'Ship Shape: How Fave Pairs From Arrow, Once, Scandal, Trophy Wife and Other Shows Are Faring

It’s official: Spring has sprung, and so has our latest ‘Ship Shape, a recurring feature in which TVLine provides you with the latest developments for TV’s hottest duos — and then offers our forecast for each pairing.

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Don’t see your favorite love match represented here? Give ‘em a shout out below and maybe they’ll merit a mention the next go-around.

And with that said, this ‘ship is about to set sail, so click through the gallery below and hop aboard!

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  1. Beth says:

    Why not Dawson and Casey from Chicago fire? She broke a huge trust by telling Jones about her dad when Casey told her not to say anything.

  2. Girl in MD says:

    The Trophy Wife wedding is one of my favorite TV Weddings! It was so cute what the kids did. The whole two part episode gave me even more reasons to LOVE this show!!! Megan Mulally was great as Cricket. Diane and Jackie showing up made it even better

  3. sophia7470 says:

    I can’t see a clear forecast ahead for Oliver and Sara , coz yeah, dramaz. But no matter, she’s a temporary feature before they get to the real deal in a season or so. Hello Olicity ;)

    • A says:

      I don’t like Oliver/Sara as a romantic relationship, it just feels forced to me. They’re both too tortured to be together, neither one balances the other out at all.

      • enn says:

        Both Lance sisters as annoying as hell, and that whole triangle is awful and sick…

        • janean says:

          If both Lance sisters went bye bye =Christmas!!!
          Lets get rid of the sisters and train felicity to be black canary! BOOM! problem fixed :)

          • A says:

            I just want more of the “original” Team Arrow back. When was the last time we even had a Diggle/Oliver scene? I miss their Brotp, I think their forecast is looking cloudy lol…

          • rk535 says:

            LOVE IT! Completely agree. yes for Felicity

        • M3rc Nate says:

          Dont see anyone saying that about the Vamp Diaries passing around of women..pretty much every chick has banged every dude..and 2 Elena doppelgangers have banged both brothers…thats gross.

          With Sara/Laurel…it was gross back when he was a scumbag and cheating on the one..but now they are all healed and forgiven each other…so hes dating the one and the other is happy for them…then im sure Sara gets killed by Death-Stroke & while Laurel takes over the BCanary mantle and is trained by Oliver they comfort/console each other which leads to them falling back in love and dating/engaged/married or w/e.

          • A says:

            Maybe at the beginning of the season they thought they would kill Sara, but I don’t think they’d do it now. Sara’s way too popular, and no one seems to really die on this show anyway lol

      • Dominator of destruction says:

        Oliver/Sara are the only couple so far that aren’t forced and have actual chemistry olicity is so forced its embarrassing to watch

    • Misty says:

      I’m really upset by the whole concept of Oliver/Sara. And not just because I love Felicity. I don’t see them together either. I think the whole idea is ridiculous. And I think Caity (the actress who plays Sara), is TERRIBLE. She always looks like she’s about to cry and it drives me insane.

  4. JC says:

    Awww!!! So happy Rigsby and Van Pelt got their happy ending. I’m still frustrated with the show’s decision to “reboot” here at what is increasingly looking like the end of the show, but at least that part worked out.
    Thank you for including Oliver/Sara. I really thought they were cute together this last episode, and they get so much hate from certain sections of fandom. I’m not sure they have a long term future, even if Sara survives the season (and she better – I will be over this show if they try to force Laurel as Black Canary after all this), but for now, I think they make a good pair.
    Not going to touch the Captain Swan vs Swanfire debate, except to say that I’m more convinced than ever that Neal is going to be the one who dies, based on how sidelined he’s been so far this season. Seriously, Grumpy’s had more screentime than Neal.

  5. Leny1 says:

    My fave is Emma/Hook! Rooting for them!

    My other fave is Ressler/Liz The Blacklist, Jack/Emily Revenge, Mindy/Danny The Mindy Project, Annie/Auggie Covert Affairs

    • Leny1 says:

      As for that line by Hook… Like he said DONT TAKE IT THE WRONG WAY LOL, because he is glad that her heart is working, that it got broken meaning it works that she was/is capable of falling in love and still works and can be healed (pretty much had their Kiss theme music playing over them in that scene). Pretty sure it was also made for us to think of Tin Man’s quote in the movIe Wizard of Oz – “Now I know I’ve got a heart,’cause it’s breaking”

      • Mary says:

        Doesn’t change that it makes him sound like a jerk, cause he thinks there’s something wrong with her because she doesn’t love him.

        • Leny1 says:

          Thats not what he meant. And implied to be. Sorry about that. If you cant see the deeper meaning to what he says and what he says to Emma and how Emma reacted him by not stepping once he got close to her and search his eyes – she saw he was sincere coz thats what she does, looks into his eyes to see what he is saying, coz he knows how Emma is. He doesnt think anything is wrong with her, the fact that Emma could of fallen in love with someone else mean that she is as i said capable of loving, moving on and her heart still works. It wasnt about Hook, It was about her.

        • Frey says:

          Oh my god that is really not what he meant. He meant it’s still working and that’s good because she can love again one day and the hidden meaning is ‘with him’ . As for the article comment about it being rude. I agree with other Leny1. He said ‘dont take this the wrong way’. And as mentioned it is a nod to the Tin Man in Oz.

    • Joey says:

      The idea that /anyone/ could even consider what Hook said to be romantic speaks volumes about their past, current, or future romantic prospects, and believe me, it isn’t good.

  6. castlelover says:

    I was kind of expecting you to put Will and Alicia, with their latest “development” here.

  7. Ana says:

    Oh, how in awe am I over the boundless love that Hook has for Emma!! Bless him and his courageous, unwavering heart.
    Of course it was überromantic – and such a nice reference to Oz – the Tin Man said after all that he knew he had a heart because it was broken. Emma has been so guarded with hers and Hook has been so true to his promise of fighting for her that it comes as a definite relief to him – and us – that she is still capable of falling in love in spite of all the crap that has befallen her in her troubled life.
    Whoever does not get that this line was one of the few epic romantic lines on TV just doesn’t get it. Period. Kudos to Adam and Eddy for never failing to up the game and to Colin for never failing to making us feel Killian’s relief and heartache.

    • Leny1 says:

      Exactly. OnceABC twitter tweeted the line. It was so much a reference to Wizard of Oz. And what Hook is trying to say, her heart works, she isnt closed off and she can heal etc.

  8. crabapplerum says:

    Will and Alicia – heartbreak.

  9. Stefan says:

    And after the new Good Wife episode, [spoiler alert] we now know a couple that’s officialy done. Forecast: dead….

  10. tina says:

    one of the writers for pretty little liars said they are starting to film for the upcoming season and viewers should be happy to know that ezra is filming so im guessing he isn’t dying unless they were faking viewers out and he is filming a dying scene but I don’t see that happening

  11. Rook says:

    A Huck and Quinn hook up seems wrong in every way possible.

  12. Amy says:

    For me that scene with Hook and Emma wasn’t even about them…it was about her…he was commenting on the fact that there is something right about her…that her heart is working and she’s not engulfed it in her iron walls as much…she was open to loving Walsh and being with him. I saw this moment about Emma and the massive amount of character growth she’s had, Emma is admitting without much prompting that she was hurt, that yet again someone she ‘loved’ lied to her and hurt her. I thought Morrison did a great job highlighting Emma’s emotions here in a rare ‘quiet’ moment when we don’t usually get Emma saying things like this unless put under distress. Just my views of course …I love watching these two onscreen together anyway though regardless of the moments they all seem heightened by their amazing chemistry…and that stunning theme that plays during their deeper moments of course.

    • Pat says:

      Amy, you couldn’t have said it any better. I totally agree with everything you posted in your comment. I was so moved by that scene between Emma and Hook and your words describe it beautifully.

  13. Jenn says:

    I thought what Hook said to Emma was very uberromantic! He’s not the type of romantic like Charming but he does things his own way and when he said that last night my heart melted! I can’t even believe some people think it was rude.. I’m all for these 2 but I really fear he’s the one getting killed off (he better not be!!!!!)

  14. meatwad says:

    was caustiously optimistic about Shaw and Root joining POI and it has worked out wonderfully. would actually love a show based around Root and Shaw working together for “her”

  15. Jaynie says:

    Quinn and Huck! OM………..Finally, but not quite how I imagined it!

  16. Bash and Mary from REIGN!!!

  17. DarkDefender says:

    Um Castle and Beckett, yo. We have all the sunny deets of the wedding, so there has to be cloudy skies ahead, no? With only 5 episodes left (including tonight) are we still getting a “spring wedding”.. ?

  18. Mary says:

    I’ve only recently started watching the Following but I would like to see Max and Mike be featured in this column. I know Mike and Ryan were featured a few weeks ago but I think that was supposed to be a more friendship ship than romantic. I guess when I hear the word ship, I always relate it more to a romantic relationship than a friend one. Hey, whatever floats your ship :) Awful, I know.

  19. just saying says:

    Yay for Captain Swan! After that dance of sexual tension, i expected to see elijah and hayley here. or the abysmal jackson and hayley (which i hate btw)