Arrow Recap: Oliver Meets His 'Worst Enemy' (and No, It's Not Slade), Plus Three Big Reveals

Arrow Laurel Learns Oliver's Secret“Oliver thought he was facing one kind of enemy,” Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim had told TVLine of this week’s episode. “But the truth is he’s facing a very different kind, and that enemy will really surprise him.”

And that enemy is… himself.

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For as revealed in Wednesday’s episode, titled “Deathstroke,” the execution of Slade Wilson’s endgame is every bit as “complicated” as Guggenheim foretold. Yes, he kidnapped Thea — but not to harm her, or lure Oliver into a honey trap. Instead, his goal was to A) reveal to Thea her shocking true paternity, while B) distracting his adversary from such things as a takeover of Queen Consolidated, and Slade’s recruitment of a small army to help Sebastian Blood “take” the city, if not necessarily as mayor.

But Oliver lost even more — potentially a lot more — than Thea’s trust, as she lashed out at her brother for “trying to keep her safe” with lies. For one, Roy has become disenfranchised with toeing the “King Queen” line and following Oliver’s perhaps questionable courses of (in)action. Hell, it got so bad that Roy Mirakuru’d out on Diggle, though cooler heads (sorta) prevailed. Yet by episode’s end, Roy was Speedying out of town, leaving behind a shell-shocked ex.

Oliver himself — and not so much his alter ego — sustained a massive loss, when in the heat of hunting down Slade/Thea, he appointed Isabel Rochev CEO pro tempore. DeathstrokeAfter “balking” at the idea, she went on to use her new position to summon an emergency board meeting and take over QC outright, because she is working with Slade Wilson. Why? “It’s sad that you don’t know,” she scoffed, before busting out some martial arts on Oliver whilst rambling about “the sins of the father” and what not. Could she be Rose Wilson, Slade’s daughter? Or is Isabel, per DC lore, a onetime mistress of the late Robert’s? (Regardless, between the ninja moves and the way she was standing with ‘tude alongside Slade and Sebastian toward the end, she became 175% more interesting.)

The third reveal came at the very end of the episode, when Slade — now a most wanted criminal — stops by Laurel’s apartment, not to harm her but drop some knowledge: “Oliver Queen… is the Arrow.”

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Meanwhile in flashback, we gained greater insight into the effect Shado had on Slade’s surly disposition. For he is haunted not by her death, but by her actual spectre. Shado is apparently “living” in Slade’s Miraku-addled noggin, years ago advising him not to kill Oliver but leave him, Sara at el to suffer a fate worse than death, imprisoned on the island. And in the here and now, Shado still looms, championing Slade in his Machiavellian mission.

Some notable quotables, then share your thoughts on “Deathstroke” and what might be ahead in the season’s finale five episodes.

* “I told a guy the truth and he got struck by lightning. To be fair, it probably won’t happen again. Statistically.”
* “I routinely bump all appointments 30 minutes in anticipation that you’ll be late.” “That’s good policy.”
* “How is Miss Rochev these days? Still angry that Dorothy dropped a house on her sister?”
* “Theyre calling you Deathstroke.” “That’s a bit flamboyant. I like it.”
* “Go on. I’m curious to know what sort of threat a 19-year-old girl can make.”

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  1. Kyle says:

    I honestly cannot believe what I just watched. So intense and so many things I did not see coming! Bravo Arrow team, braaaavvvooo!

    Side note: not thrilled about a 2 week wait, this will be Hell on Earth!

    • Sg. Grant says:

      I cannot believe more people are not watching this show. I realize it is on the CW, which is a predominantly female demographic. That said, as a 31 year old single male attorney with no kids, who did not grow up reading comic books and really only got into the superhero thing through movies growing up, this show is stellar.

      I’m talking each episode is well written, well acted, and like a mini movie. I’m tempted to watch back the entire season (if not series) in a weekend over the summer, just to re-live it because it IS THAT GOOD. I make sure, because I am a Nielsen household, to do my best to at least have the DVR tuner on this channel with the TV on so even though I watch it back a few hours after it airs when I finally get home from the office–to skip the commercials–it also gets credit for a live viewing, even though the tv is really only on so my dogs are entertained.

      Great, great show, with a stellar cast. I suspect they kill-off one of the major characters this season. I just hope it isn’t one of the good guys, even though I am loving the Slade story arc and hope he sticks around, the writers will likely get rid of one of his top lieutenants. I could also see them killing off Thea just to get Roy back in the fold because he wants revenge but knows he needs Oliver’s help to get it. And because of the rage he feels from Thea’s death, Oliver has to constantly call him Speedy by name, just to remind him of how he feels about her and get him under control.

    • Lizzie says:

      I suggest everyone if your not watching already to watch Emergency Awesome on YouTube. He’s great at breaking down the episodes and if you don’t know anything about comics he tells you how they relate. I highly recommend it plus its at the bottom of this page.

      But this episode had me in shock. I love the ending with the trio and his original team plus as an Olicity shipper when she was the only one to back him up was great.

  2. mary says:

    Best episode of the season!

  3. tv2day says:

    This is how u do a super hero/action show. Makes shield look like a saturday morning kids cartoon.

    • Badpenny says:

      AoS isn’t a superhero show. It’s a government agency show like Mission Impossible or Man from UNCLE. It just happens to be set in world that has superheroes.

    • Patrick Maloney says:

      Yes because it was so mature how they only tranqed Slade and how they only told Thea about Merlyn being her dad to add more emotion and angst to that teenager

  4. Badpenny says:

    The CW is the King-Network of angst. I got what I expected. :)

  5. Lysh says:

    That was a great episode. There was a lot of great dialog and character moments while still being pretty intense. And I loved the the trio scene at the end.

    I thought we’d get a scene showing that Quentin has known the vigilante was Oliver all along. Or that he’d be the one to find out. Hopefully eventually this season.

    • Patrick Maloney says:

      Quentin knowing all the time would be the only redeem how he inept of a detective he has been

      • nate says:

        you mean like commissioner Gordon not knot knowing Bruce is batman?..its based a comics you really cant or shouldn’t blame the characters.

        • Chris Leonardi says:

          Actually in many versions of the story it’s strongly implied that Gordon either does know, but doesn’t let anyone know he does (including Batman) to maintain plausible deniability, or that while he doesn’t know he could if wanted to, but avoids it for the same reason.

    • spoilers say he finds out next episode. Well, the spoilers say that “Episode 19 definitely answers the question” about that bombshell of a secret. According to the promo, Laurel is starting a stalker wall of Arrow newspaper clippings. Maybe Lance will see it and figure it out too.

  6. Patrick Maloney says:

    What a disappointing episode! The first big confrontation reduced Deathstroke the Terminator into a bad guy so rich and/or that he can’t be touched. I can’t believe the same people that made the Suicide Squad episode made this and the Birds of Prey stinker

    • Sarah F says:


    • FrankC says:

      Man, you are really unpleasant……..

      • Patrick Maloney says:

        How so? Because I said something you disagree with?

        • FrankC says:

          No, because you can dislike something and say so, without being a total douche about it. Judging by your comments (and previous ones), you just are very unpleasant in your remarks. Everyone gets it, you adore Agents of SHIELD and Arrow is beneath contempt (in your eyes), you just love to be disagreeable to anyone who actually might prefer, or God forbid, like Arrow.

    • janet says:

      I’m with you on “Birds of Prey” but this episode was near perfection!

  7. robinepowell says:

    Now I’m curious about Isabel’s true identity and how she knows Slade. Who by the way, can really hold a grudge, lol!

    I thought there were supposed to be fight scenes in the layer? That’s what TVLine had posted the other day. What happened to that?

  8. Dj says:

    I do think Isabel Rochev is Slade’s daughter.

  9. Tom says:

    Isabel has a connection to the Queen family. It’s obvious that Moira knows something about her,especially in the scenes she has with Isabel. Also, Isabel’s name is on the list from the first season.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      True, per DC lore, Isabel had a “thing” with Robert; added to recap.

    • Spoiler Junkie says:

      I think she is Robert Queen’s daughter from another woman. Comic book fans – isn’t there something in the comics regarding such a story line?

      • JC says:

        IIRC, in the comics she was in love with Robert Queen and believed herself to be his real wife.
        I really doubt she’s his daughter, because that would mean Oliver had sex with his sister, and I don’t think the show would go there.

        • Spoiler Junkie says:

          Ah, I see. Thanks for clarifying that.

        • meg says:

          I really doubt she’s his daughter, because that would mean Oliver had sex with his sister, and I don’t think the show would go there.–I laughed out loud when I read this. So true.

        • The show almost went there with Tommy and Thea in Season 1. “Have you noticed how hot your sister has got?”

          • JC says:

            Eh. I doubt they knew Merlyn was going to end up being Thea’s father at that point. They didn’t even know they were killing Tommy off at that point – they’ve said they didn’t make that decision until halfway through the season. And there’s an interview with John Barrowman out there where he says that initially they were actually considering making Malcolm Oliver’s father, not Thea’s. So Tommy and Oliver would have been brothers, and Tommy would not have been related to Thea at all.

          • Katherine215 says:

            And Thea totally had a crush on him in the first half of season 1. This is a very Star Wars/Luke and Leia situation. It kind of irks me when shows don’t have a plan for this sort of thing and are just making up drama just for drama’s sake.

      • Patrick Maloney says:

        There is and I was thinking that exact storyline when it was revealed she was on Slade’s side and it would be cool if Slade and Robert had a history

    • Luli says:

      I thought she was Slade’s daughter because of what she said “Sins of the father, sins of the son” but maybe I got it wrong…

  10. Spoiler Junkie says:

    Wow!! Just Wow!!! Arrow cranking it up to max speed. Love it.

    So, finally Laurel knows. Her character’s direction is in the hand of the writers. Will they have a good story line for her? How will they handle this bombshell that they have dropped on her? Will they let her character growth be organic and positive? Or will they again regress her character? Will she be mad at Oliver (logical response) and get more (irrational) hate piled up on her?

    When it comes to Laurel and the way that she has been written/marginalized , I don’t have high hopes that the Arrow creators/writers will take her in a positive direction. They do love angst and soapy drama, so I fear that they will make her character even more hated.

    But it surely would be a pleasant surprise if they did something positive with her.

    • Ram510 says:

      Honestly ever time they show Laurel I get the vibe that they are going to kill her off and her finding out the secret kind of cemented that theory for me. It may not be this season but maybe next. I just don’t see her lasting

    • janet says:

      that end scene was the only thing not great about the episode. Bad acting on Laurel’s part. She was fine the rest of the episode, not trying to hate.

      • Kevin says:

        I agree with you. I don’t know what happened but she was a much better actress than she is now. She not only delivered some badass fights (Supernatural) but also heartbreaking performances (Harper’s Island). Now she is just terrible.
        On a side note, it seems like she has gained some weight. She looks healthier than before.

        • Zayne says:

          I LOVED her on Supernatural. I never understood the hate for her and Lauren Cohan during that season. Lauren Cohan at least now gets to be lauded every other week for being awesome in Walking Dead. Feel bad that Katie Cassidy still gets so much hate. I don’t think her acting on this show is bad. I think the writers have had problems solidifying what kind of character they want her to be since the start.

  11. JC says:

    I think Isabel was one of Robert’s mistresses. That would also explain Moira’s antagonism toward her.

    • Isobel says:

      She is in the comics, so I agree it seems the most realistic path. I assume a completely new actress will be Rose if they introduce her

  12. James D says:

    I saw all of it coming but that didn’t stop me from dropping my jaw. very well done episode. can’t wait to see it all play out. bodies will drop I’m sure. I know a lot, if not most, are going to have a problem with Laurel joining the club, which she will most certainly do (eventually) but I’m actually looking forward to it. I personally think Katie Cassidy has done some good work this season and i think she can pull off the BC, maybe not as athletically as Caity Lotz but she has it in her, call me an optimist. as for Slade i hope he survives somehow and becomes Arrow’s arch nemesis Manu is too good in the role. with that said somebody needs to call Dick Grayson so he can but the whooping on Deathstroke (yeah Teen Titans :)) awesome season, awesome episode.

    • Sg. Grant says:

      You know, they have shown the city limits sign for Bludhaven already in the series. It is only a matter of time until they decide to bring his character into the fold and give him a spin-off like they are doing the Flash.

      On a side-note, I really hope they cast Stephen Amell as Green Arrow in the Justice League movie. He pulls off cold, border-line sociopath superhero so well. I’m sure they won’t but I was hoping they could get Christian Bale onboard instead of Affleck, but I’m sure I’ll enjoy the movie when it finally comes about.

  13. david says:

    Wow i didnt see the ending coming right till the knock on the door same for Isabel who i hope is rose wilson
    another great episode

  14. Riana says:

    Well there’s also the secret that Oliver and Thea don’t know: Malcolm’s alive. That will wreck both of them.

  15. Sarah F says:

    I still have a feeling they’ll find a way to backtrack out of Laurel knowing. At least for now.

    • janet says:

      I hope so too. the last thing i want to see is her wandering around the bat cave.

    • GildedRose says:

      They could throw a wrench in it by having Oliver be with her while Diggle appears someone in Arrow gear. That’d make her blink.

  16. booboo says:

    I loved this episode…the last episode I liked this much was 2.09 and most of 2.13…and for the first time since the end of Heir to the Demon, I liked Sara again. It made me realize that I really love her as part of Team Arrow, just not as a love interest for Oliver (they just fall flat to me). So…the only thing I didn’t like was Laurel finding out…because I am seriously concerned about her becoming a member of Team Arrow, and therefore having more screen time, and I really don’t like the character. I love Katie Cassidy. In fact, I tuned in because of Katie Cassidy, but now I just want them to write her out so she can move on and play a character I can enjoy. I wish they’d keep Caity Lotz as the Canary–get rid of the love story angle, and let her do what she does best: kick @$$.

    • Boston2AZ says:

      C’mon – how could you not love Katie Cassidy’s AMAZING reaction to the news? OMG – her eyes fluttering, her head turning back and forth! EMMY-caliber, if you ask me – but then again, how she’s been snubbed up to now is just an outrage. For the love of everything holy, can’t she PLEASE be collateral damage in some upcoming battle? I’d be thrilled with a Tommy-like death scene for her.

      • nicka says:

        I wasn’t impressed with the acting…didn’t she respond exactly the same way in Season 1 when Oliver said he couldn’t talk to Tommy because he was still in love with her? Seriously–Netflix, Season 1–Exact. Same. Reaction. Apparently it doesn’t matter what you tell Laurel, she’s going to do the eye flutter and head turning. I love you is right up there with ex-boyfriend-vigilante. (Was the post above sarcastic? I think it might have been meant as sarcasm…in which case, it was really funny).

      • Lena says:

        Loved this comment. LOL Also, someone pointed out how strange the scene was in general. A person on another site called Slade the Gossip Girl of this episode. Yes, I do understand his motivation behind exposing the secrets, but at the same time, I was hoping for something more.

        • msnyder1985 says:

          What I don’t get is why Thea and Laurel were so ready to believe him (even if he is telling the truth) after he kidnapped Thea, which Laurel also knows. I mean really, a bad guy shows up at your house and you believe whatever comes out of his mouth. And Thea, why is she so ready to believe the guy that kidnapped her?

    • Mark says:

      You can not get rid of the Canary love story angle as Arrow marries her…..

      • wonderwall says:

        …in the comics. The tv show on the other hand… To be fair, anything can happen in the show. They killed Tommy (who in the comics is the dark archer), they have Sara as the Black Canary (in the comics it’s supposed to be Laurel/Dinah), Oliver never had a sister in the comics (yet in the show he has Thea whom he calls speedy which is supposed to be Roy Harpers nickname in the comics).. There are more differences but I think you get the gist! So yeah, I don’t think you can say with 100% certainty that Oliver marries Laurel in the TV show. I don’t think the point of this show is to stick to the comics, it’s to twist that world and come up with new and different stories! Plus if they did stick to the comics, the writers would just paint themselves into a corner and no one wants that! I honestly don’t want this to be another HIMYM situation where the writers have a set plan for the end but it doesn’t turn out the way they wanted because things change… (still bitter about it)

        • nicka says:

          I know…TV has been rough for me lately. First, that The Good Wife shocker. And then, they did THAT with HIMYM (There’s a petition to re-shoot the ending…yes, I signed it. We deserve a better ending than THAT!) If they go in the direction of an Oliver-Laurel endgame…ew. I mean, ew. He slept with her sister. AGAIN. I’m supposed to believe that’s an epic love?

          • wonderwall says:

            I wouldn’t even believe it 50 years from now… That ship sailed (no pun intended) the moment Oliver got on that boat with Laurel’s sister for me (yeah so from the very beginning).

            Ugh don’t even talk to be about The Good Wife. I’m trying to repress the fact that *spoiler* Will is dead. I just really really really hope Matthew Goode can fill his shoes. He did wonderfully in the last episode (even though he was high on whatever drug they gave him). Regardless, Will and I will always have Season 1-5. And that HIMYM finale was a joke that undid years of character development. It’s so sad how much damage that episode did… :/

            But yeah, while I do currently find Laurel unlikable, I hope they turn her into a villain of sorts. At least then I could love to hate her? Plus Katie Cassidy does a real good job acting as a villain (Eg. Ruby1.0 from Supernatural).

          • Isobel says:

            Katie Cassidy was also good as a villain in Gossip Girl, maybe she’s just better when you are meant to hate her character

          • Marc says:

            @wonderwall… I really wouldn’t mind if Laurel was turned into a villain, I actually thought that the writers could move in that direction after the Birds of Prey episode where Laurel repeated The Huntress’s words about letting the darkness in back to her boss after she blackmailed her into letting her keep her job.

        • Mark says:

          If you watch the youtube video of 2013 comic con of the Arrow Panel Andrew Kreisberg explains the process or arc of making Katie Cassidy Black Canary as much as I prefer Sarah its already a done deal. Now with regards to the nicknames speedy was used repeatedly with Thea in the first few episodes of the series and refers to a character named Mia Dearden who is Arrows trusted side kick and has the nick name “Speedy”, and is a teen titan. I believe Thea is going to take on this persona with Roy as part of the titans. She has a similar back story to Thea just not the HIV, but that could be added later. Although there are difference between the comics and the TV show the show seems to be following the comics pretty closely….

        • Sara says:

          In the comics, BC also divorces Arrow. I guess, even in the comics there are no fairytales or endgames!!
          This is a TV show, you can’t predict chemistry! Also a couple of characters exist in the TV show, but not in the comics!

      • Marc says:

        Yes, but they also broke up in the comics after Laurel found him kissing another woman, so the show doesn’t necessarily have to follow the comics to a T. They have already changed so much already, if Laurel doesn’t become the Black Canary and reunite with Oliver, I would be overjoyed.

        • Mark says:

          They are also married at this point when they break up and Laurel moves to Gotham where she meets Barbara Gordon and the majority of the Birds of Prey storyline takes place. But as CW does not have the rights to Gotham side of things I can not see this happening…..

  17. Merissa W. says:

    AWEEEEEEESOOOOMMMEEE! This show continues to exceed my already high expectations. Keep it up, Team Arrow!

  18. Alichat says:

    Hmmm…..I still find Slade boring. He’s not a compelling villain to me at all.

    • His motivations are the issue, true. It’s hard to really sympathize with him, but you’re not really meant to. They took a rather lame motivation, which even they admit is kind of lame and definitely debatable, but added a certain level of terrifying insanity to him that now we’re even seeing a glimpse of with the Shado whispers. If it helps you get into his mindset, remember that he took a super-soldier formula. He carries in him what humanity seems destined to be according to the serum. They’re taking a professional soldier and giving him not only the strength of a titan but the twisted mentality of Alex from A Clockwork Orange. Somewhere between villain with a motive and an agent of chaos.

    • Marc says:

      I find Slade’s motivations for going after Oliver to be the weak point of this entire storyline. I know that the Mirikuru has messed up his mind, but since he’s patient and rational enough to plan this entire take down for five years, it stands to reason that some viewers would question how completely overblown and stupid his reasons for hating Oliver and wanting to kill everyone he loves is. Perhaps if he was actually in a relationship with Shado and the two were deeply in love, I could go with it, but I find it ever so taxing listening to Slade go on and on about heartbreak, and lost love yada yada yada. Get over it! Plus, could the writers please have Oliver stop taking responsibility for Shado’s death?

    • booboo says:

      EXACTLY how I feel. I know it’s canon…but I can’t watch any more Laurel. I hated “Blind Spot” with a passion. I didn’t even bother with “Birds of Prey” because I just can’t bring myself to watch her anymore (okay, I watched the Felicity, Oliver, Diggle, Roy, and Sara scenes from Birds of Prey, but turned it off once Canary went to save Laurel…because I didn’t want Laurel to be saved…and because she didn’t recognize her sister and, yes, I know we’re supposed to willingly suspend disbelief, but that crossed the line to stupidity–Sara’s chin is really unique! And it wasn’t even dark!)

      So…yeah…great episode until the very end with Laurel finding out. Like “Heir to the Demon.” Great episode until the lunge between Oliver and Sara (especially after that Nyssa/Sara kiss…which was hotter!).

  19. Nate says:

    I wish people would GET OVER all this Laurel hate. She isn’t going anywhere GET THE HELL OVER IT PEOPLE

  20. Tom says:

    I think before this season is over, someone is going to die. My top pick is Moira, mainly because I believe her death will act as some form of redemption. My second pick is Sara, this choice is purely based off story canon. Personally I hope she doesn’t die. Also, I think Slade will probably survive.

  21. janet says:

    This episode was amazing! So so great! I was especially impressed by Stephen Amell, his reaction to when Thea said “I know your secret” made my heart flop. Felicity and Digg are just the best. I can’t get enough of them! Only four episodes left! Can’t wait to buy season 2 on blu-ray!

  22. dancmh says:

    Good episode but it would have been 100x more interesting if Barrowman had showed up as Merlyn and rescued Thea himself. It’s fun to watch Oliver and Slade fight but the real throwdown I want to see is Merlyn vs. Deathstroke.

    • Sg. Grant says:

      Finally, someone thinking the same thing as me. I would love to see this.

      And you know its only a very short matter of time before Office Lance finds out that Olive is Arrow.

  23. Pat says:

    I really felt sorry for Oliver, when Thea tore into him about knowing who her father really was, while his mother just stood behind him and did not step up to intervene this confrontation. Not a good night for Oliver/Arrow. As for Laurel finding out who the Arrow is well I think she will accept this, even though it might have been a bit of a shock.

    • Brittney says:

      I found it really odd that she directed the “you’ve been lying to my for years” line at Oliver. When it should be directed at her mother. And his mother didn’t jump in to defend him. Oliver has barely known a month and should not be blamed for lying to Thea for her whole life. That falls on Moira. Just a weird scene in general because everything was aimed at Oliver. I think the writers wanted the audience to think Thea knew he was arrow at first. But now knowing its not, the set up looks strange.

  24. luvmypup says:

    Very intense episode. Can’t wait for the next one and remainder of the season. Stephen Amell did a great job. Loved original Team Arrow standing with Oliver and giving him encouragement.

  25. GildedRose says:

    Finally! Arrow feels like it got its mojo back last night. For me, it’s been a rough couple of weeks because the last few episodes have just felt “off” and scattered. I haven’t really enjoyed them and I couldn’t figure out why. But last night’s Deathstroke episode was fantastic. I love seeing Slade’s plan working so well and Oliver scrambling so fast and so desperate in its wake. I really love to see the core trio (Oliver/Felicity/Diggle) pulling back together and stepping up. Felicity telling Oliver to go after Thea was an unexpectedly powerful moment, and of course the fight scene was phenomenal. Deathstroke was a great balance of action vs plot development vs character stuff. Very, very good. I’m excited for the next new episode in another couple of weeks and I honestly haven’t been saying that lately. It’s great to have that Arrow feeling back.

  26. Alexis says:

    Okay I’m getting so fed up with all this hate towards Laurel. Yes she doesn’t have the best storyline at the moment but give it time. Stop whining. And anyone who has seen Katie Cassidy in other shows knows she is not a terrible actress. Sure she isn’t oscar worthy but are you going to tell me anyone on Arrow is? Stephen Amell is always so stern and Caity Loitz makes the same pouty face. I never comment on these forums but it was making me sick reading such spiteful things

    • Olivia says:

      How long we have to wait for Laurel to become an interesting character?.
      “Give it time…” tell us the producers and people like you.
      My answer: ” 1 season and 78% of season 2 and still we don’t care, she adds NOTHING to the show”

      “This season is her crucible”
      We had been through OUR OWN crucible, having to put up with Laurel & Lance family drama all this second half of the season.

      • nicka says:

        “We had been through OUR OWN crucible, having to put up with Laurel…”
        -THIS. I couldn’t agree more. The first time Laurel beat up Max Fuller in the club back in S1, I thought I liked her. But then she became the damsel in distress–a stark contrast to the woman who beat on a grown man. And despite that, there was never any vulnerability there that allowed me to relate to her. Then, they gave her that stupid, stupid storyline where she goes into the glades after both Oliver and her father warn her not to–for files? Really? After that, they hand her the alcoholic, pill popping storyline where she acts like a b*tch, and I still didn’t like her, but at least I thought the downward spiral was realistic…only to have them undo all that after a speech from Oliver that should have enraged her (given the angry-at-the-world version of herself she was playing) and she does this 180 and is dishing out relationship advice. Who the hell is this character? She’s written so inconsistently, and I, for one, am done trying to figure out who she is and how to like her, and I’m not at all invested in her character arc, unless it’s ending.

        I’m not hating on Katie Cassidy. I say write her off THIS show because she actually is a decent actress and she deserves better writing than what she’s been given on Arrow. We’re at the end of the second season now, and a huge majority of the fan base still isn’t invested in her character. I loved her on Supernatural–and I mean, LOVED. I hated when they replaced her with another actress. So this isn’t about hating on her as an actress; this is about not liking a character, and wanting the show to move on.

  27. Angus says:

    Somebody seriously needs to give Summer Glau her own series. She’s too talented an actor to be playing second banana in these tv shows. She was the only reason I watched the Terminator series. CW or someone needs to wake up and realize what they could potentially have with a series starring Summer Glau.

  28. Rick Katze says:

    So far Oliver and company have not been able to takeout Slade. He’s too powerful

    If they need help, Thea’s father, Merlin, comes to mind. Slade threatening Thea could be the glue that gets them all together at least to resolve one issue. Except for a couple of scenes, Merlin has been totally inactive this year. Is this where the writers are heading?

    And, as a 69 year old retired lawyer, I found this episode riveting. So many questions answered. So many issues raised. And I did not see it coming which unfortunately is not true for most of the shows I watch.

  29. Reblogged this on THE EXTREMIS REVIEW and commented:
    Here’s a good recap of the latest Arrow episode. Lots went down. Also Deathstroke.

  30. CW=SoapNetwork says:

    Umm yeah, Batman ripoff anyone? Oliver just happens to sign over his multibillion dollar company and then it will be used against him…way to have some original writing there guys. This show is enjoyable for the actors and action but the writing is soap operish. No one stays dead, wayyy to much CW drama.

  31. Claire says:

    What a fantastic episode! I am thrilled to be able to write this words once again in regards to an episode of Arrow. I love the show, but was becoming increasingly frustrated with the past few installments. But alas! They are back in form and thankfully so.

    It had it all, and proved that it can accomplish a lot and still feel balanced, balanced being the operative word. We got a touch of it last week, but BOOM! we were there in spades this week. It was interesting to see the actual shift take place for me. The episode as a whole was stellar, but the moment I knew it was back on track was that brilliant scene between Oliver and Felicity, where she tells him to do what needs to be done. You can see focused Oliver return. Wonderful transformation from chaotic frantic scene, to calm and resolute. Kudos to Amell.

    The one scene that didn’t quite mesh and almost seemed like an afterthought was that of Laurel and Slade. Really? Slade comes to the door and says by the way … It was almost comical. Ding Dong! Avon calling! And to go along with the moisturizer, here’s a tidbit fresh off the rumor mill, “Oliver is the Arroooowwww.” Deep whispery voice. And then gone! And THAT’S how the “show will never be the same?”

    Aside from that though, YUM! Bring on the next episode with Felicity out in the field … the week after next. :(

    Sidenote: I saw that the ratings went down, but for me personally I understand why. All these silly breaks in between are insane and interrupt the momentum of the any show, but couple that with some subpar episodes (in my opinion), the audience was bound to drop. Hopefully now that they have found their footing again we will see an uptick.

    It’s is nice to feel excitement for the show again.

  32. Fanfanfan says:

    Urgh while all of you may hate Laurel I can’t stand Felicity she reminds me to much of Chloe Sullivan, a character I loathed on Smallville. The do it all blond nerdy girl who has quips coming out of her ears, please that character is one of the most overdone annoying stereotypes on tv at least in my eyes.
    As for bad acting Amell is one of the worst male leads I have ever seen on a tv show. The only thing that keeps me going with this show is my love for Green Arrow comics and my hope they will eventually past this Smallville stage of this show (something they promised they wouldn’t do in the beginning.)

    • Leo says:

      Thanks. I never jump into Felicity’s ship. She’s quirky and funny and she’s really good being a supporting character. Please keep her swaying in the background and throwing fantastic one-liners.
      Laurel > Sara > Felicity

  33. Phil Collins says:

    Hi guys. Well what an exsperience this was. To be totally honest with you it was the worst exsperience of my life. Not only finding out my lover was sleeping with Liam Payne 1direction in its self was jaw dropping but what hurt the most was my unborn child. Not nowing if I was the father of not . everything else above is self explanatory. I still don’t understand the purpose of this exercise but obviously there is an explanation?? Can somebody please tell me. Okay if I’m going to benefit from being the main star lol I’m feeling a little better I still want my girlfriend but there is serious issues to be raised I think oh maybe I could forgive her but I will have to sow my seed as well or we could go incognito.jokes.thanks for brain damaging me even further. Laura may olive I love u too the moon and back. I Can’t help but love u. I Still unsure of what master liams sorry kingkongs plans are but please hurry up cos I’m missing my woman.and u still ow me $1300″😉when I get a face 2 face confirmation then I can enjoy this instead of hating this experience. I hope I didn’t affend to many people but you surely understand I was unaware at the time of my exposure. This has been the most embarrassing thing to happen to me. I’ll be honest I’m hurting right now. We’ll what can I say laura.WOWu seriously did talk take the jam out of my donute flabbergasted is an understatement.i just need a little regroup give me head a wobble and digest this experience. Thanks heaps Phil Jones xoxo

  34. Phillip joned says:

    Amazing series, hooked Line and sinkered.really hoping death stroke can see this threw. Hail queen Olivia

    • Philip jones says:

      Hi guys still here fighting my corner.oviously u no by now u won.doing what ur doing now to my family is seriously below the belt.u got what you wanted,begging you please leave my love of my life alone.she doesn’t deserve what u dogs are doing.take me instead I’ll be back in Aus in January.please I’m seriously having nightmares every suffering intensely.i love my woman imagine it happening to ur wife.thanks x