The Walking Dead Finale Recap: Train Wrecks

The Walking Dead Season 4 FinaleBefore we learn whether Terminus really is the end of the line for the battle-scarred survivors of The Walking Dead, the fourth season finale serves us up a bloody reunion, a ghost story and a heartbreaking reminder of paradise lost. Read on, and we’ll discuss the mysteriously titled “A” from A to Z.

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HERE WE HOE AGAIN | Although the hour begins with and frequently revisits the bygone days when Hershel was teaching Rick how to farm so that Carl, in turn, could learn to do more than kill, it’s just a cruel tease. “It can be like this all the time,” says Maggie and Beth’s late, lamented father. Except that it can’t be like that all the time. And, in the present, it sure as hell isn’t. Rick won’t even let Carl intervene to save a stranger from getting his face bitten off by a pack of walkers. That’s the kind of world in which they now live.

JUDGMENT DAY | That evening, while Carl makes Zs in a nearby pick-up, Rick and Michonne’s campfire chitchat is interrupted by the marauders. “Oh, dearie me,” Joe says as he points a gun at Rick’s head. “You screwed up, a–hole.” Luckily, Daryl arrives on the scene before a shot is fired (and, for that matter, before we have too long to think about how bizarre it is that a cretin like Joe has just said “dearie me” as if he were the Dowager Countess). “You want blood” as payback for Lou’s murder, Daryl suggests, putting down his crossbow. “I get it. Take it from me.” Nah, Joe replies. They’re gonna beat Daryl to death, sure, for lying that these are “good people,” but they’re still gonna have their way with both Michonne and Carl, then kill Rick, anyway. In the inevitable ensuing struggle, Joe believes that he has Rick not just beaten up but beaten. “What the hell are you gonna do now, sport?” he means to ask rhetorically. In response, Rick — not at all rhetorically — rips out Joe’s throat with his teeth! And, as Daryl and Michonne dispatch the other hooligans, Rick guts Carl’s would-be rapist and stabs him. And stabs him. And stabs him. And…

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MONSTERS INC. | The following day, Daryl explains to Rick how he fell in with the marauders, how he was just about to break away from them, how he had no idea they were THAT depraved… But it’s okay. What happened, Rick assures him, “is not on you.” He even tells Daryl, “You’re my brother.” (Or, in words Joe would appreciate, “claimed.”) In the wake of Rick’s Norman Bates moment, however, things are a bit tenser between him and Carl. So, when the teen and Michonne separate from Rick and Daryl while scoping out the perimeter of Terminus, she reveals to her pseudo-son that her actual son died because her boyfriend and their pal were getting high instead of standing guard. In retaliation, she let the guys turn, whacked off their jaws and dragged them behind her on chains. Like Rick, “I was just another monster,” she says. Until Andrea — and, eventually, Rick and Carl, too — brought her back. So not only is there hope for Rick, there’s also hope for Carl, who maintains that his dark thoughts make him “just another monster, too.”

FOOD FOR THOUGHT | After regrouping, jumping the fence and surprising the denizens of Terminus in what looks like a factory setting — making soylent green, perhaps? — Rick, Michonne, Daryl and Carl are frisked… but allowed by welcome wagon Gareth to keep their weapons. Strange move, considering what we soon discover. “The more people become a part of us,” says another Termite, Alex, while Mary serves the newcomers something hot off the grill, “we get stronger.” Yeah, that doesn’t sound at ALL cannibalistic. As he continues — “That’s why we put up the signs, invite people in… it’s how we survive” — Rick notices that he’s wearing the pocket watch that Hershel gave Glenn, and all hell breaks loose. After a whole lotta shooting but not a lotta hitting, it becomes clear that Terminus doesn’t actually employ the worst snipers on the planet, the gunmen are simply herding Rick and Co. around the train station through a candlelit garage decorated with messages like “Never Again,” “Never Trust” and “We First, Always” and out into the yard. There, Gareth forces the foursome to enter a scary-dark train car in which they find — hurrah! — Glenn, Maggie, Bob, Sasha, Abraham, Rosita, Eugene and Tara! (Hmm… but no Carol or Tyreese?) It’s quite a pickle they’re in. But Rick isn’t worried. (Guess once you realize you’re the type who can bite out a man’s throat, fewer things rattle you.) “They’re gonna feel pretty stupid when they find out,” he says. “Find out what?” Abraham asks. “They’re screwing with the wrong people,” Dirty Harry Rick replies.

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Do you believe, as so many have speculated — and Alex’s dialogue hinted — that the residents of Terminus are man-eaters? Hit the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. L says:

    So.. pretty lame finale… no big death.. mostly all on Rick’s group like i feared… couldn’t they get them all back together in the finale… argh.. second half of the season was so slow and dull.. hope things pick up next season.

    • jessie says:

      imo it was a good finale i really liked it

      • Es Verdad says:

        I agree w/Jessie. It wasn’t their best cliff-hanger but it wasn’t “lame”…I wouldn’t liked to see what they were Terminus dudes were moving in the big root b4 the surprise party said ta-da!

    • Im glad Im not the only one that thought this. After watching this finale I said if the next season doesnt pick up then im done with this show. And Ive been loyal since he first episode came out.

    • Joe says:

      Great finale and the writing was superb the 2nd half of this season. If you’re seriously bitching about this show and how it just ended the season I think you have problems enjoying things.

      • Meredith says:

        I enjoyed the second half of the season, but I found this episode (especially the second half) tepid at best. Since we didn’t really get a glimpse of how depraved the Terminus people are, it’s hard to too strongly anticipate the next season. Not much of a cliffhanger, I’d say.

        • Joe says:

          You saw bloody carcasses as they were herded into a rail car. You heard other people screaming for help trapped in other rail cars. The season ended with our group trapped in a rail car with no weapons or way out. I’m not sure what you needed to see happen to make you anticipate next season, but for me I can’t wait to see how they get them out of Terminus. It’s basically as if Star Wars ended with Han, Luke, Chewie and Leia inside the trash compactor with the audience not knowing if they got out.

          Reading these boards is maddening. You either have the ridiculous “shippers” who are self flagellating because Carol and Daryl aren’t making love on the back of a Harley or you have people who have zero patience to let a story play out.

          You don’t know anything about Terminus? Let’s see. They have weapons. The trap people like cattle in rail cars. They’ve got a giant grill. They take possessions from the people they trap. It’s not a sanctuary. Next season is about getting out of there alive. I’m in.

          • Meredith says:

            Yes, it’s just so awful when people don’t agree with you. Stupid, stupid people.

          • DaddyDave says:

            Couldn’t agree more.

            The only “garden” you saw on Terminus was only like an herb garden in a 10×10 flower bed, no fields or pastures in the fenced off protected area for cattle, and sure was a grill big enough for a lot of meat.

            Also if you looked at those carcases they ran past on the chase, they were rib bare rib cages and bare bones, human size that looked like “fresh” meat carved off, not the dark rotted corpses we’ve all come to know and love.

          • Vickie says:

            I agrre with you Joe. It was a great ending…

          • CountryQueen says:

            Interesting point DaddyDave (couldn’t reply directly to you), about the garden. Nice contrast to the garden they were trying to develop in the prison, compared to this one. Our people wanted to eat food from the Earth, the Terminus crew wants to use plants from the Earth for spices.

          • April D. says:

            Thank you so much for that comment, I couldn’t have said it better myself and I agree with you 100%. I’m actually glad that they didn’t kill anyone off this finale because haven’t we lost enough already? Besides, that would be the easy way out and also more expected! This time they did something different and left us thinking on how the hell can our group get out of a locked train car, with no weapons and surrounded by a small cannibalistic army of actual people that are heavily armed! At that point, I would almost pray for a herd of zombies instead of people to fight! Who knows, maybe terminus will be their next prison or maybe they all have to just run and we won’t know where they end up! I don’t know what’s going to happen, we still have Carol, Tyrese, the baby and Beth out there unaccounted for, so if you ask me, there is quite a bit to ponder and very much anticipation….and isn’t that what it takes to make a great finale?

          • jessie says:

            i totally agree

          • Krista says:

            Thank you! Well said!

          • tanya says:

            I noticed that too, I said to my husband “did you notice all the cooking going on” and then we saw the meatless human corps laying there. And then them being herded to where they wanted them to go. its very well written. did anyone notice the eye patch guy change sides with his bad eye? little mistake on that part. so much for the safe haven. they should have taken that one guy to Washington to see if he could really fix the walker problem now they have to fight to stay alive again at least with the walkers they could get away but now no weapons trapped and gonna be eaten for dinner sick.. they almost ate someone at the bbq when that one guy asked if they were hungry lucky for them they saw that pocket watch. I wonder if they all know whats going on

    • TV Gord says:

      I enjoyed the slower pace and delving into individual character studies. What would each one do in their particular circumstances. There were plenty of deaths this season and lots of action. It doesn’t have to be constant, though. It doesn’t follow a formula the way, say, NCIS does. This season has been nothing but edge-of-my-seat pleasure for me.

      • tripoli says:

        Great comment. The finale wasn’t quite what I was expecting but it was still great and like you said, the season has been edge of your seat. I think the hype for the finale was huge so people were expecting big, shocking deaths and loads of action. I’ve always found that The Walking Dead does an excellent job waking that fine line between action packed, zombie thrill ride and slow, detailed, character driven moments. If people still can’t grasp the back and forth of that in this show, they never will.

      • Aaron Rowley says:

        At first, the second half of season 4 was a bit slow I have to admit. With that being said, they are doing this so they can bring out the individuality of each character. They want the show to be more than just about Rick and Carl. That is why they are focusing mainly on character development to make people “fall in love” with such characters to make their “eventual” death, be more of a dramatic event. I think people are dreading the second half of this season because it isn’t action-packed like season 3. I think they have done a fantastic job in distinguishing the personalities of each character. That I believe, will make the show better in the long run. Sure, there are many untold answers that weren’t addressed in the last episode(Carol, Judith, Tyrese, Beth etc.) I really enjoyed the finale and while it is going to be hard to wait 6 months to see what the next chapter is, I do believe they(AMC) has done an exceptional job in “setting up” a very dramatic Season 5. Anyone who claims that they “aren’t going to watch the show” or how the last episode “sucked”, clearly doesn’t appreciate the development that goes in to making a long-lasting, emotional and exceptional T.V series as the Walking Dead has.

        • Ken Harmon says:

          People who complain that the show is slow should stop watching and go watch a Michael Bay movie instead, you obviously aren’t intelligent enough to grasp the concept of character building and sustaining a quality drama. I don’t know what you expect, an hour of shooting zombies every week? Go to hell.

          • KevyB says:

            Seriously???!!! This show is absolutely INEPT at character-building! Was that great character-building that turned Glenn into the biggest idiot in the entire planet almost getting a girl killed cuz he can’t walk around a friggin’ tunnel??? Was that great character-building that made Daryl wander around with a bunch of violent imbeciles??? Is it great character-building any time that mullet-headed oaf opens his mouth to the other under-drawn characters in his idiot posse??? There isn’t a well-built character on this show! Carol is the ONLY somewhat-well-drawn character on here, and that’s because she’s barely been on it this season!! Next season she’ll probably turn into a pacifist, followed by a short turn as murderous Ms Governor, followed by a two-episode arc where she gets pregnant and has a baby, and then at the midseason finale, after everybody loses yet another home in a violent fashion, she’ll shoot Carl because he looked crosseyed at Judith!

            It’s funny you mentioned Michael Bay because as I was watching this episode I kept saying, This is the Michael Bay of television shows! All the energy is spent on the scenes where people kill zombies, and frankly, those aren’t directed very well. How does one man become completely surrounded by slow-moving zombies in an open field?!?! How are people CONSTANTLY being surprised by suddenly stealth zombies?? And the action scenes at Terminus looked like they were directed by zombies themselves, they were so unrealistic and pokey.

            So, that’s it. I’m done. I’m far too INTELLIGENT to make excuses for this stupidity anymore. I’m going to fill my televised bloodlust with shows that actually have three-dimensional CHARACTERS, like Hannibal and Bates Motel and Justified and Game of Thrones and True Detective. Oh, who am I kidding, Archer has better-drawn characters than this show, and they’re all smarter than these idjits too! This show should be renamed The Walking Braindead!

          • Jax says:

            @Kevy – People do stupid things all the time. Just because the writers don’t have them act the way you want them to doesn’t mean they aren’t character-building.

          • sbd says:

            ” How does one man become completely surrounded by slow-moving zombies in an open field?!?! ”

            Its rather simple when you think about it. There are well rotted zombie corpses lurching about on the scenes of day one (hospital) There are remarkably fresh looking zombies at 400+ days. Fortunately only one of them ever knew how to use a tool (brick), the rest seem marvellously alert yet incredibly dumb.

            Add to this one more counter scientific idea, and it begins to make sense. Zombies can teleport when noone is watching them!!! They probably learnt it from Leprechauns. The whole thing would make more sense if it was proposed as some sort of evil magic, rather than a “virus”, but… it’s zombies after all. (even though noone in the show has ever said “zombie”)

          • Ken Harmon says:

            Kevyn, I rest my case. My point is that I don’t know what people expect from the show because as a reader of the comic since the beginning I can say that it stays faithful to the characters while stilling doing it’s on thing and keeping readers guessing what will happen next, that includes the mullet headed oaf who is just like his character in the book. I watch all those shows you mentioned and never made a comparison or claimed that the TWD is better, however Justified has been spinning it’s wheels since season 2, which is when the show peaked

          • Ken Harmon says:

            Damn autocorrect, Kevy* Still doing it’s own thing

          • @ Ken, you are telling people to “go to hell” because they, such as you, are entitled to share their opinions here? You obviously aren’t intelligent enough to grasp the concept of what true character is…allowing others to do what they have a right to do.

    • John DeMayo says:

      Why does there have to be “a big death”? Is that the only type of drama you want to see? Having a big death in every finale is just so predictable. Isn’t it enough that they were herded into a box by a bunch of people who want to EAT them? The second half of the season contained some of the absolute best character development the show has ever had, balanced with some really innovative sequences of action and suspense. I’d actually go as far as saying that Season 4 has been the best, most consistent season so far.

      • Joe says:

        Jon – You can see my take above, but just wanted to let you know I agree with you 100%. I loved season one, but what happened, for me, in the 2nd half of this season was exciting storytelling.

    • Annie says:

      Agreed. That most certainly did NOT live up to all the hyperbole.

    • Steph says:

      Major deaths do not guarantee a great finale. The whole episode was rifw with action and tension, beautiful character moments and a turning pont for the main character and a set up for another great storyline. I think that consistutes a great finale, rather than just having a character be killed.

    • Dave says:

      await there is hope – a wooden rail car, stashed weapons, I see an exit strategy – second, remember the “how to catch a rabbit” scene. Ended that exact way for Rick – they shot at their feet to get them exactly where they wanted them to go and see. The “rabbit” would follow the road to the trap. They followed the bullets to the train. At the end of the day – they will probably see the last of Terminus by the second show. I am going with the cannibal thing………………….

    • Luke says:

      There is a reason they did not all regroup. They are going to need to be saved by Tyrese and Carol.

      • Monica says:

        Why is nobody commenting on the baby powder packets?? Tyrese and Carol might be eaten already with the baby. All we know is that baby has been in that box thing, Glenn and others will tell Rick that.

        • SouthernBelle says:

          There are at least 40 comments on this article about the “baby powder packets”, where it has been discussed at length and finally determined that the packet was actually powdered milk

    • Max says:

      Simple. Terminus is the end of the line for the disease. Do those folks look like cannibals? No. They look like dot com nerds… or scientists. Experimenting on those poor bastards in the railcars to find a cure to end it all. To further prove this point – where was the smart guy (that was traveling with the military guy) who supposedly had the answers to why this all happened – then linked up with Glenn and group? He wasn’t in the rail car that I saw. Too many for cannibals -they could farm just like at the prison…

      • wrstlgirl says:

        He was definitely in the rail car.

      • Chris says:

        Yes, thank you for being optimistic that Terminus has a higher cause. If the show is only about our faithfull crew surviving one round of mean baddies after the next, it will never go anywhere, and eventually everyone will get killed off. Not just our protagonsits, but all the humans. The only way for the story to remain interesting is if there is some hope for the remaining humans pulling together their resources to end the zombie plague. Banding together, not killing each other, and killing off zombies in organized “sweep and clear” missions where safe territory is expanded would be a start. Finding a cure for the infection so new freshly dead humans don’t turn would be a milestone. Small groups taking people in and getting larger and eventually finding each other and organizing into even larger groups would seem to be the natural progression. Eventually order would be restored. That’s a story that can remain interesting for several more seasons. A rag-tag band of survivors running willy-nilly through the aftermath fighting or escaping from bad mean people is just going to get boring – and even worse, hopeless. Let’s hope the folks at Terminus have something productive to offer other than just one more evil group to fight.

      • @ Max, so you too noticed that the “scientist” that had been with Glenn and the others was not in that rail car. Someone else here posted that he was, but I didn’t see him.

    • Amy says:

      They were reunited at the end?

  2. Morganic says:

    No carol? :(

    • alistaircrane says:

      I was disappointed about that, but it just means Carol and Tyreese are going to save the effin’ day!!!!!!

      • JeeJee says:

        or they were what was on the effin’ grill

        • Cassie says:

          Ha! That’s funny right there. I was thinking good ‘ol Tasha Yar at the grill was servin’ up some juicy rack of Carol and bone-in-Tyrese steaks the minute I saw the BBQ. I really do want to see Carol really snap and go all Snake Plissken, À la Escape from New York(sans the eye patch-it’ll trigger everyone’s PTSD) on the (possibly?)Kuru diseased “Term-ites.”

        • Dorian Thompson says:

          No, that was Beth on the grill. I hope. ;) Seriously, out of all the characters she’s the only one that annoys me to the point I would like to put a nail through her forehead. It’s not the prom, dear. It’s the apocalypse. You and Daryl aren’t going to be putting up curtains in the shack. LOL.

          Outstanding finale. Shocked that they went there with the near Carl rape, but some people are rapists. When civilization breaks down, you never can predict the depths of depravity.

      • Amanda says:

        I agree! I was saying that Carol and Tyrese will have a part in saving them! I’m also still shocked Maggie hasn’t asked anyone about Beth. The whole season was Glen Glen Glen but what about YOUR sister?! That just threw me off. Did anyone see the bones when they were running through Terminus? Looked like a lot of rib cages…Overall the episode was pretty good….

        • Cody mahaney says:

          Who the hell took Beth and where is she

        • Murph says:

          Maggie is pretty much the worst sister ever.

          • jessie says:

            i agree, maggie hasn’t even mentioned beth. its like she never had a sister. i mean even if she thought beth died she should be sad about her and talk bout her maybe bein alive, she sure didnt give up on glenn

          • Sasa says:

            Yes, Maggie is real B**ch.

          • Sasa says:

            Maggie is interested only what Glenn have in his trousers, she doesnt care about sister.

        • Nikki says:

          I did notice the rib cages on the ground when they were running. I think that’s the biggest indicator that the Termites are cannibals.

        • IMHO says:

          That pile of bloody human skeletons that Rick ran by screams CANNIBALS !
          It looked like they were recently butchered with all the blood.

        • Demilee says:

          As per the comic book, I believe she’s pregnant. I’m pretty sure if you were pregnant you would be very interested in getting your husband and baby daddy back.

        • Charlid says:

          When The Rick group was herded into the candle room, there were 2 train cars stacked in each other. There were people in there yelling and banging on the cars. I think that is where Carol, Tyreese and Beth are.

          • A. Steiner says:

            I agree. The shot of disposed powdered milk boxes in front of train car seems to hint baby Judith was there. Hopefully they just moved them to another car or the group and the Termites took her to raise as their own!

          • Moondra says:

            Nah… with all that noise they were making in that car, I think Judith would have been screaming her head off…unless they took her away first. Then again I would like to believe that Carol and Tyrese are going to save them. Those two together are a force to be reckoned with! Boo-ya!

        • She makes mention of not seeing beth get out of the prison in ep 10, and follows that up with a sad face and “but I KNOW Glenn got out and I know which way he went” (then they went back to find the bus). From that, I took that Maggie, like Daryl, saw beth as “just another dead girl” and assumed she was dead from the time the prison fell. Sure, she could have asked when they were all reunited, but sasha didn’t ask about tyreese either. The assumption between those currently inside the train car is that those who didn’t make it there didn’t make it, period.

      • Teeny Bikini says:

        This would make me soooooooo happy :)

    • Isaac Hunt says:

      Did anyone else notice the spilled baby formula by the train carriage? Thought that was a pretty heavy hint that Judith, Carol and Tyreese had been there. My guess is that they were accepted into the group because they arrived with a baby, and the’ll use that to bust the others out. I have a feeling that Beth probably wasn’t so lucky, pretty sure Carl will be thankful he didn’t get a chance to tuck into his plate from the grill…

      • wrstlgirl says:

        I definitely saw it, and so did Rick :-) Not that it meant anything to him, but he looked right at it. But I don’t think Beth is dead, not at all. They didn’t focus on Daryl teaching her all those survival tactics for her to just die behind the scenes :-)

      • bluskies says:

        I don’t think it was baby formula. I thought it was powdered milk, which would be required to fatten them up. When Rick and co were patted down, they could feel how skinny they were from malnutrition. Same with Glenn and Maggie and everyone in that group. So they probably didn’t kill them right away in order to feed them, an thus have more food…

        • wrstlgirl says:

          I’ll be re-watching again later but my room mate and I both could swear the packets said “baby” on them. Maybe it was just us seeing to much there, lol, could be we were very involved in the episode :-)

          • Justin Sturm says:

            It was powdered milk, i think they were just rations for the people inside and let Rick no that they have been keeping people in there already

          • wrstlgirl says:

            Kirkman replies to the powdered milk question in an interview I just read on another site. Interesting and very cryptic answer of course. He also alluded that Terminus isn’t necessarily cannibals. Good interview.

  3. Tony says:

    I know some are gonna call the ending lackluster. I thought it was cool to see Rick finally realize he has to do what he has to do now and no one is gonna mess with his group without a fight

  4. Butter says:

    Freakin’ love Darryl

  5. Jip Lance says:

    This was a boring finale

  6. Ralph says:

    Anytime we can get Hershel back is a good thing. Solid cliff hanger which sets up the next season. I liked the fact this season was much more character driven.

  7. Laura says:

    But what about BETH?!?

    • Ralph says:

      She was on the grill……

      • nate says:

        lmao…hope not

        • Sasa says:

          Yea. Beth was on grill. IoI If she not, she will probobly step up between Daryl and Carol, and she is pregnant with Daryl or some thing like that. But she was probobly on grill IoI

      • alistaircrane says:

        *prays this is true*
        I used to be ambivalent about Beth, but as a Caryl shipper, I now hate her guts!!!! Eat the b***h! That’s what she deserves for coming between Daryl and Carol!

        • jessie says:

          carol and daryl had plenty of chances to get 2gether and never did plus daryl knew carol wasnt at the prison when it was attacked but he didnt try to find her or even mention her so how did beth come between them

        • Elle says:

          If your sole reason for hating a character is because she might be interfering with your ship, I feel bad for you.

          • Bored Now! says:

            There are many reasons to feel sorry for alistaircrane, Elle. This is just one of them! ;)

          • wrstlgirl says:

            Bored Now got it right. But why bother, lol.

          • Bored Now! says:

            Aww, c’mon now, wrstlgirl! Don’t you totally ship alistaircrane and sanity?

            Alistaircranity, maybe? ;)

          • wrstlgirl says:

            Oh Lordy Bored Now ~ don’t give it any ideas, please. Talk about a one note wonder….. Crikey. It loves the attention it gets and probably does this just to get people riled up.

        • Keith says:

          She didn’t come between anybody

          • Sasa says:

            Yes. She is. Between Daryl and Carol. She is probobly pregnant with Daryl. Or she ended on grill IoI. But probobly Carol will save them, and in this situations somebody always use walkers. So she will maybe let walkers in Terminus, so those guys must fight walkers until rest of the group escape. Thats classic in zombie movies/series.

        • Meghan says:

          Showing your true crazy. Congrats.

        • Carol Don't Need No Man says:

          This is sad. Nobody came between anybody. Caryl happening is vetween Carol and Daryl, not Beth. If Daryl wanted Carol, they’d be together. Obviously, he’s not interested, get ovee it. Caryl is nothing more than a fantasy, a friendship, that’s all.

        • Bored Now! says:

          So let me get this straight… You watched Dexter for the sole reason of hoping that he would get caught because he was a serial killer and despite doing everything he could to put his killer instincts to good use, you still wanted him to go down for it. Yet you want Beth to be eaten by Walkers because Daryl might have a thing for her and get in the way of your shipping fantasy?

          You really ought to think about talking to someone about those mixed messages your brain is giving you….

      • DaddyDave says:

        No, no…

        Beth is probably not dead. Hints (at least from my humble view) The Hill Billy crew Darryl was with, mentioned how young girls “Don’t last long” out here. (Breeding stock perhaps?) Plus even at Terminus, it looked like they had A LOT of younger people….. Hmm, echos of Children of the corn, or Lord of the flies. Or perhaps in this case Solylent Green.

        My “guess” is that the young people are eating off the older ones, who are past their prime.

        And as DaddyDave, this concerns me :)

        • wrstlgirl says:

          There is no “probably” about it. Beth is not dead, period. There is a good story coming for this character.

      • Justin Sturm says:

        No way Beth was at Terminus.
        Why would they need to kidnap people when its obvious that their “come on in” signs are really working. They have a ton of snacks waiting to be eaten, they don’t need to leave, they have home delivery

    • saintrocco says:

      Spoiler alert. I think Beth was taken by another group. She becomes a wife to someone they call the Pastor or something like that. Maybe we will see her later.

    • metalgal69 says:

      In the flashbacks they show Rick putting his hat on Beth’s head saying ‘Theres a new sheriff in town’. This makes me think that she’s going to show up dramatically, say that line and save the day. I haven’t read the comics but I’ve read posts about a preacher character and thats who I think took beth. And am I the only one who wanted Beth and Daryl to get together? I know they have an age difference but its a post-apocalyptic world, who cares! Not to mention I hate Carol’s character. I just wanted Daryl n Beth to shack up at the funeral home and make babies together.

  8. JP says:

    Awesome season finale.. Best kill ever.. “You are my brother” and now, we have evolved from Sherrif Rick to Ricktatorship to farmer rick to what I’m going to call the “rickovenor”… Cannot wait to see the pain they bring to Terminus

  9. M3rc Nate says:

    I CALLED IT! :D Go back and find my comment on the last TWD TVline comments and i said all this perfectly. Obviously it was a trap in a zombie Apocalypse to WANT people to come to you while you leave your front gates open and un-defended, and advertise your location to everyone for miles all around…..obviously you’d only do that if the people….are your food source (cannibals)…and if you had a strong advantage (like the amount of people they have, the rat maze trap they had setup and the weapons they have).

    That and how ominous is that HUGE grill the lady is always cooking huge slabs of meat on lol…what do they have 50 cows or something? No…people are their meat and with people just coming in weekly (presumption) they will have lots of meat all the time.

    • rumpleg says:

      Nice job Sherlock. But pretty sure you weren’t the only one who felt that way.

      For as many people as they have, what do they do…give them a choice…eat with us or be eaten by us? Then when they got to a certain population, no one else gets a choice I suppose, they just get eaten. Can’t imagine how many humans they’ve killed off.

      • M3rc Nate says:

        I didnt say i was the only, but not many others at all were talking about the specifics besides saying “Probably the cannibals” on the last TWD TVline comment section.

        Idk, that would be HIGHLY risky…who would say “i choose eat me”? Also who would say “ok i’ll eat with you” then run away or group together again and kill them all as they sleep?

        • JeeJee says:

          yeah, still not going to go back and find your comment though dude

          • M3rc Nate says:

            Oh ya, i didnt mean literally go back, i meant if you think im wrong feel free to go back and look it up. Its just nice seeing the little clues and calling it 100%…more than just “they are bad, and cannibals” like most posters. Nothing big.

  10. april says:

    No answer as to where Beth is? Really bummed about that.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      To be fair, it will probably be brought up very soon in the next season, and they had to have SOMETHING left over for next season, we already know the main plot line will be escaping the cannibals at Terminus…with them holding that back, maybe episode 1 they will reveal where she is or something ominous and next season you will be so excited to find out more.

    • Mark says:

      Beth was kidnapped by good people who will be involved in next season’s rescue

  11. Kermit says:

    I can’t believe there were people who thought this episode was boring.

    • nate says:

      thank you!!! i was so tense the whole episode

    • Beth says:

      I know! Rick ripped a guy’s throat out with his damn teeth, if that’s boring than I don’t know what people want.

      • Kermit says:

        They want all gore and no character development, apparently.

        • Mary says:

          They want everyone except their favorite character to die a horrible death while their favorite character becomes a hero and saves the world while riding off into the sunset with his or her love interest. I pretty much think that’s the ONLY thing that will make these people happy.

    • I wouldn’t worry about it. It takes a lot to get those people excited, you can’t imagine the exciting lives they live working at the piggly wiggly and shooting straight home to their parents basement to catch their evening shows. ;)
      The fact that they managed to sit through it and then got online to comment on how bored they were is a testament to …. mental instability? Being a general sh1thead? Pick one.

      • Gaara says:

        OH NOES!! I never would’ve imagined that not singing praises to an episode would make me a mentally instable sh*thead! I lived all my life wrong!

    • TV Gord says:

      I think they have nothing better to say, so they’re trying to bait those of us who actually “got” what we were watching.

  12. Kre says:

    Ok finale, better than season 3’s finale. Just sucks we have to wait seven months to find out what the hell is going on.

  13. xomareen says:

    I hate that just because no one of the main cast died people consider this episode lame.
    I don’t know about you, but my hands were shaking and sweaty till the end and I was so anxious to see who’s dead. I thought it was more shocking no one died. actually. Plus having Hershel back is always a plus.

  14. Andrew Hass says:

    I thought it was a good finale and nice way to take us into season 5.We still have Rick and Carol’s reunion with Judith to look forward too.Plus i’m fine with no major character dying because too many takes away the impact.Now next season i think there’ll be more action because most everyone is back together again.So i can’t wait.

  15. M3rc Nate says:

    The only thing strongly going through my mind as i watched was how HORRIBLE it is when giving a mission (spread out, go search for _____) for people to just stop and have these 5-10 minute long conversations….Carl with Michonne etc. Let alone why is there head not always on a swivel? Meaning with zombies apparently able to quietly sneak up on you (especially in the woods) they should not be looking at one thing directly for more than 30 seconds…yet they talk to each other face to face eyes to eyes for 5-10 minutes long. Crazy.

    The thing i just thought of is how much smarter it would have been tactically going into Terminus to leave Daryl behind (hiding) and they go in, everything happens, he hears shooting…he then does WAY more recon, finds where they are and attempts to break them out.

    • Considering he wouldn’t have spotted the snipers on the roof from the ground if it had a half wall, that wouldn’t have worked even if they tried it.

      • M3rc Nate says:

        Or….he goes in at night (duh). Snipers or not, no way they have HUGE lights to canvass the perimeter or for that matter Night Vision Goggles. So Daryl waits, hears gun shuts, thinks to run to help but from the sound of THAT man shots for so long from rifles, he waits, eventually either sees them come out the other end and get walked into the containers or he just waits until night not knowing anything…and does recon and hopefully finds the box car and opens it from the outside, having brought the bag of guns with him, passes them out and they either run away or go kill everyone.

  16. number42is1 says:

    SO FU**ING BAD! GAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Nicole says:

      So someone has to die to make it good?!? It had action, story holes were filled in, it had heart, action and set up an awesome story for next year. Well rounded finale if you ask me!!!

      • M3rc Nate says:

        I agree. So many people need that super fast paces, tons of zombies, tons of kills, character dies TWD episodes….when they are in one place (farm, prison etc) they WHINE so hard about the show being stagnant and slow and boring, then when they are on the road trying to find a new place they WHINE so hard “when are they gonna get to the next place?! gaahhh all this talking on the road and slow camping scenes!!!”…. lol wtf do they think this show is? All this show can be is either on the move trying to survive essentially backpacking and camping…and finding a place to hunker down and gathering supplies and securing the shelter…

        What people dont seem to get is what i had to learn watching Longmire. The show is SLOW. You have to accept it, slow yourself down in this super fast paced ADD/ADHD country and go along for the slow ride. Enjoy the quiet, enjoy the looks, the conversations, the small details and the non-main plot points. TWD has never been about how many Zombies they kill or something wild and crazy like people love..its not COD Zombie edition. Its these peoples stories as they just try to survive, that means LOTS of talking, camping, crying, etc. (Which isnt to say just cause you accept the show is slow, that it cant be TOO slow, or cant be bad writing or a useless scene/plot point..those can obviously all still happen.)

  17. Jeff says:

    Uh, what was ambiguous about whether they are cannibals? When they are running through the compound they CLEARLY show bloody, skeletal remains in a fenced in area. And where else would they be getting that meat?

  18. mars says:

    Oh man. Rick carol n tyrese are all on the same page now. You have to do what you have to do now to survive.

    • azu says:

      Not quite. Rick has always done what he could to protect his people even at great personal cost from outside threat. He has never and will never hurt his own group. The attempted rape of his teenage son is more than enough to earn those idiots a death sentence

  19. azu says:

    It sounds good! Can’t wait to watch it!!!

  20. Barrasso33 says:

    This episode was great! All of you are just made because no one died! You must not read the comic DBs because if it was following the comic they would have about 10 seasons. Great episode, keep them coming Walking Dead.

  21. jessie says:

    well i for one liked the finale coulda been better but still good. loved the confrontation with joe’s group when rick bit joe’s throat out with his teeth it was awesome and i knew daryl would come thru for his real friends. i thought it was kinda funny when rick came at the guy who had carl and that dude just pushed carl his hostage away and started backing up, what a wuss. now i wanna know where is beth tyreese carol and judith? hopefully not on the grill that’d be beyond horrible especially 4 judith. im excited to see how the group is gonna get outta this one. we met gareth who i’ve heard bout in comments but thats all i know of him. i hate waiting til october to find out any answers. i did love the last line rick said they dont know who they r messin with, or they r messin with the wrong people at least i know my feeling was right bout them bein cannibals there was a chainlink fence full of human bones u could see the spines well. did anyone else notice when rick n them were tryin to get out and they ran by that silver trailer people were screamin help me

  22. Justin Burnell says:

    Reblogged this on THB Files and commented:
    My reaction of tonight’s finale of TWD which I gotta say that It was intense, shocking and epic. I don’t spoil too much anymore because I always mess it up for everybody so it was great finale since “Breaking Bad” series finale.

  23. rumpleg says:

    GREAT episode. Anytime Rick is the focus of an episode, that episode is going to be good.
    Wait till he finds out about Judith and the plans Terminus has for her. Those people have no idea what they’re in for.

  24. Great season final, i loved Rick going all Tyson on the claimer, Terminus was obviously a trap, Rick knew it, but didnt have the means to deal with it.

  25. abcben says:

    I’m not complaining… that was hella better than last season’s finale!! still hate that I have to wait until next fall for this tho. ugh

  26. Kevin says:

    The whole second half of this season was a bore to set up next season. Zzzzzz

    • John DeMayo says:

      So you’re bored by character development?

      • Kevin says:

        So by that logihc you’re saying the rest of the seasons didn’t have any? You can have character development without killing time limping along through a dull second half of a season. The previous seasons all had a nice mix of character development and story movement.

        • Justin Sturm says:

          Their home was destroyed and all of them were scattered to the winds, if that happened to you I would guess it would take you a little while to get back on your feet and get going.
          The writers taking this time, a time of grieving for the characters, to build up the characters was brilliant. It would have been unrealistic for them to all just jump up and start re-building/moving on.
          And the story did keep moving, You had conclusion to Lizzie’s story, to Carol’s/ Tyrese’s story. You had the intro to the Joe’s gang and a conclusion to it. It explained why Daryll and Michone were the people the were before the group came together and why they did not just go back (or at least stay) that way after it all went to hell.
          It started a romance between Sasha and Bob (who are no longer just background pieces), They introduced Abraham and his group.
          What did you want to happen exactly?

  27. Sanela says:

    I’m sure everyone noticed the lingering shot of powder milk right at the entrance to the trailor…. Is this to hint baby judith may already have been there.

    • jessie says:

      i didnt notice that but gettin ready to rewatch the episode and i’ll look 4 that

    • Kelly Mayes says:

      i did see the powder but did not realize is was baby formula powder… yikes.. does not look good.. maybe they kept her alive to grow a person they could teach to be their own.. too little .. not much meat… but Carol and Tyrese… I think they might have been in the screaming box ‘help us’… hopefully the grill is from meat frozen from previous visitors… assuming there are more visiting than can be eaten so they have to store the meat… really looking forward to the next season!!

    • AnnieM says:

      I thought that too at first. Then I remembered about milk-fed veal. The diet makes the calf anemic, which is why the meat is pinkish rather than red like other beef. Anyway, apply this diet to a person being held for eventual consumption, and they would get weaker and weaker from theanemia, probably making them much easier to subdue them for dinnertime. Just a thought.

    • Not baby Judith – they feed the newly arrived milk to fatten them up like veal.

  28. Tito says:

    Rick and gang were herded to the trailer like a gang of cows being guided through a slaughter house. I couldn’t miss the skeleton pile by the fence. More prime cut for the grill!

  29. Harold says:

    Loved the final episode. Perfect ending to the bad guy group, who were like the worst of the Hells Angels. What they should have been doing is working their way north until the temperature got to below freezing. Wouldn’t the dead freeze up and be easy targets? Might not kill them but would stop them in their tracks.

  30. humanature says:

    I agree with mostly everyone else l, lackluster. Could have been a whole lot better if they excluded the flashbacks. The flashbacks were lazy

    • rumpleg says:

      The flashbacks were great in terms of story and character development. Told the viewers a lot about Rick, Carl and Herschel.

  31. alistaircrane says:

    I just can’t! That was awful! I don’t remember ever seeing a season finale that made me less interested in tuning in to the next season. Overall, Season 4 was the worst season yet. Its only redeeming value was finally giving Carol some decent material. But at the same time, this was a terrible season to be a Daryl/Carol fan. So on the one hand, Carol got a good storyline, but on the other, the Caryl shippers were slapped in the face. Just dreadful.

    • Kermit says:

      Honestly curious, not trying to be snarky:

      Is feeling “slapped in the face” because of who you ship you felt the season was so bad?

    • Beth says:

      I love shipping a couple on one of my favorite shows, in fact I will admit I watch some shows for certain pairings…. Having said that, I believe there isn’t a reason for that on the Walking Dead. This is a show about survival and what lengths people will go to make it. Sorry if Daryl and Carol didn’t happen this season but I was more upset with the forced break-up of Daryl and his beloved crossbow!

    • jessie says:

      really the season was bad just because carol and daryl didnt get together so i guess that makes seasons 1-3 bad as well. i for one love this show and i worry more about the characters survival and all together well being than matchmaking

    • JeeJee says:

      except you will watch all of season 5 – and then probably say similar things about THAT finale…

    • Keith says:

      Caryl? There is no Caryl-it’s just Daryl and Carol

      • tripoli says:

        Preach! Hate the combining of 2 character names. If you frequent these recaps you’ll come to see that alistaircrane is deeply passionate about Carol and a potential Carol and Daryl relationship. To each their own, kudos to them for being so damn consistent and loyal but the blinders have them missing out on a lot of really great stuff. I’ll never understand fans who feel slighted or messed with because their preferred pairings don’t happen. This show has so much more to offer. It’s a shame some are missing it.

        • Bored Now! says:

          You should have read his ‘feelings’ on how the 50th Anniversary episode of Doctor Who was going to ruin the whole Tenth Doctor/Rose relationship too. That was hilarious! Especially as it was obvious that he had completely misunderstood who Billie Piper was actually playing in that episode. For a supposed fan of the show he didn’t seem to have worked out what was happening at all, but then when your entire basis for watching something is which two characters are going to be sitting in a tree, K. I. S. S. I. N. G., you’re not going to notice the actual story, right?

          • tripoli says:

            alistaircrane has very strong opinions, no question about it. Gotta had it to them for continuing to be as vocal as ever, considering how riled up people get by their comments.

    • TV Gord says:

      You people who “‘ship” (moronic jargon) just set yourselves up for disappointment when you “‘ship” anyone on an ensemble show. Then, you come here with the same boring observations every damn week and make the rest of us roll are eyes. It would be laughable if it weren’t so sad.

    • Bored Now! says:

      Shipping = The worst television related internet craze to ever have existed as far as a show’s fanbase being taken seriously is concerned. Anyone who watches a show based primarily on the existence of a given couple is completely missing the point. It’s bad enough that shippers ruined the likes of Buffy and Doctor Who with their ridiculous priorities but The Walking Dead? A show about surviving a zombie apocalypse? Seriously? I’m all for romance in a show but worrying about who ends up with whom when they could both end up with their throats ripped out next week seems kinda pointless.

    • Justin Sturm says:

      This has been the best Season yet.

  32. jessie says:

    i just knew when joe’s group said they were gonna rape michonne and then carl that rick would take em down at any cost

  33. I wouldn’t say the entire episode was full of worlds greatest moments but I enjoyed it.

    Yes I think it is pretty clear they are cannibals. When they had the watch I had a feeling the mystery meat wasn’t deer. The entire thing is beyond weird.

    Can’t wait to see how Rick and company take it to them next season. Just hate we have to wait so long.

  34. NC says:

    They could have for a lot more characters in if they didn’t waste time with flashbacks…does anyone really care the process Rick went through when he decided to become a farmer at the beginning of the season? Unnecessary and they would have been better served to show the whereabouts of Carol, Tyreese, and Beth.

    • azu says:

      Yes people do care!! It’s called storytelling. Things don’t always turn out the way people want. So just chill and enjoy the ride

      • sdfsdf says:

        In fact, there’s thousands of us who would’ve enjoyed seeing the story of other characters instead of a flashback… it was after all the last episode we’re gonna have for the next 6 months…

        The person above you has an opinion. Maybe you should “chill out”.

        • azu says:

          Thanks mouthpiece!! Now try and have an original thought rather than repeating other peoples words. Just try sweetie I know it’s hard for you

    • Justin Sturm says:

      The flash back served a purpose.
      It showed not only how far they have come since the prison and what they lost at the prison, but how much Hershel’s guidance was needed but at the same time that Hershel’s lessons were at least in part to blame for the fall of the prison.
      Rick’s instinct was to protect the prison and help out in the defense and running of the daily operations, Hershel assumed that they were going to be OK from then on and that they could worry about making life better rather then protecting themselves.

  35. Sean says:

    My two cents; Terminus is the cannibals and the Alexandria Safe-Zone rolled into one. instead of spending all season on a trek up the DC, they focused on the group splinted to allow more character depth (for better or worst). Next season, they bust up the cannibal cult running the joint take over, Eugene is [SPOILER ALERT] found out to be the fraud that he is (or maybe is eaten by the cannibals before the Survivors can free themselves) and the group sets up shop there. W/ any luck, we see Negan before the mid-season five break. Just a guess.
    Another thing, why did the prison group not find Terminus before the fall? They were making runs to all the near by towns and Michonne and Daryl were looking high and low for the Governor all around the prison for “miles” yet, no one saw a single sign. I know they heard the radio message that one time, but you think there’d be more. Just saying.

    • Nikki says:

      There’s no way they’re bringing Negan in this soon, especially since that story line won’t even be finished until next month. I don’t think the show will surpass the comic book story line or run concurrent to it. Kirkman said maybe season seven would be a good time to focus on All Out War.

  36. Derek Johnson says:

    What, you didn’t include a Lost death? Boone’ s was pretty shocking as was Charlie’s.
    Overall I liked this episode, but I wish they would have answered a little more. Why couldn’t they just say Gareth & co were cannibals rather than make it obvious? If you know the source material it doesn’t give a lot of suspense. Could have used some of that action earlier in this boring season.
    Was more worried about Beth because she was wearing a blue shirt like Juliet from Lost did during season 4 of that show. Ironically, Beth maybe better off than the rest of the group.

  37. Dman says:

    Did anyone notice they ran by a cage of what looked like body parts and people yelling help?

    • jessie says:

      yes i did and i asked the same question, i knew i heard people calling for help. other than me your the only other person to mention it

    • yden says:

      i notice that too… that scene convinced me that terminus is cannibalism society… did you notice the empty powdered milk box before rick entered the trail wagon? omgeeee Judith :(

      • jessie says:

        yes i noticed that also but i dont think it was formula for judith i think its the powdered milk we feed our livestock to fatten them up i think terminus is feeding it to the people they have in the train cars, there was even a bowl there

  38. Dan says:

    Episode appropriately ended in a train car as I thought as season finales go it was a train wreck. All this build up to Terminus and this was all you got. What a total dud. I think the writers must have been eaten before they got there. Great series but may have witnessed the jumping of the shark. It better really pick up in a hurry next season or I’m out.

  39. mark says:

    Great season finale. Noticed the fenced in area they ran by while under fire. It had what appeared to be bloody human skeletons (fresh) that had been butchered for steaks, filet and ribs. Delicious meals for the terminus cannibals.

  40. Angela says:

    I love the way the writers use foreshadowing in the series! The way things play out make you think back because what ever is going on in the present scenes reminds you of previous episodes or moments in the show! The finale was not the best however I think it was well executed in order to lead you into next season. I’m glad no one died tonight I was getting worried that Michone or Daryl would have been killed. Most people expected terminus to be another form of hell on earth. At this point I’m sure we can all be convinced that the cannibals story line is taking place. I would have liked to see carol and tyreese, however I noticed the powered milk others have mentioned as Rick was getting onto the train car which kind of leads you to wonder i that was a sign that Judith had already been there, maybe that was kind of a way to incorporate the idea that carol tyreese and Judith could have gotten to terminus way ahead of everyone else and the others had no clue and they were sadly turned into dinner. Let’s hope not I would rather see tyreese and carol come in and kick ass and help to rescue the rest of the group and if Judith is going to be killed off I would rather it be done differently. As far as Beth I wish they would have at the least given some hints to where she is and who she is with. I love the show and I don’t ever think there’s a boring episode some are less full of action than others but people have to realize that the show is set to seem as if this is a reality and not every second of every episode will some one die or walkers completely attack if that were the case the show would run off of killing everyone and constantly introducing new characters there has to be some type of story lines. Those who complain about it being boring need to just accept it respect it and move on. Loyal fans will stay loyal and if you stop watching because you think one episode sucked then that’s on you, with the exception that you stop watching when and if they kill Daryl off, I will be a part of the riot when that time comes! The best part of the episode …. Long live Daryl Dixon !!!

    • TV Gord says:

      An interesting bit of foreshadowing within the episode was when Rick was explaining to Carl how to trap an animal. It’s exactly the way they were trapped at Terminus.

  41. Jacob says:

    This was definitely the best episode of the second half of the season. I think there were maybe 3 or 4 good ones the entire season. I could’ve done without any of the outbreak storyline and I know quite a few people who stopped watching the show during that little arc. The episodes with the governor were the best by far.

    I kept expecting Carl to get half his face blown off during the standoff in Terminus but I guess there’s always next season.

    Carol’s going to die early on next season. Right after she rescues Rick and co and returns Judith.

    There are better chicks in what’s left of the world for Darryl than Carol’s ass lol. And all the people hating on Beth are dumb. She’s going to come back a badass.

    • amused says:

      Seriously!?! Beth would have been a zombie at least a dozen times over after the prison fell if it hadn’t been for Daryl. Lord the girl couldn’t fight her way out of a wet paper bag.

  42. David says:

    I bet the episode of Carol and the kids killing the burning zombies came from terminus.rick blew something up in the escape!

    • Jeff says:

      No, they were coming from the house Daryl and Beth burned down. Carol and Tyreese are probably still “at large” so to speak, or in another container. I’m guessing they will figure out the horror of Terminus and help break them out.

  43. cristy vasilakos says:

    I I think its a possibility that Beth is already there in their group and she is going to save them but she’s going to be pregnant!with the promise one.

  44. Jacob says:

    I just want to add some random Walking Dead gripes while I’m here.

    Why wouldn’t Rick and co just cover themselves in zombie guts 24/7 after realizing it kept walkers at bay in season 1.

    Even better, why was Andrea the only one smart enough to pick up on Michonne’s pet walker idea. You’d think at some point during the perilous journey to Terminus Michonne would have busted that out since she’s got such an attachment to Carl.

    Lastly, wouldn’t you force Michonne and Daryl to at least carry sidearms? Its a danger to everyone around them.

    • Justin Sturm says:

      If you covered yourself in Guts all the time you would get sick and die. Its not hygienic.
      They don’t have Zombie pets because its gross and they are trying to keep their humanity. Michonne even said she became a monster when she was doing that.
      Michonne and Darryl are the only ones that have the right idea. You need a melee weapon and/ or a silent ranged weapon with re-usable ammo.
      A gun would not only run out of ammo but attract more zombies.

  45. The episode was good but the ending was very anti-climatic.

  46. Relaax says:

    loved this episode to me it was action packed they settled the joe situation rick michonne carl n daryl reunited i loved when rick called daryl his brother man he needed to hear that we know terminus is the cannibals bloody bones piled high and glenn n company r still alive beth is proberbly dead carol n tyreese r proberbly still alive excited for season cinco

  47. Anonymous says:

    All I can say is it was awesome. Looks like Terminus is ran by cannibals Where did they get all that meat from on the grill. Cannot wait to see what is coming next. Hope to see Rick reunited with his daughter.

  48. Walkr says:

    Okay… here are my question/observations…
    1. The powdered milk packages on the ground were definitely highlighted – I like the idea that they are from baby Judith. Which means that Judith, Carol and Tyreese are there. They were close when they headed out. Plus we could hear people yelling for help from the other container van.

    2. Everyone is herded into the A doors, those shooters on the roof were herding them not trying to kill them. Then they went into the A container van. The episode was called “A”. What is A? Is it a cataloging system? Keep them in labeled containers to see if they are infectious for a certain period of time? What do y’all think? I am going to rewatch and see if there are other letters on the doors and container vans.

    3. I also liked the offer of food… the lady at the grill said something like… eating this meat helps us grow stronger… foreshadowing of cannibalism.

    4. Beth is captive, not food. I think that the leader Garreth is like Rev. Jim Jones. A natural leader but psychopathic. I think he sees innocence and angels in sweet Beth and remember, the person who captured her had access to cars and had a cross on the back of his car. I think he has her.

    • Es Verdad says:

      Hmmm, makes sense Walkr, before they were told to get into the freight car w/the A on it, that door they were going out of to escape had an A next to it as well. Food for thought…LOL.

    • jessie says:

      it was powdered milk but it wasnt judiths formula it looked to me like that powdered formula they feed to livestock to get them fattened up and healthy also there was a bowl with it like they’d been feeding it to the group in the train cart

    • justinp59 says:

      I could see how the powdered milk looks like its for Judith but I feel that they use that to fatten up the people they are about to eat. Powdered milk is the best source of protein around. that is why people asked them if they were on the road for a long time. 3 Steps: 1 herd prey 2 gie them more meat on their bones 3 eat. great observations though

  49. Blake Jordan says:

    Did anyone else notice the lady grilling was wearing Beth’s sweater????

    • spignejr says:

      It is a different sweater. just made a side-by-side comparison between e13 and e16. two different sweaters. but definite good eye. made me go for a second look!

    • Walkr says:

      And the guy had the watch that belonged to Glen. Darryl also used to wear that poncho

      • jessie says:

        ur right that poncho actually belongs to daryl he has worn it since ssn 1 but when the prison was attacked daryl had to leave it behind and thats when glenn got it

  50. Blake Jordan says:

    Did anyone else notice the lady grilling was wearing Beth’s sweater??