The Voice Recap: Signed, Sealed and Stolen

The Voice - Season 6Either The Voice has the sweetest contestants in the history of reality television or its editors are disciples of the Mary J. Blige Center for No More Drama.

Seriously, tonight’s Battle Rounds (Pt. 2) featured six pairs of vocalists sent once again into head-to-head musical combat, with only one contestant from each pair guaranteed to advance to the live voting rounds.

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You’d think, given the pressures faced by the contestants, that there’d be at least an occasional flash of side eye, a few backhanded compliments, or maybe just a touch of psychological warfare in the instances where we saw duos forced to choose from lists of three songs brainstormed by their judges. And yet in every instance, the energy was less Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome and more Barney and Friends (except for with much, much better singing).

Maybe it’s something in the water at Voice HQ. Or maybe the water’s been replaced by whatever Blake Shelton puts in his cup. But it makes the addition of a second set of Battle Rounds feel mercifully less stressful than you’d expect. Nobody cries about their dreams being crushed; instead, they thank their coaches for helping them improve their craft and express gratitude for the chance to play for more than 10 million NBC viewers (and potential fans).

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Speaking of these gracious, gentle up-and-comers, let me jump to a ranking of each of tonight’s Battles from least- to most-promising winner:

6. Team Blake: Audra McLaughlin defeats Megan Rüger on “The Climb” | What good is hitting 95 percent of the notes when you don’t bring anything unique or expressive to the material? That’s the question that stuck in my brain after booming-voiced Audra nailed a bunch of big, scoopy runs, but failed to make me feel much of anything on Miley Cyrus’ teen-treacle ballad. Still, I think she earned the win, seeing how alleged rocker Megan’s performance, while also tuneful, was as sterile and unexciting as a pack of Handi-Wipes.

5. Team Shakira: Patrick Thomson defeats Josh Murley on Bryan Adams’ “Run to You” | Wait, Patrick won this battle over Josh based on what, exactly? Granted, the bearded fella’s croaky tone is more easily identifiable than Josh’s smoother instrument, but the latter singer did a much better job conveying the tale of a straying man and his desire for a dangerous chica. Patrick, on the other hand, could’ve replaced the lyrics with the contents of his grocery list and I’m not sure it woulda mattered.

4. Team Usher: T.J. Wilkins defeats Cierra Mickens on “Get Here” | Not one of Usher’s fellow coaches was willing to go out on a limb and name a winner — but in this case, I couldn’t blame ’em. Yeah, Cierra rushed the opening verse just a tad, and sure, T.J.’s tone can get a little nasal in spots, but that’s just me being nitpicky. This was a Battle Round where I’d have given a solid B+ to each party. That said, if T.J. expects to survive the Live Playoffs, he’s going to have to ramp up his personal charisma — or at least work on getting his personality to pop on camera.

3. Team Adam: Christina Grimmie defeats Sam Behymer on “Counting Stars” | The night’s most lopsided battle found YouTube sensation Christina proving so superior that she might just have well strapped Sam to a mop handle, doused her in warm soapy water and wiped the floor with her. Sam practically lost me from Word 1, anyhow — with her “quirky” pronunciaton of “lately” — but even worse, when the young woman’s voice breaks with emotion, it almost inevitably veers into a shrill wail. Christina, on the other hand, may not have the most memorable tone, but the former opening act for Selena Gomez has got stage presence, crazy high notes and 411,000 Twitter followers at her disposal. And that’s no small thing.

2. Team Blake: Jake Worthington defeats Tess Boyer on “Have a Little Faith in Me” (Tess stolen by Shakira) | I understand why Blake chose Jake as the winner. The kid’s got a lovely, expressive voice and a soft-spoken, aw-shucks personality that the voting public is going to devour like sharks to a piece of chum. (Not that Jake is chum! That’s not what I meant!) But vocally, Tess was the clear-cut winner here, thanks to a smoky, supple tone that wrapped around the song’s simple melody — not to mention a more daring approach that saw her take bigger chances and execute some of the sweetest runs we’ve heard on the show this season. As a result, it couldn’t have been more satisfying watching Adam, Usher and Shakira all hit their buttons to try to score a Steal. Tess, proving an astute judge of sales pitches, made the right choice with the wildly enthusiastic Shakira, whose “I’m gonna kill for you!” was phrased more as a matter of when than if. Jake, beware if it’s you and Tess in the finals; Shakira never lies!

1. Team Adam: Delvin Choice defeats Josh Kaufman on “Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours” (Josh stolen by Usher) | OK, so we’re now 2-for-2 in terms of totally righteous steals in the Battles (Pt. 2) — and one step closer to me making it through a week of reality singing competition telecasts without flying into a blind rage. (Lies!) Yet while Josh went in as the favorite, I had to agree with Blake that Delvin successfully dialed back on the vibrato and brought a newfound condfidence to the Voice stage boxing ring. Josh, who possesses one of those rangy, genre-spanning voices, got a little behind the rhythm on the verses — but me pointing that out is the equivalent of getting a four-course meal cooked for you by a loved one, then complaining you don’t like said relative’s floral-print napkins. With that said, can we just all agree that it’s awesome both Delvin and Josh made it one step closer to the finish line? Both dudes feel every word they sing — and are exciting performers to boot.

And now, your turn. What did you think of Battle Rounds (Pt 2)? Did anyone deserve to get the Save and didn’t? Who gave the best overall vocal of the night? Take our poll, then sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. OhMy says:

    Pretty good.

  2. M says:

    Good night of music.
    I love Audra…but she’s just not interesting atm.
    Meanwhile…we need to talk about Christina vs. Sam..
    Sam was absolutely atrocious. She wasn’t kidding about her quirk equates to less singing crap. She’s just an awful singer if otherwise. I haven’t felt like I heard someone yelling until I heard that pitiful battle. It didn’t help that Christina has yet to live up to the enormous hype her fanbase gives her…but then again if “Counting Stars” was the best song they could agree on I can only imagine the piles of crap Adam had for the other two.
    Speaking of Adam..Josh vs. Delvin.
    I felt Josh won that…and got the better end of that deal really. Usher seems like a much, much better fit for Josh than Adam. Delvin can take Adam and his poor ability to pick proper songs to highlight his singers.
    Team Tess atm. I enjoy her. Tj…I see as fodder so whatever. Jake has a huge and just…country to the core voice. Patrick just seems…noisy to me.

  3. Angie_Overrated says:

    Oh, Delvin. Thank you for making me not look crazy when I say you’re one of my favorites in the competition. That voice. Oh, that voice. Such a rare combo of silky smooth and crazy power. Like a male Jennifer Hudson.

    • Adake says:

      Completely agree Angie. Delvin was terrific tonight – that Stevie Wonder song brought out the richness in his voice and was the perfect song for him. Was glad that Usher stole Josh. He’ll do well with him. I also liked T.J. and Christina – they’re both strong singers. Good first night for Battles 2.

    • The Beach says:

      Yep, I thought Delvin and Josh were both pretty terrific tonight. So glad Delvin changed his hair style too.

  4. tjj50 says:

    Gotta say, I’m a tad bitter no one stole Cierra, because she sold me that song. And I thought for sure that Adam would keep Sam. She was a little more interesting to me. On the whole a really strong night though.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      I was pretty bummed no one took Cierra either. She nailed that song so bleepin hard. But the competition this year is fierce. I’m sure she was watching tonight’s episode and realizes that it’s a very tough field this year. Too bad she’s too old for Idol!

    • The Beach says:

      As good as TJ sang, I would have given that round to Cierra.

      • Emma says:

        me too

      • seniorskippy says:

        I would have given the edge to Cierra too, but they both failed to sell it. Usher said there has to be a relationship between the two when they are singing. He told them they had to believe in the lyrics and feel the song to make it work(or some words to that effect). Neither did, but Usher gushed that they did what he asked and it worked beautifully. Bull! Jake and Tess sold it without advice from Blake ahead of time. The judges are still wishy-washy on their feedback after a song.

    • analythinker says:

      Yup, was sure Adam’s gonna keep Sam too. Now we’ll see how the live voting plays out with the Grimmie fans…

  5. gracelessk says:

    I loved Christina Grimmie’s, “I was making YouTube videos in my basement..” line. She conveniently left out that she just opened for Selena Gomez. It’s so not fair, having her there.

    • Would you say the same about Bria? If Grimmie doesn’t belong, neither does Bria. Personally, I’m happy they’re both in.

      • M says:

        The difference being that AGT isn’t known for producing memorable acts nor is it a show that has “memorable” contestants. Christina on the other hand toured with Gomez twice, has a more than well known youtube account, worked with American Idol at some point…and released an album just a while ago. I don’t recall if she was signed at any point, but I wouldn’t doubt it.
        Christina is right in the middle of her first go at musical prominence and ran to the voice when things got a bit tough from the looks of it. Bria was on AGT…what’s there to remember about AGT?

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      Opening acts are often very talented yet unestablished artists. I wouldn’t say that being an opening act should ever disqualify someone from an opportunity. Hell, Kat Perkins opened for Bon Jovi a decade ago! And I’m so damn happy she’s on my tv now cuz she’s amazing. Now if you said it was Lady Gaga, then I think you’d have more of a point. But something tells me Lady Gaga has less to prove. Or nothing to prove, for that matter.

      • gracelessk says:

        She’s just still in the middle of her “first go round,” and I somehow feel that this stint on The Voice is a little too coincidental. The difference between her and Kat is that Christina’s touring was very recent, and she’s coming in with such a huge following. She has as many twitter fillers as 10 other contestants combined.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          I can appreciate why you would cry foul on that one. It is an advantage she has in her corner, but she’s far from an established singer, which is why I guess I don’t have a problem with it. It also doesn’t seem to be helping her much as she’s not much of a front runner. This is a damn talented group of people this season!

          • Emma says:

            From what I’ve seen on her youtube channel, she is a very good impersonator of other singers. If she doesn’t manage to develop and show more of her own personality instead of just being a copycat, I don’t think she’ll go very far on the show no matter how many twitter followers she has. I also cringed when she made that comment about coming from making “youtube videos in my basement”, knowing that she had just been on a huge stadium tour with Selena Gomez. Who does she think she’s kidding? If she gave a bad performance in that battle that wasn’t aired, it wasn’t for lack of experience performing in front of large audiences.

      • The Beach says:

        There have been so many contestants on The Voice with quite a lot of experience and some success that I really don’t pay much attention to that anymore. With the abundance of talent (go Kat and Josh K), I’m just a very happy camper this year.

    • Adake says:

      The people complaining about Christina’s experience just don’t get it. There are rules for all contestants to try out and she met those rules as did Bria and anyone else who has experience. If you don’t like the Voice’s rules maybe you should watch Idol since they mostly only choose amateurs. I for one like that the Voice is more open to a variety of singers. Let the best one win.

      • The Beach says:

        I’m with you on that. I find singers with a bit of age and experience to be much more appealing that some wide-eyed 16 year old. (and no, I haven’t forgotten that The Voice gave us wide-eyed, 16 year old Danielle Bradbury).

    • megs says:

      While I’m not necessarily a CG fan, I don’t think it’s unfair for her to be there. I kind of have respect for her for doin it for herself. I bet she’s had her share of lows in her career, as short as it’s been. She got famous by simply singing in front of a webcam for youtube, now it’s just a better camera for NBC.

    • bobsaccamanna says:

      She also sang live on DWTS, and the Ellen show, but there has always been seasoned professionals on The Voice, so it’s nothing new. Tessane sang back up for Jimmy Cliff, Judith Hill for Michael Jackson, Sasha Allen was the lead in the Broadway remake of Hair. The Voice has never been about taking raw talent off the street, it has always been about giving a shot to performers who have wandered around the fringes of stardom but not be able to break through.

  6. Kaba says:

    Dunno how I feel about Delvin…
    The way I see it (as someone else said)…looking back to the fact that he did audition a season ago (or two..unsure) and didn’t turn a chair around. I’m more inclined to be bored with him because I just think he’s got a higher chance of being unimpressive than Josh.
    That being said, the man has a good ole buttery-esque voice.
    Christina Grimmie is rapidly becoming as overrated as we sort of expected her to be…kind of sad. Hopefully the playoffs change that.
    Sam Behymer is terrible. Plain and simple

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      I know a lot of people disagree with me and take so many things into consideration besides the voice, but I focus almost exclusively on the voice. And Delvin has that covered and then some. So so good. Love. Just love.
      Sam needs to go to library school now and never sing again. All the way back to her audition I remember yelling “NEXT!” at my tv. How she even got to this point tonight is a mystery.

      • Kaba says:

        I like his voice…but idk something just doesn’t click with me all the way. This time it isn’t my sheer dislike for Adam..I’m just not feeling it.
        Sam has thoroughly instilled within me that I could confidently audition for The Voice and make it to at least the battles pt.2/knockouts.
        Hell, I might go for it now that Pharrell is a coach if she can make it on the show.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          Go for it! What’s your style? I would get blown out of the water because I can’t do pop music. I’ve thought about it, but I’d end up sounding like Renee Fleming singing the national anthem.

          • Kaba says:

            Lol, no definitive style for me whatsoever. I just sing here and there and pray I sound good. I’ve had ideas of trying to make something out of it, but I have more doubt than hope…but I’m certain I can carry a note better than little miss quirk. -____-

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Well, ya never know. I’d ask someone whose opinion you trust to give you an honest assessment and take it from there. I had one student on The Voice who actually got a chair turn. I was so happy for her and I think I lost my own voice screaming when I was watching the episode even though I knew the outcome. Battle round casualty, but it’s still exciting stuff!

          • Kaba says:

            I might consider it…you’re right that the turnout is never in stone. College is pretty draining on me at the current moment -____-

          • HTGR says:

            I actually like Renee Fleming’s national anthem, that’s not a pop tune and it worked. I get what you mean though since when great like three tenors sang cross-over it was mostly ghastly since they refused to change style and it was not good.

  7. JK says:

    Tess was very strong. Her voice and range reminded me of Kelly Clarkson. A great get for Shakira!

  8. JM says:

    I have to say that I disagreed with a few of the judges choices.

    My take:
    Audra, who I wasn’t impressed with before, beat Megan.
    Josh beat Patrick. I don’t know what these judges are on, but to me, Josh was the clear winner in BOTH battles, and yet he lost both.
    I kind of liked Cierra more than TJ, but in truth, neither are that good.
    Same with Christina and Sam – I actually didn’t care who won.
    And now we come to the REAL battles:
    Jake vs. Tess – both great singers for different reasons, and so glad that both stayed.
    Delvin vs. Josh – Yes, Adam, you ARE an idiot for pairing these two. These two are just way and above the rest of the singers tonight. I have no clue how two of the judges picked Delvin as the winner. To me, they both are winners, which again, is why Adam is and idiot for pairing them. But Adam’s loss is Usher’s gain.

    • Kaba says:

      Amen to Adam’s loss is Usher’s gain. I’m surprised he didn’t keep Josh

    • tvlover44 says:

      i totally agree about josh beating patrick and was shocked that shakira picked patrick. i could get past his looks in a heartbeat if i was enjoying his voice, but i wasn’t. josh, on the other hand, really made me sit up and notice his voice, and he definitely seemed more confortable and came out of his shell more than his previous battle. i was so excited, because i thought for sure he’d go through and what i saw in this battle made me think he might become this sesaon’s cole for me, but, alas…

    • TC says:

      Agree 100% with your assessment of Josh. He was soooo much better than the boyfriend/girlfriend pair in the first set of battle rounds and definitely outsang Patrick last night. I’m not sure what Adam or Shakira were thinking when not choosing him

  9. Angie_Overrated says:

    I think I understand the purpose of Dawn & Hawkes. They are there to be paired against Kat Perkins to advance her to the next round. Thank you, D&H, for taking one for the team. I sincerely mean that.

    • Kaba says:

      Sadly, they’re also more than capable of being stolen…they’re also more than capable of being uselessly favored by Adam since he loves them so much…
      They more than evidently lost their first battle and still pulled through.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        As much as I have less than zero respect for Mr. Levine, he does almost always make the right decisions on who won a battle. Unless Kat loses control of her bodily functions and lets a boob pop out, she’s got that one in the bag.

        • Kaba says:

          Agreed. Maybe the loss of bodily functions and boob poppage might make the performance even that more stellar on her end. I mean..she’s up against Dawn and Snores, it’s bound to be abysmal on their end.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Hey, it worked for Fergie! Ha! I’d totally forgotten that that happened til just now. So gross.

          • Kaba says:

            Oh God, just when I thought I’d forgotten.
            Kudos to her for performing through the shame.

  10. Kaba says:

    Also gotta say that Josh is probably the oldest contestant the make the playoffs in a while I believe.
    At least since season 3.
    The age-ism curse has been [slightly] lifted!

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      We’ve got Biff and Sisaundra up next to lift the average age a few more years. And it’s already been spoiled by the previews that one of them is stolen, so both are going through.

      • Kaba says:

        Woohoo to the old heads this season!
        I’m really excited to see what they do. I heard a clip of Sisaundra v Biff in the commercial…it’s phenomenal. They’re absolutely phenomenal, but Sisaundra hits a note that makes me go nuts.
        Avenge Donna Allen!

      • Simon says:

        Really? I didn’t see that. That makes things interesting, because Sisaundra is the clear favorite, and we know it’s gonna be Adam making the steal since Shakira and Usher have both already used theirs. So either Blake picks Biff to win, or Adam steals Biff, neither of which I ever would have expected.

      • Name This Tune says:

        You made my day. I love Biff and Sissaundra and wanted them both to continue.

  11. Quinn Carson says:

    Love Josh, Christina, Delvin, Jake… You know what? Tonight’s episode was just great. Lots of awesome talent.

  12. Josh K was destined for Usher. Don’t think Adam was a good fit anyways.

    • polarvortex says:

      Agreed! I think Usher gets Josh in a way Adam never could! I like the idea of the contestants getting a choice of songs and having to agree on one! It makes for some interesting pairings.

  13. MamaLis says:

    I’d just like to add that Chris Martin is mmm mmm delicious. Thank you for that, Voice.
    Clearly Gwenth’s loss.

  14. Kimbo says:

    Adam’s incessant overreaction to how “difficult” his decisions for his battles are is tiresome.
    As if Sam v. Christina was really that difficult of a choice to make. That Behymer girl is almost on some Lazaro nonsense.
    And as for the Delvin v Josh thing…overacting so much to make a decision. Does it every season…stawp.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      Yes, choosing between Sam and Christina is like asking “would you like me to inject you with bubonic plague or would you rather have a heaping serving of bananas foster?”
      Delvin vs. Josh was a hard decision. I thought he was going to make the wrong the decision but he didn’t. It was legitimately a tough one.

      • Quinn Carson says:

        Yeah, Josh v Delvin couldn’t have been fun.

      • Kimbo says:

        Happened to glance at the comments on youtube of Sam and Christina’s battle…apparently people thought Adam was psychotic for choosing Christina…
        I didn’t believe there were that many tone deaf fools…

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          Wow. Music is a subjective thing, but it’s hard to believe there is anyone with a pulse who thought Sam should have won. I mean, how? I’m amenable to a cogent explanation, but I’m skeptical such an explanation is even possible. It was a seasoned pro effortlessly maneuvering those tricky ascending lines versus a chick who was slipping and sliding all around.

          • Quinn Carson says:

            I thought Christina won the battle from the vocals to the little dance she did before it started.

          • Kimbo says:

            I can’t fathom it at all.
            All I heard was the queen of contrived mediocrity pick a fight against someone she’s not even remotely close to being in the same league as.

          • davey says:

            Though I agree Christina sang better I find her off-putting. I didn’t know she had a YouTube following.

          • HTGR says:

            Because Christina seemed a little tinny in a way and a little boring. Not sure what happened, I had expected more and it seems like she’s had two average battle rounds in a row. Sam had some issues but made things interesting (if a few times a trace too interesting).
            But at the end I was honestly paying more attention to the two mega rounds with Tess and Josh in them. I think those were the best four of the night. I’d actually have given Tess and Josh the wins, but the other two were really good. They are all safe so it’s all good regardless anyway.

  15. Sean says:

    I didn’t really care for the Patrick vs. Josh battle, but everything else was good. Still sad that Cierra didn’t get stolen though.

  16. MamaLis says:

    I’m kind of a Voice “skimmer” with the tivo. But if I were into Country, which I’m not, it seems like Jake is the real deal. Something about him makes me watch and I think his voice consistently delivers, too.

  17. megs says:

    To me, Josh was the only interesting singer of the night. His tone is just unbeatable to me, on top of his interesting choices, and the laid-back ease with which he seems to do it all- thank God something this season FINALLY hooked me!
    I am very excited for whatever Sissaundra does tomorrow as well- Blake, I love you, but please DO NOT countrify that woman!

    • Quinn Carson says:

      I agree, Josh was great, but did you see Christina’s little dance before the the battle started? Simply put I found that quite interesting. ;)

      …I’m gonna wake up tomorrow and wonder why on earth I posted this…

    • MC says:

      I agree that Josh was the best singer of the night. He also appears to be a consistently good singer because he knows how to showcase his strengths. Delvin was also good, but I would need to see him do something of this caliber again. I thought the Jake and Tess battle was really quite short. They both started out great, but I thought they fell out of the pocket later in the song. I’m still not entirely convinced that Tess can win this, despite a very powerful voice. She wouldn’t be a bad winner, but I’m not sure she brings enough gusto and genuine emotion to her interpretations. The most salient question on my mind is this Bria-Madelyn battle. Assuming Bria wins, Madelyn should (hopefully) be stolen. I’m also curious to see how Kayleigh will do in her next battle.

  18. Krista says:

    Tess is just getting better everytime i see her. She won that battle but i’m not suprised Blake didn’t pick her. Well, it’s his loss. With the right song choices, Shakira might have a winner on her team.

  19. PJ says:

    I gotta say that Jake is one of my favorites and I don’t even listen to country music. I love the sound of his voice and I think he’ll probably have a career in country no matter how far he gets on the voice. I usually accuse Blake of sticking to the country artists over the non-country artists even when they aren’t as good, but I’m loving Jake right now.

  20. Jenny says:

    I love Josh! I really think he can win. I’m not a big country fan but when he sings I believe him! I just want to hear him sing more. Tess really impressed me, she has improved so much, looking forward to hearing more of her.

    But the question of everyone’s mind: who is dressing Adam?! And that hair…. If he’s trying to be less attractive it’s working.

  21. Simon says:

    I’m surprised you put Audra in last, because she reminds me a lot of Amber Carrington (who many of us agree deserved to win season 4). I don’t like country music, so it’s always interesting when there’s a country singer I like.

    That said, my new favorite contestant by a mile is Tess Boyer. I saw hints of her potential in the first battle round, but tonight she SLAYED it. I’m starting to hear hints of Kelly, Allison, and Haley. This is the kind of contestant I’m missing from Idol this year. I predict she’s gonna be Michael’s new obsession in the coming weeks. Also, she’s the first contestant to ever have 3 different coaches, right?

    • Simon says:

      I forgot to add, I’m so excited that she ended up with a coach who has so much faith in her. That’s a good sign.

  22. Mike says:

    I hate it that you keep pointing out: “Christina, on the other hand, may not have the most memorable tone, but the former opening act for Selena Gomez has got stage presence, crazy high notes and 411,000 Twitter followers at her disposal. And that’s no small thing.”

    Come on. She’s really talented. Her wrecking ball was one of the best WB versions I’ve seen and heard. Her performance last night was on point too. Focus on TALENT.

  23. Name This Tune says:

    I enjoyed every battle. There’s some high caliber talent here.
    Best battle was Josh Delvin. Glad they both made it through.
    Really looking forward to tonight’s battles.

  24. Mikko says:

    While Delvin’s and Josh’s singing was fantastic, I enjoyed Jake and Tess most. I am surpised, that Michael saw Tess here as clear winner and do not seem to be very impressed by Jake (although not saying anything bad about him).
    You know, I love Tess, and usually I have noticed, that in the tight decisions I tend to lean towards the female performer, but I just could not this time, because Jake was so awesome.

    Or they were both awesome, but Jake had 100 % own sound, and Tess “only” 85-90 %. (10-15 % of her singing was like anybody’s singing, I think she could fix that).
    Jake´s own personal voice is just awesome ( I really think, he can become mega star in Nashville).
    Tess’s own personal voice is also awesome. It reminds me of Linda Ronstadt a bit in that way, that Linda could really sing, but also had her own distinctive, lovely tone in it (one kind of felt that one would know Linda personally).
    But I would have chosen the same way as Blake did, and not because of country music, but because Jake was 100 % autenthic.

    I also would have chosen Delvin over Josh, which means Delvin gave us unbelieveable performance. I am glad, they are both through.

    Sam/Christina: Christina was better in the beginning, Sam in the end. Christina was solid, but slightly boring, Sam had ups and downs, but was more creative, and her best moments were heavenly. Adam said he picked Christina because of maturity and solidness in performing, and I understand that reason, but I would have picked Sam because of creativity reasons.

    I was surprised positively (although not exactly blown away) by TJ:s performance, I thought before the battle that Cierra would win that it.

  25. Griffin says:

    I am a little taken aback that Shakira said Tess is the best female singer on the show. I love Tess’ voice, don’t get me wrong, but Shakira herself already has Clarissa, plus there is Sis…and Kat….

  26. Daezy says:

    I liked the Josh vs. Delvin battle, and to be honest, I’m glad Josh lost. Now he gets to work with an actual coach who can help him instead of stick him with ballad after ballad (which is probably what Adam is going to do to him). Also, GO INDIANAPOLIS!

    Sam vs. Christina was a battle I wasn’t really expecting. What I did expect was Christina winning. C’mon, Adam! You put a fly in the ring with a mountain lion (although I will agree that Christina is not one of the best vocalist in the competition)! This outcome was just as predictable as Sisaundra vs. what’s-her-name.

    Jake vs. Tess. Jake, I don’t even like country music! What is it about you, Jake? Why you gotta be so dang lovable? GAH! You’re not even one of the best vocalist in the competition, and yet I’m still rooting for you!

    Audra vs. Megan. I was leaning more towards Audra. She was just more believable.

    Patrick vs. Jake. I’m surprised that everyone’s surprised with the outcome of this one. Shakira always goes for a raspier voice over a more pristine and pitch perfect one.

    Sierra vs. TJ. I’m very upset Sierra didn’t get stolen. I was positive she was lip-syncing until I heard her breathe.

    I am NOT excited for the Morgan vs. Stevie Jo battle. As a teenage girl, they’re probably the only two guys who don’t seem spoon-fed to me (like Jake and what’s-his-face). Although their battle doesn’t show much promise of excitement, what it does show is that one of my favorites could potentially be leaving. That SUCKS! Oh well. Guess I’ll have to suck it up…

  27. daezyg says:

    I liked the Josh vs. Delvin battle, and to be honest, I’m glad Josh lost. Now he gets to work with an actual coach who can help him instead of stick him with ballad after ballad (which is probably what Adam is going to do to him). Also, GO INDIANAPOLIS!

    Sam vs. Christina was a battle I wasn’t really expecting. What I did expect was Christina winning. C’mon, Adam! You put a fly in the ring with a mountain lion (although I will agree that Christina is not one of the best vocalist in the competition)! This outcome was just as predictable as Sisaundra vs. what’s-her-name.

    Jake vs. Tess. Jake, I don’t even like country music! What is it about you, Jake? Why you gotta be so dang lovable? GAH! You’re not even one of the best vocalist in the competition, and yet I’m still rooting for you!

    Audra vs. Megan. I was leaning more towards Audra. She was just more believable.

    Patrick vs. Jake. I’m surprised that everyone’s surprised with the outcome of this one. Shakira always goes for a raspier voice over a more pristine and pitch perfect one.

    Sierra vs. TJ. I’m very upset Sierra didn’t get stolen. I was positive she was lip-syncing until I heard her breathe.

    I am NOT excited for the Morgan vs. Stevie Jo battle. As a teenage girl, they’re probably the only two guys who don’t seem spoon-fed to me (like Jake and what’s-his-face). Although their battle doesn’t show much promise of excitement, what it does show is that one of my favorites could potentially be leaving. That SUCKS! Oh well. Guess I’ll have to suck it up…

  28. Eva Krejci says:

    even the people that went home are way better than anyone on American Idol this season

  29. That Grimmie girl was not better than Sam. She lacked nuance, emotion, or really much of anything. Dull city.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      Grimmie can sing. No amount of nuance or emotion can overcome a lack of technical ability in a singing competition. The correct one won that battle, IMO.

  30. Mikko says:

    NOTE: Both Jake W and Delvin were already earlier auditioning to The Voice, but did not get the chairs to turn around – but were told to come back. And they certainly did, and are frontrunners of this season! I think this is remarkable.
    They have developed and are now better than before. When they were told to come back, The Voice really meant that. This one of the best features of The Voice: People can believe in, that if they will practice, they will do well and even more in The Voice. It is not just empty talk. Anybody can see that in the case of Jake and Delvin. This gives a lot of credibility to The Voice.

    (But I do not like it, when the judges, especially Adam, keep constantly mocking “other singing competions” (=AI), they have a great show, they do not need to mock AI, let us just hope AI will sooner and later get back to its former greatness)

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      I didn’t view what Adam was saying as mocking. That cover of the Oletta Adams song was outstanding, and what Adam was saying is that you’re not going to get that type of quality on any other of the talent shows. And to Adam’s credit, he was correct. The Adams song wasn’t even the best one of the night, and it was still miles ahead of anything Idol has done this season in terms of vocal prowess. I had a huge smile on my face that entire battle. These people are so good this year!

      • Mikko says:

        The Voice is great. I just think they do not have to compare it there with “other singing competions”. When and if someone’s performance is awesome, they could say “It’s awesome” and not start to talk about other shows. If the show is better than other shows, people will see it, you do not need these kind of statements.

  31. Emma says:

    Jake is so flippin adorable, I don’t blame Blake one bit for picking him but I’m sooooo glad that Tess was stolen again, she’s really good and I hope she goes far.

  32. Ryan P. says:

    My favorites were Cierra and Tess, and ironically neither won their respective battles. Megan looked like a star, but neither did much for me in battle. I actually preferred Sam to Christina this time, though the song did not do much for either of them in my opinion. Delvin/Josh was a dumb matchup from the get-go, and I was glad to see both of them advance. I find TJ to be forgettable and would’ve picked Cierra. I also would have taken pass over Jake, though both were great. I forgot that the battle between Patrick and Josh even happened, which I think speaks for itself in terms of Patrick’s chances.

    • Mikko says:

      I’ve got to admit I did not even listen Patrick and Josh wholw way through, just checked if how I remembered them from the earlier round was true, and it felt true to me. Both of them were thefts from Shakira, that I thought were stupid thefts, leaving gems like Tanner not stolen.

  33. Ron says:

    If I walked in to rehearsal and saw Chris Martin, I would’ve probably had to walk out and say, “I’ll be back when someone from Coldplay isn’t here. No need to kill my music career before it starts.”

  34. Kate says:

    I love how they “preview” the steals connected to the battles they happen after and still expect us to be surprised. Who gets stolen? Maybe the one who loses the battle you just showed us!

    • Griffin says:

      Seriously though! Like they already spoiled that tonight will be when Biff and Sis blow everyone away with their battle, so I can only guess there’s a steal there. And compared to some of their other spoilers this year that’s nothing. I do not want all of the surprises to be spoiled. It’s always more exciting to wait to see if there’s a steal.

    • HTGR says:

      Yeah it is pretty ridiculous. I suppose the one upside is that you aren’t nervous about whether so and so will make it so you can just settle in a listen in relaxed fashion and enjoy.

  35. syb says:

    Did The Voice hire the American Idol song clearance team from prior seasons? Ykes, what a load of treacly retreads.

  36. HTGR says:

    Man, that Jake and Tess battle wow! And thank god Tess got stolen (although I wasn’t TOO worried what with how Shakira seemed to be already all but leaping out her seat every time Tess had the lead). I still think she did lose her battle the other round, but in large part just because that song was just easier for the other to approach but you could tell Tess might have potential for magic in a future round and man did she ever and even more! Wow, just awesome. One to watch. One to watch.
    And then that Delvin and Josh battle, whoa! I thought Adam would go with Josh but he didn’t. Anyway Josh got saved so whatever I guess. Another utterly worthy steal.
    Going in with so many battles that were going to be horrible (in the sense of man one of them has to lose??) and so few steals and not one to waste I was a bit fearful but I mean those were the two most epic battles and those were the two rounds the steals were used so it’s worked so far.
    I guess I’d also have to say my top for from the entire night are those very four. I guess I’d go for the Josh/Delvin/Tess if I had to get it to a top three.

  37. HTGR says:

    I wasn’t nearly as down on Sam as Slezak though. I was actually a little less impressed with Christina than I had expected and in some ways she seemed the thinner, shriller a bit to me and Sam, while maybe a touch to quirky a couple times, was more interesting overall I thought, despite a few issues in some weird way I almost favored her in that battle. I guess Adam was thinking about the giant youtube fanbase first and foremost and the safer, precise style of Christina when he picked her to win though.

  38. HTGR says:

    But those Jake and Tess and Delvin and Josh battles, man.
    And it’s kinda crazy but we have two steals who for all you know could be top two.