The How I Met Your Mother Series Finale: Share Your Thoughts and Grade It! [UPDATED]

How I Met Your Mother Series FinaleMajor spoiler alert! If you have yet to watch Monday’s series finale of How I Met Your Mother, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, read on…

Ted’s journey came to a close on Monday as How I Met Your Mother finally unveiled how the bachelor met his children’s mama and (finally!) revealed her name. (It’s been nice getting to know you, Tracy Mosby.)

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But that was just the tip of the iceberg. Hopping around in time between 2013 and 2030, the series finale offered an emotional and funny — but not particularly surprising — glimpse at the gang’s future. Let’s start at the beginning…

SEPTEMBER 2005 | Kicking things off with what could have been a scene from early Season 1, Lily inducts Robin into the gang. She wants to keep the gal a part of their lives forever, so she forbids Barney and Ted from banging her – unless they marry her.

MAY 2013 | Ted’s ready to go “onwards and upwards” when he spots the pretty bassist at Barney and Robin’s wedding. The newly married groom wants to play a game of “Have you met Ted?” with them, but Ted is about to leave. The gang makes its way outside to say goodbye, and Alyson Hannigan delivers what will be the first of her many impressive waterworks during the hour. (At least Ted’s strange, E.T. goodbye with Lily makes things easier to bear.) “It helped that that was really creepy,” she says. “I don’t want to see you for a while.” But a mere 24 hours later, she and Marshall run into Ted at MacLaren’s. That whole moving to Chicago thing? Forget it! He’s got a date with the cute bassist. Marshall’s worried about Ted falling in love and getting his heart broken again, but Lily can sense that this time is different. (By the way, Ted’s wounded hand at the train station? That came from the ultimate farewell high five with Barney.)

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2015 | Ted and The Mother are planning their grand wedding when she reveals that getting hitched in September may prove problematic. You see, she wants to be able to fit into her dress… and the baby growing in her belly will soon make that impossible. Meanwhile, another couple isn’t doing quite as well. Robin’s travel-heavy work schedule has taken its toll on her marriage to Barney. While they’re in Argentina, she ends up offering him an exit at the three-year ramp; he takes it, recalling that he promised to always tell her the truth.

2016 | A preggers Lily and Marshall decide to move to a bigger place as the cockamouse makes one final appearance. Robin shows up at their Halloween/goodbye-apartment party, where Barney is back to his old ways and Ted is still wearing his hanging chad outfit. When Lily gets upset that the gang is falling apart, Robin points out that the gang is now a married couple she never sees, her ex-husband scamming on chicks, the guy she probably should have ended up with and the beautiful mother of his child. “We’ll always be friends. It’s just never going to be like how it was,” she adds.

2018 | Marshall becomes a judge! Barney argues that “if it wasn’t going to happen with Robin, then it’s just not going to happen with anybody,” so Judge Fudge rules that he is allowed to be his womanizing self.

2019 | At a robots-vs.-wrestlers match, Marshall asks Ted and The Mother if they’re ever going to get married or just continue living in sin — potentially opening the door for more Ted-and-Robin drama. Later, Barney shows up and reveals that his quest for the perfect month led to an unexpected surprise: No. 31 – “That’s a pretty name. Is that French?” The Mother asks – is pregnant! (How this didn’t happen sooner, I’ll never know.)

2020 | Barney welcomes a baby girl named Ellie, and while he’s hesitant at first, he quickly falls for her charms. “You are the love of my life. Everything I have and everything I am is yours. Forever,” he tells his newborn daughter. (Neil Patrick Harris in this scene = so good.) Meanwhile, Ted decides to finally make the mother of his children an honest woman. “Will you marry me” – she interrupts again with a chorus of “yeses” – “on Thursday?” he finishes. Guess who shows up for the big moment? At The Mother’s urging, it’s Robin — and the couple does actually get hitched. Phew! It only took seven years. But as Lily starts toasting Ted’s “emotional endurance” and Future Ted says, “If I hadn’t gone through hell to get there, the lesson might not have been as clear,” you know where this is going.

The lesson: to love as fiercely as he could and to love through all the highs and lows, which is what he does when The Mother got sick. And to be brave, or he wouldn’t have had the courage to stand up and talk to her at the train station, where they have a meet-cute about who the umbrella really belongs to. As it turns out, the initials on it could belong to either one of them because theirs are both T.M.

But wait, the kids cut in, this story isn’t about how Ted met their mother. She’s barely in it, they argue. This whole thing is really about how Ted’s in love with Aunt Robin, and he wants their OK to ask her out. Mom’s been gone six years, so Penny and Luke are totally cool with their father moving on. The final image: Ted shows up outside Robin’s apartment with the blue french horn. (Not sure how they’re going to make her job and a relationship work when she and Barney couldn’t do it sans kids, but there you have it.)

Whether you loved it or hated it or something in between, the fact that Lyndsy Fonseca and David Henri filmed that sequence years ago – and signed one heck of a non-disclosure agreement – does prove that Ted and Robin have been in the cards since the beginning. But does that sort of make the titular Mother an afterthought? Or do you feel like their love story was deep and real, too?

Grade the series ender via the poll below, then hit the comments to back up your pick!

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  1. Sasha says:

    Sorry, dont like the ending.

    I hate that she died.

    I really didn’t want ed to end up with Robin, it didn’t work for me.

    • Sasha says:

      I loved it until she died…so it was only ok.

      • Stacie says:

        Predictable Predictable Predictable. Given that over the years HIMYM has mostly zagged when it should have zigged or gone one way when they could have went the other, I am utterly surprised and saddened to see such an ending. The whole premise of HIMYM was a lie, just like Ted’s kids said. It was never about the mother it was about Robin. It was the ultimate dupe on the unbelievable loyal fans. Not to mention that the entire Season 9 was built around a wedding that had a marriage last for less than an episode. The only storyline I am pleased with is Lily and Marshall. I am satisifed with them. I’m pretty sad that the ending turned out like this. Maybe I have to think about it a little more, but I doubt I am going to fully enjoy this ending.
        -Also, there ain’t no way I am watching the spinoff now. I am not getting into this mess again. 9 years was plenty.

        • joe says:

          yeah there’s no way i’m watching how i met your dad after this, and I feel like a lot of fans feel the same way. 9 years later and it all could’ve ended at the pilot

          • Patrick says:

            It did end in the pilot. Ted and Robin fell in love at first sight. He said it too soon, and she panicked. But they were in love.

          • M says:

            joe i feel the same way, what was the point of everything after the pilot

          • K says:

            agree! I was going to give the spinoff a chance but i can’t. Ted was pining over Robin for 9 years, Ted was with the mother for about 7 years a couple years go by and he goes back to pining after robin.

          • Katie says:

            so the point of the whole show was the journey and enjoying these characters and the great stories that the show told. If you wish it ended at the pilot then why would you have even stuck around for episode 2. Overall this was one of the best shows on TV.

          • @Katie says:

            if the journey takes you to the same place you were at in the beginning were all the ups and downs really worth it?

          • Ben says:

            @katie – yes. I guess it is the “Lost” argument all over again. But ultimately, a story that ends up going full circle can be very satisfying and worth watching.

            It isn’t what I wanted the ending to be, but the purpose it did serve was making the story – from episode 1 to the end, a story with a genuine beginning and end. A story in which Ted simply ends with how he met the mother – but no real connection to why he would have begun the story with how he met “Aunt Robin” – would have been unsatisfying to me in its own way, a different way. I do feel quite satisfied in that sense.

        • jax says:

          totally agree on every point! and the spinoff is not going to be on my must watch list – this is the worst dup of all times. how i met your mother? should have been how i met the women i want to date when your mother dies!

        • Sasha says:

          Yes this!

        • Matthew says:

          Um if the spinoff gets picked up I seriously doubt they would pull the same ending as this

        • canofcorndog says:

          They are making a spinoff? Wow! I didn’t know that. No way I will waste my time. The last 2 seasons were a waste of time, but I stuck with hoping for a good ending. Worst ending ever.
          So, why would I watch a spinoff of this? Tragic ending. Yuck. Boo!

          • Joe says:

            only 2?

          • AngieD says:

            The spinoff is all new characters – How I met Your Dad. Not sure how it will be since some characters have already been recasted (i.e. one of the actresses from Smash was to play the mother’s best friend, but she’s been released from the show.)

        • tdrusher225 says:

          The reason you’re happy with Marshall and Lily is because their story is perfect and “happily ever after”. Anything less than that is going to disappoint you and that’s no way to judge a story because, like it or not, they can’t all be perfect. The mother’s story is a sad one, but sorry that’s life. Her first love died way too early as well, and she still moved on. It doesn’t mean she didn’t love him. Ted loved Tracy and to think otherwise is ridiculous, but after 6 years it’s okay to move on. I don’t think his kids doubt how much he loved their mom and what he meant to him, but they also want him to be happy. Ted and Robin is what we all wanted from the beginning and in the end, this is the best possible way it could’ve happened.

          • Sarah2261 says:

            I’m not upset about Ted and The Mother, but I’m royally PO’d that Barney and Robin don’t last. I thought they made a much better match than Ted/Robin. The whole point of all those character arcs gets totally negated in the last episode. What could have been legendary is just mundane.

          • You don't need to know my name says:

            Yeah, screw that. This is a sitcom it should have a sitcom ending, fun and happy and NOT THIS ONE

          • Para says:


          • Kim says:

            Lily and Marshall were perfect?? Lily and Marshall and Ted and everyone thought Lily and Marshall had the perfect relationship until you know she leaves him to pursue an art career. Whats amazing about Lily and Marshall is they aren’t perfect. They just chose to forgive each other over and over and continue to build their relationship. Thats what makes them perfect for each other.

          • jouiie says:

            it is not about perfection. I would accept Ted/Robin as a portrayal of a “less than perfect” relationship”, and thus more realistic, but then they should not have shown that actual relationship as a one-sided fantasy of Ted’s throughout the 8seasons + 22 episodes of the 9th.

          • Mqueen76 says:

            I’m sorry. I never wanted Ted and Robin together… ever!!!! I never liked the character. I felt she was using him in the first season and onward… For me, it’s always been about the Mother and now I realized, it never was. It was about a truly, unlikable character… (No offense to Cobie Smulders who had to put up with Robin for nine years).

          • Ray says:

            ok here is why it sucked. Robin had how many chances to be with Ted but turned him down every time and broke his heart. The only person Robin cared about was her. She only wanted Ted when she couldn’t have him. Robin lived her dream, she became a world reporter. She didn’t give Barney an out, she gave herself an out. She was tired of him and wanted out. Barney said he still loved Robin but did anyone hear Robin say anything about loving Barney? I just wonder how many years will go by before she gets tired of Ted again and gives him an out!!!! And in sitcoms we want the happy ever after. Life sucks enough without a sitcom reminding me.

          • tdrusher225 says:

            Cry me a river, I’d much rather have a show that invests in telling a story instead of just going for a happy ever after because you can’t deal with life being sad sometimes. Boo freakin’ hoo. And I’m more sympathetic to Robin’s character than you. Timing is everything in relationships and there were times that Ted didn’t pick the best time to declare his love or suddenly have a change of heart. Luckily, things work out as time goes on and Ted and Robin finally come together at the right time. Barney and Robin was fun at points but, again, timing is everything. If Ted had been married to Robin instead of Barney at that time it probably wouldn’t have worked out either. That’s the real world man

          • Karie says:

            “What we all wanted from the beginning”? Speak for yourself. I’ve always thought Ted and Robin were a disaster together and every single time they were “on again” I rolled my eyes through it and waited for them to break up. The whole point of that horrible relationship (and all of the horrible relationships Ted had throughout the series) was that we knew that it would be OK in the end, because he was going to find the amazing woman who was his perfect match, and all his “suffering” would have been worth it. At least, that’s what I thought the point was throughout the series. Turns out there really was no point at all. Even if they were going to have her die and end on a note of “You never know how much time you have, but you can still make the most of it and live a lifetime in a few short years”, that would have been OK. Super painful, but OK. But shoving her out of the way and having the whole thing be about Robin (even going so far as to have the daughter say that!) was like the biggest cop-out ever.

            Great series that was ruined for me by the last few minutes. I wish I’d turned off the television after Barney was handed his baby daughter and fell in love with her. That would have been a perfect ending for me. What we got undermined all the lovely feelings this show ever stirred in me in regards to Ted and The Mother. I’m glad some people were able to walk away with a smile after that ending, but I think it’s the worst ending to a sitcom I’ve ever seen and I wish I hadn’t bothered.

            And they are going to try to pitch a spin-off after that cop-out? Haha, good luck!

          • tdrusher225 says:

            Look, I don’t think you were ever going to be satisfied with any ending that didn’t fully meet your expectations. I whole heartedly disagree about Ted and Robin being a bad couple, I loved those two together. The story’s lesson is still there but this is a much more real, moving, and fitting way to end this story because you really do get to find the happy ending for each character. Because seeing Robin end the series sad and alone would’ve been a even bigger bummer than anything else, to me at least.

        • Elizabeth says:

          I totally disagree. I think the while series showed how a Robin and Ted were compatible with each other on a deep and passionate way, but they wanted different things out of life. The chemistry never went away… Even with the locket scene, Ted never stopped loving Robin. He just realized that their goals weren’t in line. He loved the mother deeply and completely. Six years after her death, when Robin is back in his life more frequently, they are able to finally let their love take center stage. They’ve achieved their life goals. I don’t think they would have shown Robin with all of her dogs, who were clearly new since they didn’t listen to her and she said “We’ll have to work on that,” if they weren’t implying that she was no longer traveling constantly. Robin and Ted were the right people at the wrong time. They lived full, separate lives and then were able to reconnect. I wasn’t surprised by the ending, but I was very satisfied with it. It captured the whole essence of the show. Barney didn’t become a neutered dream husband, Marshall and Lilly live the dream. Ted is given a purpose to his story, and the kids reveal what we’ve all known all along. Loved it.

          • Para says:


          • Erica says:

            I completely agree with you! This was a beautiful way to end the series. We can have more than 1 love in life and sometimes its the timing that matters. Ted-Robin would have probably never worked out in the 20s and 30s. If Tracy was still alive, Ted would still be with Tracy. But as HIMYM shows, not everything can be ideal. We make life the best we can. Tracy passed and Ted moves on to a second chance with his first love. The reason why HIMYM is so great is it connects with the audience. To have a happily ever after ending is unrealistic, that’s not how real life is. To love, lost, love, lost, and love again is how real love transpires in the world.

          • Carrol says:

            Agree absolutely loved the journey and the ending.

          • jouiie says:

            There are two ways to show “that the relationship works”:
            1. Show it in real time. Basic thing of television. We have none of that, since the last second of the series just shows the beginning again.
            2. draw from the past. use the past as a symbol of the future. Now, the past only shows Ted longing for a version of Robin he has imagined, not what she truly *is*.

            So even a combo of the two, in a different order, that Thomas/Bays try to play out during the 9 seasons, does not show why Ted and Robin should be together, except that Ted really really really wants it. That is just silly.

          • angel says:

            i think barney is capable of staying true to his love for robin… that was the the whole idea and their story before this ending… i saw the ending and i felt like they decided to end barney and robin to give way to ted and robin… sorry i really dont get it… the episode before this last tells the story of barney and robin… heck, he became an honest man for the love of robin… then last episode and he is a womanizer again… tsk… disappointed…

          • JamesHs says:

            I agree with Elizabeth. The show was all was around Ted and Robin including the adventures of a great grupo of friends. I think the finale is fine, was not disappointing. Ted going back with Robin happens 6 years after a tragic incident which in my opinion is just fine and matches the storyline. The only thing I was not pleased with was with Barneys ending. The best thing for me would have been Barney and Quinn (Robin was always destined to Ted). But overall the finale ended up in a nice manner, not quite espected (specially Tracy’s death), that fitted okay and should not be remembered as an awful ending to the show.

          • JM says:

            I loved the finale and this show will be in my heart forvever. I’m so glad they stuck with the name “Tracy” revealed in season 1 episode 9: Belly Full of Turkey. When Ted is in the strip club at the end of this episode, he runs into a stripper that reveals her name as Amber (her stage name at the Lusty Leopard). She then tells Ted that her name is actually “Tracy.” Ted jokingly tells his kids that that was how he met their mother. Obviously the children know their mother’s first name, which is why they believe him.

          • V. Sylvain says:

            I agree with you. The finale was perfect. The show was never truly about how Ted met the mother of his children. It was always about the journey that brought him to his reason for speaking to his kids. He totally loved their mother and they were happy together until the day she died. That is evident in the few shows that finally give us a chance to see their relationship. However, the relationship that is prominently featured throughout the series run has always been Ted and Robin.

            Building the last season around Barney and Robin’s wedding weekend was never about the wedding. It was the vehicle that allowed everything to be brought together. For those who complain that it was a waste since they divorced in the first half hour of the finale, missed the fact that the marriage actually lasted three years and failed because of Robin’s career. Barney didn’t revert back to his old self until they broke up and once he became a father, his whole perspective shifted. Showing Robin with her new dogs was a great way to show us that she was probably no longer traveling all over the world. She and Ted are finally at the right time and place in their lives to make a go of things.

            Any other ending would have been a failure in storytelling.

        • Killing off the mother wasn’t especially “predictable”.

        • Bob says:

          Fully agreed. You could not pay me to watch How I Met Your Dad. The writers have spurned me far too badly with the series finale to HIMYM.

        • Davej13 says:

          ditto. I DO LIKE one aspect of this story which is that you sometimes meet a person and you have sparks but it takes the other person a while longer to feel the same – in this case, a lot longer.

          BUT if that is what the show was about, it should have not been titled HIMYM. It should have been titled Rocky Road or Maybe Someday. This was the ultimate bait and switch.

          Also, I have said this before, BUT HOW MUCH GREAT MATERIAL WAS THERE IN THIS FINAL SEASON AND EVEN THE FINALE THAT MERITED A LOT MORE TIME!!!!!!! To think I had to DVR and fast forward through 2 – 3 years or crap and then get hit with all of these great ideas and stories in the final season and episodes. Cristin Milioti was fantastic and every time I saw her with Ted, I wanted more. I would have loved an entire season or even 2 of her and Ted.

        • partisan says:

          !00% agree. Not looking for another bait and switch from Bays/Thomas. Good luck with the ratings on the new show after alienating half your HIMYM audience.
          Say what you will about “real life” and how Ted/Robin were always meant for each other, the bottom line is if you hated the ending as much as I (and a lot of others) did the bad taste it left will carry over into ratings of the reruns, DVD sales, and people watching the spin off.

      • P says:

        gotta say those are some pretty terrible kids, all of the eye rolling they did in the first season when hearing about their dead mother!?!

        • claudiahc says:

          Because Ted didn’t talk about the mother, it was all about his friends and Robin… -__-, I would roll my eyes too.

          • JLK says:

            And they knew this was going to be all about Robin how exactly?

          • jouiie says:

            @ JLK presumably they at least know that their mother is dead…

          • JLK says:

            jouiie — My point was that claudia is saying that the kids attitude came from the fact that the story wasn’t about their mother, but about Robin. How exactly did they know it was going to turn into a story about Robin when their father asked them to sit down so he could tell them a story about how he met their mother and they were moaning and groaning. Maybe if there’d been a few, “Again?!” type comments in there, their annoyance would still make sense. But if I were them, I’d want to hear the story…and only get annoyed after it was clear my mother wasn’t going to be in the story any time soon. It’s just little things like that that seem so sloppy that annoy me. This ending could have been well done. On paper, I enjoy it. The way it played out was a mess.

          • michelle says:

            the fact that ted was able to pull the side joke in season 1 that he met the mother in a strip club implies that the kids have never actually heard the story of how they met. I agree, they really are terrible kids

          • Derek says:

            Agreed. Responding to “Let me tell you about how I met your mother” with “Are we being punished for something?” and “Is this going to take long?” is not a “This is going to be about Robin” comment. It’s a “We don’t care about our dead mother” comment.

        • Ido says:

          I can at least get that part, since they probably know how much their dad likes to “spin yarns”, and hell, they’ve probably heard about a bunch of these stories before – they don’t need to know the entire process he went through to become ready to meet their mother. Especially when they eventually realized he wasn’t even talking about their mother, but rather about Robin.

          That’s the thing I don’t like about this concept for a finale – the show doesn’t deserve it. They didn’t go the extra mile to show us how much Ted loves Tracy, they didn’t make the two half as much of a major relationship as Ted and Robin or Barney and Robin, and they overrode the entire final season and 4 more seasons of pure character development and barely any comedy just to make this 9 years old concept of a finale happen.

          Life is messy, we get it. It was messy enough with Barney/Robin divorcing, the mother dying, Robin having no place in the gang, and the gang breaking up. We didn’t need Ted to have a 25-year regression and go back to some girl he liked way back when he found a much more compatible, much more interested girl in the future. If I ever met someone who matches me so well and she just died on me way before it’s due, I would have a much harder time going back to the market, and going back to some girl I dated in my 20s would be a much, MUCH more complicated process. It definitely won’t be “Oh hey kids! I know just the girl to marry now! So I dated this woman who barely liked me all along back then and I always loved her to the point where my relationship with my deceased wife almost seems meaningless!”

          Jesus christ this finale still pisses me off

    • All of what you said. A little disappointed here.

      • ZisforZombie says:

        Arg so disappointed. I understand that the have had this planned for a while, but people change (and I really don’t buy Barney not growing at all after the wedding) and the mother was just perfect. I mean, we already know that Robin and Ted want different things. Gahhhhhhhhhh.

    • Rebecca says:

      I loved it and it’s because I absolutely love Ted & Robin being together!!!

      • “I think the finale is where the longtime fans are separated from the casual watchers. The longtime fans will recognize the love for both throughout the series. They will also make the connection to the French horn in the very first episode. I think they will also recognize the Robin-Ted storyline than ran through every reason. They will also recognize two importances for the story-to tell how little time he had with the mother and how much he loved her in the meantime and also the love that was always be there for him, even through the thick and thin. The casual watchers will cry cop out and be belligerent from here on out. It’s sad that many of you have a limited perspective of the series and are only looking at the finale from the scope of the last few seasons… ”

        did not write this. But must be said

        • Greg says:

          Ah, no, the only people who liked it lack a soul. I can not even begin to fathom how anyone could like something so poorly written and dishonest.

          • rebecca says:

            My soul is just fine.. thanks, greg.

          • Jenna587 says:

            Well, I’ve been watching from day one and I liked it, so thanks for saying I have no soul. Am I gutwrenchingly sad? Absolutely. But I’m not surprised it ended up here. It was like a puzzle, where all the pieces clicked. They’ve been telling you the end since the pilot

          • Kerry says:

            Don’t worry Greg, my soul is perfectly intact, and while i may not have watched it from day one i saw all of the episodes on netflix and it became my favorite show. I didn’t think it was the ending every fan dreams of, but that’s exactly what the directors said. I loved it.

          • Randy says:

            Wow! A little judgmental there, Greg. Life isn’t perfect, which I think is the point the writers were aiming for. People divorce, die and carry on with their lives through all aspects of it. Making a comment that anyone who liked this episode lacked a soul is one dumb statement. Says more about you then you may realize. Pretty sad………………

          • Ben says:

            @Jenna587 – very well said.

        • michelle says:

          seems pretty degrading to say that anyone who didn’t like the finale must be a causal watcher, that comment can be summed up as ‘if we don’t have the same view on the finale, you haven’t been watching the show for long enough and therefore your opinion is irrelevant

          • liz says:

            michelle i liked the finale but I completely agree with you, that is a degrading comment. A casual viewer is still a fan of the show

        • Pedro says:

          Sorry. I’ve been watching this show for 7 years, and now I feel completely betrayed. Someone is gonna make an animated alternative ending, and I will take that.

        • Patrick says:

          I’ve been watching this show since the beginning. Greatest show ever. I am disappointed with how it ended. Mostly because I had such high hopes Ted and the “mother” would live happily ever after. That being said, ending the way it ended, it was done right. I think it needed to happen. Ted and Robin belong together, anyone who is a long time fan saw that from the beginning, I knew it would happen when he found her locket. I still feel bad for Barney as he ends up the only one alone here, minus his daughter.

          • noah says:

            yeah it was getting pretty obvious that ted and robin would end up together… not like they had been dropping hints just about every episode for about 3 seasons…

          • Kerry says:

            I agree, and in a way I think Barney should have ended up that way, because that’s the way he’s always lived and wanted to live. That’s what I loved about the ending. It didn’t end the way all/some fans wanted it too, it ended the way it needed to end, and that’s what a good story does.

          • AngieD says:

            Barney wasn’t alone – he has his daughter who changed him…..

        • Lauren says:

          I watched the premiere the day it aired on tv. I haven’t missed an episode since. I’m easily in the ‘most loyal fans’ category and am the furthest thing from a casual watcher.
          I absolutely hated it. What an idiotic and pretentious thing to say.

          • John Lemmon says:

            I own all of the DVD’s, and have watched them more than once. I know fantasy happy endings don’t happen in real life, but that’s the point, this was fantasy, and we wanted the happy ending! I disliked the divorce and abhor the mothers too quick demise. I wouldn’t have minded if the mother and Ted had lived happily ever after!

        • noah says:

          ummm i have watched every episode of this show have loved the show for years and i still think this is an absolutely shameful ending for such a good show. i just wasted about 25 hours watching the last two seasons and i was expecting something better

        • notsatisfied says:

          ooooh your cool, longtime fans and casual watchers? wtf, i dont think you know how much BS this finale was. THEY MADE A WHOLE SEASON ABOUT ROBIN AND BARNEY FALLING IN LOVE…THEN MADE ANOTHER WHOLE SEASON ABOUT THEM GETTING MARRIED, THEN EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENED IN THOSE TWO SEASONS WENT OUT THE WINDOW, yes im using caps because it deserves it. The mother was entirely pointless

        • KL Cameron says:

          My family has never missed an episode of this show and are completely disappointed with this ending. I get the blue French horn reference, so what? This was supposed to be the story of How I Met Your Mother, not How I settled for your mother until “Aunt Robin” was ready to have me! I get that the creators filmed the scene with the kids years ago and began with the intention of Ted and Robin ending up together, but they had no idea how long the show would be on the air and all of the different turns the show would take. I don’t think they knew when they filmed that scene that Barney and Robin would be so good together. They could have easily scrapped that scene and ended it differently, happily, for everyone.

        • B says:

          I didn’t have a problem with the ending as I have thought for a long time that it would be ridiculous for Ted to have so much Robin in the story if he didn’t end up with her. But I still didn’t like this episode overall. Yes, it had some great callbacks (the cockamouse! The hanging chad!). However, they spent too much time on the Barney/Robin pairing to just end it so easily, and they jumped too quickly through Ted’s life with Tracy. There was too much focus on how little time they spent together, which could’ve been covered by a quick “and we didn’t see Robin again until you were six, Penny”, and too much time showing Barney back to his old ways, which again, could have been covered briefly. Also, I’m bummed that we didn’t get more info about how Barney and the Ericsons ended up. Are we supposed to believe Barney was celibate ever after? Or that he has custody of his daughter? I wanted them to flash forward to the “front porch test”, but for real this time.

          • kate says:

            the pacing was so weird, spread out a weekend into 20 episodes and 20 years into 50 minutes? I didn’t mind the finale but I can certainly understand why some fans feel cheated. The writers could have gotten to this place organically over the course of the season (showing the group slowly drifting apart, barney and robin having problems etc.) however instead years of character development was gone within a matter of minutes

          • scifi451 says:

            Kate you expressed exactly what I could not by describing why parts of the finale made me angry and sad at the same time. Expressed very well in what was wrong with the finale.

          • matt says:

            kate you hit the nail on the head

        • Anna says:

          Not true. Some longtime fans thought that the arc of Ted finally realizing he loved a fantasy and that Robin didn’t love him back made sense. Some longtime fans loved the arcs of both Barney and Robin in realizing they loved each other and that their relationship could work. Some longtime fans felt the characters in the final all of a sudden lost all their character development in the past few seasons.

        • Ummm… no. I am a longtime fan, have watched since the first episode. Gave up for a while due to the constant Ted/Robin crap, and I hated it.

        • Para says:

          Cindy on HIMYM(the chick from OC) says what happens after the one, the next one. Ted loved Robin and then he loved the mother and then he loved Robin, makes perfect sense.

          Though they made one mistake. they cast the mother so adorably and so fit to Ted that no one, I mean no one wants to see the mother die. Then again I loved the finale, It shows the essense of the show.

        • brandon says:

          I watched this show for 9 seasons, if this ending happened after season 5 or 6 without all the on again off again robin ted b/s and a horrible season 9 wedding disaster this would be a perfect ending. I think the creators and abc just got too money hungry and took the show for too long. really, just think of this ending in season 6, would have been perfect, now just pisses me off

        • abby says:

          I can’t believe people seriously make posts saying you need to think one opinion or your not a real fan. What a Joke. The fact is there are people who have seen every single episode who simply weren’t rooting for a Robin and Ted ending because they didn’t like the couple, they are by no means a universally loved couple.

        • Jen valenton says:

          I think that the ending wasn’t that bad I believe that from the beginning that was how it was gunna end it showed that ted got to have his kids and get married the mother fulfilled wat robin couldn’t mean while robin got to have her career and when both there lives dreams came true they found each other again

        • Sarah J says:

          Boloney! I’ve watched from Ep.1, and have been disappointed with the last couple of seasons. I have mixed feelings about this ending. Book-ending it with Robin makes me feel the relationship with the mother is being trivialized…just another story in the way on the path leading to Ted and Robin. I know Tracy was supposed to be the love of Ted’s life, but that seems neutered now.

          • Karie says:

            Yes, you summed up what I’m feeling perfectly! I have always felt that Tracy was the love of Ted’s life, and they did definitely trivialize that. If they were determined to kill her off, I would have rather it ended with Ted telling his kids that he wouldn’t have traded one single second of his time with her to spare himself the pain of her loss, and that you have to live every moment to the fullest.

            I would have even been OK with it if they’d just included some very vague reference to the kids wanting Ted to move on and be happy. Even if they implied that he could do so with Robin (I hate them together, but OK, fine), it would have been OK.

            But to have them say that the whole thing had been about Robin all along did make the love story they spent nine years building between Ted and Tracy seem incredibly trivial. And to do that to a character that was literally a SMASH HIT… so wrong. I spent all these years thinking that they had played The Mother up too much, that they could never introduce a character who would really come off that amazingly awesome without having it be cheesy and forced. And then they introduced her and she was everything I ever hoped she would be, and more. I was immediately in love with her and loyal to her. So her brush off in the finale felt like a slap in the face.

        • Jennifer says:

          I watched every.single.epsidoe and own all the seasons on DVD (except this last one of course) and I am crying cop out. Terrible, awful, disastrous ending. I feel like the mother was just a gimmick to get Ted some kids since Robin never wanted them (an dcouldn’t have them anyway). I feel totally ripped off because I thought the show was going to be about how Ted met the love of his life-you know, the mother!

        • JLK says:

          Yeah, I’ve watched since the beginning. I have never missed an episode. I hated it. With as long as they took to tell this story, I felt like there was too much missing for me to be convinced that Ted and Robin could ever have a real relationship. She always seemed to love the idea that Ted was in love with her rather than actually love Ted.

        • angel says:

          i am a viewer from the beginning and i dont see as a legendary ending… i feel like they let robin and barney get together because of the fans and now they ended it with ted and robin again because of the fans to the love team… but i dont like the ending… sure unexpected for me but really i mean… not that way to end an amazing and legendary series… had they ended it at the station the mother and ted with the realization and connections to the umbrella would have been the great and satisfying for me… perfect ending … mother and ted under the yellow umbrella last screen shot…

        • Blargsmith says:

          Long time fan myself. Thought it was the worst hour of television ever. Had this been the finale several seasons ago sure it would have been great. But this finale took a huge steaming dump on all the fans of the show and all of the characters themselves except Marshall and Lily. To everyone who enjoyed it as Barney would say, “Get your head out of your ass Lily.”

        • izzybella says:

          Orlando, I must respectfully disagree. As a long-time fan (from episode 1 and every other episode thereafter) I am crying foul. They spent nine seasons showing us in great detail how Robin and Ted were not a match and selling Robin and Barney. I was not surprised that Robin and Barney didn’t last nor was I necessarily that surprised that Barney regressed (though his moment with Ellie was lovely, I found it very out-of-character that his friends had to FORCE him to meet his daughter). I do recognize that Robin and Ted were clearly the end-game but the execution of their end-game was terrible and I would even say kind of sloppy writing. It’s not that I hate the ending just because I didn’t get the outcome I was hoping for-it’s because it wasn’t organic or believable. It didn’t ring true to me. I respect that it worked for you, but please don’t imply that I am a casual fan with limited perspective just because I disagree with you.

        • Karie says:

          Excuse me, but I have been watching this series from the very beginning. I have never missed an episode. I’ve followed every heartache and celebration of this group. And I thought this ending was absolutely horrible. I never, ever liked Ted/Robin. From the very beginning, I thought they were bad for each other and felt beaten over the head with them every time they got back together and broke up again. I’m sorry, but it’s pretty rude to try to brush the disappointment of so many fans under the rug by stating that the people who hate it are obviously “casual viewers” who didn’t have a lot invested in the show. I can see here that some people really liked the ending, and I’m happy for them that they could take something good away from this finale. But their opinion is not more valid than mine or any of the other thousands (millions?) of fans who hated it. Being let down by a show you loved and have devoted nine years to doesn’t make you less of a fan.

    • jenna says:

      I agree. I HATED it!! I agree with everyone else, I feel so cheated by that

    • jax says:

      this! worst last five minutes ever. clearly since the had the reaction filmed from way back when, this was always the end game and it makes me so sad.

    • j says:

      what was the point of having ted finally ‘let go’ of robin!?!?!

      • C says:

        So that he could love the Mother. Marry her, and have children with her. I don’t think it’s that he love Robin the whole time he was with Tracy- he let Robin go, they both got married, and then, years later, they found their way back to eachother when they were alone again.

        • Lily says:

          Yes. As Ted said, “love is the best thing we do.” Barney and Robin loved each other, Ted and Tracy loved each other, and Ted found Robin again when it was right.

          • sheri says:

            This, is perfect.

          • neha says:

            In a way, they all had two great loves. Robin loved Barney and Ted. Tracy loved Max and Ted. And, Ted loved Tracy and Robin. Loving Robin didn’t mean that Ted loved Tracy any less or make their love story any less epic.

        • jean says:

          I have watched and loved this show from episode 1. To those who hated the ending – I accept the fact that you are entitled to your opinion and your feelings about the show -but I just don’t understand them. Speaking as someone who lost a spouse, my perfect match, after a short 12 year relationship and only 3 1/2 years married, I felt this was a perfect ending for the show. I can certainly see reuniting with a past love – what would you have Ted do? Grieve forever? Robin always loved Ted – she was at first afraid of her feelings and then also loved him too much to deny him his dream of having a family. Barney never minded the thought of no kids, so I felt like she settled for Barney. Yes, they were a lot alike, but that’s partly why they could.not.last. Barney faltered and waivered all season right up to the ceremony. So did Robin. She said multiple versions of the same thing in several episodes – it should be Ted. Robin got to live her dream, Ted got to meet a wonderful woman, his “perfect match,” and have his Ideal family, and Barney made a real effort at living a somewhat conventional life. It didn’t work for him. As for not having enough post-meeting story with Tracy in the story, it might have been nice, but the show was How I MET Your Mother, not How I Met Your Mother and We All Lived Happily Ever After. The ending was somewhat true to life. One couple had happily ever, one couple divorced, one had a tragic death, and two of the individuals got a second chance. Perfect ending. LAWYERED!

          • John NYC says:

            IMperfect enough they’re releasing an alternate they had considered on the DVD collection….

      • M says:

        agree, makes it seem like he settled for the mother when he couldn’t have robin. Really hated this finale

        • Bill says:

          I was okay with the death, but not the last five minutes. A more poignant and satisfying ending would have been for Ted to tell his kids to keep in mind, as they go through life, is that “Love is what we do best” and loving their mother was the best thing he ever did.

          • mike says:

            this would have been a much better ending! I would have still been bummed that the mother was dead but at least they wouldn’t be beating the ted/robin horse for the umpteenth time. Ted and Robin aren’t Ross and Rachel, did not like this ending. Really unfortunate because I loved the barney/ellie moment, the only this that could really change him was having a daughter

          • lisa says:

            totally agree with you Ted and Robin aren’t Ross and Rachel. This would be like if Rachel ended up with Joey

          • Z says:

            your ending is so much better, it cues back to that speech he gave to robin, hated this ending

      • Nate says:

        I did not enjoy this ending either, but looking back, can see all the dots connect. Whole series was Ted asking his kids permission to move on. That’s what Tracy did with Max on the porch before she met Ted. Ted was her true love rebound as Robin is his.

        I really REALLY wish that it would have ended with everyone coupled up and aged (Lily-Marshall, Ted-Tracy, and Barney-Robin) on a porch at Farhampton (i.e., the front porch test), though.

    • Audrey says:

      Agreed. The Mother became my favorite character, so having her die just plain SUCKED.

    • Rook says:

      You guys need to listen to the kids. The show might have been called how I met your mother, but it was never about the mother, never. It was always Ted and Robin. Yes it was somewhat annoying how Ted was going back to her but it worked out perfectly. In the front porch test episode Robin wanted to travel the world and Ted wanted kids, they both got what they wanted. Everyone seems to be focused more of the mother, but if you look at the whole series it was how Ted meet and feel in love with Robin.

      • G says:

        this would have been fine if they didn’t spend the entire season leading up to a barney/robin wedding…..

        • angel says:

          i agree but because they also build up the love story of barney and robin until almost the end… to scrap it at the finale is just crazy bad… i mean the reason for the break up is because of all the travel… i get there was a scene barney staying he is and will always be what he is, it is not true thou… that was not even the reason for the break up regardless of the content of the blog… he was faithful to robin… i mean give me something to make me believe it will not work out for robin and barney and that it should be ted… i am fine robin and barney divorce but ted and robin ending…. nope dont buy it…

      • iammusic says:

        it would be fine. if the show wasn’t called how i met your *mother*

      • Jenna587 says:

        YES. Even Ted said it “You missed the point”….but they didn’t. It’s almost like the writers were trolling us and anticipating that there would be a firestorm surrounding this, so they even had the words “you missed the point” in there. I am devastated she’s gone because I LOVED the Mother, but this is always where the series was going to end. I’ve made my peace with that and love this show for the journey.

      • Derek says:

        Except when the writers told us it wasn’t about Ted and Robin…

    • Jake says:

      Just terrible! And to add insult to injury, the most confusing thing to me…when Ted was talking to his kids at the end, why didn’t he sound like Bob Saget? WHO WAS TELLING THE KIDS THIS STORY THE WHOLE TIME?

      • Joe says:

        I was a little disappointed about this, too. I thought for sure when we saw “Ted” talking to the kids at the end, it would be Bob Saget playing “Ted.”

    • canofcorndog says:

      I agree with you. Why would he end up with Robin. She treated him horribly the whole show. He finally gets a woman that cares about him and they have her die. Horrible writing. This show should have ended 2 years ago. Barney was a horrible person in the end. Maybe fitting, but wow. It has to be the #1 WORST ending of all time to a comedy. They made it a TRAGEDY. Here Ted we are going to have you search for the love of your life and then end up with the scraps of a woman that never loved you, never will, and only ends up with you because the one she loves is unable to love her and the woman that loved you and was perfect for you died. He loves her, she loves him, and he loves somebody else, you just can’t win. And so it goes until the day you die. Hey, I have an idea. How about a happy ending to a comedy?

    • pam says:

      What I don’t understand is why Ted would have such a simple proposal and go onto plan such an over the top wedding

    • Para says:

      I personally liked it though, It made sense. Ted and Robin wanted different things in their 20s and 30s but end up together 50s. Also if it wasnt told this way, HIMYM should’ve told the story of the seven years of Ted and Tracy. The only thing I am kind of off is that they didn’t tell the story about what happened to Barney beyond he getting a baby girl…

      • Martin says:

        Perhaps Barney will be the Father” in the spin-off.

        • C says:

          A lot of people seem to think this, and while I like the theory, I doubt they are going to get us interested in whoever the Mom is on that show, like they got us invested in Ted, just to have her hookup with some guy during his perfect month, ya know? That would be like Ted just getting some random one night stand pregnant- and that kids is how I met your Mother. It would suck if Barney’s the Father in the spinoff (for people who are watching it [not me] anyways).

    • Dave! says:

      I totally agree with you, i thought it was good until that point, personally i don’t think that it was a very good choice there, i would have preferred it if she (the mother) stayed alive and came in at the end of the episode saying that they would be late going to Robin’s wedding and we then see the whole gang of them and barney with his kid all happy. It made the whole of all of the seasons feel pointless and unneeded.

    • angel says:

      agree… i dont like robin and ted together in the end…

  2. Elle says:

    I feel so cheated, and absolutely heartbroken over this finale. They spend the whole season building up to Robin and Barney’s wedding, and for what? They divorced before the half way point, he has a kid with someone else, and she ends up with Ted. What a crock. And the Mother died, as predicted. This whole season was so good, and then this finale just tore down years and years building and planning. The show is ruined, and I just feel numb.

    • Elle says:

      AND, they knew it. They filmed that scene with the kids years ago, they always knew it was going to be Ted and Robin, and they knew what kind of following Barney and Robin had. They spent the last season and a half purposely screwing with us, only to spit on everything we loved.

      • Sasha says:

        Yes this!!

      • The fact that they filmed the scene with the kids 9 years ago proves that intended on screwing us from the start. Ted was always meant to end up with Robin. They played us.

      • Ari says:

        YES! All of these interviews and smirky smirk comments about how the fans will love the finale and it’s so perfect and blah blah blah. This is literally one of the worst series finales I’ve ever seen. It took everything I loved about this show and lit it on fire and then highlighted everything I hated about this show.

      • jen says:

        ugh I feel so cheated. What was the point of this entire ‘wedding weekend’ season for barney and robin to get divorced, and having viewers fall in love with the mother just to kill her off!?!

      • jenna says:

        I don’t even want to watch reruns of the show anymore, knowing that it all leads up to this

        • the8tregirl says:

          Amen! I was an irregular viewer but generally loved the eps I caught. I WAS going to buy the DVDs. NOT NOW! Hated every moment that wasn’t about Marshall & Lily, although thank god they didn’t show bald, drunk, State Supreme Court Judge Marshal again!! Oh, and must say, the speech Barney gave Ellie — very sweet.

          • JB says:

            Barney’s speech to his daughter was the best part of the episode.

          • Olivia says:

            I won’t buy the remaining seasons (I have S1-S6 DVD sets) and I’m gonna sell mine, just like I always do when I feel cheated. Sold my Dexter, Chuck and Desperate Housewives DVDs, gonna get rid of HIMYM too and planning on buying Nikita (more and better Lyndsy ^^) instead. What’s the point in keeping them since I’ll never want to watch it again anyway. I’ve learned something these past years though: I’m not buying anything till after a show ends anymore and if it leaves a sour taste in my mouth then I won’t spend money on it.
            Oh, how times have changed since I was proud to have entire collections on my shelves and happily picking a show for a marathon like I still do with Buffy or Friends.

        • Ashley says:

          I was just thinking the same thing.

      • F says:

        Nailed it, they also spent the entire season 8 on how Barney and Robin feel for each other, so thats 2 seaosns they dumped out on us…wtf

      • Melis says:

        I couldn’t agree with you more. I was do disappointed and heartbroken over this finale. It’s ruined the whole series for me because what’s the point? Why did the writers have seasons devoted to Barney and Robin, the proposal, the wedding and give us this crap ending. Also, why have that episode where Ted let Robin go? I thought that was the end of them. Robin said over and over again that she didn’t love him & he accepted it, finally. Ted found the love of his life in Tracy and it should’ve ended with them under the umbrella. WORST. FINALE. EVER!!! Ugh…

        • aplwrites says:

          I can totally tell you why they developed Barney and Robin. Ted was in love with her the entire series, and it built to letting her go (which isnt the same as stop loving her) because like you said, Robin claimed she didn’t love him. So she went the complete opposite way in Barney, Ted’s opposites attract BFF. That turned out to be a trainwreck from the start. So only when that ended did she realize who she should have ended up with and THAT more than her ex-husband reverting to his old ways was why she was absent from the gang; she didnt want to see ted with tracy. It was clear that there really wasn’t animosity between Barney and Robin, her sad looks were always when Ted was the focus. So that is why it was built up, like Ted needed to journey to find Tracy, Robin needed the journey to actually see Ted, but she was too late.Ted had done what she wanted him to do years ago, move on and find the mother of his children.

          Its a story that love can be found in more than one place (Ted: Robin and Tracy), and that love isnt always enough to make a relationship last life gets in the way and sacrefices and adaptation must occur (Lilly and Marshall displayed the changing with the whole vow thing, Barney and Robin couldn’t do it, Ted saw life throw him a curve with Tracy’s death).

          I honestly believe the point to this series isnt who ended up with who, it was flushing out how love affects us in so many ways, what makes it last, what makes it work, and the journey through all its avenues. Without the ending we got, we wouldnt see all the realities of love, or that it can be had more than once(Robin and Tracy), reserved (Ted), under appreciated until its gone (Robin), and completely unfair.

          I think the folly here was that they did TOO good of a job with the mother. Everyone fell in love with when I am sure they were hoping that the short amount of air time would temper the audience’s emotional ties to her so that they would care more about the more, 9 year more, developed character Robin got Ted in the end. Instead people liked Tracy more, which I am positive was not their intention. They made her so likable most people I have talked to wish she had been around instead of Robin. I, personally, can honestly say that if the plot was EXACTLY the same and Robin and Tracy switched (back stories stay with the character/actress) then I would be totally fine with the ending.

          • Ed says:

            This is a great post. I walked away from the finale a bit disappointed but not so much that it ruined the series for me. Your post is from a great point of view and it wouldn’t surprise me if it was really close to what the creators intended.

          • izzybella says:

            Thank you for this, aplwrites. I was very disappointed in the finale, but this is the best explanation I’ve seen from someone who took the opposite view. I really loved the actress cast as the mother-I honestly looked forward to her all season and I felt like they didn’t even give me a chance to know her. I did not at all get the impression that Ted had settled (I saw that comment upthread) but it was all just so damn sudden. It was six years for Ted, but it was about 30 seconds for us.

            I also kind of hated how far Barney regressed, but if he was really hurt by the end of his marriage, I guess I could see him going full on creeper mode. But it did not ring true that the gang would have to force him to meet his daughter. On the other hand, NPH, nailed that scene with Ellie. It was the only time I ugly cried the entire episode. It was just a really lovely moment.

    • Sasha says:

      I know!!

      Thats what I feel CHEATED!

    • Elena says:

      Preach!!! You took the words out of my mouth.

    • Jeff says:

      This season was horrible…I found the finale somewhat enjoyable…a bit predictable…but oh well

    • Ari says:

      Did they even make it to the halfway point before breaking up? I cried at the end of this episode, but it was mostly because I was really angry. I’m so disappointed. So disappointed. When I rewatch this season once it is on Netflix I’m stopping at the episode from last week. That was the real end of the series to me. The finale was terrible. If they were building toward Ted and Robin they probably should have made them seem more compatible. Their whole relationship got tired back in season 3.

      • Elena says:

        18 minutes! They made it 18 minutes, after a whole season of their wedding weekend.

        • Ari says:

          At least this will make it easier to say goodbye to this show. It did not leave me feeling like I wanted more. It made me feel like I wanted to throw all of my HIMYM DVDs in the trash.

        • Jonathan says:

          Ted said their marriage was “legendary,” but they only lasted three years and then Barney turned into a complete jerkwad again? Bad writing.

          • SeanR says:

            I’m a bit sketchy on the exact details here, but I seem to remember last week Barney saying something along the lines that legendary meant something wasn’t true, and he always wanted to tell Robin the truth, hence why I think Ted saying their marriage was ‘legendary’ was foreshadowing what happened to them in the finale.

      • rich_hartman says:

        You cried because you didn’t get your way? Really?

      • Daphne says:

        I agree with you completely. That’s what my first thought was: if I was ever to rewatch the show, I would stop at the penultimate episode. I’m really disappointed right now.

    • Emily says:

      YES TO ALL OF THIS … so disappointed

    • Lea says:

      EXACTLY !!! I feel CHEATED ! So mad

    • Lindsey says:

      Cheated is exactly how I feel. It just seems like a copout, nine years being invested in this show and Ted’s journey to the mother, and they kill her off and he ends up back with Robin, after watching NINE YEARS of how they don’t work together.

    • My feelings exactly! Why making the Mother so perfect if he was going to ended up with Robin anyway? I was done with the Robin Ted thing years ago!

    • Sam says:

      yes, all of this.

    • Asia says:

      Yes! I’m beyond disappointed. I don’t know what was the point of any this anymore.

    • sarah says:

      I agree thats why i just made up an alternative ending in my head Barney belongs with Robin Ted belongs with the mother

  3. Elena says:

    What. The. Heck.

  4. Brenna says:

    I invested 9 years for this ending?!?!? Horrible, just horrible!!!!

    • Sasha says:


    • taran63 says:

      If this had happened a few years ago I might’ve been okay with it. But they spent over two years building up to this Barney/Robin wedding, and I just feels like so much time wasted. Who is ever going to watch a rerun of any episode this season, knowing it’s all leading to a pointless wedding?
      They also did such a fabulous job casting the Mother, that now Robin seems like a sad consolation prize in comparison. And I’m speaking as someone who thought that Robin was the best of Ted’s past girlfriends. I was really sad to see that the Mother died. This episode just seems so radically different in tone from the rest of the series.

  5. Ari says:

    Nope, I hated it. Hated everything about it. Ted and Robin again? Because it’s worked so well in the past so why not?

    • Derek says:

      I never understood what was Hollywood’s obsession with on again off again relationships.

      • Jonathan says:

        No kidding! I’ve never seen anything like that in real life, so why is it such a hackneyed trope? It really doesn’t make for good drama. I mean, sure, maybe in your twenties a little of this happens, but stretching the Ted/Robin thing over decades is ridiculous.

  6. Melly Mel says:

    Ted and robin were aweful together. 9 seasons for that. I feel like I wasted my Monday nights

  7. Drewer says:

    I loved it! Everything I wanted to happen happened! I’m so pleased with the finale, I laughed, I cried, it was perfect.

    • Bryce says:

      I know. I can’t believe the negativity on here! I didn’t want Ted and Robin to be together (or for Robin and Barney to divorce) but I thought they did it beautifully. The scene under the umbrella was especially amazing. I expected to see positive comments on this recap. I feel like the writers did what they had to do to give everyone a little bit of what they want: Robin and Barney together, Ted and the Mother together, and Ted and Robin together.

      • Drewer says:

        Yeah, and it was acted so well, every moment of beautiful writing was performed with such emotion-emotion you don’t always feel on other multi-cam shows. The episode had call backs to running gags (the hanging Chad and old grandma from Florida couple costume). It was so great, I thought people would be fawning over how good the episode was.

      • Rook says:

        I loved it too, it summed up the show perfectly. The kids had it right, it was never about the mother, it was always Ted and Robin. And it worked out perfectly Ted got to have the kids he always wanted and Robin got to travel the world.

        • the8tregirl says:

          …and to achieve those two goals, the writers had to kill off the Mother and undo the person Barney became? Although again, to be fair, that speech he gave Ellie was so sweet but one speech and no idea of who or what or where HER mother is sort of negates the sweetness of the speech. Disappointed to the nth degree.

          • Ashley says:


          • pam says:

            yeah did barney get full custody of ellie? Having no mention of her mother (not even a name) seems odd

          • Vince says:

            Agreed on all the comments above.As for Barney’s daughter, i suspect the spin-off would be about her mom’sE story

          • Erin says:

            Oh my, a spin-off where Barney is the father would horrible! So the show ends with, “Then one night I went out with my friends, got drunk, and hooked up with this guy who told me he only had a week to live. I fell for it, and that’s how I met your father!”

      • Jenna587 says:

        I pretty much reenacted no no no cat when the whole thing went down, but after having thought about it, I am really ok with how this ended. It was a puzzle that they gave us 9 years worth of pieces, and we had the answer the whole time. I did love the Mother, she was amazing and perfect for Ted. But this was always how it was going to end, or else he wouldn’t have started the story that way.

        True story, my husband’s girlfriend before me was named Robyn. While I was sobbing over this finale, he tried to comfort me and told me he loved me and we would have beautiful children together. I just started crying harder and shouted “AND THEN I’M GOING TO DIE AND YOU’RE GOING TO MARRY ROBYN!” :cue fresh tears: I think I traumatized him.

    • j says:

      I’m glad to at least find SOME people who liked it as much as I did. I always figured this was how it would end, and it was really satisfying.

    • Zach says:

      I’m with you! What’s with all the haters? I thought it was a perfect ending.

    • Ben says:

      Here is the reality. When a show ends on its own terms, some people love, some people hate. To some peoples minds, the greatest show endings are bold (like this one, but others that come to mind are Battlestar Galactica, Lost, Sopranos, Chuck). To others, these make the worst show endings. Some people feel like the only good show endings are the happy endings.

      From my perspective, I tend to like how most shows end, simply because I can take a step back and appreciate the story for what it was, and I never feel ‘cheated’ by a writer doing exactly what hey planned to do all along, as though they owed me some kind of debt to have the show end the way I wanted it to end (would some people have felt cheated if Ted and Robin hadn’t ended up together since the show leant that way the whole time? Probably).

      In this case, the only point I’d make is that, love or hate the ending, it does make a lot of sense in the context of the ‘reality’ of the show – that is, Ted telling his kids the story that they told him. The story was about Robin. I guess I ‘got it’. And provided I get an ending, provided I understand the reason the writers chose to do what they did, I tend to be fairly happy with it.

      • Vagabondage says:

        Bays and Thomas don’t owe us anything. They may want to keep us around for the next series, but that’s not the same thing, so I agree with you about people “feeling cheated.” “Tricked” is a better word here. This was a plain ol’ bait and switch tactic, and a clumsy attempt to make the ending that had been in the works all along into a “surprise.”

        I disagree with you, though, that the show was leaning toward Ted/Robin the whole time. That might be true had the show ended around season 5, but the past few seasons built up Robin and Barney as a viable couple. Almost all of season 9 was about their WEDDING WEEKEND, for cock-a-mouse’s sake, and is chock full of cutesy moments like them defending the story of how they met to their minister, Barney telling his mother how much Robin means to him, and Ted (allegedly) letting go of Robin. Sure, shippers can debated forever about whether Swarkles or Ted/Robin (dunno if they have a ship name) have better chemistry, but that’s really a matter of opinion. It cannot be denied that the Powers That Be invested a lot of time and storytelling into Swarkles, and treated us to a lot of lovely moments that in retrospect feel like red herrings. I guess it’s just too bad that Robin had chemistry with both Ted and Barney. I don’t think they realized how much Swarkles would sizzle, at least in the opinion of a good number of fans.

        To me, this is evidence that the writers don’t fully appreciated the delicate origami of the show’s nine years of character development. Each of the characters wound up in a different place, with a changed understanding of love and relationships. Lily and Marshall discovered that love changes over time, even for “perfect” couples. Ted had FINALLY learned that desperation is a stinky cologne, so he stopped being so overeager. Barney learned that love means supporting one’s partner, and that sometimes involves sacrifice. Robin learned that love doesn’t always make sense, and that sometimes it’s best to listen to your heart. With the exceptions of Lily and Marshall, this was ripped to shreds in the 40-odd minutes of the series finally. Barney meeting his daughter was life-changing and poignant and sweet, but as it was at the the last minute, it felt a little forced.

        I’m not saying I absolutely had to have a Happy Ending, I just want one that honors the growth that these characters experienced. I could have lived with the divorce, had both Robin and Barney not returned to pretty much the same selfish people they were before, as if the lengthy, life-changing relationship had never happened.

  8. Kevin says:

    simply awful in every way I can think of, divorce, death and a cheat in going back to Robin.. epic fail

  9. Lindsey says:

    Horrible. Worst finale ever. They spent all this time showing how Ted and Robin weren’t compatible, only to have them end up together. The show that started out fighting cliches ended with one. It was just horrible.

    • Amie says:

      I agree completely. HORRIBLE. It really should’ve been How I Banged Chicks and Pined for Robin for Years and Oh, Yeah, I Met Your Mom But That’s Not Important. At All.

      • Sheila says:

        …Oh and your Uncle Barney and I are tunnel buddies for LIFE!
        This finale was awful.

        • Britta Unfiltered says:

          LOL, tunnel buddies! I like that. A term with the same meaning that I also enjoy is from the show The League where they call it Eskimo brothers.
          The finale went exactly the way I suspected and feared it would, and it sucked. I hated it.

  10. knd says:

    Ugh it was perfect until the end. I’m so mad I’m going to choose to ignore the last part.

  11. Lara says:

    Man, I think Gossip Girl’s series finale was more satisfying than this.

  12. SO glad I read this before it airs in my timezone. Now I know that I don’t need to watch it. EVER.

    • Just to clarify, I am not watching it because the Mother dies. Because that is stupid. Congrats writers you have seriously alienated a large part of your audience that you would’ve had with your new show.

  13. Emily says:

    Total cop-out. They made us forget about Robin and Ted for years, made us invest our feelings and time into Robin and Barney, finally let us meet the mother and love her relationship with Ted, and then they THROW IT ALL AWAY IN THE SERIES FINALE?!?!

  14. magpepper says:

    That finale was in NO WAY worthy of that magnificent show. I really hated it,

  15. Rachel says:

    What in the world did I just watch. The absolute worst.

  16. Kate says:

    Honestly, that might have ruined the entire series for me. All of Barney’s character progress the entire nine seasons, especially the last one, ruined almost immediately. The entire thing, after their divorce, was truly just terrible.

  17. Matt says:

    This might be the most polarizing series final ever.

    • henry says:

      Yes! Polarizing is the word indeed! It’s definitely a love-hate taste it left me. Thinking about it, Barney just wasn’t going to change’ yes. He made a commitment to Robin and it seemed like he changed for the better but this season they showed Barney as a “changed” man for only 48 hrs. Things change once you tie the knot and maybe their sacrifices outweighted the benefits. So. I’m kinda OK with that. But I fell in love with the mother and her being dead so Ted telling the story for the kids to approve of a relationship with Robin… It’s just… It doesn’t work for me. Although, I have to admit. Ted showing up with the blue french horn brought the whole thing full circle… I don’t know… I’m just torn… Polarizing definitely is the word!

      • Matt says:

        See…I’m actually ok with the Barney part of it. I’m ok with him and Robin acknowledging they didn’t work and just separating. I was really sad last season when it seemed like Barney wasn’t going to be a dad which meant so much to him. The only part of this episode that touched me emotionally was watching him with his daughter.

    • Seth says:

      It almost beats out the craptacular Lost ending. Almost

  18. Huge fail. I knew the mother was gonna die and I had made peace with it but Ted and Robin ending up together, that’s just BS. It’s like the past 9 years were for nothing and the mother was only there to give Ted two kids(since robin couldn’t have kids).

    • Stacie says:

      Exactly. The Mother was just an excuse to tell this story and to give Ted the kids. So Tracy aka the Mother was some sort of surrogate for Ted and Robin’s future relationship. Pretty disgusting when you put it that way, but kinda what happened.

      • Eline says:

        Are you freakin kidding me? A surrogate? Ted loved Tracy since the moment he met her. He was so in love with her and built a life with her, and after years of them being together, she dies. I can’t believe how ignorant you people are.

        • It isn’t ignorance, that is how it comes across. Let’s face it, the writers spent all this time and focus on Robin and gave Tracy very little. Yes, Ted had kids and built a life with Tracy, but we saw VERY little of it. I would’ve been okay with Tracy’s death but putting Ted and Robin together at the end of it, just cheapened the entire thing for me.

          • applescruffs says:

            11 years. Ted and Tracy had 11 years together. That means she died when her kids were what, 9-ish? So they had a life together, but SO tragically short!

        • katie says:

          considering they spent an entire season leading up to a barney/robin wedding (and the previous season with barney and robin ending up together) its not a stretch to come to that conclusion. The mother and ted’s interaction was so rushed, if this is what the writers wanted there was a way to come here organically instead of having breaking down the years of character development in a matter of minutes

    • the8tregirl says:

      …so what you’re saying is, the writers found The Mother to be Robin’s uterus??? ’cause that’s how I feel about killing her off and bringing Robin & Ted back together. “No, no, Robin. I love you for who you are. It doesn’t matter any more that you can’t have kids!” Blech.

    • Ashley says:

      I felt the same way. Seems like the Mother was solely needed to “fill in” for Robin and give Ted kids, and that’s about it. Kind of offensive and feels like a waste of 9 years.

  19. T. says:

    I got really attached to the mother :/

  20. Alex says:

    I am so not ok and this is so not what was supposed to happen.

  21. Sarah says:

    Loved everything EXCEPT the last few minutes. Why kill the mother?! Nooooooo it just seems so depressing and like such a sad way to end things.

  22. Molly says:

    I loved it (even Robin and Barney divorcing; I felt that was really true to what would have happened in real life) until the very end. The Mother dying was bad enough, but Ted ending up with Robin after the whole show emphasized how she was not the love of his life was downright insulting to the audience.

    • Sasha says:

      Yes I loved it till the last 5 minutes! :(

    • Best finale ever! says:

      Both Robin and Tracy were the loves of his life, but he couldn’t be with Robin because of the circunstances, and because they wanted different things, Ted wanted kids, Robin wanted to travel around the world and focus on her career, but then he meets Tracy, he made him overcome Robin, but not forget her, it doesn’t mean he didn’t love Tracy as much as he loved Robin, or maybe he loved her even more.

      Ted and Robin got what they wanted: a solid marriage and kids, and traveling around the world, both were single, so it’s not a surprise that the feelings started to come back again (6 years after the mom died, not the next day), and Ted wasn’t asking the kids of they were ok with him coming back with aunt Robin, they did read between the lines, understand what their dad wanted, and ecouraged him to do it, if Tracy were still alive Ted wouldn’t have those feelings for Robin at all.

      Now, are Ted and Robin going to be happy? Are Robin and Ted meant to be with each other? We don’t know, but remember what Ted said “love doesn’t make sense”

  23. KT8711 says:

    Was not a fan of the ending because it basically made the show Definitely, Maybe: The Super Extended Cut

    • Josh says:

      I’m glad someone else drew this comparison as well. Going into the finale I had this big feeling that they were going to do the same thing as Definitely, Maybe with the whole “This is how I met your mom, but I really love this woman and is that ok with you since I’m not with your mom now?” thing.

  24. Dan says:

    Wow. What a disappointment.

  25. Jessica says:

    I know other people hate it, but I thought it was perfect. I mean the series started with him meeting Robin, and up until like 2 weeks ago he was still in love with her, I’m happy they ended up together. And it wasn’t exactly a surprise. It doesn’t mean Ted didnt love Tracy.

    • Dan says:

      It doesn’t mean Ted didnt love Tracy.

      It means exactly that, for me. We spent 9 years seeing his journey to find THE ONE that was never the one.

      • C.I.L.O says:

        Here’s a thought for you (and it looks like the majority) to consider:
        Ted and Tracy definitely loved each other. They had 2 kids together and they got married. However, as much as they may have loved each other, they were never each other’s “one” true love. Tracy’s was the boyfriend who died on her birthday, and as much as fans may not admit it, Ted’s was Robin. So in the end, both Ted and Tracy ended up with their “one”: Ted with Robin (in 2030), and Tracy & her boyfriend (a la Lexie and Sloan).

        • Crystal says:

          This is absolutely true…I love how you put this. Barney & Robin never felt right to me. I’ve always believe Ted was supposed to end up w/ Robin. She was his true love, & after the Tracy’s episode where it showed how long she grieved her boyfriend that died, I knew Ted wasn’t her true love.

        • Eline says:

          Thank you for this. After reading this I realized the ending couldn’t have been more perfect.

        • Liz says:

          Actually, I have to disagree with you on this point. If the 200th episode left us with any message, it was this: the concept of a “one true love” is false – or at least a limited perspective. Life is far more beautiful and complex than that. A singular love that defines the entirety of one’s romantic life leaves no room for growth, nor for reality. Both Ted and Tracy were defined by the multiple loves (and friendships) of their lives, rather than by only their relationship with one another. Every person that we allow ourselves to care about changes us in some way, and we are constantly loving and changing. So the idea that they each ended up with their “one” soulmate is, in my opinion (and, I suspect, in the opinion of the show’s creators), is too limited of a perspective, and is probably why so many people feel cheated by the final five minutes.
          That said, I think the mistake of the writers was to draw out the wedding for the entire season. I would have felt more connected to the characters and less cheated myself to have more time with the mother and the gang so that their endings did not feel so rushed.

          • ejdax37 says:

            Thank you! It is like you took the words right out on my head and wrote the much better then I could! lol.
            I agree whole heartily with everything you say, I have never believed that you only get “one” true love. My 18 year old self loved her first boyfriend more then anything. Do I still love him? No. Does the fact that I remember when I loved him subtract from the love I have for my current boyfriend and father of my child? No.

          • kelseyb8632 says:

            Yes. This is exactly it. Thank you.

    • Josh Emerson says:

      Agreed. It makes sense to me. He loved Robin so much that he never completely let her go.

      • That means he settled for the mother. That’s not a good thing.

        • Ashley says:


          • ejdax37 says:

            He did not settle for Tracy! She died! What was he suppose to do, jump in the casket with her? Or become a hermit that never spoke to anyone let a lone dated? Moving on with you life after 6 year after your wife dies is not a bad thing! He just so happened to rekindle an old flame instead of meeting someone new at PTA.

  26. Ed says:

    NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Quinn Mallory says:

    The show has always been about Ted and his friends (which doesn’t really include the Mother). I thought the ending was fitting, even if the mother turns out to die (and 6 years before Ted starts to tell that story). Ted and Robin are meant to be together even if they take the really really long way to get there.

    • NZ says:

      I disagree. If he was meant to be with Robin then they should haven’t called it How I Met Your Mother rather How I Got to Be With Aunt Robin in the End Because Your Mother Died Six Years Ago. It has been misleading. Robin and Barney even if they didn’t end up together wouldn’t have angered so many fans if they didn’t spend the whole season on their wedding and show change in Barney only to be bring him back to the selfish person he was before Robin. Ted being able to “move on” and get over Robin was awful just to bring him full circle and back to her. If they ended it with the mother dying and the train station with the words and kids, “That’s How I Met Your Mother” it would not upset people as much. Just my humble opinion.

  28. Sarah says:

    Just…so beyond upset right now. I realize it’s only a tv show, but really?? How could they? It feels like a betrayl. Bad job, guys.

  29. Tessa says:

    I loved the episode but I loved Tracy Mosby so much and I don’t like that Robin and Ted ended up together. Ted and Tracy were so cute together and I love that they didn’t get married until seven years later! She should have been able to live to see her kids grow up.

  30. Mary says:

    Ha! Her name was Tracy. I feel like I just won the lottery with that one.

    • D says:

      Why? Was there a clue in the story I missed?

      • madhatter360 says:

        Season 1, Belly Full of Turkey. Ted is at a strip club, the stripper says her name is Amber (or something like that) Ted says his name is Ted, Stripper says her name is really Tracy, Ted says “and that’s how I met your mother”. Kids panic, Ted says “just kidding”

      • Mary says:

        Back in season 1, Ted, Robin and Barney spend Thanksgiving in NYC. After getting kicked out of a volunteer soup kitchen, Barney brings them to eat at a strip club. Ted pays for a lap dance for some guy. The stripper tell Ted he is a nice guy. Ted asks her what her name is and after giving a few faux names, the stripper says “Tracy” and Ted says “And that kids is how I met your mother” the kids are shocked but Ted jokes about meeting their mom in a strip club.

  31. Lizzie says:

    Huge disappointment. I hate that the mother died. I hate that Barney and Robin got divorced. And I think it was totally out of character for Ted to put off getting married for years.

    • emw says:

      So agree with you Lizzie.. The way Ted looked at the mother it was love at first sight. He isn’t the type of man to just put off marriage. Kinda makes me think that although he loved the mother he didn’t love her like he loved robin. Such a waste of nine years & several marathon sessions trying to figure out the ending… so not good. Best part was Barney meeting the love of his life although it would have been nice to see her again with barney or something more than the mother being 31. My series finale was at the end of the aisle. .

    • ejdax37 says:

      Not really, Ted wanted the big fancy wedding and after you have kids planning things becomes much, much, much harder. He finally realized that that the wedding wasn’t what was important.

  32. powerturtle90sdudemon says:

    I honestly don’t know how to feel. But the episode itself was really good

  33. Lea says:

    (Sorry for the CAPS, I’M SO MAD)

  34. Now I know how all the poor Dexter fans felt like when their show ended. I am so disappointed that we spend 9 years to meet the freakin mother, just to end up with damned Robin.

  35. meekthegeek says:

    Certainly this is going to be a love-it-or-hate-it ending. But I love a series finale that pays off in terms of stuff that happened in the pilot. For me, there’s no other way this could have ended that wouldn’t have left me disappointed. Now, when I rewatch tear-jerker moments like Ted making it rain, I won’t think “Aw, but they don’t end up together anyway.” Totally worth the ride, even with some super lame episodes this season.

    • tedmosbyjr says:

      @meek, totally with you on this! the ending was genius and all made sense now. No ending will make anyone happy anyway. I’m glad they stayed true to their original plan (according to Josh R). The biggest mistake is the show dragged toooooo long and led a lot of people on. I’m sure the producers knew this would happen but decided to go with the additional billion dollars revenue.

  36. Tonya says:

    What a complete pile of horse$hit. Seriously?! Seriously.

  37. Zak says:

    Total knee jerk reaction that would probably sound less hyperbole when I have time to digest, but I think that was the worst planned series finale for a show I have seen. The milked the 48 hours dry of story only to give us whip lash of 17 years in an one hour episode. Everything felt rushed and the ending I least wanted was the ending I got. The mother died (has predicted) and he ended up with Robin (something that was milked dry of story years ago.) I wish it was better and I don’t see myself revisiting this show again has previous episode now feel kind of tainted knowing how the show ends.

    • mandy says:

      Totally agree. They basically renigged on everything they layed out over the last couple years in less than an hour. Not believable or credible, IMO. Not well done at all. Whiplash, indeed. I’m terribly disappointed. .

  38. C.I.L.O says:

    Call me crazy, but I liked the ending. It brought the show full circle and proved that the one TRUE pair was always Ted and Robin. Plus, it takes guts to actually kill the mother off, so kudos to Carter and Craig.

    • Andie says:

      We get it…you like it. Now stop posting on every review site. It was a crappy ending, and no kudos are due to Carter and Craig. If the one TRUE pair was always Ted and Robin, then there is no reason to tell us how much Ted and the Mother were alike, and how much they love each other, and how perfect they are for each other. What is the point of having all of these poignant moments…a yellow umbrella that tied them together over time, a description of Ted’s perfect woman that matches the mother, etc., etc., etc., if the series doesn’t end with the Mother and Ted together. I’d even accept the mother’s death…that in and of itself is a poignant life moment. But I can’t accept the off-handed way they went about it, and I can’t accept the Ted and Robin ending.

  39. JWB says:

    Personally, I never cared for Robin and Barney together. The show has always been about Robin and Ted. I’m glad they took a risk with the mother dying. Overall I’m happy with the ending. This season wasn’t very good and the last couple of seasons could have been better.

  40. Ashley says:

    Honestly the dumbest finale I’ve ever watched, easily surpasses Seinfeld.

  41. Isabella says:

    This was TERRIBLE.

  42. SLG says:

    I guess I am in the minority who loved it. Pass the tissues.

  43. Miv says:

    Barney becoming a father was great, had a tear in my eye when he was talking to his daughter. We didn’t get to see much of the Eriksen family backstory but it all seemed very sweet and they seemed super happy, so I’m glad about that.

    The conclusion was awful. Extremely disappointed. I can’t believe it was always what was going to happen – it’s basically the worst of all the fan theories all mashed together into an ending. Oh well.

  44. A. D. says:

    He had NO chemistry with Robin…wish she hadn’t died…they were great together. Not sure how I feel.

    • T. says:

      Exactly. The greatest chemistry Ted had was with Tracy, and the greatest chemistry Robin had was with Barney. I’m completely disappointed, I feel cheated. Plus I’m a little heartbroken considering how much I loved Tracy and Tracy+Ted together.

  45. jean ralphio says:

    that was the WOOOOOOORST.

  46. Feel cheated... says:

    Guess I can sell those DVDs and forget about enjoying reruns…

    • jax says:

      Ditto! I wish I could sell my iTunes version!! Coming a week after the perfection that was the Psych finale, this episode was the worst type of disappointment and betrayal. This show is dead to me in syndication.

      • Tamera says:

        That is exactly what I was thinking! Psych was perfect and stayed so true to the show. This ending made it seem like the whole premise of the show was pointless.

      • taran63 says:

        Oh thank you! I hated this finale so much, that I’d forgotten how much I LOVED the Psych finale. I’ll just focus on that one instead. Thanks!

  47. ndavika says:

    I feel like I need to go shower away thoughts of that finale. I’m going to pretend we ended with Ted meeting the mother cause that’s where I’ve ended now. So much build up for Barney & his growth & to toss it all away? I’m glad he got to be a father but their divorce cop out was idiotic. I hope I can still watch the old ones & not remember this.

  48. Josh Emerson says:

    I LOVED IT. I’ve always loved Ted and Robin together, they’ve had an incredible run. Now, I also loved the mother, but this ending doesn’t bother me the way I originally thought it would. Honestly, I think the only mistake the show made is that the mother was just so lovable that we hate to see her die early.

  49. Sanchez says:

    Whatever progress the characters made over the years—one in ONE EPISODE. boo! Bad writing.

  50. Matt says:

    I’m going to be diplomatic and say that this isn’t how I’d have ended it. But I think I can live with it.

    • Bartleby says:

      Completely agree. Could have done without the Robin thing at the end, but I understand why they did it. Really though, the death part of it shouldn’t have surprised anybody. Why else would he be telling the story?

    • Zach says:

      Agreed. Anyway, the only opinions that actually matter are the cast and crew’s, and they all seem to be very satisfied.

      • Diana says:

        …i have to disagree, the opinions that matter is ours, because we were the ones that made it a hit show. This ending is a slap to the face.

        • Anna says:

          Couldn’t agree more. The finale undid all the progress and character development of the past 9 years. What was the point of getting so deep into Barney’s backstory and learning about his daddy issues that made him the man he was and having him move past it to become someone who is able to love only to turn him back into who he was in the first place? And for what? Because his wife worked too much and he didn’t like following her around the world? I don’t buy it. He leaves her because he wants something more stable but when he gets the divorce he goes back to the most unstable lifestyle possible. A lifestyle he left behind to be with her. That doesn’t make sense. He and Robin were perfect for each other. Ted and Robin were never right for each other. Maybe the point was that he wanted to be with her but he still wanted kids so they found someone for him to have kids with then killed her off so he could have them and Robin too? Again, I don’t buy it. She still can’t give him what he wants which is someone like Tracey. Barney and Robin could have separated then gotten back together. They could have teased Tracey’s death then in the final scene showed all three couples with grey hair sitting on Marshal & Lily’s porch. That was the dream and I don’t watch hilarious sitcoms to be left with the message that life doesn’t work out the way you want it to. Sitcoms are supposed to give you a better version of reality, not give you nine years of idealism only to end it with death, divorce and settling for 2nd best.

      • Sheila says:

        Then I hope the cast and crew buy up the dvd sets of this BS. This “comedy” was mishandled and I won’t be trusting carter / craig again.

      • mandy says:

        I’m not so sure about that. CS on Letterman last night (diplomatically) said she was happy she had a job for 9 years, and that she was glad the creators got to tell the story THEY wanted to tell.