Hawaii Five-0 Exclusive: Michelle Borth to Exit

La O Na MakuahineCat’s out of the bag: Michelle Borth is leaving Hawaii Five-0.

The actress, who has played Catherine Rollins since Season 1 (she was promoted to a regular in Season 3), will not be returning for the CBS drama’s recently ordered fifth season, TVLine has learned exclusively.

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Borth is set to make her final appearance as McGarrett’s fellow team member and lover at the end of the show’s current fourth season.

In a recent interview with TVLine, exec producer Peter M. Lenkov shared that the second-to-last episode is a “big, dramatic” one for the lovebirds, featuring “some flashbacks to [Catherine’s] stint in the military.”

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  1. tv2day says:

    They have nothing for her to do on the show. She just shows up mid episode n that’s it. A shame the writers have not been able to write in another female lead. The chick that went on star in Chicago fire was very good on five o but the writers couldn’t make it work.

    • Lyn12 says:

      You are right, TV2 … somehow, when they brought her in to be part of the team, she became even less relevant than she was before! I really liked her, though, and I liked what the relationship said about McGarrett. Of the hotshot cops on TV, how many are shown in a stable romantic relationship where they are making things work?

      • Megan says:

        I’ll be happy to see the end of Catherine…because as soon as she was added to the regular cast, she was basically shoved down our throats.
        Danny was put aside, as Cath was doing everything with Steve, acting like she was his partner. Not Danno. So needless to say, the bromance, banter, and ‘carguments’ which a lot of people have came to love about Steve and Danny’s partnership, was somewhat sparse this season. And the reason why? Catherine. So I am not at all sorry to see her go.

        • Cip says:

          Scott Caan was working on other projects during this season..i think that’s why he skipped some episodes, and Grover showed up..

        • carol says:


        • kelly says:

          but understand Scott Caan was off shoting a movie so she did the filler for him and was the female fill in for Grace Park who was out on leave for a baby. if they had her reinlist in the Navy she could be of more use or intressts. maybe if they hadnt killed off Billy thta would have beena good story line to follow also.

          • Mrs. Cleaver says:

            Yes I thought Billy was supposed to “cause trouble” for Steve & Cath’s relationship & was amazed when he was killed off after like ONE episode.
            I’m sorry Cath is leaving but her relationship with Steve never made sense. They sleep together, they have been together for YEARS, she’s in/out of his house and bed all the time but they never said I love you to each other. That is weird.
            I agree with another commentator who said Steve should have a girlfriend but NOT someone who is a team member.
            Good luck to Michelle Borth, she’s a beautiful girl, I hope she finds a show that uses her talents in a more productive way.

        • I dont want her to leave maybe leave as a member but not as his girlfriend

          • Yohanna says:

            agreed! I Love Cath & Steve being together!

          • Hu says:

            Very true……Steve needs a life outside work.

          • natalia says:

            agreed. we love her. we like her appearence in every episodes !! hope the producer pay more attention to the viewers’s respond to this TV’s show. Please bring her back to the fifth season. Me and my families loved to watched their love stories. Please bring her back……. :'(

        • Paul says:

          chic response…she was as good if not better than danno….

        • MaryAnne Alvino says:

          she did NOT take over with Steve, she was his girl and she was on the team, and she did a greattt job with it, and I miss her and wish she was back….

        • Inês says:

          o quê????? Catherine é o coração do programa.. não sabes do que falas. ela tem tantos fas

      • Phyllis Ferrantello says:

        I agree with your comment. Having Steve be in a loving romantic relationship – at his age – 40ish….makes him more appealing. What are they going to do? Have him start to womanize? Catherine was such a breath of fresh air to this show….I hope the producers re-think this. Look at Castle – Becket and Richard’s relationship has improved the show. I would rather see Steve and Catherine marry – Steve should be as NORMAL as possible – considering his MOM lied to him his whole life.

        • Dix says:

          I agree please keep Michelle as Catherine

        • Isabel Archer says:

          So so true. I am heartily tired of seeing 40 something men on TV behave, relationship wise, like they are still 25 and playing the field. A lead coming home to a stable spouse ( whether or not she or he worked with them) and maybe even having a a child would, for me, greatly enhance the appeal of the character and hence , the show. Misfit and troubled characters can get just as boring as stable ones….

        • catherine mcgarrett says:

          u know what???i love u so much!!everybody else is like hating on her!!!i totally dont understand that…shes like d best person to be with steve…as danny said…beautiful,intelligence,attractive,sexy girlfriend…

      • menya says:

        i agree he should be in a relationship but i didn’t like him with Cath.I think they should kill her off and write a new love interest that we could get to know with Steve.What the show is missing is a romance that evolves under our eyes not a ready made thing like Steve and Cath had.They should write Steve as being a little more invested in this romance too.I really don’t think they know how to write a good love story in this show.

    • JC says:

      I can’t agree that Lauren German was good on Hawaii Five-0. She may be fine on Chicago Fire – I wouldn’t know. But I thought she was terrible on this show. I was so glad when they got rid of her. I’ve always thought Catherine was a far better character and a better match for Steve.

    • Lisa London says:

      Could not agree more.

    • jenferner8 says:

      There’s a reason that chick isn’t on Hawaii 5-0 anymore, she was awful. She was so bland on the show several people I know who watch the show religiously don’t even remember her. I guess it’s good thing I don’t watch Chicago Fire. I like Catherine enough but only in small doses, most of which until recently always seemed to be in bed or on the couch with Steve. That got real old real fast.

      • Sara says:

        I *HATED* Lori and blamed Lauren German for that until Chicago Fire. She’s actually awesome on CF and her character is one of my favorites, so now I blame Lori’s awfulness entirely on the H50 writers.

        • Jennifer says:

          I completely disagree! Lori WAS that bad and Lauren was even worse. There was at least one episode that Lori wasn’t in and I never even noticed she was absent from episode almost until the end, I don’t remember which episode it was but it was one of the best episodes of the season. The writers did their jobs just fine, Lauren’s “acting” was the problem. I keep telling my sister that if another actress had played Lori I’m sure Lori would have lasted longer on the show.

          • Dean says:

            Like a pissy fan like you could do a better job?

          • Alisa Neely says:

            from what i understand…..the 1 who played Lori, handled the HATE towards her and her character with grace and was professional…..i haven’t heard ANYTHING, about her ATTACKING the fans on social media, the way MB has done…..i didn’t have a problem with Lori ( dvd’s)….as for MB: i’ve seen her in an eppy of SVU…..i was NOT impressed…..she came across as if she had her nose in the air…..she WANTED the guy in the eppy….and killed the other woman…..i just DON’T find MB all that great of an actress….and that is NOT, because i’m a MCDANNO fan.

          • Lisa says:

            I remember her on the show H50 but I could note remember her name nor her leaving or having a thing for Steve. Maybe with Gracie Park back regularly, Jorge Garcia and Lou Grover in the cast it will shake things up. I love the show…..

    • Ray says:

      I’m done with TVLine, since Claire Holt it seems every time I get on here I’m reading about a beautiful actress leaving the shows I watch. Michelle works on H50 but was under used a lot. The same way Grace and Daniel get forced into scenes. The problem is they keep bringing in guest stars and turn them in to series regulars or long term recurring.

    • H50 says:

      Lori was horrible!!! Hope she never comes back. I still have bad flashbacks of her character when I see commercials of Chicago Fire.
      MB is a good actress but writers ruined her character.

    • warlita l arciaga says:

      I’m soooo glad “Catherine” will no longer exist in Season 5. It’s about time for the writers to concoct a story wherein Kono (Grace Park) and McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) start to like each other that will mature into a loving relationship until the end of the series. Several groups of their fan-base are looking forward to it…hope it happens!

    • Annie says:

      Totally disagree with all of you guys, because Catherine “Cat” has something to do, her romance with Steve McGarrett. She is like another Kono. She helps out and other things, so DONT JUDGE!!

    • Mary says:

      I agree … it was nice to see a relationship between McGarrett and Catherine. I can’t believe with her military background they couldn’t find a part for her even if it wasn’t every episode. Possibly working with the SWAT even. No imagination for the writers.

    • we will miss michelle,s stunning beauty and excellent acting

  2. Mel says:

    This has been coming. She’s been acting weird on twitter. Not sure what’s up with that. She acts a little unbalanced sometimes. I loved Catherine but yeah not sure what happened there.

    • trf says:

      This all has to do with Grace Park’s need for a reduced role for an extended part of last season and this one. MB was brought in to fill the gap. She did. The writers couldn’t / wouldn’t work her into another fulltime role. MB be gone by the end of this season. Not good.

  3. Stephanie says:

    This makes me sad. I really enjoyed her being part of the team this season. I’m glad it got renewed – I was worried there for a while – esp when it moved to Fridays. Now I have to make more of an effort to catch it on demand. Love this show!!

  4. wrstlgirl says:

    A lot of people will be happy to read this but I never had a problem with he character. I thought she fit in well, sorry to see her go.

    • Rob says:

      I agree completely. She was a good addition, I actually thought they were going to have Steve and her eventually become a actual couple and make it final. It is obvious her loves her, and she him. Oh well.

  5. Banana says:

    Bless best news ever!!

    • Keith says:

      Best news ever? Really?

      • MLO says:

        Banana’s probably one of those whackos who thinks that once Catherine’s gone she’ll have a chance at McGarrett.

        • Banana says:

          Banana is one of those people who were bullied by MB online just for having an opinion.. Bearing in mind, I never tweeted her directly.. And funny you say that about McGarrett, I don’t like him..

  6. Bonnie Maynes says:

    I never liked her. I’m glad she is going.

  7. Joey Padron says:

    I’ll miss her on show. The writers haven’t wrote anything good storylines for her character in last few episodes.

    • Rob says:

      I will miss her to, but your wrong, she plays a good role, plus she is really hot!!

      • Dejanera says:

        Actually the writers are doing a horrible work with her role through season 4 . Since she joined the team they turned her to be almost invisible : no more important scenes, no more living with McGarrett, god, I can’t even recall any romance scene since she joined the team & I really liked their unusual romance together. No wonder she wants to leave , but I’ll really miss her.

  8. Celeste says:

    I think she’s a good character, but she just doesn’t fit (for me). I think that if they want to bring some love interest for Steve they should just use Kono, or really write a new and original character that doesn’t just act as Steve’s girlfriend..

    • OMG, No! Steve and Kono would be almost like incest!

      • JC says:

        I don’t know that I’d go so far as incest, but I would not be even remotely interested in a McKono relationship. That might even be a deal breaker for me with this show. Steve is Kono’s boss, and I don’t like boss/employee relationships. The only reason I was sort of ok with it with Cath was because their relationship existed before she was on the team, but even with that I know I had reservations when I heard they were putting her on the team last year. But absolutely no to Steve/Kono.

      • Paul says:

        Totally agree. Steve and Kono would be the worst together.

    • prish says:

      Hey, they have Kono and cute Adam. Let’s keep that.

  9. James D says:

    what a shame i enjoyed her character, it doesn’t surprise me though.

  10. sarah says:

    Interesting, I do like her. However when I read weeks ago that Steve and Cat head overseas to help a friend of Catherine’s , Steve is injured and makes a devastating decision I had a feeling that would mean he leaves her behind and she dies.

  11. Blazet says:

    Thank God — she brought nothing to the show

  12. Linda says:

    I liked her character when they sprinkled her around here and there but when they ‘pushed’ her in the front, she just seemed like she didn’t fit anymore. They just had her around with nothing really to do.

  13. meah says:

    Wow!!! I really liked her,the writers just didn’t know what to do with her character.plus the hate she gets on twitter is disgusting,I mean grown ass people not teenagers hurl all sorts of insult at her daily.sad to see her go

    • JM says:

      Seriously???? Don’t these people know that this is a TV show??? Don’t they have real lives that they should be worried about?

  14. Asia says:

    I enjoyed her as Steve’s girlfriend, they didn’t have to give her a spot in Five-0, they could’ve just let her be a recurring character like Grace is!!!!

  15. CBWBDK1 says:

    I liked her character more than kono. I hate kono, Always pointing out the Obvious. A monkey could do her job.

    • H50 says:

      Your comment tells me that you’re a newbie to the show. Anyone who has watched this show since Season 1 Ep 1 would never say this.

  16. JC says:

    Oh no!!! I’m really sad to hear that. I love Steve and Catherine together. I wonder why they’re making it final? Why not just have her recurring like she used to be if they didn’t have enough for her to do? I was hoping the series would end with the two of them together. Now they’ll probably bring in some other girl to try to hook Steve up with next season. :( Drat.

    • MaryLou says:

      I think she was supposed to be more of a fill-in for Kono this season, while the actress was on maternity leave. Ever since Kono came back, no Catherine. I actually liked her & Steve together, it gave another dimension to his character and am really sad that the writers couldn’t come up with something else for Catherine to do.

    • Paul says:

      Because MB wants to move onto a fulltime leading role where her acting skills can be used rather than being window dressing. She was great on Combat Hospital a few years ago as a fulltime lead character.

  17. Tran 2.0 says:

    Hope McGarrett is definitely going to find a new love interest for the upcoming fifth season. Wonder if Catherine Rollins is going to get killed off or survive to the end.

    • H50 says:

      No more love interests for McG! The show is good because of the bromance, Ohana, super seal Steve, carguments, badass Kono and Chin, Danno and Monkey! Keep Cath as recurring GF, not as part of 5-0.

  18. gracenotpark says:

    She was a wonderful addition to a testosterone-heavy show, and when they used her, she created great story arcs with McGarrett. But the writers have no clue what do with women characters. They don’t even feature female cops at HPD. So once again, there is only Kono and a rare goofy appearance from McG’s sister. And yes Danno’s daughter is female but that’s not a woman character. I’m betting Cath dies; they usually kill the women on 5-0. Women are merely expendable props to give the men a cool emo scene.

    • pooky222 says:

      They have killed one female on the show that was a kind of main character and I am pretty sure that was planned from the start. We must be watching a different show. Mcg’s mom came back from the dead and lori went back to the main land.

    • Liz says:

      You said pretty much everything I was going to.

    • Guest says:

      Basically my thoughts. Another show that can’t write female characters, so we’re getting more guys. Really sad.

      • Maggie says:

        Yep I agree… i could not stand Lori.. I like Cat but, also agree she should not be part of the team
        If you ever watched the Origional H5O any time Steve or Danno had a girl friend… the girls were
        killed off… I guess they figure the female sector would get jealous. go figure.

  19. karen1228 says:

    I always liked her but this season she seemed very off. When they brought her onto the team her behavior became almost bizarre. Whether the writers couldn’t write her correctly (though they wrote her well in prior seasons) or she herself just didn’t want to do it anymore, which I feel is more the case, it’s sad. They should have left well enough alone and kept her as recurring rather than a regular.

    • JBC says:

      Agree. I disliked when they put her on the team. Especially when she was beating up the guy in the rest room. It felt like they were trying to hard.
      As far as twitter someone said that people are rude to the actress. That is so sad. No one should treat actors with disrespect if they don’t like a character in a tv show they are in. Too bad they didn’t keep Cath/MB as recurring. I really didn’t mind her then. I did mind when they put Lori into the mix. Glad that LG made out better on CF. She was annoying on H50. Maybe it is that the writers can’t write a good female character. Love Kono though.

  20. alavenia says:

    Very sad news, I enjoyed her character a lot!!!!!!!!!

  21. Danna_Iuliana says:

    I can’t say I’ll miss her since I never warmed up to her character. I want them to bring another female on but until now none of their choices have clicked. I also didn’t like Lori but I love the actress on Chicago Fire so I’m gonna put the blame on the writers when it comes to adding new female characters on the show.

  22. pooky222 says:

    Could not be happier!!! This is a great move by the show. Her character didn’t have chemistry with mcg or the team. Cannot wait for S5! Maybe now we can get back to the show we all love and the drama can walk out the door with her.

    • Michelle says:

      I heartily agree!

      • Asia says:

        The worst move. No one will be better as Steve’s girlfriend than Cath cause no one will understand him better!!!! There is no replacing that chemistry between them that was from the begining!

        • Alisa Neely says:

          she LIED to him about HIS MOTHER….a person, he DOESN’T TRUST….and she KNEW THAT….she was TERRIBLE….and i agree, she had 0 CHEMISTRY with the team….and that INCLUDES, steve….she NEVER should have been put on the team…..i’m GLAD, she is GONE.

          • Jenny285 says:

            I will miss Catherine. She was perfect for McG. She added to his self contained character. She opened him to new possibilities. They are perfect together. They all love each other, they are family. I can’t understand why the writers don’t know how much we love that Danny is moving forward and Steve deserves a life with his awesome woman. Breaks my heart…McG deserves more.

  23. ivy says:

    best news ever
    she didn’t work on the show at all

  24. Fairy says:

    I’m the only one, but I liked her. I thought she was a fantastic match for Steve, and she’s a good actress. Offscreen she’s not so smart with her social media behavior, but I do think she’s a good addition for the show. Apparently I’m the only one.

    • JC says:

      Not hardly the only one. Yes, she had a large hatedom, but there are also those of us who really liked her, especially as a match for Steve. So I agree with you. I’m pretty frustrated about this news. I was so excited that they got renewed, and now this. :(

    • karen1228 says:

      Her social media behavior was her doing in. As an actor, your fan base is everything. You want people to look up to you and respect you. You don’t threaten, bully or abuse people nor do you have your fans threaten to kill people. 3 fan sites closed down because of what transpired on twitter. She became a detriment to the show. Lenkov had to cut his losses before the show suffered.

      • Danna_Iuliana says:

        Wow, really? That happened? I had no idea, that’s just…

      • Meg says:

        Agreed. She was a loose canon. I didn’t understand her going off on people on twitter and cursing them out.

      • Sara says:

        Yeah, exactly. I’ve always been neutral on Catherine, but all the Twitter drama (insulting fans? really? how stupid can you be?) really influenced how I felt about the character. I’ve felt like this was coming for awhile now and I’m really glad it finally happened.

    • Asia says:

      I agree she was great match for Steve!!!!!! They had similar background, they understood each other perfectly, and the chemistry was awesome between them!!!

  25. lindae5o says:

    I’ll be sorry to see Michelle leave, because Steve will have no one, again. I liked them together. I read somewhere that she might be going to a new show. Michelle was getting a lot of flak on Facebook and Twitter, which is a shame. Anonymity brings out the worst in people, while their target is just out there, to be abused. I’m sure it became too much for her.

    • Juno says:

      When you say “Steve will have no one, again” do you mean romantically? Because I’m pretty sure Danny, Kono, Chin, Mary, Max and Kamekona and now Grover are still around.

      • lindae5o says:

        @Juno: Of course I know the others are there. I mean romantically, and family. Doris is gone who-knows-where, (don’t really care), and Mary and baby Joan have been ignored. Kono has Adam, and both Danny and Chin have burgeoning relationships.

      • Maggie says:

        I really do not like Mary… Steve’s sister always in trouble and acting like she has no sense at all,
        adopting a baby when she could not hold a job down. I wish they would portray her a little wiser.
        than a spoiled brat.

  26. Coal says:

    For the last 3 episodes I was beginning to wonder if is she and McGarret we still even a couple, whether I missed a episode somewhere were they broke up. Cause really when was the last time you saw a scene with only the two of them together ?

  27. Celyn says:

    Not surprised to hear this given that she hasn’t had much to do on the show lately but I will miss Catharine as a character. She was a good balance for McGarrett, showing that he had more than just his ‘cop’ side, and their chemistry didn’t seem forced.

  28. Mary Frances Gualandri says:

    Not happy with this at all. I loved her character, and I think it’s a big mistake. It’s likely that whoever they bring in as a love interest isn’t going to work for the show. I’ve been watching it basically since the beginning and with all the recent casting changes, I’m pretty tempted to quit. Sorry to do that to the actors I love from the show, but there’s too many changes being made and they don’t appear to be for the better.

  29. bj says:

    I’m really sorry to see her go. I liked their stable romantic relationship. Unlike a lot of tv relationships it was easy-going and she brought a calmness and stability to his down time. They were fun together too. Why is it that all police shows have nothing but bachelors or divorcees on them or teammates who “have a history”? That is so overdone it’s become nauseating!

    I agree about the writers not knowing how to write her in. They should have made her a full working member of the team, or left her in the Navy helping him when she could. Instead they had her quit the navy and basically left her hanging. I’m not impressed.

    And I second the NO NO NO to a Steve/Kono pairing. He shouldn’t be with anyone he works with. That’s what ruins a lot of police procedurals. His having a girlfriend outside of 5-0 was perfect.

    • JC says:

      I agree 100% with everything you said here.

    • PrimaDonna says:

      Katherine was a good match for Steve but should never have left the navy and joined the team. Too much togetherness has ruined many a great relationship. Steve needs someone in his life outside work, besides his crazy sister and even crazier mother (who i dont think really is his mother but that is another stream). I liked Kath better when she was recurring. Absolutely NO NO NO to Kono. I think he sees her as more of a little sister and that is as it should be.

  30. JC says:

    BTW, I don’t think she ever went by “Cat” on the show, did she? It was always Cath (usually by Steve) or Catherine.

  31. M3rc Nate says:

    TVLine…maybe in this article you can write if it was her decision, or the shows, or that you dont know. I know she gets a lot of stalker-bullying as did the actress who was last his GF (thats on C-Fire now) and she takes it personally…so i could see her being done and leaving.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      Her most recent tweet being: “It’s time to MOVE ON from all the negativity, so going forward I’ll no longer discuss anything 5-0 related what so ever. Onward and upward!” which leads me to believe she probably just said im out, cause she takes the bullying on twitter personally and responds and makes comments about how it effects her etc.

      • meah says:

        Am sure the hate she got on twitter everyday was too much!not everyone has a thick skin.its a shame cos she was really good with steve
        I feel bad for any actress that would be cast as steve’s love interest cos she’ll also get huge amount of hate,and the most disappointing part is that the excessive hate comes from our fellow females!same thing happened with the girl that played lori,she got excessive amount of hate then left
        Peter lenkov should grow some balls and not let a couple of crazy fans(who hate every girl McG is associated with) decide which female should stay

        • Elaine says:

          Let’s try not to lump all show fans in with this. I was indifferent to both the actress and character until what happened on twitter. Then it became hard for me to not have a problem because of how the actress was behaving.

          if the show did a better job of being consistent with how they write their women I wouldn’t have a problem with anyone brought in to be a love interest for McG. But that’s just MY opinion and I’m not speaking for other fans.

    • Elaine says:

      Lori, who left the show, was NOT McG’s girlfriend!

    • Carm says:

      The actress that is now on Chicago Fire was never Steve’s GF on H5O. She only worked on his team and had a crush on him.

    • Jeff says:

      Because a lot of people (in this case, women) are losers with unfulfilled fantasies about the lead actor and they take their jealousy out on the female lead. Studio’s should hire people to handle the twitter accounts for their actors to screen them from the nutzo fans.

  32. Sara says:

    She was actually finally starting to grow on me. I had really enjoyed Lauren German when she was on this (now on Chicago Fire), so I never loved Catherine much. But I think I’m actually sad to see her go. I hope she gets a good send-off. :/

  33. M says:

    YESSS! Maybe I can start watching this show again. I liked Catherine but in very very small doses.

  34. Kate says:

    I didn’t really get too attached. I didn’t dislike her, but I get that she’s not exactly vital. Do they ever even offer an explanation for the major periods of time where she’s not seen doing any casework? I don’t care where they say she is, it’s just weird that she works there but apparently doesn’t have to be there on a regular basis.

  35. Ashley says:

    It’s probably for the best. I do like her character, but they never really gave her anything to do

  36. Luis says:

    Did you imagine she and McGarrett wre going to get married and have kids? That’s not the dynamic of the show. She had a good run, and now she can go on and look for bigger, better things

  37. Jess says:

    I did like Catherine and her relationship with Steve. I agree that she was under written but the show did kind of “spot light” their relationship a little in the episode where Steve’s friend died and he brings him back. They refer to Rollins in the flashback and how the friend keeps telling him that Steve and her have something and Steve seems to think about. With that being said, I have a feeling they are going to kill her off and not break them up but I guess we’ll have to see…….

  38. Ann says:

    I’m not really that surprised. I think Michelle Borth is a good actress, but they never really gave her that much to do. I have a feeling she’s going to die, based on what has been released for the plot. I wish her the best of luck.

  39. Coal says:

    Unfortunately for Michelle the same people who hated her presence on 5-0 via Twitter bullying are going to follow her to whatever show she does next. Its really sad when people take their hatred a character to far by attacking the actor in person. Simple minds.

    • Elaine says:

      I highly doubt that, but the people I know who don’t like the actress want nothing to do with her and are glad she will no longer be on the show. But I’m sure there may be some who dislike her enough to follow her around and could possibly do the same to any other show she gets on.

  40. Leah says:

    Super disappointed. Love Catherine, but in the past few episodes I’ve watched I have sort of been wondering where she’d disappeared to – she joined the team, and then she disappeared except for a few scenes and didn’t really offer anything so I’m not majorly surprised, just can’t quite believe they made her a regular and then she left a short while later. Such a shame, I love her and Steve together, they’re so cute. I’ll miss her, but since we’ve barely seen her, it won’t be such a tough goodbye.

  41. Angelstorm says:

    WTH – that sucks ! I really liked her but the minute she became part of the team she started to disappear and then randomly show up and all of a sudden Steve was having heart-to-hearts with the police chief instead of her and having a roomate etc with no mention of where on earth Catherine got to. Huge shame.

  42. John Moshier says:

    when kono came back I new her days were numbered when they showed mcgarret living alone

  43. Jeanette says:

    Im so sad to see her go. ANd it feels so out of the blue than unless she is killed off, the resolution will be unrealistic. After everything she has been through with Steve she woulnd not just leave out of nowhere. If they were planning on writing her off the show they should have built up to it, reason why I think she is probably going to die. Whivh breaks my heart for Steve. He’s had enough loss in his life. As many have said the H650 writers don’t know what to do with female characters. They end up killing them off are sending them off all of a sudden. This is why I rather them not bring anyone else for Steve. From now on I ship Steve with happiness. There will never be anyone that can replace Cath. My McRollins hear is broken.

  44. meah says:

    So next season we would have steve,danny,chin ho kelly,grover,jorge garcia’s characeter,the M.E(have forgotten his name) and kono,plus short scenes with danno’s daughter.that’s 6 men and 2 females!
    Bye bye hawaii 5 O.peter lenkov continues killing/removing females ie malia,lori,cath.
    Pity who’s is gonna be steve’s next gf,by the end of next season the mcdanno fans will harras her constantly and she’ll leave,watch and see
    Can’t and won’t support misogyny!

    • Elaine says:

      Again, please don’t lump in all McDanno fans as instantly disliking a character who might be a potential love interest for McG.

    • JC says:

      That’s the thing. This show was already terribly underbalanced where female characters are concerned. It’s why I always rolled my eyes at complaints that Catherine was “taking over the show” during the first of this season while Kono was gone. Oh boo hoo! How horrible for you that you have to tolerable ONE single female character on your show! (I don’t count Grace.) Now with Catherine gone, we’re back to only one female regular (Kono) with five male regulars (Steve, Danny, Chin, Max, and Grover). Plus there’s Kamakona. Look, I love the guys too, I just don’t think that having more women on the show is a bad thing. And especially since Grace Park hasn’t been used well on the show for a long time now, not since season one really. (I like the character, don’t get me wrong. I’ve just had the sense, even before her maternity leave or whatever that was earlier this season, that she had maybe asked for reduced shooting time or something, because they seemed to continually find ways to sideline her. Maybe that’ll change now, but I’m not holding my breath.)
      And whatever the actress did or didn’t do – I don’t care. I’m continually appalled at fans that think they have the right to basically scream their hate right into people’s faces on places like twitter and Facebook. If you don’t like a character, fine. There’s characters I don’t like. But take the discussion to a place where it’s not being shoved right in the actor’s or actress’s face, whether they want to see it or not. I didn’t like Lori Weston – lots of people didn’t. But that doesn’t mean I condone going on twitter and harassing Lauren German. That’s sickening. People have used Michelle Borth’s behavior as an excuse for their actions. What was the excuse when it was Lori? When it was Jenna? What will the excuse be for the next actress brought as a love interest for Steve? I don’t care if it’s McDanno fans or McKono fans or AOL fans or what. People need to get a grip.

      • H50 says:

        Please no more love interest for Steve anytime soon. This show is not the Bachelor. It’s a cop procedural show. I just watch Five 0 for the action and Ohana. That’s what worked in S1. Then they started adding characters that had crushes on Steve and it ruined the quality of the show.

  45. Tahonia says:

    Can I also add how happy this makes me?

  46. Elle says:

    Might actually start watching again.

  47. Anna says:

    Don’t watch the show, but jeez I feel bad for the actress if the hate mentioned above is real. What’s wrong with people? How sad.

  48. Not a shock at all. The show’s had some serious problems since season 2 balancing the dynamic. Not only did they add Max in that one as a regular and then struggle to feature him but Lori showed up to temporarily replace Kono (because season finales must see Kono screwed) and then lingered way longer than expected or even the writers I guess expected since they kept struggling to make her relevant. We never really got under the hood with Lori and then they ditched her rather unceremoniously to make Cat a focus. Two seasons of Cat more or less and it’s the same damn problem. Hell when Cat first showed up as a regular Steve started acting like a freaking childish dolt (thankfully that didn’t last) about their relationship before they settled into something more comfortable. I think blind optimism that at some point things have to pick up are the reason I still watch, though my enjoyment of Season 1 is still there too.

  49. Alcal says:

    it’s quite indifferent to me if she stays or goes.. I think writers should have given her some background story from the beginning to make Cath more interesting through the seasons.. after four we know more about Denny’s brothers than about Cath. We don’t even know why Steve’s so attracted to her.. It’s like they think that having a beautiful actress and put her near Steve’s aura is enogh.. They did quite the same thing with Lori in second season..

  50. Alisa Neely says:


    • Abbey says:

      I strongly disagree with you!! I’ve watched episode since the beginning about 5x each, and the episodes that Catherine were in, were some of the BEST!! She definitely didn’t take away from anything on the show!

      • Rae says:

        I fully agree Catherine was wonderful I love her and it’s sad she’s going

      • Sue J says:

        I totally agree with you Abbey. I watch every new show and all the reruns. I save the Steve and Cath ones on my DVR. Steve is too good looking to not have a love interest and Cath was perfect for him. I will really miss her on the show.

        • Jodi says:

          I like Cath for Steve not any of the others very attractive women they’ve run through. Did Cath appear in a recent episode in blond wig. Part of his allure is his not being a womanizer

    • Jenn says:

      I agree. I didn’t mind her when she was a recurring character that helped the team out once in a while. But once she joined the team it was too much! She had no chemistry with the team.

      • Borja says:

        Just have Danno finally confess to Steve, his true feelings…take the “bromance” to the next level…