Helix Renewed for Season 2 at Syfy

helix-325Just like a virus, Helix is spreading.

Syfy on Friday announced that the outbreak drama would return for a second season.

VIDEO | Exclusive Helix Season Finale Sneak Peek: Who Holds the Fate of the World in Their Hands?

The 13-episode Season 2 will begin production later this year, according to the network.

The series — from Ron Moore (Battlestar Galactica), Steven Maeda (Lost) and Lynda Obst (Contact) — wraps its first season tonight at 10/9c.

TVLine’s Cable Renewal Scorecard has been updated to reflect the renewal.

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  1. l says:

    Why? I was really hoping they’d wrap up this storyline this season…. why leave them stranded in that place for another year?

  2. KC says:

    Fantastic! I love this show!!!

    • Annie says:

      Me too! It’s bat-poop insane but I just cannot help myself. They’re all so committed to the insanity I just go along for the ride.

  3. Katie_Mead says:

    What? Why? This seemed like a one & done storyline.

  4. Kate says:

    I am both overjoyed and horrified! I think I can guess the cliff hanger (I swear I know this story line from at least two series I am reading and am waiting on the third book on) but seriously, you’ve made a good chunk of the primary cast into immortal beings. And you still haven’t exactly explained what the hell happened with Peter et al and I am still not sure why I care about Bellesarios and Anana, but they will be upset about Daniel.

  5. wrstlgirl says:

    YES, YES, YES!!!

  6. James D says:

    sweetness thanks Syfy i really enjoy this show can’t wait to see how they go about making a second season. I hope it’s not another virus that seems a little too on the nose don’t ya think?

  7. David4 says:

    Really? I have heard nothing but horrible things about the show.

    • The Truth says:

      I’ve watched the first few, and its just… lacking for me. Lot of people seem to like it though, so glad they can keep enjoying it, but man it was just boring to me. After like the 3rd one they keep recording but I haven’t watched anymore. Maybe it got better, I don’t know.

  8. Dan says:

    ….of course it is…

  9. Kristen says:

    SyFy and their shows are like Lucy Van Pelt with a football: I know if I really love one of their shows, they’re going to yank it away from me yet again. So, forget it, I’m not even going to START watching this show.

  10. NJ says:

    Awesome news. I love the show, and often given the chance for another season, shows get better. High hopes for S2.

  11. Whatever says:

    Great news !

  12. Rook says:

    I stopped watching after jeri ryan’s character got killed. Did it get better?

    • guag says:

      It gets far worse. They got a mushy faced brit that cannot move or emote to play an elite murder, the natives go back to sitting on their hands and being plot devices for the educated sciencers, the show gets slower, keeps wrapping around itself, the canadian accents get more unbearable,

      I’m surprised they renewed it. The show was out of its narrative depth after the first four or so episodes. It functions like a soap opera now.

      • Charlie says:

        If you mean ‘The Scythe’ when you say ‘mushy faced Brit’ sorry to disappoint but the actor is also Canadian

  13. phamster says:

    I have mixed feelings about this show. I find about 3/4 of the show boring as all get out and I then I say to myself, “I am done watching” but then the last minutes of the show are good and I anticipate what happens the next episode, which never fully realizes what it set up the previous week. Repeat. So for now, it still has my eyeballs.

  14. Devante says:

    This is a great dam show besides the walking dead and under the dom i hope they never cancel helix like they did heroes,and the event. them was really great shows bring them back plz……

  15. ATB says:

    Love this show! Great news!

  16. grys03 says:

    Helix was a surprise for me & wife. We we’re ready to give up, then we we’re hoping for a wrap-up as a season/series finale – BUT – it surprised & how! Pretty much 2 season endings in one & no nice-&-tidy finale but a virus in the wild & Julia as lead bad-silver-eyed-sparkly villain; nice. Definitely be watching S2.

  17. hyper says:

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  18. Will-Man says:

    I was to busy to watch the first 8 episodes and then saw the last ones of the season. It was ok but not great. Jerry Ryan would have been a good continuing character if they hadn’t made her a stereotypical ‘Beautiful but Evil’ corporate villain. Maybe she just didn’t want to keep doing the series but just be a temporary character?
    I would have liked to have seen the first 8 episodes but my crappy cable company (Optimum in New Jersey) has already taken those episodes off of their on demand menu. Their service sucks, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.