Post Mortem: Arrow Boss on Slade's Threat, [Spoiler]'s Split and Next Week's Huge Episode

Arrow Season 2 SpoilersIf you have yet to watch Wednesday’s Arrow, avert your eyes. Everyone else, read on…

The Huntress may have wreaked havoc on Wednesday night’s Arrow, putting Laurel in danger, but it was Thea who found herself in harm’s way at the end of the hour.

Crushed over her sudden break-up with Roy, a lonely Thea accepted a ride from Oliver’s archenemy Slade, who is determined to take down all of the crimefighter’s loved ones.

Needless to say, next week’s outing — which is on par with a finale! — packs quite a dangerous punch, executive producer Marc Guggenheim reveals below.

The EP also weighs in on Roy’s nickname, Oliver and Slade’s big showdown, The Huntress’ future and more.

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DANGER ZONE | After running into Slade, Thea is in a lot of danger, previews Guggenheim. “And the sword of Damocles that’s being held over her in [next week’s episode] is a double-edged sword – it’s both physical and emotional – and I can guarantee that by the end of [Episode] 18, one of those edges is going to cut her.” The EP also adds that Thea will learn “something pretty massive” in the next hour that “will cause a tectonic shift in her relationship with Oliver.”

BROKEN HEARTS, BIG CLIFFHANGERS | Young lovebirds Thea and Roy had to go kaput “to upset the apple cart,” explains the EP. “She is the only thing that keeps him in check. She keeps him grounded. It was also, if we were going to place Thea in jeopardy, we wanted Roy to feel some sense of complicity in that. Episode 18 is a very big episode. We sort of wrote it as a mid-midseason finale. In fact, when we turned in Episode 18 to the studio, the studio was like, ‘You do know you’ve got to do five more episodes, right?’ Episode 18 really could play as a season finale, just in terms of the number of things that happen and the number of cliffhangers that we’re left with. And one of those things is Roy dealing with his own sense of responsibility” in what’s happened to Thea.

Arrow Season 2 SpoilersLEARN YOUR NICKNAMES | Oliver calling the newest member of Team Arrow “Speedy” was the writers’ way of “inching Roy towards an Arsenal place,” which is the moniker his character takes on in the D.C. Comics. “Eventually, when the time is right, the nickname that will stick will be Arsenal. But again, the time has to be right,” adds Guggenheim.

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THE FIGHT TO END ALL FIGHTS | Lest you think Oliver and Slade’s big confrontation won’t take place until the season finale, Guggenheim teases that the foes will face-off in “a series of showdowns,” with a particularly shocking one happening as soon as next Wednesday’s episode. “The way that it unfolds is very unexpected,” hints the EP, who promises to save the best for last. “This whole season has, basically, been about Oliver versus Slade, with a lot of other elements orbiting it. So I don’t think it will be a surprise to say that the conclusion of their story won’t happen until the final episode of the season.”

BEHIND BARS, BUT NOT FOR LONG? | Viewers likely haven’t seen the end of Oliver’s crazy ex-girlfriend. “We definitely have an idea for a Season 3 episode with The Huntress,” shares Guggenheim. Though he’s keeping mum on details, he does reveal that the writers went into the episode with the intention of killing Frank so that “we could start a new chapter for [Helena].” As for Ollie, bringing back his ex “gave us a chance to articulate how far Oliver has come in his evolution.”

OPEN YOUR EYES | How can Quentin Lance – who used to be a detective! – still not recognize that the hooded figure his daughter is hanging out with is Oliver? “I will say, Episode 19 pretty definitively answers that question, as far as Lance is concerned,” promises Guggenheim. “And the answer to that will surprise you.”

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  1. I’ve kind of been under the impression that Lance has know who the Arrow was for a while now. I think he’s just choosing to ignore it, rather than address it.

    • Tom says:

      I agree same as Gordan in some of the Batman stories.

    • Isobel says:

      Agree I think by a certain time the policemen would realise who the vigilante they’re talking to is behind the mask, but it’s been enough time that they just choose to treat them as their masked persona and forget bringing up their real identity

    • Alan says:

      yep he is definitely pulling a commissioner gordon plausible deniability thing all season.

  2. Dave says:

    I hate Laurel, please get rid of her or cast a different actress.

  3. Riana says:

    You can just say that she’s gonna find out his secret. One of his two secrets, either that he’s the Arrow or Malcolm’s her father. Although it would be pretty twisted if Malcolm ended up rescuing her.

    • Joey says:

      My dream is to have Malcolm show up during the final showdown to help Oliver save Thea.

    • I think it would be more fitting revenge for Slade to not only tell Thea (assuming he knows, of course) that Malcolm is her father … but that Oliver and Moira have known for quite some time and made a pact to not tell her.

      But, I suspect it’ll just be that Thea finds out he’s the Arrow.

      • robinepowell says:

        How would Slade know who Thea’s father is unless he knows Malcolm? As far as I know Slade and Malcolm don’t know each other. How would they have met?

        • louie says:

          and the answer to your question is……… isabel :)

        • isabel slept with robert and she had sexual relationship with oliver’s dad. since isabele is with slade then its clear that she would of told slade about this. isabel, herself told ollie that robert knew tht thea isnt his daughter. id suggest to watch episode 18 again. :)

  4. Lysh says:

    I hope by the end of the season Laurel figures out her sister is the Canary. That was silly.

    • BTM says:

      I just keep telling myself the secret identity bits follow comic book logic.

    • L says:

      Impossible to believe she doesnt know.. same hair, same voice, same attitude

      • M3rc Nate says:

        If theres one thing that i can fairly easily suspend my disbelief in, its the “secret identity” stuff of Super Heroes. Im sorry but we cant argue logic on any of them. From her chin dimple alone Laurel would recognize her sister (Sara) in the BC getup. Same with Olivers facial hair/mole and defined jaw line….same with Superman just putting on glasses and being clumsy….at the end of the day you HAVE to suspend disbelief or your screwed for secret identities.

        • luvmypup says:

          I agree. It’s funny to me that people get so upset over why someone is not recognized. It’s a super hero fantasy show and you just suspend belief on the whole secret identity thing as well as other things and just enjoy the fun!!

        • Daniel says:

          Superman actually constantly vibrates his head or is shaking it at supersonic speeds the whole time hes wearing the red and blue. So no picture ever has his face and to the human eye it makes the details unable to be seen. This is explained in a few comics. Its usually touched on every 7-8 years at some point. Or at least it was for a while.

      • Shaun says:

        Canary altered her voice before talking to Laurel.

        • robinepowell says:

          Only the first time. At the end when the Huntress and B.C. were duelling it out, Sarah didn’t disguise her voice before talking to her sister.

          I guess Laurel was too caught up in the moment to recognize her own sister.

      • Alan says:

        actually it isnt the same hair, the canary is clearly wearing a wig so its likely people think she has another hair colour underneath it. as for the voice she got a nice little voice changer off oliver this week so you can explain that one away too.

  5. nateddog says:

    Although I do find it silly Laurel didn’t recognize Sara. But hell its based on a bunch of comics almost all their disguises are dumb

  6. robinepowell says:

    How could Laurel not recognize her own sister’s voice at the end of the episode? Or even realize her sister at all, when they were standing side by side?

    • david says:

      she couldnt recognize her sisters voice because Sarah used the device to change the voice (check it out when they come face 2 face by the soda machine)

    • Mo says:

      Yes, Sara used the voice change device. As for Laurel not recognizing her sister’s face when they were literally right next to each other, it is impossible to explain without comic logic. I just assumed it was actually much much much darker in that building than it appeared on my tv. Although I did notice when they were hiding by the desk that Sara kept her hair covering her face, so we can also pretend that’s the reason.

  7. James D says:

    good episode, Birds of Prey just isn’t the same with out Barbara Gordon though so maybe next season they can introduce her (I know it’s highly unlikely but a guy can dream) Will Thea find out she’s Meryln’s daughter, I don’t see her finding out Ollie is the GA just yet? we’ll see i guess. I hope they finally make Helena more of the Anti-Hero she’s supposed to be next time we see her. IMO they made her too crazy. as for Laurel not figuring out it was Sara it’s Comic logic i don’t know why that surprises anyone.

  8. enri says:

    I preferred Arrow when it was about the Arrow and his team…not the Lance sisters. I’m getting to where I fast forward through their scenes and I hate that.

  9. J says:

    i also liked it when it was just oliver, felicity, and diggle. Roy at least could have some use as he is strong. But can’t wait until Sara leaves the show. She gets on my last nerves. Too bad that Ra’s Al Ghul’s daughter couldn’t have just taken her

    • sarah says:

      Me too! I preferred it when just Diggle, Felicity and Oliver we working together. However more people will know all about Oliver etc by the end of the season.

      • kath says:

        Me three. I liked the show best when it was just Oliver, Diggle and Felicity, maybe with Roy. But I’ve had way too much of both Lance sisters now. There isn’t room for anyone else when they’re on the show.

  10. Pat says:

    My prediction will be that Roy will be the one who will go up against Slade to save Theo. Why do I think this? When I saw that one scene on the ship when Oliver started to escape overboard and all Slade did was reach down and grab his feet and flipped him back on board. I knew then this guy is super strong and who would be able to go up against him with such strength and power. Well I am looking at Roy. He may be the only one who can match his strength.

  11. meah says:

    Yess at the fact we’ll see Helena again!!Her scene at the jail house with ollie was so well done!
    Soo over the lance sisters hate!!people don’t even have good reasons for disliking them.its so annoying when people don’t complain about the terrible writing for their characters,but only the actresses involved.people keep saying terrible things about katie and caity here.
    I kinda expected more from the huntress/canary showdown but its all good!
    Great episode.still don’t care about Roy/thea.

    • Jake says:

      I totally agree with what you are saying…I actually like Laurel, but her story line is weak and I blame that on the writers. Also, give me a break, the whole getting her job back was way to easy and so would not have happened in the real world again poor writing. I kept saying last night, wow, the writers have no creativity. I also was disappointed in the Black Canary and Huntress scenes, there should have been a bigger showdown. I also read that Ollie was supposed to be less visible in this episode…didn’t appear that way to me. I did love the line between Sara and Felicity when Felicity told Sara to kick the Huntress’s ass. Anyway, it was an alright episode, but could have been much better. I don’t feel it needs a spin off series.

  12. Eric7740 says:

    Last nights episode was great!!! Made me think last weeks episode was completely out of place and didn’t belong. This episode was the episode that needed to follow “The Promise”!!! Next week, is going to be AMAZING!!!

  13. MDB says:

    Laurel’s new boss a the DA’s office was named ‘Kate’… Kate Spencer, mayhaps?

    • Alan says:

      yep thats kate spencer and she has been in the show since late season 1, i cant remember the episode she first appeared in but it was somewhere around 17 or 18.

      • robinepowell says:

        Go to IMDB and look up her credits. ;) I only remember seeing her this season, when Laurel started working for the D.A.’s office.

  14. sarah says:

    I say it every week that it is silly that Det. Lance does not know it is Oliver. When Lance called the Arrow and Oliver’s phone rang I was so sure that is the moment he would find out.
    Thea will find out that Oliver told Roy to break up with her. Thea asked Oliver if he was keeping anything from her and he said no and then she said he is the only one she can trust. So after next week she will not trust him.

    • Alan says:

      quentin does know but he isnt going to acknowledge it because this way he can still have plausible deniability.

    • OllieG says:

      Your second theory makes more sense to me than Thea finding out Oliver is the Arrow and that causing a tectonic shift in their relationship like the producer said in the article.
      Slade could show her the video of Oliver telling Roy to break up with her and that would crush her way way more than Slade saying “Guess who the Arrow is?”. Even finding out Oliver is keeping Merlyn a secret wouldn’t hurt her as much as this.

      • Alan says:

        how would slade know this or have a video of it? that happened in the arrow cave and as far as we have been shown slade doesnt even know that place exists let alone having cameras in the place.

      • Lila Simpson says:

        But when oliver told Roy to break up with thea it was down underneath the floor and it had a lock on it so there should’t be any cameras down there, and if she found out that oliver is the arrow then that would cause a tectonic shift in there relationship because he shot Roy in the leg and he threatened moira in the first season and he has killed people

    • Melissa says:

      He probably does know but chooses not to say annthing

  15. janet says:

    This episode really didn’t work for me. Definitely not in on the same level as the previous few episodes which have been amazing. I don’t know if its because it was a laurel heavy episode or if it was just too laden with Oliver’s exes in general. There were just too many things that weren’t working. Why did Oliver leave Laurel and all the other hostages in the courthouse in the first place? Both Sara and Oliver seemed totally ambivalent about the hostages safety- only Laurel was concerned, but Oliver made every effort not to kill any bad guys. They are supposed to be super heros right? Not just security for Laurel Lance? The episode started out good but everything in the courthouse was too contrived, especially Laurel’s speech to Helena. The end scene with Helena and Oliver in the interrogation room made no sense. It was totally out of place to have something emotional between them when the entire episode Helena was shooting up the courthouse and taking hostages.
    Felicity and Diggle were the highlight of the episode for me. So, not a great week for my favorite show but you can bet I’ll still be back next week!

  16. Pedro Ho says:

    i can smell a deathstroke vs merlyn showdown.

  17. Andrew Hass says:

    I think Quentin knows that Oliver is Arrow but since he has no proof really except a gut instinct he’s not going to pursue it.Plus he might subtly warn Oliver that along as his daughter is happy and safe he won’t do anything about his alter ego.

  18. tara says:

    I really loved the Oliver/Helena interaction in the end- that was the best part of the entire episode for me(the writers made her too crazy the last time she showed up and this humanized her again and they have history together which is always interesting to watch). Am hoping she’ll show up in the season finale to help Oliver somehow… I am sick of laurel/sara- too much screen time and its ridiculous she didn’t know canary was her sister sara! Why have they made the relationship with oliver/sara look so platonic- the chemistry they had in the beginning is just not there which is sad coz i like them as a couple.

  19. arrowfan101 says:

    People need to pay attention instead of asking the same question over and over after its answered. Sara had a voice box when she was with laurel she reached to turn it on before she talk to her. Dont believe me go watch again lol stupid ppl

  20. arrowfan101 says:

    How ppl are complaining about this show is amazing. It is is easily best show out there. You dont like it dont watch. But dont worry its not going anywhere anytime soon.

  21. jeff says:

    Agreed! I love this show! Cant wait for it to come on. I believe its gonna end with arrow and slade only for malcolm to get involved in some fashion. I dont think they are gonna kill off slade though. I see slade getting written off til late season 3 – 4. Malcolm will be the big bad guy for season 3. Sara, quinton, thea, mora one will be dead by season 3.

  22. JC says:

    No one noticed what Laurel said to her boss “once you let the darkness in, it never goes out” is this a foreshadowing of her becoming dark?

  23. kyle says:

    anybody who thinks that they are eventually going to kill deathstroke is a fool. hes deathstroke. he will get locked up by argus, and join the squad. duh

  24. jeff says:

    Never said theyd kill him off. I just said he would be written off show til season 3 to show as if he really died. Argus huh how dure are you of that?

  25. Lila Simpson says:

    I love the show but I reckon that thea is going to find out both of oliver’s secrets but in season 2 I think thea is going to find out that oliver is the arrow because if she found out that Malcolm was her farther then she be angry at moira and her relationship with oliver would still be the same unless she found out that oliver knew then it could be either one

  26. kath says:

    I think the best thing about this show was the Team Arrow with Oliver, Diggle and Felicity.

    I wish they would get back to that, maybe with Roy. The canvas is too crowded now and Diggle and Felicity get lost among all Oliver’s girlfriends and foes.

  27. Lila Simpson says:

    Are they going to do a another season or two because it is my favourite show and I reckon that they should make it a bit more dramatic by faking olivers death and later revels him self to be alive and not have so many people in the team

  28. Lila Simpson says:

    I think Quentin knows that the arrow is oliver because when Helena was trying to kill her dad, Quentin rang the arrow when oliver was standing right next to him and the phone rang at the same time

  29. Lila Simpson1 says:

    Best show ever can’t wait till next weeks episode. If thea found out oliver told Roy to break up with her then that would cause a tectonic shift in their relationship because Slade has been down in the arrow cave before

  30. Lila Simpson says:

    In a YouTube video it looks like oliver shot Slade in the throat and it looked like he died

  31. Lisa says:

    Best show ever

  32. Melissa says:

    Is thea going to be ok

  33. Jacky says:

    I agree with kath, I think the show was at it’s best when it was about the original Team Arrow with Oliver, Felicity, Diggle,and Roy. Oliver and Felicity have great chemistry.
    There is no chemistry at all between Sara or Laurel with Oliver. The show has change
    for the worst since Sara join the team. It’s becoming the Laurel, Sara and Oliver Show.
    I did looked forward to watching Arrow each week but not so much now.

  34. Melissa says:

    I mean diggle not single

  35. Ella says:

    Quintin knows that the arrow is oliver but chooses not to say anthing

  36. Ella says:

    Is there going to be a 3rd season?

  37. lila775 says:

    Can’t wait for the next epsiode

  38. lila775 says:

    Does Roy go out of control