Glee Recap: Dare You To Move

Glee Kurt BlaineWith life in Lima now a distant memory, Tuesday’s Glee marked the gang’s full-time transition to New York. But life in the Big Apple turned out to be more difficult than everyone anticipated, especially because they brought all their old baggage with them.

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To wit: Kurt and Blaine struggled to figure out their future as a couple, Rachel strove to become a slightly less ridiculous human, Artie grappled with navigating the city in a wheelchair and Sam — well, Sam never really has problems. So like I said, it was business as usual.

MOVIN’ OUT | “Are we turning into an old married couple?” Kurt asked Blaine, as the couple sat down to discuss the newspaper over breakfast, before launching into a cutesy performance of “You Make Me Feel So Young.” (For the record, there’s nothing teenagers love more than print media and Frank Sinatra.) This turned out to be the first sign of conflict for the couple, as Kurt was ready to drown Blaine in a vat of his own hair gel by the end of the hour. Following a tense — yet totally one-sided — showdown between Blaine and Starchild, both halves of Klaine decided it’s best for them to live separately, which might have been the only logical development in the entire hour.

MODEL BEHAVIOR | The TV gods clearly heard my prayers, because a major part of this week’s Glee involved Sam getting — wait for it — a haircut! And it turns out that’s all you need to get a modeling gig in New York because, within minutes, he was slipping into a pair of bubble butt-shaping undies for his first-ever photo shoot. He also scored a sweet apartment with some of his fellow models, but he wasn’t quite feeling their pill-popping lifestyle, so he decided to live with Blaine and Mercedes. (Oh, did I not mention that Mercedes is back? She’s back.)

RACHEL TO THE RESCUE | Giving new meaning to the term #WhiteGirlProblems, Rachel’s big crisis this week was that she’s too “sheltered,” and her quest for humanity led her underground, where she helped Artie overcome his own subway qualms. He entered the hour with a refreshingly upbeat view of New York City’s transit system (I believe the word “romantic” was used), but less than 20 minutes into the episode, he discovered the truth: The subway a horrible place, full of vicious — yet strangely apologetic — pickpockets. In true Glee form, though, Rachel and Artie ended up finding the pickpocket, macing him and getting Artie’s laptop back. (I’m just surprised they didn’t sing about it, to be honest.)

Glee Adam LambertFAREWELLIOTT | I know Adam Lambert’s a busy guy, but did this have to be his last episode for the foreseeable future? Elliott turned out to be the best addition to Glee all season, and this episode reinforced that. Not only did he kill it on “Rockstar,” but he also served as the (only) voice of reason, instantly fixing Blaine’s problems like some kind of sparkly vampire Band-Aid. Everything about him is perfect, and he will be missed.

And now, we play the Rating Game…
Rachel, Kurt, Blaine, Sam and Artie: “Downtown” — Rating: B+
Kurt and Blaine: “You Make Me Feel So Young” — Rating: A-
Sam and Blaine: “Best Day of My Life” — Rating: B
Elliott and Kurt: “Rockstar” — Rating: A-
Rachel and Artie: “Don’t Sleep in the Subway” — Rating: B-
Rachel: “People” — Rating: A

What was your favorite song this week? And what did you think of the episode, in general? Cast your vote below, then drop a comment with your review.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Mike says:

    Does anyone else find the Rachel’s repeated trips to full-fledged-Season-1-Rachel-Berry-Crazytown a little symbolic? They’ve been happening much more frequently since Finn’s death. First being a diva with Kurt and Santana and then with Artie again… I’m wondering whether the writers are scraping the bottom of that barrel or if they’re truly saying something about her being a little lost here… Hm.

    • aa says:

      On one hand, it would make sense (and a good storyline) if they were actually doing it on purpose. But on the other hand, I don’t know if the writers would do that to Lea, prolonging a grieving storyline. I don’t know. I think they’re really just trying to undo the season 4-Rachel of it all.

    • JJ says:

      Don’t think they know what to do with her w/o Finn. He was key to her SL and now they are lost. I hate the way they are treating but DAMN that voice! Her version of People was the best thing I have ever heard on Glee!

    • Heather says:

      Or it’s just the fame and getting what she wants going to her head, in season 4 the same thing happened after she won that Winter Showcase thing,

      • Ecka says:

        Yeah, Finn wasn’t anywhere near her for most of season 4 and she was the most chill she’s ever been. I think people just want to make everything about a ship and not accredit anything to Rachel as an individual. She’s her own person but some of the “fans” don’t care about that. They have to make everything about the guy.

        • Dani says:

          Chill? She shacked up with a male hooker, had a pregnancy scare and totally changed who she was. Finn did ground her, S4 showed how they both struggled apart. Her struggle has always been balance of friendships w/fame. They are just continuing that, it’s part of who she is. My only problem is it’s always the same lesson.

          • Ecka says:

            Yeah, chill. She wasn’t a diva at all. Finn actually managed to figure out who he wanted to be while away from her. He only “struggled” at first because he didn’t have her direction to tag along in. And teenagers make mistakes and learn life lessons with new experiences. That’s not “struggling”, that’s growing up and learning. Being anchored by a relationship before you’ve even really lived stops you from figuring out who you really are.

    • Mena says:

      Totally Finn really grounded her, reminded her of her surroundings. He washer yang. She has always lost her way into divaness and admitted it. At least now she is ready to be reminded to not be that way, because she doesn’t want to be that girl. I’m glad Mercedes is there now. This one was realistic life for them. Hardships, no jobs, being mugged. I’m so glad they are going to experience new more adult life experiences. The music was good. So glad that Adam Lambert was a part of the show. I hope he can return sometime. A real asset.

    • LL says:

      Finn was her rock to keep her grounded. Throughout all of the series, though I adore Rachel, she always had this level of “personality” whenever Finn wasn’t around to ground her. he always made her more sympathetic and less selfish and in return she gave him inspiration and confidence. They made each other better people. She just needs to find her own rock (not necessarily another lover just something to keep her grounded)

  2. Tom says:

    People should have an A+++++ OMG that voice! On Glee there is Lea Michele and then there is everyone else! Love the NY feel, I would send Sam back to Lima, he’s the same idiot he was back there and Chord can’t act his way out of a paper bag! And PLEASE GLEE, don’t let Sam sing on any song that needs real ability. His screetching his line of Downtown ruined an otherwise great song! Otherwise good start to All NY Glee!

  3. kd86953 says:

    i’ve been waiting for THIS glee since the beginning of season 4. oh how i looooooved this episode!!

    • P says:

      Agree, I can’t believe this is the same show that has waisted so much time in all those filler episodes.

    • Stormy says:

      I don’t generally watch Glee, but tuned in for Adam. I loved the entire episode. Thank TPTB for bringing real music to prime time.

    • Sky says:

      I haven’t watched much Glee since Season4 started. Not much to say that was watchable. But, now I can say I loved an episode of Glee. It was realistic. No crying or whining by Tina. No bullying by Becky or Sue, or Kitty. There were adult conversations and resolutions to those conversations. Artie facing real issues in a real city, being wheelchair bound, mugged, alone, afraid. Sam facing real issues no jobs, needing to change his appearance to get one, adapt to get one, adapt to meld into a group that he was in but to find that group was just a mixture of drug addicted or anorexic minded people he did not need to be around. Blaine realized that being together with Kurt finally may not be what they needed right then. The mime class just showed through comedy how much he was smothering Kurt. Loving each other and living together have so many different levels.they are not there yet. To love each other, and have an adult conversation and resolution and understanding to live apart for a while to learn those different levels for the betterment of their relationship was a wonderful storyline for Klaine. Way to go Glee. Now, Mercedes is in town and has Blaine and Sam living with her. Love this story too. Thank you, Glee, for a more adult story. Glee needed to move on. It was great.

  4. Matt says:

    Anyone else unable to hear the song Downtown anymore without seeing LOST’s Juliet singing sadly along in tears? No? I may need some sort of support group.

  5. Rachel Berry for MVP, God I love that girl’s style. she was amazing and hilarious tonight .

  6. Alex says:

    I hope Adam Lambert can make some appearances next year. Not only can he sing, but the Elliott character is fresh and takes the show more away from the parody, broad comedy of Lima and shows where a NY show could go. He’s also great at articulating in a nice way the audience side-eye at some of the (sometimes sweet) OTT Glee drama. (‘please tell me your not moving in’ made me laugh.) I’m sorry to be negative but I’m not really excited about adding Artie and Sam back into the mix. And can they please ease off the old songs — inside the context of a glee club at least there was an excuse but now it just makes the show feel creaky – ‘you make me feel so young’???

  7. Adam Lambert’s Elliott was a fantastic addition to the show, and he went from crazy Starchild to the voice of reason lol He, and his amazing voice, will be missed. Maybe he’ll make a reappearance before the series finale? Looking forward to the new NYC crew, and yay for no more boring Lima and bring newbies!

  8. oops, should be “boring newbies” – so boring it was worth saying it twice lol

  9. Allie says:

    Lea can sing (broadway much better than contemporary) but she has average acting ability. And Rachel is really now just Lea throwing in a few quirks. I thought the previous two episodes either solidified the thought that she doesn’t belong with a group of people or if Lea is just a diva getting what she wants. The show is definitely on its last legs and I don’t see how it can go out on a high note.

    • tami says:

      Naya/Santana fan?

    • HAHA says:

      LOl…Lea is a brilliant actress, by far the best of the Glee kids. Emmy and Golden Globe nominations.

      • Ember says:


        • igo says:

          One of the best in glee of course. Not only awards nomination, the major tv reviewer also seem to agree with that. the A.V club(todd vander dweff one, not the brandon one), tv line also gave performer of the week to her, just to name a few

          • Ember says:

            Lea wouldn’t even hit top 25 network; wouldn’t crack 75 on basic cable. I doubt she would get a part unless singing was needed. Yes, she’s probably one of the better on Glee, but that’s not a very difficult thing…

          • Gon says:

            @ember lol jealous much? Since you mention the number, can you give concrete proof of what you’re saying? She definitely still one of the popular names in tv right now, she definitely does more than what you and some of the people here are doing, hating/ bitter toward certain actors

          • Lim says:

            Except she has, and will continue to do so. but keep seething while she keeps succeeding, it’s hilarious and makes it all even sweeter.

          • BrazenSongBird says:

            Just FYI — Amongst her peers and the vets, Lea is one of the most impressive and respected up and comers. If you don’t like her, that is your prerogative, but please don’t spread this notion that she’s anything but the sweet, professional team player that she is. Thanks! :)

    • igo says:

      What is this irrelevant comment

    • netta says:

      Wow, biased or blind. Lea’s the only actor remaining on the show where you can tell the in-character stills from costumed BTS shots, that’s how good she is at keeping “Rachel” separate and getting the character across. And her “Chums” clips from last week were different still.

      And a diva getting what she wants? Seriously? The show just had a clumsily contrived SL for the Rachel/Santana feud that claimed Santana was competitive talent-wise for Rachel’s dream role and only wouldn’t have it because she didn’t want to put the work in. It was completely insulting (including to the viewers, they didn’t even try to have it make sense) so it should put the BS diva-rumors to rest.

      Agree that the show is on its last legs, but that’s not due to Lea.

  10. FireChord says:

    Alright, I don’t which episode they are filming now (maybe episode 17 or 18) but if we work hard enough, sign enough petitions, tweet Ryan Murphy and company, contact FOX, we might be able to get Chord relieved of his duties by the end of the season or at the very least, by the time the final season rolls around. Keep sending out to the messages to #FireChord and #NoSamInNY and it might just work. We, as fans, were able to get the show permanently moved to NY and we were able to get the newbies extracted so we can do this.

    Who’s with me? Currently penning a nice long letter to FOX, took a break to post this. Let’s go GLEEKS.

    • kd86953 says:

      Except there are people, like me, who LOVE Sam so….?

      • FireChord says:

        No one actually likes, let alone loves Sam.

        • 'A' is Alive says:

          There are MANY people who do. Stop trying to be the voice for everyone in this fandom.

          • FireChord says:

            Yes, maybe on the GLEE-only forums but in the real world, on message boards that count–no, no one likes the guy.

          • Angela says:

            I don’t go to any “Glee” forums and I like the guy. But again, thanks for thinking you speak for everybody.
            He’s a character. Fast forward through his scenes if he bothers you that much.

        • kd86953 says:

          Are you kidding me, the “REAL WORLD”? grow up.

        • seaturtle says:

          Actually, i really like him. And I’m not a member of any glee forums. His & Brittany’s version of Somethin’ Stupid is one of my favorite songs from the show.

    • LOL! says:

      Where do I sign? Send Sam the Clown back to Lima! I do laugh that they turned him into a freeloading scrub mooching off his friends! And do thank Glee we were spared watching his under ware photo shoot.

    • Wouter says:

      I’m not really a big fan of Sam either, but this is just sad

    • 'A' is Alive says:

      Seriously? The fans had NOTHING to do with the move to New York and the “ditching” of Lima/The Not-so-newbies. -_-

    • Hanna says:

      You need to get a life.

    • Heck ya! says:

      I’m on board! I think Sam is shallow tool played by a very mediocre actor and singer. The less Sam the better Glee is!

    • LOL says:

      The guy is pretty bad! I couldn’t help but LOL at his attempt at acting shocked, all he managed to do was let his mouth hang open and he couldn’t even pull that off convincingly. As for his singing, his part of Downtown is what will keep me from buying it. It was a damn good song until his part, his lines were painful to listen too. They should not give him any Broadway, he doesn’t have the ability and his lack of talent is just highlighted singing next to Lea and the others.

    • 'A' is Alive says:

      ^ Seriously? Do you really believe EVERY Glee fan outside of forums hate him? Stop. Just, stop. How can YOU accommodate for everyone in the world who watches Glee? Do you know what they like and don’t like? No. So stop trying to push your opinions on others.

      • 'A' is Alive says:

        ^ This was directed to the OP

      • FireChord says:

        Go check any message board or social media site that is not solely GLEE (a.k.a.- the GLEE official forums) and you will find that Sam and Chord are hated. I’m not pushing any opinion. The opinion is already out there.

        Lea and Darren can tweet all the pics they want, say all the nicest things but no, no real Glee fan will ever accept that Chord is anything more than useless.

        • Tom says:

          Only place I have seen that likes Sam/Chord is Glee Forum. Anywhere else outside that place and Sam is is by far the most disliked character and Chord the least respected actor. That last video he posted of him pole dancing on Amber w/o her knowing really made me lose any respect I had for the guy.

          • mary says:

            I agree. That video was DISRESPECTFUL to his screen partner in ALL levels. That was not professional (for any actor) nor classic. He needs to take lessons: “How to be a good cast mate and keep getting jobs in the future”. He can make jokes with his friend, but keep it to yourself.

    • netta says:

      I don’t like Sam either, but you’re seriously overreaching if you think fan lobbying was responsible for the move to NY and the rather cold dumping of the newbies. The newbies didn’t take off, the ratings tanked, Fox has been pushing for more NYC for a while and the budget has surely been heavily cut. All your petition is likely to do is get Murphy to dig his heels in to keep the guy.

      • FireChord says:

        Not if we make enough noise. You just said you don’t like Sam either so you would be wise to sign the petition when I post it here. And yes, I am making a petition.

        • netta says:

          Because trying to micromanage Ryan Murphy’s show for him is likely to turn out so well…

          I don’t like Sam, but if he’s not screwing up songs, scenes, or characters I care about, and other fans want to see him, it’s no big deal. Let him hang around in his underwear for Mercedes to sing to and his stans to drool over.

          • Hummelberry says:

            LMAO! OMG hanging around in his underwear, that is so true to his character and about all the actor is good at! As long as they keep him with Mercedes and the hell away from Rachel and off any of Rachel’s songs! Especially the Broadway stuff I’ll be happy. More Artie/Rachel duets please and BRING BACK SANTANA!

    • Glee NY says:

      Chord won’t be fired. He is cheap, much cheaper then it would cost to get someone with real triple threat talent and since Glee is almost done they won’t be spending money if they don’t have to. I have been watching the spoilers and even though Sam is in NY it looks like he is being sent back to the back ground. The Samcedes SL is all about Mercedes and so far Sam doesn’t sing on anything going by spoilers. I think they figured out using Sam as a leading man was mistake and he is being sent back to supporting status, where I hope he remains. I mean even tonight, they did his entire modeling SL by giving him a hair cut, they treated it as insignificantly as Chord is to the show.

      • FireChord says:

        That just proves my point. If he is indeed being sent back to being a supporting character who we see only from time to time with no real solos or stories of his own, just dump the guy. They don’t need to hire anyone. It would save them money.

    • Jillian says:

      Sam’s not the problem, Blaine is. Sam was at his best when he was with Mercedes and now that Amber is back, Chord is going to have someone who can actually act helping his scenes, unlike Darren

    • Mel says:

      Why the heck would anyone want to do that? Chord is awesome, Sam is awesome, and Blam is awesome. Move along. lol

    • Chloe says:

      Wow. Well this is not pathetic at all. It’s cute that you think people on FOX give a crap about your feelings.

    • anna says:

      Is your life so meaningless that your main concern is trying to get an actor fired from a tv show? You need to take a good look at yourself.

    • FrankiePitt says:

      Starting a campaign to get someone fired is disgustingly tacky behavior. Full stop. Shame on you.

    • KeepChord says:

      So how is it FireChord, living in your world of misery? Surely you don’t speak for even a small minority of the millions of viewers of glee. And if you’ll recall, it was Chord’s fans who were instrumental in bringing Chord back to glee. I doubt Mr. Murphy pays any attention to you haters out there-well, I guess he did when he ragged on all the psycho lesbians who were harrassinng Brittney in cyperland in that one episode haha.

      The negative attempts to fire Chord when he adds humor along with good acting is just plain:

      [fyoot-l, fyoo-tahyl] Show IPA
      incapable of producing any result; ineffective; useless; not successful: Attempting to force-feed the sick horse was futile.
      trifling; frivolous; unimportant.

      Move along peeps

  11. Queen Lea says:

    Can we have an episode of Lea just on stage as Rachel singing for a full hour? She was the best on Downtown, Don’t Sleep in the Subway and People was on a whole new level of greatness! Bow down before the Queen!

  12. Eydie says:

    Elliott Starchild needs to come back next season. The chemistry with Curt, Rachel, Santana ,Blaine, this season was amazing. They are a natural fit!

  13. Broadway Baby! says:

    OMG from Lea singing People to Lea singing Sondheim! All I ask is NO SAM on No One is Alone…PLEASE PLEASE don’t ruin this song by having Chord butcher it!

  14. David says:

    They fixed the show. They actually fixed the show. I hope we never see the high school again. And Lea gave one of the best vocals ever on the show with “People.” A classic moment.

    • FireChord says:

      Almost fixed it. We just need to do our best to be HIGHLY vocal so they ship Sam away for good. Then we can have a perfect end to the season and/or a perfect end to season 6 (whether it is 13 episodes or 22). Once Sam is gone, the show will indeed be fixed.

      • 'A' is Alive says:

        Please stop pushing your agenda onto others. -_-

        • FireChord says:

          Have you noticed that you are in the minority here? Out of all the comments, only you and maybe 1 or 2 others (they could be you under a different name) are in support of Chord. Just give it up. The dude is not wanted.

          • 'A' is Alive says:

            Come on now. Just because some people on a freaking site don’t like him (it was like 5 or 6 of you) does not mean EVERYONE else is the exact same way. So what if only me and two others are defending him from your random idiotic attacks? There are DEFINITELY many, many others out there (outside of the stupid forums you continue to bring up and actually in the real world) that like him as a character. Same with Chord. So please, STOP trying to be the voice of everyone in this fandom and keep your opinions centered around yourself. -_-

      • Jake says:

        Did Chord kill your puppy or something? I would ask if he banged your girlfriend but nobody who cares this much about a TV character could possibly have any sort of interesting or fulfilling relationship with real people…

        • Jo says:

          Thank you for that post, made me laugh real hard!
          FireChord I hope you’re not really writing a letter to FOX about this, that’s just pathetic.

      • LibbyxD says:

        @FireChord-what are you, 12? Go do your homework already

  15. Mike says:

    It felt like there were some season one/two throwbacks tonight — a lot of voiceovers, and Rachel Berry onstage knocking it out of the park interspersed with a montage of lyrically-reflected actions on the part of the other characters. Certainly a sign of a fresh start.

  16. Team Samcedes! says:

    So Mercedes is in town for 5 seconds Sam the Man Whore is already hitting on her? LMAO! So funny! And THANK YOU GLEE, anything and anyone to keep Sam from Rachel is welcome on Glee! Last thing Rachel needs is Sam! GO SAMCEDES!

  17. Allen says:

    The reintroduction of Mercedes was pathetic, I swear sometimes it’s like they’re not even trying…she literally popped out on stage and announced I’m back! It was the most unintentionally hilarious moment for me.

    • Lim says:

      Oh god I laughed so hard. I was like these idiots were robbed not too long ago and apparently don’t lock their loft door… mkay makes sense. Oh glee. I did enjoy, “I will bite your wax lips” off.

  18. Larry says:

    With all the noise the press has been making about the move to NY -I challenge any reviewer to give any NY song a “C”. Or is it soley because there are nothing but original cast members now. Seriously, the bias is just so obvious with the press. You consistently degraded the show at every turn the past two years and now you are using all your power to try and reengage the fans again. Sorry but not buying this attempt to sell the show again. I stayed as long as I could but I would rather watch the competiton now.

    • NY Glee says:

      I’d give The Best Days of Our Life a C-. Darren sounded great on the Sinatra stuff & would love for him to do more of that. Don’t like Chords voice at all so pretty much anything he sings is subpar for my taste. But DAMN the stuff Lea did for this episode was out of the park and People on a whole new level! I live the move away from the HS! Would have loved it last season when Cory could have been part of it. It feels like they wasted all of S4 when they could have been doing all NY.

  19. Wire Dream says:

    Damn. Next week’s episode is titled “Bash.” I was hoping it meant that the cast got to bash the show’s writers of the past 3 years. Guess not.

  20. talented says:

    Lea michele was great on tonight episode, singing and acting skills

  21. Boiler says:

    Nice to see Mercedes back as the show needs more women. Maybe Kitty can move out to be with Artie!! Also you people who bash Sam/Chord need to get a life. Finally no one has even given a hint that Rachel and Sam will be together. C’mon

  22. Lim says:

    “It’s not a limo. It’s a town car!”

    Please, please keep the show funny, though judging by next week’s promo, this nice and fun episode was likely an aberration before Saint Kurt re-emerges.

  23. Amber says:

    This hate for Chord/Sam, you people need mental help. Saying you don’t like the character is one thing. The vile hatred that is spewed, I’m embarassed for you if your life is that pathetic

    • Gon says:

      Yes I agree. I dislike Sam to the point I don’t watch his scenes, but to insult the actor and urge him to get fired is way way out of line. People just have to criticized objectively and realized that there are also chord fans

      • Amber says:

        I’m not even crazy about him. I don’t hate him but he is not my favorite. But the horrible, horrible things that are said about him, its insane. Its fine if you don’t like the character. But its sickening the hatred people have inside them. Its just a freakin tv show.

    • Chloe says:

      From my experience, a lot of the Sam/Chord haters are just buthurt Brittana fans who are still not over Bram. They were just as heinious with Kevin/Artie during season 2 and it got worse when Chord had the nerves to post Bram pictures on Instagram (as if Heather didn’t happily took part of it).
      I mean, I’m not a big fan of him but with all the things the characters on this show did, Sam is one of the least vile imo. Also, only a few cast members have amazing unique voices, so the “he can’t sing” make me laugh.

  24. Gon says:

    No best zinger for this week? I noticed it wasn’t slezak who reviewed the episode for this week?

  25. Angel says:

    I just hope Santana comes back to NYC and brings Brittany with her! I think it would be nice to have Quinn pop by every so often. I miss her and Puck. Rachel has gone diva nuts, but I don’t think we can have her any other way. I am happy Mercedes is back, and I think the way she shut down Sam was hilarious. Sam needs to get a life, he is boring, but I am glad he cut his hair. Yes to Elliot, please, please, please offer Adam Lambert mega bucks to be a regular for the final season….love him! Blaine cooking breakfast for Kurt was cute, but they are pushing that relationship way to much. Is it wrong that would love to see Kurt end up with Elliot?! I love the older songs they pulled out tonight too…nice change of pace considering they have only done top 40 tunes for the most part.

  26. Karen says:

    Adam Lambert, come back as quickly and as often as you can, yu marvelous glitter-rock-vampire! Love his character, which has been the most genuine one to date, if you ask me. And him and Chris Colfer should just be in every single scene together. Hope he comes back next season

  27. FireChord says:

    LOL @ tvline deleting my “Fire Chord” petition. That’s fine. It will go up on tumblr, twitter, and facebook. You can’t stop what is already in the process of happening.

  28. Pezhummelberry says:

    Bring Santana back and reunite PezHummelBerry and this new Glee will be great! So refreshing not to have the Glee Club. I just never took to the Newbies and am thrilled they are gone! Hope S6 stays in NY and doesn’t bother bringing those characters back.

  29. bender says:

    And next week its a very special glee

  30. Isobel says:

    I don’t mind Mercedes or Artie but I agree Sam is annoying, I don’t really have anything against the actor but Sam seems to have no storyline and is only there to be a pain in the ass

  31. Carlos Alvarez Jr says:

    I Ike Sam on the show and have nothing against Chord. Geez people it’s just a tv show but way to take it to the extreme wanting him fired and the thing about no more Ohio well if the rumors are true Ohio will return in Season 6. I seriously don’t get all the hate about him. I don’t min him being on the show.

  32. Angela says:

    (For the record, there’s nothing teenagers love more than print media and Frank Sinatra.)
    Haha, yeah, I was raising an eyebrow at that song choice, too. But then again, “Glee” has had an astounding number of old songs in their show over the years (I’m going to take a wild guess that Petula Clark ain’t exactly big with the teens today, either), and I found that duet charming, along with the entire scene of them waking up together and Blaine making Kurt breakfast, so hey, I’ll roll with it. I also loved the aforementioned Petula Clark performances.
    And I too am sad that Starchild’s not hanging around after this. He is a good friend to Kurt, and they have some really fun scenes together.
    Also, I don’t care if I’m in an extreme minority here, but I LIKED Sam’s long hair (though I wasn’t wild about him always putting it up in a ponytail, but eh). That said, if he just keeps the new hairdo normal without putting all this stuff in it and making it all swept up and such, then fine, we can have the short hair back :p.
    Anyway, all in all, I liked this episode, and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens with all these people together in the city from here on out (well, save for the horrific thing that apparently happens to Kurt next week, of course. That I’m not so happy about).

    • nate says:

      hey you never know with the whole music thing im 19 and listen to joan jett

      • Angela says:

        This is true. Good point. Heck, I liked a lot of older music when I was a teenager, too. Just that it’s funny how much of it shows up on a modern show like this. But I’m certainly not complaining about that.
        Also, Joan Jett is awesome :).

  33. stace says:

    Does anyone know if Brittany’s coming back?

  34. zizo says:

    Spoiler alert! Kurt will be in hospital next week

  35. No One is Alone says:

    OMG Lea is doing Sondheim next week. PLEASE LET IT BE A SOLO! I have wanted her to do that song for so long!

  36. James says:

    This episode of GLEE was amazing… and, for the first time in a long time, things are promising to get better. We have Quick and Brittana and Klaine back together and now we’re getting Samcedes. All you Sam haters in these comments, you are EVIL! Everyone that matters will be back together in N.Y. and N.Y. will become the backdrop to a wonderful T.V. musical every week with our favorites who can’t say good-bye to each other. Yes, Rachel needs a new man, but not now, she’s not ready and we, her best friends, and audience are not ready. We’re all not over Finn yet. That’s for Season 6. Right now, let’s enjoy the ride and watch the new version of GLEE: CHUMS. And yes, after this week’s GLEE, I’m ready for one more round of DON’T STOP BELIEVIN’!!!!

    • gyllenhaalic15 says:

      I like glee but last night renewed my interest because of it being in New York but also because of samcedes so to all you saying no one likes sam your wrong there is a whole bunch of tumblrs dedicated to that relationship we love him and ya’ll are entitled to your opinions but don’t try to foist your truth onto the entire fandom thank you very much!

    • gyllenhaalic15 says:

      Whoops didn’t mean to reply to you james you know what’s up I agree with you lol

  37. Happy says:

    Lea Michele is hilarious in the episode!! Even in the subway when she gave Artie the pepper spray and the way she said becareful is just darn adorable. And then that Taxi! Taxi! Hey! I just love love Rachel.

  38. Susan says:

    WhY Is Every
    One Hating On Chord Overstreet ? He Is Adorable. You Guys Are Mean Spirited. To Start A Petition For Somebody To Lose Their Job ? You Must Be THe Same People That Tortured Lea After Cory Died. Shame On You. This Is Not What Glee I About.

    • dcl33 says:

      Not Everyone Is Hating On Chord. People Hate Sam. Or Dislike Him. He Is Very Annoying. As For Chrod. He Is Below Average Actor. And With Crap Writing And Glee Destroying That Character, Dumbing Him Down To Single Digit IQ. Chord Cant Pull That Off Which We Could See For The Past Season And Half. So He Compensated That With Over The Top “Acting”. The Fact That Glee Writers Forced Sam And Blaine In Front Of The Cast And Pushing Everyone Else Into The Background Made People Dislike Him/Them Even That Much More.
      The Petition Is A Bit Too Much, But I Wont Lie That I Wont Be Happy If They Write Him Out. Let Him Ride On A Horse To Paris And Be The Next Best Model Ever… Meh Whatever. This Episode Was Pretty Good. ALL The Scenes With Sam Were BLAH. The Only Scene That Was Good That He Was In Was With Mercedes, And That Was All Ambers Work, Not Chords.
      (phew typing like that is taxing, I admire you for doing it)

      • Susan says:

        SOrry SomethiNg Wrong With My Keypad. As For Your Comments On Sam . I Think You Wer ReferEncing The Competition ? I Think Sam Was In Front For One Reason. That Being In Real Life Chord Was Close TocCory Monteith. Ryan M Writes To REal Life.


        • dcl33 says:

          Doesnt matter if Cory and Chord were best of pals in real life ( why are you even mentioning that anyway?). Glee writers pushed Blam down our throat and pushed the real talent in the back for them to look cool. Season 4 has pretty much killed Glee. Season where they broke up all the pairs, created Blam and Bram which everyone hated cause it seemed so incestuous. They had to dumb Sam down to single digit IQ to match Brittany, cause apparently THAT had to be done for it to work, only it didnt. I dont care how much they like eachother in real life, but the fact that they dont work on screen, that they are weak to carry a scene, an episode, let alone whole damn season… which is what they did, Blam Blam Blee Blam. Thats what 4th season was about, Blam, and the newbies with their constant love triangles, eating disorder and catfishing. And please, if RM wrote to real life as you said it, that Brittana would still be on, Finchell would still be on, also Kurt would have a different love interest, as Chris said many times it would be fun to have someone else as Kurts love interest, Quinn wouldnt have a personality transplant every episode, she would have been a sweet girl who is close to Rachel and Santana ( as they are close friends in real life) and Puck would be all about birds and not pussy -_-…
          You all call it hate on Chord, because you love him and thats cool, but it is a fact, that he cannot act, and nor can Darren. They can sing, they are ok singers, but they are no actors. Especially not strong enough actors to have such a spotlight and be front and center of every episode.

  39. Anna says:

    Best line of the episode: “I’ve been homeless” “That’s cool man, I envy your realness” – WHAT?!

  40. dcl33 says:

    Farewell StarChild, you will be missed by many. And Adam, if you have time, please drop by and grace Blee with your presence soon.

  41. qj201 says:

    wow the first episode of season 6 came early.

    Months have passed since the last episode…

  42. David says:

    I prefer Sam over Blaine. Man that Harry Potter guy cannot sing or act. After the first 3 nauseating songs he did – I almost shut it off and thought I might be done with Glee if this was the ‘new direction’ they are taking the show in. Glad Mercedes is back and yes, Lea and her voice are the main reason I’ve kept Glee on my watchlist through all the trianwrecks.

  43. Chloe says:

    I’m surprised about how much I enjoyed this episode. After four seasons and a half of useless weekly assignments, annoying love triangles, unessesary offensive comments made by Becky/Sue/Santana/Kitty/whoever, aborted storylines that had been done ad noseam, PedoWill, CryingTina, etc, it felt like a breath of fresh air.
    Will miss Adam though, but yeah Mercedes. I hope they continue like that.

  44. Jamie says:

    Hilarious article! Thanks for the entertaining read. I really enjoyed the Kurt/Blaine scenes and their interactions with Elliott. I’ll miss Elliott too!! I really hope he’ll reappear on Glee again sometime in the future.

  45. Mel says:

    This was one of the best Glee episodes ever!! NYC!Glee is PERFECT. I saw so many fans that are SO happy with last night’s episode! Also, can I just say KLAAAAIIIIINE <333 They continue to be perfect. I LOVED seeing them all domestic, then even loved actually seeing them fight since we haven't really seen that much, and come on, every perfect relationship has fights. But then to see them having an adult conversation, instead of just walking away and messing things up, and then doing what's right to keep their relationship strong and perfect was SO SO GREAT!!! I applaud whoever wrote this episode.

    LOOOVE finally seeing a Blaine/Elliot scene too! I love both guys and to see them work together was so awesome!! I love that Elliot gave both Kurt and Blaine some great advice :') Hope he shows up again sometime!!

    Also, "Hottest Makeup Sex Ever". Perfect.

  46. Mel says:

    Also, anyone who can’t see how talented Darren is, obviously just have blinders on and just WANT to hate him, so they have to makeup a reason to. Darren is a HUGELY talented, sweet genuine guy and doesn’t deserve any hate. Same with Chord really, he doesn’t deserve all that hate either. Why spread hate?

  47. KC says:

    NY Glee is terrific! It’s what we have been waiting for and this episode did not disappoint! All the songs were A’s in my opinion. They mixed well with the stories. Loved all the Klaine interaction and they are having conversations and making decisions like the adults they are. The shift is great and I hope we never see Lima or the newbies again!!!

  48. Andrew Hass says:

    I thought it was a good episode.I th ink it’s good that Kurt and Blaine live apart for now.They are still together but they may have to learn that it’s okay for them to have separate lives too.Plus even the most committed couples fight from time to time because it’s better then keeping everything bottled up.So they may have learned from their past mistakes in that they need to talk rather then ignoring things.Plus i’m getting sick of this bashing against Blaine and Sam and the actors who play them.Yeah people can hate the characters all the want but to wish that someone gets fired is crossing a line in my opinion.The actors have no say about what their characters do.Their job is to play the scenes the best they can.Also i respect everybody’s opinion but us here may only be a small sampling of the Glee audience.So overall viewers may like Sam and/or Blaine and dislike other characters that we like.The show can’t make everyone happy.

  49. Fernanda says:

    Glee NY is finally here, but seriously, as a Gleek and a truly Finchel fan I have to admitt that the show needs a strong leading man in the cast. Rachel need to have a love interest, it’s gonna be painful but it’s part of her journey.

    My hopes are that glee writers could create another male young character who wants success in the big apple just like the gleeks, I don’t want the glee version of Mr. Big or her broadway director as a potential boyfriend or worse.. Samchel.

    Speaking of Sam, glee writers for third time give us Samcedes, for me I want to see more of them, the hot blond and the black diva deserve an opportunity and I hope this time for a good period of time.

    Santana is necessary to return to the show. They need enemies, more conflicts and return to the basis of the show until the series finale next fall.

    “Being a part of something special makes you special, right?”

    This was not a great episode but it’s a good start of Glee NY.

    • Gon says:

      A strong lead man on the show does not equal Rachel love interests. Why Rachel to be tied to a man for glee to have a leading man when she has actually MORE interesting storyline to work on now? What a disrespect for the character

  50. When is Blaine going to die horribly?