Once Upon a Time Sneak Peek: Storybrooke Mourns a Loved One, Zelena Attacks [Spoiler]

The green gloves are on!

On Sunday’s Once Upon a Time (ABC, 8/7c), the Wicked Witch takes her fight with Regina to the streets of Storybrooke with help from a manipulated Rumple, as you’ll see in the following sneak peek.

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Zelena shocks the Evil Queen with her strength — and the reveal of their blood connection — in front of the whole town. It’s especially surprising given that, way back when in Fairy Tale Land, she was just a mere student of the Dark One.

Elsewhere, Emma, Henry and the residents of Storybrooke say their goodbyes to Neal during an emotional funeral.

Check out the photo gallery, and then head to the comments with your thoughts. Are we reading too much into who’s standing together at Neal’s graveside?


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  1. Lisa says:

    ” Are we reading too much into who’s standing together at Neal’s graveside?”

    Well if that’s the endgame I’d be really disappointed yes.

  2. Carly says:

    The magic battle in the streets of Storybrooke looks so exciting! I can’t wait. Go Regina! #TeamEvil Although I like the Wicked Witch as a villain.
    The funeral is sad of course. It’s heartbreaking to see that Belle is alone. I wish someone was there to comfort her. But she doesn’t have many ‘real’, close friends in Storybrooke. I’m happy Tinkerbell and Robin Hood are there too. I’m hoping for new scenes with Robin Hood and Regina too.
    The writing on Once upon a Time is not subtle so I think they will push the Hook character in the center even more now and for him to be with Emma. But I still don’t like him very much and I think Emma can do so, so much better.

  3. She promised Neal she’d move on and be happy. He wanted her to find Tallahassee herself. I hope so, I hope Hook is Emma’s Tallahassee. They both deserve it.

    • Jolly says:

      They did meet in the episode of Tallahassee. i am so suprised that ppl are somewhat still ignorant that the direction was always going to be Hook/Emma. Whether Neal was alive or dead. NYCS episode was another set up of that, he found her and so on…

      • Jolly says:

        I mean Hook and Emma connected in the episode called that. The episode laid the groundwork for them earlier on and build the moments, structure wise this is where it was going

  4. Addie says:

    The only couples I see standing together at Neal’s graveside are Snow/Charming and Robin/Regina. I don’t know who else you mean? Certainly you aren’t implying that Emma would move on that fast considering how devastated she looks. It definitely looks like a good episode in terms of Stroybrooke stuff, I’m not sure if I’m that interested in the flashbacks but we’ll see. Rumple sure likes have inappropriate relationships with the Mills women, doesn’t he?

    • Meg says:

      I’d say romantically she’d already moved on from Neal, what with her ill-fated relationship with Walsh. I think she still loved Neal but wasn’t in love with him any more – just my opinion of course.

      • Soopah Soopah Soopah says:

        She didn’t remember Neal when she was in the relationship with Walsh. All she knew was that he abandoned her and got her arrested.

      • Jolly says:

        This, She was capable of moving on and falling in love even with knowing Neal, and she kept Henry which made a difference. She is again capable of moving on which she has and will do

  5. Meg says:

    Shouldn’t be rushed but I for one would be very happy with a future Hook/Emma pairing.

  6. Meg says:

    Also you realise with that comment about who’s standing together; you are baiting for more ship to ship combat. Very naughty.

  7. ronnie says:

    I’m guessing this will be just the first battle between Regina and the wicked witch as we are not yet near the end of the season. I think Emma and Regina with unite with an unexpected strength to win their battle, but with witch will still somehow get her hands on Snow’s baby as part of the cliffhanger.

  8. Is Harry Potter coming to Storybrooke?

  9. Theresa B. says:

    Is that a Doctor Who scarf in photo #1? Sorry, I get distracted easily.

  10. Name This Tune says:

    Only thing that makes me irritated is Rumple acting like Zelena’s puppet. Can’t stand that.

  11. abz says:

    I’m so ready for this showdown. It’s definitely gonna make up for the fact that there will be no TGW this week :(
    I’m so happy with what they’ve done with Oz so far. I was so skeptical at the beginning when I first heard about it because Oz was just everywhere, but they’ve been doing a great job and I’m enjoying even more than I enjoyed Neverland.

  12. Nikita says:

    Wicked witch not all that powerful if she needs rumple………pathetic! If you want a fight, fight your own battles. Between rumple and flying monkeys she really does hide behind things lol and she will still LOSE. Did anyone else notice wicked witch magic is GREEN…….same as PANS. Ohhhhh and wait what happened him LOL. Oh robin/regina and hook/emma please get this relationships moving ive been waiting long enough :-(

  13. Alichat says:

    Zelena bores me.

  14. Amber says:

    Hook has no right to be at Neal’s funeral. He helped his mother abandon him, betrayed him to Peter Pan, and then went after Emma. If he had any decency he would have stayed away. But oh wait, this is Hook I’m talking about. Doesn’t know the meaning of the word

    • Stormy says:


      • Joey says:

        Not an excuse.

        • Amber says:

          Nope not to be excused, just expected I guess

          • Joey says:

            I suppose my main problem…not even with Hook, but more with fans of Hook, is that when I see someone lodge a perfectly valid complaint against him, you get one of two responses: (1) “He’s changing for Emma!” or (2) “Why would he act like [example]? He’s a pirate. That’s who he is. He’s doesn’t need to change.”

            So in one breath, you have people defending him by saying he’s changing, and in the next breath, they’re defending him by insisting that he doesn’t need to change. I might be dense, but I don’t get it.

          • abz says:

            Changing his behaviour and actions for the better is one thing. Altering his personality is another. Some people seem to just dislike the character’s personality regardless of anything good he’s done or may do.

          • Joey says:

            @abz: No, but what I mean, is, you get both defenses coming from the same person, and it’s one or the other. It can’t be both. So when they say things like that, it just sounds like they’re pulling excuses out of thin air just to make their favorite character out to be perfect who can do no wrong. One of the people I’m closest to on a different site is a big Hook fan, but she’s never acted like this, which is why I can have good discussions with her about it. I just see this type of behavior from numerous Hook fans, and I find it a bit odd, is all.

    • Jolly says:

      lol, Hook has the right to be there, he knew Neal and they parted on good terms unless someone totally ignored that scene. Neal acknowledged it, just everything else with other ppl. He didnt go after Emma, Emma and Neal were not together. Seriously do ppl watch the show or even understand Emma and Hook have their own kind of thing, seperate from Neal!

  15. robinepowell says:

    There were lots of people standing beside Neal’s grave. Most of which I recognized. Unless it’s Hook? I have no idea what that statement means.

  16. Hodan says:

    Once A Upon Time is the kind of a show where an abandoned kid gets to die and evil people get to have a happy ending.

    • Amber says:


      Although others will just say its about second chances (eye roll) jmo

      • abz says:

        Bad things happen to good people. Its just the sad, unfortunate truth. In most of these fairy tales, good has always beaten evil and you rarely every see the other side of it. I grew up on the Disney movies, so I may not be as familiar with other versions of these stories, but from what I’ve seen they’ve pretty much been very black and white. OUAT takes things beyond that and not deals with a lot of grey, so yes, an element of this show is the idea of second chances and whether they can truly be given them and whether or not the people they are given will actually use their second chances to make up for their past mistakes.
        Also, I fail to see what the current happy endings for the evil people are. Regina is still on the outs with Henry as he has no memory of her and she is forced to go along being around him that way until they break this curse. Rumple lost his one and only son that he spent years trying to find and is currently being controlled against his will by a wicked witch..

  17. Rae says:

    I don’t get the Emma/Hook thing. I love the character of Hook, but he’s after the mother of his dead lovers’ grandson, as well as the ex of a boy he helped raise (in a way). Its too slimey and incestuous for me.

    • Name This Tune says:

      It reeks of Jerry Springer TV.

    • Stormy says:

      I’m so hoping that A&E take a sharp right turn and get Hook and Tink together. Hook and Emma together is wrong on so many levels. Now if they want to bring in Sendhil Ramamurthy as Aladdin and get him with Emma, I’m cool with that.
      Back to the Oz analogies: If Rumpel is the Scarecrow [straw/Gold], and Charming is the cowardly lion, who did we settle on as the Tinman? Too early in the A.M. to engage brain.

      • Pattyjs says:

        With Rose McIver (Tink) landing a lead in a CW pilot I wouldn’t look for OUAT making a romantic connection there unless temporary before the season 3 ends for storyline purposes.

        As far as the Tin Man…I’m thinking Hook… possibly he gave up his ship in order to be able to get Emma back? Perhaps we will find out in the Jolly Roger episode.

      • kessica says:

        HI a lot of people dont seem to get this for some reason, but to me its pretty obvious. The brain, the heart and the courage Zelena has already gotten. The brain is Rumple’s, she keeps noting at it, the courage was charming’s from his sword, and the heart is Regina’s. With a little true love magic of snow and charming’s baby badda bing badda boom there is a curse thats gonna take them all into the past and be the season four curve. I think Neal will return from the dead, again just because i feel that henry is missing his father ( unless the captainswan ship escalates enough in time). Also hoping we get to see Emma wearing fairytale clothes other than the ball gown.

  18. J says:

    Zelena shocks the Evil Queen with her strength — and the reveal of their blood connection — in front of the whole town. It’s especially surprising given that, way back when in Fairy Tale Land, she was just a mere student of the Dark One…..


    i don’t get whats shocking about the reveal of the blood connection.. after all, zelena already told regina that they were sisters in that first or second episode after the long break

  19. Whatevah says:

    I like Hook and I liked Neal. They killed Neal for whatever reason..so if Emma ends up with Hook I don’t care. I don’t think of this show as one of those shows. The will they or won’t they isn’t even under the surface for me. Lucky me..

  20. Linda Frame says:

    In reply to the comment that Zelena told Regina about the bloodtie when they first met, that was in the Enchanted forest during the year they can’t remember, so Regina wouldn’t remember Zelena telling her.

  21. LuLu says:

    These shipper wars are getting ridiculous. Don’t you guys watch a show for you know, the show? Were all invested here. I have favorite characters & couples/potential couples as well but at the end of a day, it’s just a tv show.

    • Arielle says:

      Thank you, LuLu for being a voice of reason! I dreaded reading this article because of the bitter exchanges that were posted from the latest episode, “Quiet Minds.” Ha! It was anything but! I was sure more bitter exchanges would follow, but except for a few passionate responses, it has not turned into a bloodbath like it did following that episode. I read your post and was glad to see someone knows how to be civilized and play well with others.

    • Michelle says:

      Thank you Lulu!!!! At the end of the day, it’s just that, a TV show. I’m all for people being passionate about a show they love, but we all know how this song goes. Neal fans hate Hook because they wanted Emma with Neal. Hook fans hated Neal because they want Emma with Hook. The two sides will never agree on anything. Can we just accept that and get on with the show?

      • Gil says:

        I just wish ppl understood what the show is laying out in story for Emma… and Hook with in their interactions. Then going back on forth Hook this and Hook that, Neal this and Neal that! Coz there is a build up to be understood here, not just shipping this and that, But understanding the build up and Emma!

  22. Gail says:

    The Wicked Witch isn’t green in the flashback scenes, Apparently something happened in the past that turned her green. A bad case of envy I guess.

  23. FH says:

    Screw Hook, he sucks.

  24. gdv says:

    Is Rumple not at the funeral? I don’t see him in the photos.

  25. Anita says:

    Hook and Emma are endgame. Period. If you don’t like it, stop watching and stop crying, it’s just pathetic all day complaining about Hook. He’s not going anywhere, he’s not dying, he’s not gonna betray Emma, HE is Emma’s TRUE LOVE, get over it, move on!!!

    • Gil says:

      Which is what the show has been laying hints,… Happy ending starts with hope – Hook has hope with her, when you love them you find them – Hook finds Emma!!!
      Hook was set up as the guy who would always come back to Emma, and be the one who supports her, believes in her and be there for her, he is suppose to be different to all the other guys Emma has been with, Neal and esp the latest Walsh etc – who again she was capable of actually loving and thinking of marriage. Hook wont leave her thats the thing Emma needs, she needs actions and to be shown. By standing by her and loving her which Hook does. Hook has hope with her etc. And end of the day its still Emma’s choice and has time and space to make that choice becaue it is her choice, even if want to take that leap of faith. Its never been about Neal where Emma/Hook were concerned in terms of there build up.
      Beanstalk episode is the episode that laid their foundation…..

  26. Crystal Beck says:

    I was thinking the Tin Man aspect being the heart was Snow and Charming’s baby, seeing at it is the product of true love. However I got a OH SNAP flash whilst thinking of the Tin Man. The Tin Man was found in the woods. Who was living in the woods? Robin Hood. Robin Hood is Regina’s True Love or was according to the pixie dust. If the Wicked Witch learns this, it might be history repeating itself as Zelena rips out Robin’s heart to hurt Regina. She may actually already know this because we don’t know how tight Regina and Robin got in the Enchanted Forest during that missing year. Heck, she might already have it and be pulling a Graham up in this house.

  27. Stormy says:

    I want a new love interest for Emma [not Hook]. Going through a mental roll-a-dex of possible characters and seeing Victor Webster as the actor to play him. Gulliver? Galahad? Any ideas?

    • Jolly says:

      This is a man who always come back to her, and knows and understands her and would do anything for her, that is the whole point being shown and why he was the one who crossed realms to find her – i dont know how obvious is it, all their moments, the goodbye and the NYCS episode is the direction the show was going from season 2

      • Stormy says:

        Are you referring to Hook? Ew! He was Neal’s mother’s lover. He has flown too close to sociopathic behavior to be a soulmate for Emma and a step dad to Henry. And I think he may be working at the behest of WWW. So, no. If he’s redeemable, let him go with Tinkerbell. Besides, if he goes straight, he’s out of work. LOL

  28. Gil says:

    The point of putting Emma, Henry and Hook together in that frame is again to show you – its them, they did this framing of Emma and Hook in whatever scenes they share, the camera angle, scene framing all the way back in Neverland…. hints and foreshadow. NYCS we had Henry says a speech about a guy who wants them and wants us to him home – indication not to Walsh but to Hook! That whole episode was again set up of Emma/Hook – its always been them, the direction. He has hope with Emma, he always comes back to her, he is there and he isnt going to leave her like everyone else does, and the men that break her heart – coz they arent who they are hence Neal and Walsh. I do wonder what ppl understand and take away from this show, esp as this show is character development and having Hook intergrating with the Charmings and Regina etc. Hook and Neal made peace and Hook was always fond of him, and the last episode said that. SO we moving past. Just like Emma has and will do.
    Also ppl who say Neal had to leave for CS to happen IS NOT TRUE coz CS were developing regardless . Him being alive or dead, far or near – which was seen in Neverland, SB, NY episode. The writers give them moments for CS to see what is there and why. They spend time on them. Emma and Hook’s beanstalk episode is an important episode overall coz it laid the groundwork for them… we meet Neal through their interactions and get to know he is the one that did this to Emma, the walls and trust which led her to leave Hook on the beanstalk and also scared her of the connection she felt with Hook due to how well they worked and connected over love and trust etc
    The writing was always meant to be Emma/Hook from the get go and the structure of Emma’s centric episode, Neverland arc, the goodbye, and then the New York City Serenade episode.. and the moments they shared, and kept sharing, and Hook doing things that you do in love/true love. For me it has always been about Emma’s journey and her to overcome issues and heal, and be ready to fall in love with the man who says who he is. NYCS episode again laid that out well. She moved on, she is capable of moving on

  29. Bianca says:

    Glad to see Robin near Regina at the funeral :)

    So excited for a Evil vs Wicked!

  30. Ana says:

    “Are we reading too much into who’s standing together at Neal’s graveside?”
    I sure hope not!! I love how Hook and Emma always automatically find themselves close to each other. Their story has been told brilliantly so far. I’ve never rooted for two kindred spirits to get together more than I do for Hook and Emma :)
    I feel like in all their brokenness and strength they complete each other perfeclty…

  31. Viviane says:

    Neal will be always the T and first love from Emma. The first and only time she kisses Hook she thought Neal was death and she was thankfull for her dad, and now Neal’s death. Easier for Hook now.

  32. kessica says:

    I think I know how season four is gonna go down. I saw a pic of emma wearing fairytale clothing. I think Zelena is gonna suceed in her curse so it would bring them all back in time. Its the only obvious curve big enough for a new season. I think Neal is gonna come back but I think Emma will still be with Hook. ( If they don’t lose their memories that is). It might be difficult for them to go into the past and bring characters back from the dead because that would possibly mean that MIla would still be alive Ending the captainswan ship :( But i dont know how it would work out will all of the age differences. Neal would have to be a kid then.

  33. kessica says:

    I think I know a possibility of Hook kissing Emma and not taking her magic! If It is true love it will break any curse! That means when he kisses her the spell will be broken. Remember if you are thinking that Neal was Emmas true love, and I agree that he is in a way, You can have more than one true love. Remember the stable boy and regina? Now she is with Robin. Also its not a thing that you can just have its the feelings of both the people for example during season 1 snow and charming kissed but they didnt remember because they didnt know their past so it wasnt quite true love yet.

  34. mawsou3-ati says:

    Greetings! I’ve been reading your blog for a long time now and finally got the bravery
    to go ahead and give you a shout out from Lubbock Texas!
    Just wanted to tell you keep up the good job!

  35. Hunter says:

    im soooo mad tht Neal died he was really hot and amazing. Him and Emma were supposed to live happily ever after.