Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Good Wife, True Blood, P'hood, Game of Thrones, Scandal, TVD and More

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Question: The Good Wife isn’t going to push an Alicia-Finn romance on us, are they? —Carla
Ausiello: Maybe. Maybe not. “We’re not going there [yet],” responds exec producer Robert King when asked about the possibility of sexual tension between the two. “A lot of what we do is watch the dailies and see what comes out. There is a lot of fun chemistry between Julianna [Margulies] and Matthew [Goode], but we can’t [address the potential for romance] until we react a little bit more to what’s being shot.”

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Question: Any Parks and Recreation spoilers you can share? —Morgan M
Ausiello: Oh, do I ever. Series co-creator Mike Schur tells us that something happens in the last three minutes of the April 24 finale “that’s completely out of left field and totally unprecedented in the history of the show,” adding, “It will be a gigantic, earth-shattering thing going forward. It affects everyone. It’s a very big, seismic shift.” Theories?! Also, BONUS SCOOP from Adam Scott: “There’s an episode coming up where Ron and Ben have some real quality time together. We get stranded in a winery. We get wasted together.”

Parenthood Season 5Question: Parenthood continues to impress me this season. Can you give us a teaser for the Season 5 finale? —Ben
Ausiello: As TVLine was first to report, Matt Lauria is back as Ryan in this season’s final two episodes and, per exec producer Jason Katims, when he sees Amber again “it’s over very, very dramatic circumstances and incorporates some of our other characters in a rich story. It’s a very complicated situation for Amber because, clearly, this is somebody that she has such incredibly strong feelings for and that doesn’t just go away. But on the other hand, there are lots of complications for them. We’ll see her grappling with the closeness that she feels with Ryan and the feeling that it’s important that they make a break from each other.”

Question: Very much looking forward to Jason Ritter’s Parenthood return this Thursday. Anything else you can tease? —Nick
Ausiello: Per Katims, his one-episode comeback “gets launched when Amber happens to run into him in the street, and it leads to Sarah seeing him again after a year has passed in both of their lives. It’s a moving story — and it’s just moving for me to literally see [Ritter and Lauren Graham] together on screen again. What I liked about the story is that the scenes between them play out in this very realistic way. They have such incredible chemistry together. … It also sets up for Sarah where she’s going the rest of the season.”

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Question: Longtime reader, first time question. I’m a huge Scandal junkie and would love some scoop. —Kristen
Ausiello: This Thursday, we will meet the Grant teens, and the family dynamic is far from The Brady Bunch. “We had many happy years as a family, but they have been through a rocky road these last few years,” First Lady Bellamy Young previews. “You read ugly things about your parents in the paper and on the Internet, so yeah, we’ll meet them in a fraught moment. You can imagine teenagers in this situation and how they might react!” Of Lost alums Dylan Minnette and Madeline Carroll, Young raves, Scandal has “incredible, formidable actors who are so capable of carrying this complicated material” — and complicated it shall be. Notes the actress with a laugh, “It so humanizes Fitz and Mellie to see them try and parent! Nothing can undo you like your own teenagers.”

Question: Got any scoop about Pedro Pascal’s role on The Mentalist? I adore him. –Janey
Ausiello: I can tell you exactly what Pascal knows about the future of his guest role as an FBI agent/Lisbon’s new guy… which is to say, not much. Whether he’ll be back after his five-episode stint (which begins this Sunday) is “all a question mark,” the actor says. “I don’t know how it’s being wrapped, if it’s being wrapped up or anything.”

Question: I’m very excited about Game of Thrones coming back. Do you have anything about any of the following people: Daenerys, Arya, Jon Snow or Theon? –Andrew
Ausiello: I’ll take “Theon” for $500, Andrew. The character now known as “Reek” is “not in a good place,” portrayer Alfie Allen tells TVLine. “I remember talking to [Thrones EPs] David [Benioff] and Dan [Weiss] about what’s in store for me last season, next season, this season, and they were telling me that it’s a lot of mental stuff, rather than physical. Whether that’s better or worse, I guess you’ll just have to leave it up to the person who is watching it.” And as someone who’s watched the first few episodes, I feel confident weighing in: It’s worse. Waaaay worse.

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Question: I’m liking The Tomorrow People more and more, but its future isn’t looking too bright. Anything you can say to make me feel better about the odds of a second season? —Joseph
Ausiello: If the Season 1 finale turns out to be TTP‘s swan song, the show is going out with a bang… and a fair amount of nudity. According to exec producer Phil Klemmer, here’s a preview of what’s going down in the May 5 closer: “Someone will die. Someone will be stuck in limbo. The entire world might be ending or might not. [Robbie Amell] will be shirtless [and] will kick some very, very serious ass.Someone will lose his or her powers. A couple that we’ve never seen be intimate will become intimate. Someone will possibly lose their memory…. they’ll be turned into, like, a grotesque automaton version of their former selves.”

Bones Season 10Question: Any chance Booth and Brennan are considering expanding their family on Bones? Seeing them with two young children would be fun and interesting. –Kyleigh
Ausiello: Exec producer Stephen Nathan apparently agrees with you. “That is something we’ve talked about at great length here,” he tells me. “We will definitely address that next season.”

Question: Love this season of Nashville and praying for Season 3, but I do not like the Rayna/Luke relationship. Is there a chance that this romance will finally end or at the very least have some conflict? —Shira
Ausiello: When Season 2 ends on May 14, the fate of several core relationships will hang in the balance, including Rayna and Luke. Meanwhile, much of the episode will focus on Rayna’s album release (hint: she’s pitted against Will). The best news? No cheesy car crashes!

Question: Nashville intel, please. –Rob
Ausiello: Chris Carmack tells TVLine that in addition to everything else going on in Will’s life – impromptu engagement, threat of everyone finding out he’s gay – “Layla thinks it might be a good idea for them to go on a reality show.” The actor adds: “Will is not fired up about the idea, but I won’t tell you if it goes yes or no.”

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Question: I am so relieved The Mindy Project was renewed! What’s up next for my faves, Mindy and Danny? —Mary Kate
Ausiello: Keep your eye out for this season’s penultimate episode — it’s a favorite of Mindy Kaling’s. “It’s called ‘Girl Next Door’ and it’s super funny,” she tells us. “Mindy decides to buy an apartment, and Danny reveals to her that he owns another apartment in his building. And Mindy debates whether or not to buy that apartment.”

Question: Will we meet any new villains during True Blood‘s final season? —Tom
Ausiello: Funny you should ask. Last week, the show put out a casting call for the cryptic-sounding menace, “The Figure.” He’s described as “scary, hulking, ugly, mean and crafty… like Leatherface or Jason Voorhees, but this guy talks.” Curiously, this Figure dude will appear in the season premiere — an episode that (presumably) finished shooting more than two months ago.

Question: Have anything good about Arrow? —KE
Ausiello: EP Marc Guggenheim told Matt Mitovich that next week’s episode is titled “Deathstroke” because it revolves around “the first huge move that Slade Wilson is going to make in his plan to exact revenge.” He also said that as the last episode leading into a brief spring break, it ends on a “bittersweet” — and “very messy” — note.

Question: Any chance some original Glee castmembers will become regular cast again in final season? —Erika
Ausiello: Unlikely, but exec producer Ian Brennan teases that an idea was floated around the writers room last week that involved an “awesome first-season callback to bring somebody back… I can’t tell you what it was, but I went, ‘Whoa.'” Brennan is more forthcoming about this season’s gleefinal New York-centric arc. “From the very beginning, [Glee‘s] been a show about how everyone should follow their dreams,” he notes. “And we really wanted to finally play that out and say, ‘Okay, what actually happens when you do follow your dreams?’ And to see how different that is for everybody else and how long they stay in New York, if it keeps them there or whatever. It was interesting to finally have these characters as adults. So we’ll pay that [out] pretty satisfactorily, I would say.”

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Question: Any chance we might see an NCIS episode featuring Gibbs and Tony undercover together? If not them, what about Tony taking McGee on his first undercover operation? —Julia
Ausiello: Asked about any such capers, show boss Gary Glasberg would only say, “There’s a bit of an undercover aspect to the McGee storyline with Delilah that’s coming up [on April 8]. We have some fun there.”

Question: I know it’s a little early to ask this, but anything you can give us on next season of The Vampire Diaries? — KS
Ausiello: Well, KS, before you ask what’s coming up in Season 6, you should probably ask which characters might not live long enough to see it. “There are going to be a lot of goodbyes as we realize the other side is disintegrating,” executive producer Julie Plec tells TVLine. “Not everybody is going to survive that. We’re going to have to say goodbye to some characters that we’ve grown to love over the years. That’s what we’ll see when we get to the finale.”

Question: Any Vampire Diaries scoop? Especially something about Caroline? — Chery
Ausiello: If by “Caroline,” you mean “Stefan and Caroline,” I’ve got you covered, Chery. The fan-favorite characters are about to spend a lot more time together, including one particularly steamy scene that Plec was happy to tease for us: “They go on an adventure, there’s a train car and it’s cold outside. So what are a girl and a boy to do, but cuddle up for warmth?” What, indeed.

Question: Diehard ‘Klaroline’ shipper here. Please tell me Klaus and Genevieve are just messing around and that their relationship on The Originals won’t last. — KC
Ausiello: Fear not, KC. Joseph Morgan recently set the record straight on Klaus’ true feelings, or lack thereof, for the witch who revealed his sister’s betrayal. “They’re two extremely damaged people who share a sense of self-loathing and they take it out on each other — sometimes physically, sometimes aggressively,” he explained. “Ultimately, a relationship like that can be fun, but it’s doomed, I would say, from the start.”

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  1. Katie Eliot says:

    If you’re going to have a spoiler alert over the “Shocking TV Deaths”, you might want to blur out the thumb nails. Just a thought. :)

  2. Michelle says:

    “They go on an adventure, there’s a train car and it’s cold outside. So what are a girl and a boy to do, but cuddle up for warmth?” Oh. my. god. yes. (And, Ausiello, by “Caroline”, we do mean “Stefan and Caroline”, ugh thank you you’re the best bye)

    • tp says:

      But aren’t they vampires? Do they need to cuddle up for warmth?

      • dude says:

        They do when they’re as sexy as Stefan and Caroline.

      • sara says:

        That’s what I was wondering!

      • Amber says:

        LOL Good point.

      • aw says:

        in season one Stefan tells Vickie as part of vampire 101 that coffee is their friend, because it warms them up in some way… I do not remember how exactly. They certainly don’t get sick or anything, but I guess it is really uncomfortable for them to get cold.
        It kind of makes sense, they often stand close to the fire at the Salvatore’s .

        • tp says:

          Ok, so TVD is doing what Twilight did. Writing new mythology for vampires. Got it.

          • Maryann says:

            Every vampire universe writes its own rules. No two are exactly the same. I actually think wanting to be warm is a very interesting one for this universe. And it does appear that they are being consistent, which is the most important thing.

        • No says:

          I think he was saying that coffee helps warm their flesh up, so they’re not as cold to the touch.

          don’t go there, Julie Plec. you’ve already ruined this show enough as it is.

          • Nik says:

            Agree. NO to Caroline and Stefan as a couple. I like the friendship but keep it at that. Why is Julie Plec so hot to have this happen suddenly? What’s up with that?

      • cece says:

        Remember when Matt gave Rebekah his jacket outside the ball, she said “I’m a vampire, I don’t

      • Baileigh says:

        Am I the only one who is wondering when Caroline is going to remind Stefan about his little speech in season one where he forceably told her that “They would never happen.”?

  3. l says:

    I’d say no to the Good Wife pushing anymore Alicia romances.. she’s married.. she should start acting like it.. Peter has actually been very good to her the last several seasons.

    • KRock says:

      Peter’s been good to her? Thanks for that joke, it’s the first time I’ve been able to laugh since Sunday night

      • l says:

        What’s he done to her? He hasnt cheated on her since he got out of jail. He’s ambitious but he seems intent on making things work in their marriage.

        • KRock says:

          Well he may not have cheated on her since but he never told her about sleeping with Kalinda. When she confronted him about that he had the gall to accuse her of sleeping with Will(she wasn’t). In season 3 he went after Will simply because they were sleeping together, which could have destroyed the firm Alicia was working at and put her out of a job. Honestly neither of them have been working on their marriage since season 2, he only asked her to renew their vows after he found out he was down in the polls. Also, if you haven’t watched the preview where he calls her a selfish b**** for being sad about Will dying I suggest you watch it.

          • l says:

            You cant read anything into the preview clip because its out of context.. and he certainly had a reason to be mad at Will for sleeping with his WIFE. They have been getting closer in their marriage the last few seasons, he went out of his way to help her start the new firm by having that press conference about the internet thing.

          • James Butler says:

            KRock I don’t know if you understand a husband confronting a man sleeping with his wife and evidently you think it was wrong for him to do so and it would have nothing to do with destroying the firm she worked for. It’s because she was committing adultery with her boss and at the time he was the States Attorney. Who do you think the affair would hurt the most. Peter had already paid for his mistakes and working on reuniting his family. I am sorry, but Peter is twice the man Will Gardner “WAS.”

        • mary says:

          Well we really don’t know that for sure. It is tv.

      • James Butler says:

        It sounds as though the only thing you really know about the good wife is that her husband did a bad thing in season and she started having an affair with her boss of which you approve. This show is more than one emotional human behavior but about a woman who was deeply hurt by her husband’s mistakes and the road she has taken in trying to restore stability in her life. Will was just a bump in the road and they both knew that their relationship wouldn’t last. Do you ever consider why she never divorced her husband and why her affair with will was an on again, off again event? Alicia is hurt by Will’s death but she knew it would not have had a happy ending anyway.

        • Diva says:

          Her divorcing her husband and being with Will, in my opinion, have nothing to do with each other. If she was going to divorce Peter it would be because she wanted to divorce Peter and not because she wanted to be with Will.
          I thought she didn’t want to divorce Peter because she didn’t want to end up like her mother.
          And Will was more than just a bump in the road, I mean, c’mon she left the firm because of him. She couldn’t handle temptation. She couldn’t separate business from pleasure. And now that he’s dead, she is always going to wonder.

        • KRock says:

          I never said that’s all The Good Wife is about, its an amazing and complex show and I wouldn’t degrade it by reducing it to a mere story about a love triangle. Alicia and Peter’s marriage is no longer based on love and the Kings have explicitly stated that. She’s still with him because of the kids as well as the status it gives her, which has definitely boosted her career. I never said her and Will would or should have had a happy ending, it always was one based on bad timing and missed connections, but just because Will is gone doesn’t mean she should remain with Peter.

          • J. Butler says:

            It seems as though you alicia/will fans onlly see what you want to see. No where have I seen since season one where the kings said that the only reason alicia is still with her husband is because of her kuds. If you remmeber she initallyy file for divorce and called it off because of her guilt about her affair and trying to decide what’s right for her family. The affair was never a means to an end but something that happen along the way. They both knew, and said, that therrelatiionship would never work because of “bad timing”. Alicia had deep feelings for Will be she also knew his flaws and his shortcoming and knowing that bad things were waiting at the end of their journey.

          • KRock says:

            @J. Butler At the end of season 4, The Kings said “To our minds Alicia has only one love in her life and unfortunately it’s not her husband,” alluding to the fact that Alicia is in love with Will, not Peter. I never said Alicia was only staying with him because of the kids, there’s also the mutual career benefits they both receive from it, as well as the fact that she doesn’t want to be her mother. Regardless, she’s definitely not with Peter because she’s still in love with him. I agree that we don’t know if Alicia and Will were ever going to work, but that’s mostly because during the affair Alicia refused to really give him a chance, she cut him off every time he tried to make it more than physical, so they never really got a real chance to explore that, and now they never will.

    • Dani says:

      He has been good to her? How? When? Did I miss anything? Oh he didn’t cheat on her again. Right. He’s husband of the year for sure.
      Their marriage has always felt messy and still does. Alicia was the one forgiving him a lot while he still acts very entitled.
      I doubt that Alicia will ultimately stay in that marriage. And she shouldn’t. Peter will never be able to make her happy. And I have the strong feeling that Will’s death will make her realize that more than ever before.

      • James Butler says:

        How can you say Peter never made her happy? The only tine she wasn’t “happy” with Peter is when he slept with the prostitutes. Since that time he has gone from jailbird to State Attorney; to Governor of Illinois while enduring his wife having an affair and still doing what he can to help her and put his family back together. When she needed money to become a partner at LG he offer it to her; when she was thinking about acquiring .their old house he was there; when she and Cary decided to start their own firm and had no clients he made a announcement on TV that enabled them to get the client they needed to get started yet those who hate Peter just skip over these facts. Give credit where credit is do and remember forgiveness is “LOVE.”

        • KRock says:

          Why do some people think what Peter did to help Alicia get Chum hum was somehow honorable? It was a disgusting abuse of power, he basically bullied Neil Gross into going with F/A and I was shocked that Alicia was ok with that. It reminded me of the time Peter bullied the headmistress into letting Zack and Grace back into school. Peter likes to claim he has a clean office but I haven’t seen it yet, a leopard can’t change it’s spots.

          • J. Butler says:

            Whatever Peter does to help his family in your eyes is bullying and when Will lie to the judge and steal his clients money it’s okay. Will was a cheat, liar , their and fornicator who was self righteous and dispise by other litigators, even in his own firm. Hate Peter if you must but Alicia is no saint and the agony and torture she endure is of her own making

          • Diva says:

            @ J. Butler, No one is saying Will is a saint. I’m a Willicia fan and I actually agreed with you in your last comment above, but Peter does bully people a lot. He uses his power and to tell you the truth I wished he stayed out of the Chum Hum decision, but then again we wouldn’t have gotten this great storyline so….

    • JB says:

      I personally love Matthew Goode and am really happy he is on the Good Wife, a show I love. I have to see how this all looks before I will jump to conclusions. Although I like the idea of Alicia being with someone that is a good person and good for her.

      Here is the thing. Peter is a narcissist. He is ethically challenged to say the least. Is he still sleeping with hookers? No. Does that alone make him a good person? No. The sense I have always had was that Alicia feels an incredible obligation not so much to Peter but to their family with the kids. She would never pick Will over the chance to have an intact family with her kids.

      It will be interesting to see what her reaction is to Will’s death. Is she going to wish she had made different choices? Will it give her a different perspective on where she places her personal happiness as a priority in her life? I think it would be interesting to see her let go of Peter and get a divorce. It would be releasing a huge weight and constraint on her.

      • J. Butler says:

        aT LESAST YOU SEEM TO LEAVE A LITTLE WIGGLE ROOM FOR Alicia and what her choices may be. Nowhere in a marriage is it east for a spouse to make a quick decision about what to do about the other half after cheating, It’s hard after thirteen years of marriage and two wonderful children and having everthing you want in life when tragedy strikes. There is no reason to believe Alicia was unhappy with Peter up until that ;point. The difficult is in her deciding what it is she wants to due and get her life back. It’s only natural that she is hurt after Will’s death because they have an on again, off againg relationship and I am sure it made it tough on her in choosing the right path. I do believe she was not comfortable slleping with will while refusing not to divorce her husband and what her children thought of her behavior. Now she is back at square one and all of you who don’t her back with her family and are out there looking for another love interest for her. Let it go; let her make up her own mind, okay!

        • Baileigh says:

          Will was more to Alicia then simply an on-again, off again fling. He was her friend first and foremost before he was ever her boss at Lockhart/Gardner. She has (had) a history with Will even before she met Peter so for Peter to disregard that relationship at any point was a mistake on his part. Is it even fair to say that Peter even has a right to be angry at Alicia for her affiar with Will? That is like saying what Peter did to Alicia was perfectly acceptable but what she did with Will was unforgiveable. The only difference between the two was exactly what the two L/G interns were talking about beind Alicia’s back in season one..which is worse being in a physical affiar or a emotional one? Peter was simply in it for the sex, he did not have feelings for any of those women. Alicia on the other hand was developing feelings for Will that went beyond those of friendship and honestly I have always thought she ended things with Will because she was scared of those feelings not because Grace ran off to get baptized in secret.
          I find it interesting how no one mentions how it was Will and NOT Alicia who thought their affair was a mistake. It was Will who had the most to lose in that scenario not Alicia. It was Will who was targeted by Peter, not Alicia. It was Will who accepted the suspension not only as punishment for what he had done years earlier but for the affiar. What did Alicia ever accept? Did she ever accept her responsibility in the affiar? All she ever did was run around like a chicken with her head cut off afraid that her children would find out she slept with her boss. I always wondered what Grace and Zach and would have thought if they had found out about their mother’s affiar. They both understood what their father’s affiars had done to her and they both only wanted her to be happy and Will made her happy. Honestly, I think Alicia would have been pleasantly surprised by her children’s reactions if she had only giving Will a chance.
          I don’t understand why anyone would want Alicia with Peter, he is not only a known cheater, but also a control freak (who is not above using his family to get what he wants) and I have found myself wondering at times if he is not emotionally abusive towards Alicia. Would she have been better off with Will? Who really knows, Will was not perfect and Alicia knew that but, she really never gave them the chance to find out.

          • James Butler says:

            Baileigh; it seems that you are an intelligent person that for some reason hasn’t grasp the characters of Peter and Will. You asked if it was even fair to be angry with Alicia for having an affair with Will? Really? Do you really think Will had more to lose than Peter, the Governor? Will excepted the suspension because he didn’t want to lost the right to practice law and had nothing to do with the affair. Alicia children would never have approved of their mother’s affair with Will. If Will and Alicia’s love for one another was so set in stone than why did they continue to pretend they were not a couple? Why were they sneaking around and trying to deceive people when everyone in the state that mattered knew about the affair? If they wanted to be with other why didn’t they come out and admit it and move in together? Why didn’t either one of them ask the other to marry them? Continue to believe that Will was good for Alicia but think about it. If you remember at the end of season 4, while in the car and after the kiss Alicia said “I don’t know what to do, I am back with Peter now.” Here is a WIFE who had put herself in a mess she didn’t know how to handle and one of the reasons she left L/G was because of it. If you really wanted to be with someone you loved there is no way you wouldn’t want the world to know and be damn any one else. It’s us against the world. Will was a roadblock in Alicia’s search for what it was she wanted to do about her life and her future and as long as the affair was one of those on again off again things she may have lost any chance for happiness.

      • James Butler says:

        Where was Alicia obligations to her kids when she hired a housekeeping with low standards and allowed Zack and his girlfriend behind close doors and lose a hookup with her daughter while spending bed time with her lover and needing the assistance of two people she thought done her wrong. I agree with you about the remainder of the season and the storyline they follow. I, for one believe the title of the show is a prelude to reconciliation with her husband and children. I never approved of Peter’s behavior in s1/ep1, but L/G knew the value of having the SA/Governor’s wife working at their firm and Alicia/Wills coming together was due to knowing one another in college and the great amount of time they spent together. Will never asked her to marry him and she didn’t bring it up either. Forgiveness can some times be hard but if Peter can forgive Alicia for her affair, turnaround is fair play.

    • Jade says:

      I agree! They need to explore the marriage and stop making Alicia be in “romances” while she’s MARRIED!!

    • anita says:

      yes peter better than will

  4. Mary says:

    Why did the kill of Will Gardner in Good Wife? When will they get rid of the New brat in NCIS, so I can watch it again?

  5. wrstlgirl says:

    KILL ELENA!!!! Yeah, well, no I’m not stupid enough to think the writers would ever have the balls to do it, but I’d party for days if they did, LOL!!!! :-) :-) :-)

    • Francine says:

      Me too! I kept hoping Damon and Elena would eat each other so we wouldn’t be subjected to more of their relationship. Alas, it was not meant to be ;)

      • jerrired says:

        I am also on the kill Elena train, but since they killed Katherine, it’s safe to say Elena will live forever. Ugh. My guess is Tyler and/or Matt dies, which is unfortunate, I like them both, but neither of them have had much storyline to work with in years. I would throw Jeremy into the mix, but he seems to never die. The same with Bonnie.

  6. Jon says:

    Vampires can feel and get cold?

    • Francine says:

      Who knows? It makes about as much sense as a vampire drowning.

      • Baileigh says:

        I thought I was the only one who was starring at my television in disbelieve at Stefan freaking out in the locked vault as he drowned repeatedly over the course of the summer. I mean seriously he is a vampire, who doesn’t need to breath to live. I do not understand this PTSD with Stefan after all how many people has he ripped apart in his 170 years as The Ripper?

        • boo99 says:

          Has it been stated in canon that TVD vampires don’t need to breathe? TVD vampires aren’t like standard lore vampires. They are fairly “human” like – they have to sleep, they can get drunk, etc. I might just be forgetting a point where they said they didn’t need to breathe, but otherwise it would make sense in TVD lore that they could drown over and over.

        • boo99 says:

          Oh, and, regarding Stefan’s PTSD. That’s explained right in the show. Stefan had his humanity off when he was a ripper. That’s the whole point of the vision version of Damon telling Stefan to turn his humanity off while he was drowning. If he’d had his humanity off (like when he was a ripper), he wouldn’t have cared he was drowning.

    • Magali says:

      I know right?!? Explain that to me Miss Plec !

      • Maryann says:

        Every single bit of vampire fiction that ever existed did some of the rules for vampires differently. The only issue is that a universe be consistent. I never noticed before that being warm was a big issue for these vampires, but I think it is kind of cool.

    • So apparently none of you have watched the show from the beginning or you are just kinda dumb. Damon explained to Elena in S1 on their road trip to Bree’s bar that a vampire’s body functions exactly as it did before the change as long as they have a regular supply of blood. There have also been multiple times after a character has been changed that they have made comment about they have to pee still & are starving etc etc.

      • Francine says:

        No need to call people dumb and be rude. The show has flipped flopped all over the place when it comes to those “rules”. They use them when they want it to fit into whatever storyline they’re using and disregard them entirely at other times. That’s my point.

    • tp says:

      I just asked this up thread. Hadn’t scrolled down yet. Lol. Seriously I don’t understand this. I’m only curious because I watch TO but constantly hear people complain about how Caroline should be with Kkaus.

    • Rich Abey says:

      Good thing I don’t watch any of the current vampire-themed TV shows. They lack cohesion & consistency and focuses way too much on romance…folks vampires have other things to do besides romancing fellow vampires! Goes to show why the majority of viewers are teenagers…they weren’t old enough to have watched the far superior Buffy, cause if you had watched Buffy you would be laughing at the antics of these current vampires!

      • boo99 says:

        I mean…I so agree that Buffy is a far superior show, but I can’t say the vampires in the BTVS universe aren’t fairly hilarious.

  7. alistaircrane says:

    Could Terri finally be returning to Glee???? YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!

    • dude says:

      That would make me so happy!

    • Bob Smith says:

      I’m holding out for Finn.

      • Lisa-Anne says:

        That is crazy to even think about, it’s never going to happen as Cory isn’t here anymore to play him and they would never recast Finn!!

      • Telling it like it is. says:

        I’m getting tired of seeing these comments. Cory/Finn’s been gone for almost a year now. I maybe cruel in saying this but you need some professional help.

        Glee fans aren’t the only ones to lose cast members during a shows run. It happens more often then you think it does. Other fans find the strength to move on. It’s time you did to. It’s time to grow up and face the facts. No matter how hard you wish Finn/Cory is not coming back. Finn died on screen and Cory died off screen. They will never “resurrect” Finn’s character. It would be an insult to the actor, cast, crew and fans to recast his character.

  8. catherine says:

    hmmm, dont know if I could go through another Brennan pregnancy but would love to see them expanding their family on the last ep of the series…..whenever that may be.

  9. alistaircrane says:

    Will TVD finally kill off useless characters like Bonnie and Tyler? Yay!!!

    • LoveDamon says:

      No. I guess it is going to be Damon. :-(

      • CountryQueen says:

        Well if that happens the world better be ready for riots! LOL

      • sarah says:

        Julie would not kill of Damon, Stefan or Elena. Maybe the final episode of the series but not now!

        • LoveDamon says:

          Maybe you’re right (keep my fingers crossed, but I got that feeling…) I think there must be a reason why they started to ruin his character since the middle of season 5. I still like him but the writing is completely different to Season 1-4.
          Well, but actually all characters changed so much…

      • Smith says:

        Don’t be silly. They don’t have the balls to kill of Damon, Stefan or Elena. Even when they do ‘kill’ people….they just figure out a way to bring them back later.

    • Ari says:

      No just send Tyler to The Originals so Klaus can punch him in the face every week. That’s the only thing Tyler is good for.

    • Alice says:

      Didn’t they already do that? I seem to recall that’s how the ended LAST season. If they need to repeat the finale shocker 2 years in a row, they need to just end the show. They have officially run out of ideas.

  10. Dj says:

    The Arrow spoiler sounds pretty bad. I think Sara might be in trouble.

  11. Hmm says:

    Oh good. More beloved characters dying on Vampire Diaries. Really glad I stopped watching that show.

  12. tejasjulia says:

    Looking forward to McGee undercover. :-)

  13. Thank you so much for answering my question, Michael

  14. S says:

    Any word on if Heather Morris(Brittany) is filming additional episodes for Season 5? They left off last week saying she was coming to NY, so one would think she would be joining the NY side of things.

  15. Annie says:

    “…until we react a little bit more to what’s being shot.” Um. Did he really say that? :::facepalm:::

  16. nate says:

    well damn how much worse can it get for Theon????????

    • l says:

      A lot.. but asking for Game of Thrones tv show spoilers here is silly.. all you have to do is read the books or read the wiki pages that describe the plot of them to know where the storyline is going.

  17. dax says:

    Shocking TV Deaths.. IMO Ned Stark was shocking .. but the RED WEDDING was frikkin jaw dropping, mind blowing, heart wrenching, gut punching and curling-up-crying shocking death(SSS) ever! (I never got to read upto Red Wedding and now i don’t want to read to again experience such reaction from the series!)

    • CountryQueen says:

      I haven’t read the books yet because I love the surprise of things like the Red Wedding (you just don’t get that moment where you are jumping up screaming over and over again from a TV show very often), but when I finally read the series (and I will, oh will I ever), I know I will have a very hard time with this scene. My stomach started getting upset in the 1/2 hour recap they did when it got to the Red Wedding.

  18. Shira says:

    Just the chance of Rayna and Luke finally breaking up brings joy to my heart. Season 3 will be ALL Rayna and Deacon…please ABC renew Nashville. I need to watch it happen (until evil writers will pull The Good Wife on us and I will cry myself to sleep for days..sorry, had to get it out).

  19. Michelle says:

    Very curious about the final 3 minutes of the Parks finale. Between this and Paleyfest, keep hearing it’s a crazy and awesome finale. I just want to see it already.

    • Keri says:

      totally with you… between that and Jim O’hare saying he was shocked by it… its got be extremely curious.

      • betsybug818 says:

        Based on the quote, what if Pawnee actually suffers an earthquake? It has been known to happen in IN, albeit infrequently.

        • Rich Abey says:

          Ron (and his jazz-playing-alter-ego) surprises everybody by playing at the Union Fest thus revealing his secret to the whole gang & the rest of Pawnee/Eagleton?

  20. Nina says:

    Wait… wait… Stefan and Caroline are undead vampires…. WHY would they need warmth? I just… .0.o

    • alistaircrane says:

      Recently, a vampire gave CPR to a human. Vampires don’t breathe.

      • tp says:

        Is this what I have to look forward to on The Originals? If so I need to stop watching. Why in the world would they completely change all of the vampire mythos? Breathing, needing warmth and food… I just….can’t.

      • CountryQueen says:

        Do you mean a vampire got CPR? (I’m about 3 epis behind on the Originals). ‘Cuz I can see a vampire giving CPR, but not needing it.

        • tp says:

          I don’t know if you ever watched Buffy but this is the only example that pops in my head right now. Buffy needed CPR, Angel turned to Xander and asked him to do it because he has no breath so he couldn’t give her CPR.

          The vampire giving CPR must have been on TVD or something else because I didn’t see it on TO.

  21. Carla Krae says:

    I get that people want Rayna with Deacon because of the chemistry, etc., but Luke makes her happy and there’s no drama. He’s a grown-up like she’s a grown-up. Deacon still has a ways to go. The way he can last out with very hurtful words needs to be something he continues to leave behind him before he should be in a committed relationship with Rayna, IMO. Plus, her kids also really like Luke and that’s a plus for a single mom.

    • leighbbrown says:

      For me, Luke just has a sleazy look about him…like there’s something else hiding behind that seemingly okay face. I don’t know why, but I keep expecting him to turn on Rayna unexpectedly.

    • MA says:

      I don’t get “happy” with Luke and Rayna; I get “content.” Rayna actually looks happiest to me when she’s with Deacon. Also Luke is boring…and the girls love Deacon too, so she doesn’t really lose out there.

  22. Babybop says:

    NO to Stefan and Caroline. Can’t they just be friends? Caroline doesn’t need to sleep with every man on the show.

  23. Bryce says:

    I don’t understand the first Vampire Diaries spoiler. It sounds like we’ll just be saying goodbye to those who are already dead and show up now and again as ghosts, like Ric? Why would that even matter?

  24. Drew says:

    It would be cool if The Vampire Diaries killed off Elana, Stefan, Damon, Bonnie, Matt… And possibly others. Then just start over and try to suck less.

    • l says:

      At that point, just cancel the show.

      • aw says:

        I could totally deal with them cancelling TVD by now, if they keep STAR-CROSSED. At least the new shows have somewhere to go in their story.
        How many big bads will TVD conjure up and then keep instead of killing, because they are super hot and have a fan base? How many more stupid obstacles can Delena create, dramatize and ignore? How many massmurders can our “heros” commit?

  25. jerrired says:

    Reading the Tomorrow People spoiler made me so excited for the finale. I really hope the CW doesn’t let the series go. I think it needs time to grow an audience.

    • Lee says:

      I just really started getting into the show. And I’m really sad the ratings aren’t that good. I’m hoping the CW takes a leap of faith on this one because it seems to be improving as of late!

    • Scott says:

      I really don’t think the show has a chance unfortunately. The CW has to find room for at least a few new shows next fall and their schedule must be pretty full already. Although maybe they could give it a 6-13 episode renewal just so we don’t have it finish on a bunch of unresolved cliffhangers.

      • jerrired says:

        I hope The Tomorrow People writers aren’t overly confident and leave cliffhangers, that’s the worst. I read that there is a chance the CW will probably only renew one more of their new shows. So it’ll depend on which one of their new series, Starcrossed, The 100 or The Tomorrow People, they believe is a better bet. I also think if they end up canceling The Carrie Diaries, Beauty and the Beast or Hart of Dixie, it gives the show more of a chance. So it really depends on how they feel the show could and will do compared to the others. I think the show is getting better with every episode and finding its way a lot better than many other newer shows. So I’m hope for the best.If it does get canceled, I hope it wraps everything up nicely, but I’ll still feel cheated if it only gets one season.

        • jm says:

          i do love both, Star-Crossed and The Tomorrow People. Indeed, i dont watch any of the new CW renewed shows. :(. Funny caused i was so interested in Reign… but i had no time to watched it. I dont like that they renew The Originals…

        • Brandy says:

          Right now,The 100 is looking like it’ll be renewed.HoD too for syndication.TTP writers won’t wrap it up so it dosent end on a cliffhanger.SC,CD,BatB,TTP are going to be cancelled.TTPs not a vetran enough show to get a short wrap season like GG,Nikita got either.

          • jerrired says:

            I don’t necessarily buy this theory. The 100 just started (I think last week), and I think ratings did okay, but nothing that makes them believe it’s an instant hit. Also premieres and finales generally do better than normal episodes. So I don’t think they’ll really decide which show to cancel or keep until closer to the finale season or after. Also, don’t series need five seasons, at least four, for syndication? I think HoD is only on it’s second? At max third season. I don’t see them renewing it just for syndication purposes. But I think of all their returning series from last year, not yet renewed, it has the best chance.

          • Brandy says:

            @jerrid,HoD is in season three so it just needs a full fourth to get to 88 episodes for syndication.No show in the last five years with three full seasons hasn’t gotten a fourth for syndication.CW exsists to syndicate its shows.CW renewd Nikita to get to syndication so they’ll renew HoD for syndication. Syndication is one of a networks biggest money makers and CW will lots of money if they get HoD to 88 episodes then a syndication deal.Second,The 100 premired well for CW (especially for a Midseason show)& grew out of its leadin ,which is very good for it.Yes,CW will wait to decide to renew or cancel, but it’s off to a good start.

    • It’s a real shame that this show is all but guaranteed cancellation. It’s definitely gotten much stronger over time as the mythology deepend and developed. This week’s episode was one of the best yet with the Founder/Jedikiah stuff going down and Stephen not knowing who to trust.

  26. Chablis says:

    Ugh to Sarah on PH and her relationships. Double ugh to Amber and her dorky brother. They’re just creepy.

  27. D says:

    Re: Parks and Rec It’s an Earthquake!!!!

    • Ben says:

      That is exactly what it sounded like to me.

    • Bob Smith says:

      If it is, I just hope they don’t do the “trapped in the rubble, who’s going to survive cliffhanger”. It’s a comedy. Besides, my initial thought was that Leslie takes the job in Chicago and we get a whole new cast next year.

  28. A. says:

    Could the GLEE scoop, and your reaction, possibly mean a return for Dave Karofsky? I know, he was in the second and third seasons too, but here’s hoping. More likely, it’s Matt Rutherford who mysteriously disappeared after the first season.

  29. ArchieLeach says:

    When Ryan first left Amber a few months ago I kind of assumed he was going to die.

  30. Amy says:

    “…but we can’t [address the potential for romance] until we react a little bit more to what’s being shot.”


  31. Patti says:

    Thanks for the scoops. If you have any maybe next week some Believe scoops. It’s getting so good.

  32. Ana says:

    Bring back Jesse st James!!!

  33. I didn’t even recognize Matthew Goode.

  34. Mai says:

    Humm… This Parenthood Scoop seems telling. A few weeks ago I read that Hattie would come back for the final episode(s) and now it says that Ryan ill find Amber “over very, very dramatic circumstances”. I think death is coming to the Bravermans =( I mean, Hattie didnt come back not even when her mom as running for mayor, so the only reason they would bring her back is for a dramatic circumstance, no?

    • Jen says:

      I hadn’t thought of it that way, but you could be right :( Has there been any news of anyone from the cast leaving? Hopefully it’s related to Ryan’s family or the military and it just happens to overlap with Hattie’s visit.

    • Mafalda Neto says:

      I thought the same thing! i’m afraid it’s gonna be Zeek so Camille doesn’t sell the house. it would certainly be dramatic and a situation the show hasn’t really dealt with yet

  35. msnyder1985 says:

    How are they putting a new character into the premiere for True Blood? Don’t get me wrong, it sounds like a good villain, but really? After that episode has already wrapped?

    • Scott says:

      The show must still be filming so it wouldn’t be a major thing to do a few extra scenes now and re-edit the episode. I think TB is one of the shows that shifts scenes between episodes when they do the final cuts.

  36. dru says:

    Leslie is pregnant, right?

    • Rich Abey says:

      At last a sensible prediction…none of that earth-shattering-finale-must-mean-an-actual-earthquake nonsense!

    • elizabethjr says:

      There was a blind item on TV guide that said “A leading lady from a beloved long running network show will be pregnant” and the show was somewhere else in the article. The only four shows that it could really pertain to are The Vampire Diaries, Parks and Rec, The Good Wife, and SVU. I think TGW is out and I don’t think SVU would do it and I know very little about TVD – so my guess is it’s Leslie and something happens with the Unity Concert as well.

  37. Amber says:

    Don’t kill off Matt. He’s made it this far – don’t kill him off.

  38. Anon says:

    Nothing on Grey’s = what a waste of an article.

  39. Viv says:

    Ähm…. I made my peace with the almost fact that TTP will not be renewed for a second season. Fine, done, over it… but that finale scoop: I don´t like it, it doesn´t sound very comforting… I can´t stand a cliffhanger ending. -.-

    And TGW: I´m not sure about this Finn character. I realize that they have a shortage of male characters with Will gone and Eli and Peter not really in every episode and I´m totally fine with bringing in a new character. But please: a little more Cary?

    • Lucy says:

      Matt Czuchry is second rate material for those writers. With or without Will that thing won’t change. I suppose he won’t get a shred of good storyline or good material until the end of the season. They need to build up Alicia’s new love interest and spend time with Jenna.

  40. sarah says:

    Parenthood: I am bummed about Jason Ritter only coming back for 1 episode. He has no shows in the works so I wish he would take over Ray Ramano’s screen time!
    I wonder why Ryan comes back, the only thing I can think of is that he is injured in combat and will be in a wheel chair.
    Nashville: Well there are 5 couples I can think of on the show so if several are in jeopardy that may mean all are. The ones I would be fine ending are Megan/Deacon and Layla/Will. I really want him to go to Rayna tell her he is gay and wants to sign to her label as he believes she will support him!
    Vampire Diaries: So my guess is that one or more of the following will die: Bonnie, Jeremy, Tyler or Matt. However they killed Bonnie off last year and have killed Jeremy a few times.
    But if they are people we have known for a long time those are my best guesses.
    They will not kill of Damon, Stefan or Elena and I am sure not Caroline.
    I know I am in the minority but I really do not want Stefan and Caroline to get together.
    Original: At Paley fest it was said that there are no plans to have Klaorine together any time soon.

  41. James D says:

    Please CW renew TTP i can’t bare another Alpha’s, it’s too much for my feeble psyche to contend with. Arrow scoop sounds ominous, could this be the farewell of Sara, me thinks it’s coming but i didn’t expect it this soon.

  42. scorpo says:

    When are you going to do another episode of Spoiler Alert?

  43. Chris says:

    If the chemistry is there, I hope they do pursue something with Alicia/Finn down the road. I adored Alicia/Will, but I think there was almost too much history and baggage between them to ever make it evolve into something real and solid. I’m just hoping that if they do go the Alicia/Finn route, that they finally cut the cord between her and Peter first. Their relationship continues to stunt both Alicia and Peter’s growth.

  44. John Hibert says:

    Any chance of Body of Proof coming back Also how about Missing with Ashley Judd People at ABC are jerks not to bring them back they rather have Bachorlette for the wanna be people. ILop people. Disgusting

  45. Jon says:

    Re: parks and rec–

    Ben gets shot and killed by the tent guy after Ben doesn’t come through with the help Tent Man needs to keep his business afloat. Donna and April identify the body; the season ends with Leslie recieving the news of his death at another impromptu Galentines Day brunch.

  46. Emily says:

    On Parks and Rec: I’m calling it now: Leslie is pregnant! And that’s the reason for Ron and Ben’s bonding time!

  47. Alisa Neely says:

    once again, it looks like tony has to TAKE THE BACKSEAT for someone else….where is the RESPECT FOR TONY in NCIS?…..WHY can’t tony go to another town, with another agent….to introduce a possible SPIN-OFF?….the question was ABOUT tony and undercover with either gibbs or tim….and it ended up being about tim & his girlfriend.

    • lovemunkey187 says:

      Tony need to have a trip to LA.
      Deaks and Dinozzo would be comedy gold.

    • Lorraine says:

      I agree – what has Tim and his girlfriend got to do with the question asked – a question which in fact might have been worded as why after more than 250 episodes has their not already been an undercover episode with either Tony or Gibbs, or Tony and McGee? Seems to me an obvious potentially very exciting plot line, particularly now that Ziva is no longer on the scene. And indeed unless I’m mistaken none of the NCIS team have gone undercover since Tony in season 9’s “Nature of the Beast”.

    • flootzavut says:

      There’s already been a Tony centric episode this season, and the penultimate one is set to be Tony centric too.

      I love Tony, but when I see people complaining about how he doesn’t get enough attention I start to wonder if people are actually watching the same show… or what they’re taking and where I can get some.

  48. herman1959 says:

    Oh please! All of these characters returning to Parenthood – it’s like a bad toothache, and who wants to look forward to that. At this point, the writers have recycled so many of the previous storylines that I’m just not able to work up enough interest to watch for another season. If anyone is wondering why Parenthood is in a bubble this is why (in addition to being scheduled against Scandal and Elementary). Why, Jason, why?

  49. Lisa says:

    Please spare me another Brennan pregnancy. We’ve been there/done that with Booth & Brennan. Why have them have yet another child we don’t see.