Rookie Blue Cops Supersized Season 5 -- But When Will It Air on ABC? Plus: Casting News!

Rookie Blue Season 5Rookie Blue is getting a double-sized Season 5 — but it won’t all see the light of day this summer, at least Stateside on ABC.

As commissioned by its Canadian producers, the cop drama’s next edition will deliver 22 episodes instead of its usual 13, TVLine has confirmed. However, fans in the United States will have to wait an indeterminate amount of time for the conclusion of Season 5, since ABC plans to air only the first 11 installments this summer.

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Canada’s Global TV channel is following the same game plan, airing just 11 of the episodes this summer, reports ET Canada.

There are no details yet on when the rest of the Season 5 — which as just announced bows Thursday, July 17 at 10/9c on ABC  — will be broadcast.

Additionally, two new faces will shake things up at 15 Division next season. Oliver Becker (Rent-a-Goalie, Lost Girl) joins the series as Inspector John Jarvis, a political spin-master of epic proportions who seamlessly flips from pleasant to menacing. He’s out to make his mark and find out if 15 is full of heroes or screw-ups.

Also new to the team is Matthew Owen Murray’s (The L.A. Complex) rookie cop Duncan Moore aka “Selfie.” When he struggles to fit into the group, the officers soon have their hands full with the challenging and well-connected new player.

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  1. Alice says:

    Yay! and also Boo!

    • This is basically tax related. Canadian TV series can get some government money for the first five years. After that, they’re on their own. This way the show can squeeze out an extra season, which will likely be it’s last.
      It’s not unlike Mad Men & Breaking Bad splitting their final “seasons” over two years.

    • I think that it’s stupid that ABC puts it on the air for everyone to watch, and get really into it, and love the show just so they can take it off of the air just when it was really getting good!!!! You people need to figure out which shows that are going to stay on the air and just leave them alone!!! I absolutely love Rookie Blue, and my whole family watches it (WHEN IT’S ON). ABC needs to just tell Canada to kiss there ASS, and put the show back on the air.

      • Ashley says:

        Calm down, youre still going to get to see the show, you just need to be a lot more patient. You should just be thankful that the season will be 22 episodes instead of 13…

      • jkm says:

        “ABC needs to just tell Canada to kiss there ASS, and put the show back on the air”

        You’ve got it backwards. This would be solely an ABC decision. Remember, the American market is about 10 times the Canadian market. If ABC said they wanted to air all 22 episodes at once, Shaw/ICFfilms/entertainmentone (whichever one actually holds the finished product) would be sending it to ABC via satellite uplink before they even hung up the phone. There’s be no need for ABC to tell Canada to kiss their ass; when it comes to television production, we’re already kneeling and puckered up: we’re just waiting for permission.

        • Jat Nuyt says:

          Why don’t they just work out a deal……… Rookie Blue is the neatest coolest funnest show in a long time. Its original and clever everyone likes it. to end it would be blasphemy

      • ukviking1 says:

        It’s a bloody Canadian TV show. Notice the uniforms? Canada can tell the USA, they can’t have it lol. Bloody hell, we love it here in the UK as well, and BTW there has been many US shows that took and even take mid season breaks. Walking Dead has done it every season. So, just calm down, and as said, be thankful there are 9 more episodes than usual. Just think, while curled up on the sofa, on a cold night this Winter, you can enjoy it, if it comes back the Winter lol.

  2. Laysa says:

    That doesn’t even make any sense. Go home, ABC Producers, you’re all drunk.

  3. Probably Thursday nights at 8 beginning January 2015 when whatever ABC launches there this fall inevitably fails.

  4. Kathryn says:

    Is that confirmed FROM ABC that they only plan to air 11 episodes? You’re sure they’re not planning to air all 22 in order to push back Scandal’s return until after Christmas. Kerry Washington is about to have her baby and probably wants to push back the return to production vs. the normal schedule getting the show ready for a fall start. Have you confirmed that is not ABC’s plan?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      ABC’s plan is the raison de this story. Says ABC rep: “We’re only airing 11 this summer.”

      • Kathryn says:

        NO, actually. The original story said this:
        “However, fans in the United States will have to wait an indeterminate amount of time for the conclusion of Season 5, since ABC plans to air only the first 11 installments this summer.”

        That “ABC plans” could have been based more on speculation that explicit confirmation from the network the way this piece was written. Even fairly reliable sites like this one jump the gun sometimes. I just wanted them to say explicitly whether this was coming directly from the horse’s mouth since they didn’t cite a network source.

  5. DavidSask says:

    Even for Canada this many episodes will run to long no?

  6. Steven says:

    Wonder if this means it’ll be the last season.

  7. mbento says:

    will air on 2015 summer… a silly way to reduce prodution costs. lol Maybe it will be the last season.

    • Naomi says:

      I don’t think so, they are probably adding more episodes because they are doing so well. That happens to a lot of shows. They get singed for only a minimal amount of episodes each season and then when the show gets good ratings and its really doing well they will add more episodes.

      • dude says:

        This is tax related. Canadian shows only get a grant from the government for the first five seasons.

        • Kathryn says:

          Ah, interesting. Since we don’t have the same kinds of direct government subsidies, just tax rebates (AKA bribes from one state to lure work from another) I didn’t understand the full monetary reason for calling two season’s worth of shows one season. I figured all it saved was any boost in contract amounts for talent, which I think are minimal for the first 6 seasons or so anyway, aren’t they? The Canadian grant angle makes the whole thing make much more sense.

          Otherwise, it seemed like eOne and the talent were only trading the certainty of knowing FOR SURE there will be 2 more seasons at the expense of each season having 2 fewer episodes.

        • Ally Oop says:

          Sorry to correct you but that isn’t true. The subsidy is given for one production year. The series must also be a minimum of 8 hour-long episodes to actually qualify for the national subsidy for tv series and the amount is capped per year so the total episode count doesn’t matter. My guess for this split season is GLOBAL is just doing what it’s ABC counterparts want. From what I heard a couple months back is that GLOBAL originally planned to air the second half of the season starting in January. Maybe they still will and just ate waiting to see how their fall shows go.

  8. Sara says:

    God damn ABC. Whatever. So ABC is choosing not to air the last 11 episodes until whenever they decide, fine. But what about Canadians? We get the show on Global too, so will we get the 2nd half earlier than the US or will it be the same all around? Does anybody know?

  9. Rachel says:

    Boy they’ve pushed it back too. Normally it comes back in May, also not liking the idea of only airing 11 episodes and then holding off. Rookie Blue is my favorite show, I wait all year for this!

  10. Naomi says:

    Yes that is so exciting. Lucky me I live in Canada, won’t have to wait!

  11. Buster says:

    Don’t get too excited, Canada. From Global: The first 11 episodes of Rookie Blue’s super-sized fifth season will air this summer on Global.

  12. Marianne says:

    Maybe they are planning to do what they did with Grey’s and Scandal. Like if they go with the split of 12/12 like they did this season, they could air Rookie Blues while one of those is off. It seems likely if that sort of schedule is working.

    • Sara says:

      I think you might be right. I know ABC Family often splits shows up and it works quite well, and I’ve heard what they’ve done with Grey’s and Scandal has worked really well. I’m hoping this works and it’s not the last season as people are speculating it to be. People forget that it’s unfortunately a summer show and it can’t air when everything else is supposed to air :/

  13. Bill says:

    Nice, can’t wait. Good show

  14. david says:

    When Rookie Blue started I watched it for the first couple of seasons but lost interest. Maybe I’ll get caught up again. Kind of surprised that they are going this route – maybe it will save money for next summer or maybe they are planning to use it to fill in some gaps later. If they have another gap like they did with Grey’s and Scandal there is a window there and what they put in that this year didn’t do great. Maybe some mid season exposure will help with it’s summer ratings?

    • ukviking1 says:

      Mid season does not imply, next season. What will happen is, they will take the next 11 and show them this Winter. The Walking Dead gets split every season. They show half, then break for a couple of months or so, and come back. I can almost guarantee you it will end with a cliff hanger at episode 11….Andy dead, or alive…tune back in this January to find out! This means there will be less time between S 5 ending and S 6 starting! That’s a win! At least it’s not a pissing 6 episode season, like UK shows are! Why even bother with 6 episode seasons? Even with Rookie Blue at 13, that’s twice as long as British shows! I’d say Rookie Blue will come back in Jan, there. We get it later here in the UK anyway….our Episode 11 is Sunday Sept 28!

  15. Andrew Hass says:

    I’m happy that Rookie Blue will get 22 episodes.They can air 11 during the Summer and the other 11 next Winter.If ABC does the split season again next season with OUAP,Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy.Then Rookie Blue could air in one of those time slots.

  16. PJ says:

    I’m not usually a fan of when shows basically double the episode order. I get that the show is popular so they want to make more, but it can sometimes affect the pacing/feel of the show. With 13 episodes you have to get straight to the point and there’s not a lot of room for “filler” episodes that you get with 22 episode seasons. I guess we won’t really know until it starts airing.

  17. Tiffany says:

    Can’t wait for Rookie Blue

  18. Delaine says:

    I am unbelievably NOT excited about the 22 episode order. I love this show. I love knowing that within 13 episodes a whole bunch of action and drama are gonna happen. Dragging the unending saga of Sam & Andy to 22 episodes could possibly jump the shark more than it already has. I honestly think with 22 episodes I’m going to get hacked off and possibly won’t love the show as much as I do now.

  19. Ryan says:

    Sounds like a Syfy move. They order large seasons but split them in half. Airing the first half one summer, and the second half the next summer.

  20. Emmy says:

    any chance they will air some of the left over episodes during the winter?

  21. Midori4 says:

    It’s not supersized, there are two less episodes. As someone said they did this for tax and cast cost issues. Much like the final two seasons for Futurama.

  22. Marc says:

    It sounds like a cost savings measure. Actors and crew probably have option contracts for up to 22 episodes for each season. By boosting the order to 22, they get two sets of 11 episodes out of the season 5 contracts. In the US, typically the initial actors sign contracts that cover six or seven seasons on broadcast network shows, although there are exceptions (eg: Josh Charles). After that, they producers have to negotiate extensions, usually with big raises for actors on shows that have made it that long. (See NCIS and Grey’s.) I don’t know what the Rookie Blues actors contracted for, but, if the producers can put off contract extensions by ordering a split 22 rather than 13 and then another 13, it is in their interest to do so.

    • Kathryn says:

      Yes, but it seems at least a year too early for this issue to be kicking in. I think Missy and other main cast members said they made 6-year commitments when they first signed onto the show. So this would make sense to do next year from a talent cost perspective. But you wouldn’t think the networks would need to try to pull something like that this year.

  23. Sarah says:

    YAY!!! No such thing as too much Rookie Blue in life :-). I’m so excited, especially because Missy Peregrym tweeted a teaser pic of her and Peter Mooney working together. This Andy-Nick shipper really hopes they don’t just go right back to Andy-Sam as a couple. He put her through hell, and really, who is a better boyfriend than Nick Collins???

  24. Elisabeth says:

    Not happy about the July start…not happy about the 22 episodes (because I think it will lose A LOT of it’s action packed intensity and we’ll be forced to watch a lot of filler crap)… and I probably am not going to like who Andy ends up with this season. Hmm…what else is on? J/K. I truly hope the writers/producers have put their usual heart and soul into the series and that we’re not all left disappointed. This could prove to be a series killer. :(

  25. Meredith says:

    I don’t understand why they start airing in July. The last several seasons have always started in May. If they started earlier they’d have time to show the season in its entirety. Summer TV is generally lacking, Rookie Blue is one of the only highlights. It doesn’t make sense to shorten the season.

    • Ray says:

      I like the way you think, Meredith! July is a long time away. Also, something I recently noticed about a lot of my old favorite programs from the 60’s, back then, they used to make thirty or so episodes for one “season” of action TV shows. For some years now, the networks have become lazy and only make about 13 episodes on average, per season. This is crummy doings.

      I want it all and I want it now!

  26. rocky says:

    Ok all this chatter about rookie blue has made it kind of confusing with the contracts, network carriers and taxes its just all very crazy just be glad that they are gonna show 11 episodes and wait to see when they will air the second half. Love the show its awsome

  27. Ray says:

    I hope they aren’t trying the same junk that “The Walking Dead” has done for two years now, splitting up the seasons. That sucks! I really hope ABC reconsiders and runs all 22 episodes consecutively, back to back, and not a split season. I also hope this is not RB’s last season. It is a good show. Sometimes, the writing and technical detail is freaking excellent as was demonstrated in the episode, “Every Man” a couple of seasons ago.

    While I am on here with a bunch of fans, can anyone tell me the name of the instrumental “outro” song at the end of each show and the artist? I would really like to get an MP3 of this song. Thanks a bunch.

  28. Linda says:

    Winter????? Are you kidding me? We have to wait until possibly Winter to see the final 11 shows?!!!! ABC ticks me off when they cancel a show and in this case, Rookie Blue. Now that is is doing very well, they bring it back. Annoying.

  29. Maria says:

    I love watching Rookie Blue hope they keep Andy and Sam together when is it coming to the uk.

  30. Heidi says:

    You lot in the US re luck. You at least have a start date for Rookie Blue, us in the Uk have no such luck

  31. Monica says:

    They are likely going to treat it like they treat their ABC Family shows that start in the summer and then air the second half of their seasons from January – March with a new season starting in July again. OR they will hold the second half until May and make that the final installment (depending on how the ratings go for the first half).

  32. Ray says:

    ABC has pulled some really crummy stunts in the past. A lot of us haven’t forgotten how they yanked the rug out from under fans when they canceled “Flash Forward”, giving viewers no closure as to how things turned out. I hope there is a warm, dark, corner of hell for those behind that decision.

    • Echoes of Nite says:

      I totally agree. Flashforward was finally an original idea, and the way they left it is extremely trust-breaking. I’m very reluctant to like anything new and different on abc because if I really like it, they’ll kill it without warning.

      There’s a special level reserved for them, at the devil’s table . . . Right next to Fox for kicking Firefly to the curb and blowing of a very unfinished John Doe.

  33. marcus says:

    i hope this is not going to be the last season hopefully they wil have 2 or 3 more seasons i really like this show so dont cancel it please

  34. Rookie Blue. Is an excellent series. Adding a different and intriguing new aspect to a cop show series. May there be many more seasons. Best wishes to cast and crew. The Foureyed Poet.

  35. Pookie 12 says:

    I too was a fan of Rookie Blues, but the writers of the show decided to include roles of Gail, who use to like men and now is playing a lesbian kissing her girlfriend, wasting air time that could be spent on a GOOD SCENE of something else that a Rookie cop might do other than be a homosexual. If ABC continues airing this filth me and my family will not be watching!!!

    • Ray says:

      As a former cop, I can tell you from personal observation that about 50% (give or take) of female cops ARE lesbians or bi. The show does a great job of reflecting reality on many levels. Please, get over yourself. Life will be pretty miserable if you choose to be offended by what it is on a daily basis.

      • Jat Nuyt says:

        Charlotte Sullivan is way hotter straight in this show. Im glad shes not with Nick right now though, hes so nice and shes kind of evil…… a good way, her kind of way……. but its like watching a precious flower being trampled……. * wipes eyes

    • Jat Nuyt says:

      Its actually Blue, not Blues, ……… They aren’t sad……… just dressed in Blue……….

  36. acurat says:

    Most likely, they want two seasons at the old rate. I think Canada supports this show to some degree, but after 5 years, beleves the show should be able to sink or swim on its own. My guess – they play the next 11 episodes next summer and that is the end of this popular summer series as at an unsubsized rate, the ad rates cannot support it anymore.

  37. Jedediah says:

    Love this show. Can’t wait for more episodes!

  38. Ana says:

    Son unos ladrones y unos irrespetuosos. Anuncian con bombos y platillos una temporada de 22 capítulos, y con la temporada al aire anuncian “season finale” dos semanas antes. Pero por qué no se van un poquito a CAGAR?
    Temporada larga las pelotas. Es el mismo negocio de siempre.

  39. Eric says:

    Looking for help – We thought the show was done for the summer because our DVR (DirecTV) has not recorded it. Turns out we’ve missed 4 episodes and I don’t see that it recorded them. It’s also not showing that it will record the next one on August 6th. We are in Vegas, I don’t know if it’s a DirecTV issue or ABC issue. Any ideas? And where can we find the shows that we’ve missed since 7/10? Thanks for any help!

    • Ray says:

      Eric, I don’t know if this might have anything to do with your DVR not recording Rookie Blue S-5, but for what it’s worth, I’ll explain something I have noticed. Every season until this one, I could watch the most recent episode and several before it (maybe the whole season) on ABC’s web site. This season, they have started some crap where you have to sign up with you cable provider info or some such idiocy in order to get full viewing privs on ABC’s site. This shuts me out because I don’t have cable and don’t want it. It just isn’t worth the expense and hassle for stupid reality shows and thousands (slight exaggeration) of commercials at every break in the show. Rather than have to watch a week behind on ABC’s new and not as good system, I signed up for a season pass on I-tunes. I get to watch the episode the next morning with no commercial interruptions. I hope this may explain what is going on with your DVR and give you ideas on how to get around it.

      Best of luck to you!

    • kathy Waterbury says:

      You have to set your Dvr to record all of the episodes as the date shown is the original air date in Canada which has already passed. So by setting to all it thinks it should record “reruns”. I learned that from a case manager at direct tv. You can watch them on demand. That’s how I caught up.

  40. i think its stupid why make everyone wait by the time it comes back on we would have forgotten what happened in the first 11 episodes i really dont see the point

  41. Jat Nuyt says:

    Has anyone seen Peter Mooney in Summers Blood ? Its on Netflix His b day is on the 18

  42. alyssa says:

    It says 11 episodes will air. Thursday will be episode 10 and its a two hour finale? Is that all we’ll get to see for now? I feel like i just started watching again :(

  43. Headsy says:

    When do we hear when episode 12 will air? I hope is planned for the winter months

  44. amy says:


  45. If there is a season 6 you have to get Andy with Sam or it just won’t be right

  46. Jovanna says:

    Rookie Blue season 5 wow!!! Can’t wate for season 6 and I hope there is more to come after that. Sam and Andy are awesome together. They make each other a better cop. Love the show. Thank you!! 😃


  48. DR says:

    Come on PEOPLE. Rookie Blue is Canada’s show. But we the people in the U.S. loves Rookie Blue too. I hope the show runs forever. But if the Canadian’s wants to stop the show after 6 season, than I hope that the U.S. and Canada can work something out to keep the show going. If the producer’s don’t see that they have a HIT then I feel sorry for them. Rookie Blue has everything you look for in a show. Love, hate, joy, laughter, craziness, and sorrow for the men and woman of 15. We live though our actor’s, we love them and hope they will be back next season. We can’t wait until next week. If you want more of Rookie Blue, email, post comments, contact Canada Global, or contact ABC network. Let them know you want Rookie Blue to go to season 7 and show them we want more of the show. Let them know they have a BIG HIT. Also I’m hoping they put reruns of Rookie Blue back on ION. You can also buy the first 4 seasons of DVD on Amazon, and season 5 comes out in August. Think PEOPLE, if we buy, complain, post comments, email, contact ABC, or contact Canada Global, they will see that it’s in their best interest to keep Rookie Blue on. The Canadian’s have excellent shows that I watch on ION E, like Flashpoint,
    Listener, LA complex, Nikita and plenty more. Anyway thank you Canada.😊😊😊😊😊