From the comments I have read here, many people are tired of this back and forth and want to see it resolved one way or the other. By the time she does get around to providing the happy ever after – how many people will actually care? How many people will actually think it would last – given that she has split them so many times before? Viewers have invested in this show, she needs to understand this and build on it. If she does not give the Fitz/Olivia fans something to hold on to at season’s end, I don’t believe all of them will return to watch season 4. It’s just my observation but it seems many are fed up and tired of the seesaw.
    Her raking in the money… Once again shows do not last unless people watch them. As the poster Lovely has indicated there has been a 10% drop in viewership. There will be no raking in money if there is no one watching.

    • Cheyenne says:

      The show is still #1 in its time slot and has gone into syndication on BET. Shonda doesn’t have to worry about how she’s going to pay her bills for a while yet. And I wouldn’t take poster Lovely as an authority on anything.

      I’d love to see the relationship resolved, but how? How is it supposed to “progress” over the next season or two? It’s stuck in limbo and can’t go anywhere while he is in the White House. The alternatives are 1) call it off for good, which would effectively end the show (all the Olitz fans would decamp), or 2) dump Mellie and give up the presidency, which he said he was ready to do but Olivia said no. Of course if he loses the election that could settle the issue once and for all, but then what would be the story line for next season?

      • RReg says:

        The relationship can progress like any other mature relationship. They explore their feelings for each other moving on from strength to strength while navigating the pitfalls of politics in Washington and issues in their daily lives. They do this while remaining strong for each other, while remaining faithful to each other. Surely this isn’t too difficult? If the writers don’t start doing this now, when will they begin? The final episode? By that time no one would have cared about the dynamic of the two and a great opportunity to create a standout show would have been lost.
        I am serious about killing off Mellie btw, I honestly do not see the purpose of this character. What does Mellie really do? Create schemes that eventually backfire on her. Grits her teeth and states “if you only knew what I have done for you” at her husband. Tell him for Pete’s sake and be done with it! Barging in on her husband all day in order to tell him some inconsequential piece of fluff. Laying out her dirty laundry in public. Sally is more a commanding character.
        Lovely, has provided proof of her claim; I would not so easily dismiss it. I can understand the frustration of some viewers especially if they started watching the show from day one. Perhaps I too may have been a frustrated viewer had I started to watch from day 1 myself.
        I do not think you are interpreting Lovely’s statement correctly, but even so the declining is worrying. We are coming to the end of the season when usually things are coming to a head so that we have the cliff hanger; there should be no decrease in viewership just the reverse as a matter of fact or at least held constant. For a show that’s supposed to be so popular a 10% decline needs to be analyzed.

        • Cheyenne says:

          The week before last Scandal hit a high. This week was 10% down from that high. If the ratings were down 10% overall, then I’d start to wonder. I don’t think it’s in any danger of cancellation.

          You want to kill off Mellie? Why? She’s a pain in the ass but killing her off would deprive the show of much of its tension. If Mellie goes, then Fitz marries Olivia and they settle down in domestic bliss, which is about as stimulating to watch as paint drying on the wall. I can see them getting married at the end of the series but not before then. Where would all the fun go?

          I’m really amazed at all the people who want to kill Fitz off. What did he do that was so terrible except to fall out of love with his wife and fall in love with another woman? It happens all the time. So he’s a bad father, a lousy husband, and a very flawed individual, but none of that makes him a bad person who deserves to be killed. The way some people are complaining about him, you’d think he was a child molester. Honestly, they remind me of a bunch of spoiled brats in the playground: If Shonda don’t make this show the want I want her to, I’ma take my marbles ‘n’ go home!

          • RReg says:

            I do not see the tension that you speak of. It has already been established that the president cannot divorce and yet win the election. So with that premise being established I see nowhere else to go with Mellie.

            The obvious bomb explosion cliff hanger can be used as an opportunity to clean house. Kill two or many birds with one stone by killing mama and papa pope and the b613 plot please. They have not work as intended.

          • jJenner 1287 says:

            Cheyenne i would say this is the result of Shonda trying to destroy this character from the day he got so popular and the olitzs were born. He was a guy who loved olivia and only wanted to do good. She started with murder, degrading comments to olivia etc and if you look at every episode since then, every evil everyone does is in tbe name of fitzs! Now if you look at the way she has rewritten mellie’s history he is being blamed for her decisions too not to mention how they are now rewriting the love between him and olivia: this is supposed to make you believe he was in love with mellie all along (keeps her relevant in the show) and route for olivia with Jake! Even though Jake has done some horrendous things she always write in the sympathy element i.e. getting olivia to sleep with him to gain info to bring down B613 after he pours out his heart, who is going to hold the choking against him just hate olivia and fits…….!!

        • jJenner 1287 says:

          RRegs so agree with what you have written from your fingers to Shonda’s ears hopefully!

  41. Lovely says:

    @RReg, just in case you wanted to know where I read about the ratings being down, its on a lot of sites, this is just one of them…

    http:// tvbythenumbers.zap2it. com (tried to post the actual link but they moderated my comment) or just google scandal tv show ratings

    Doesn’t take a genius to find the information, just the ability to read… well wait… I suppose that’s asking a lot from some people. :-)

    Direct quote from article:
    “Scandal tied its season low with a 2.8, down 10 percent from last week’s 3.1 adults 18-49 rating.”

    • Cheyenne says:

      Wow, down 10% one episode and you’re looking for the series to end. I bet you believe in the tooth fairy too.

      • jJenner 1287 says:

        My my Cheyenne anyone would think Shonda is paying you to be so defensive! Lovely is entitled to say what she likes as are you. Thoughts like yours are usually why writers never give the audience any respect or take any responsibility for the absolute rubbish they write!!

        • Cheyenne says:

          Shonda’s writing this show. I don’t like a lot of what she’s done with it. She should have dropped the whole B613 storyline weeks ago. It’s gotten old. She should never have brought Mama Pope into the story at all, IMO. She adds nothing to the story and she’s just there for shock value. She was added to the script because viewers were clamoring for more of Olivia’s backstory. If Shonda had listened to those same viewers, Harrison would be Olivia’s long-lost brother. You see how silly it can get? If Shonda listed to everybody’s input, there wouldn’t be a show at all. She’s writing it her way and everybody can take it or leave it. If they decide to leave it, the show gets cancelled. I don’t think she’d be devastated if it was, because she’s said she is not going to let it go for more than a couple more seasons anyway and she’s already decided how to end it.

          • jJenner 1287 says:

            I do agree with you there she cannot write the show for everyone but i would have loved her to stay true to the characters she has written. Fitzs and Olivia are not the couple that we fell in love with in the first 2.5 seasons they have become unrecognisable in enhancing the characters of Mellie and Jake and its not about whether they are together or not or end up with different people its suffering all the rewrites. They are asking us to forget what we previously loved, applauded and cried at!! I know Cheyenne it is just a tv programme but you still get invested in it and of course you have no control over what the writers write but please dont destroy history we have already seen write history for what we havent seen – it is just sooo frustrating and tiresome! You have a good day.

  42. RReg says:


    Just to add to what you have said and I do agree with you. Just want to say that while she cannot write the show for everyone, she seems to have written parts that are the most destructive to the original premise of the show based upon what some people wanted. Why?

    People according to Cheyenne wanted a back story on Olivia’s life; for some strange reason we were introduced to two psychotic parents (which is a bit unbelievable in its own right and could have only been created to have over the top melodramatic moments) Wouldn’t it have been more believable to perhaps use flash backs of her life growing up or create one parent normal and thus save us the agony of the B613?

    Who came up with the Jake 3some? I do not understand what this plot device is supposed to do? Does anyone know?

    • jJenner 1287 says:

      Agree with every word RReg, to all intent and purposes it was a very twisted response from Shonda! Scot Foley is one of Shonda’s favourites as is Bellamy Young (whom Shonda always does the writing for – this is confirmed also by the great lines she gets and now the rewritten history). It is up to her but dont do it at the expense of other characters especially what you like most about them!!

      • Lovely says:

        @jJenner and RReg,

        Speaking to the rewriting history of Olivia and Fitz part… The Fitz from S1 and S2 did not just go out looking for a fling because he was sexually rejected by his wife. The original Fitz never had a fulfilling marriage with Mellie, and just happened to fall hopelessly in love with Olivia. He actually tried to fight his feelings for Olivia (remember how he told Cyrus to get rid of Olivia when she first joined the campaign). It was never about sex, it was about their “one minute moments”. Now Fitz seems to be still harboring feelings for Mellie and jealous to the point where he punched out Andrew. The original Fitz may have been angered for political reasons at his wife sleeping with Andrew, perhaps even annoyed that he was unaware of the dynamic between Mellie and his old friend. But Fitz would not be jealous of Mellie and Andrew. If your marriage is long dead and you wish so badly to escape it and be with your true love, would you fly into a fit of rage when you discover Mellie is sleeping with another man? A marriage that has been dead for 12 long years and you’re going to punch someone out for sleeping with Mellie? That just doesn’t ring true. It’s contradictory, disjointed and silly. The one thing we were supposed to believe in is Fitz’ love for Olivia, and now that’s really questionable. And wouldn’t Fitz be jealous of Olivia and Jake? I really don’t remember Fitz even having a reaction to finding out Olivia was sleeping with Jake. No, I guess he’s cool with that and instead he’s in this jealous rage over Mellie and Andrew. Jake and Fitz were also old friends and he specifically contracted him to spy on Olivia, so wouldn’t he feel betrayed by Jake? That Jake decided to pursue and continues to pursue Olivia? Does Fitz punch out Jake? Nope, that’s all good, I’ll make Jake the head of B613 while he continues to screw Olivia and instead I’ll be outraged by Mellie and Andrew. Huh?

        Also, yes… the silly threesome between Jake, Olivia and Fitz is another WTF writing decision. Olivia just seems to be stuck right now in this hopeless, sad situation. She cannot end things with Fitz, therefore she cannot ever hope to have a healthy, happy relationship with another man. If Olivia agreed to wait for Fitz, Ok. If she decided to end it with Fitz and pursue a relationship with Jake, Ok. But to have her sleeping with both men at the same time… why? In the last episode she used sex to get information from Jake. The Olivia I came to adore was far too intelligent to use her vajayjay as means to “handle” things. Where is the strong, intelligent Olivia? And now both men are being so disrespectful towards her. This Olivia is a complete hot mess.

        • jJenner 1287 says:

          Lovely its all written in the name of destroying the fitzs and olivia relationship so that she can put her where she wants with jake and mellie back with fitzs. They are her favourite couples and what better way to do it than the audience questioning the love that they have always show between fitzs and olivia. Never thought i would see fitzs getting so upset about mellie cheating and not wanting him when he is with olivia and i never thought i would see olivia sleeping with someone else while she is with fitzs! From wbat we know of their history prior to tbe latter part of season 3 that really is rubbish writing and anyone who accepts it is – i am loss for words.

          • Cheyenne says:

            jJenner, I enjoyed reading your comment. Tell me, though, do you really believe she wants to put Mellie back with Fitz? I could not disagree more. If there is one constant in this show it’s Fitz’s complete and total contempt for his wife. He doesn’t want her. He’s told her flat out several times he doesn’t love her and he loves another woman — in fact, he told Mellie he loves another woman in front of the other woman, which cut her down to nothing in front of her rival. This is not the way a man acts who still cares about his wife.

            Do you really not understand why Fitz would get upset about a man he liked and trusted, a man his children call “Uncle Andrew”, screwing his wife? Do you think he would have been as upset if Mellie was screwing a stranger? I don’t think he could have cared less. But Andrew sleeping with Mellie was a betrayal — not by Mellie, but by Andrew. He betrayed their friendship. I’m frankly astounded you don’t understand that.

            As to why Olivia slept with Jake, as long as she’s not married to Fitz or anyone else, she’s a free agent. You could say Fitz brought it on himself when he sent Jake in to spy on her last season. I think she still has some residual feelings for Jake. As to whether or not she would have screwed him to hack into his phone if she didn’t have feelings for him, I don’t know. Jake told her last season that sleeping with her was his mission. Hacking into his phone last week was her mission. I wonder how many female CIA agents in real life have been instructed to use their sexuality to extract information from the enemy. I’m betting a lot of them have.

            I realize people get quite invested in this show. I’m as addicted as anyone else. However, I’m able to appreciate it without whining about where it’s going when it’s not going in a direction I’d like it to go, and unlike some other people posting on here, I don’t think Fitz should be killed before the season is out because he committed the crime of being a world-class jerk (if that was the case, Mellie should be killed for being a world-class bitch), or even more preposterous, that Tony Goldwyn must hate portraying Fitz as Shonda is writing him, because they don’t like what Fitz has turned into. Actors are able to disassociate themselves from the characters they play. Ascribing their own feelings to Tony Goldwyn would be as stupid as saying Denzel Washington must have hated playing the part of the dirty cop in “Training Day”. In fact, I’d bet DW thoroughly enjoyed himself.

          • Lovely says:

            @jJenner, I absolutely agree with you. Fitz has shown nothing but indifference and even disgust towards Mellie for the better part of 3 seasons. I will never forget the shower scene where Mellie tried to give Fitz a bj and he looked as if someone was trying to give him a root canal. There has never been any suggestion whatsoever prior that there were any lingering feelings there. And now all of a sudden he’s in a jealous rage over Mellie… WTF…
            You’re right, the writers have done a bang up job of destroying what was once a beloved couple. I think the ratings will continue to go down like the titanic.

        • RReg says:

          @ Lovely,

          Beautifully said. I agree with every word, very astute :-)
          So Fitz punched Andrew out after the initial discovery -let’s say this was a gut reaction for finding out and grant him this. Why is he still agonizing over it? As you said, he is supposed to not care for Mellie so why the angst? Gut reaction should be long time over. This makes no sense from a character and story development point of view. Based on what we have been told previously, he should have been telling Mellie – “good for you, happy you found someone, just keep it under wraps”. What we have now is contradictory and silly.

          I find Olivia sleeping with two men quite unpalatable. Isn’t it weird that Fitz is the married man and sleeps only with one woman – Liv.

          I would like to point out that Olivia was the person who told him that Andrew was not the right choice for Veep.

          I remember the episode when Fitz and Liv met well. It’s called ‘The Trial’. It’s my favorite episode.

          Let’s see who dies or gets hurt in the bomb explosion on Thursday. Let’s see how many more rewrites are performed. Shonda has an opportunity to right the ship. Let’s hope she does not waste it.

  43. Sara says:

    You’d think because she loves Scott Foley so much, the writing for his character would be better. After all this time, I still don’t get the point of his character.

    • jJenner 1287 says:

      Cheyenne dont make the mistake thinking that i dont understanding the character of fitzs and olivia its why i got on board in the first place. It was refreshing to see a programme fueled by a couple in love rather than the usual blood and guts!! You cant tell me that the revision of mellie’s history e.g. they were madly in love, she was raped by the father-in-law she was shown to clearly be bestotted with, fitzs waiting not one or two years before he cheated but 10 years and finally all that heart wrenching love that we have seen previously between fitzs and olivia is just: ‘i would never have cheated if you hadnt denied me’. I am sorry Cheyenne but i cannot buy into this crap they are selling lately to make jake relevant and mellie routed to stay as first lady. Thats not intelligent writing thats a cop out and insulting. You watch what they will make happen when fitzs finds out about the rape that was not originally scripted the writers will make him spend the rest of the programme trying to make up to mellie for his monster father when realistically he has been paying since it happened! But not to worry jake to the rescue, Shonda has thrown jake so much at olivia and us no one will care by then if anyone is still watching! Shonda needs to give the characters of fitzs and olivia a break as they have become the most hated characters on a show that their characters were instrumental in making a phenomonom in the first place! I am sure a team of good writers can move forward in whatever direction they choose more positively than relying on altering history!! Come on there would never have been all these disasters in the world if we could all do that. Some respect please writers. One last thing Cheyenne of course actors are affected by their characters they play, we are all affected by what we do its just that they cant say it out loud as they want to continue to work not only on scandal but future projects.

      • Cheyenne says:

        I think I understand what is happening with you and others who are incessantly complaining about the show.

        You’ve gotten so invested emotionally in the show over the first two seasons that you have developed your own plot lines in your heads, and now you are feeling betrayed because the actual story has deviated from your personal plot line. Shonda, how dare you!

        I don’t see Fitz going back to Mellie whether or not he finds out about the rape, and I dont think she will ever be able to tell him. Mellie telling him at this point would open such an enormous can of worms that she’d end up wishing she’d kept her mouth shut. If she had told him when it happened the outcome would have been different, but it’s too late now.

        As for Jake, I think Shonda keeps him in there to remind Fitz he’s not the only player in the game.

        Your disappointment in the show seems so exaggerated that I can’t help but wonder why you are so over-invested in it. Some of you act like jilted lovers wailing “Shonda, what did you do to me!” For heavens sake, lighten up. It’s a TV show, nothing more. However Shonda writes it, the world won’t stop spinning on its axis.

        • RReg says:


          What would you think if in next season we discover Mellie and Fitz are twins and Abbey is their mother?

          What would you think if next season we discover that Cyrus is Olivia’s father and mama pope is actually her sister and Rowan is actually her mother but had a sex change?

          • Cheyenne says:

            LOL and Harrison is Olivia’s long-lost brother? A lot of people actually wanted Shonda to write that into the show. I was like, this is “Scandal”, not “All In The Family”. The way some people want Shonda to write the show, all the characters would have to start singing “I’m My Own Grandpa.”

        • jJenner 1287 says:

          Dont go there Cbeyenne i am not some dizzy tv critic. If Sbonda or anyone writes what i consider rubbish i am gonna call them out on it. Any job you do if you are not doing something right you are going go get pulled up on it (before you say it yes this is Shonda’s job). “To question is to grow” lve thats what makes life and yes scandal at times interesting. And thank you very much Cbeyenne but i sleep very well at night and have a very active social life dont get to see scandal for days after its shown so like tbe writers you can cut the crap. You have a good evening.

    • jJenner 1287 says:

      You can say that again Lovely the plot needs to make sense! And Sara Shonda is failing with Scott because she is trying to replace Tony Goldwyn with him. Its more likely that the programme will be over as people have memories thank God and remember the past!!

  44. RReg says:


    Would you not consider such rewriting of characters and history ridiculous and silly?

    • Cheyenne says:

      RReg, where is Shonda “re-writing” her characters? She has never made Mellie sympathetic before and she is not sympathetic now, at least to me she isn’t. She has never made Fitz a monster nor Olivia a whore. Again, I think the problem is not how she is writing the characters, but how the fans are seeing the characters since she is not following the plot lines they invented for themselves. They thought Fitz would have divorced Mellie by now and married Olivia but he hasn’t, so all of a sudden Fitz no longer loves Olivia and is trying to get back to Mellie, and poor Mellie is this pathetic character whose only fault is her jerk of a husband treats her like dirt. The amount of audience projection that goes on in people watching this show is unbelievable. Now some nitwits are trying to project their feelings about Fitz onto the character who plays him. They hate Fitz so Goldwyn must hate playing him. Does that make sense to you? I don’t think Shonda is being ridiculous and silly, I think some people watching the show are ridiculous and silly. And the whining from one week to the next is beyond silly. If they hate what the show has become, they should put their money where their mouths are and stop watching it. Otherwise, they’re just trolling.

      I trust this answers your question.

  45. RReg says:


    Actually it does not answer the question I posed, but no matter. Do you realize you are the only poster here who states 1. other people should go watch other shows, 2. people are whining 3, Shonda knows what she is doing. 4. a 10% reduction in viewership means nothing because it was only for one episode, 5. people are silly for complaining about the change in the direction of characters.

    What do these indicate to you?

    • Cheyenne says:

      It indicates to me that everybody is free to have their own opinion, including me, and my feeling is that there is no point in complaining week after week after week about what you can’t change. Why put yourself through the torture of watching something you hate unless you’re a glutton for punishment?

      I answered your question but you evidently didn’t understand my response. You have no way of knowing whether or not Shonda is re-writing the characters. This may have been the direction she intended to take them in all along. Evidently it’s not the direction you wanted them to go. So what are you going to do about it? Whine and complain that she’s betrayed her viewers? Maybe some of her viewers need to grow up and realize she does not have to fulfill all their fantasies. And if they can’t deal with that, they should go watch something else.

      Have a nice evening. I expect the same people will be back here tomorrow night with the same complaints about episode #17. Especially the ones who have been posting every single week that they are done watching the show. Do you see the irony here?

      Ciao for now.

      • RReg says:

        I do not think you understand what irony is. Do you not see the irony in stating that
        ‘It indicates to me that everybody is free to have their own opinion, including me, and my feeling is that there is no point in complaining week after week after week about what you can’t change.’

        How do you know that complaining will not change anything? How do you know that the writers are not checking the web, researching ideas for the next arc?

        How do you know that perhaps critical mass is being reached by complainers and whiners (as you call them) and ABC execs are now forced to listen?

        One does not have to be a continual watcher of the show to comment on this board from what I can see. If viewers watched the show from the beginning and stopped at some point, surely they still have enough information to make comments based upon their knowledge of what has transpired, don’t you think?

        It seems to me that you feel personally threatened by people complaining.

  46. Sara says:

    Why is anyone saying anything to fans expressing their displeasure with the show? Some critics and bloggers are saying the same thing, so why get all preachy towards those that agree with them? The show isn’t that strong at the moment for anyone to be badgering fans for not liking it. You like it cool, but some of us are going to express our disappointment over what we’ve seen this season.

    • Cheyenne says:

      Sara, let me put it like this:
      People come on here after watching an episode and say “I’m done with this show!” Okay, they’re done with the show.

      The next week the same people are back on here saying “I’m really done with this show!” But they were done with the show last week, so why are they still watching it? Are they more done this week than they were last week?

      Then the next week they are back saying “I’m SO DONE with this show!”

      You can see why, after weeks and weeks of announcing they are done, when they are evidently not done because they are still watching the show, it gets a tad annoying.

      • jJenner 1287 says:

        Cheyenne i should remember if i were you that it was these silly people as you call it that made a show for Shonda to continue writing for and for people to invest time and energy in otherwise love why would there be a need for you to be on here day after day yourself defending Shonda’s writing. Thats why i am here and i make no apologies for it. Shonda took the praise she can take the criticism too!!

        • Cheyenne says:

          jJenner, you missed the point. Why invest your time and energy in a show you no longer like?

          I used to watch Grey’s Anatomy religiously every week. Three years ago it went off in a direction I no longer wanted to watch. I couldn’t stand the new interns, Cristina seemed more and more like a soulless robot, Karev was even more of a jerk than usual, and Callie and whats-her-face were the most annoying couple on the planet. Unlike you, I didn’t post complaint after complaint about how much I hated where the show was going. I simply stopped watching it and never posted about it again. I have better things to do with my life than obsess about a show I don’t like any more. Just switch the channel to something you enjoy. Or read a good book. Simple, isn’t it?

          • jJenner 1287 says:

            Cheyenne we are never going to agree so just lets agree to disagree and leave it at that lve but i will continue to converse my frustration or joy with others on here should tbey wish to join me. It really is too easy to say turn off if you dont like something, scandal is one of the very few programmes i managed to get into and quite frankly i would like to at least vent my dissapointment in the hope that something gets to tbe writers ears and as Lovely stated they at least look at producing a fourth season with plot and character development. AND please writers do not revise anything in the fourth season that we have already seen in the third! We have good memories!! Also try and give Pope and Associates sometbing constructive to do like getting fitzs elected and divorced and Jake and Mellie on a desserted island together where they can talk to each other until their hearts content about how much they gave up and did for people’s whose heart they know belong to someone else!! Before anyone jumps on me for foolishness, i jest! That is a part from Pope & A they need to be used more.

      • RReg says:

        @ Cheyenne

        I still don’t understand why this would annoy you or anyone. To be so annoyed verges on hysteria to me. What am I missing?

        • Cheyenne says:

          What is annoying, RReg, is people who invest so much negative energy in a show they claim to hate, instead of putting some positive energy into something they enjoy. It suggests to me they need to get a life or at least a hobby. We get it, they hate what the show has become. What is their need to reiterate it over and over and over? I don’t get it. And frankly, it’s really boring. Never mind, ten will get you twenty the same people will be on here tonight complaining about the show they’ve been saying all season they are done with. The futility blows me away.

  47. Lovely says:

    @jJenner, It’s Scandal Thursday! I am looking forward to meeting up at the recap for tonight’s new episode and discussing, criticizing and having some intellectual conversation. I have really enjoyed my conversations with you and some others because you have made me look at things I didn’t see before and view some things with a new perspective. I’m a grown woman if I chose to criticize something until the cows come home that’s what I’m going to do and I certainly do not have to defend that to anyone and neither do you jJenner. The first amendment gives everyone the right to voice their opinion so continue to exercise your rights. If someone doesn’t like it, that’s their problem not yours. Going around and around the merry go around about someone chosing to express their opinion about the show is silly which is why I exited that pointless conversation a while back, even though people are still trying to engage me and start stuff I rise above all the drama and it just proves my point of what I said before. Just remember, it’s your prerogative Darling. I’m looking forward to hearing what you think about tonight’s episode, jJenner.

    • jJenner 1287 says:

      Absolutely Lovely it been great talking with you too very therapeutic! I hope Shonda has got some better writing going on with all these voices on here and across social media but of course wont hold my breath!

      • Lovely says:

        @Jjenner, yes any sort of course correction would come after this season I would imagine as the writing and shooting for this season has all been done for a while. I am curious to see how they finish up the season, how many episodes are there left, one or two? I realize shows sometimes have bad seasons, when you start out the gate so hot like Scandal did I guess its hard to keep up with that momentum and the good writing. I would definitely hope, as you, that after this season on the hiatus Shonda and her team of writers take a good hard look at where they went off the rails with this season. At that point they will have some time to analyze the drop in ratings, the feedback from the viewers, etc. and hopefully they will come back with something much better next season. Or sadly, maybe the show has just jumped the shark and its best days are behind it. Personally, I feel that the current team of writers needs to be fired and the whole show should get complete redo. I know that happened on the Walking Dead, the whole team of writers was replaced (but for very different reasons) and the Walking Dead continues to be the number one show on cable. We shall see. I’m with you! Hope they get it together!