The Voice Recap: It Wouldn't Be Nothin', Nothin' Without This Particular Woman (She's No Girl)

The Voice - Season 6Can a “one-in-a-trillion vocalist” actually be too good to succeed in modern music?

That was the question posed by guest mentor Chris Martin (and reiterated by coach Blake Shelton) during tonight’s second round of The Voice‘s “Battles (Part Deux).”

And that’s also the question we might be asking ourselves all season, thanks to the fact that Beastmaster (™ pending) Sisaundra Lewis advanced to the Live Playoffs with the kind of vocal that caused my wine glass to vibrate, my Gospel hand to involuntarily fling upward and my non-Gospel hand to cue up iTunes so I can go forth and purchase her rendition of “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World” immédiatement.

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In other news:

* Mark Burnett & Co. continued their inexplicable quest to spoil every single Season 6 Steal prior to its preceding commercial break. (Fun fact: There will always be at least one Battle Rounds steal per episode, and the final Battle of the night will always result in a Steal.)

* I like Adam’s bowling shirt. I might even want Adam’s bowling shirt — even if my doughy frame will never fill out the sleeves the way People’s Sexiest Man Alive does.

* Shouldn’t a coach’s role extend to helping his or her contestants with their hairstyles? (Yes, my judgmental side just sufaced like a shark fin in the midst of a sea of chum. #StevieJoNo)

* Given that the last few episodes have had more filler than a Real Housewife‘s face, is there any excuse for any Battle to get the dreaded montage treatment? (The only correct answer, BTW, is “Hell no!” #SomeoneHatesKristenMerlin)

On that saucy note, let me jump to a ranking of each of tonight’s Battles from least- to most-promising winner:

3. Team Shakira: Deja Hall defeats Ddendyl on “Say Something” (wrong choice, Shaki!) | Yet another head-scratching decision from Shakira — and not just because wide-eyed Deja said she’d think about her love for her family to help her better connect with a song about an inevitable, painful breakup. (Uff da!) When Shaki told Ddendyl she had the most unique voice in the competition, I thought for a hot second that maybe the D.C. lounge singer would overcome her montaged Round 1 Battle and prevail. But Shakira, apparently determined to build a team that’ll be obliterated in the first few weeks of voting, chose the milquetoast teen who’s clearly not ready for primetime over the potent stylist with a cool tone and exquisite phrasing. #travesty

2. Team Usher: Stevie Jo defeats Morgan Wallen on “The Story of My Life” (Morgan stolen by Adam) | I’m not sure why the inconsistent Morgan scored a steal — yeah, he’s got a nifty gruff tone, but he hit too many bum notes, no? — but I’m glad Stevie is onto the Playoffs. Dude has a voice that cuts through the TV screen like a hot knift to I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter. Here’s hoping, however, that before he gets to the public vote, that Usher advises him against whatever weird ponytail situation he had going on.

1. Team Blake: Sisaundra Lewis defeats Biff Gore on “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World” | I just couldn’t take seriously all the talk about how this was a tough decision for Blake. Biff was fine, I guess, but his drunk-at-a-wedding dance moves and affected growl exposed him as a singing-competition contestant, not a legitimate musical artist. Sisaundra, meanwhile, hit every note with such passion and presence — and finished it off with such a flourish on her final “ma-ay-ay-ay-ay-nnn’s world” run — it was as if she’d dug down to the song’s infrastructure, reimagined it from the inside out and made me hear it for the very first time. Sensational!

Inexplicably Montaged
Team Shakira: Kristen Merlin defeats Emily B on “I Can Love You Better” | I’m sure Kristen is just thrilled that not just one but both of her battles have been dealt with in about 14 seconds of screen time.

OK, your turn…

What did you think of night two of the Battle Rounds (Pt 2)? Did anyone deserve to get the Save and didn’t? Who gave the best overall vocal of the night? Take our poll, then sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. M says:

    Why is Ddendyl gone? Why does Stevie Jo’s hair make me want to run at his with a pair of clippers? Why is Ddendyl gone? Why was Kristen [Fodder] Merlin montaged twice? Why is Ddendyl gone? Why is there even a montage at this stage when last season we got 16 knockouts in two days?
    What the hell is wrong with Shakira?
    Call Deja’s voice heavenly all you want; all I see is a 16 year old girl who, more than any 16 year old contestant reach the live shows that I’ve ever seen, is so not ready for any of this at all.
    It doesn’t help that I’ve heard rumors that Clarissa Serna is gone-zo. Seriously…if Clarissa gets kicked for Dani Moz I will have officially had my fair share of Shakira as a coach. I will be hollering for Christina to come back even if she has to be wheeled in on a gurney with her child in her arms.
    Back to the show…Sisaundra was a monsta. Just a monster…goodness…
    And why the hell are they montaging? What disrespect…for a show that’s all about second chances and “highlighting” the contestants, this montaging nonsense is just ridiculous.
    Last season we got 16 knockouts in two days.

    • Griffin says:

      Preach preach preach. There have been rumors that Clarissa is gone? She is AMAZING. I can’t

    • Jenny says:

      Why must you repeat yourself so much? Why did you repeat yourself? Why?

      • M says:

        Because Shakira is crazy and I heard she just gets crazier.

        • Griffin says:

          Where are you hearing these rumors?

          • M says:

            Other sites.
            I rarely bother to listen to rumors, but every time I’ve seen a battle prediction rumor they’ve been said by people who claimed to have been there for the recording and they were spot on…
            So I have an inclination to believe them.

    • Leon says:

      How correct has this source been thus far? And who else have they picked? Do you have a link? Really hoping Clarissa is not eliminated.

    • Tamara says:

      THIS! I have actually been unimpressed and downright embarrassed for Shakira this season, the silly way she’s been acting (why does she look shocked when other coaches press their button and then scramble desperately to push hers instantly?!) and her battle round choices have been equally annoying. I’m a Christina Aguilera fan clearly in the minority and also liked Shakira to begin with, but as a coach she is completely out of her league. I feel like the guy coaches are almost pitying her at some instances like when they rally for a contestant to pick her (as they rarely choose her). I hope she improves in the live rounds because she does seem like a lovely person.

      I’m so happy to see at least one commenter actually wanting Christina back lol and not hating on her!

      • Adake says:

        I second your preference for Christina over Shakira as coach. Christina to me seems much more independent in her coaching style. I think Shakira’s decision to mimic all things Blake (even choosing his wife as mentor) was never going to work. Country voters will always prefer Blake to anyone else. She should have stuck to her Latina roots (20,000,000 twitter followers). That would bring something unique to this show. I hope Christina, Pharrell, Adam and Blake are the coaches next season. Only Pharrell has been announced so far.

      • Ruiroxo says:

        I Want Christina back too! Sorry Shaky

    • tealeaves says:

      If by “rumor” you mean “spoiler” please don’t post it here! You had plenty of ammunition to make your point without it. Mkay.

      • M says:

        By, “rumor” I meant “rumor”. I wouldn’t waste my time labeling it anything else if it was just a spoiler. Please don’t put words into my mouth.

    • JM says:

      Why is Ddendyl gone? Amen, sister. Why indeed. She was one of my favorites.

    • NotAmused says:

      The repetition in your writing style is annoying and tiresome. Tiresome as in… it sucks the energy right out of me.

    • daezyg says:

      I always thought Stevie Jo would look good if they cut his hair up to his neck, made it wavy, and put him in either suit or all black. He wouldn’t look good with short hair at all, but I imagine he’d look nice with that hairstyle.

  2. Griffin says:

    Ddendyl should have won. Or, if Shakira did really think Deja won her battle (which she did not in my opinion), she should’ve been stolen. I really think she did way better in her battle than Morgan did in his (but his voice is intriguing).

  3. Kaba says:

    Short and sweet:
    The montage is just stupid as all hell. The fact that it was Kristen again is stupid as all hell.
    Ddendyl was done viciously wrong

    -The end.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      Yup, not much to say. Sisaundra rocks, the two guys bore me, and Ddendyl was robbed. End of story.

      • Kaba says:

        I had a dream team for Shakira for the top 12, but I certainly forgot to factor in Shakira’s insanity.
        What a shame.

        • Leon says:

          Had anyone else heard the rumors of Clarissa’s elimination?

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          I kind of knew she would not choose correctly because she makes strange choices in general. She and Blake are the two wild ones whereas Usher and Adam tend to make more predictable (and I’d argue “better”) choices.

          • Kaba says:

            I felt it too. I just knew she’d go for Deja, she has such an unreasonable infatuation with this girls voice. Which isn’t to say it’s bad…I just can’t envision her being worthy competition.

          • MamaLis says:

            Well, I also get tired of these choices based on age. And by age I mean, those that are SIXTEEN. As soon as Shakira started with the speech of, “I really want to see where she can go -” I KNEW it was Deja. It bothers the heck out of me when they pick a lesser contestant based on “the potential to unlock the potential.” And the “older,” left-behind contestant is 24.

            Ddendyl handled that song with such finesse, beginning at rehearsals. It really was a travesty that she was not chosen. Goofy Latino.

    • JM says:

      Short and sweet is right. Couldn’t have said it better.

    • allie says:

      The only thing I can fathom is that Shakira must be hoping for the young vote. It could happen – kids vote for kids without considering the better talent. Deja is good – for her age – but she does not have any star quality. Sisaundra is dripping in IT factor but we’ve all seen many “older” contestants with FAR less talent get voted off for the kids. As for SteveJo and Morgan…. ugh. Really? Just no.

  4. Grenador says:

    I pity Blake to put up appearances when he tries to pair someone with Sisaundra. Poor Biff and Blake. Hell, the lady can saaaaaang…….But the battles are over and now I hope in the playoffs we will see whether she can actually sing a entire song like she belts up the utterly unbelievable notes while not trying to demolish the opponent.

    • Kaba says:

      One more day of Battles actually…because stuffing another 8 into one night would just be difficult.

      • Grenador says:

        I was just saying Sisaundra’s battles are finally over :P. The tornado has passed, two houses got demolished.

    • claudia says:

      Sorry, Sisaudra’s music is probably the last on earth I would ever buy. I admit she has an amazing instrument but she screams too much. It’s not comfortable to listen to her. I wouldn’t even call her R&B. She is a diva vocalist, I would have chosen Biff.

      I would have also chosen Ddendyl, Emily B, & Morgan. Which is strange because I usually agree with the judges.

      • OhMy says:

        I would have chosen Biff. I understand her ability and talent, but she seems insincere, and she crashes thought everything. Though I will say she was not quite as crazy sounding as earlier. (Will she take direction? With her background and connection, why did she need the Voice?)

        Anyway, I suspect many will disagree, but I would have not selected her. Biff sounded great.

        • Joe says:

          Insincere? Really? The woman is basically dripping with humility realizing this chance is a blessing for her. I have to stop reading these boards. Every f’ing time there’s an amazing FEMALE vocalist who has incredible pipes she’s accused of screeching and/or being uppity by the groundlings. I’d really love to delve into the psychology of why people hate on powerful female vocalists (often of color) but it’d fall on deaf ears. The only thing I know is Sisaundra, without a doubt, is one of the best vocal talents to be on ANY reality singing competition and it saddens me that people can’t see past their odd biases to appreciate this kind of talent.

          • Jo Ann says:

            It’s not hating. She is loud and bombastic. Sometimes subtlety is a good thing. Let her try to do something besides hit a high note at the top of her lungs and actually sing some words to the songs besides the high note YEEAAAAAAAA! and then we’ll see if she’s a good singer.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            So using your definition, someone who sings “YEEAAAAAAAA!” really well can’t possibly be a good singer? Not following. And since when is loud a bad thing? Most singers would kill to have a louder voice. Volume is to a limited extent genetically predetermined, but most of it is training, so loud is typically a huge compliment.
            It’s called a Battle Round, battle being the operative word. Subtlety has no place in a head-to-head competition, particularly on that James Brown song.

          • Adam Fachry says:

            This. I even once encountered a comment that says “belting” is artificial and singing subtly is “organic”. Like wtf? How could someone come up with such a moronic assessment? I would consider both “singing subtly” and “belting” artificial if the contestant were a robot or cyborg lol.

            I do, however, agree that Sisaundra’s voice is not something the modern pop music audience would immediately appreciate, given the fact that the divas era has been long gone. But powerhouse vocal is still, as far as I’m concerned, an authentic talent.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            In all fairness, belting is pretty terrible technique also, but I know what you’re saying, Adam. And I agree with you that Sisaundra has an uphill battle. Her type of voice is far from current. That being said, I’ve got nothing but respect for the woman. I’m already gearing up for the “shrieking” and “screaming” comments from people who clearly have no idea what they’re talking about. This is going to be fun!

          • OhMy says:

            Joe — oh my. Dripping with humility? Ok then.

          • Jon says:

            @Joe, I agree with EVERY SINGLE WORD you wrote about Sisaundra. And it’s not just TV Line readers — there’s a loud, very bitter contingent on many TV site boards that accuses every fierce-voiced female singer (usually R&B) of “screaming.” Because only indie warbling or rock-styled female voices are acceptable somehow. I get that powerful Aretha/Patti Labelle-style voices are not in vogue with mainstream young-uns, but identify your bias for what it is: a preference.

            IMO, Biff was fantastic last night — and I wish he’d been saved — but Sissy was a revelation, and not just on her big notes. Along with Tess, Bria Kelly and Clarissa Serna it’s clear that this is a strong season for female voices.

          • Lilly says:

            You have great insight, Joe! I agree with you 100%.

      • will says:

        Oh just STOP.

        I’ve had it with people accusing people who sing impressive, loud, high notes as “screaming” when they are doing absolutely nothing of the sort. This has been true with everyone from Adam and Angie on Idol to Sisaundra on The Voice and none of them have ever screamed a single note. Belting is NOT screaming. If you want screaming, watch Danny Gokey’s Dream On. THAT’S the difference!

        • Sarah says:

          I agree that Sisaundra is not screaming – she has incredible control when she hits those crazy notes. But personally, I just don’t enjoy that particular type of wailing voice, it’s not my taste. I can appreciate that she has a great voice, but I wouldn’t buy her music and I don’t enjoy her performances at all. I am a huge fan of power voices over the higher, more quirky voices, but Sisaundra just crosses the line into a territory that’s not for me. Call me crazy, but I really hope she doesn’t win this season even if she has the most raw talent (which I’m not sure is the case – I think it’s a pretty stacked season talent-wise).

        • Jon says:

          @Will, AMEN. Sisaundra’s quieter moments on IAMW were just as impressive as her final notes. And using Gokey to illustrate the difference is genius.

        • giselle says:

          Will–Often the people who call singers screamers are trying to downplay someone who has real vocal power so their own choice has a better chance. I never thought Sisaundra was screaming. Screaming is for singers who try to hit the high notes and can’t quite do it. Sisaundra hits those high notes with no problem. I don’t think there is anyone on The Voice this season who can come close to Sisaundra. Since the object of the show is the choose the Best Voice, Sisaundra, for me, has no one close to her. She has shown her power, and I’m sure she will show the tender side of her voice as the competition goes on.

      • seniorskippy says:

        I agree with liking Biff over Sisaundra. I have a novel idea. Why don’t we have Sisaundra actually “sing” instead of yelling, and trying to reach notes only achieved by Mariah Carey. I’ll give her props for being able to hit those notes, but, come on, enough is enough. I think audiences would tire of this style and it would be a short lived career should she win The Voice. Make her SING something and see if Blake keeps her.

        • HTGR says:

          She was SINGING. I’m not sure if you know what the terms singing and yelling mean. You don’t have to like her style, but come on.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          Ok, you clearly have no clue what you’re talking about. A) Sisaundra’s high notes are at least an octave lower than Mariah’s. B) If you think that that’s yelling and not singing, you’ve clearly never sung before.

    • Jo Ann says:

      Ugh! Sisaundra is so one note and has no control over her voice.

    • I thought the voice was for contestants trying to make a start in singing. Why is Sisaundra on the show when she already sang professionally for 5 years with Celion Dion. My friends, family and myself feel if she wins it isn’t very fair to the others and plenty of us will stop watching the voice because it should not have professionals that already toured in the competition.

      • HTGR says:

        It’s not though. Idol is the show where they’ve had less prior experience.

        Heck last year Jacquie was the only one to come close to the final who didn’t have some major prior experience. Tess had big success in Jamaica and performed with big names.

        Other recent winners also had records and such out in the past. Cassaddee Pope had CDs out before. etc. Jermaine I think was backup for Alicia Keys. etc. In fact I think the 16 year old country winner a couple seasons ago has been the only winner who hadn’t done much in the past yet.

  5. Sean says:

    There’s only 16 battles in round 2, so the fact that they couldn’t even squeeze just one more full battle into this episode is crazy to me. In fact, there’s really no reason why they couldn’t have aired all of the battles in their full length. But, I did enjoy tonight’s battles though.

  6. Tom says:

    I cry for Ddendyl. A major talent gone too soon. YouTube her cover of “Let Her Go” and you’ll know what I mean. :'(

  7. Ryan P. says:

    I couldn’t vote for any of those who made it through tonight. The only one I loved was Ddendyl, and she’s gonzo.
    Also, did Kristen Merlin punch one of the producers or something? Both of her battles got montaged.

    • Kaba says:

      I feel like Beverly McClellan is somewhere in her living room casting chants and curses on this poor woman in hopes she’ll never been the shows next prominent and intriguing butch lesbian.

      • Jon says:

        LOL! Poor Kristen. Judging from the little bit we’ve seen, she’s a really good singer with lots of personality. The Voice has featured out LGBT singers from the beginning, so that’s not the issue. Why are they ignoring her?

  8. Forwardad says:

    I know I’m in the minority but I’m not a fan of Sisaundra. And I can’t really put my finger on it. She has a wonderful voice and she won the battle clearly. I just don’t know why I can’t warm up to her?

    • Name That Tune says:

      It’s always about the over-singing. No doubt she’s a beast and the point is to belt it out to your max, but will we ever see her do something a little less explosive?

    • analythinker says:

      I’m with you and I have one reason: I like subtlety more.

    • Ryan P. says:

      Same here. Plus, it drives me up a wall when the coaches declare a singer to be one of the best singers in the world. Technically, she sings incredibly well, but it seems that only older singers of the gospel/R&B style are ever given that kind of praise. Singers like Caroline Pennell or Caroline Glaser would never be told that, even if they were always pitch-perfect and emotionally connected (which they admittedly weren’t, even though I loved them both).

      • Sisaundra can be subtle and emotionally connect to her songs and would still outsing those two and anybody in the competition. It shouldn’t matter rather their R&B or Rock, many singers like Sisaundra get that kind of praise cause they’ve shown what they can do and many of them have incredible versatility and a great vocal range.

        • Jo Ann says:

          Sisaundra has no control over her voice. She is so one note and constantly has to sing as loud as she can or else she can’t sing.

          • How is Sisaundra “one note”? she has a very huge range that a lot of singers don’t have and certainly has good control on her singing. And also she clearly does have one of the best voices in this season right now and were only three performaces in so far.

          • Jo Ann says:

            She is one note, because all she does is wail at the top of her lungs. Just because you can sing loud, does not make you good. Louder doesn’t equal better. Vocal acrobatics are a poor substitute for actual emotion.

          • AlyB says:

            That assertion is simply absurd. I’m not a big fan of the gospel, R&B diva music. It’s simply not to my taste but the talent of the singers is undeniable. I don’t like opera either but I would never, ever make the ludicrous claim that the singers just warble power notes and therefore have no talent. Sisaundra’s singing may not be to your taste. Saying she’s not talented just because you don’t like her style is more a demonstration of your inability to respect anything you don’t personally prefer, regardless of the skill of the performer. Would you tell a virtuoso pianist they have no talent because you don’t like classical music? Sisaumdra is a vocal virtuoso. I respect the talent and think she gave a stellar performance in the style in which she excels. I may not lbuy the songs but there’s no denying her skill.

          • Jon says:

            @AlyB, just wanted to thank you for that beautifully written, objective post — made all the more impressive coming from a non-R&B fan. Saying that Sisaundra is “one-note,” talentless or emotionless is just ridiculous, regardless of one’s personal musical preference.

          • Kaba says:

            She has no control over her voice?
            The woman was Celine Dion’s vocal coach/director (unsure if a vocal coach and director are the same, but I’d assume they are).
            She has more than just control over her voice. Don’t be insane.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        Caroline Pennell or Caroline Glaser would never get told that they’re the greatest singers in the world because — simply put — it’s impossible to argue that they are. Don’t get me wrong, I liked both of them. But you can’t possibly compare their vocal talent to someone like Tessanne or Sisaundra. Technically speaking, it’s not a contest.

  9. John Anthony says:

    This competition is far from over. Sisaundra can hit a high note with the best of them but her singing is average at best. She’s been around awhile so the public has probably given her their opinion by now. Aretha, Whitney, Ella, Diana, and Mariah all were great singers of lyrics first and hit the high note when called for. These shows are singing competitions and that’s what the public will vote on first, not who can hit the highest note. There’s some really good singers in this competition and Miss Lewis had better not go up against them with any of the thousands of hits void of the so called high note. Even then she’s a maybe winner but not out of it by any means.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      “Sisaundra’s… singing is average at best.”
      Really? You must have pretty high standards if you think that that’s average.

      • Joe says:

        QFT Angie. You’re speaking into the void here. They all want cute quirky white guys or doe eyed girls to win. Sisaundra threatens them to their core.

      • John Anthony says:

        Hi Angie. You have to have high standards if we are looking for the next super star. I certainly could change my mind regarding Sisaundra if she tries to sing any of the many hits that do not require the so called high note. I doubt she will but maybe. All these shows have both white and black performers who try to get by with their high pitch power and very few are successful. Listen to the parts of her songs leading up to the high note. Surely not exceptional and that’s probably why she failed out in the public prior to her Voice attempt. I’m sure you realize she has been in the public eye prior to this show. Keep in mind, I did say she could win but there is strong singing talent she will have to over come to do it.

        • sheba says:

          There are so many reasons why someone like Sisaundra who has made a career in the music business would not have made it as a solo recording artist, Maybe she never had strong ambitions as a soloist? Maybe she didn’t meet the right people to write songs for her, help her produce records, and market her properly? Maybe the work and money was better and steadier being a backup singer? We don’t know her full story, so it’s too simple to claim it’s because no one wanted to buy her music.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          To be perfectly fair though, song writers write their music with different singers in mind. The ones with the glory notes are written for singers with glory notes. The ones without glory notes are written for singers like David Bowie, Paula Abdul or Rihanna. Sisaundra should never sing songs written for the likes of David Bowie, Paula Abdul or Rihanna as they’re written for singers without her type of power or range. And I don’t agree with you that the notes leading up to the glory note were subpar. If that’s subpar singing, then every singer in in the industry is in trouble!

          • John Anthony says:

            I really appreciate your critic Angie and you may be right. Keep in mind that this show wants to find the next star and they must be very versatile to become just that. Listen to Jennifer, Carrie, and Kelly Clarkson. All have Sisaundra’s range when needed but all are much better with the lyric melodies. That is what The Voice is trying to find and none of the mentioned stars tested the market the way Lewis has prior to their Idol debut. Lewis did try the market in her younger days and maybe back up singing is her true calling in life. It will make the Voice very interesting to watch. I do think one of the ladies will win again and I’ll congratulate you if Sisaundra wins because she’s not my first choice.

  10. Jobless says:

    I’m already sick of Sisaundra. I respect her vocal ability, I just don’t find it pleasing to listen to.

  11. danin says:

    Aww, Ddendyl gone.WTF? Pity whoever goes up against Sisaundra. Which will be The Power Guy from last night who “beat?” my fave,Josh.

    • Jon says:

      I did like Ddendyl, but to my ears Deja’s voice just had a certain…something that she lacked. Deja’s lovely tone just reminded me of early Whitney somehow. It’s clear, though, that she is a very young 16 who has not lived enough yet to infuse real emotion into her singing. Give her a few years…

  12. Adake says:

    With all respect, I completely disagree – Deja tonight was flat out better. Ddendyl was more nasally, pitchy. If Ddendyl was so great she would have been stolen but wasn’t. Do agree that the montages suck. Thought NBC would stop this during the Battles 2. Very unfair to Kristen. I actually thought that Morgan won his battle with Stevie Jo so was glad that Adam stole him. Adam and Usher are stealing each others contestants and Blake and Shakira are doing the same.

    • Timmah says:

      There might not have been any steals left. We don’t know that the battles are shown in order, in fact there’s a good chance they aren’t.

      • Scott says:

        Biff was the only time this round I remember Carson giving the obligatory “Let me remind you coaches so and so is available for a Steal.” So it looks like the coaches used up all their steals early, quite possibly in the first five battles of the round.

  13. Kimbo says:

    Don’t really care about who won the battle between Deja and Ddendyl, but it appears to be very polarizing…
    But I will say I can only imagine that Deja girl crashing and burning harder than Grey last season come the playoffs. Don’t know why, I just see that and no other possibility.

    • Sadly, the public doesn’t vote in the Playoffs this season. They’re not live shows. They’ll be able to put whomever they want in the Top 12, without public input.

  14. Angie_Overrated says:

    I will be curious to see how voters take to Sisaundra. She’s amazing, but she’s such an aggressive singer. She reminds me of Judith Hill perfected. I hope she goes far, but I fear she won’t.

    • Name That Tune says:

      My thinking exactly. I’m not sure I want to listen to so much singing that is played like a stick of dynamite.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        I can fully understand why they need to go full throttle for a BATTLE round. I don’t know what she’s going to sound like when she pulls it back. I would imagine it will be equally amazing because her control is off the charts good. She has a bit of that older-person warble that I’m not crazy about, but the power is so damn raw. Like being smacked in the face with a frying pan and loving every second of it.

        • seattlejohn449 says:

          her audition song of Aretha’s AIN’T NO WAY, as I remember it, was a slow ballad that she sang beautifully…I also get that folks are trying to impress with their voices in these battle rounds but once she gets to singing solo again I can see her range of song choices opening up to become more varied and less show-offy

          • tvlover44 says:

            yes, i *loved* that audition! and it’s a great reminder of what she can do in a non-battle (non-duet_ situation (though i have enjoyed those as well, for the reasons angie_overrated and others have mentioned).

    • Kaba says:

      Agreed, in past seasons of all voting shows it appears that voters have abandoned their former love for aggressive and big singing so I wonder how Sisaundra will be treated.

      • brine says:

        Jacquie lee will disagree and so will Tessanne. Tessanne even had to sing “I Have Nothing” to win. Talk about singing big!

        • Kaba says:

          See, Jacquie lee lost momentum thanks to her big singing and Tessanne sang a perfectly controlled and contained rendition of “I Have Nothing”. It was big, but never Sisaundra or even Jacquie Lee big, which is what ultimately did Jacquie in.

          • Tyler says:

            It’s funny that so many posters are dissing on Sissaundra for singing out of control but gave a pass to Jacquie Lee for doing the same thing! Hypocrisy at its best. At least Sissaundra sounds more natural than Jacquie Lee ever did. To me, almost everything Jacquie Lee did seemed staged by Xtina.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            No one needs any passes, Tyler. Neither Jacquie nor Sisaundra sings out of control. They’re both very good singers independently of one another.

  15. Quinn Carson says:

    Sisaundra annihilated the night. My brother liked Biff better, I starred at him and said “NONSENSE!”

    • claudia says:

      Your brother was right. I bought Biff’s recording of A Change is Going to Come & it is beautiful. Is Sisaundra’s music ever beautiful or is it just vocal gymnastics?

  16. Kim says:

    Something about Sisaundra doesn’t sit well with me…
    At the end of the day I feel as if she’s only ever memorable when we’re talking about the notes she hit and it’s bound to become redundant if that’s all she can rely on. Vocal gymnastics are fun, but I can’t say I really get anything beyond that out of Sisaundra when I hear her sing.
    Kind of like how I felt with Tessanne last season. I was never anything aside from vocally impressed with her rather than moved by her singing.

  17. You write Sisaundra moves to the LIVE rounds. But, are the Playoffs live this season? I’ve heard there’s no live show — and NO public vote — until April 21st — after the Top 12 is decided. What’s up?

    • Kaba says:

      Heard about that too…
      I’m not sure I’m feeling the voice this season with all these changes and revamps

  18. Timmah says:

    Shakira, I am disappoint.

    • MC says:

      Yikes. That was almost the ultimate smh moment on one of these shows. Deja herself was surprised by the decision.

    • Scott says:

      Shakira is really trying to take over Christina’s worst coach ever spot. In her two seasons it seems like Shakira sometimes picks someone solely because she feels bad for them. It was if she picked Deja solely because she needs the show more than Ddentyl does.

    • MC says:

      I didn’t watch this episode live, but I’ve watched this battle on YouTube a few times now. I can now understand why Shakira made this decision. I no longer think this was a huge mistake. I don’t think that Ddendyl will be a star because her singing is too affected. She’s trying too hard to be unique. Melanie Martinez, for example, is stylized whereas Ddendyl is self-consciously too stylized. It is sometimes difficult to understand her as she sings. Deja, on the other hand, is too inexperienced and her emotional connection to this lyric was almost nonexistent. Jacquie had the same problem last season imo. The singing has no emotional resonance when the singer has no frame of reference to call up the appropriate emotion. I’m very sensitive to that sort of thing. Who was the winner here? They both had their shortcomings, but Shakira probably wanted the more natural, more coachable and less affected voice going forward. I can’t blame her for that.

  19. JW says:

    Much more interesting than Idol…but do they have to keep harping on it?

    • Name This Tune says:

      They did throw a couple of digs at the competition no?

      • Jon says:

        It’s mostly Adam who makes those offhand Voice vs Idol/XF comments (without ever naming them), and while I agree with him it seems a bit ungentlemanly to keep bringing it up.

  20. Nedsdag says:

    I truly believe Shakira chose Deja over Ddendyl because she knew Deja was going to be stolen and she didn’t want any of her singers to compete against Deja. JMHO.

    • Scott says:

      No one was going to Steal Deja, and I am not just saying that because I do not think there were even any Steals left for her to be Stolen. If she makes it that far, I am betting Deja will be one of the first ones booted.

  21. Davey says:

    Blake has a steal left.

  22. Andres says:

    I miss ddendyl already. Can you please talk about this battle on reality check? I want to hear what Michael and Melinda have to say about shakiras choice.

  23. Terry says:

    Adam would steal Morgan but not Biff?!?! Bullsheeeeeet.

    • analythinker says:

      What would he do with Biff, you think? He’s already great. Adam can do much more with Morgan.

    • Gracelessk says:

      I think he stole Morgan, not intending to keep him beyond playoffs. However, he sees that Morgan really is willing to learn and wants the opportunity to teach him. That’s what I’m naively going to tell myself to make this okay.

  24. analythinker says:

    I’m in the minority here, but I like Dani Moz, and I also like Clarissa. The preview makes it look like one would get stolen. I guess not. I think Blake would steal either Madilyn or Dawn & Hawkes (assuming they’re the losing party).

    • Scott says:

      Dawn & Hawkes gave Adam’s favorite performance ever in the history of the show, do you really think he would give them up? Oh wait, this is Adam, he falls out of love with contestants quicker than anyone else.

  25. Mikko says:

    I enjoyed the battle between Ddendyl and Deja most – because of Deja. Neither of them were particularly interesting to me before, but I felt the same way about Deja as Usher and Shakira, and Deja won me over with her sweetness and rich voice, surprisingly. Ddendyl was interesting also, but I felt there was too much “artistry” in her voice.
    I was expecting a lot from Stevie Jo, but I was disappointed at the end, I did not feel he shone, like he could. It was the same thing with Morgan, until that heavenly falsetto came out, so I found him more creative, and would have picked him. (But I am glad they are both proceeding, although I do not hope, that this would mean the elimination of Madelyn in the next episode!)
    I did not care at all the battle Sisaundra/Biff. Sisaundra’s belting and roaring leaves me totally cold, and I am even disturbed by that, do not like or get it at all.

    • John Anthony says:

      It’s not Sisaundra’s fault she belts out the high notes to try and win over votes. The coaches are to blame. So many black performers go down because they think the mass public likes that kind of stuff. The high note is only great when used with control and timing like Whitney did. Susaundra is trying to impress Blake with the end high note instead of trying to sing the lyrics properly. Each time she performs you can see she can’t wait to belt it out while the song itself suffers along the way. Blake should tone it down and give her a chance to win. Maybe she’s afraid because there are a few very good voices this season.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        Dude, WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!?! Whitney wasn’t singing in a competition like Sisaundra. Secondly, she’s not winning over votes yet; there are no voters as of yet, so I’m not sure what you’re referring to. Thirdly, black performers go down because of high notes? That might be the single least intelligent thing I’ve ever read on any message board. Lastly, so few good voices this season? Sweet Jesus, give me strength.

        • John Anthony says:

          Your not paying attention Angie. I said they lose because they try to depend on the high stuff too much to win. All you have to do is look at the history of these shows and who wins. Both The Voice and The Idol winners, as well as America’s Got Talent winners all are controlled singers. Also, Whitney won in much harder competition than The Voice. She won in the public’s eye which is much harder to accomplish. So your statement is far less intelligent than any made in this forum. Calm down now. You may be right and she might win.

          • HTGR says:

            Actually Whitney probably would not have won Idol, because the producers would have picked someone else as their pet for the season and they’d have bused her good. And she might not have won The Voice because “all she did was hit high note after high note and scream and belt and screech”. ;)

  26. Mikko says:

    To me, picking Deja now, was like about the first spot on thing to do from Shakira (after stealing Tess of course)

  27. HTGR says:

    Well Sis was awesome, obviously! Damn.
    Poor Biff, he did a great job, but all the same he was a lamb to the slaughter in that round and I almost felt bad for him, no remotest way on Earth Blake was not picking Sis to win. I’d have been OK if Biff had T.J.’s spot though.
    I’m not really sold on Stevie Jo, yeah he can control and get through some tricky melody bits, but all the same the tone and overall somehow still just tends to be whateverish for me. Morgan had been quite rough and questionable coming in but he was good tonight, interesting tone and did some cool stuff. I almost might have put Morgan for the win and had Stevie Jo go home, his voice just has a very plain tone that doesn’t really come through at you at all. Going in this was the last round I’d ever have expected a save to come from. Going out I’m still not so sure….
    I kinda feel worried that there is only one steal left now. Looking at some upcoming pairings I think it means I’m guaranteed to be pretty upset at least once if not twice.
    Ddendyl vs Deja was tricky. Ddendyl has that interesting tone and style, although she had a touch trouble sustaining it at times and the notes dropped in and out just a touch at times, but she was cool and it would’ve been nice to see more. Deja had a sweet tone and didn’t waver it. I think she has more potential than people are giving her credit for.

  28. darcy the slutty twin says:

    “drunk-at-a-wedding dance moves” I am still laughing! With her name alone, Sissaundra deserved that win.

  29. Kaba says:

    I like Morgan. I think if Adam wants to do him any good he ought to shower the boy with P2 songs.
    They just seem like they’d be perfect for his voice.

  30. Meri says:

    I think choosing Deja could have been smart. The singers like ddendyl sometimes lose their novelty come the halfway point (ex: Melanie season 3, Caroline last season, I’m not considering Lindsey Pavao at all as she was on when the show had an entirely different format). This is probably because they share creative control with their coaches and the coaches often don’t know what to do with them. Deja has a great voice. I’ve liked all of her covers. If she gains more confidence and Shaki picks the right songs for her, she could do well. I’ll wait for the playoffs to cast judgement on this choice. The only thing I’m seeing Shakira do similar to Blake is that she’s taking the “I’ll stick with what I know” approach that he did in season 4. Her method didn’t work last time, so she’s taking notes from somebody who’s did. A lot of people do that in their jobs.

    • Scott says:

      I do not think it was a wise idea to dump someone who may lose their “novelty” half way through the voting period for someone who is highly likely to be voted off first. And I do not see Shakira going with Blake’s “sticking with what I know,” to me it looks why she is still going with her “going who I think I can help the most” approach which she used last season with little success.

  31. Jay Andriot says:

    Sissaundra’s voice is like taking a nuke to a knife fight. It will be interesting to see if she makes it with the public.

  32. danin says:

    You know Delvin&Sisaundra at some.point are going to have a head to head slug fest,right! Blake& Adam are licking their lips thinking about it. I’d be surprised if another big voice won this year though since Tessanne won last year.

  33. Trisha26 says:

    Sisaundra’s voice is stellar – but who will buy her albums? Who will go to her concerts? This has happened before on The Voice – talented vocalists without a real world audience vanish the second they’ve won. Not saying there isn’t a niche for her, but I don’t see it happening. And Michael, I would prefer Stevie Jo to lop off the “Jo” and keep the ponytail. LOL!

  34. Eric Niewohner says:

    Sometimes I read these boards and I cannot believe what I am reading. I was blown away by Sisaundra, being a vocalist myself I understand how rare it is for someone to have that type of range and yes control. She is not screeching or screaming at all, yes she is loud, but in that type of song loud is more than ok. “She is an incredible technical singer, her breath control is remarkable, her intonation spot on, her range amazing. Also when you are in battle rounds you have to stand out she has time for subtle when she is doing her own song. Every time someones goes for subtle or understated in the battle rounds they typically get knocked out. Also for those of you complaining about Sisaundra that was the loudest ovation by far and certainly all the coaches were blown away. Now if that type of singing is not the style you like I can respect that opinion but to say she is one note or screeching just shows your lack of understanding of vocal technique and skill.

    I also read someone who asked why wouldn’t the coaches say Caroline Phennel or Caroline Glaser have great voices well the reason is that technically they don’t. They have very limited range for their chest and head voice so the only way they can hit high notes is with a falsetto, and they both sing with the affected style that is all the rage since a lot of these women want to sound like Nora Jones. That affected tone and I say affected because you are almost trying to make your voice sound that way also does not let you sing with any power, they also have the horrible habit of not closing out their consonants and then changing the way a word actually sounds to fit their affected tone. So they often sound very breathy, have very limited range and you cannot understand what they are singing. I don’t like that style of singing for those reasons and that is why I was not a fan of Ddendyl, she has the affected tone, limited vocal range and anytime she tried to sustain a note she went flat and showed a terrible lack of breath control. It cracks me up when the judges say you have such a unique tone and then don’t chose the vocalist. Who cares if a tone is unique if they don’t have the technique to sing well.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      As a fellow vocalist, Eric, I concur. You very clearly know what you’re talking about, but it will fall upon deaf ears here. Yes, yes, yes on the unique tone thing. And yes, yes, yes on Caroline Pennel and Caroline Glaser. The one thing I would add is the “genericness” of Christina Grimmie. That girl is singing her face off, landing every single note in rapid fire ascending phrases, hitting her low notes with nice chest resonance and her high notes with great core support (albeit with a slightly thin tone). Yet she’s being dismissed as “generic” which I’m not sure if I find that more sad or more comical.

    • Timmah says:

      You could say that about Bob Dylan as well. Give me an interesting and compelling voice over a technically perfect one any day.

      • Adam Fachry says:

        It depends. You can’t compare the supposedly unique-sounding singers on reality singing competitions to the behemoths like Dylan. Dylan has his ingenious skill at songwriting to back him up, and part of what makes him incredible is actually not is vocal, it’s the said songwriting instead.

        A lot of unique-sounding reality singing competition contestants are indeed products of affectations. They have a taste in alternative music, copied the singer’s delivery and even worse, tone, then tried to label it their own.

        • Adam Fachry says:

          If were to talk specifically about Dyan’s voice, his uniqueness came from a genuine place. He didn’t study anyone’s voice, and maybe it was easier for him to do so because of the era he was born in. I, for one, rarely found those unique-sounding reality singing contestants unique. Different? Maybe. But they often lack in nuances.

    • HTGR says:

      Yeah as I said above, the one thing that did have me a bit worried about Ddendyl is that she seemed to have troublesome breath control and she’d waver in and out a bit in support of any long notes and they’d sometimes go flat for a microsecond before rising back up or the volume would dip for an instant, if she could manage to polish that up though she’d be pretty cool (so long as you don’t mind her particular affected style).
      And yeah I gotta say again Sisaundra was pretty darn amazing, amazing range, control, connection, everything.

    • Viajero says:

      I kind of partially agree with both sides of this debate. While I can appreciate that Sisaundra (and Chrisitna Grimmie to less spectacular extent) have technically great voices, I also agree there’s something to be said for a unique interesting voice that draws you in even if it’s not technically perfect. But having a unique voice is not enough for me, nor is being technically next to perfect.

      In the first category, Caroline Glaser made me wince because she just could not stay in tune (just like Sam this season). But I really liked Lindsey Paveo back in Season 2, as well as Madylin and Ddendyl this season.

      I’m not musically trained so I’m probably not phrasing this the best way, but my problem with Sisaundra is that she seems to over-embellish (over-sing?) way too often. To paraphrase Shakira from this week’s Behind the Scenes video, Sisaundra is like a woman who really knows how to use make-up, but uses too much. In contrast, I find that Christina is much more careful about staying true to the song she is singing, adding her own interpretation with a much lighter hand. When she does engage in vocal gymnastics, it tends to be in keeping with the song, not to the detriment of the song the way Sisaundra sometimes does. This was what impressed me so much about Christina’s performance of Wrecking Ball. She chose her moment to hit that perfect long high note, but otherwise stayed true to the melody. This is also what I liked about Amanda Brown in most (not all) of her performances in Season 3.

      So while I do think Sisaundra & Biff put on the best vocal performance of this particular episode, I don’t think it matched up to some previous covers of that song done on this show, particularly the Juliet Simms version and the Judith vs. Karina battle. Perhaps if you listen to these three versions of the song back to back, you might see what I’m trying to get at.

  35. Karen says:

    Sisaundra and Adam Lambert need to do a duet, put all other vocalists to shame, and male the world a much better place😊

    • Karina says:

      Adam Lambert is a far superior singer. At least he knew how to tone it down and he hit the right notes at the right time. He didnt have to sing loud all the time. Mad World is a brilliant performance, despite no vocal gymnastics.

      • Timmah says:

        I agree, Adam had a creative aspect with songs like Ring of Fire, Tracks of My Tears, etc. in addition to being able to go for the big notes. So far what I’ve seen of Sisaundra has been predictable, by-the-book stuff.

      • Adam Fachry says:

        Comparing Sisaundra to Adam Lambert is both pointless and unfair. She’s appeared on The Voice for like, what? Three episodes? Whereas Adam, when he got to the game-changing moments of Idol (i.e. the exercises in subtlety otherwise known as Tracks of My Tears and Mad World) were like 5-6 episodes in (Hollywood week’s performance of “Believe” included). Wait till she gets to the live rounds and then we’re talk.

        One more thing people have to take into account when evaluating Sissaundra is her history as Celine Dion’s vocal coach. Celine has had songs where high notes are not always required (i.e. Because You Loved Me). Surely, as a vocal coach, Sissaundra helped her to develop her softer side.If she didn’t, then Celine would’ve constantly demonstrated a fierce demeanor when performing the aforementioned songs

  36. Lilly says:

    All you critics of Sisaundra give new life to the quote you can’t please people all of the time. Keep being excellent and dont worry about the bottom 10%.

  37. jaxguy says:

    Shikira I love you as a judge but you made a HUGE mistake…..I fear Michael may be right. Your team might go down early.

  38. ara says:

    Dunno if anyone’s already commented but it seems all the pairs (at least the ones they show) are choosing the third song for their knockout.

  39. Titina says:

    I LOVE LOVE STEVIE JO. What a voice! He won the battle deservedly.
    Hope Usher helps him with his style a bit, but I think he has the chops to make it really far.
    Rooting for him.