Grey's Anatomy Drops Two Docs for Season 11

Grey's Anatomy Gaius Ferrer ExitThere’ll be 50 percent less chatter amongst the Grey Sloan residents next season on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy.

Per our sister site Deadline, neither Friday Night Lights alum Gaius Charles nor Tessa Ferrer are having their options picked up for Season 11, and thus will not be series regulars come fall.

Both Charles and Ferrer (who play Shane and Leah) joined Grey’s in Season 9 — along with Tina Majorino, who was killed off in this season’s opener, Camilla Luddington and Jerikka Hinton — then got promoted to full-on cast members last summer.

Also to be absent from Grey’s Season 11 is original cast member Sandra Oh, whose exit was announced in August.

Which of these two departing docs will you miss most-ish?

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  1. Eric7740 says:

    Thank goodness!!! Take the other 2 with you and bring back Izzie for Alex, and lets be done with these worthless interns!!!

    • N says:

      ^ Agree!!!!!!

      • Terry says:

        I was with you until the bring back Izzie part.

        • mery healy says:

          I want to know how I can watch episodes 10 thru 15 for free

        • Charla Shields says:

          Thank you. They need to get rid of Kepner and kill her so she can’t come back.I hate that they are making Bailey soft.I haven’t seen most of this season because of these two story lines. If they have to kill Avery too I don’t mind anything to get Kepner off off off the show.

          • Carina says:

            I just have one thing to say to you. S***w you! Japril are without a doubt the best characters on the entire show (with Yang now leaving)!

          • Jovitta says:

            Why you don’t like her

          • Wilma says:

            LOL…I have said this same thing in my posts for Greys. Hate April…the whiny, religious freak. Their relationship was so stupid. She sleeps with Avery and then hates him from doing it…then basically rapes the guy and then won’t talk to him for making God hate her…then she does it again and again…I hate you for making God mad at me. The most insane, juvenile story line I’ve ever seen. Like something something that would happen with a bunch of 15yr olds yet its supposed to appeal to adults. SR does this with every one of the couples. Mer and Der, Cristina and Owen, The Chief and his wife, Bailey and her husband, Alex and Izzie. There is a huge difference between writing a great story and creating the same story over and over again. I expect this season will relive the first time they brought Lexie on as Mer’s half sister and the last 1,000 times SR broke up Derek and Meredith. Yawn! I will be watching something else. Kate Walsh’s new show is on opposite of Greys. That’s where I’ll be.

        • KathyNYC says:

          I couldn’t agree more..

        • Christie Howard says:

          totally agree! I never liked Izzy, not from day one. And I didn’t care for any of these new interns…..Jo is one I’ve disliked the most – get rid of her.

    • Kate says:

      No! I dont want Alex to ever take Izzie back,not after she left him like that!! He deserves better, and I really enjoy him with Jo. Wont miss Shane and Leah though.

      • sasha says:

        It’s funny how what Izzie did is the worst thing ever. Alex cheat on her, arizone leave claiie come back, lost her leg made her life an hell and then cheat on her (it’s not worst.), meredith & derek did a lot of bad things to each other, burke leave christina on the altas, owen cheats on her… and more and more. All the characters except callie made bad things and then Izzie can’y be forgiven,? why? she came back and because Katie left, Alex told her to leave…

        I know KH will not come back and I don’t think I want to because the how I loved so much gone season 8. But stop saying what she did is unforgivable and so horrible

        • Julie says:

          My dislike is more for KH than Izzie. But overall I just want Alex to be happy. I don’t mind Jo – she’s the one intern I can actually stand. Glad that Leah will be gone but wish she was taking Stephanie with her. This show has added way too many characters.

        • Jeri says:

          Izzie was cold. Seemed to have no heart. She was a “me-me-me” type of person & did not consider how her actions affected others.

          The other couples you mentioned talked & made peace (or not) but did not treat the other with disrespect.

        • Andrea says:

          Sad to report your English is worse then what Izzy did to Alex….

          • lol says:

            hahaha amazing ^

          • Lerbert says:

            Yet you understood enough to write a comment in response. People from all over the world read and comment on this website. About television. It isn’t a requirement to write in perfect grammatical standard English for a person to express their thoughts here.

          • Alex says:

            Sad to report that you can’t even spell Izzie’s name right.

          • BLBrown says:

            Be nice, now. English is not everyone’s first language and a little tolerance is all that’s needed. No doubt, you understood what was written, right? No need to be nasty to others.

          • Diane says:

            If you’re going to insult someone over their English (which is rather shallow), then you should at least make sure your sentence is perfect. You should have used the word *than*, not *then*. Lerbert is correct. The Internet connects people from all over the globe.

        • Laura says:

          I just can’t stand Izzie’s character and I wasn’t a fan of KH either. Her character got on my nerves once she went crazy obsessed with the heart transplant guy. Risking her career then quitting over some guy? After that she just went down hill. I got the impression she’s not really welcome back even though she’s hinted she would like to. Guess her movie career isn’t where she thought it would be. Who I miss is George. I wish they had killed off Izzie and even if George left not to have killed him like that.

          • Linda says:

            Heigl refused Emmy nomination for her character because she didn’t like the Grey’s writing. Can’t imagine her being invited back. No matter how her movie career turns out. I am sure the writers can do much better than scraping the bottom

        • Wow!!! id you even read this before you posted????

        • Wow!!! Did you even read this before you posted?????

      • N says:

        He TOLD her to leave!

        • Chris says:

          Yes, AFTER she had WALKED OUT ON HIM several months beforehand. She waltzed back and expected him to forget all the crap she had put him through and the way she had treated him. She was so completely self-absorbed and dismissive of Alex. I was proud of him when he finally took a stand and said he didn’t deserve to be treated like that.

        • Diana says:

          Look, if Issiah Washington is coming back – after his very public dissmissal – then KH coming back is not a fantasy or completely un-believable.

      • Jess says:

        I agree ^^ Alex and Jo are perfect. Izzie broke his heart and should stay gone

      • Christie Howard says:

        Izzie was always self-centered and judgmental…..never liked her character. I think it’s really cool that Shane went with Christina; I actually liked him. I probably wouldn’t cry if they got rid of April….I just can’t decide about her. Just when I’m annoyed out the wazoo, she does something hilarious….then she goes on the “normal” road & irritates the crud out of me. I really am so tired of all her Jesus stuff.

    • Mary says:

      OMG! Get over it. kH is not coming back!

    • greysfan says:

      Izzie is not for Alex. Sorry but she treated him like absolute crap. He deserves so much better than that and Jo is that person. Its time to move on! Jo and Alex are perfect together.

      • C says:

        she IS perfect with him. She’s great for him and understands him in a way Izzie never bothered to find out. I’m so glad Shonda went this way because I LOVE them together.

    • shan says:

      who in their right mind would want that. I only barely tolerated Izzie, but right before she left I couldn’t stand her at all, Alex had been AMAZING to her and she treated him like dirt for it. no, I love Jo, and if she was the only resident staying then it’d more than fine with me! except maybe stephanie, she can have her good moments

    • Linderella says:

      Great idea :)

    • Anna says:

      I loved Izzie until she wrecked Alex. She can stay gone.

    • donna says:

      Please bring Izzie back!

  2. Tina Majorino-Shepherd says:

    That’s a good start…now can the other 2. The only one that I liked was Tina Majorino.

  3. Meg says:

    Thank goodness! Take Stephanie off as well. Only one I like is Jo because she makes Alex happy.

    • Jill says:

      Totally agree!

    • dude says:

      Was just going to say the same thing. Stephanie is probably the second most useless of the bunch. Jo was their only worthy addition and she’s the only one I’d want to stay.

      • sasha says:

        Jo is “worthy” juste because Alex and she make him happy but her character alone? meh

        • shan says:

          she for sure has the most potential if they allowed the screen time to show it, with her past.. there have been endless hints at awful things that have happened to her but they haven’t explored her mentality about those, which I wish they would do.. she’s not JUST good for Alex, apparently she’s gonna be a mentee of Callie’s too which would be awesome coz Callie’s never properly had anyone in her department!

    • Linda Marks Rogers says:

      Thanks for that Meg. Couldn’t agree with you more. Alex and Jo need to stay together. The other two can go. Won’t miss them at all!!

  4. Dani says:

    Great news.

  5. Lea says:

    AWESOME news!!

  6. gus says:

    I thought they had already learned that no one likes to waste their time watching boring characters with boring storylines (hey, Teddie). Thank god they got rid of Gaius

  7. Is there gonna be an earthquake or something?

    • David says:

      This! LOLOLOLOL!

    • Rook says:

      I don’t think Shonda is gonna kill them. It would be more logical for Leah and Shane to go to a different hospital after all the crap they pulled this season. They should have just kicked Shane out of the program.

      • Julie says:

        Hopefully Leah will leave when her complaint blows up in her face. I actually don’t mind Shane but I could take him or leave him. I like my original core characters from the first season, as well as Addison, Mark, Lexie, Callie, Arizona and Owen. April and Jackson have grown on me, more because the latter is so pretty to look at. ;)

        • Chris says:

          Let’s not go crazy. Leah’s complaint was warranted. With all these coworkers of varying supervisor levels sleeping together I’ve been wondering for years now when the HR storyline would pop up.

          • Anna says:

            Leah’s complaint would have been warranted if her supervisor had initiated their sexual relationship. But Leah was a grown woman who went after a co-worker and continued to go after her until that co-worker stopped it. Was the relationship inappropriate? Yes. Was her complaint warranted? Absolutely not. She is an adult and needs to learn to make (and stand by her) adult decisions.

  8. dax says:

    I think this is the most happiest i have been on a character’s exit on Grey’s since Burke’s exit! Already thinking of the ways shonda can kill ross and leah! :P

  9. Martin says:

    They are keeping Stephanie,she is the worst – even worse than Leah. At least she had something interesting to do – I’m surprised that if they are only going to drop two that they kept her. Jo is the only one I really like though.

  10. Khalil says:

    YEEEES !!!!!! We got rid of Shane ! :D

    • TamCat says:

      Yay!! I wonder if he’ll off himself (over guilt of what he did to that other intern last season), or he opts to go to another program. He just might leave w/ Sandra Oh’s character. If the hospital would kick him out, they certainly would have done it by now!

  11. MK says:

    Finally! I don’t mind Shane, but don’t care for Leah at all!

  12. hello says:

    Is Lexie alive again?

    • SlexieFTW says:

      Lexie is dead. And will sadly, always be dead. :_(

      • Tiffany says:

        Why you gotta say it like that. It bring up to much sadness. Missing Lexie

      • dax says:

        Most heart wrenching death on Grey’s ever! I though George’s was the worst but Lexie’s death coupled with Mark’s death was too much! Still her last words “meant to be ” haunt me! #OverObsessedSlexieFan

  13. Marianne says:

    Good. I actually was surprised that Tessa Ferrer was signed on as a regular for this season because she basically did nothing as a guest last season. Then they didn’t use Leah for much this season except for getting involved with Arizona briefly. Very useless character, in my opinion.

    Shane was given more stuff, but I didn’t like him.

  14. Leonard says:

    Sad, but I guess no one will miss those two, unlike Yang.

  15. I was starting to like Leah but Shane was always awful. I’m fine with this. Kinda liking Stephanie and Jo so it’s all good! That Cristina, Leah, and Shane gone though. Shonda loves big casts, so I guess we can expect at least two new regulars characters next season.

  16. Azerty says:

    Good. I hope they won’t bring back new boring useless characters and focus on the people already here.

  17. C.I.L.O says:

    It may not be all of them, but the 2 worst are leaving, so that’s at least a step in the right direction.

  18. Emily says:

    Thank Goodness!! I am completely fine with Stephanie staying, but please get rid of Jo. Alex has always been one of my favorites but with her he is insufferable.

  19. Forwardad says:

    Ahh liked Shane…not Leah.

  20. CC says:

    Could all of the them go? That is all.

  21. Brandon says:

    Won’t miss either if them. Happy they are keeping Jo, she great with Alex and Stephanie is okay I guess. Now they should make Ben a regular now that he’s a resident

  22. Samantha says:

    Sorry for the actors but these 2 characters, especially Leah, never clicked. Good-bye!

  23. Francesca says:

    Oh thank god! I never liked them..they won’t be missed!

  24. renzo says:

    YES! Didn’t like neither of them. I like Stephanie and Jo so please don’t let them go too.

  25. Eric7740 says:

    Hopefully this means Caterina Scorsone and Patrick Fabian will stick around!!!

  26. SylwekG says:

    Goodbye Leah! You’ll be missed by nobody.

  27. Babar says:

    Caterina Scorsone will be regular in season 11, I guess, then?

  28. Jackie says:

    I love Jo, but none of the other residents ever did it for me. They take up too much screen time. No offense to Gaius and Tessa of course.

  29. Razzy says:

    Does this mean they’re planning on bringing Caterina Scorsone on full time with the cash those two will free up? I hope so! Now if they can get rid of Stephanie, I’ll be so much happier. Jo is kinda growing on me even though she’s a blatant rip off of Izzie

    • Jess says:

      God please, Jo is nothing like Izzie. I think if you watch the show carefully you can see that. Why would they wanna bring in an Izzie 2.0 for Alex? Then they could have just taken Katherine Heigl back when she wanted to return. Honestly it’s really bugging me when people call Jo an Izzie rip off, I find her more likeable than Izzie who was always judging everyone.

      • Marie says:

        eugh completely agree!! I don’t understand, she has nothing in common other than the fact they are both extremely pretty! I couldn’t stand Izzie, she was so quick to jump to conclusions and never bothered to see what is really at the core of Alex, even though her treated her so so well towards the end of their relationship. Jo is perfect for him, I absolutely love them together

  30. Will says:

    So I guess both their characters will die in whatever happens in the season finale. OR maybe they’re actually ghosts and anyone who’s interacted with them has stage 4 cancer!
    The fabulous writing of Shonda Rimes ladies and gentlemen.
    They’ll just replace them with new cast members.. I’m sure Patrick Fabian will become a series regular after 1 episode at the rate they pick up new people…

  31. Deion says:

    I have little against Shane. He displays the dark side of the behavior that our favorites engaged in when they were interns. They did some crazy things, too. Leah, though, has been worthless since day 1 and throwing her in with Arizona was a worthless attempt at saving the character.

    • Babygate says:

      The thing is, there’s a difference between being confident and being arrogant. The originals were super confident but, with exception of Alex who made up for it in other ways, they never came across as arrogant. They just came across as competitive and driven. Shane, was arrogant from the get go. That made him unlikable.

      • Anna says:

        Really? From day one, Cristina came across as arrogant – constantly telling everyone how great she was and how smart she was. She still does that.

  32. NJD says:

    Come on, why I read this things? Last time I read about Tina Majorino and it ruined the shock value of his death. And I don’t think this two can both get out alive.

  33. Alana says:

    Wow what good news. But I won’t enjoy it since I’m out after Sandra Oh leave.

  34. Amberly S says:

    Ugh … they could’ve taken Jackson’s dumpee and left the guy, if they had to keep someone.

    • Donna Hilliard says:

      You are so right! Stephanie was never a good character on the show. She seemed to always be in the way & in my opinion, she was not even a good actress in this role. She never showed any ability to even be a good doctor. She never had chemistry with Jackson like April did. So glad Jackson & April finally got married! Hope nothing ever happens to break them apart! I wish she would just go already & never come back!

  35. meah says:

    Yess at Stephanie staying,I was scared for her,I am one of the few people who actually like her.Jo was definitely going to stay because of alex and most fans want him happy sooo that’s a given

  36. Frankie says:

    Am not at all sorry to see these two characters go. They were the worst (well Leah, especially) and really just chewing up screen time.

    Best of luck to the actors, though.

  37. LaLa says:

    I like Stephanie, I’m glad she’ll be remaining on. I like Shane, too, but I’m not overly concerned about his departure. Leah, yeah, I am happy she’s going. Jo – could do with or without her, but since she is “for Alex,” I guess. I mean, they all have their moments of being whiny and annoying, but isn’t that a characteristic of immaturity? Most of you act as if Izzie and Mer and George weren’t whiny and annoying at various points. Hell, Mer still is – especially this season.

  38. ggny says:

    Im guessing new Interns are coming in to replace them so dont get too happy people

    • ggny says:

      Also im kind of surprised that Steph is stick around i guess Jo needs a friend though. And i kinda liked Leah but Shane was getting kinda weird ever since everything went down. Im guessing Bailey husband is stick around full time and probably Derek’s Sister

  39. Garrett B says:

    Bummed. I liked Leah. She was the only one to stand up for herself.

  40. Whatevah says:

    I like Shane..Leah…blech she can go, what a psycho.

  41. Angela says:

    It says they won’t be series regulars, doesn’t that mean they can still be recurring and still be on the show?

  42. tahina says:

    Does this mean everyone else has signed up for next season? I’m mostly concerned about Sara.

  43. Babygate says:

    As a fan, this feels very gratifying. As a person, I wish them much success in the future. I think that Shonda finally came to terms with the fact that both characters were beyond the point of redemption. Shane was just arrogant and insufferable. Especially when he started working with Cristina. He made decisions for her as though he was her equal and was rude and disrespectful to Mer. Leah I liked originally but then she went after Arizona in the most undignified way possible and lied when she said that Callie made her put a patient in danger. These two characters were too far gone. And unfortunately, the actors were not able to play their respective dilemmas in a way that was compelling or even remotely touching. Unlike Stephanie who suffered a humiliation but handled it with grace and poise. Originally I did not like her. I definitely did not like her with Jackson but her portrayal was on point and she won me over. Jo, I’m still on the fence about. But I accept her because I dont want Alex to start all over again. Anyways, the best intern was Heather. With Sandra, Gaius and Tessa gone maybe they will bring Amelia full time. I still think its time for Webber to retire and allow Bailey to carry the torch of his wisdom to the next generation of doctors. We need to see Bailey in the role of Chief before the show ends. It has to come full circle.

  44. cara says:

    Sadly for the actors involved this is good news for me and hopefully Stephanie will be added to the list and Jo too.

  45. Alichat says:

    Hmm…..little to no Leah next season. I am ok with this. Can we bring Tina Majorino’s character back from the dead now??

  46. I am sad that Leah is leaving.. I think she was a really good character and Tessa is a very good actress. I honestly don’t understand why so many people like Jo though? To me she is just a plot device to make Alex happy.. I mean what else has she achieved by herself and she has no storyline apart from Alex.. It’s interesting to see how everyone likes different ones out of the five though.

    • shan says:

      It annoys me when people call Jo a ‘plot device’. What do you think Hunt was, or Arizona, or Ben, hell even derek!! All of these characters were brought in solely for a main cast member, and in the case of Arizona, its only been now that she’s been given a focus and a deepening of her character. In the case of Jo, I would argue that she’s actually been given more of a background than a lot, we know about her rough past. I would love however for them to actually expand on the hints they’ve left, and perhaps delve more into some of triggers of her outbursts I love though that she’s not perfect, and that Shonda gave her and Alex a whole season of build up before starting anything. They are the best part of greys for me!

  47. Delena forever says:

    Finally Shane wa still ok but Leah damn that b*tch was the new April always going on and on about everything so to that I say good riddance

  48. abz says:

    YESSS!!!! So happy no more Shane. I don’t hate Jo or Stephanie as much as I hated him. Although, they need to do some serious work on Jo because these past few episodes she has been SOOO annoying. I’m sort of slowly beginning to warm up to Stephanie. I guess there may be a little potential there with her character, but the writing on Grey’s overall needs to improve.
    Can’t wait for Amelia!! Love Caterina Scorsone. Hope she becomes a regular and please no more new interns next season. I could really do with an intern-free season.

  49. Tiffany says:

    I never liked the interns/residents. But I was ok with three. Brooks, Shane and Leah. Shonda killed Brooks. She was the best. Shonda made Shane and Leah enemy #1 on purpose. Now they will be gone. But still there the one I HATE JO. This why I do watch Grey’s that much anymore. It’s a Cruel Cruel World. Dang U Shonda. Bring Lexie, Mark and Izzie back.

  50. Andrew Hass says:

    JUst because they won’t be series regulars doesn’t mean we still won’t see them from time to time.I’m thinking this has to with Grey’s Anatomy to resign the others whose contracts are up after this season.Plus now Gaius and Tessa are free to audition for other stuff without being tied to Grey’s.