Drop Dead Diva EP on Jane and Grayson's Sex 'Struggles,' Final Season Surprises and More

Drop Dead Diva Season 6It’s a bittersweet Sunday for Drop Dead Diva fans, as the Lifetime dramedy kicks off its final season with a two-hour premiere (9/8c). And with Grayson finally aware of Jane’s little secret, will this mark the beginning of a new relationship — or is this the beginning of the end?

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Below, creator and executive producer Josh Berman discusses Jane and Grayson’s “obstacles” in Season 6, reveals which familiar faces we’ll see back at the firm and says whether or not we can expect one last musical number.

TVLINE | You had plenty of notice that this would be the final season, right?
Yes, that’s the good news. We got to the write the entire season with an ending in mind. I always knew how I wanted the show to evolve, so getting this extra chapter where the secret’s out of the bag has been awesome.

TVLINE | What can you say about Jane and Grayson’s journey?
This is absolutely the season of Jane and Grayson. So many shows have the will-they-or-won’t-they couple and it never really gets resolved, but this certainly gets resolved — one way or the other — this year. They have a lot to deal with, though, because Jane lied to him. When Deb came back to Earth, she only told one person, Stacey, not the man she loved. It’ll be difficult for Grayson to understand why she didn’t trust him.

TVLINE | It’s funny, I’ve always thought of them as the when-will-they couple.
Well, everyone thought we were going with Jane and Owen. There were the Owen camps and the Grayson camps on Twitter. We never thought the chemistry would be so strong between Jane and Owen; he was originally just brought in for a three-episode arc, but they sparked to each other. In my mind, I always knew it was building towards Jane and Grayson. The question this season is: Can they overcome their hurdles?

drop-dead-diva-season-6-grayson-blogTVLINE | Is it possible Jane and Grayson could realize they aren’t meant to be together?
I think all the options are on the table. Jane has some insecurities about having sex with Grayson in her new form, and we play that out in a very real way. She expresses her concerns to Stacey, who helps her through it. And Grayson struggles to understand why Deb, the woman he loved, would ever doubt his love and devotion to her.

TVLINE | And what can we expect from Stacey and Owen?
It’s undeniable that Stacey and Owen will have to put their toes back in the water to see if they should or shouldn’t be a couple, and we certainly explore that during the season.

TVLINE | This being the last season, can we expect to see any of our favorite characters return? Kim, maybe Parker?
Well, starting the week after our premiere, Kim comes back as a series regular. We just gave her a little extra time for her maternity leave. We also have some returning favorites that haven’t been announced this season, though John Ratzenberger is coming back as Kim’s father. And we’re still looking for Kim’s mother. … There’s a special place in my heart for Ben Feldman, who played Fred, and I’m hoping we’ll have him back before the series is over.

TVLINE | Will we be getting a musical number this season?
We haven’t decided yet if there’s going to be a musical number, but Margaret Cho wrote and performed an original song, and Rick Springfield wrote and will perform and original song. … I wrote a version of the song, and I’m not a songwriter, so I said to him, ‘If you can take the essence of the song, I’d love for you to write it.’ He came back with something 1,000 times better.

Drop Dead Diva fans, what are your hopes for the final season? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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  1. JB says:

    Kim’s mother…..hum??? Let the guessing begin. How about Peggy Lipton?

  2. Lastseasonorburst! says:

    I’d say the problem is that Deb was always insecure in her old body, so sure that Greyson wouldn’t even notice her if she looks like Jane does that she carried it on to her new life as well. Problem is: Jane didn’t conquest Owen because she looked like Deb, she didn’t conquest her ex husband because she looked like Deb either. She should give Greyson the chance to prove himself as well.

  3. sweet says:

    I stopped watching after they had Kim Kardashian.

    • Karen says:

      but apparently still keeping up with it. I know, as a fan, it’s a hard show to let go of!

    • Ari says:

      I’m just happy Greyson came back even if it’s in another body…at least we know it’s Greyson and they can love happily ever after! I like Owen and Stacy together. They should bring back Kim Kardashian that’ll be interesting! 😃

    • Brandy says:


  4. They lost me after they threw Owen under the bus.

  5. This is going to be fun!

  6. Lisa says:


  7. Sarah says:

    Don’t think I didn’t notice how he didn’t answer about Parker NOT returning. Oh, and. I loved how you address how many of us fans love Owen and shipped Owen with Jane, but delicately avoided where her he and her BFF decided to A) have a baby together and B). Explore the most non-existent chemistry on TV for a completely unwanted will they – won’t they relationship. For me, the soul of the show dropped dead last year….and I really don’t see it coming back.

    • Ali says:

      Yikes, you are not happy are you??!! Good or bad I believe this final season will prove to be a good send-off for this oft overlooked gem of a show! I am so thankful they have had time to script a goodbye fitting for the characters…after being canceled so abruptly I just think the show runners were left hanging and unsure of how to proceed when it was brought back because they feared being canceled again – so yes, some storylines seemed forced and weird, but we should all just keep an open mind and just enjoy the final episodes that we have :)

  8. Sharon Luiso says:

    I don’t care at all for the Owen and Stacy storyline. What kind of a “best friend” would even consider having a baby with her friends ex fiancé. Selfish and thoughtless!

    • Zee says:

      Exactly. I was excited to see Season 5 show up on Netflix, but the stopped dead in my tracks when Stacy brought up having a baby, let alone Owen’s. Stacy IS a baby — that’s the most irresponsible, absurd plot move since new coke. Horrible. And Owen is a million times more a man than Grayson. No way in any universe does Owen end up with Stacy. My head hurts and I’m so done with this show now.

  9. Ali says:

    P.S. as long as Fred comes back to whisk Stacey away I will be a super happy fan!!!!

  10. belle says:

    COME BACK FRED!! He and Stacey belong together, they were so cute!! Stacey will have a girl and name her after Deb, or a boy and name him Owen Jr….and finally Fred can give Stacey her happily-ever-after :)

  11. KritterLady says:

    So excited to see Rick Springfield next week! It’s gonna rock! :)

  12. AlbTrex says:

    PLEASE, bring back Parker. Please!!
    And also Fred, ok. But without Kim&Parker, the show is not the same…

  13. Anyone know the song playing at the end of episode 2 (Soulmates)…. “on the other side….”……refrain???

  14. Ally says:

    I have been a drop dead diva fan since the beginning. I have seen every episode. It will be sad and heartbreaking to see it go. I want to see Fred come back and be with Stacey. I want Owen to find his true love (not Stacey). I want Grayson and Jane to get married. I want Teri to find someone. I want the show to end with love. Everyone has their happy ending.

    • Robin says:

      Hi Ally – I too have seen every episode at least once. I will miss this show just terribly!! …and I think just like you do. This show always helped me live outside of my sometimes harsh reality and has helped me live vicariously with a “happily-ever-after” feeling after each episode. I want this to end with the same happiness! We all really want the Cinderella story, it’s the only way I’ll be able to justify it not being on every Sunday night!!!

  15. Aisha says:

    I did not like the storyline of Owen and Stacy and new Deb and Grayson at All. I would like to see Owen and Deb together in the end. Stopped watching when Owen and Stacy got together Sperm Donor. Looks like the only good American Clean Show has now Started being XXX Show. This was trash. Keep the show clean of soap opera drama.

  16. Sarah says:

    Why does Lifetime create these shows about strong women only to ruin then as the endgame approaches?? (ie Claudia Joy dying, Pamela and Roxie leaving and all the awful new wives becoming bigger characters on Army Wives, and Jane and Owen being pushed aside for the disaster that is/was Stacey and Owen).

  17. Sarah Barbosa says:

    If Jane and Grayson don’t end up together I’m going to be extremely upset and although I love this show so much, it will all have been for nothing if they don’t end up together.

  18. Karen says:

    For the final season I would 1) like to see Fred back. Even a guest appearance! The other two angels were either too dull and serious and acted like a strick father (the 2nd) or way to goofy, better suited to dumb and dummber, (the 3rd). Fred was a perfect combination of guardian, friend, funny, immature yet learning, and innocent. 2) I also think the Stacy/Owen thing was weird. Stacy wants to have a baby with someone she knows, so she asks the one person who was engaged to her best friend…in what universe does that seem like a good idea? But now that it is done, I’m for Stacy having Owen, because it’s time for 3) JANE & GRAYSON! I still want to see them together and would feel royally ripped off if they had them go their separate ways. I thought an interesting ending might be Deb becoming totally fused with Jane. Maybe she could be in another car accident, like the first show, but it’s not fatal. When she wakes up in the hospital, she is Jane with no memory of Deb, but still the new Jane. The guardian angel needs to be no more, and makes things so that Grayson no longer remembers that Jane was Deb. All he remembers is that he is in love with Jane, who has made him move on from Deb. Grayson goes to the hospital to visit Jane, heart and emotions on his face (as that actor is so good at portraying), and when they look at each other, the love is there but no memory for either of them of Jane having been Deb.

  19. Karen says:

    I also had one more ending, which is for me only! I would love to see all of this come to a head by the 2nd to last issue. It could be a two parter, and would include Jane marrying Grayson (after the hospital scene that I wrote about before this) and they get married and the scene closes with them on their honeymoon, Jane is something sexy, Grayson without his shirt, both in bed with some champagne, and then they cuddle down in bed and the scene closes with a hot, steamy kiss…fade to black.

  20. Laura says:

    Interesting that the old Jane hasn’t been mentioned as needing a good ending. She is currently an angry bitter person stuck in a model’s body…everything she worked for gone. I’d like to see Grayson developed a bit while dating Deb in Jane’s body. Focus on love not being the result of desire only, but true soul mates as they have been. We didn’t get to see them much as a couple and that would be fun. So far he’s only been a guy without his own personality, dreams and goals. I believe he deserves a better character after years in the shadow of Jane/Deb. After establishing love being greater than the looks and the relationship growing, I think it only right that the real Jane gets her life back and spooning with Owen via her new found confidence. Deb can have Jane’s model body and get back to what her dreams were. Armed with her new self discovery and depth of character, she and Grayson should be back on their life path. They should end friends. I would like to see Fred back for Stacy. Please please don’t make this about issues that shouldn’t be an issue for people who love each other. There has already been too much of this pushing each other away. It gets a little old. A fun, perfect season with the characters at their best is my wish. Life stinks sometimes…why not let the show end without any more drama between them? Any good man would understand why she was afraid to become involved and the angels told her not to, hello. I can’t imagine anything more horrible than a season of everyone trying to figure out how not to be mad and then the happy ending. Please let the season be the happy ending.

    • Laura says:

      Reading this it doesn’t seem clear that I was saying that Jane and Deb should be entitled to the lives they worked for and they both should enjoy the benefits they have received from sharing each others lives and experiences. When this happens they should become friends and the logical couples and outcomes can be happy and fun. What a win if the show doesn’t drag out the troubles and we viewers get to have a fun season with these characters. There is too much “he doesn’t understand” and “she’s struggling with” going on in the lives of people without sitting and listening to more drivel from those who can write the ending any way they choose. I choose happy endings, and lessons learned make better lives.

    • Karen says:

      SPOILERS!!! Definitely not interested in seeing Jane with Owen. I liked the chemistry with Nick (the first lawyer), but that never came to pass. But I enjoyed it only as a slight diversion. I was also never into Owen, although I liked his personality. But I wasn’t interested in their romance. I’ve wanted to see the evolution with Grayson, and I love that Grayson is NOT into the model’s body. So to think if Deb was in Brittney’s body he would go hooting after her would definitely make him a shallow person. And don’t forget, Grayson almost married another woman too. In episode 3 this year, he said he buried Deb when Jane insists she is Deb to him. I would hate to see Jane get her body old back. Jane can bring her brains to Brittney’s body just fine. I think Jane is shaping up to be a fusion of Jane and her, and my best ending would be a complete fusion, where she is no longer one or the other. Kind of like when she told Grayson, when he offered to bring Deb’s favorite wine for their date, Jane says her new taste buds enjoy a less sweet wine.

    • Slaytania says:

      I agree with your vision.

    • Rosie Outlook says:

      I don’t think that Deb wants to be a model anymore, I think she enjoys being a lawyer. If she wanted her old body back, she could have forced Jane’s body to exercise, eat properly and maybe gone a little L.A. at the doctor’s. Instead, she revels in eating what she wants, adapted her fashion taste to her new body and made Jane a kinder lawyer. The returned Jane is in the same boat – she has a banging new body but still has her lawyer smarts but she appeared to be enjoying being beautiful more than she wanted her work back. Even her mother preferred Deb-as-Jane. I wanted DaJ to chose Owen so I, too, dislike the entire baby-daddy storyline for Owen. It would go completely against his character for him to walk away from Stacy now, no matter what might happen with Grayson. Grayson as written from episode one is vapid. I have never cared for the character. It is too late for a Fred&Stacy ending. After this week’s episode, I think Deb and Jane will both wind up back where they were at the season one opener and Deb will see G there and that will be their, quite literally, happy ever after.

  21. Jan says:

    Owen and Stacy….. Goes AGAINST the grain of the show. Totally out of character. Stacy and Fred fits.
    Owen belongs with Jane aka Deb in Jane’s body. Grayson….. IDK who fits him. But it’s NOT the current Jane.

    • Karen says:

      Glad Stacy is having Owen’s baby. I think that effectively eliminates the Jane/ Owen set up. But Fred is gone and Stacy WILL be with Owen. I actually like them together. Stacy is not as ditzy as they started her. She is 5 years older, making her now almost 30, and a savvy businesswoman, a loyal friend, and a wonderful fit for thoughtful Owen.

  22. Candace says:

    Of course, Jane and Grayson have to end up together in the end. What was the whole point then of everything that has happened if they didn’t!? To get what’s going on with the relationships, you have to understand what is personally going on with the characters, individually. Grayson been confused since season 1, and Jane’s been struggling with the whole Deb in her body thing…the point is Jane and Grayson are MEANT TO BE TOGETHER. They just have to see that as a couple and they will :)

  23. April says:

    Why does Jane have to explain to Grayson why she didn’t tell him she is Deb? Her guardian angels told her she was forbidden to tell Grayson her true identity. It doesn’t make sense??? There’s no reason for him to be mad if that’s the case.

    • Heather says:

      Yes April my thoughts exactly thank you. I’ve seen no mention of that point besides you. The very fact that for the longest time deb in James body wanted to tell Grayson was forbid to. Fred said that if she did it would go against the rules and at one point didnt Grayson get hit by a car the very night Jane was going to tell him who she was? That was the ‘coincequence’ her going against the rules so they made that accident to stop her. So why is that not being mentioned? Why is it all of a sudden ok now to tell Grayson who she really is? Why hasn’t she said that it was forbidden & that’s why she couldn’t tell him? It makes no sense? What all of a sudden the writers just forgot that part? Did I miss something that explained why now she can tell him? If so someone please let me know because this is bothering me something fierce! Thx

      • Danielle says:

        Hey Heather, i don’t really think Jane “told” Greyson the truth. Wait, let me explain my point of view. The guardian angels told Jane that SHE couldn’t tell Greyson, however from my point of view she didn’t. The old Jane in the models body kinda told him (@ the end of the 5th season), Jane just confirmed it. In the end I see it as a Lawyer type of move, “Don’t tell the person the truth, let them come to the conclusion then make the confirmation.” He reached the conclusion that she was Deb in his mind way before she said “I am Deb,” My perspective is that she didn’t break any of the rules. I hope this make sense. :)

  24. huge fan says:

    I watched the whole season on Netflix. It was very entertaining and fun. Fred has to come back so Stacey can get back with him, Owen and Stacey broke the girl code, for sure. Omg Jane and Grayson deserve each other it’s been nice seeing the possibility, but come on. I’m really going to miss the show and that’s how I found this site to really see if it was ending in season 5. It was very unbelievable that you guys would leave us hanging in the dark but since there will be a season 6 I hope it will be worth the wait.

  25. mavu says:

    ok so um I have been watching drop dead diva on netflix and for the time being it has only went up to season 5 , and I’m a huuuge fan so can anyone tell me what happened with jane and greyson as far as him finding out she was deb? and what is going on on the latest episode? can someone pleassssse answer this question

  26. Kashi says:

    Heather- the reason Jane can speak up now is because her guardian angel told her he doesn’t care if she tells Grayson. He told her he can’t stand to see her unhappy, she deserves love, and he doesn’t care if he gets fired, since he’s only here for a vacation (last part said in diff episode).

  27. Kashi says:

    Okay, I just have to say this: I’ve been watching Netflix as a marathon, so I’m seeing patterns, etc. that I would’ve missed otherwise… Does anybody else think Grayson is a weak love addict whose afraid to be by himself?
    He was sleeping with Kim barely a month after Deb died. Then he got engaged immediately to what’s-her-name who left him at the alter. Then, after professing his undying love for Jane, at a time that was very unfair to her, he immediately starts sleeping with Nicole.
    Frankly, he may be soulful and handsome, but in real life I would despise him. Owen is a much more fleshed-out character with much better and more complex personal qualities.
    That said, I still want Jane and Grayson to get together, because I need the “happy ending” (even though I think he would cheat on her the minute she ever became ill or got pregnant and reached about seven months. He’s just that kind: can’t stand to be alone.)

  28. Kashi says:

    Oh, one more thing- STOP MAKING JANE DRESS LIKE A DRAG QUEEN! I guess it’s too late now, since the show is cancelled, but I hate that she wears junk rings the size of golf balls “to make her hands seems smaller” and eye makeup that would make Rue Paul jealous.
    All the make up and costume jewelry in the world will not prevent viewers from noticing Jane is fat. So what. She’s beautiful and smart and funny.

  29. mavI says:

    no one answered me

  30. Donna says:

    I do not want the show to end….love it…love it…showing women we are not just a body…little….big. Who cares just be caring and loving

  31. randy says:

    would be nice if some other station picks up the show. but if not all needs to be resolved to make a good ending for a cute show. owen and stacy seem to be growing together. jane and grayson are too.

  32. Nicole says:

    What?!!! Grayson Dies that sucks! He better come back in Grayson’s body!!! I have seen every episode for this exact season them being together and Grayson knowing the truth. Heck I even like Stacy and Owen together now. This left me so depressed!

  33. Xina says:

    It’s the last ever episode so why kill Grayson!? The show could have ended forever (even though I don’t want it to) with him proposing and everyone being happy! Stupid idea to end it depressingly if they knew it wasn’t coming back.

    • Zan says:

      This actually wasn’t the last episode, there are still four more, but why did Grayson have to die. Even if he comes back in a different body, it wouldn’t be the same for us, the fans. Not happy about this at all.

  34. pat brown says:

    my comment is: I really hope it will not end.

  35. Sarah says:

    I hope that is just a dream and Grayson didn’t die!!! It better be a dream!!!

  36. Steph says:

    Season 7 ! Season 7! Keep DDD alive! This show is compelling. It is all about second (even …) chances. Making the most of and CELEBRATING our unique gifts! Life is too short. I so Love and enjoy Jane, Stacy, guardians, the Moms, and even Kim. Fashion and sexuality for women of all sizes, smart, emotional women — where else can I find this winning combination?! Who cares if the love interest is resolved? Bring the soul mates together! That shouldn’t dictate an end to this story line. Please give us more to this story. It speaks to me :).

  37. Jane has grown so much as a person. Grayson hasn’t. To leave Jane with Grayson would destroy the show’s theme: Deb growing into a new and better person as New Jane. Grayson is no longer a good fit for her. Owen WAS. Their relationship was real and truly beautiful. I hate him with Stacy. No real friend would EVER do that. Also, yes, Stacy is growing up, maturing, and becoming her own person – but Owen is witty, talented, professional, genius, and loves intellectual banter – it’s why he fell in love with Jane. Stacy is pretty and creative but she is not capable of the same caliber of banter that Jane is and she never will be. I can’t imagine Owen NOT getting bored out of his skull with Stacy eventually. It’s really unbelievable that Jane is “still in love with Grayson after all this time” – the actors don’t have the chemistry to make it truly fly. If she can’t be with Owen, then it would be awesome to bring back Tony from DC. At least the actors worked amazingly together. Grayson has proven himself to be flat, boring, and while kind – pretty much a man-whore. New Jane can do better than that.

  38. Ericka says:

    Been watching the show since it first aired. When Grayson died and they brought him back… Just lost a loyal viewer. That is too ridiculous and I will no longer watch the show.

  39. moreau2468 says:

    To keep the show going. I will miss these folks!

  40. cyndh says:

    i would like to see jane have her own office and marry ian . I would like them to continue the series. it is very good

  41. D says:

    Lifetime in general has had nothing but 2 or three storylines for years for movies ..But you then offered a refreshing series with a relatively new concept DropDead Diva is a wonderful show with important underlying stories intentional or not ! I love all the characters and the actors portraying them which is unusual for me , It has so many sides funny romantic serious not so serious and just fun .How does a skinny pretty model live or learn to live in the body of a larger woman brilliant and pretty as well , I think you are making a big mistake by ending the show… the lawsuit storylines are endless and like i said the characters are wonderful . My only major question is when is one of the characters aware of who Jane is and particularly Jane is When are they going to ask what the hell is her guardian angel guarding. I cant recall him doing one thing to help her in any way let alone any guarding or even some remote concern or even some advice .Thankfully she has a wealth of friends and caring coworkers and the man who Grayson should have been placed in ,Owen

  42. maria says:

    Fred and stacy forever !!!!

  43. Ali Gregg says:

    So I have looked everywhere to see the release date for season six on Netflix and I can’t find it anywhere on the Internet does anybody know on the release date will be for season six?

  44. cathie murdaugh says:

    I want one more season!!

  45. Linda says:

    Just watched the final season on Netflix, WELL DONE.

  46. R, Ayers says:

    Love the show! When will season six be on Netflix?