Scandal Recap: Let's Start the First Family Feud!

Scandal Mellie Affair RevealedThis Thursday on ABC’s Scandal, there was a whole lotta lovin’ (and/or lustin’ and/or lickin’) going on. Whose sex-rated activities got exposed? And whose landed a person unconscious? And is no one thinking of the children?!

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The First Teens are in town for a veddy important live, primetime TV interview alongside the ‘rents, but something’s amiss. There’s a chill in the air. OPA does some digging, and it’s discovered that young Jerry is secretly hosting an anti-Fitz website as well as shopping for pro-Reston swag. When Fitz confronts his son about his skullduggery, daughter Karen — already bent out of shape by the family sex scandal — storms off to see Mellie, only to get an eyeful of Mom servicing Uncle Andrew.

Mellie has no luck in soothing Karen, and when Fitz takes a stab, the teen bellows the truth about the Mellie/Andrew hook-up. Fitz charges down the hall and slugs his running mate, then later has it out with Mellie. To hear him tell it, after Mellie gave birth to Jerry (who quite possibly was the product of Big Jerry’s rape), she declared herself “not a sexual person anymore” and “shut the door” on that part of their union. “You killed us,” Fitz argues. “You ruined our marriage… Our kids never had a chance” at a happy home. Mellie comes thisclose to revealing the rape, but doesn’t — in part because Olivia interrupts, as the TV interview draws nearer. (P.S. Shonda’s already addressed any complaints of a discrepancy re: the Grants’ sex life.)

Having roared at Liv’s interruption, Fitz goes to apologize to his mistress, but she — fresh off hearing her mother Maya liken her to “the help” that cleans up other people’s messes — reminds him that she is “at work,” so save your words for the kids, and get them in line in time for primetime. And with that cue, Fitz goes to the freshly scorned Mellie, takes her hand and meets with Jerry and Karen, and by hour’s end they’re all about to go on TV, everything somehow (no really, how?) all sorted out.

Elsewhere in Scandalsextown, Sexytimes USA….

* Huck serves up some beatdowns in the name of getting B613’s attention, so that Command will return his calls. Ultimately, Jake sends Quinn to see what he wants. Huck says he wants B613 to let her go, which confuses Quinn. As she points out, one minute he’s licking her face and rarin’ to rip out molars; but when his tongue is in her mouth, suddenly he wants her to live? Quinn gives Huck a sssslllloww, lllonnnggg lick upside his own temple, ulls him into a heated kiss, and then pushes him away and leaves. She arrives home to find that Charlie has moved into her place, a mix of being curious about her shaky story about Huck’s recent accosting of her and wanting to “protect” her.

* Adnan Salif turns to Harrison and OPA, claiming she’s gotten in over her head with Momma Pope. Harrison tells Liv he “owes” Adnan, so Liv agrees to help/ask David to offer immunity in trade for dish. But later, after arousing Harrison’s… interest… with a dropping of bloomers (seriously, that was an A+ move), Adnan and her Clearwater cohort copulate — after which she plunges a syringe in him, steals Fitz’s campaign trail/security details off Liv’s computer and delivers them to Ivan the Terrorist. Good thing Jake is watching the trade-off happen, though… right? No, he wants to “see how it plays out.” Because nothing can go horribly wrong that way.

* On a less sexy note, Cyrus seems “OK”-ish in the wake of James’ funeral — that is, until he overhears Jake in the Oval Office. He then charges in to assault the B613 boss, twice, but Fitz intervenes. Afterward, Cyrus explains to Fitz how James believed in “fairy tales,” that a VP shouldn’t be able to kill her husband in cold blood and get away with it. Jake, Cy “concedes,” is merely doing his job “serving at the pleasure of his president, like the rest of us.”

What did you think of the episode “Mama Said Knock You Out”?


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  1. Lou says:

    I wish we’d seen some more of the kids.

    • Alichat says:

      And been a fly on the wall to the conversation they had which got the kids to the interview.

      Regarding Huck and Quinn…..I do not care AT ALL about Quinn’s story. I have been bored to tears with that storyline.

      • Cheyenne says:

        “Listen here, young man… you will either do this interview nicely or you can forget about getting a car for your next birthday and I am not giving you a dime after you turn 18. And Karen, you go put on that blue dress your mother wants you to wear right now or you are grounded until you are 21.” Works every time.

      • Cooper says:

        AMEN to that Alichat. I am SO, SO sick of Jake & Charlie, I want them gone. I want Quinn to go
        back home to OPA. Boring is correct.

    • madhatter360 says:

      I spent the entire episode going “where’s Teddy?” I was glad that they brought him out at the end I was afraid they’d forgotten him.

  2. azu says:

    Cyrus has no one but himself to blame for James demise

    • Ange says:

      Thank you. He has tried to have James killed in almost every season

      • rachybaby72 says:

        He has not tried to have James killed in “almost every season”. He wanted James killed once and he changed his mind — because he loved him more than he wanted to protect the republic.

        Also, you can’t include him wanting to kill Publius, not James. He didn’t know that James was Publius…

  3. Cheyenne says:

    Um… is Andrew still Fitz’s running mate? Just asking…

    • jess says:

      why not…he bangs liv every chance he gets lol this is really getting crazy smh

      • Cheyenne says:

        Dontcha know, it’s different when your wife is banging another man… good ole double standard… if Andrew remains as his running mate, it’s going to make for one hell of an awkward campaign, though…

  4. Mike R. says:

    Fitz continues to be the absolute worst. I hope we get to see a bit more of the kids, I assume will see Jerry jr. again given I expect the very talked about theory to come to fruition whether I like it or not.

    • abz says:

      I agree. The hypocrisy. I wish Mellie had defended herself and told him the truth to shut him up.
      I just can’t seem to find anything about the character to like at all.

      • Cheyenne says:

        How is she going to tell him at this point, though? She’s in one helluva bind. If she had told Fitz about the rape right after it happened, he might have supported her and they might still be happily married. But if she tells him now, he will remember all the times she sucked up to Big Jerry after the rape happened and he might not believe it really was a rape. He might think it was consensual.

        • abz says:

          Oh I don’t doubt that it would be difficult for her to tell him, it was just sad as a viewer seeing him tear into her like that. I understand that he doesn’t know the truth, but aside from that he was still very hypocritical and had the nerve to be that angry over Mellie sleeping with Andrew. And anyway the truth always comes out.
          And if he would even consider that Mellie would be lying about being raped by her father-in-law, that would be absolutely disgusting and would further my dislike of the character.

        • Cooper says:

          Cheyenne I “totally” agree with your assessment. For me, when we were finally privy to Mellie’s & Fitz’s marriage, I was so stunned about the “rape by Big Jerry”, simply because Mellie has ALWAYS sucked/played up to Big Jerry. There were moments were she seems more concerned about Jerry than Fitz. Remember in epi 312 when Fitz was asking her why she didn’t want to go to the big party they were holding for Jerry, “he said, I don’t know what happened, hell you liked him better than me”. So you are correct, he probably would have thought it was consensual.

      • Meredith says:

        I am having the same problem! There is no one to root for anymore. All the characters and relationships on the show have become so toxic. The only character not currently repulsing me is Abby and she is hardly ever featured :(

  5. mrenee says:

    It knocked me out for sure! This writing was akin to the Dallas episode with Bobby in the shower–although, I would have just preferred the do-over. So, I am to gather that Olivia and Fitz don’t have this organic connection that has been touted since the trail; that the arranged marriage between the Grants was actually a real marriage that died on the vine because Mellie could not sleep with, or love her husband. So, is pretending real or not? I cannot keep up.
    The writers of this show have decided that this Fitz/Olivia relationship is to be damned and they will spare no one–not even it’s star to make us agree. We can now all hate Fitz for yelling at Olivia, for punching Andrew; for James’ death, What about his love for his children? Who is this Fitz? And what about Olivia? She’s been reduced to being a fool for agreeing to be the “help” and is the undeniable “mistress” in every sense of the word. Mellie is now justified. This show’s premise is shattered. I have no idea who these people are. They are certainly not the characters that I fell in love with Season 1. Why do I get the feeling that this is exactly what Shonda wanted? Couldn’t she just have fired the offender instead of ruining the entire show? After 37 years, Prada bags, Armani suits and all, we are still just the help. Thanks Shonda.

    • Cheyenne says:

      The Fitz/Olivia relationship is the heart and soul of the series. The day that ends for good, the show ends. We already saw that Fitz and Mellie had a very good marriage until Big Jerry assaulted her and turned her into an emotional wreck. Leaving him clueless as to why she turned cold on him made him think she didn’t love him any more, and that made him not love her any more. And all of that happened several years before he met Olivia. By the time they met, his marriage was essentially dead.

      Mellie facilitated their affair. She practically threw Olivia into Fitz’s bed. She had no problem with them doing the horizontal tango until she realized Fitz had fallen in love with Olivia, which was totally not in Mellie’s game plan.

      • abz says:

        I disagree. If there is good writing, most shows can change and evolve pretty well. Fitz/Olivia don’t have to be endgame. Their relationship is just toxic, annoying, and has no future whatsoever. It’s all fantasy and lust and the idea that they can be together is just a delusion especially since the man is planning on running for another term as the POTUS.
        It’s also pretty sad that you are putting this all on Mellie. She left him clueless because a traumatic thing happened to her and not many people have been in a situation to know what that feels like. The affair is on him. It was his decision and the choice he made to engage in it and he needs to take the responsibility for his own actions regardless of how his marriage may have previously died down.

        • Cheyenne says:

          I’m not putting this ALL on Mellie, don’t be ridiculous. Of course he and Olivia are equally to blame for the affair. But don’t think Mellie wasn’t okay with it, because she surely was — until she realized Fitz had fallen in love with Olivia. That screwed everything up.

        • Cheyenne says:

          Abz I understand what you are saying but you are wrong on this. Shonda wrote the show so that Fitz and Olivia’s relationship are the center of the series. Take that out and you have a lot of disjointed stories going every which way. Why did Shonda have Fitz order Jake to spy on Olivia after he said they were done? Why did he visit her in the hospital and beg her to take him back? He’s still madly in love with her and he can’t let go of her, any more than she can keep from running back to him after every fight and argument because she can’t let got of him. These two are locked together in a relationship that has turned out to be too strong for either of them to handle and yet they hang onto it because they have nothing else in their lives they care about. It’s almost toxic at this point. Fitz loathes his wife and his kids loathe him and Olivia’s parents loathe each other and don’t care about Liv and Olivia’s stuck with two lousy parents and part-time lover. Unravel all the toxic relationships and whats left is unrelated threads going off in all different directions. The central scandal in the show, of course, is there is a guy in the White House who was elected by fraud and therefore he doesn’t belong there. Supposedly this was put to bed at the end of last season but what if another Cytron chip surfaces somewhere? Anyway, these are all tangential to the biggest Scandal of all, the president and his mistress in the White House. Terminate that once and for all, and it’s game over. Series done. This way out. ——–>

          • abz says:

            So it seems like you’re saying that because their relationship started off being central to the show, that the show should continue with this back and forth nonsense of her being his mistress, them sleeping together, but never being able to be together and always fantasizing about it and hurting each other.
            I don’t usually have problems with complicated relationships on shows with a lot of drama, but at least with most of them there is sign of hope for any future they would have. Fitz is running for a second term for POTUS and if he gets it, he will never be able to be truly happy with Liv. They won’t have Vermont or any fantasy. She will always be his mistress because it’s a price he has to pay for him wanting to be president.
            I’m not saying that Fitz/Liv won’t have their lives intertwined somehow, but forgive me if I’m tired of seeing Liv in the inferior position. Shonda needs to pick up her main character and have her move on and be the strong character we all got to know in the early days of the show.
            The presidential cheating Scandal may have been what started the show, but its silly to expect it to dominate the show till it ends. Frankly, if the way they ultimately end the show is by having Olivia and Fitz being happy together, I will kind of be disappointed. Look at The Good Wife. It started under similar circumstances with a cheating scandal, but look at how it has evolved with its exceptional writing into one of if not the best show on broadcast television and how it used it to make it’s main character even stronger.

        • chester says:

          I agree that “if there is good writing” then shows can evolve and change, but what we saw last night was bad writing, very bad writing. As mrenee points out there is a complete lack of consistency from episode to episode, season to season. Backstories change. Character change in ways that do not reflect growth but writer laziness. Instead of carrying on an story arc and character development in a consistent way, the writers seem to view the show’s history and previous actions of its characters as an inconvenience. They pick and choose the parts of the past that help them with the current scene (Mellie’s rape), but they forget the parts that are inconvenient for them (the arranged marriage was not something Fitz necessarily wanted, Mellie’s earlier concerns that her husband would not touch her, Mellie’s attempts to make nice with Fitz in the shower).
          Another issue here: is the daughter older or younger than the son? If she is younger then where did she come from? Immaculate conception?

        • Cooper says:

          ABZ, let’s agree to disagree because I TOTALLY DISagree with you on this one. If we stay true to the story line from Epi 1 up until last night, this is what has transpired so far: the Fitz/Mellie marriage was arranged. NEITHER were in love, however, I honestly feel they grew to love/respect one another over a period of time. Because of Fitz’s “very unhappy” childhood, he was determined to stay & make sure that his children had the love he never received. Then Big Jerry “raped” Mellie & of course EVERTHING changed. I KNOW that was traumatic for her & I felt deeply for her. But let’s be real, we have found out that Mellie is a ruthless political animal & wants to win AT ALL COST (set ur own husband up with another woman, really). So instead of telling her husband what happened because naturally she didn’t know if he would divorce her or what. And of course we also know that Fitz WAS NOT the political animal as was Mellie & Big Jerry, so if he found out that his father raped his wife, knowing Fitz he would have cut ALL communication with Big Jerry & Mellie WAS NOT going to be denied her dreams/aspirations of being the first lady. Then guess what, instead of telling Fitz, she turned ALL her anger, resentment, betrayal on Fitz & the poor man doesn’t know why to this day. Again if we stay true to the story, we NOW know that Fitz had never cheated until Liv. So HELL YES it is ALL HER FAULT. OMG it sickenes me when she tries to play the vicitim. Mellie YOU & YOU ALONE is the reason your husband in “IN LOVE WITH LIV & Mellie you & Cryrus is the reason James is DEAD.
          As Fitz so stated to Mellie, “all you did was deny me & schemed to have BRUT POWER. Deal with it.

      • Maria says:

        “Mellie facilitated their affair. She practically threw Olivia into Fitz’s bed.”
        Please, I don’t recall Mellie ever putting a gun to Fitz’ head demanding him to sleep with Olivia. Fitz playing the victim was a pathetic yet childish move on his part. At the end of the day, HE made the choice to have an affair. The fact that he continues to blame others for his actions solidifies the fact that Fitz is a self-absorbed tool. As despicable as Mellie can be, she has went out of her way multiple times to protect his image yet he continues to take that for granted. And I’m sorry but Fitz/Olivia are not the be all and end all of Scandal. The latter protecting the images of DC’s elite was the premise of the show. The emphasis on Olivia’s mess of a love life this season has only made her character regress in terms of development.

        • Cheyenne says:

          Go back and watched the first season. Mellie did everything she could to encourage the affair. In fact, she berated Olivia for ending it after Fitz was elected.

          • Sammy says:

            I did watch the show multiple times and all i see was fitz always ends up with mellie. So, if fitz is meant for liv then why the heck he always comes back to his wife?! The aftermath of season 3 was the possible re-Kindled relationship of mellie /fitz.

        • Josh says:

          Thank you! I miss Olivia the BAMF. She’s so pathetic.

        • Cooper says:

          Since we’re on summer hiatus, you need to re-watch at least Season 1 & 2. Mellie & Cyrus BOTH facilitated the affair. We now have learned that Mellie has ALL WAYS controlled & munipulated Fitz & her children all these years. This time, Mellie “over played” her hand because she DID NOT expect Fitz to actually fall in love with Liv. And yes, OLITZ IS Scandal. It is exactly their “off the chain” chemistry that catapulted to the enormous success it has become. However, I do want OPA to get back to being the fixers which is what the actual series was orginally based on until Tony Goldwyn & Kerry Washington set it on fire.

      • mrenee says:

        Well, the entire premise if the show was that Olivia was this badass, brilliant fixer who was sought out by the elites to get them out of sticky situations. She had everything, education, beauty, fabulous clothes, made a bunch of money, but personally, she’s unfulfilled–until Fitz. The president was living an okay existence, had a marriage that was no more than a contract, two kids that he loved and was intent on living just so until he saw Olivia, Immediately, they established this connection that could not be denied. That was the idea behind “The Trail,” which was the episode written to give foundation to this undeniable, once in a lifetime love. Now, when Fitz says that he would not have looked elsewhere if Mellie had not refused him, it negate that entire episode. Now, there is no reasonable explanation for this relationship, It’s too hard to be fun,

        The writers continue to change their minds—–about everything. The backtracking, raping of Mellie, makes her far less interesting than the hellified wife that would give her husband to his mistress to have a seat at the table She’s a pathetic victim, who gave her entire self for a man. What year is this anyway? Olivia, the maid and Mellie, the pathetic. Geez, what a letdown,

    • Blue says:

      @mrenee…You are so right. Scandal history has been revised so much it is disgusting. I love your comparison to Dallas with Bobby in the shower. It was all a dream to “explain” away a full season or two of events. Yuck!

      I’m deeply insulted as a viewer with Scandal. Can you imagine reading a book trilogy with certain rules, conventions, universe,i.e. canon established only to discover by the third book (i.e. season) that everything is totally rewritten as if book1 (season 1), and book 2 (season 2) never happened? That is how I feel about Scandal right now. I do not care for the revisionist history. Thank you for showing me Shonda Rhimes on how NOT to write a drama.

      • A Rocks says:

        Perfectly said. This is exactly what I have been trying to get over to posters here when I speak of inconsistent character development.

        It makes no sense what Ms. Rhimes is doing. She made a major gaff at end of season 2 and instead of trying to fix what she broke, has been hell bent on driving away viewers instead. I do not understand the revisionist writing myself.

    • mmel says:

      mrenee, so sad but so true.

    • dzasmilez says:

      Huh? The show needs a shake up & we shouldn’ be allowed to fall in love with any of the characters. They are all murders except Liv.. for now…

    • DEANNA says:


      • mmel says:

        If you didn’t understand what she said then you either have not been paying attention to the last 2 seasons or you binged watch on a weekend and thinks you are an expert. The story of Olivia, Fitz and Mellie has been completely rewritten,

  6. lvybear says:

    Scandal used to be a well written show; now not so much. I am so sick of this B613 crap and all these weird terrorists and killers that just show up. Also I remember last season when Mellie threw herself at Fitz in the shower and he turned her away. Now we are supposed to believe she is a non sexual person. I’m like do these writers even watch their own show. Fitz being angry at Mellie was too easy, I thought Scandal was better than that. It would have been more entertaining if Fitz would have said something sarcastic or been like its cool but really do u have to smash the homie ? Seriously though I just wish the show would move away from the White House and all this B613 wonderland crap and go back to Pope and Associates just fixing scandals for rich people.

    • Cheyenne says:

      She didn’t throw herself at Fitz in the shower because she wanted sex. She was desperate for him not to leave her and to forget about Olivia. She thought he and Olivia were done when he broke it off after he found out about Defiance and since Olivia was out of the picture their marriage would be re-kindled or something like that, but instead he started drinking like a fish and isolating himself more and more from her. The look on his face when she was fellating him in the shower was priceless. He looked like he would rather be getting a root canal. Especially when you compare it with that shower scene of him and Olivia later in the season.

  7. abz says:

    I wish Mellie had defended herself against Fitz to shut his big mouth.
    Disappointed with how little of the kids we saw. Hope we see more of them.
    Quinn has become the Shane Ross of Scandal. She needs to go. There is nothing to like about the character or her storyline anymore.

    • D says:

      Well said!

    • jackie says:

      Yeah. I can’t believe that she just stood there and let herself be lambasted by a holier than thou Fitz. Really Shonda? Why is it now that seemingly every female character has become a caricature? The whole Liv/Fitz is just hard to watch anymore and so belittling to Liv. Does she really think that little of herself? And Mellie acting all chagrined at Fitz’s screamfest was insulting. He’s been screwing Liv for YEARS and now he’s OUTRAGED that Mellie had some strange on the side-e-o. Talk about double standards. And seriously……does everybody make out in front of windows and behind doors w/curtains. Are there no out of the way rooms in the WH? The whole Quinn/Huck thing is ridiculous. Really Quinn. She’s soooo outdone because Huck licked her? I’m sorry……didn’t she just get back from killing/drilling a person?? Wasn’t she the one spying on Olivia? Against Huck’s advice to NOT do that? WTF?? And does Charlie just creep you right out or what! Cyrus’ attacking Jake. Ummmmm……did ya forget that it was YOU Cyrus that set the whole pimping James out, leading to blackmailing Sally, leading to Sally SNAPPING RIGHT OUT and killing her hubs, leading to YOU covering it up, leading to James finding out what you did to him, leading to James’ turning you in, leading to his being killed by Jake. What is with these people forgetting their own culpbability??? What’s up Shonda? I wish they would go back to being Gladiator’s fixing scandals. The original premise of the show. And B-613’s way to “handle” situations is to kill, kill, kill? Seriously? It’s become Murder Inc. Not liking it. Not one bit. Then let’s throw in some terrorists for yet ANOTHER insane plot twist. You’re outta control Shonda. Reign it in girlfriend! Reign it in. Please.

      • abz says:

        Agreed. Quinn is just a complete mess of a character. She is so traumatized by someone licking her face yet she has no problem going all Dexter on people. It’s sickening. And Charlie is just creepy as hell.
        You are also dead on about Cyrus. Jake may have pulled the trigger, but everything that happened is on Cyrus and he has no one to blame but himself. He never hesitates when he wants to eliminate someone or use them to get what he wants, so while I do feel bad for James getting caught in all of it, I have very little sympathy for Cyrus.
        I hope that they can end the show strong this season and use this extended long break to evaluate the mistakes they’ve been making with the show. As much as I hate the cliche TV sex scandals, I’m actually really wishing for one right now so Pope and Associates can work on rather than everything being about the presidential campaign and B6-13. Shonda, please return to case-of-the-week format every now and then.

  8. abz says:

    Oh and is anyone else getting tired of Rowan’s ranting every time he opens his mouth. He can’t have a normal conversation. Like Cyrus, he is a walking heart attack waiting to happen and it’s annoying to watch.
    I guess it’s not just him though. Most of these character go off on these long rants but the people who do it the most are Olivia, Rowan, Cyrus, and Jake. They all need to freakin’ chill!

    • YM says:

      Ha! I’m glad I’m not the only one who is over Eli’s rants. The first was fine, but every time he’s in a scene is a little much.

    • Sara says:

      Yes!! People are praising it week after week on twitter & I don’t get it. I loved the first one he had in the premiere…but EVERY episode? C’mon

      • A Rocks says:

        I too am tired of the rants. Apparently the writers have never discovered the concept that less is more.

        • herman1959 says:

          Evidently, at this point, Rowan is functioning as the wise old sage that the others are turning to for advice because he has seen it all. That is why he always has the last word. What I don’t get is him turning and helping Olivia to bring down B613 – what about “the Republic”?

        • Hannah says:

          Nope, not in Shondaland.

    • Kendall says:

      Wait, what? Olivia is the least vocal person in the whole damn show and she’s the lead!!!!!! Mellie rants every episode, and it’s getting beyond boring. Papa Pope preaches and drops soliloquys like he was in church, and that’s getting boring too. This episode everybody was going in on Olivia, and as per every episode since the middle of last season, she stands there and takes it. So, I have no idea what you’re watching, but it appears to me that the only people Olivia are allowed to read for filth are the black folks and Fitz.

      Olivia has been slut-shamed and held up as a Jezebel while Mellie has been sanctified and deified. Olivia is the only woman who’s called a whore on this show, and the fact that the writers refuse to let her defend herself when Mellie is going in on her works my damned nerve. Guilt is one thing, but Mellie begged Olivia to come back to them and work on the campaign because Fitz wasn’t “alive without her” and he missed her. I’m sorry, but if you invite the woman that your husband is sleeping with to your home because your husband “can’t breathe” when she’s not here, you cannot go around throwing the word whore every two seconds, because you signed off on the affair. Also, if Mellie has all this time to think because she’s so intelligent, ” a rose dying on a vine” blah, blah, blah, why can’t she figure out a way to win the election without rolling out the bed for her husband and his mistress?

      Basically, the writers need to do better by all the characters. The inconsistency and the constant retooling of their various histories and motivations is annoying.

      • abz says:

        I have no idea what you’re watching, but yes Olivia does rant. This past episode she had her “This is my job” rant with Fitz and her “we are going live soon and you need to talk to your children” rant with Mellie and last week she had her “Can’t you just be my dad?” rant with Rowan which triggered one his own endless rants as well. And those are just from my recent memory. I’m sure I could write an entire list if I went back and rewatched it. I don’t recall a single rant from Mellie this past episodes. Mellie does have her rant moments but they aren’t every episode, and when they do happen though, they are actually powerful and interesting in my opinion and don’t always feel like I’m hearing the same thing over and over.

        • Kendall says:

          You are definitely watching a different show to me if you thought that Olivia asking her dad to be a father for once was her ranting. Also, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Olivia never gets to push back on any of the white people on the show except for Fitz. She’s a black woman who gets called a whore by the a white woman even though said white woman practically rolled out the bed for her and Fitz when she begged Olivia to come and work on the campaign because Fitz missed her and he couldn’t breathe without her. There is no amount of guilt in this world that would render a black woman silent if she was being constantly referred to as a whore by a white woman.

          And yes, Mellie does rant, she rants an awful lot. She’s one huge monologue. As does Cyrus, and we know that Rowan does. Olivia is submissive whenever she’s in the presence of the white people except for Fitz. This week was particularly bad. She was everybody’s punching bag when all she was trying to do was her job.

          People are going crazy at Fitz for shouting at Mellie, but the fact is, as far as he’s concerned she lied to him. She told him that after having kids, her libido had died, so Fitz swallowed it, and remained faithful and sexless for 10 years. I don’t know one guy who would be faithful for that period of time. No wonder he was pissed. All that guilt he’d harbored, and blaming himself for the destruction of their marriage. Remember, he didn’t know that she’d been raped. She’d made the decision to keep that to herself, and then she shut down on him.

          • abz says:

            I don’t understand why you’re bring race into this issue.
            “There is no amount of guilt in this world that would render a black woman silent if she was being constantly referred to as a whore by a white woman.” –> way to stereotype all Black woman. Perhaps they haven’t made Olivia push back against Mellie yet, because even though Liv caught Mellie with Andrew, deep down she might still not feel right about what she’s been doing sleeping with Fitz and she knows she’s interfering with a marriage.

            Also, call it what you want, a rant, soliloquy, monologue, paragraph of words, Olivia does do those “Can you just be a dad?” type of speeches a lot. Maybe not every single one is as extreme as the other, but my general point is that the majority of characters in this show are too intense and go off on these long monologues multiple times in episodes that are so excessive at times when in fact an actual sentence would suffice to get what they want to say across.
            And yes I know Mellie rants, I didn’t deny it, but I don’t recall it being as often as most characters.

            With regards to Fitz, I get that he doesn’t know, but aside from that I personally just don’t like the character, and have a hard time sympathizing with him. He’s just a giant, entitled a-hole.

  9. William says:

    Fitz is absolutely despicable. The nerve of him to blame Mellie for his affair with Olivia blows my mind. He is so selfish and arrogant. The man can never take responsibility for his actions, which is why I cannot stand his character. As far as I’m concerned, he doesn’t deserve affection from anyone with such a repulsive personality. Fitz couldn’t even take a moment to understand why Mellie slept with Andrew. Instead he made the matter all about him… Olivia also pissed me off tonight with her double standards. Why can’t Mellie and Andrew have their time together when she continues to fa-la-la-la-la with Fitz? A prime example of putting your foot in your mouth. I’m going to be really upset if Mellie continues to suffer while Fitz and Olivia remain unscathed.

    • mmel says:

      Dis you watch the first season? This show is turning into the opposite of its premise. I don’t give a s$%$ about Mellie or even Fitz , I care about what the writers are doing to Olivia. William this was not supposed to be the story about what happened to poor F%%%76 Mellie. UGH I am so mad.

      • William says:

        Best believe I watched the first season, but that’s besides the point. I never said that Scandal was about Mellie’s story. I’m simply expressing my annoyance over the fact that she continues to get the short end of the stick regardless of her victories/sacrifices. I do agree that Olivia’s character has taken a turn for the worst this season though. I hate that the writers are investing so much time into her mess of a love life as opposed to her line of business. Every single one of her “cases” has tanked this season, but instead of putting in the work to rebuild her name she’s settling for the role of Fitz’ lapdog – taking away from her character development. At this point in time, I want Olivia to suffer from consequences in order for her to gain the sense that she has clearly lost.

        • mmel says:

          William, If you watched season 1 and the first part of season 2 you will know that last night was garbage. Not only did it go against everything that was written but the characters are not the same at all. Usually I would say that characters evolve but that was not evolution, that was we need to make Mellie and the rape scene makes sense, so we will write whatever necessary to accomplish that goal. I am sorry but are so devoid of pity that you didn’t see how much last night episode hurt Olivia. You can see in her face and I personally felt it (to the people who says that Kerry is not a good actress) , you may want Olivia to suffer but I believe that she is a human being who fell in love and I don’t think that she deserves to be punished for it. By the way these writers should really watch their own show then they would see how idiotic it has become.

      • A Rocks says:


        Once again, I have to say preach!
        I have tried to give the muddled mess that Scandal has become a chance, but I’m running on empty now.

        It has turned its original premise on its head. I wish they had told me they were going to do that right at the start.

        Why does it seem to me like the writers of this show are either posting to this blog or reading some of the posts here? I am pretty sure I have read Cyrus’ equivocating of his husband’s murder stated here last week.

        • mmel says:

          A Rocks, I never understood when people say they were hate watching a show until last night. Every time I watch a show I want to understand what the writers are trying to say because I always think if the person got funded to write a show there must be a story there and I decide whether that story is worth my time. Last night showed me that is no story or at least not one that can be followed, what are they trying to say?
          Arocks you rock, just wanted to say that.

    • mrenee says:

      Remember, it was Mellie’s choice not to tell him that she was raped. Ten years is a long time to be in a relationship that is dead. Is it selfish to want to be loved and regarded? Fitz’s problem is that he even went along with this foolishness for so long. Neither party sought to change the status quo. But, this is all revisionist history. They have no storyboard, so the characters change at whim. i wonder what Fitz’s reaction would have been if Andrew had not been a loyal and trusted friend? Would he have even cared?

      • Cheyenne says:

        I think he would have cared, not because it was Andrew specifically, but because another man is poaching on his property. It’s a guy reaction.

        • Lolita says:

          I’m with you he got mad because Mellie would not have any sex with him for 10 years then he finds out she’s banging Andrew no wonder he was mad. I didn’t like the way Fitz hollered at Liv. The way I see it they need her right now more than she needs them.

    • A Rocks says:

      Fitz and Olivia are on the outs again. Don’t you realize this? Don’t you realize this same play book? It is the same play from season 1 and 2.

      I am just biding my time for next week’s episode…

      • Cheyenne says:

        Oh come on, you know what’s going to happen. Fitz is going to run panting after Olivia begging him to forgive her for going off on her, as per usual. Olivia will forgive him, as per usual. Lather, rinse, repeat. The only way this relationship is going to end is if SHE calls it off, once and for all, and that’s not going to happen because she’s as emotionally tied up as he is. Mellie may be the mother of his children but Olivia is the love of his life. It’s a giant f*ck-up.

    • jackie says:

      OMG! Talk about your double standards! Did Liv seriously have the nerve to scold Andrew???? Seriously Liv??? What the hell has she become except a sad, sad, shadow of who she used to be. I’m sick of seeing her ALWAYS on the verge of tears. Suck it up for crying out loud! Fitz is actually just like his raping father said……..weak and never,ever, accepting any responsibility for his actions. It’s always somebody else’s fault. And Mellie……long suffering Mellie. TELL him that his daddy’s a rapist and his son is actually his broson. Chew on that for a while!! Everybody has apparantly forgotten their own culpability in how things are shaking out. Shut up Liv! You’ve let yourself be used by this egomaniac for YEARS! Go find your self respect. Where’d ya put it? is it at B-613??? Bwaaa haa haha ha ha ha haa! Quinn…….just let Huck kill you and let’s be over this. So now Huck is all chagrined and wants her out of B-613? And she’s the outraged, injured, party? Good grief. Shonda do you watch these shows for any sings of continuity or do you just let an idea pop into your head and go w/it regardless of the sense it makes. EVERYBODY’S a murderer. Or is covering up a murder. Sheeeeeesh. And has anybody really visited the fact that the VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES IS A FREAKING MURDERER??? Why does everybody just take that in stride?? Have they become sooo used to all the chicanery being done by the most powerful people in the country??

      • Kendall says:

        Why are people calling Olivia a hypocrite for trying to handle the Andrew/Mellie situation? It’s not like she gives two effs whether they’re bangin’ or not, she’s just doing her job. A job they asked her to do. Olivia knows that it’s bad enough that she’s having an affair with Fitz, but consider the harm it would do if it was discovered that the First Lady was screwing the VP? Consider the scandal if Michelle Obama was caught in flagrante delicto with Joe Biden?

        The other thing to consider (one of the only canon moments in the entire episode) is that Olivia has been handling the Grants’ personal interaction and the image of their marriage from the moment she met them. She’s the one who taught them how to look as if they love each other. When she met them, they weren’t even pretending to speak or communicate with each other, she changed that, and ironically enough, improved their marriage. And they have let her to interfere because they knew they needed her input, so of course she feels like she has every right to try to temporarily stop the Andrellie dalliance. Her and Fitz are not a new situation, and Mellie invited her onto the campaign knowing that her husband was in love with her.

        My biggest problem with the version of Olivia that we’re seeing is that she bears no resemblance to the Olivia Pope we met in season one, and season 2A. And that’s on the writers.

        If we accept this version of Olivia Pope, then why can’t people see what she’s been going through? Most people who’d been through what she has this season would have committed suicide by now. Let me refresh your very bad memory shall I?

        Olivia thought her mother died at age 12, a hard time that was made harder when her father abandoned her at a boarding school and didn’t reappear again until Liv was in her late twenties.

        Olivia then finds out that her dad is the head of an agency that kills and tortures people. He has Huck taken from the subway station and beaten up, and causes Edison (her then fiance) to have an ‘accident’, and blackmails Liv into cancelling her engagement with him.

        Fast-forward years later, she’s informed that her mother’s plane was shot down on her father’s orders, and that her lover was the person who shot the plane down.

        She then discovers that her mother is actually alive. A mother she believes has been dead for the last 22 years. Her mother sells her a false story and Olivia helps her to escape out of the country. Just as she realizes that it’s actually her mother who’s the bad person, not her dad. (well he is too, but whatever)

        The people she considers to be family have been torn apart, with one of them embroiled in the dangerous world of B613.

        And just last week, she found out that her friend/one-night stand/fake boyfriend killed Cyrus’ husband and two other innocent women.

        On top of all of this, she’s having to deal with the fact that her name was leaked to the public as the president’s mistress, and although she’s guilty of having the affair, that fact doesn’t make it any easier to live with.

        There are people who have killed themselves because they were failing at school, compare that to all of the above. Quite frankly, Olivia is the bravest person on the show, because she’s at least owning her crap and moving on as best as she can.

        The one thing I find downright annoying as far as these reviews are concerned, is that none of the reviewers ever explore the things that are happening to Olivia. Mellie’s pain can be explored to the nth degree, because she was sexually assaulted 15 years ago, and instead of telling her husband, she struck a deal with the devil, but somehow, Olivia’s abandonment issues are swept aside like it’s nothing. I often wonder what subconscious biases are at play when nobody seems to be able to connect with her humanity. Even the writers have explored Mellie’s pain with her various ranting monologues, while Olivia stays mute and never gets to articulates how she feels. Thank God Kerry Washington is so expressive, because it’s not like she’s ever given the words. Three season in, and we still don’t know who Olivia is, and what Olivia wants, beyond not having a scarlet A embroidered on her chest.

    • Kendall says:

      Fitz has been on my crappy list this week, but after my husband asked me how I’d feel in Fitz’s place, I thought about things and became less of a militant feminist about the Fitz Mellie fight.

      Basically, Fitz was faithful and celibate for ten years, before Olivia happened. Ten years. That’s a mighty long time.

      He believed Mellie when she told him that having the baby had killed her sex drive. Fitz blamed himself and presumingly stopped putting pressure on her to have sex. One year becomes, two, then five, then before he knows it, it’s been ten years since he’s been truly intimate with somebody. By this time, the marriage is dead, but he’s still been faithful. Then somebody comes along who sees him, who finds him attractive and sexy, and somebody who eventually loves him. Who would pass up on that after being in the wilderness for 10 years?

      He then embarks on this affair, and he falls in love with the woman, yet he feels guilty because he thinks that he’s become as bad as his emotionally abusive, cheating father. Think back to him asking Liv if she didn’t think he wanted to be a better man, blah, blah, blah in episode 2×08. Guilt, because he thinks he’s the one who destroyed his marriage.

      We know that Mellie was raped, Fitz doesn’t. So fast forward the years and he finds out that his wife is screwing his best friend. A best friend who was there when Mellie started not letting him touch her. Fitz puts two and two together and works out that maybe that’s why she wouldn’t let him touch her. It wasn’t because she was frigid, it was because she didn’t want him. She lied to him. All those years of celibacy (sex once a year or for procreation purposes really doesn’t count) and she was having it off with his “Uncle Andrew”? So all those years when he assumed that her condition was his fault and the guilt he’d had over his affair with Olivia was for nothing? How would any of us react to that? How would you react to that?

      Mellie isn’t to blame for the way she handled her rape, but it’s undeniable that shutting Fitz out, not telling him the truth, not seeking professional help, all helped kill her marriage. And as much as I don’t blame Mellie, there’s no way I’m blaming Fitz for either the affair or his reaction to Andrew, because the fact is, he tried to keep his marriage intact for way longer than the average man would, and it turned out that his wife had been lying to him all that time.

    • Kendall says:

      So many people watch this show without understanding what’s going on. It’s obvious what your take away was from that argument, but perhaps you should take a step back and consider things from Fitz’s point of view. He didn’t know she had been raped, because she didn’t tell him.

      The man had been faithful for ten years, and he’d been celibate because Mellie told him that her libido had died. After ten years, he meets somebody who wakens him and makes him feel alive again, how was he supposed to let that go? The he finds out that his wife was screwing his best friend, so he automatically makes the connection that she must have been screwing him during the time that she refused to be intimate with him. So now he’s thinking, she lied, it wasn’t because she was frigid, it was because she didn’t want him. All those years wasted feeling guilty, and for what? Fitz had every reason to feel mightily betrayed. He’d remained loyal for ten years, not many men would have stuck with Mellie for that length of time without the usual intimacy found in a marriage.

  10. I will right away snatch your rss as I can not to find your email subscription link or newsletter service.
    Do you’ve any? Kindly let me recognize in order that I
    could subscribe. Thanks.

  11. Mary says:

    This show has quickly gone down. Hate the VP character with that horrible southern accent and ridiculous portrayal of a religious woman . It’s do over the top and false. They make her seem crazy. What does that say about the writer ‘s view of people of faith. It’s offensive.

    And Fitzgerald is a weak wussy guy who has no business being president . The characters are hard to believe and the show has become unwatchable

    • Cheyenne says:

      Well, that’s the whole premise of the show, isn’t it? He has no business being president. He was elected through vote fraud and they never found out about it.

    • abz says:

      Scandal has always been over the top from day one and all the characters are pretty much walking heart attacks waiting to happen so there really is nothing new about that.

    • A Rocks says:

      I agree with your summation.

      One of the reasons why the show has become unwatchable is because there is no character consistency and the seeming need to create shock value in every episode.

      But I do like the VP. I do like her quips even when she quotes stuff from the bible that isn’t in the bible, and making such quips with that snarky smirk and twinkle in her eyes.

    • Nick says:

      I’m sorry to break the news to you, but the way she is portrayed is exactly the way atheists, agnostics and more generally reasonable people perceive religious fanatics. I think her character is actually pretty realistic and I can think of more than one recent republican primary candidate who sounds just like her.

  12. Hayes says:

    B613 is the stupidest part of this show. Kill Ballard, kill that entire storyline.

    • Kendall says:

      Now this I agree with. If Scott Foley could act worth a bean, the Jake Ballard character might not be so bad, but the fact is, he is cardboard and wooden. Shonda even gave him great monologues two weeks in a row, and he just phoned it in. This week the writers decided to give him a monologue that sounded just like something Rowan would say, and I felt exactly nothing. His speech to Fitz was such a yawnfest. Compare that to the way Daddy Pope read Fitz from right to left when he had him taken to the Pentagon in the winter finale. Foley is definitely the weakest link, acting-wise. No wonder none of the shows he’s on ever keep him for long.

      Yes, and B613 definitely needs to die a horrible death, so I hope both that arc and Jake get killed off in the season finale.

  13. Spencer says:

    I just started watching Scandal this season so I feel like I arrived incredibly late to a party and am completely lost when I read all of the comments (not just here, but other sites as well) about wanting Scandal to return to the path of awesome from which it has strayed. The general feeling has been disappointment with the writers, characters, actors, etc. From what I have gathered, most everyone wants Quinn to drink bleach and die, Olivia has waxed her short and curlies, Mama Pope is a terrorist, Daddy Pope is a tyrant, Fitz and Jake are invited to have drinks with Quinn and everybody loves Mellie, well the actress that plays Mellie. Some people love everything about everybody on the show and some hate everything about everybody on the show. My own opinion is that I showed up late to the party but I still had a nice time. I bumped shoulders with some people I would rather not ever again (Mama Pope, Jake, Fitz) but for now I am giving the show a chance and if it no longer suits me, I’ll just leave gracefully and say thanks for having me. I had a nice time.

  14. stevie says:

    this show has jumped the shonda.

  15. Ram510 says:

    I think this was another excellent episode however I wish they would’ve given us a couple “case of the week” episodes. Not because I prefer that format but for the longevity of the show. It’s seems a lot of fans are getting fed up with the soapy drama.
    I hope Scandal can finish out it’s season strong and maybe best season they can get a good ratio of case of the week to soap opera and keep people from getting frustrated and tuning out

    • Cheyenne says:

      It’s still ABC’s top show so they must be doing something right.

      • Coal says:

        On the contrary, no they are not doing anything right. Its a top show on a channel that has had how many cancellations this season ? Just because you are doing well among other poor shows in your channel it doesn’t make you the best. If you are going to bring up Resurrection let’s wait until its season finale and look at those numbers then.

        • Cheyenne says:

          That’s a silly comment. If they weren’t doing anything right the show would have been cancelled a long time ago.

          • Coal says:

            Lol, you entire logic is silly but that’s neither here nor there. The first two seasons generate serious heat and build a strong fan base and good viewer ship, do you seriously think network shows are kept on air by good writing ? No. Its a cash cow for them as long people keep watching they keep it on air.

        • A Rocks says:

          Well it does make you the best amongst the worst. Certainly not best in class, more along the lines of best among the “also ran”

      • chester says:

        I think most of the people who bother to comment on this website want an entertaining show that is also intelligent. Scandal may be the former, especially for people who have not watched or do not remember the first two seasons, but it is not intelligent, at least not right now. The writers can’t even remember earlier episodes.

    • A Rocks says:

      And they need to do this right now! Now is the moment! I used to watch Scandal glued to my TV Now I find myself DVRing Scandal so I can fast forward through most of it later.

  16. Cheyenne says:

    QUESTION: What was going on in the preview for next week, when Jake was trying to bust Olivia’s front door down? Is he pissed off because Olivia refuse to run away with him and is he trying to force her to go away with him? Questions, questions…

    • Overthinking says:

      I am guessing Jake has probably figured out that Olivia is trying to take down B613 and since he already threatened her that he was willing to go to any length to protect the Republic and “bad things happen to good people all the time”. He probably has come to make good on that threat.

      • chester says:

        I had this Scandal inspired dream last night. People were coming after me and some other people, so I had to both gather weapons and run away. One of the other people in the dream kept saying, “Why don’t you call the police? Why don’t you call the police?” That’s how I feel about B613. If Jake is banging at the door, why doesn’t Olivia call the police and have them bring 20 officers. Surely they could take Jake. Why doesn’t Fitz use the Special Forces to blow up B613 headquarters.

    • herman1959 says:

      I don’t know, I’ve stopped trying to figure out what the previews mean because sometimes what actually occurred is different from what it looks like in the preview. That said, it looks like another good episode; I’ll be watching.

  17. Coal says:

    Ah well I think its safe to say that Scandal has become a guilty pleasure for most of us now the draw is no longer the same. Its fine though, all good things do come to an end.

  18. GeoDiva says:

    So is Karen older then Jerry? Otherwise, how sexless could their marriage been if she was born a year later? This doesn’t make sense!

    • Andrew Hass says:

      It just means that Fritz and Mellie had sex one time and conceived Karen.I thought it was good episode in which we got to see Fritz and Mellie as parents and how their actions affected their children.I hope we get to see more of the kids.Plus i can’t wait to see Fritz’s reaction when he finds out about Mellie’s rape because we all know that’s coming.That could make him see her in a different light.

      • Kendall says:

        Fitz. Not Fritz. We’re nearly in the 4th season, people should know by now what the main characters are called…

  19. Anna says:

    The scene between Mellie and Fitz was incredibly hard to watch. Beautifully acted but incredibly hard to watch. Kudos to Bellamy Young and Tony Goldwyn for their acting though. I’m glad that Mellie didn’t end up telling Fitz about her rape. I 1100% think she needs to but I’m glad it wasn’t in the midst of a huge fight and said out of anger. I feel like it would have diminished the character.

  20. Kermit says:

    …in other news, it was nice to see Mackenzie Astin pop upas the interviewer.

  21. Mary says:

    Fitz is being an arrogant hypocrite, yes, but and Olivia?! It takes guts to tell Andrew to stay away from Mellie…she should have said:”Stay away from her while I screw her husband every chance I get”, lol!

  22. Coal says:

    Though a lot of us don’t like direction which the show is going anymore, I really liked the scenes were Fitz was holding Mellie by the hand, there was something very touching and genuine about them as a couple. I seem to cringe when everyone else has a PDA moment the show.

    • Ange says:

      But when you think about it, if Olivia had not told him to go fix his family, he never would have.

      • Cheyenne says:

        ^^THIS. I don’t know why so many people on here are deluded into thinking Fitz somehow turned on Olivia and is now making some kind of grand reconciliation with his wife. He’s getting clobbered in the polls against Sally Langston and he knows that TV interview is make-or-break time, that’s why he has so much riding on it. The minute he snapped at Olivia he wanted to run right after her and fix it up but he had to focus on the immediate problem, which was the interview. I’m kind of hoping, though, that next week he tries to make it up with Olivia yet again and she finally tells him to shove it. She won’t, though, because she’s as hooked on him as he is on her. It’s an impossible relationship that has nowhere to go as long as he’s in the White House.

  23. Overthinking says:

    Goodness, the numerous storylines in this episode takes the word chaos into a new level of cray cray.
    I think the writers/production team has finally hit rock bottom. They have no where to go but up. Hopefully they can claw their way back up by the start of Season 4.

  24. Lolita says:

    The show has turned into ” Murder Incorparated”. The B613 has gotten sickening,Quinn is to the point that I think she is a nut,and she’s never been in the hole. I’ve been so tired of Eli’s rants,and I tired of Jake, he has turned into Eli. What kind of a woman would turn against her country like Liv’ s mom, she evidently never cared about her kid. Mellie helped to destroy her marriage by not telling Fitz what his daddy did to her, i he probably would have still loved her, because at one time he did love her. He said for 10 years she didn’t let him touch her, what was he supposed to do? Their marriage was in the drain even before he met Liv. The B613 saga is getting worse and worse. It has been on far to long. I hate to say it, but the show is no longer about Olivia Pope, she is being reduced to nothing but a sounding board for everybody to jump on. Why do the writers always make the kids have no respect for their parents? I hope this is the last of these smart talking kids we see.The lack of respect they showed their parents got on my nerves. Please bring back the Olivia Pope we loved and use to know

  25. Ange says:

    I don’t take the show as seriously as most. I loved the way Cyrus went after Jake and Jake did not flinch. It was awesome! I also liked Jake’s speech to Fitz…it was classically great. Also, it’s interesting now to see how the relationship with Olivia was a result of Mellie not trusting her husband enough to be honest with him. Not saying the affair is right but Mellie did turn herself off from Fitz without reason far before there ever was an Olivia.

    • herman1959 says:

      DITTO; I’m also, now, at a different place with this show – just watching for entertainment, not taking it seriously. Things change.

  26. scampi745 says:

    This ep felt like a rest break after last week. When did Cy start to accept the truth of what happened to James? And why did Fitz look like it was news to him? Actual sighting of Ella and Teddy!! Could care less about Jerry and Karen now that they’ve made an appearance. If Mellie was on her knees why was she grasping to pull her clothes together when she ran out of the room? Eventhough Mellie said she wasn’t sleeping with Andrew years ago, Fitz is going to check paternity and that’s how the truth will be revealed. Loved Andrew’s ‘glass houses Olivia’ comment. Mellie’s ‘thank you Olivia’ hurt after Mama’s Help comment. Tired of sex in the office, but like that seeing panties hit the floor is so evocative (thinking of Olivia in the oval). No need to show more.Please please let Olivia regain some strength and pride. All her my job is all I have left feeling is too much. I too wondered what Jake wanted to hear from Eli. Also for the preview, what happended to Jake’s key? A love triangle isn’t cool when every person is crazy ala Quinn, Charlie and Huck. Someone won’t make it out alive.

    • herman1959 says:

      Um, Scampi, I think the fake-boyfriend scam ended when Jake threatened Liv in last week’s episode, therefore, the key was returned. But, I think you’re idea about the paternity test is VEEERY INTERESTING.

  27. Lolita says:

    I have a feeling that mama Pope is gonna take out Eli has anyone else been thinking along this line?? There are to many guys,somebody has got to go. There has to be a conclusion to B613. Just my humble opinion.

  28. Lolita says:

    The desk in these offices have a story to tell if they could talk. Everybody uses the desks for sex,in fact more sex is on the desks, than in the bed.(joke)

  29. k says:

    This show is getting ridiculous! I hate the Quinn storyline and wish they would fix that (if that is even possible at this point!) Really going downhill!

  30. Coal says:

    I’m trying to think of new names for the show, how about, Glass Houses or with so much sex on the show the might as well call it Shag.

  31. herman1959 says:

    KAPOW!……everyone got it in this episode and they had it coming. I haven’t enjoyed Scandal this much in a very long time. And, I like the reporter, Noah (Mackenzie Astin); I hope he stays around. It looks like Scandal might be back on track.

  32. mmel says:

    We should buy the writers a Netflixx account and tell them to watch their own show.

  33. Kat Aston says:

    Well last night I thought I was watching “12 years as a Slave,” but it was Scandal, so after 3 years this is what Olivia’s character has been reduced to. I was expecting her to say at any moment, “I will survive,” channeling Solomon Northrup. Oh and I was waiting on Mellie to tell Fitz, “My bed is too holy for you to sleep in,” lol. If this was a good episode, I’m wondering for whom? Is this what some of the fans want to see and also the execs at ABC? No matter what the circumstances, the lead actress is not allowed to speak back to her co-stars. ABC could have just aired “Gone with the Wind, for the last 3 years. I guess next week Liv will be wearing a handkerchief on her head. C’mon on Scandal writers, you want a show that looks just like all of the other programs on T.V. You built up this big epic romance to now tear it down, so the supporting actress can look decent. Were advertisers complaining that they didn’t like the treatment of the Mellie character or the interracial romance? So now everything that has been sold to us on this relationship between Olivia and Fitz is false? Also, the arranged and pretend marriage, was broke down because of lack of sex, but we see in one episode Mellie trying to go downtown on Fitz and in another she’s asking Fitz does he want to have sex?

    I started watching Scandal for Kerry Washington and became intrigued with the storyline. I like it because it has been very different from other programs on T.V, but it’s as if the writers are trying to re-write or back track this storyline. Did the popularity of the Olivia and Fitz romance surprise them, and now they don’t know where to take it? I’ll continue to watch because of Kerry. This program has encouraged other networks to cast a black actress as the lead, so for that I’m grateful, but I must say, I don’t know which storyline to believe anymore.

    • mmel says:

      I agree with everything you have said. It is kind of a waking call to all of us who thought this show could be different. I too have wondered if the advertisers had problems with the relationship and the treatment of Mellie, we know that many viewers did. The more things change the more they stay the same. I am grateful to Shonda for the one thing she did and that was to show a show with a black leading lady can succeed as for the rest …… I don’t know.

    • mrenee says:

      Ditto. Still, let me go a step further and ask, what does Shonda get out of this? What difference does diversity make, when you tell the same old story? If she gets one more NAACP or diversity award, I will lose my lunch. Gone with the Wind indeed. I remember how excited I was to find this on YouTube. Kerry and Tony just jumped off the screen and Bellamy/Jeff and Guillermo rounded out the regulars just wonderfully. Now, I FF thru Huck, am nauseated by Mellie and wait desperately for the real Olivia and Fitz to return. As a black woman, I remain distressed that we can never have anything. Same ole story, all of the time. No matter how smart or beautiful, we stay losing on the small screen,. .

      • A Rocks says:

        And she had the perfect opportunity to break the mold with Scandal; which is what I honestly thought she would do. Instead she has made Scandal mundane.
        Perhaps she has been pressured by the network… who knows? Perhaps we should place some pressure of our own. If others can do it, why can’t we?

        I wonder how the actors feel living in that topsy turvy world…

  34. LaLa says:

    Gotta say, I imagined the Grant kids would be a little more sophisticated and snarky (like the Florrick kids on TGW). I was kinda disappointed in their appearance. Didn’t seem to move the story forward.
    How DUMB is Harrison? Ewwww, to Quinn and Huck, and somethings gotta give within that whole love triangle thing. Cy’s daughter was sooo cuuuute!!!
    For me, it seems as if Shonda and the Scandal writers stumbled onto ratings gold in Seasons 1 & 2. Then the entire cast got in on the Live Tweet phenomenon and all of the OMG moments. And now, they all seem to be deliberately trying to structure the show around the most popular ones. ~For example, every week we see ~: Daddy Pope rants, David/Abby, Quinn/Huck and their tongues, Mama Pope rants (or gives her two cents as an outsider), Liv/Fitz break up, Liv/Fitz make up, Liv reaffirms that she’s doing her job (usually to Fitz), and then in the last 10 mins, there’s some unseen twist to make the audience gasp. I hate to say it, but the storyline doesn’t seem to be organically flowing any more. It seems like the cast and crew are trying to jam as much intrigue and drama as possible into each and every episode. Maybe it’s because this back season is shortened, who knows? I’m not gonna stop watching. But at this point, I could use a little down time to recover from all of the revelations that keep coming. I know the characters all need serious vacations. A client-centric episode would be most welcome right about now. JMO.

  35. Does anyone remember the episode where Fitz and Jake were on the phone after they fired Rowan? I thought they were on the same side.Is it possible that Fitzgerald is not as dense and weak as we think he is,just asking?

    • Lolita says:

      I remember that episode, Fitz told jake that they work good together. They supposedly knocked Eli off his high but they keep saying B216 is bigger than the president. So who knows what and if someone can get rid of it. It has been going on since last October, to me it seems like it should come close to being over some time maybe early in the next season if it comes back on because I don’t think there is enough time to end it the.

  36. PFitzDC says:

    I love Shonda and her character development and plotting is usually on the money. But I disagree with her lame dismissal of viewers’ outcry over Fitz’s comments about Mellie’s frigidity. Never mind Baby Teddy and the random BJ in the shower. What about KAREN? Fitz made it sound like they didn’t have sex after Jerry’s birth, so where did Karen come from? And at one point, he cites “10 years”–also doesn’t track with the timing of Jerry’s birth and his current age. I think the writers’ didn’t quite do their homework in plotting and composing Fitz’s monologue.

    • A Rocks says:

      It seems to me that the writers do not need to do their homework because they believe people will accept the fluff hook line and sinker. If you watch Scandal you will note lots of holes that ask you to suspend all common sense and even a modicum of intelligence.

      What I would like to know ,,, how have we moved from

      Watch me earn you
      I am in love with an incredible woman
      You are the love of my life
      I will not lose you again
      Vermont and jam

      To the mess that we had last night? If the relationship was going to be trivialized in such a manner why create something else in the first place.

      I am very disappointed in Shonda and biding my time till next week’s episode.

      • Kat Aston says:

        Exactly, you’re so right, not only that, but are we to believe Fitz doesn’t love Olivia – I mean he bought what appears to be a million dollar home in Vermont for both of them to live in. Also, he gave her Mom full access to one of his planes to fly her badass out of the country. Yet, this was all because Mellie wasn’t giving him any lovin? Oh, and let’s not forget “Who’s name he called out when he was shot and his ass was laid up in the hospital. Even Mellie knows better, she realizes his deep love for Olivia. Oh, I see ya Scandal writers, you want us to have amnesia, but you know this is the age of social media, dvrs, and YouTube. We can’t forget all of this just so you can write out a full episode. I’ll take a line from the latest Drake song, “Remember.”

  37. Coal says:

    It seems with Scandal we are never going to depart from the race issue. Look, I’m a black guy, but I was not drawn to Scandal by Kerry Washington being the lead. I start watching it because I love political/legal dramas, the likes of The West Wing, House of Cards and The Good Wife. It also had elements of a procedural show with the “case of the week” storylines which Pope and Associates did. Now for me the decline of Olivia Popes character is similar to that of Emily Thorn (Revenge). After Revenge stopped with its weekly “take downs” and dedicated more and more of its writing to the romantic lives of everyone on the show it lost perspective, much like Scandal. To me both Emily and Olivia characters have been destroyed and it has nothing to do with race.

    • mmel says:

      Coal with all due respect you a re a black man, not a black woman. You may have started to watch this show because of the political/legal drama but for many of us there was something more important than that. You have to remember that Olivia (played by Kerry Washington) was the first of her kind in 38 years, she was brilliant yet flawed, she was a full human being. This season the writers have brought up every stereotype about black women they could and reinforced them. I am sorry that we are not seeing it from the same angle, I don’t believe we ever can.

    • AmyP says:

      Very good point re: Revenge! I never noticed the similarities, but I totally agree. Once they moved away from the ‘case/takedown of the week’, they lost what drew me to the shows in the first place. I stopped watching Revenge this season, and now I’m wondering if I’ll end up ditching Scandal as well. Too many other shows to spend time watching…

  38. MrTemecula says:

    I’m surprised there are no locks on doors in the White House! On the other hand, the characters are so stupid and selfish, it’s not surprising they would not bother locking the doors.

  39. Nat says:

    I don’t think Jake is trying to break Olivia’s door down to kill her. My guess is that he wants to talk to her about the danger she is in by digging into B613 and of course she is stubborn and angry at him so she doesn’t want to let him in. Jake doesn’t like B613 either so it wouldn’t surprise me if he covertly aligned himself with OPS to bring it down.
    He loves Olivia but I think he knows they will never be together. wouldn’t surprise me at all if Jake’s endgame is that he somehow sacrafices himself to let B613 finally be taken down and saves Olivia.

  40. jinx says:

    Does not anyone remember that Mellie got pg and had the doctor induce labor prematurely so she could deliver at a crucial time. It was a son, so Karen must have been the oldest, which also means that they had sex during the 10 years or the son is not his either. I too am sited of B316 and the Huck and Quinn relationship. I thought they had Charlie in their sights to do in?

    • Cheyenne says:

      The baby she had by induced labor is baby Teddy. Jerry is the oldest (15 or 16) and Karen is right after him.

  41. Forwardad says:

    Yes stupid stupid Harrison. I wanted s better storyline for him. Poor David dating Abby is just not good for his career.

  42. Nick says:

    I’m slightly confused by the kids’ ages. First of all, they appears to be relatively close and at any case I had the impression that Karen is the elder sister… but then the article says that perhaps Jerry jr. is Big Jerry’s rape byproduct and I also thought that Mellie and Fitz had no sons when it happened, which would make Jerry jr. the elder son… what’s up with that?

    • herman1959 says:

      Going by previous episode flashbacks, just before and after Mellie was raped, it would seem that Jerry was the first child. But at this point who knows, Shonda might come up with an entirely new scenario by the end of the season.

  43. Cheyenne says:

    For those of you who are moaning about poor Mellie:

    Flash back to the first season. Mellie finds out Fitz has been boning Amanda Tanner and the sh*t is about to hit the fan. Who does she blame for the affair? Does she blame Fitz? Nope. Does she blame Amanda? Nope. SHE BLAMES OLIVIA! She has the nerve to tell Olivia it was all HER fault because Olivia broke off her own affair with the president after the election. She told Olivia she wasn’t doing her job, i.e., screwing the president so he wouldn’t run after horny interns. Well guess what, Mellie: if YOU had been doing YOUR job as a WIFE and satisfying your husband’s needs, maybe he would have come back to YOU after Olivia dumped him, rather than run after some horny intern. IJS.

    On to season 2: Mellie is pregnant and desperate to hang onto her husband by any means necessary. So what does she do? She puts her baby’s life and health at risk by having her labor induced four weeks early so that Fitz won’t leave. Brilliant move on her part, because Fitz didn’t leave, but what if it had gone wrong and the baby had been harmed? Does anyone really believe Mellie would have cared, as long as Fitz stayed? She acted like she didn’t even want to touch that baby after it was born. After they pose for a baby photo, she practically tosses the baby back to the nurse and then she reaches for the baby wipes.

    Mellie is a conniving, controlling, power-hungry b*tch. Don’t waste any sympathy on this woman. She gets none whatsoever from me.

    • A Rocks says:

      Why is this show about Mellie, is what I would like to know. Is it not supposed to be about a fixer?

      • Cheyenne says:

        I don’t know why anybody is whining about Mellie. She made her own bed as far as I’m concerned. Let her lie in it. Fitz is a jerk but she’s as bad as he is IMO

    • Coal says:

      And Olivia is a saint ? Don’t cherry pick facts to suit you argument. Not single character on this show has a redeeming quality.

      • Cheyenne says:

        Whoa. Where did I say Olivia is a saint? She’s carrying on a 4-year affair with a married man. But she’s not a devious, power-hungry bitch like Mellie. I don’t think Olivia would ever put her unborn baby’s life at risk to further her own aims.

        • Coal says:

          Olivia isn’t exactly fighting for the greater good is she ? how many cover ups has she been involved in ? The white hat wearing Olivia is long gone.

          • mmel says:

            I always found the white hat analogy ridiculous, this is a person who works to fix other people’s wrongdoings. Remember the first case (I maybe wrong) she was trying to get the soldier off and she didn’t care whether or not he was guilty, she just didn’t want him to lie to her. I don’t see anything wrong with her wearing a gray, black or what ever color hat people want to put on her , I have always thought she was fantastic the way she was. It is not the white hat that bothers people it is the fact that Fitz loves her and not Mellie. Because people feel that Mellie is the victim they have turned her into a saint and forgets all the horrible things Mellie has done ( I have to give it to Cheyenne she lays them out well ) and forget that on Scandal no one is good. On top of that the writers have insulted our intelligence by blaming who Mellie is on rape. The last part of turning Mellie into this person incapable of being an A##hole and power hungry (like the rest of them, whom I thought was realistic in terms of the show) just because that is who she is, made me feel that the writers thought that as an audience member I am dumb and I still live in a world where fairy tales really do exist.

          • Cheyenne says:

            @mmel: I agree with most of your comment except that I don’t think the writers are trying to blame the rape for who Mellie is. Mellie was a conniving b*tch long before the rape happened. Only a conniving b*tch would be able to turn a rape around to her advantage as Mellie did when she sucked up to Big Jerry after to rape to get Fitz elected governor, and continued to suck up to him while he was running for president. The problem isn’t the writers; it’s that people are projecting their own personal feelings about cheating husbands and mistresses onto the characters. Mellie is a scorned, rejected wife; ergo, she’s a saint. Olivia is the other woman; therefore, she’s a whore. Fitz dumped his wife for another woman, which makes him a POS. The writers lay the characters out there and some people over-identify with them. I guess it’s human nature to do that.

  44. A Rocks says:

    Let me see if I understand this plot.

    The head of B613 killed 3 people in order not to have them spill the secret that the VP killed her husband.

    They now have footage of two known terrorists plotting to do something with the president and the comment is let’s see how it plays out.

    I guess this is one of those Shonda things, huh?

    • herman1959 says:

      A Rocks, I have to agree with you on this one, that scene was truly out of left field. I suspect that a super-duper OMG/Cliffhanger season finale is coming – get ready! The last time Fitz was shot, who do you think it will be this time? Anybody?

  45. Hamza says:

    I may be in the minority here but I just hate Fitz. Never liked him from the beginning but now this one makes me hate him even more. Such ridiculous double standards. I wish Mellie could have yelled back at him when he was blaming her. To me, the best Scandal episodes were the ones where he was dying in season 2 and was hardly present in a couple of episodes.

    • mmel says:

      Again if you are hating Fitz because of how he treats Mellie, I can’t really take you seriously.

    • Kendall says:

      I can’t take you seriously either if the only reason you hate Fitz is because of the way he treats his horrific wife. Just because the writers want the viewers to forget who Mellie is doesn’t mean that we have. They can retool her history to their heart’s content, but we were all there when she blamed Olivia for leaving her husband so that the “shiny Amanda apple” could get to him.

      We were also there when Mellie was arranging date nights between Olivia and her husband because he wasn’t sleeping.
      We were also there when she went on national TV and tried to force Fitz into declaring war on East Sudan.
      We were also there when Mellie told the families of the Kashfari hostages that America were trying to negotiate with the hostages. Even my two year old niece knows that America doesn’t negotiate with terrorists.
      We were also there when she forged a letter of reinstatement while Fitz lay dying in hospital.
      We were also there when she induced baby Teddy 4 weeks early in order to manipulate Fitz into forgetting about his idea to divorce her.
      We were also there when Mellie along with the other heathens pressured Olivia into rigging the election.
      We were also there when Mellie decided to tell the world that her husband was cheating on her, then promptly took him back when Olivia dumped him again.
      We were also there in the season three premiere when Mellie/Fitz and Olivia all agreed to tell the truth about his affair with Olivia, and then Mellie turned around and threw Janine under the bus instead of letting Fitz come clean and take his lumps.

      Basically, there are way worse things to hate Fitz for, but the way he treats that wife of his isn’t really one of them. She’s not the saint that they’re trying to tell us she is. She may have kept her legs closed 12 years ago, but she had an emotional affair with Andrew, a man who had no issue chasing after another man’s wife. I’d like to see him referred to as a whore, but I wont hold my breath.

      • mmel says:

        Good job Kendall on all your comments.

        • Lolita says:

          Wow Kendal you laid it out, truer words were never spoken. I had made a comment about Mellie not screaming when Big Jerry was raping her with her husband upstairs in the bedroom, someone said I was blaming her for getting raped, I wasn’t blaming her all I said was she didn’t t scream with her husband right upstairs, then she turned around and black mailed Big Jertry because she wanted to be the wife of a Senator, which was her way into the White House. She will do anything to stay the First Lady , she has proven this time and again. I guess people forgot she was having an affair in the first season while Fitz was running for Governor. So she is not the wronged wife, she is willing to do whatever to remain The First Lady.

      • A Rocks says:


        You may want to add to your list that little inane item when Mellie told Fitz there’s no such thing as love that it’s all pretend.

        • Lolita says:

          Thanks for making me remember that she told Fitz that you have to pretend to like people you can’t stand and to be able to spend years with a person you have to pretend and that in itself is a fantasy. I thought when she said that, she didn’t know what is, and she didn’t know how to love. Fitz said that Big Jerry bought her for him, maybe her father was just as cold as Big Jerry.

      • Nathalie says:

        I agree

  46. Cheyenne says:

    Another question: This whole TV interview was about improving Fitz’s image by presenting the perfect family to the nation. That’s why he and Olivia were desperate for the interview to succeed, because his whole election is hanging by a thread and the interview will either save it or tank it. Ten minutes before the interview, he barges into a room full of people and sucker-punches his running mate. Did he think nobody is going to ask why he did that? What if the people who saw it start asking questions and the truth comes out? If it gets out that he beat up Andrew because Andrew is boning his wife, he can kiss the election goodbye.

    • lolita says:

      you know B613 knows everything that happens in the White House. They won’t let nothing or nobody get in the way of the “Republic.” Every room evidently has a hidden camera in it. And I believe if Sally acts like she’s gonna confess they will either kill her or say she’s crazy cause she lost her husband and stash her away just like they did Liv’s mama.

      • Cheyenne says:

        We know that already, but I want to know how is Fitz going to explain why he walked into a room full of people and socked his running mate in the eye?

        If every room has a hidden camera in it, do they have a video of Mellie on her knees fellating Andrew with her dress half off and his pants down? If they do, what will they do with it?

  47. Lolita says:

    Maybe Tom? He gave Jake the flash drive, said he was B316 and that Jake would be receiving one each day. I don’t know how they will Fitz knocking down Andrew. I just think Tom is in control of whether that scene gets out or not. I ‘m just guessing,cause it is hard to figure out with so much going on. I still love the show regardless.

    • herman1959 says:

      Lolita, I think your theory makes sense as far as Tom controlling the film, but he can’t control the other people talking about it (OK, Cheyenne); I guess we’re just supposed to let that one go. Lets just say that cutting out 4 episodes has thrown a serious monkey wrench into Shonda’s original storyline, and we are having to let a lot of things go. Events that should have been developed over time are being compressed and the casework aspect has been cut out all together (what ever happened to the CEO’s case?). Let’s hope that Shondaland can get it together for next season.

      Now, I have a question for anyone who can answer. At first, I couldn’t understand why Jake would have video of the meeting with Adnan, Maya, and the Russian/Ukranian(?) terrorist – how would he have known when and where? Then, after watching again, I realized that it was because B613 had picked up the underling (the one Fitz wanted Jake to turn over). I’m guessing he turned informant and is now working with Jake? Help!

  48. jJenner 1287 says:

    Scandal,scandal where oh where have thou gone! SO wish i could join u with memory loss but alas i am still young!! I think it is very sad when writer want to hold on to s psrticular character (in this case bellamy young) and i really dont blame them for this she is very good and they have neither the imagination or respect for their audience but rewrite what they hsve enjoyed, applauded and HELD in memory!! Stop degrading fitzs and olivia’s character as a couple and as individual actors it is becoming sadastic and classless. I am sure amongst all u writers there has to be someone with enough talent to move forward with the script than the nonsense u are trying to have us believe. There is no way anyone with an ounce of sense can believe the complete rewriting of the history of mellie fitzs and olivia – really you are insulting and just because we are not in a position to do anything about it does not mean we accept it. As an audience we have been faithful to scandal its time writers showed us a little respect and value in return and not just expect us to put up or turn off!! Can i just finish by saying the scandal actors are brilliant everyone of them even with unbelievable material and really its been for them alone that me and my people have hung on tbis long!!

  49. A Rocks says:

    What do you mean we cannot do anything about it? we most certainly can. Enough of us stop watching and you will see how quickly they get their act together.

    • Cheyenne says:

      LOL yeah, right, like you’re going to stop watching the show any time soon. You live and breathe this show. You’re on here with the same lame-ass complaints every single week but it doesn’t stop you from going back for more every Thursday night.

      • A Rocks says:

        Get back to me after this week’s episode. (tomorrows episode). You really need to take a chill pill. Just because someone posts here, doesn’t necessarily mean they continue to watch the show.

  50. jJenner 1287 says:

    You are absolutely right A Rocks that is definitely food for thought as they have ruined soooo many of us enjoyment of the show!!!